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This walkthrough was written before the Hints-File was posted by the Developer (Mark Darin) on the ‘Pinhead’ Site ……. http://www.pinheadgames.com/

His is a very humorous file, and as such it is in line with the whole amusing and satirical atmosphere of the game.  It is also graduated so that you do NOT immediately receive spoilers … an excellent system, and very well done!

The following walkthrough however is diametrically opposite.  Not at ALL funny and just briefly instructive, and so it will be very dry and factual … my apologies in advance.


Instead of this walkthrough,  I  WOULD  STRONGLY  ADVISE  YOU  TO  ACCESS  THE  ABOVEMENTIONED  HINT  FILE … HERE: http://www.otterarchives.com/bounty2/hints.html

   In addition the game is short and not difficult, and so a few hints are likely to be quite sufficient!

If however you ONLY want or need the dry factual instructions for any reason … PLEASE READ ON!!




 [ 1 ] Introductions


View the introductions … they can be skipped later.

You { Nick Bounty } are in your office and you receive the photo of the ceramic goat statue.


[ 2 ] Downtown (Bounty’s Office)

*** In inventory, view the photo of the ceramic goat statue.

*** Pick up the ruler.

*** Pick up the spy kit.

*** Look at the spy kit in inventory … it consists of a real spy camera; industrial strength rope cutters; and C4 explosive for safecracking, ‘Wow’!

*** Exit the office door.

*** Look at the map.

[ 3 ] Business District (Law Office)

*** Look at the pretzels.

*** Eat one --- Ahh… very salty.

*** Talk to the secretary, and go through the topics.

*** “Actually, I’m looking to rent this office.  I’m a lawyer”.

*** “Habeus corpus;  ex post facto;  modus operandi”.

*** Enter the crime scene (Ledbetter’s office). 

*** Take the tape.

*** Go to the copy machine

*** Copy Nick’s face J.

*** Look at his likeness in inventory.

*** From inventory, take the C4 explosive and put it on the safe.

*** It’s only play dough … and all it’s done is gunked up the cracks.

*** Exit Ledbetter’s office.

*** From inventory, take the goat photo and show it to the secretary.

*** Ask about the ceramic goat.

*** “If the family or the police didn’t take it, then it went to one of the pawn shops in Chinatown”.

[ 4 ] Residential (Kitty’s House)

*** There is no one at home, and the door is locked … “I’ll come back later”.

[ 5 ] Chinatown.

*** Go to the left and look at the news kiosk

*** Look at all the books and try to take them.

*** Only one provokes a serious reaction --- “Modern Sculptor” … It  “decodes the secret writing of sculpture appraisers”!

*** Try to take the ‘Modern Sculptor’ book … a female stick-puppet pops up!

*** Talk to her/it, and go through the topics.

*** “Hey, can I be in the show”?

*** “Sure!  Just get yourself a stick-puppet and we’ll get this thing started”!

*** You will have to obtain a stick puppet for yourself.

*** In inventory, use the ruler on Nick’s photo … or vice versa.  “They don’t hold together very well”!

*** In inventory use the tape to stick the two together (or vice versa), making a proper ‘Nick stick-puppet’

*** From inventory take the Nick stick-puppet and use it on the lady stick puppet … “Now that’s a handsome puppet”!

*** Participate fully in the puppet show (“Casablanca” … sort of ??).

*** At the end of the show Nick is given the modern Sculptor Book.

*** Look at it in inventory … info about sculpture and antique appraisers.

*** Leave the news kiosk, move towards the right of the screen and enter the first pawn shop owned by a walrus-mustached Englishman.

*** Look at the mailing list rolodex on the counter.

*** Try to take an address card … no go!

*** Talk to the English owner.

*** From inventory take the photo of the ceramic goat and show it to him.

*** You will have to get a picture of a certain Mr. Trosser’s card in that mailing list.

*** Take the camera from inventory and photograph the mailing list.

*** You can’t … the lens cover of the spy camera has been super glued on.

*** Tell the Englishman to throw the useless camera away.

*** Look at the mailing list again … “I bet Mr. Trosser’s address is in there… somewhere”.

*** Talk to the stuffy Englishman again, and go through the topics.

*** “Can I get on your mailing list”?

*** “But of course! Just fill in and return the card I gave you”.

*** From inventory give the scribbled mailing list card to the English proprietor.

*** Talk to the Englishman and ask for the card back … say your mother’s maiden name has been changed (or whatever) J … this can be repeated as many times as you want.

*** Exit his pawnshop and go to the right again.

*** Enter the Chinese pawnshop.

*** Talk to the Chinaman who owns the shop.

*** ‘Buy’ the black light bulb.

*** ‘Buy’ the abstract blob … claimed by the Chinaman to be a bust of Nick.

*** In inventory, look at this bust … it’s just a blob of silly putty.

*** From inventory, show the Chinese owner the photo of the ceramic goat.

*** He’ll make one by copying it …

*** Talk to him … “When”?

*** “It will be ready when you need it”.

*** Exit the Chinese proprietor’s shop, and re-enter the Englishman’s shop.

*** In inventory, stick a wad of the silly putty onto the back of the mailing card … or vice versa.

*** From inventory, hand the mailing card (with the silly putty) to the Englishman.

*** “Sorry sir, I still can’t read your handwriting very well, what is your full name again”?

*** Nick Tronty J

*** Again he hands it back to the Englishman.

*** Speak to him again.

*** The Englishman puts it back in the mailing list file and then says he can’t read his handwriting and gives it back to Nick … this time the mailing card belonging to Mr. Trosser is stuck to it.

*** Watch the cut scene of the 2 sinister types questioning Mr.Ledbetter’s secretary.

[ 6 ] Private Hills (Mr. Trosser’s mansion)

*** Enter the mansion … talk to Mr. Trosser about the ceramic goat he just purchased.

*** “Unfortunately my appraiser told me it wasn’t worth anything”.

*** “Have a look in my fakes-room”.

*** Enter that room.

*** Look around, and particularly at the several goat statues.

*** Just looking or touching doesn’t help finding Kitty’s ceramic statue.

*** Look at the lit lamp at the right hand side of the room.

*** Look at the lit light bulb (60watt, soft white, nice ambiance).

*** Unscrew the lamp’s light bulb … “Ouch!  It’s too hot!

*** Click on (the right hand) lamp and turn it off.

*** The room becomes partially darkened.

*** Now you can unscrew lamp’s light bulb.

*** From inventory take the black light and screw it into the lamp in ‘replacement’ (but actually for detection of markings).

*** Turn the lamp (with the black light) on.

*** Go to the left hand lamp.

*** Turn it off.

*** In the special ‘black light’, inspect the goat statues … they are cross referenced with the magazine obtained at the news kiosk.

*** Watch the cut scene of the villains physically interrogating the English pawnshop owner.

*** Look in inventory at “Kitty’s ceramic goat statue!” … “I actually found it”!

*** Exit the fakes-room.

*** Mr. Trosser asks Nick to “Be a sport and fetch that fat cop Sam form, will you?” ……………. “He should be over at Rick’s China House about now”.

*** Exit the mansion.

 [ 7 ] Chinatown.

*** Return and enter Rick’s China house (between the news kiosk and the Englishman’s pawnshop).

*** Talk to Sam on any or all subjects.

*** Look at the peanuts, and eat some.

*** Exit the restaurant.

*** Cut scene  … Nick gets bludgeoned into unconsciousness … “but not enough to do me in”!

[ 8 ] Warehouse.

*** Cut scene … The two crooks try unsuccessfully to interrogate Nick and extort the ceramic goat from him.  He is left bound, without any inventory … waiting for a clock-operated ticking bomb to explode.

*** Look at the Bag of stuff over Nick’s head.  He’s tied and can’t reach it.  It contains all his inventory items!

*** Look at the Cannon … “I can’t do anything while I’m tied to this chair”!

*** Look at the Corndog on the floor.

*** Kick it.

*** He gets all his inventory items back, but all the lights go off.  It’s pitch dark … and will remain that way all the time that Nick is in that location!

*** Slightly to the left of the middle of the screen find the Ropes, and look at them.

*** Try to untie them … “I can’t.  The ropes are too strong” ………  “These ropes are thick and sturdy… and they itch”

*** From inventory, take the cutters and use them on the ropes … those ‘spy cutters’ also break!

*** From inventory, take the match and use it on the ropes.

*** Wow!  Nick is free (and on fire)!

*** A little to the right of the middle of the screen find the Scoop Tractor.

*** Use it!  “At last we are free! ………  Bom Halabool! … Bom Halabool! ………… etc., etc.”.

*** Around the middle of the screen click on the Big Crate.

*** Look at it!  “That’s one big crate!  I wonder what’s inside”?

*** Open it.

*** “OMG!!  The crate was filled with gladiator monkeys”.

*** “My people, this war has awakened the great Kraken!  Prepare for his coming”!

*** At the middle of the screen find the Giant Kraken.

*** Look at it; fight it; tickle it ……… “No way”!

*** At the bottom left corner of the screen look at the Bomb … “It’s still ticking”!

*** Pick up the ticking bomb.

*** From inventory put the bomb onto the Giant Kraken.

*** “Chew on this you oversized appetizer”! … The bomb explodes.

*** Look near the middle of the screen and see the Gaping hole in the ground.

*** Click on it and Nick escapes from the warehouse.

*** On the map go to Kitty’s house.

[ 9 ] Residential (Kitty’s House)

*** Now you can enter the house … nobody’s at home.

*** Look around as much as you want.

*** Exit the left archway.

*** Cut scene … The 2 baddies obtain the ceramic goat from Nick, smash it on the ground, and exit the house in disgust.

*** Examine the broken goat pieces on the floor.  “Hey there was a key hidden in there”!  Take it.

*** Exit Kitty’s house.

*** On the map go to the business district.

[ 10 ] Business District (Law Office)

*** Enter Ledbetter’s office (the secretary is no longer there).

*** From inventory, use the key on the safe.

*** “There are deeds of ownership to a salt distribution plant here”.

*** Exit the office and the building.

[ 11 ] Chinatown.

*** Enter the Chinese pawnshop.

*** Talk to the Chinaman who owns the shop about making you a replica goat.

***  Show him the photo of Kitty’s ceramic goat and he’ll give you a replica complete with a key inside (“but it will not work”)!

*** Return to Kitty’s house.

[ 12 ] Residential (Kitty’s House)

*** Cut scene … Kitty tries to open the safe with the false ceramic goat’s key.

*** Nick confronts her with the details of her whole conspiracy.

*** She produces a revolver and threatens Nick who quickly hides behind the table.

*** From inventory, take the Nick stick-puppet & insult the female sex.

*** ……… Again and again ………



                             J  J  J   …………  Cast ~~~ Credits ~~~ END!

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