Solution by Phil Darke

After the intro Piers Fanshawe and his servant Mossop arrive at the station. Look at the characters and talk to the urchin selling papers, but you can't buy one yet. Leave the station and walk across the street and use the cab to go home. When you arrive the cat 73 will appear and ask you to help. After you have heard his story go to your bedroom and take the key. Next go to Mossop's room and take the syrup of figs and whiskey. Talk to Mossop and tell him that you need to speak to people of dubious reputation. He will tell you about the Crab and Sailor pub. Now go to the study and pick up the artefact. Use the key on the drawer and take the deeds. Go to the living room and take the cigar case and the newspaper. Search your wallet 3 times to find some money, a calling card and a club membership card. Pick up the letter and read it. Go back to the station, now that you have some money you can buy a newspaper. Go to the Scientific Institute. Talk to the curator and give him the artefact. Enter the room with the machine and take a punched card from the side of the machine. Now go to Mirabella's house. Pick a catnip plant from the side of the house near the entrance to the garden. Enter the garden and talk to Mirabella. Go into the house and tell the maid to make a cup of tea for Mirabella. Go home and give the catnip to 73. Pick up the mouse. Go to the Crab and Sailor and talk to the man sitting at the end of the bar. Give him your handkerchief. Go to Mirabella's house. Talk to the maid and pick up the tea cup and the put the cake in the cigar case. Use the greasy handkerchief on the tea cup. Now go and give the tea cup to Mirabella. Show Mirabella the mouse. She drops the cup and the engagement falls from her finger. Pick it up and return home. Give the punched card to 73, who rips the card. Return to the Scientific Institute and put the card into the slot on the side of the machine. Talk to the Professor. Go to the Highborn Club. Enter the club and pick up the snuff box from the table. Go into the lounge and talk to the Earl. Go back out to the entrance and use the syrup of figs on the glass of port on the tray, then talk to the butler. Go back to the lounge and pick up and examine the card. Talk to the club members. Ask if anyone fancies a wager and that you give stupid odds. Wager that you can get to Dinsey Island in a week. Keep talking and go through all the options. Kingpeace appears and challenges you to a race. Give the deeds to your house to the club members. Now show them the newspaper and bet on Lethargic Lad. Go to Buckingham Palace. Show the card you got from the club to the guards then go and talk to Queen Victoria. Tell her about Doctor Dinsey and that you want her blessing. She gives you a letter. Also ask her for permission to bypass the shipping blockade. She gives you a Royal Warrant. Go to the Professor's house, talk to him and he asks you to get some vitriol and the remote control for the automaton, he also asks you to get a ploughman's lunch Go into the workshop and pick up the remote control and the vitriol. Go and show these to the professor. Go to the Crab and Sailor and talk to the barman. Ask him for a ploughman’s lunch. He refuses to sell you one unless you can prove that you are a working man. To prove that you are, you must drink a pint of scrumpy. Go to the room at the other end of the bar and talk to the forger. Give him the engagement ring and the two newspapers. Go back to the professor and give him the ploughman's lunch. Tell the professor that you are doing scientific research and that you want to research the view from the moon. The professor wants a good reason to take you with him. Go to the docks and talk to the harbour master. Go through all the options and find out all about Captain Nematode. Return to the Professor and tell him that you want to research the view from the moon. He tells you that you need a camera and some flash powder. Use the snuff with the whiskey to make flash powder. Go to the Crab and Sailor and pick up the altered newspaper. Go out of the pub and enter the building opposite. Talk to the receptionist and show her the letter from the queen. Go upstairs and talk to the Dollymop and ask her about the camera and that you are a director of what the butler saw machines. She will then lend you the camera. Go to the Highborn Club and show the forged newspaper to the club members. Go back to the professor and board the rocket. The professor tells you that due to the extra weight of yourself and Mossop you will miss the moon. You must steer the rocket manually. Pick up the hammer and use it on the pipe. Look through the porthole and use the three levers to centralise the moon in the porthole. When it is central you will receive a message. Click on the levers and use the pipe on them to lock them into position. When you land talk to the professor and ask him how you are going to collect the cheese samples, he will give you a cheese extractor. Take the shovel and the space suit. Enter the cave on the right. The suit is too bulky to go through the entrance inside so you need to take control of the automaton. Look through the hole and use the remote control to steer the automaton to the right, where it knocks over a stalacmite, forming a bridge. Cross the bridge and enter the next cave. Dig the mineral area and take the sample. Use the extractor on the sample and return to the moon surface. Use the camera and return to the rocket and talk to the professor. He tells you that you don't have enough oxygen to get back to earth. Use the moon rock sample with the vitriol to produce oxygen. You now return to earth and crash land on the professor's house. Go to the docks and talk to the harbour master. Tell him that you own a ship and show him the Royal warrant. He still refuses to let you leave. Tell him that you see he smokes a pipe. Give him the cake. He will allow you to leave and gives you a map. You can now board the ship. Go to the bridge and talk to the captain. Give the captain the map and you will set sail north. Shortly after sailing the engines break down. Go to the deck and take the boat hook which is leaning on a crate near a doorway. Go right to the first door and enter the second cabin Pick up the bagpipes and examine the porcupine to obtain a quill. Go back on deck and right to the engine room. Pick up the screwdriver and oilcan. Use the porcupine quill on the gauge. Go back on deck and enter the first cabin. Use the screwdriver on the porthole. Go to the front of the ship and try to get the flag, you can not reach so tell Mossop to get it for you. Go back to the entrance to the first cabin and use the flag on the leaking pipe. Now go back onto the deck to the winch near the entrance to the engine room. Use the oil can on the winch, then talk to the sailor. Use the boat hook on the winch. Place the glass over the hole. Talk to the sailor again. Take the glass and enter the engine room. Use the expectoration on the valve. Look at the gauge and use the bagpipes on the boiler. You now sail to the north pole. Go onto the iceberg and enter the submarine. Talk to captain Nematode. Tell him that you know the location of Atlantis. When you reach the base go right until you come to an organ. A bundle of letters flies out of the organ pipes. Pick them up and read them. Go into the next room and take the diving suit. Return to Captain Nematode and tell him that you know why he wants to find Atlantis. Tell him that he is seeking a mermaid who lives there. He now agrees to take you back to your ship and guide you through the reef of Doom. When you get back to the ship talk to the captain and show him the photograph. When you get to the island. Pick up the stones and head into the jungle. Pick the ivory. Go up the path to the lake. Look at the water and pick some berries. Go back down the path to the village. Talk to the chief. He wants an offering. Place the ivy and the berries on the rock and give it to the chief. He now provides you with a guide who shows you the entrance to the cave. Enter and take the cutlass from the skeleton. Leave the cave and use the cutlass on the vine. Pick up the animal and return to the cave entrance. Put the animal on the slab and enter the cave. You come to a river of molten lava, which you are unable to cross. Look at the plug in the roof. Go back to the lake. Use the diving suit to reach the bottom of the lake and remove the plug. The water drains from the lake and cools the lava enabling you to cross. In the next room look at the crystals and note the symbols, Delta on the purple, Beta on the green and Zeta on the blue crystal. Take the loose blue crystal. Go into the next room where there are three pedestals. Place the blue crystal on the right hand pedestal and continue to the right. Use the oil can on the lift. Go down and enter the city. Go into the left hand entrance and take the stick of rock. Leave and enter the other door. Take the green and purple crystals. Go back to the pedestals and place the green crystal on the middle pedestal and the purple crystal on the left A gate opens in Atlantis and Captain Nematode's submarine appears. He gives you a map. Return to the village and give the rock to the chief, in return he releases Mossop. Now return to the ship. Give the map to the captain to get through the reef. You now encounter a pirate ship with Rafe Kingpeace aboard. You are captured and taken aboard the pirate ship. You are taken to Dinsey Island and after a cut scene end up in a cage. Talk to the henchman. He refuses to let you out. Talk to the green tentacle and then to the henchman again Ask if he can do tricks. He is disposed of by the tentacle. Return to the Gene machine. Take a flare from the box and use it. Operate the reverse switch. Talk to the doctor. When he stands on the pedestal tell Mossop to throw the switch. Go back to the room with the cages and use the switch on the wall to open the cages. Now leave and use the flying machine.


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