Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

by Autumn Moon Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   February 2010


Gameplay:    The disk is needed in the drive to play. This is a third person point and click game.

The main menu has new game, load game, exit and later during the game: return and save game are added.

The different options are effects volume, voice volume, music volume, 4:3 (screen format), anti-aliasing and text (subtitles).

Check the enclosed paper manual about the different cursors. Click-hold the left mouse button on a flashing hotspot opens or shows the hotspot menu. See a skull. Select the action required: skeleton hand to take-touch, eyes to examine and mouth to talk or other actions.

The inventory is opened by right click of the mouse.

The items are saved in inventory as 'ideas' shown as bluish glimmer. The 'ideas' can be used later when appropriate. To use an actual item or idea, take it and move out of the inventory screen. The item or idea becomes the pointer-cursor. It will light up when hovered on the appropriate item.

Items can be combined by clicking one item over another.

Help or advice can be obtained from other characters by clicking an 'idea' over the other character's portrait.

Changing from one character to another is done by clicking on that character's portrait in inventory. If that character has already completed all the tasks required, no change to that character is possible.

Saved games can be deleted using the X on the right side of the screenshot of the scene in the load page.

All hotspots and exits are seen when the TAB key is pressed.

ESC key accesses the main menu.

Papa Doc wakes after a nightmare or a warning dream. He is worried about the volcano's activity. Mama Malidei and Baron Ogu are still trapped there. Queen Zimbi calms his unrest.

Blue Belly, a pirate cook off Greenbeard's ship rows to the island. Jane Starling, Capt. Flint's spy listens and hears Greenbeard talking to Batty Bosun. He has a plan to overthrow Capt. Flint and be the pirate king. Jane escapes on Blue Belly's boat and warns Papa Doc and Capt. Flint of the trap. Queen Zimbi captures all 4 of them.

Papa Doc, Jane Starling and Blue Belly are now disembodied spirits or ghost; not really dead nor alive.

Papa Doc wants Jane Starling to find a ship to get off the island. He charges Blue Belly to find their bodies and bring them to the greater temple.

The magic done by Papa Doc to save all 3 made a connection that allows them to communicate and control another body.

Papa Doc will try to break in in his own temple.

Unite the Bodies

PAPA DOC MYSTéRE, a Bokor (Vooju sorcerer):   

Remove the salt barrier ward:    

The temple entrance has warding salt barrier on the ground. Papa Doc can't get near or touch it.

Press the TAB key to see where all the hotspots and exits are located.

Check (left click-hold) the salt barrier on the ground, the temple and BBQ pit. Try using the BBQ pit. Check Vooju Mountain and chicken coop.           

Chicken coop:    Go left to entrance and be at the chicken coop.

Press the TAB key. Touch the bag of chicken feed by the fence to place it as an idea in inventory.

Check the chickens. Examine the chicken coop fence.

Lift the loose post and still the chicken won't escape.

Use the bag of chicken feed on path of temple hotspot (on fence). Papa Doc says the chicken feed is not enough to get to the academy. The bag has only 12 paces amount and the path is about 50 paces.

Examine the rainwater spillway and lava moat on the right side of the screen. Papa Doc mentions that the water that flows down makes a land bridge over the lava moat. Hmmm....

Plantation:    Go up to the plantation. See 4 zombies.

Touch a coconut and realize that the zombies prevent you from taking coconuts. Get a coconut idea.

Examine the cistern. The cistern is dry. No water there.

Check the empty (bottom) and bulging (window) coconut granary.

Get coconut milk (liquid):

Shake the ladder and Papa Doc removes the zombie from the ladder.

Open the bulging door of the granary and the stored coconuts drop on the foreman.

Coconut milk flows down the ravine.

Go down to the chicken coop and check the lava moat. See a halfway bridge-path made by the coconut milk. More coconut milk is needed.

Go back to plantation.

Use the coconut idea on one of the 2 remaining zombie. Then use coconut on the other zombie. Watch the coconut fight. The fight releases more coconut milk that flows down the ravine.

Chicken coop:   

Go back down to the chicken coop and check the lava moat. See that the bridge is now complete to the academy-temple.

Use the chicken feed on lava moat. Watch as Papa Doc spreads the chicken feed until the salt barrier. The chicken clears a path on the salt barrier.

Papa Doc has returned.

Look around the academy:

Oracle-Scrying room:

Papa Doc tries to get advice from I'Xel through the use of the scrying skull. He can't contact her. Queen Zimbi must have placed a hex on skull.

Examine everything in the room.

Classroom:    Exit to the right and be at the hallway and entrance to classroom.

Check the bookcase and Loa in the hallway.

See 2 repelling idols outside the entrance to the classroom. They prevent him from entering the classroom.

Examine things inside the classroom. See the chalkboard, vooju doll and juju stick.

Dining hall:    Go to top of screen and be in the dining hall.

See Juju Jill, a juju maid. Examine the Loas on the wall and water flagon on the dining table.

Touch fruits and vegetables on the table.

Bedroom:    Enter the bedroom at top of screen. See that Papa Doc can't enter the room.

Enter bedroom:    Examine the vooju symbols written on the floor. It stops spirits from entering. Papa Doc wrote it in chalk.

Throw potted plant and Papa Doc covers the symbols with dirt. The maid sweeps the dirt and chalk lines.

Examine the wardrobe and get vooju mask and robe idea.

Take the curtain rope.

Secret panel:    Check the new candle holder above the table at right. One is loose. Pull the candle holder. Still it bothers me.

Use the candle holder on picture of Blue Belly and then Jane. Jane tells how to use the lever to open a secret compartment. Pull the lever again and Papa Doc follows what Jane said.

See a hidden panel left of entryway and get cryptic symbols from the panel.

Ask Jane for her opinion by using the cryptic symbol on her. Learn that the symbols are smuggler's code. It is: Thee..., Vooju  Sea..., Lady Pirate. The order must be mixed up.

Music box:    Examine the weird music box on the table and get music box tune idea.

Use the music box tune on Blue Belly to get his opinion. Papa Doc hums the tune. LOL. It is the Sally Seaworthy song.

Use the Sally Seaworthy song on the secret panel with cryptic symbol. Jane identifies it as the words to the song.

She's the pirate dame,

From the Vooju Sea.

Holler out her name

Sally Seaworthy.

Read the hex on the scrying skull:

Blank letter:    A secret table rises from the floor. Open the letter and hold the ink bottle.

Use the ink bottle on Jane to get her to elucidate on it. Jane says it is invisible ink. To make them visible use watered down vegetable acid on the letter.

Go back to the dining hall at left. Apply the fruits and vegetable on the water flagon on the dining table. Papa Doc doesn't know which one is acidic.

Use the fruits and vegetable idea on Blue Belly. He identifies the fruits and veggies. Learn that the red cabbage is blue because it is acidic.

Apply the fruits and vegetable on the water flagon again and get cabbage water.

Go to the blank letter in the bedroom. Apply the cabbage water on the blank letter. Ha ha.

Hex on scrying skull:

Go to the Oracle room. Examine the scrying skull.

Apply cabbage water to the scrying skull. The juju maid stops Papa Doc from getting the real cabbage water flagon at the dining hall.

Apply the vooju mask and robe on the juju maid. She gets scared and runs off to the Oracle room.

Touch the mop and bucket left by the maid on the floor.

Go to the Oracle room and see the maid come back.

Apply the cabbage water idea on the scrying skull again.

Papa Doc says he will scare the maid again to get the cabbage water flagon.

Papa Doc reads the skull and says he needs to clean the skull.

Clean the skull:

Apply mop idea on the scrying skull.

Papa Doc says he will scare the maid again to get the real mop. After some persuasion, Papa Doc cleans the skull with the mop.

Papa Doc contacts I'Xel and asks advice on how to resurrect their bodies and spirits. He needs to wave the bodies with a charm. Call the Loa of the Air. The 5 Loas want tribute to call them and get their blessings.

Get the juju stick:

Go to the classroom. The 2 repelling idols outside the entrance prevents Papa Doc from entering the classroom and get the juju stick.

Apply the curtain rope on one of the idols. Papa Doc can't touch them and does not know how to make a lasso.

Use the roped spirit repelling idols idea on Jane. She shows Papa Doc how to connect the idols with the rope.

Push the Vooju Books of the Month bookcase in the hallway to block the entrance to the Oracle room.

Go back to the dining hall. Use the vooju mask and robe on the juju maid.

Again she runs off and this time enters the classroom taking the 2 repelling idols with her.

Touch the juju stick.

Papa Doc now knows how to combine the bodies and spirits. He tells Blue Belly, the other one to get the bodies and Jane to get a ship.

JANE STARLING, a pirate captain and spy in King Flint's fleet:   

Find Jane's crewmates:

Look around. Check the banana tree and the waterfall. Go to the right by clicking on the warehouse door.

Check the drawings on the walls of the warehouse.

Examine the juju zombie patrolling outside the warehouse. He is holding a vooju staff.

In inventory, use the vooju staff on Papa Doc. It is a Hand of Glory snuffer. It is the only thing that can snuff a Hand of Glory candle.

Check the salted mackerel barrel. It is one of those that are feared by ghosts, spirits and evil things.

Warehouse:    Open the warehouse door. Look around.

Check the paralyzed crew. They are Jane's mates from the pirate ship.

Examine the creepy hand and then candle holder.

Use the strange severed hand on Papa Doc. It is the Hand of Glory.

Get the Hand of Glory snuffer:

Attic:    Climb to the attic at left part of the ceiling. Think.

Examine the strange statue. Push up the strange statue to get it upright.

Now climb the attic access. Look around the attic.

Open the attic window shutters.

Examine the vooju drums. Touch the vooju drums.

Apply the drums to window to grotto. Watch as Jane drops the drums.

Arrange the drums:

Go to the banana tree at top path above the waterfall by examining it.

See men carrying things walk pass. Hmm...

Smash the banana tree. Slapstick alert! Watch what happens to the next pirate.

Move the second drum and Jane automatically rearranges it.

Corner the zombie guard:

Wait until the zombie guard is at left end of the dock.

Then corner the zombie guard by toppling the salted fish barrel.

Watch what happens when a pirate falls from top of the waterfall.

Pick up the Hand of Glory snuffer.

Revive Jane's crew mates:

Enter the warehouse.

Use the Hand of Glory snuffer on the creepy hand's candles.

See that the crew is still groggy.

Secure a ship:

Exit the warehouse. Go to the right end of the wharf-dock.

Hear Greenbeard talking to Batty Bosun about his plan of convincing the 12 man original crew to come back and his revenge on Blue Belly's home port of Merry Cay.

Examine the 2 juju zombie pirates. Check all the hotspot on the ship.

Prepare the trap:

Climb to upper deck. Examine the block and tackle that holds the mast.

Examine the stern lantern. Open the stern lantern. Can't reach it.

Push the random crate of no significance that is on the deck. Now open the stern lantern.

Go down the steps. Examine the hot brazier at left.

Examine the box of cheap wood left of the hot brazier. Take (use hand) cheap logs.

Use logs on Blue Belly to find out what they are for. They are pine that produces sticky substance.

Examine the metal shield above the hot brazier. Pull down the metal shield and it goes on top of the hot brazier.

Now untie the block and tackle holding the mizzenmast. The mast is on fire.

The pirates use the water from the barrel on upper deck to put out the fire.

Trap the pirates:

Jane automatically runs down to the dock. Use the crane handle to lower the cargo net to the deck.

Apply the pine logs on top of the metal shield. See pine tar flow on the deck.

Knock over the water barrel on upper deck.

The zombies go down to the lower deck water barrel. They stand over the cargo net that has pine tar and get stuck.

Jane pulls the crane handle to raise the cargo net. Jane has secured a ship and crew.

BLUE BELLY, real name Ham Rackham, the cook:

Look for the bodies:

Mine entrance:   

Examine the mine exit and try to open the door.

Examine locked case-maple cabinet. Examine the padlock of the cabinet.

Tunnels:    Go right to the tunnels.

See 2 zombie mine workers. Try to grab the pickaxe of the zombie at left.

Steal rope beside the zombie.

Take the pickaxe:

Take the cargo net from the ground.

Examine and then move the wooden box right of the cargo net.

Examine and open the chest of riches at right. Use the tools-chest of riches on Jane. Files are now in inventory.

In inventory, combine the cargo net with the wooden box to get wooden box and net.

Apply wooden box and net on the hook on the ceiling to get hanging crate.

Push hanging crate and see watch happens.

Go left to the mine entrance. Take-examine the pickaxe from the hanging crate.

Open the locked case-cabinet:

Apply the file on the padlock of the cabinet. Jane says she can help.

In inventory use the file on Jane's picture. Jane guides Blue Belly on picking the lock.

Examine-take the shovel.

Apothecary:    Go back to the tunnels. Then go right by the chest of riches.

See Queen Zimbi preparing a potion. Look around and examine things in the room.

Go to the right twice and then exit to the mud pool at right.

Mud Pool:

See the bodies at right. Papa Doc says that the glass things hanging above the bodies are glass fetishes that hold demons. The demons will enter their bodies.

To destroy the glass fetishes: pour chicken blood on the fetishes, say the proper name of the demons inside the glass fetishes 3 times and then destroy them.

Blue Belly can't read the names written on the glass fetishes.

Examine the comatose bodies.

Destroy the glass fetishes:

Get chicken blood:   

Go back to the apothecary at bottom of screen.

See chicken blood on book shelf by right wall.

Go to the left side of the room. Push the books on second to bottom shelf of the shelving at left wall.

Then go right and steal the chicken blood on the shelf by right wall.

Automatically, Blue Belly places the chicken blood on the work surface in the mud pool room.

Find out the proper name of the demons:

Go back to the apothecary at bottom of screen.

Steal the 2 bottles on the table close to the exit to mud pools.

Automatically, Blue Belly places the 2 bottles on the work surface in the mud pool room.

Blue Belly comments that they remind him of his granny's glasses.

In inventory, apply the files on the 2 bottles and get glass lenses.

Go to left screen and be in the steam vent room. Look around at the different boulders and the symbol in the ceiling. See steam coming from the floor and big tank at left.

Examine the bamboo bundle beside the large cauldron and get bamboo stalk and bamboo.

Go back to the mud pool room at right.

In inventory, apply the bamboo stalk to glass lenses to get a bamboo spyglass.

In inventory, apply the bamboo spyglass to glass fetish.

Blue Belly focuses the spyglass on the glass fetishes. Papa Doc can read 2 but the one over Jane is covered by a feather.

Remove the feather from glass fetish at right:

Go back to the apothecary at bottom of screen.

Push the books on second to bottom shelf of the shelving at right wall.

Go to the left side of the room. Steal the mysterious bottle on the shelf by left wall.

Automatically, Blue Belly places the mysterious bottle on the work surface in the mud pool room.

In inventory, use the mysterious bottle on Papa Doc. Papa Doc identifies it to contain weak acid in cheap bottle.

Apply the shovel on the rocks on the ground to make a makeshift catapult.

Apply the weak acid bottle on makeshift catapult. The weak acid burns the feather.

In inventory, apply the spyglass on the glass fetish.

All 3 demons names are read from the fetishes.

Destroy the glass fetishes:

Apply the chicken blood on the makeshift catapult.

See the glass fetishes destroyed.

Blue Belly recites the demon names.

Get the bodies across the chasm:

Examine the bamboo platform that has rocks on back wall.

Apply the pickaxe on the bamboo platform. The rocks fall on the ground. That didn't work.

Push the big log at center of the room. Oops! Instead of making a walkway, the log pitches the bodies to the other side.

Check the fallen bodies.

Bring the bodies to the temple:

Push the corpses. Blue Belly doesn't want to touch them.

In inventory, use the fallen bodies on Papa Doc. Papa Doc gives a spellto use when ready to move the fallen bodies.

Go left to the steam vent room.

Examine the fissure on the floor. It releases steam.

Examine the vooju symbols and red light at ceiling.

In inventory, use the vooju symbols and red light on Papa Doc. Learn that they are beneath the temple. The symbols are instructions to the zombies.

Cauldron:    Push the cauldron over the fissure. It is stuck.

Apply the bamboo to cauldron. Blue makes a sort of ramp in front of the cauldron.

Now the cauldron is on the fissure.

Focus the steam on the cauldron:

Kick the propped up boulder at back end of room. That covers one side of the fissure.

Move the precarious boulder on the left. The left prop can't be moved.

Move the precarious boulder:

Apply rope on the boring rock on the left to get roped rock.

Apply roped rock on the hook at ceiling to get hook, rope and rock.

Apply hook, rope and rock on precarious boulder.

Watch what happens. Are you ready to rock?

Make one big burst of steam:

See the cauldron move up down. Blue wants a big burst of steam.

Apply bamboo on the spigot of the big tank. He can connect the bamboo but needs something watertight to seal it.

Go back to the mud pool at left and then to apothecary at bottom of screen.

At the apothecary, examine the small vat that Queen Zimbi is using. It is full of boiling rubber.

Examine the demon bottle at top shelf of the shelving at right wall. It is new and says 5 demon bottle - do not break.

Steal demon bottle. Blue breaks it to serve as distraction.

Steal the small vat of rubber.

Automatically, Blue Belly places the small vat on the work surface in the mud pool room.

In inventory, apply the bamboo to the molten rubber cauldron to get rubber and bamboo.

Go back to the left and be at steam vent room.

Apply the rubber and bamboo on the spigot. See the setup on the spigot.

Apply the fallen bodies on the cauldron over the fissure.

Use spigot to make a burst of steam. Blue jumps in the cauldron with the bodies.

Papa Doc waits at the temple for the fallen bodies. Blue and the fallen bodies in the cauldron burst out of the floor.

Jane waits for them at the ship. Papa Doc joins the spirit and bodies of the three. They depart to get help.


Find Help

The three heroes sail to Noolu Island in Azurbbean Sea.

Jane reports that there is no one here to help. She talked with the mayor and learned that Greenbeard has been here. He took all the pirate captains of King Flint. He told them that the 3 of them killed King Flint. The captains are asked to go to Vooju Island for the King's Moot - the selection of new pirate king.

Jane also warns Blue Belly about Greenbeard's plan to ransack and burn to the ground Blue Belly's home port of Merry Cay.

Papa Doc explains that the spell to join to their bodies is not complete. They can still be free roaming spirits at will. He will reverse the curse completely when all these are done.

Blue leaves. Jane gets upset at Papa Doc. Papa Doc explains his plans to talk to the Azticlan Emperor and also reveals Jane's part in distracting King Flint. Flint loves Kate Cesaire (Cutthroat Kate), one of Flint's pirate captains.



Warn the island:

Wedding:    Blue Belly sails to Merry Cay and sees the Governor's wedding preparation. Governor Derrick is marrying Muriel today.

Talk completely to Governor. The couple met when Grimjaw attacked the ship of the governor. He was sinking and saved by Muriel.

Blue Belly grabs bag of mints before he is thrown out of the mansion.

Crate and Barrel:     Talk completely to Rosie Rackham, Blue Belly's baby sister. Learn that Muriel is Queen Aguaphina's daughter and is a mermaid. Muriel drank a magic potion obtained from a banished old sea warlock to get legs.

Merry Cay harbor:    Talk completely to Queen Aguaphina. She will help if Blue Belly can get the sailors in longboats or in the water. Levi, the leviathan can help. Levi is at the sea graveyard. In return, the Queen wants her baby back. Once back, Muriel will be enrolled at Mermatropolis, school for troublesome and runaways.

Crate and Barrel:    Look around.

Talk to Darr Wen, kinda swarthy pirate. Learn that the Governor took all the rum because someone stole all his champagne. Learn the gossip about Ned Shakeshaft, the gardener and Muriel. They will help Blue for rum payment. Scutt Farkus is the really swarthy pirate.

Talk to Davey, the barman and Blue Belly's dad. Bilgey Ratbag and Swillbottom Bob have the rum that he is expecting. The 2 men are in a secret prison under the town.

Talk to Rosie completely.

Merry Cay harbor:   Exit to town. Look around at harbor area: sewer, fruits stand and windows.

Look at the fishing boat. Steal from the fishing boat and get rope.

Help Levi, the leviathan:

Go left of the harbor and be at Levi Beach.

Examine Levi. Something is stuck in his throat. Dive in Levi's blowhole.

Find out what is stuck in Levi's throat:    Look around the ship that is stuck in Levi's throat.

This is the stolen Governor's champagne. Examine the large barrels of champagne.

Examine the cabin door and see that body in the cabin might be Ned Shakeshaft, Muriel's lover. Hmm...

Examine the light brown barrel right of the spices. It is deluxe champagne.

In inventory, examine (left click-hold) the bag of mints. Blue Belly reads the warning label. Certain death if in contact with bubbly or fizzy. Another hmm...

Apply the bag of mints on the light brown barrel of champagne. Watch the bubbles.

Blue Belly wants tons of mints.

Exit Levi:    Toss spices to make Levi sneeze.

Get tons of mints:    Go back to town. Go through the gate right of the fruit stand.

Be in front of the Governor's mansion. The guards won't let Blue Belly inside.

Enter the mansion:    Look around.

Examine the beehive and the rubber tree the hive is hanging on.

Examine the root of the gnarled tree on the right. Aha!

Apply the rope on the beehive to get rope and beehive.

Apply the rope and beehive on the root of the tree at right.

Watch the attack of the bees. Enter the mansion.

Touch the bag of mints on the table.

Automatically be at Crate and Barrel. Blue tells Dad and Rosie to guard his barrel of mints.

Remove the block from Levi's throat:

Go back to Levi at Levi Beach left of the harbor. Enter Levi's blow hole.

Touch the large barrels of champagne. Blue Belly uncorks the barrels. Champagne is pouring.

Exit Levi by tossing spices.

Apply the barrel of mints on Levi. See what Levi throws up.

Talk to Levi - Who's the happy Leviathan? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!

Examine the dead matey - Ned. Get a black book.

Examine the HMS Pollo del Mar.

Find the missing rum:

Let's look for Blue Belly dad's rum that is needed to get the swarthy pirates' help. Go to town and harbor.

The 2 pirates that have the rum are supposedly imprisoned under the town.

Examine the grill of the Sewers. Go to the sewers. Blue Belly changes to ghost to enter the sewers.

Prison:    Look at everything.

Examine the trapped smuggler and unlucky smuggler Bilgey Ratbag.

Get the note from the dog:

Examine the unlucky dog with eye patch and peg leg. Blue reads the note attached to the dog's collar. It states that the dog has tools-files in his mouth.

Touch the unlucky smuggler. After a while, Blue picks up the corpse - Bilgey Ratbag's body.

Apply Bilgey Ratbag's body on unlucky dog.

Watch Blue prop the body and calls the dog. The dog drops the files. The files are automatically taken.

Find out where the rum is hidden from trapped smuggler:

Examine trapped smuggler and find out that it is Swillbottom.

Try to talk to Swillbottom, the other one that knows where the rum is located.

Apply Ratbag's body on trapped smuggler.

Apply files to cell bars of the cell on the left. Blue props Bilgey Ratbag's body to face Swillbottom.

Charades:        Select pictures from top of screen that will convey a message to Swillbottom.

Find out where the rum is? Select pictures (left to right) 3, 2 and 1.

Swillbottom says that 'our' rum is in the hideout.

Where is the hideout? Select pictures (left to right) 4, 4, 3 and 4.

Swillbottom says he will not give the coordinates to the hideout

Put fear to Swillbottom. Select pictures (left to right) 4 and 1.

The hideout is beyond Grist mill by waterfall.

Hideout:    Automatically be at the hideout. See that there's fire and 2 smugglers shooting at each other.

Put out fire #1:    Move heavy flour bag beside the waterwheel at left. The water is diverted to put out fire.

Put out fire #2:    Examine and then move treasure chest at top right of the screen.

Examine and then touch the thieving smuggler at left. Blue touches the gun and hits the flowing water above the chest. The water flows over the chest and puts out fire.

Put out fire #3:    Examine the old plank beside Blue and above the thieving smuggler. Push the old planks to expose rusty armor. Shake the rusty armor. See the shot of the right smuggler diverted to hit the net above the waterwheel on the right. Water flow is diverted to put out the fire.

Blue calls the swarthy pirates to take care of the smugglers.

Return Muriel to Queen Aguaphina:

Blue Belly asks the pirates to help return Muriel to her mother.

The pirate says to lure Muriel out of the mansion and they will wait and put a sack over her head...

Make a lure:   

Read (left click-hold) the black book in inventory. Ned writes about his conquest. The last one is Muriel.

In inventory, use the black book on Jane. Jane wants pen and ink.

Talk to Rosie, Blue's sister and borrow her pencil.

Use the pencil on Jane. Jane will write a forged note that will get Muriel to meet at back of the garden.

Lure Muriel out of mansion:   

Exit to town and then take the road to back wall left of the fountain.

Look at everything at back of the Governor's mansion.

Examine all 4 windows to check which one is Muriel's.

Upper right window is in pink and fishnet. That must be Muriel's.

Practice run:

Use the forged note on the window that is Muriel's.

Then Blue wants a practice run in hitting the window.

See a bar (W-E) at bottom. Click when the bar reaches extreme right.

See a bar (N-S) at left. Click when the bar reaches extreme top.

Hear Muriel's voice. The note is thrown.

Governor:    Blue calls the press gang. Governor Derrick comes out and is taken.

The Governor is thrown in water. Queen Aguaphina is talked out of doing the governor harm.

Blue arrives at the wedding preparation. He announces that the wedding is postponed and calls the population to prepare for the arrival of Greenbeard's pirates.

At the harbor, the Governor threatens Muriel. Muriel leaves with her mother.

Greenbeard's pirates arrive. Levi rams the ship's side. The Queen and her mermaids throw the rouge pirates ashore.

Blue talks to Batty Bosun and learn that Greenbeard is already at Vooju island.

Blue leaves to go to the island to help his friends.


Papa Doc arrives at Azticlan. He is immediately imprisoned by Itzakoka, the High Priest. The High Priest blocks contact to I'Xel, the goddess. The Emperor is dead and his nephew Little Pacal is now on the throne. The High Priest controls the young emperor.

Escape jail:

Jail cell:    Papa Doc leaves his physical body.

Look around the jail cell. See an open high window at top of the left wall.

Jail hall:    Pass through the jail cell door.

Examine torches on the left wall. Yamo the shrunken head on Papa Doc's belt responds.

Examine the jail cell door-bars and gate.

Guard room:    Go to the guard room at top of the stairs.

Check everything. Examine the beam in the ceiling, barrels, guards...

Get rid of the guards:    Go right to the cliffs.

Look around. See smoke coming out of the chimney.

Take wet leaves beside the chimney.

Apply the leaves to chimney. The chimney is now blocked.

Go back down to guard room. Smoke starts coming out of the stove.

The guards flee. Take the club at end of the table.

Apply the club to barrels on right wall. The barrels break the railing.

Grab the beam on the ceiling and it is brought down. It serves as a barrier.

Apply the club to remaining barrels on right wall. The barrels roll down the stairs to the jail hall.

Jail Hall:    Go down to jail hall at left. See rum spilled on the floor.

Take torch. Apply torch on spilled rum.

The explosion causes rock chunks to fall from ceiling inside jail cell.

Papa Doc goes back to his body. Climb to cliffs.

Get to platform:

Take vine hanging on side of building.

Apply the vine to carved snake head at the corner of the roof.

Papa Doc makes a noose but keeps missing the snake head. Jane takes over and got it done.

Lower the bridge:

Throne room:    Go to throne room, the door at building across the water. Papa Doc leaves his body on this side of the raised bridge.

His ghost jumps to water and swims to the throne room.

Look around the throne room. Touch-take the bunny toy between the paws of the jaguar.

Drawbridge:    Go left to drawbridge.

See the sleeping bridge guard, the weights, capybara and the treadmill wheel.

Get the capybara working:    Open the capybara cage door. It will only snap shut.

Touch-take the chair of the guard. Papa Doc pushes the guard. Take the chair again.

Apply the chair on the capybara cage door. The cage door is now propped open.

Apply the bunny toy on capybara.

Papa Doc leads the jaguar to scare the capybara. This induces the capybara to work the treadmill wheel.

Papa Doc retrieves his body. He warns the young Emperor about the high priest Itzakoka and his plan to overthrow him.

See Itzakoka's treachery:

Young Pacal gives permission to get proof of the treachery.

Papa Doc leaves his body at the drawbridge so that he can move around.

Find Itzakoka:

Go back to throne room left of drawbridge.

Exit to pyramid top left of throne.

Examine the guard on the hanging bridge and the tree on top of the altar temple.

Enter the altar room. Listen to Itzakoka and his conspirator.

Examine Itzakoka, conspirator and city model. Papa Doc wishes to have Itzakoka say those things in front of the Emperor.

Examine the I'Xel altar.

Record Itzakoka's treachery:

Exit the altar temple and go back to throne room.

Examine everything in the throne room: bowl, wine, salt shaker, shield...

Get rid of the guard:

Listen to the Emperor and realize that he is sensitive to smell. He mentions smells he doesn't like.

Examine and touch-take the bowl of broccoli and Brussels sprouts left of the Emperor.

Apply broccoli and Brussels sprouts on guard.

Examine and touch-take the flower vase on the table at right.

Apply the flower vase on the bowl behind the guard.

Examine and touch-take the shield on the wall right of the throne. It reflects the sunrays.

Papa Doc focuses the sunray on the wet broccoli and sprouts. It starts to reek.

The guard was sent away.

Get a recorder:

Listen to the parrot. Examine the parrot perch. The parrot is the court recorder.

Examine and touch-take the laundry basket in the other room.

Apply the laundry basket to parrot perch.

Examine and touch-take the wine bottle right of the Emperor.

Apply the wine bottle to parrot perch. The parrot is not thirsty.

Examine and touch-take the salt shaker right of the wine bottle.

Apply salt shaker to parrot perch. Now the parrot feeds and gets thirsty. The parrot gets drunk and falls off the perch to the laundry basket.

Record the treachery:

Examine and take Itzakoka doll from the table at right.

Apply the laundry basket (with parrot) to laundry cart.

Push laundry cart. Watch what happens to the guard.

The parrot is now in inventory.

Apply parrot on tree. Apply the Itzakoka doll on parrot. Listen to the parrot.

Itzakoka comes out of altar room. Yamo, the shrunken head talks.

Apply parrot on real Itzakoka. Papa Doc places the parrot on Itzakoka's headdress.

The parrot hears the treachery.

Watch the exposure of Itzakoka's treachery. Cluck, cluck, cluck.

Papa Doc talks to I'Xel at the altar. Learn that Queen Zimbi is the daughter of Mama Maladei.

I'Xel is restricted by the other Gods to help Papa Doc.


Jane sails to Grande Facile to get the help of Cutthroat Kate.

See Admiral Cesaire and his entire fleet blocking the island and stopping anyone reaching Cutthroat Kate. The Admiral is the father of Cutthroat Kate, the love of King Flint.

Examine the sail of the boat and the 2 destinations at top right: Issippippi Delta and Boogeyman Bayou.

Blue says that Boogeyman Bayou was formerly Port au Fetide. Touch Boogeyman Bayou. Commodore Grimjaw is still in Boogeyman Bayou. Jane gets an idea.

Find out what Commodore Grimjaw is doing at Boogeyman Bayou:

Bayou - In front of decaying Du Isigney Mansion:

Jane changes to ghost.

Take rusted harpoon from side of the wrecked fishing boat.

Touch the moss-covered fishing net beside the wrecked fishing boat. Get a strand of rope in inventory.

Take the net hook from side of the shed at right.

Ballroom:    There are 3 entrances to the mansion: balcony, ballroom and cellar.

Enter the ballroom. Meet Commodore Grimjaw and Scratchraw. Johnny Depths?

Talk to skeleton pirate-Grimjaw completely again. Good extraction of secrets: Map - decode it - Red Rump - Heck - buried chest - ship - Flying Deutschman - she flies (Aye, me bad) - Gracias, Grim.

Get the map:

Jane moves left of the table. Examine the rotting floor and she can spy the cellar.

Check the books on table and the old chandelier.

Exit to Bayou at left.

Balcony:    Enter the balcony. See a pirate come in. Examine chandelier and chandelier rope.

Hear about Skullet... north... Exit back to Bayou.

Cellar:    Enter the cellar. Look around.

Examine the rotting beams and the wooden support beam.

Kick wooden support beam. Ki-ya!

Exit to Bayou.

Balcony:    Enter the balcony. The pirate falls through the floor.

Apply net hook on old chandelier.

In inventory, apply strand of rope on rusty harpoon and get rope attached to rusty harpoon.

Apply rope attached to rusty harpoon on old chandelier.

Touch old chandelier.

When the pirates are under the chandelier - untie chandelier rope.

Get map of Skullet Rock.

Find the Flying Deutschmann at Skullet Rock:   

Use map of Skullet Rock on Papa Doc or Blue. The map belongs to Red Rump.

Skullet Rock is SE of Vooju Island. It is the gateway to the underworld. Old Roger is the ruler of Heck.

Watch Jane get to Skullet Rock.

Examine the waterfalls.

Red Rump:    Go right to be on the ship Flying Deutschmann.

Take scary looking bucket right of steps. Examine scary looking barrel.

Talk to scary ghost pirate - Red Rump completely. Learn about being tricked by Old Roger.

Grotto:    Go left to waterfalls and then left to the Grotto. Wow! Look at everything.

Check the painting of the ship's crew. LOL.

Examine and take candles with a really oppressive smell from side table and bed sheets (bottom left) from captain's bed.

Take wine bottle (to get cork), golden bowl and bottle of rum from table.

Examine the chair. Thanks, Nanjoan. Check the treasures at left.

Contact Xilbaba:

Examine the Azticlan silver mirror and Azticlan scroll from box right of mirror.

In inventory, use Azticlan scroll on Papa Doc. Learn about Xilbaba's a demoness obsessed with Old Roger.

To contact Xilbaba; get clean mirror, candles and chalk to make a scrying device.

Candles:     If you haven't yet get the candle from side table or dining table.


Examine and then move the Azticlan snake statue behind of the table.

Examine chalk deposit on the grotto wall.

Go back to the Flying Deutschman and talk to Red Rump again.

Learn about Xilbaba and borrow his dirk.

Go back to the grotto.

Apply the dirk on the chalk deposit exposed by the snake statue.

The dirk broke. Take the chunk of chalk and waxy looking black rock (flint).

Clean mirror:

Examine the mirror and see that it is tarnished.

Use the bed sheet on mirror to get Azticlan silver mirror.

Use Azticlan silver mirror on Blue to get advice on how to clean a tarnished mirror.

Blue says to make soap, mix animal fat and lye in bowl

To make lye, combine ashes of hardwood and rain water in a barrel and then let it sit.

Get ashes of hardwood:

Examine wooden pirate chair by dining table.

Use wooden pirate chair on Blue and learn that it is oak, a hardwood.

Apply bottle of rum to wooden pirate chair.

In inventory, apply dirk to flint to get flint fire starter.

Apply flint fire starter to wooden pirate chair soaked in rum.

Use-take ashes.

Go to the waterfalls. Apply the small bucket on each waterfall and realize that the only one not salty is the rightmost waterfall that flows straight down.

Go to the ship - Red Rump.

Apply the cork from the wine bottle on scary barrel.

Apply the full bucket and ashes on the scary barrel.

Blue says to wait. Heat lye will hasten it.

Apply heat lye idea on Papa Doc. He gives a heat spell.

Make soap:

Apply candle on scary barrel of lye.

Apply golden bowl on scary barrel of soap to get soap.

Go back to the mirror at grotto.

Apply homemade soap on tarnished mirror.

Apply chalk on mirror.

Meet Xilbaba.

Watch the deal with Old Roger.

Commodore Grimshaw gets what he wanted.

Meet Cutthroat Kate. (I like Jane better).


Stopping the Baddies

Papa Doc, Blue, Jane and the released crew meet. All of Flint's captains are trapped here now.

Papa explained how Mama Maladei tried to release Baron Ogu, the Loa of Death. She wants to harness his power by making him and her part moju and part immortal. With the help of I'Xel and the pirate captains they imprisoned Mama Maladei in a sarcophagus.

The captains each gave a drop of blood that took one year of their life on 13 candles. Giving another drop of blood will release Mama Maladei.

Papa Doc will release Flint and the rest of the captains. He wants Jane and the other pirates to free the crew and Zimbi's zombies at the temple. Blue needs to find and destroy all the bottles holding the zombies souls so that they can return them to human.



Jane and the rest of the pirate crew fight the zombies.

Try to get to Greenbeard at the temple at right without killing anyone.

Grab the rope above Jane.

Grab the Loa of the Sea on the wall.

Hang from bone chandelier above the table.

Grab rope right of the chandelier.

Exit right to temple and Greenbeard.

Fight Greenbeard:

Greenbeard learned to fight from a book.

Select the correct picture that makes a step by step swordfight.

From left to right, select pictures 3, 1 and 2. Not bad for a sickly wench.

Then from left to right, select pictures 2, 3 and 2.

Jane changes in time.


Gain entry:    Blue is outside the door to the dead body mines. The door has a salt line that prevents entry.

Examine skeleton buttress, door and salt line.

Examine the vooju bird bath. Tip the vooju bird bath. It wash away the salt.

Touch the door to enter the mine. Blue turns to ghost to enter.

Find out how to defeat giant zombie:

Go right to tunnel and then right again to Apothecary.

See the chest that has the zombie souls held by a giant zombie. Papa Doc says to defeat the giant zombie.

Examine and tackle the giant zombie. Nooo.

Examine Vooju tome on the altar. Show the Vooju tome to Papa Doc.

The tome is log of the zombies' initials that is on the bottles. Blue needs to find out the giant zombie's name.

Talk to giant zombie. Blue can't be heard. He wants his body.

Go back to the tunnel at left and then left to tunnel door.

Move oily rags on ground. Use oily rags on torch. See smoke going to left side of ceiling.

Exit the door to be at cemetery. Blue is back in body form.

Get body inside mine:

Examine the smoking fissure at right of the cemetery.

Open smoking fissure to enlarge it. Open says me.

Examine and then push the heavy idol beside the smoking fissure.

SAVE GAME HERE. It might not be possible to save from now on.

Open the smoking fissure again. Blue drops down to the mine.

Find out the giant zombie's name:

Blue automatically goes to the apothecary.

Talk to the giant zombie completely. Be sure to end with "State your name and rank, sailor".

Watch as Blue takes care of the soul chest and what happens to the zombies.

What do you know, Blue Belly! You did it!


Papa Doc is late. The captains and Queen Zimbi have given their drop of blood.

He warns them to leave.

Mama Maladei rises from the sarcophagus. Baron Ogu climbs out of his prison.

Final fight:

Find the correct place for Papa Doc to stand in order to repel Mama Maladei's fire.

Stand at extreme front left corner. Mama is hit. Hah! Oh!

Stand at back area second from right active spot. The column falls. Ugh!

Stand at extreme back left corner. Ahh!

See what happens to Baron Ogu and Papa Doc.























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