By FishCow Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   December 2013


Gameplay:    This is a point and click puzzle adventure.

Main Menu has continue, New game, Bonus, Options, credits and exit.

Bonus is unlocked at end of the game.

Options have selection for fullscreen, volume, game difficulty and language is seen.

Inventory is at top left of screen.

In game menu is at top right of screen and has resume, options and exit.

There is only one autosave when you exit the game.

Gomo's place:

House:    Gomo is asleep in his house. He dreams of his dog Dingo playing outside. A dark entity shows up and Gomo wakes up.

Look around. Turn on the lamp on the dresser and TV.

Take the key right of the TV. Try to go outside. Use the key to open the door.

Doghouse:    Check the doghouse and see that it is empty. An alien spaceship arrives. It drops a message capsule that showed the alien taking Dingo. The kidnapper wants a crystal in return for Dingo. They give Gomo 1 hour and 40 minutes to do so.


Find the mine:

Go right to see a gopher and a mouse in their underground homes.

Go right and enter the mine - Zoltan Factory. Climb the railcar. After a wild ride, Gomo falls down a deep shaft.

Poster:    Check the poster. Pick up the chalk from the ground. Gomo draws on the poster.

Get to and open door:

Landing:    Go right and climb the stairs. See a door with a red crystal icon.

Part of the landing breaks and Gomo falls down on the ground.

WC:    Go down the WC shaft.

Use #1, #2 and #3. Get a toilet paper with tic tac toe markings when #2 is used.

Go left and up the stairs.

Under the stairs:    Check the sack under the stairs and get a keycard.

Take the grappling hook from the post.

Use the grappling hook on broken landing. Climb the rope.

Open door:    Click on numbered panel to see the lock.

Use the keycard on the panel.

Click on the buttons that are marked x on the toilet paper. The door opens.

Raise the crate:   

See that a crate blocks the way to the right. Go down to the ground.

Pulley:    Plug the cord of the pulley to the generator at left.

Push the button on the tower to start the pulley. The gears are stuck.

Oil:    Climb the generator and then to the tower top.

Check the container. It's empty.

Push the large oil jug to fill the container. Go down.

Use the oil filled container on the gears.

Push the tower button again. It raises the crate. Go right.

Find the entrance to processing site:

Go down:   A mouse is filling the hole with items under Gomo.

See the poster of the Zoltan's Excavator 4000. The left arm drills and the right arm is a jaw for pick up.

See 4 levers at bottom and the activation button.

Enter the elevator at right. Push the button behind Gomo. The elevator goes down.

Locker room:    Climb the ladder. Get decontaminated.

Gomo goes to the lockers at right. Check the locker at right wall. Gomo has a run in with the locker.

The locker throws a button at Gomo. Pick up the button.

Open the door:    Go down and check the machine at right to get closeup.

Use the button thrown by the locker on the panel.

Slide the buttons to have the top at left; bottom at right and the added middle button at center.

At far view, push the buttons on top of the machine.

Push top button and hear a sound like turning on a machine.

Push middle button and the light goes off. Push middle button to get light back on.

Push bottom button to open the door. Exit.

Check the path of the rock ores:

See Zoltan Excavator 4000. Climb the ladder and go behind the panel at center.

See the close up of the control panel.

Get the rock ore:   Click-hold-lower the left lever to lower the drill arm.

Click-hold-lower the second from left lever until the light turns green.

Or just use the left lever - works too.

Press the green light to drill.

The rock drops and moves to the right.

Pick up the rock ore:    Click-hold-raise the third lever to move it to left.

Click-hold-lower the fourth lever to move the arm to middle.

Click-hold-lower the third lever to move it to right and above the rock. The light turns green.

Push the green button to pick up rock.

Click-hold-raise the third lever to move arm to middle.

Click-hold-raise the fourth lever to move the arm to top.

Click-hold-lower the third lever to move the arm to right above the conveyor belt until the green light turns on.

Push green button to drop the rock. It move to the right.

Follow the rock:

Go down the ladder. Go right.

Read the poster on the wall. See that small rocks are go up the pipe; while large rocks are processed at right.

Gomo's rock:    Go back to the machine at left.

Press the machine and see that the rock is measured. Then it is sucked up the pipe.

Large rocks:    Go right up the stairs. See Gomo's rock is at far receptacle.

Check the receptacle with paper and large rocks.

Take the paper inside and read that "you have unlocked bonus game".

Pick up the CD from the rim of the large roc receptacle.

Press the button beside Gomo to drop the rocks.

Enter the pipe:    Go up the ladder and try to climb the pipe.

Go right and press the machine at far right of screen.

Go back down and use the CD on the machine. Error!!! The machine explodes.

Climb back up and go right. Gomo goes up the pipe and lands with the other small rocks.

Enter the guard house:

Go up the pipe above. Gomo drops from a hole in the pipe. He is followed by a rock.

A rock enters the cleaning machine at center. Press the button on machine to see it tumble around.

Open door at right:   Pick up the string on the railing at left.

Pick up the rock on the floor and Gomo brings it to the right.

Check the door at right and see that it is locked.

Use the string on the rock. Gomo ties it to the rock and door. The door is now opened.

Enter the generator room:    Go right to the guard office. See a generator behind closed door.

Go up and take the black key from wall. Go down and use the key on locked door.

Pull down the lever of the generator to get power.

Find the crystal:

Go down the shaft:    Climb up. Take the picture below the monitor.

Press the button beside the door at right. Go right to the office.

Check the flower picture and see a scanner.

Click to get Gomo scanned. Nah!

Use the picture on the scanner. The platform lowers down to the crystal room.

Crystal:   Press button beside the door at right to enter the crystal room.

See the red crystal that the alien wants as ransom for Dingo.

Get crystal:

See a portrait of a man holding the red crystal while standing on a cliff.

Climb up on platform and remove the bell jar. Take the crystal.

Robot guard:    A robot guard rises from floor and the alarm is sounded. See that his arms have exposed wires that shoot electricity.

Go down to floor level. Use the crystal on guard.

Try to press the button right of the guard. Gomo is thrown back.

Use the crystal on guard again. This time Gomo throws the crystal on the guard. The guard is gone.

Go right press the button and exit.

Exit the mine area:

Gomo looks through an underground aquarium. Enter the elevator cage at right.

Look close at machine at right.

The aim of the puzzle is to connect the top left wire to bottom right wire by turning the lines.

The buttons at right moves the selection of the squares.

Pressing the center button turns the selected square to position the lines inside.

Press the large bottom button to turn on the elevator.

Gomo rises to the surface.

See Gomo stall above a pipe with a sleeping insect inside. A spider passes by.

Find the code of the door at right:

See a door at right with a keypad lock.

Use the clippers on the stool on the sheep. The sheep floats.

Go right and climb the ladder.

Look through the telescope. See 5557 (number is random) on sheared sheep.

Go down and look close at keypad.

Enter the number seen on the side of the sheared sheep. Press OK button.

Go right of the brick blockage:

See that the path to the right is blocked by bricks tied by rope to a pulley.

Take the crank.

Use the crank on the right post. This turns the blade attached to the pulley.

Climb the ladder to top and then jump to the blade of the windmill.

Go right on the rope and jump down. Exit at right.

Open the windows:

See a building with 3 closed windows.

Take note of the stones on the well at right. There are colored stones in columns and 3 rows.

At right is an electric fence.

Look close at the 3 rings on the wall. See that each ring has 5 colored circles.

Arranged the rings to have the top colored circle match the color of the stones on the well.

Left window:    Arrange (click-hold-turn) the colored circles: pink outer, green middle and purple at center to be on the top.

Open the left window and get an umbrella.

Middle window:    Arrange the colored circles: brown outer, pink middle and yellow at center to be on the top.

Open the left window and get magnifying glass.

Right window:    Arrange the colored circles: yellow outer, brown middle and green at center to be on the top.

Open the left window and see snake.


Light the lamp:

Go right to the well.

Use the magnifying lens on the lamp and Gomo places it on the well. The sky is cloudy.

Use the crank on the building's slot. Turn the crank and the windmill turns. That moves the clouds and the sun is seen.

Use the magnifying lens on the lamp again. Gomo lights the lamp.

Go to other side of electric fence:

Take the lit lamp and then go down the well.

Open door:    See a switch at left and door at right.

Flip the switch; the door opens but closes immediately.

Use the umbrella to prop the switch down and keep the door open.

Enter the door. Go to the right and then up the shaft. Gomo drops the lamp.

Cross the stream:

Exit out of a barrel beside a stream and haystack. Above the stream is a beehive on a branch.

Climb the ladder. Shake the beehive.

Gomo is attacked by the bees and drops in the haystack.

The beehive drops on the water.

Cross the stream using the beehive as stepping stone.

Power up the machine:

Pull the carrot from ground.

Pull the lever on the machine at right. No power.

While by machine, place carrot on the hook stand left of machine.

The hamsters turn the wheel. The windmill is not moving.

Place the red crystal under the bell jar.

Use the lever again. See electricity runs through the machine.

A portal appears on side of machine. Enter the portal.

Stop the war:

See a war going on. Space ships and giant robots fire at each other.

Check the machine at right. It's off.

Open the panel at bottom side of the machine.

Look at the wires that are not connected.

Connect the wires.

Click on a wire and then the wire you want to connect it to.

Connect purple and blue. Light bulb at top turns on.

Connect green and yellow. Light bulb at top turns on.

Connect black and red. Light bulb at top turns on.

The light at side of machine turns green. Press the green button.

A bomb comes out of the ground and drops at the mountain. All fighting stops.

Exit to the left. Gomo exits from the portal and takes the red crystal. Go right.

Enter the tree house:

Package:    Look at the package on the ground.

Slider: Arrange the tiles to make the picture similar to the one shown at bottom.

Numbering the position of the tiles as shown; click on the numbered position (not the tiles):

8 7 4 1 2 5 8 9 6 3 2 5 8 9 6 3 2 5 8 7 4 1 2 3 6 9 8 7 4 5 8 7 4 1 2 3 6 5 8 9 6 3 2 1 4 7 8 9.

Get a herbicide spray.


Use the herbicide spray on the carnivorous-fly trap plant at right.

Open the door:    Climb the ladder. See eyes inside the house. Try the door.

Take the knife. Go down.

Use the knife on the barrel at left. Take the key inside the barrel.

Go back up to the door. Use the key on door. Enter.

Get rid of the fox:

Try to enter the tree trunk and see that there is a fox hiding in there.

Go to the plug at bottom right of the tree trunk. It doesn't want to plug on the socket.

Go left and turn on the lights. Take the tool box under the table.

Take the screwdriver from tool box.

Use the screwdriver on the socket at bottom right of tree trunk.

This turns on the radio. It scared the fox and he jumps out the window.

Book:    Climb the handhold inside the tree trunk.

Gomo goes to the bookcase.

Turn on the lamp. Take and read a book from bookcase. Learn how to catch a squirrel with a paper clip.

Enter the hot air balloon:

Climb the handhold right side of the tree trunk. Gomo falls down. Climb up again.

Owl:    The owl blocks the way to the hot air balloon.

Climb up the handhold again to get Gomo on the branch.

Drop the fruit on the owl.

Climb into the balloon:    Go back down and take the axe.

Go to the left and then take the wood plank with a nail at one end under Gomo. Gomo props it on the balloon.

Go right and then try to climb up. The plank drops down.

Prop the plank again and then use the axe on nail that is on the end of the plank on the branch. Climb up to the balloon.

Fly:    Pull the cord hanging above Gomo. Gomo turns on the flame.

Use the axe on the rope holding the balloon.

Enter the space ship at right:

The aim is to get Gomo to the right side of the frame and enter the space ship.

Click on a cloud beside Gomo and he will jump on it.

Move the clouds: 2, 1, 6 (3 times), 7, 8, 10 and 9 down.

Move #2-Gomo to far right and out.


Go through the monster's mouth:

Gomo flies through space and lands on a planet.

The alien kidnapper tells Gomo to go to the right in 10 minutes.

Go through the monster's mouth:    Enter the hole at right.

Take the thread hanging above Gomo.

See 2 uvulas blocking the way to the right.

See a Jack in a box on the floor. It can be moved side to side. It can pull one of 2 long threads from above.

Pulling a thread lifts one of the uvulas at right. We need both up.

Use the thread taken from left on the 2 long threads. Gomo ties them together.

Move the Jack in the box below the tied threads.

Press the button. The 2 uvulas are pulled up. Go right.

Get to the top of the right pillar:

See that the arrow points to the right. We need to go to the rendezvous point.

Click on the big rock at right. Gomo places the rock on his other side.

Take the wood plank propped on wall of the other end of the monster. Gomo places it above the rock to make a seesaw.

Climb on the right side of the seesaw.

Take a pebble beside Gomo. Gomo throws it on the rock above but hits the Saturn-like planet. The planet gets punctured and flies around.

Take another pebble. It hits the rock above the other end of the seesaw but didn't fall down.

The alien kidnapper lands at the rendezvous place.

Use the last pebble. Gomo lands on top of the stone pillar.

Meet with the kidnapper:

Go right.  Dingo is very happy to see Gomo.

Give the red crystal to the kidnapper. Dingo is released.

The punctured planet hits the alien.

Take the red crystal.

Back home:

Open the present. The guard wants the red crystal back.

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