This is the most favorite topic on adventure games. Does Gabriel Knight 3 has it? Of course it does. To see all the Easter Eggs you need to activate the module first. Push Shift + Ctrl + Tilde (~) each time you begin loading the game. Then type: SetFlag("egg") on the top left textbox. The verbs "Easter Eggs" will appear on the verb list every time you click on the object. 

Here is the list of Easter Eggs which have been found by fellow gamers:

  • In certain time blocks:
    • Day 1 (10 AM - 12 PM): Click on Emilio while he is sitting at the lobby reading newspaper. The mystical power of Emilio, the clown.
    • Day 1 (2 PM - 5 PM): You'll see a fallen ashtray inside the train station. It's on the left wall from the entrance. You could pick up something on the floor.
    • Day 1 (at anytime before 6 PM): Click on the sign board next to the circular stone at Chateau de Blanchefort. You'll see flying Gabriel.
    • Day 1 (6 PM - 10 PM): Click on Prince James man before or after they meet with Abbey Arnoud. You need to do this while they're walking. Are they drunk or what??
    • Day 2: Click 10 times at the police car after the murder scene at the Devil Armchair and Gabriel will tell a joke.
  • At anytime:
    • Click on the chicken at the village
    • Click on Grace. She'll do a nice split.
    • Click on Jean, the receptionist