Golden Gate – Walkthrough

This walkthrough is divided into four sections. The first goes through the entire game, highlighting interesting and important
places around San Francisco. The second section contains hints for solving specific puzzles in the game. The final section contains solutions for the puzzles.


When the game starts you are standing in front of George Drussard’s house--2800 Broadway in the Pacific Heights area.
Once you have retrieved the necklace (see below) a video clip will play near the stairway. If you enter the room on the left
you will find a document sitting on the counter. Pick it up and read through it – this is the first Drussard letter. After picking
up the letter turn to the right. In the next room you will find two closets. Inside one of the closets is a Jack-in-the-box. This
is the first puzzle (Joey’s Toy). Solving the puzzle will give you some of Alex’s missing diary pages.

After you leave Drussard’s house head toward Chinatown. On a wall in an alley you will find an old chart posted on a wall.
This cart is a clue to the Chart Puzzle on the Balcutha. After looking at leave Chinatown and head for Fisherman’s Warf.

Once you’ve reached Fisherman’s Warf find the Balcutha, it’s moored near Hyde Street Pier. Search the ship until you find
the Chart Puzzle in one of the cabins. Solving this puzzle will give you the Avalon Necklace, which allows you to view
video clips of the past. Make sure you look through the ship’s telescope after you solve the puzzle. Go back to 2800
Broadway and watch the video clip near the stairs.

After viewing the video clip head toward Lombard Street. As you climb the street you will find three odd bricks in the pavement. Note down the symbols on the bricks – you’ll need them later. Now head toward Chrissy Field.

Search around Chrissy Field and the grove nearby. You should pick up two things here -- a broken bottle containing more missing pages from Alex’s diary, and the Celestial Key. Also watch for a tree with hash marks carved into the trunk in the grove. After collecting everything find the video clip of Alex and Nate inside the grove. After watching the video hear toward Fort Point.

At Fort Point go through the tunnel and find the trash pile. Search it to find a pamphlet. Go to the top of the fort and look through the telescope. Leave Fort Point and go to Fort Gunnybags (the old mint). Solve the Magic Square Puzzle and go inside. Go up to the bell and solve the Bell Puzzle. After ringing the bell continue up until you find the vigilante letters.

Now go to Mission Dolores. Solve the Mission Tiles Puzzle, then search the tombs until you find a skull. Behind the skull is the Bestial Key. Get the key, then go to Golden Gate Park. Find the Esperance statue in the park and look at the designs in the corners.

Go to the Mechanical Museum at the Cliffhouse. Find the slot machine and solve the Egyptian Slots Puzzle. After retrieving the handle of the machine look around the museum until you Sutro Baths plaque. Head back to Fisherman’s Wharf and board the ferry to Angel Island.

After landing on Angel Island head to the Lighthouse. Solve the Lighthouse Puzzle, then go through the door and get the Ruby. Search the Island until you find the Bowsprint you saw through the Fort Point telescope. Solve the Angel Flute
Puzzle. Get the Emerald and Sapphire.

Search the island until you find the clearing. This one can be tough -- you are looking for a shiny pink glow. When you find it pick up the Cryptogram and another Drussard letter. Now head toward the East Garrison and the Hospital.

Enter the Hospital and go upstairs. After you watch the video clip of Dr. Holden find the x-ray viewer. Look at the x-ray in the viewer, then look at Dr. Holden’s desk and pick up his journal. Leave the Hospital and go to Wallace Battery. Find the stove and get the Vestigial Key from inside it.

No go to the West Garrison and enter the Red House. Find and solve the 3-Lock Box Puzzle. Inside the box is the Caledon Treasure Map.

After retrieving the map go back to the Bowsprint and go up to the painted symbol of an Egyptian Eye. Take the rod you
got from the Slot Machine and place it in the center of the eye. A cave will open in front of you. Go inside and find a letter from King William of Caledon and the treasure.

Congratulations – you’ve finished Golden Gate.

Puzzle Hints

Pacific Heights – 2800 Broadway, Joey’s Toy

Moving the sliders on the tines changes the note played.
Set the sliders in the correct positions to play a familiar tune.
The solution can be found carved into the trunk of a tree in the grove near Chrissy Field that Joey used to play in.

 Balcutha, Chart Puzzle

Touching one of the six handles on the ships wheel will move one or more sections of the chart.
A hint for solving the puzzle can be found in one of the Drussard letters.
A copy of the chart can be found in an alley in Chinatown.
The chart is an old map of the Bay Area.

 Fort Gunnybags, Magic Square
You must set up a "Freemason" magic square, where the sum of the numbers in each column and row is 15.
You can align the squares correctly by lining up the "41" that is slightly visible in the surface of the cubes.

 Fort Gunnybags, Bell Puzzle

The correct sequence can be found in one of the Drussard letters.
It is also printed in the pamphlet from Fort Point.

Mission Dolores, Mission Tiles
Clicking on two different tiles will swap the position of the letters on the tiles.
Clues to the puzzle can be found in Alexandra’s Diary

Cliffhouse, Egyptian Slots

You can click on each wheel to change the symbols, as well as pulling the handle
The correct icons can be found carved into the tiles on Lombard Street

Lighthouse, Lighthouse Puzzle

Each tile has fifteen states. After reaching its last state it will cascade another tile in the puzzle.
Look through the telescope on the Balcutha.
The image is a Vigilante "Eye" symbol, which can be found several places in the game, including the papers found in the fort.

Bowsprint, Angle Flute Puzzle

Look through the Fort Point telescope
Read Alex’s Diary
Look at the Masonic statue in Golden Gate Park

West Garrison, 3-Lock Box

Look at the symbols handles of the keys.
Read the poem in the clearing on Angel Island.
Read Holden’s journal
Read Drussard’s letters
Read Alex’s Diary
Read the Vigilante letters
Watch the Burdue video clip

Puzzle Solutions

Pacific Heights – 2800 Broadway, Joey’s Toy

Move the tines to the following positions from left to right (1 = bottom, 7 = top):

3, 7, 5, 1, 4, 6, 2

Balcutha, Chart Puzzle
If the chart pieces have never been moved toughing the following four handles will solve the puzzle:

Top-Right, Top-Right, Bottom-Right, Top-Left

Fort Gunnybags, Magic Square
Arrange the numbers in the following order:

  4 9 2
  3 5 7
  8 1 6

Fort Gunnybags, Bell Puzzle

Set the four levers to (from left to right) Middle, Bottom, Bottom, Middle, then pull the handle on the right.

Mission Dolores, Mission Tiles

The correct arrangement of tiles reads:


Cliffhouse, Egyptian Slots

Set the wheels to Owl, Owl, Owl, then pull the handle.

Lighthouse, Lighthouse Puzzle

he quickest solution is to change the tiles in the following order: 4, 9, 2, 6, 7, 8, 3, 5, 1

Bowsprint, Angle Flute Puzzle

ou must play four chords in the correct order to unlock the gems. In the following diagram a "-"means no
hole is visible, a "o" indicates a visible hole. After setting the hole positions push the top of the ball to play the chord.

Right /Left


- o - -

- - o o

- -o o

- oo o


- - o o

o oo o

- oo o

- o- -


o o- -

- oo –

o o- -

- -o –


o oo –

o o - -

o oo –

 - o- -

West Garrison, 3-Lock Box

There are two lids that you need to unlock. To unlock the first place the keys in the following order, left to right: Celestial (from the Grove), Vegetal (from the Wallace Battery), Bestial (from the Mission).

To unlock the second lid place the gems in the following order, left to right: Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire.

Note: Opening the box incorrectly will return you to 2800 Broadway and you will be going insane as
the Beast possesses you (the screen colors will be distorted and the Beast will occasionally speak). To
cure your insanity go to Mission Dolores and touch the Baptismal.

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