The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft

by Xpec Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   October 2008


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game that comes in 2 CDs. The CD does not need to be in the drive to play after installation. The ESC key skips the introduction.

The main menu has new game, load game, options, credits and exit. The options menu has the music volume, sound volume, shadow details and text skip (subtitles) adjustments.

The in game menu can be access by the ESC key. The in game menu has the save feature. Select a saved game frame and click OK. Saves can be overwritten.

The Task bar can be seen at top right of the screen during gameplay.  The task bar has the menu, inventory, cell phone, character selection and travel map.

The cell phone has the phone list, journal and Questlog. Double click to select a selection in the main menu. The Questlog is very good help to what to do next. Use the arrows at the button to go back to main menu or check to other pages. To use the phone, select the name and then click on the green phone icon.

Aside for the task bar icon, the inventory can also be accessed by right click on the screen. Items can be combined by drag-drop of one item over another in the inventory frame. They can also be separated. Right click also closes the inventory frame.


With much gratitude to Mordack!


Watch a comic strip depiction of the previous case of the Hardy Boys.

Exit to another room using the footprint cursors.


Chapter 1: Business as Usual

See Frank and Joe being scolded by their mother, Laura Hardy with Aunt Trudy in attendance. There is a policeman that wants to speak with the boys concerning motorcycle violations. They are grounded and waiting to be dealt with by their father Fenton when he comes home.

The policeman enters the room after the women left. The policeman is in reality Eric Piedmont, an agent from the ATAC (American Teens against Crime). He left a packet with their new assignment.


The Hardy Home:

Permission to leave the house.

Laura continued scolding the boys. The bike keys are confiscated. The boys are left alone in their room.

Learn the new assignment:    Double click the packet in inventory to get a Video Game disc.

Look close at the TV console. Insert the disc on the player beside the TV.

They are to investigate the theft at Spencer Mansion.

Samuel Spencer was burgled of 200 Million worth of Rothschild bearer bonds kept in a Mosler safe.

The burglar must have known the combination of the safe.

The boys discuss the case. Spencer mansion is supposed to be haunted.

They want to call Fenton, their father to get permission to use the bikes. Both cell phones were left in the bikes.

Exit the room and go down the stairs. Laura intercepts the boys and sends them to their room.

Get Joe out of the house:    Go to the hallway window. See a tree outside.

Select Joe using the character selection on the task bar menu.

Click on the tree to get Joe to climb down.

Aunt Trudy hears the noise and investigates.

Take the motorcycle keys:    Bring Frank to the top of the stairs or end of hallway.

Get Joe to the front door and then ring the doorbell.

Laura answers the door.

Get Frank to go down the stairs and immediately click on the motorcycle keys in the bowl on the table.

As soon as he picks the key up, immediately click on the stairs to be upstairs. Finesse the timing of the click of the keys, the actual action and the click on the stairs. There are several chances to do this step.

Get the cell phone:    Get Frank to go to the bedroom and look out the window.

Throw the motorcycle keys to Joe on the ground.

Take Playback the parrot from his perch. Click him on Joe on the ground.

Get Joe to go to the garage. Use the keys to open the back of the motorcycle.

Take the cell phone. In inventory, combine Playback and the cell phone.

Go back to the window and click on the boy's bedroom window at top right.

Use Playback-cell phone on Frank.

Double click Playback-cell phone in inventory to separate the Playback and cell phone.

Best to charge the cell phone:    Check the cell phone on the task bar and see that the battery is blinking.

Look close at the power strip on the floor right of the TV console.

Use the cell phone on the wire of the phone charger.

Frank calls his father, Fenton. Fenton will get them out of the house. Laura allows them to leave.


Chapter 2:    Brother against Brother

Spencer Mansion:   

Find out what happened and meet the characters.

Front drive:    Go to the front door. The boys talks to Officer Con Riley.

Samuel Spencer renounces Thomas his brother. Learn that the only other one that knows the combination of the safe is Thomas.

Officer Riley has detained Thomas in the house.

Front room:    Enter the mansion.

Lily:    Talk to Lily Spencer. Learn about seeing a dark haired, very thin repairman at the shed.

Thomas is her stepfather.

Thomas:    Talk to Thomas that came to the room. Learn that the breakage of the window is to throw off the entrance to the room. Mary his wife has polyneuropathy and is wheelchair bound.

Grandfather clock:    Check the clock left of the door at right of room. The clock is locked and stopped at 3 o'clock.

Figure out how the perpetrator obtained the combination to the safe.

Study:    Enter the study.

Desk:    Go forward to the room and then check the desk.

See that all the drawers are locked.

Paper shredder:    Check the white paper shredder left of the desk.

Open the bin door and take the shredded paper. Nothing is written on it, totally blank.

Window:    Check the broken window.

Take shard of glass from the floor. Take a look at the safe.

Exit the room and the mansion.

Front Drive:    Go right to the front of the open windows of the study.

Take the blank piece of paper behind the pot on the left.

Samuel Spencer:    Talk to Samuel.

He noticed the break in the window at 6:30 AM. Learn how Samuel goes through the day. He leaves the window opened during the day.

There was a salesman that came yesterday. The safe combination is written on a paper and left on his desk. Then it is shredded. The combination was changed yesterday.

Call Fenton on the cell phone and ask to check on Samuel Spencer.

Car:    Open the hood of the car. See the fan belt at front area and coolant plastic container at top right.

Go to the side and see that the door is locked. You can look under the car also.

Officer Riley:    Talk to Officer Riley behind the car. He detained Thomas only because of circumstantial evidence. If someone else could have gotten the combination, that might help Thomas.

Another way that someone else got the combination:

Go back to the study. Place the blank piece of paper on the desk.

Exit the study.

Doorstop:    Take the doorstop on the floor right of the study door.

Use the doorstop on the base of the study door to keep it open.

Exit through the main door. See what happened to the paper on the desk.

Talk to Officer Riley about how someone else could have taken the combination.

Search the rest of the mansion by foot.

Utility Shed:    Take the left side of the driveway and then forward.

Take the side road at top of screen. Take the left ground path.

Now that you reach the shed, you can use the jump to feature of the map.

Shoe prints:    See shoe prints on the ground in front of the shed.

Take some mud sample.

Enter the shed and look around. See a tool box that has a lid that is shut tight.

Go back out and to the main path.

Caretaker's cottage:   Go left until the house. Jump to feature of the map is now activated.

Yard:    Take a hubcap beside the tires.

House:    Knock on the door.

Talk to Thomas. Learn more about the brothers' childhood and the old car.

Talk to Mary. Learn about how she feels about Samuel.

Explore Bayport using the map.

Use the map and jump to different places in Bayport.

Bayport High School:   

Computer Lab:    Enter the first room on the left.

Talk to Phil and hear about the AC problem that causes the Nexus to shut down. The temperature needs to be below 75 degrees.

Fix the AC problem:

Utility Room:    Talk to Mark, the handyman. The AC ran out of coolant.

Look at the red tool box on the floor beside Mark. Take the flathead screwdriver and wrench.

Take the garbage can lid.

Get anti freeze:    Jump to the Spencer mansion.

Open the hood of the car.

Use the glass shard on the plastic container of anti freeze at top right. A slit is made.

Look under the car. use the garbage can lid or the hubcap on the dripping antifreeze to get garbage can lid of antifreeze or hubcap with antifreeze.

Jump to Bayport High school.

Science lab:    Go forward and then right. Enter the science lab.

Look close at the workbench ahead. Take a beaker.

Utility room:    Go back to Utility room.

Open the cabinet on the left.  Open the cap of the antifreeze.

In inventory, combine the antifreeze on garbage lid-hubcap and beaker to get beaker of antifreeze.

Use beaker of antifreeze on open anti freeze container.

Talk to Mark. If you haven't yet, take the tools from the toolbox.

Iola:    Enter the green lawn framed by the walkway either by the Science lab or by the parking lot.

Talk to the sad young girl, Iola. She's upset about the teacher that assigned the students to make aspirin.

Make aspirin:    Enter the Science lab again. Read the board on the wall.

Go to the back workbench where the beaker was taken. Study the chemical structure of Aspirin.

Go back to the teacher's desk. Look close at the teacher's desk.

See a setup with red, yellow and white balls at left.

Look close at the legend on the base of the setup: White = hydrogen, red = carbon and yellow = nitrogen.

Using the atomic structure of aspirin seen on the wall, place the appropriate colored balls on the boxes.

Frank will say if he did it correctly.

Go back and talk to Iola again.

Police Station:   

Chief Ezra Collins:    Go right and then enter the first room on the left. Talk to the Chief.

Officer Riley is the only one that accesses the crime lab.

Find evidence on who did this crime:

Mansion:    Jump to the mansion.

Talk to Officer Riley. He needs to find evidence on who did the crime.

Nurses' Station:     Take the road behind the car.

See an old building. Check the makeshift grave in front of the building.

Enter the building. The jump to feature in the map is activated.

Bedroom:    Enter the room on the left.

Look close at bed and check the pillow.

Take the rag and the blonde wig with black hair in it.

In inventory, double click the blonde wig to get black hair sample.

Move the mattress on the wall. See a vent that is held by Phillips screws.

Look out the window. See a shadow move away.

Locker room:    Enter the room on the right.

Locker:    Open the first set of locker.

Take the rubber gloves, yellowed roll of gauze and bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Gas tanks:    Check the gas tanks on left wall.

The methane CH4 tank second from left can not be opened by hands.

Use wrench on methane tank. Use rubber gloves on top of tank to get rubber gloves with methane. Close the tank.

Spencer Mansion:    Jump to mansion and talk to Officer Riley.

Nurses' station:    Talk to Riley.

Shed:    Jump to shed at the mansion. Enter the shed.

Use the flathead screwdriver to open the toolbox.

Take Phillips head screwdriver.

Nurses' station:    Enter the bedroom.

Use the Phillips screwdriver on the vent.

Take the muddy boots.

Shed:    Jump to shed at the mansion.

Look close at the footprints on the ground.

Use the muddy boots on the footprints. They match.

Nurses' station:    Talk to Officer Riley about the crime lab.

The crime scene is not sealed or cordoned off with yellow tape.

Cordon off the crime scene:

You can jump to police station and ask the Chief about the yellow police tape.

Con Riley keeps them. Ah...

Go back to Nurses' station.

Use the yellowed roll of gauze on the trees by the door.

Talk to Riley. He will meet the boys at the station.

Examine the evidence.

Police station:    Go to the hallway at the back of the station.

Enter the room left of the water cooler.

Talk to Riley. He can not let the boys use the equipments.

He can run a suspect search but needs physical characteristics like hair color, shoe size...

Bayport High School:     Jump to high school.

Iola in Science lab:     Talk to Iola at the workbench back of room about analyzing the evidence.

Blood test on rag:    She doesn't know the procedure to run a blood test.

Go to Computer room. Now that the room is cooled off, the Nexus is running.

Click on computer left of Phil.

Enter Blood Test using your computer's keyboard. Click on search.

Go back to Iola and talk to her again.

Learn that glass and fingernail are also in the rag. It must have been used to break the glass.

The rag has AB- type blood. Get blood type evidence.

Mud on boots and mud sample:    Talk to Iola again.

The mud sample and the mud on the boots came from same area. Get shoe size evidence.

Glass shard with blue rag:    Talk to Iola again. Get shard glass evidence.

Hair sample:     Talk to Iola again.

The black hair has been cut the last few days. Get hair color evidence.

Police station:    Go to the hallway at the back of the station.

Enter the room left of the water cooler.

Talk to Riley. Tell Riley about the blood type, hair color and shoe size.

Get a suspect printout of John Johnson.

Track the suspect.

Bayport Street:

Get Snippy:    Enter the barber shop.

Move behind the barber to talk to him. Talk to Gus Russo cutting Chet's hair.

He looked at the suspect's picture. He cut the suspect's hair yesterday. The suspect left only one business card while the others left two.

He knows Thomas Spencer.

Business card matching puzzle:    Look close at the fishbowl on table by window.

After a brief peek at the business card, they are arranged face down.

Click-match 2 cards to leave them face up until only one is left.

That one is the suspects. Dougal Siepp's Masquerade Emporium in New York is the card left.

Talk to Gus again.

Chapter 3:    It's in the Blood.


The boys are standing outside the Masquerade shop discussing their cover story and name.

Talk to Val.  Before they can talk to Dougal Siepp, Val wants the boys to help straighten the shop first.


Help Val tidy up the store. 


The mannequins in the store should be put together with the appropriate accessories.

Collect all the accessories from the window displays and the coffee table.

Go behind Val to the coffee table.

Study the catalog of costumes. It has the complete pictures of the mannequins as well as the jewelries that go with each costume.

Take the witch's pointed hat.

Go right and forward to the mannequins:

Werewolf:    Take sabre and broadsword.

Skeleton:    Take brooch.

Devil:    Take broom and helmet.

Witch:    Take eyepatch and ripped shirt.

Knight in armor:    Take magic wand and thigh bone.

Pirate:    Take mustache and tiara.

Vampire:    Take pitchfork and jawbone.

Fairy:    Take wig and boots.

Place the accessories on the mannequins: That complete the ensemble.

Fairy:    Place magic wand and tiara.

Vampire:    Place the wig and the brooch.

Pirate:    Place the eyepatch and sabre.

Knight:    Place the helmet on head and the broadsword on hand. See a shape on his gauntlet.

Witch:    Place broom and pointed hat.

Devil:    Place the mustache and the pitchfork.

Skeleton:    Place the jawbone and thighbone.

Werewolf:    Place the ripped shirt on back and boots on leg.





Straighten the gondolas around the register.

Talk to Val. Now he wants the gondola's arranged.

Gondolas:    Use the catalog of costume as clue. Check the design of the below each mannequin.

Click on the mannequin. See the gondola associated with that mannequin.

Turn the gondolas so that the jewelries that go with the mannequin face you.

Right click to pull back. Bingo, you did it!

Talk to Val. Now he will set the alarm and asks that you go to the backroom.

Go to the back room. Wait and then go out. Go to the door and see that Val left and locked the boys in.

Open the cage:    Go back to the storeroom. See a caged ladder that goes up to the second floor.

Check the lock and see a different keyhole.

Take packing paper from floor.

Check the bishop's miter left of the cage. Take the ebony bishop chess piece. Where did we see this?

Go to the knight's mannequin in the store. Look close at his gauntlet.

Place the bishop on the gauntlet. Take the white king chess piece from the opened wristband. Checkmate!

Go back to the cage and use the white king on the lock.

Constellations are the key.

Climb up the stairs and see a glass roof and 3 curtains.

Open the curtains to see a machine, a blank wall and plate with writing.

Go to the foreground screen across the stairs.

Check the book of constellation from middle shelf. Study and correlate the constellations to the written clue at right wall.

Take crayon from bottom shelf.

Written clue and the constellation:

Open the cell phone and read the journal.

Matching the expressions on the wall to the constellation names can only be done if you read the journal.

The scuttling scourge of Hercules:    Cancer

The Queen of vanity:    Cassiopeia

Orion's poison nemesis:    Scorpius

A sacrifice to sea:    Andromeda

Use the packing paper on each of the constellation and then use the crayon to get tracings of the 4 constellations.

Go to the machine at left wall.

Constellation puzzle:    Click on the machine and see a puzzle with circles.

Enter the constellation as seen in the book or described in the journal. Each circle is a star.

Place a tracing of one of the 4 constellations on the machine. Click the star to form the constellation.

See the constellation on the skylight-glass roof. Do this to all the 4 constellations.


Meet Dougal Siepp:

Enter the now opened door.

Go forward and talk to Dougal. He states that the Bayport Police have misled the boys and denies being the thief.

He mentions that there might be criminal tendencies in his blood.

He points the boys to Richard Llewellyn, a man with a chip on his shoulder and staying at the Crescent Theatre

He recommends that they check the Theatre. He gives the boys an item and a clue - It's about time.

Outside the Masquerade shop:

Check Siepp's clue in inventory. See a puzzle box. The solution is seen in the next chapter.

The Crescent Theatre:   

Use the Manhattan map to jump to The Crescent Theatre.

Enter the theatre.

Ticket Office:    Enter the room at right.

Look close at the key holder on the wall. Take the iron gallery key from the bottom row.

Exit the office.

Go left and enter the audience hall.

Backstage:    Enter using the back left of stage door to be at backstage.

Harold Morley:    Go forward and go or knock on the door at end of the hallway, left of the red box of fire hose.

Talk to Harold Morley. He would not like to come out until he gets his cue.

Dressing Room:    Go to the top hallway and enter the first room after the chairs and gallery stair.

Take Hamlet's Twin Brother script. Look at the makeup items.

Open the cell phone, then journal and read the script of Hamlet's Twin Brother.

Starting on page 6, note the things to do for the opening scene - cue of the play.

1. Turn on Backstage breaker in Fuse Box (backstage).

2. Load Spooky Music roll in Player Piano (stage).

3. Turn Player Piano on (stage).

4. Set backdrop to Castle Battlement (stage).

5. Get Gallery key from Box Office. Done!

6. Get script from dressing room. Done!

7. Unlock padlock, extend gallery stairs (backstage). We saw that this is already extended.

8. Set lights to 'spooky' at console in Gallery.

9. Set Moon to 'full' at console in Gallery.

10. Ring 'Clock Tower' bell 3 times on the bell board (Gallery).

Stage:    Exit the dressing room. Go left and then go right to be on stage.

Take the music rolls from top of the player piano.

Place the spooky music roll with green tag on the player piano.

Step 2 and 3 are done.

Look at the backdrop of the stage. It shows the castle already.

Step 4 done.

Backstage:    Go back to backstage through either one of the side doors.

Go to the stairs behind the chairs.

See that the steps to gallery is extended - step 7 is done.

Look close at the white box left of the Exit door in front of the stairs.

Flip down the right top switch. Step 1 done.

Gallery:    Climb the stairs.

Use the gallery key on door at top of stairs. Enter the gallery.

Go forward until the console at back of the room.

Press the spooky light button at left. See the stage with dimmed lights.

Pull back from stage view.

Press the full button at bottom of the left side. See the full moon appear on the backdrop.

Pull back from stage view.

Press the Clock Tower button - bottom row of middle panel.

All steps are done!

See Morley come out of the dressing room, go to the stage and recite his line.

Harold Morley:    Go down and meet him before his room.

Talk to Morley. Learn that Richard is Dougal Siepp's son. Richard had a car accident and he is at St. Ambrose Hospital.

St Ambrose Hospital:    Use the Manhattan jump point in the map.

Reception room:    Enter the hospital.

Guard 1:    The guard is inside because it's cold outside. The hot cocoa machine is broken.

Receptionist:    Talk to the receptionist. She would not have time to talk because of a puzzle.

Grid puzzle solution by Mordack. (Thanks!)

All 10 geometric shapes should be placed inside the grid.

No filled geometric shapes can be adjacent to each other.

The numbers to fill in the columns or the rows are seen on the sides of the grid.

Yellow colored numbers mean that the correct numbers of shapes are entered in the columns or rows.

Red colored numbers mean that there are incorrect number of shapes are entered in the columns or rows.

Right click to turn the shapes.

The receptionist now wants to watch TV. Talk to the receptionist and learn that Richard is in ICU and is in critical condition.

Get to the elevator-ICU.

Elevator:    Go forward to the elevator and be stopped by the receptionist.

Get the receptionist out of the way:

Utility room:    Enter the room that is behind and on right wall.

Take the scrubs-hospital gown from left wall.

Take the folded sheet from the cart.

Outside:    Go back outside and go right to the garbage bin.

Place the folded sheet on the satellite dish.

Watch the receptionist try to fix the TV.

Get the guard out of the way:

Vending machine:    Go to the vending machine by the window.

Get hot water from the vending machine on the left.

Get chocolate bar from the vending machine on the right.

Combine hot water and chocolate bar to get hot chocolate.

Talk to the guard to give him the hot chocolate and he goes outside.

Go to the elevator and be at the ICU floor.

ICU floor:   

Find out where Richard's room is located:

Go to the top hallway and see a guard in front of Room 305.

Dr. Casper is the doctor in charge.

Talk to the guard again and see Dr. Casper come in.

Doctor's lounge:    Go to the other hallway.

Enter the room on the left with no room number.

Lockers:    Check the lockers and see that the only locker locked is Edward Casper's.

Computer:    Go to the computer.

Take the picture of Bobby.

Click on the monitor to turn on the computer.

It asks for a login and password.

Using the puzzle's keyboard enter:

Login:    edwardcasper

Password:     bobby

Click Login button.

Read the call codes:    113 - code blue, 116 - security threat, 119 - doctor needed, 122 - nurse needed, 125 - orderly needed.

When paging dial the room number after the call code.

Read the accident report about Richard Llewellyn. He was a hit and run victim while crossing at a crosswalk.

Right click to pull back.

Get guard away from room 305:

Take the orange cones in front of room 310.

Use the phone on the cart left of room 310.

Dial 116310.

See the guard hear the alarm and responds to the room. Dr. Casper follows after hearing a thud. The guard slipped on the floor.

Richard at room 310:

Automatically be inside room 310.

Talk to Richard. He told about how he got in the safe. He wants to get back at Samuel Spencer. His line of work needs picking lock.

He kept the bonds-treasure in the house.

Richard coded and passed away.

See Siepp enter the hospital.


Chapter 4:    What Goes Around, Comes Around.

The Hardy Home:

Make Mom breakfast.

Go to the kitchen and go to the bottom screen to the den.

Talk to Fenton. Learn that Samuel is a liar. Samuel was born at Ingram Sanitarium.

Fenton wants the boys to make Laura's favorite breakfast.

Go to the kitchen.

Make French toast for Laura:

Go to the refrigerator and take the paper held by a magnet at side of the refrigerator.

Read the journal to see the French Toast recipe.

Open the refrigerator and get eggs, milk and orange juice.

Go to the counter. Take vanilla extract from the bottles at top of bowl.

Take pocket knife in front of the bread.

Use the eggs on the bowl. Add milk, orange juice and vanilla extract.

Click on whisk to automatically mix the mixture.

Take bread and soak it in the mixture to get bread in batter.

Turn around and look close at the oven.

Turn the temperature between minimum and maximum.

Click bread in batter on oven door.

Turn the oven on. Take toasted bread.

Go back to Fenton. Talk to Fenton and Laura arrives.

Talk to Fenton again.

Spencer Mansion:    Jump to Spencer mansion.


Samuel:    Enter the mansion and talk to Samuel. Samuel says that his car was vandalized.

Again, he lied about where he was born.

Car:    Go outside and check the car.

Look and see that there's a dent on the front of the Crown Victoria car.

Click on dent to get piece of fabric.

Open the hood of the car.

Use the knife twice on the fan belt to get timing belt.

Caretaker's residence:    Jump to the Caretaker's residence.

Thomas:    Enter the house and talk to Thomas.

Learn that both of them were born here at Asylum. Their father Orin Ingram Spencer was the superintendent of the Asylum. Lily went to Mug Shots, the coffee shop.

Nurses' Station:    Jump to Nurses' station.

See Mary Spencer standing in front of the makeshift grave.

When Mary left, the boys picked up a white lily flower.

Caretaker's residence:    Jump to the Caretaker's residence.

Talk to Mary. Learn that Richard is Mary's son.

Mary's parents are staff physician here at the Asylum. She was born here and was called Scary Mary.

Dougal Siepp is her best friend. Both of her parents died in the West Wing fire. Dougal is the father of Richard.

Samuel caused the fire. Mary discussed about Richard's anger. Richard gave a confession to Mary.

Read the Richard's confession in the journal.


Bayport High School:    Go to the Science lab and see that Iola is not there.

Mug Shot Coffee Shop:    Jump to Bayport St.

Enter the coffee shop at left.

Chet:    Talk to Chet. The boys asked that Iola meet them at the Science lab.

Lily:    Talk to Lily. The boys asked to look at her locket.

Locket:    Review Richard's confession.

It states her left hand, right hand, left hand, head and right side.

Click the left petal, right petal, left petal, top petal and then click on the button at right.

Take tiny key.

Talk to Lily again about entrance to the mansion.

Bayport High School:    Go to the Science lab and see that Iola is now here.

Iola:    Iola examined the piece of fabric. It had AB negative blood.

Get Hit and run evidence.

Computer lab:    Talk to Phil. Get his sock's elastic.

Investigate the West Wing.

West Wing:    Jump to West Wing at Spencer Mansion.

Enter the West Wing of the asylum.

Pick up the Ingram Asylum pamphlet. Read it in the journal to learn what the asylum is about.

Pharmacy area:    Enter through the door to the pharmacy area.

Check the roll down window. Check the door lock.

Look up at the open top window.

Enter the Pharmacy area:    Joe climbed on Frank's shoulder.

See the roll up bar top of the window below.

Use the timing belt taken from the car on the roll up bar.

Look at the roll up window again. Pull the timing belt.

Enter through the window.

Patient's quarters:    Go through the door.

Take the door key:    Check the key holder on the wall. Check the hole on the floor below the key holder.

See a key in the hole.

In inventory, combine the magnet from the fridge and the sock's elastic to get sock elastic with magnet.

Use the sock elastic with magnet on the key in the hole to get room 6 key.

Room 6:    Go to the right end of the hallway.

Use the room 6 key on the door lock.

Enter the room. Notice that there is a misplaced board on the wall.

Move the bed. Hit the burned out part of the wall.

Go to the other room. Notice that there's a matching board on this side of the wall.

Pull-click on the plank. Joe holds the back side.

As Frank, go to the other side with the bed and pull this side's board. Take Dougal's lockbox.

Dougal's lock box:

Use the tiny key taken from Lily's locket on the box.

Double click the lock box. Listen and read Orin Ingram Spencer's confession.

Read Dougal Siepp's diary in the cell phone journal.

Now it is clear.

Move Joe and Frank close together. Then open the panel at top right panel, select mode and click the double arrow. The boys will again move together.

Mansion:    At the mansion, Joe and Frank now work together.

Car:    Open the hood and use the pocket knife on the timing belt again.

Dougal Siepp's clues  Enter the mansion. It is time to check Dougal Siepp's clues: the puzzle box and It is time.

Puzzle box: Double click the puzzle box given by Siepp in inventory.

Short side:    Move top half to up position. Move bottom half to down position.

Long side:    Move bottom half to down position.

Short side:    Move top half to regular (one down) position. Move bottom half to regular (one up) position.

Long side:    Move top half to down position.

Short side:    Move top half to down position. Move bottom half to up position.

Long side:    Move bottom half to down position.

Short side:    Move top half to regular (one up) position. Move bottom half to regular (one down) position.

Long side:    Move top half to down position.

Bingo! You did it. An elaborate push rod is in inventory.

Gear puzzle:    Go to the grandfather clock.

Use the push rod from inside the puzzle box given by Siepp on the lock of the grandfather clock.

Arrange the gears so that all of them move.

Get desk key from the open drawer below the clock face.

Study desk:    Look close at the desk in the study.

Use the desk key on the locked drawers at right side.

Take the Crown Victoria car keys.

Take 2 Samuel's lawyers correspondence. Read them in the cell phone journal.

Learn that Samuel's bonds were not stolen since he tried to get his lawyers to collect insurance.

Car:    Go outside and use the car keys to unlock the door of the car.

Take New Jersey Turnpike stub dated yesterday. Samuel was in New York yesterday.


Police Station:    Talk to the Chief about all of the evidence.

Let's go!

Watch the ending.

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