The Green Room

Walkthrough by Chief

December 2006


Click on all objects to get a text and then on OK

Objects in inventory, when click on at the proper time, will go themselves at the right place.

To move right or left, click on the arrows on the side of the screen.

To get out of a puzzle or a close up, click on the red arrow at bottom right of the screen.

It may not be always easy the see the color properly on objects, especially the yellow.


The game starts in front of a white door. Click on the knob: locked

Pick up the key that will go in inventory. Click on the key: not the good one for this door.


Turn right to see 5 color circles on the wall: click again to be on close up; click on the circles to see that they flash a different numbers of time.

The solution: yellow (top right), purple, red, green, and blue.

You will then see a tricked-out digital clock that goes in inventory when click on. 

On the floor, electrical tape: pick it up.


Go right again: a bookcase. On top, a light where you will see old wires: pick them up.

In the bookcase, pick up the blue ball on the top shelf.  On top left corner of the bookcase, see four books on top of each other: the order of color: blue, green, yellow, red.


Right again: a tool chest.  On top, a hole for the blue ball. Click on the padlock and the key: the box is unlock.

Click the small triangle on top of the padlock to open the chest: take a black plastic case. Click on two white spots that will become straps (It is not easy to see the straps).

On the left of the chest (after you back up), on the floor in the corner: two batteries to pick up.


Right again: be in front of the white door. Click on the straps and the plastic case: they will install on the door. Click on that box: a hidden door.


The hidden door: click on the clock to see it go in the box. Click the two batteries.

Click on the wires in this order, the same of the books in the bookcase: blue, green, yellow, red.  Click on the tape. 10 seconds to what????  Press the green button on the clock/bomb. 

Click on the black hole.    

End of game.


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