A game by Brendon Chung.


A walkthrough by Chief.

January 2009.


-         Read the Manual to get the explanation on how to play the game.

-         Read the signs during game play for help.

-         The ESC key gives the main menu: click Career to see save, load and quit.




Get out of the elevator and click somewhere on the screen to see the card: go to the Furnace Room.


Go left to the stairs and go up to enter the door “Staff only” when someone goes in.


Forward to the Furnace Room and press the “E” key to open the door.


Enter and turn left. Jump on that machine: use the “W” and the “Space Bar” to do so.  Jump down to the red area and see a case. Open it to get your mission: “Deliver this drink to the man with red hair”


Put on the shirt and take the drink.


Jump back over the machine and exit the Furnace Room and through the “Staff only” door.


Turn left and go up the stairs. See the man with red hair on the left.


Go to him and click the “E” to give him the drink. He drinks and then burps.


Find the Exit: go down both set of stairs and find the Exit sign on the left of the elevator.


Open the door and walk to the red button. Press it.


Contract complete and get your payment.




Get out of the elevator.


Click on the screen to see the card and where to go: Furnace Room.


Go left and see the Furnace Room Sign.  Enter.


Get in front of the left pillar going up and down: as soon as the pillar goes up and you can go forward, do so and be in a red area and a lower level.


Turn around to pass under the pillar again and to jump the fence.


Take the pressurize Freon and the hammer.


Go to the Furnace Room sign and read the signs on the left on how to use the items you pick up.


Look at the door and use the Freon on the padlock and then the hammer.


Go forward and up the stairs to a steel bar door and another padlock: open the door.


Go to the Furnace Room and the case: your mission: “Photograph the five birds”


Take the camera.


From the case, take the corridor on the left, passing the Furnace Room sign and open the door in front.


Up the ramp to the green door: open and be in a large corridor.


Go left to a red door with two padlocks and a rocket sign. Open the door with the freon and the hammer on the padlocks. Enter: scroll down the mouse wheel to get the camera and take the picture of the bird.

After the picture, it explodes.


Exit and go left to a second red door: do the same thing to get the picture.


Exit and go left to the green door. You are now outside. Up the ramp to a third red door: open it and take the picture.


Three done, Two more pictures to take.


Exit, go left and jump on the pipes.


***In the next steps of the game, there are some jumps. Better save often***


So, you must jump to the blue flag attach to the building in front: forward and jump. Turn to see another flag and a pipe: jump there. Forward on the pipe to the wall. Get close to the four opening panels. As soon as the first panel is down, go forward passing over the four panels and jump on the flag after the fourth panel.

From that flag, jump to the two pipes on the other side. Walk the pipe and jump the fence.


Go up the ramp to get the pictures of birds #4 and #5 behind the two red doors.


Down the ramp to the green door. Open it.


Jump on the red file cabinets. Walk the conduit to get to the pillars room.


Open the door on the left and be where this mission started. See a woman reading a book.


Go to the exit zone and press the red button for the elevator.


The woman comes near and shoots you. But you can get up.


Follow her passing through the broken window and the footbridge.


Walk to the right alongside the building.




Enter the opening with four red lights. As soon as you see the train, go left not to get hit.


Go left to the hole in the ground where the woman just jumped and forward in that corridor. Up a ramp and down back to the train track. See the woman.


Follow the woman again and jump on a long table where some men and women are drinking. Go to the door in front walking on the table. That was fun!


Back to the other end of the long table, forward, left on the corridor and left again to a footbridge to be outside.


Forward to the three flags and get shot again.


See the final scene.



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