This game is different from the others. This time you will either be Harry, Hermione or Ron. They all get to do a challenge, and have their own adventure.

Depending on the type of graphics you have, you may want to increase the brightness of the screen from the menu so you don’t miss anything.


Finding Scabbers

Walk to the back of the train, and open the door. Climb over the crates into the next carriage and take the beans. Ron and Hermione will help you. Walk through the next door and you'll become Hermione. Depulso the big crate and walk towards it. Open the treasure boxes at the left and right side of you and walk around the big crate. Open the gates to reach the treasure boxes inside. Walk to the save book and into the next carriage. You'll play as Ron now. In front of you is a closet. Hold the mouse button to open it together. As soon as you see 3 spell symbols, let go. Lumos the statue inside the closet and the wall at your right side will open. Destroy the hovering book with Depulso, but keep moving to avoid its attacks. Walk on, take the beans in the open corridor and look to the right. In the wall is a special tile to open the gate that locks the treasure box. Empty the treasure box and walk on. Destroy the hovering pages and the copy of the Monster book will fall. Collect your first Magical Card. Open the next door and meet your first Dementor.

Ron is supposed to keep the door shut. Depulso the stone left of the door to block it. Depulso the open lid of the crate on your right side,(these lids keep opening and closing so act fast).  Depulso the open lid of the crate on your left side, then Depulso the rotating cage above the door. Prof. Lupin will arrive to help you out.

You will arrive at Hogwarts and your challenges will begin. If you find all your challenges shields you will get a trip to the BONUS BEAN ROOM.


Challenge 1: Defense against the Dark Arts

Walk until you see a purple ball. Carpe Retractum the ball and land at the floor. In the wall in front of you, you'll see a tile. Give it a spell and a new ball will rise. Use the ball to reach the solid floor. Turn a quarter to your right and look at the next boll. This one opens a hatch and a Spongify tile. Use the Spongify, drop yourself in the lower part of the corridor and activate the Carpe-tile in front of you. Climb up, activate the next one, climb and you'll receive Shield 1/10


Follow the corridor, Depulso the knight. Take a run-jump across the pit and Depulso the knight at the right side. Go through the door and look at the treasure box that's out of reach. Turn left to Depulso the knight, it will back off. Look inside to discover the tile. Now look at the treasure box again and see the ball that rose. Use it, open the treasure box to receive Vampire card 1/5. Walk to the end of the platform and use the next ball. In front of you there are 2 ropes, activate the ropes to create a passage and jump to Shield 2/10.


Turn around, go through the door and use the save book. In the room is a dwarf, get the toffee before it explodes and throw it at the dwarf. Destroy 2 other dwarfs, open the closets and use the Spongify. Meet the pixies, but destroy them before they do it to you. Open the treasure boxes until the lid stays open. Go into the next room, Depulso the knights and receive Shield 3/10.


Leave the room, open the treasure box and use the ball high right. Land on top of the hovering floor and look behind you. Use the standing ball and open the treasure box at the left. Receive Vampire card 2/5. Go back to the hovering floor and use the ball high right. Let go if you're above it. Float along, use the ball high left, land again and use the boll high right. Land and look at the hatch high left. Open it, use the ball near the exit and look above the hatch. Use this ball to get into the hatch and find Shield 4/10.


Get to the exit by using the ball again, through the door and Depulso the knights. Activate a Carpe-tile, run-jump, Depulso the knights and look up. Use the ball, open the treasure box and receive Vampire card 3/5. Go down, to the right and activate the tile, run-jump. Behind the door is a fire-turtle. Shoot the first shot to turn it over and then try to shoot it in the pit at the back. Now shoot 2 turtles, open the treasure box, use the ball at the right and float. Destroy the pixies while floating back and forth, jump to solid ground. Activate the tile at your left, run-jump to the treasure box. Use the ball at your left, land and stay there and just jump up to receive Shield 5/10.


Float back and use the ball at the floor, activate the tile, run-jump to the save book. Shoot the turtles and look up the left wall. Open the hatch and use the other bolls to get across. Activate the wall-tiles, jump on and look at the chamber at your left side. Climb in, Depulso the knights and the tile. Use the new ball and run-jump in the hatch to find Shield 6/10


Jump back and follow the corridor. Shoot another turtle, follow the stairs left, use the ball and turn around. Look for a banner to cast a spell, keep it up till the banner rolls up. Walk up, look up and use the ball. Open the treasure boxes and get Shield 7/10.


Leave the room, use the ball, the floating floor and use the next ball to land on solid ground. Don't go out yet, but turn right to use the next boll. Turn right again and use the ball in the pillar. Cross by using the new bolls and Depulso the left knight 3 times. Walk inside, open the treasure box with Vampire card 4/5. Walk back outside and follow the corridor to find Shield 8/10.


Use the ball below to cross, now go to the save book and walk on. Open the treasure box and go to the door. Here you'll find 5 dwarfs, 2 knights, a treasure box, a locked corridor and a locked floor. Destroy the dwarfs, Depulso one of the knights. One knight will give you pixies you'd better destroy; the other knight will turn the wall. Keep turning until you receive Vampire card 5/5. Open the treasure box and leave the room. At the end of the next corridor is a painting on the right wall. Cast your spell and find a gargoyle. Lumos the gargoyle. This will open the floor you passed. Fall inside, open the treasure box behind you and follow the secret passage to the Spongify. While using the Spongify you'll get Shield 9/10


Leave the room again, but now use the ball at the end of the corridor to get over the open floor. Walk on, activate some tiles, run-jump and climb up. Depulso the knights left and right and use the balls to create an exit, a hovering floor and 2 turtles. Shoot the turtles and run-jump across to get your final Shield 10/10


Bonus Bean Room

Collect as much as possible within 2 minutes.




You'll join Harry and Hermione now. Depulso the knights next to the door 5 times, and follow Fred into the main hall. The stairs are on your right hand side, there are double doors at the left. Depulso the big candles next these doors and use the Spongify. Open the treasure box; use the Spongify to get down. Look at the central stairs, open the treasure box at the right and then together the kettle at the left. Go upstairs and Depulso the knight. Talk to the boy in the hallway and buy his Magical Cards (should be 6) until he leaves. Walk further up the stairs, open the treasure box left and follow the corridor to reach the stairway. Go left and follow Fred to the 7th floor. At the end of the corridor, Depulso the kettle at the right and open the locked door. Depulso the knight inside the room, turn around and Depulso the globe and 2 times the little box. Spongify and open the treasure box. Leave the room and pass the save book into the golden gate. Depulso the knight and follow the corridor.



Shop of Fred and George

Enter the shop and turn right. Buy a password roll. (These passwords open certain portraits. To find where they are located go to the menu and click on the portrait icon. This will give you the location of each portrait). Buy as many Magical Cards as you can. Leave the shop and meet Peeves. Attack him together and receive the passwords of the fast-doors. Meet Neville and follow him outside around the water, through the door. Depulso the knights and walk on. Use the save book and go down the stairs. Approach the passage with the purple banners above it but don't enter yet. Turn left to go to the Pixie challenge.



Pixie Challenge

Keep walking until you reach the pit. Cast some magic together at the pit to call the pixies. Destroy every pixie and receive Famous Giants Card 1/5.Spell the pit again, defeat the rest of the pixies until you have collected all Famous Giants Cards 5/5. Now follow back the path until you reach the banner passage again. Enter it to attend the flying lesson with Hagrid.



Hagrids Flying Challenge

Meet Buckbeak and fly with it. Try to touch 15 circles to pass the test and earn Quidditch Card 1/5.You will be able to come back later to fly Buckbeak again and earn the rest of your cards.


Enter Hogwarts to go to Transfiguration class at the 1st floor. Go to door 1 to reach the floor, turn left 2 times and you'll see a save book. Depulso the knight at the right, turn and Depulso the other knight. Walk on, Depulso the kettle,

open the door with the 3 locks together and open the treasure box. Go back, defeat Peeves together and get into the classroom to attend the Draconifor/Lapifor Challenge.


Challenge 2: Draconifor/Lapifor spell.

Lapifor the rabbit and hop in front of the little hole. Eat the vegetation and hop inside, follow the beans, dig in the sand to open the door next to Hermione. Depulso the knights for Dragon Card 1/5. Walk further to Shield 1/10


Go straight on till you see a bunny carpet on the wall. Open the carpet and get the Cake behind the rabbit. Now Lapifor the rabbit and go into the hole at his right side. Take the beans, dig in the sand and follow the beans to the next hole. Dig in the sand again and walk with Hermione through the open door. Jump to get Shield 2/10.


Go through the passage with the save book, Lapifor the rabbit on your right. In front of the rabbit is a hole, enter it and turn left behind the big pot. Turn around the water pit and go to the other big pot. Behind it are beans. Now go back to the water pit into the hole at the left side of it. Follow the path behind the hedge, dig in the sand, follow the top of the hedge and jump into the open water pit. Follow the tunnel and the hedge to dig the sand. Take Hermione to the last plants in the corridor, turn around. Look up, Depulso the image at the wall. Now go to Shield 3/10.


Draconifor the dragon and fly this trough a fireball this gives him his fire to light the firestone above you. Collect the beans and land at the Stone-dragon to light it. Before you follow the path have Hermione jump off into the garden, Depulso the pumpkin at the left, turn and Depulso the water statue. Walk to the other side of the fountain and repeat your action. Watch out for the dwarfs that come out now, destroy them and open the treasure box. Climb up by using the pottery, run-jump across to reach Shield 4/10.


Jump down, Depulso the pumpkins to receive Dragon Card 2/5. Spongify and take the Dragon. Fly around to collect the beans and the firestone. Light the Stone dragon and walk with Hermione to Shield 5/10.


Go on, Depulso the knight and the tile. Spongify, take the rabbit, go through the hole and take the beans. Jump the hedge, you have 2 places to dig in the sand and but if you look to the left at the end before you dig you will see another hidden rabbit hole…eat all the plants for some goodies then jump back over the hedge. Go to the next hole, dig the sand and Dragonifor with Hermione through the hole you see 3 Stone dragons to light. Use Hermione to Depulso the knight the knight turns you will see a new hole where he was jump drop down inside the new hole. Up the stairs to destroy some dwarfs. Get the Cakes, open the treasure boxes, take the right door back. Depulso the pumpkins before you climb up to get Shield 6/10.


Walk through the door and see a magical tower. Depulso the blocks of the tower until you see 3 similar symbols. Every series of symbols opens another gate behind the tower. Receive Dragon Card 3/5 and Shield 7/10.


Open the door, Rectosempra the spitting plant and jump on top of it. Go to the save book and take the Cauldron Cake behind the pottery on the left. Walk a round to destroy all other spitting plants and then take the rabbit to enter the hole. Get the Cake on top of the roof behind you and dig the sand away. Depulso the 4 animal plants that stand around the fountain and collect the goodies and Shield 8/10.


Get through the door, get rid of the dwarfs. Walk on, look above the kettle in front of you to see an entrance. Depulso both kettles and look above the save book to Depulso a tile in the wall. Now Spongify, Depulso the heads above the water to turn the small, medium of large ring. Get the symbols in line to activate a water head. Turn on all 3 of them to get Dragon Card 4/5 and Shield 9/10.


Turn around, spell the head high on the wall. Go down to the save book and exit the room. Follow the path, Depulso a kettle on the left, pass a rabbit hole and watch out for a spitting plant. Follow the path around the building with the locked gates, destroy 2 spitting plants and open the treasure box. Go into the corridor with the save book, destroy another spitting plant and open the hedge next the bench. Ah, a rabbit. Shortcut through the hole at your feet, turn right, into the hole to dig the sand. Take another rabbit to the building. Hop out the right side, open the hole at your left. Eat all vegetation and dig the sand. Press enter to play as Hermione again. Go back to the building to get the treasure box with Dragon Card 5/5. Walk back to the rabbit and follow the rest of the path to kill another spitting plant. Get the frog, Depulso the tile, Dragonifor and get the cake behind the dragons starting point. Now fly out to get all beans and a firestone. Light the Stone dragon and Spongify Hermione to Shield 10/10.



Hogwarts 2

Depulso the knights next to the door again. Leave the corridor for some anti-Dementor training. Walk down the stairs between the books. Open the treasure box twice, Depulso the skull at the fireplace and the knight at the end. Cross the central corridor and find another skull there. Open the treasure box at the end, turn around the corner and down the central corridor. Meet Skully at the left stairs down, go to the save book and walk across the room to the middle closet. Defeat the Bogart Dementor to get yourself attacked by the side closets. Take these 2 Bogarts out as well and collect the Magical Card behind you....Surprise, get 3 Bogarts to defeat. Nice teacher!



Depulso the books to get purple balls. First walk around and find at left a treasure box and a knight, at the right a treasure box. Now use the ball, land at the hovering table and take the next ball. Turn right, pull the ball. Now climb up with Hermione, go left to open a treasure box and receive a Magical Card. Open the door together. Pass the save book and open the lumos painting at your left. Lumos and go in the passage. Destroy some dwarfs, Lapifor and fly to the firestone. Fly into the next room and light the fireplace. Open the treasure box you pass and get the book.



The Monster book of Monsters

Walk into the library and turn left to meet the Monster book of Monsters. He hides in the kettle, so shake him out. His pages attack you, so spell every page twice to destroy it. The book retreats and you'll get Magical Card 1/5. Destroy more and more pages of the book, until you get Magical Card  5/5.


Challenge 3: Glacius

Depulso the right side knight, turn around and open the treasure box. Walk into the classroom for your Challenge. Walk up to the fire salamander and freeze him with Glacius. Once he's frozen Glacius again to destroy him good. Don't forget to destroy the fire pit he came out, otherwise a new fire salamander will come. Once everything is destroyed you'll receive Shield 1/10.


Turn left, open the carpet at the wall. Open the treasure box inside, receive Goblin Card 1/5. Leave and freeze the Water statue. Glide the ice to the save book, Spongify, defeat the 2 fire salamanders and their fire pit. Destroy the dwarfs, Depulso the kettle and treasure box to get Goblin Card 2/5. Spongify to collect Shield 2/10.


Glide the ice and try (if you miss just fall into the dept...) to collect Shield 3/10.


Destroy the pixies, follow the beans down, open the door, treasure box, get Goblin Card 3/5. Spongify Shield 4/10. Glide and Glacius 2 fire salamanders. Go up, Depulso both knights to open a Spongify and Shield 5/10.


Use Spongify, turn right and try to glide over Shield 6/10.


Destroy some more pixies and walk on. Glacius, open the carpet and take the treasure box inside. Spongify, open the Treasure box. Go straight on to get rid of another fire salamander. Spongify again, open the treasurebox to receive Goblin Card 4/5. Leave the room and run-jump to the dwarfs. Spongify to Shield 7/10.


Open the carpet, the treasure box inside, get out, open the other treasure box. Glacius the water statue at the right and start gliding. Take the right turn to glide to Shield 8/10 Glide on, take Goblin Card 5/5 and aim for Shield 9/10 while jumping to the next ice section. End with Shield 10/10.



Shrieking Shack

Depulso the knights, yes, again, walk on and arrive at the shack. Go down the stairs and Depulso the skull at the left Defeat the skeleton together and Depulso the kettle at the left. Go down and Depulso the skull at the right. Curse the skeletons, Depulso the kettle at the right and the skull at the left. Enter the secret passage, run-jump to the treasure boxes and go back. Follow the corridor, open the gate. Go to the save book downstairs and open the treasure box together. Depulso the stone, attack 2 skeletons, climb up, open the treasure box and use the door. Glacius the fire salamanders, loose 4 skeletons and open the treasure boxes. Open the gate, Dragonifor, light the stone dragon and pass under it. Light the rest of the stone dragons and run-jump across. Open the treasure box left in the back and spell the skull right in front of you. Glacius the water statue and glide to the treasure box, Spongify, walk around, Spongify, Depulso the skulls, go in the entrance. Open the treasure box and get back. Spongify, walk around, Depulso the skull, open the treasure box, Depulso the tile left and open the door together again. Destroy 2 skeletons. Depulso the kettle, destroy 2 more skeletons, Depulso the skull at the ground and open the treasure box. Get to the big hall. In front of you is a big block with high stairs. Depulso it into the back and turn left. Open the treasure box and go back to the other side of the room. Open the other treasure box and destroy 2 skeletons. Turn left to the medium section of the stairs, Depulso it into the center of the room, walk around and Depulso it into the back. Turn left to the lowest part of the stairs and Depulso it in the center. Now you'll see 6 skeletons to defeat. Don't let them get to close and destroy them one by one. Climb up the stairs and receive a Magical Card.


Meet Dementors, no Bogarts so watch your back as well. The best way to defeat them is to hit them with your spell and go to the next one right away. Once you have spelled them they will disappear, but a new group will arrive. There are a few more in this group but you can do it. Remember to keep turning so they do not sneak up on you. When you have destroyed them all you will get caught anyway. Don’t worry.



Save Buckbeak and Sirius

Go in, Depulso the tile by the gate in front of you. Spongify, Depulso the kettle, Dragonifor and light the stone dragon. Take a firestone and enter the open door at the left. Light the stone dragon, destroy the dwarfs, Depulso the kettle, Spongify. Open the treasure box, Depulso the tile, Spongify 3 times. Open the door, Depulso the kettle and get a Magical Card. Destroy the dwarfs, pixies and Lapifor. Get it all and then dig away the sand. Open the treasure box, Depulso, Spongify, Depulso the kettles, open the floor. Defeat 2 Dementors in front of you and 1 behind. Now defeat 5 of them clockwise and at last 7 random.



Exam Ron

Take the first stairs to the boy at the left. Buy as long as you can, go to the stairway, get down and open the treasure box. Get up to the 3rd floor. Take the ball, land at the panel. Turn to the next boll, land again. Turn a little and jump into the room. Open the treasure box and stand in the doorway. Look up and take the ball at the right. Turn to the landing point, pull the rope ball, get Exam shield 1/5.


At the panel, turn and look up. Look really high, take the ball, land and go with the next ball through the passage. Land, turn to the next passage and look at a moving black ball. Grab it (bit harder) turn along to a landing point. Depulso the knight, get a ball, land again, climb left, pull the boll and open the treasure box. Take another ball, turn until you see a floor with a save book. Land and defeat the skeleton at your left. Open the treasure box at the right and follow the path clockwise. Have a short encounter with skeletons, open a treasure box and get Exam shield 2/5


Now Spongify, open the treasure box, Depulso 2 knights, get in the doorway. Run-jump until you reach the entrance, defeat 2 skeletons, open 2 treasure boxes, Depulso the carpet and Spongify to Exam shield 3/5.


Drop near the Spongify, go in the doorway, run-jump to the next entrance with a save book. Shoot 4 turtles, Depulso the carpet, 3 knights and go on. Run-jump to the beans and Exam shield 4/5.


Depulso the knights, 2 times. Cast a spell on the Big H across from you and a door will open. Turn right and go in, open the treasure boxes left and right, go back and walk up on the first rotating panel. Jump 2 and 3, go with it to Depulso a tile that activates a ball. Use the boll, go on, take the ball, land the hovering stone. Defeat 4 skeletons, Depulso the tile in the center, open the floor to Spongify. Take a ball, land and defeat the dwarfs. Open the treasure boxes, Spongify and cross with the standing ball. Here you get Exam shield 5/5.



Exam Hermione

Lapifor, dig the sand, enter the hole, go left to the kettle, pass the next hole to dig some sand again, back in the hole, dig the sand across the hole, Spongify, Rectosempra the spitting plant, Depulso the kettle, Rectosempra, Depulso the kettle, Spongify, Rectosempra, Spongify to Exam shield 1/5.


Depulso the knights to make them drop at once, repeat and receive Exam shield 2/5.


Open the door, step on top of the first tile. Depulso the tiles in the wall, Dragonifor, light the stoned ragon, Now you will be timed, remember to get a fireball before you leave to fly in the hole, walk, fly up in the garden, light the second stone dragon and the gate will open. Take Exam shield 3/5.


Dragonifor to the garden again but stay low, at the other side is a hole, fly over the walls, in the hole at the right, walk, fly through the moving walls into the round room. Fly up through a hole, still up, into the hole in the wall, light the 3rd stone dragon. This opens the gate to Exam shield 4/5.


Same route to the 3rd stone dragon, but drop down into the holes of 2 rotating floors, into the hole in the wall, zigzag, pass the moving walls, to the right, more moving walls and finally the 4th stone dragon. Light it to open the last

gate and get Exam shield 5/5.



Exam Harry

Glacius the water statue glide and get Exam shield 1/5.

Destroy the fire salamanders, Depulso the skulls, through the door, some dwarfs and Exam shield 2/5.

Destroy more and more turtles and finally in the center of the room appears Exam shield 3/5.

Destroy the turtles, open the treasure boxes with pixies and get Exam shield 4/5.

Destroy the dwarfs, fire salamanders and Spongify 3 times, receive beans and Exam shield 5/5.



The Hogwarts garden

Walk through the door, hit the tile at the left, Depulso together, turn, Spongify and get the Magical Card. Depulso the animals in the center of the garden, Spongify, open the closets, carpet and destroy 2 dwarfs. Get another Magical Card. Spongify into the garden, go left, Depulso the little statues next to the entrance, Depulso the knights’ left and right and get back in the garden. Turn left, Spongify and keep doing it till you went around. Get back to the entrance with the little statues, go in, Depulso the knight on your right, open the carpet, Lumos and run back to the entrance of hogwarts you will see a new spongify carpet on the right. Get a magical Card. Lumos again, on the left back is a new Spongify. Use it to get a Magical Card. Go back to the Lumos, down the stairs. Depulso the 4 animals and look at the wall.


This is a time challenge! Read this first and find the buttons so you know where they are.

Round 1: step at the stone, turn around run pass the lion, between the hedges in the back is an eagle with a button next to it. Run back to the floor stone.

Round 2:step at the stone, turn, pass the lion, left around the hedge is a button next to the benches. Get back to the floor stone.

Round 3: step at the stone, don't turn around but go to the left, around the wall is a button, get back quick.

Round 4: step at the stone, turn and go up the stairs. In front of you is the button, run back and get a Magical Card.


Walk pass the lion, Depulso the 4 animals in this part of the garden. Lumos the statue again, run out of the garden, go right in the little door, after the 2 knights are treasure boxes hidden in the walls on both sides. Go through the next door, turn left and get the Magical Card by the cabin. Walk around and Depulso the pumpkins and the scarecrow. Go to Hagrid to fly around.



Fly Buckbeak

Fly the second round for 2600 points and get a Quiddich Card. Mistreat poor Buckbeak again in round 3 to get 4000 points, fly around in round 4 for 4900 points and the hardest one is 5 for 5600 points. You will receive a Quidditch card each time you finish the course successfully, until you have the 4 remaining Quiddich cards.  Walk back to the stairs, in the Hogwarts garden. Buy Magical Cards from the girl at your right, go into the castle.



Hogwarts 3

Get Peeves in the hall, face the stairs and go into the right door. Depulso the knight, Depulso the knights at the right and go back to the main hall.

Up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Lumos, go left, Spongify, open treasure box, leave.

In front of the Lumos, Depulso the carpets, open the paintings behind you. Follow the corridor until you reach the bookshelves. Open the right one, the treasure box, get the hovering books, walk into a new corridor that opened to your left, open the treasure box.

Go back to Lumos, turn left to the 3rd floor. Up the stairs, open the painting left, back to the stairway.

4th floor: open treasure box, up the stairs, left to the secret door. Open treasure boxes, shake the chairs, open the painting above you, Spongify. Get out, shake the left kettle, open treasure box, walk to the stairway.

5th floor: Depulso knight left, open treasure box, painting, open 2 paintings behind you. In the entrance, open treasure box, carpet

Back to the stairway, 6th floor: Depulso the skull.

Go to the 7th floor, turn left, Depulso a knight, turn right, open the painting, Spongify, open treasure box and go down. Turn right into the room, open cabinet, get out, go into the corridor that leads you to the shop. By every scroll, or cakes you need to buy scrolls. Buy Magical Cards as long as you can.

Go back to the secret door, destroy the pixies, Spongify, Depulso the tile, go down, new entrance, open treasure box defeat the books, open treasure box behind you, head back to the save book.

Buy Magical Cards from the boy, go to the 6th floor. Secret door, open closet right, Depulso tile, Spongify, Depulso knight, open carpet, Depulso knight, Spongify, Depulso knight, Spongify, Depulso high knight, Spongify, Depulso 3 high knights, Spongify, open closet, defeat books, get a Magical Card. Leave to the stairway.

5th floor again, into the secret door, destroy dwarfs, Depulso kettle, knights and banners above, open carpet, open treasure box, get a Magical Card.

Get out to the 2nd floor, before Lumos left, turn right, open secret door above the table, Depulso knights, Spongify, Depulso tile, destroy dwarfs, open treasure boxes. Spongify, destroy turtles, Spongify to a Magical Card.

Back to the 1st floor, turn right, secret door, open the gate together, Lumos, Depulso the knights together, turn, go down for a Magical Card. Up, left in the corridor, back to the stairway. Go to the central hall into the dungeon at your right. Lumos, go in, open the treasure box, go back, through the door, into the first secret door you see. Spongify, open treasure box, Spongify, open treasure box, Spongify, open treasure box, Spongify, get a Magical Card, open treasure boxes, destroy pixies, go in and Spongify the round again to collect everything. Now get out, turn right to the other secret door.

Lumos, open treasure boxes, destroy turtle, walk the path, destroy turtles left and right, again, open treasure boxes at the right and get a Magical Card. Leave the dungeon, cross the main hall and take the shortcut to the 7th floor.

Walk through the golden gate, into the shop. If you did well you'll receive your last Magical Card (#75) and think that you did it. No way, you need 5 more cards to complete the game....


Bean Bonus room

You get into the bean bonus room again, but without a time limit this time. So, take your time and get everything you can. Spongify to the last 5 Magical Cards and don't forget to switch the floor tile in the center of the room. If you take all beans the lights will shower you with some more...


When you're done, leave the bonus room into the main hall. Go out into the garden. Go and get the last card from Fred and George. Then go back out the main entrance. Go outside and go to the left entrance where your teachers are waiting. Look at the report and the game is over.

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