Gooka Mystery of Jantris

During this game you will follow the main story line with sub quests along the way.

Sub Quests are marked in Red


Go to the study look on the floor and pick up the pick. You will see a chest open the chest, go out of the House and go to the middle door and talk to the Abbot. Read the inscription on the wall, press the button and use the panel, press the left button, then middle, then right then click on the battery. Take the battery. Go to the entrance hall and go to the middle door and talk to the Abbot. Go back to the entrance hall and go to the right door. Talk to the librarian. Open your inventory and click on the scroll, then on the battery. Leave the library and go to the middle door, click on the altar go out of the cloister

Sub quest

Go to a far cave by the coast and beat the thieves.

Go to the city and enter the shop. Purchase harila, a bowl, and salt. Leave the shop use the town hall door in the lower part of the city, talk to the poor man. Go to the poor man's house beat the rats, and leave. Go to the Pier and used the crates talk to the sailor on the Pier use the pick up on the sailor and leave. Go back to your home go to the study and use the painting. Use the pick on the key hole and take the items. Go to the city, you can shop with street seller if you wish

Sub quest

Use the bad badge on the street seller.

  Sub quest

Deliver the sailors message to Nomik, you will find him outside the city alternatively you can tell the town hall guard to deliver it for you. Go back to the sailor and talk to him.

Use the town hall door and go to the cellar, take the cover, and the bowl. Go to the laboratory upstairs use the lapines on the mortar, use the ball on the pail, now use the bowl with water on the apparatus. Use the crushed lapines on the apparatus, use harila on the apparatus. Now use the battery on the apparatus. Open your inventory and used the cover, now open your inventory again and use the nail. Go to cloister and enter the sarcophagus room, use the battery on the stand.

Go to the library and talk to the librarian. Go to the pier and talk to the sailor, now go back to the city. Go to cloister go to the library and use the ladder. Use the right to candlestick, use the tile then go to the middle room.

Sub quest

Use money on the Albert if you have at least 100 pieces.

Use Mohar book on the Abbot. Fight and win. Read the message and go to the Pier, talk to the captain, go to Arena in the City. Talk to the navigator, you can even play roulette if you wish at this point. Go to the town hall and go to the laboratory, use the bowl on the pale, use the bowl with the water on the apparatus. Use the rat tail on the grater, now use the grated rat tail on the apparatus. Use the salt on the apparatus, take the bottle and use it also on the apparatus. Use the anti-alcohol potion. Goto arena talk to the barman. buy alcohol. You can also shop here if you wish. Use the alcohol on the navigator, play him a game of dice and keep winning until the navigator or loses all his money. Go to the pier use the mats on the captain. Go to cloister and to the middle room and use the altar. Go to the pier and talk to the captain.

Go up the stairs and talk to the captain. You will see as sailor in a striped T-shirt talk to him about net and crabmeat. Take the pole , go to the front and use the pole on it. Use the seaweed on the sailor with the striped T-shirt. Go to the cabin take olamine nuts. Examine the curtain use the chair then use that the curtain. Open your inventory and click on the ring then on the hook. Go back onto the deck and use the olamine nuts on the sailor with the striped T-shirt. Go to the ship's bow and use the fishing line on it, choose crabmeat, use the fish on the ship's bow, use the poll on the ship's bow. Now you need to fight and win.

Take the sea weed and the wood, use the chest, use the sea weed, then wood, then flint stone on the fireplace. Examine the bush behind the fireplace. Use the bark on the palm tree, use the coconut on the captain.

Use telepathy on the Pythoness. Shop with the native guard if you need to. You will see a native with the Spear talk to him about crab. Go to the beach and use the key in the key slot up on the wooden frame. Go to the cave and win the fight. Take the gems. You can distract monsters by using jams said that these face the opposite direction than the way you're going. Make your way through the monsters to reach a bigger cave, win a fight. Take the egg. Examine the gate and leave. Use the egg on the Pythoness.

Sub quest

Talk to the native at the beach, talk to the native with the Spear in the village, talk to the native at the beach again, go back to the native with the Spear in the village then go back and talk to the native at the beach.

Talk to the native with the spear

Go on to the bridge and win a fight. Go even further and fight again, reached one of the gates and use the key on it. Go to the computer hall and fight again. Click on the computer solve the puzzle and go to the next room fight again.

Talk to the captain, go through the cave to the labyrinth. Go to the central platform with the circle portal. Wait for the captain to arrive and he will stop by the lock, talk to the captain. The go to the platform on the right use the horn and then talk to the captain, use the horn again and win the fight. Go to the lower floor and work your way through the traps. Fight and win go to the central platform again and talk to the captain use the key on the lock.

Go through the door and fight. Use the furthest door away from you twice. Take the Am bers, take the Spear, take the wine, and use the curtain. Use the amber on the school use the Amber on the nearest candlestick use the Spear on the candlestick by the gong. Go to the guardroom use the gong and go to the cell. Use telepathy on the piratess, use the shield then talk to the piratess now leave and go to the room with the labyrinth entry. Open the chest, use the wine on the chest, use the stone head. Go back to the guardroom, go through the gate and out into the sea. Fight and win.

Sub quest

talk to the guard in the antechamber. Later when you're in the village talk to the businessmen on the topic, use anti-burning potion on the guard.

Go to the library and take a bottle. Talk to the librarian about everything. Read all the books that are on the table. Talk to the librarian about a new topic, read the books on the table again and go to the House. Examine the table, go upstairs, now use the key on the door. Go out of the castle go left from the junction. In the village talk to Carter. Purchase gloves. Talk to the villagers one of them has some information. You can shop with the businessman here if you need to.

Sub quest

Find rampol flowers, use rampol on Carter.

Sub quest

Talk to businessman. Find the key by the windmill and use the key on the businessman. Use the key on the nearest door, take the box, give the box to the businessman. (the shop now offers more items)

Go to the cave, take the stalactites, beat the monsters there are three. Go back to the village and fight. Go to the throne room from the courtyard and talk to the commander. Go to the kaigani cave (the middle entrance) win another fight continue and win one last time.

Go to the junction go right from the castle fight and win. Use at the door, use the door again. Use the library, take the role and use it on the machine. Use the musical instrument, play the tones C C E F G (you may wish to try C F C F or G A F E H) go to the hangar and use the Mohar book on the scientist. Solve the puzzle on the blackboard. In the hangar set the percentages on the clocks with the levers (A 33, B 32, C 35) now talk to the scientist.
Use the skeleton, read the notes in your inventory

Sub quest

Use telepathy on the guard.

(otherwise) win a fight. Go inside the gate and solve the puzzle with the order of the doors, use one of the levers to reach the proper door. Go through all the doors in the right order, take the weights use the weights on the scales. Solve the puzzle now go through the open door, go to the next-door you will need to fight here. Go to the left door, fight again. Eventually you will come to a transparent door, use the chest, now go back to the tri junction. Go to the middle door and use the switch. Use the right computer, choose the camera settings type in 483. Exit the computer, now use the computer again. Choose display camera and write  483. Go to maximum zoom and exit. Now use the other computer, type in 13753, type 245 twice so that the arrows disappear. now type 31779 so that the filter is now open. Now go back to the tri junction, go to the right door use the screwdriver on the air shaft, take the filter. Go back to the genetic lab. Use the filter on the train. Read the console in the first cubicle. Sept the computer H2VU , H2VI , H4VU, accelerant 3, take the filter and put it back in the shaft. Go back to the computer room now use the bigger computer. Block the shaft segments so that air can't reach you, now you can reach the cloning hall. Close the filter, start the ventilation, make your way to the cloning hall through the hibernation births. Use the door and use telepathy on Yorimar. Take three keys from scientists, use the keys on the lock. Win your last fight.

Congratulations you finished the game!

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