By Michael B. Clark

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     December, 2002

Allabaster, your dog vanished in the park.

Park:    Go forward 2xs under the light. Look down and take leash. Go up, turn right and see a pond, bench and bushes. Turn back to left and forward to skyline view of the city. Turn around and turn left to bushes. Look close under tree. See a hole in the ground. Enter the hole.

Tunnel:    Turn right and flip switch. Turn back and enter through door. Turn around and find yourself locked in. Go forward. Look at words on wall on the left. Tina and Bob married Jan 5, 1989 - Now Dead!!! Look close at panel right of grilled door. Open panel and enter 1, 5, 8 and 9. Door opens.


Blue room - Den:    Enter room, turn left and see a radio. Turn the knob on the radio to show the green cross.

        Bookcase -     Turn right to bookcase with red, blue and green balls. Read books by clicking on upper right corner of book. The Bunker - How to build your very own Fallout Shelter by John P. Mosley. Note the drawn 4x4 table and where the arrow starts. Bottom left - A Collection of Short Stories by Michael B. Clark about Robby and Alfie. Bottom right - Theories on Water Distillation by Johnny Mac Ray. Click on yellow paper and note the water extraction process of pulverized rock process. The pulverization process needs extremely high temps of at least 1250 degrees F., less than that will produce poison. Note the Diagram - rock crushing chamber (place rocks on top) to pulverizing and extracting tank to water collection unit.

Note the painting on upper right of bookshelf. Turn the painting and note - reversal is the key, one way or the other, opposite is the way.

        Secret room -    Press the protrusion at the top upper right of the bookcase. Enter the secret room. Click on the white switch on the right. The light doesn't stay on. Exit the room.

        Desk -    Turn right and listen to message on machine by clicking the top right arrow. Dr. Mackie wants to talk Mr. Webb about his father. Open drawer to see a puzzle of the painting just seen. Read the letter to Vance from Mark, Stacey's husband.

        Blue room wall safe (Cat Picture on wall) -    Click on picture of cat and see a wall safe with a 6 button lock.

It is time to explore the other rooms. Before going out the door, turn off light and see the halo of light. Go out through the blue door. The red door is locked. Turn left and enter green door.

Green Room - Bedroom 1:    There's another radio with the same icons - turn the knob to show the green triangular flower-shaped icon with rounded base. Turn left and click the blue curtain. See a wall safe.

Green Room Wall Safe Puzzle - The object of this puzzle is to have all blue circles depressed. Numbering from the top as 1 going clockwise to 10: click on 9, 10, 2, 3, 7, 8, 5, 6 and 1. Click center of circle when all small blue circles are depressed. The safe opens.

Read Journal and note the drawing at upper right corner of journal cover. Close safe and meet John Webb, father of Vance and husband to Susan. He gives you a list of things he wants in order for him to leave the green room. He is stuck here because of unfinished business. Look at the list in inventory - 1.  Find Susan's locket 2. Cause of his death 3. Reason for Vance's anger. John Webb also wants you to stop Vance from using his Water Harvest Machine to harm people.

Box puzzle - Turn right and look close at box on top of chest drawer. The object of this puzzle is to open the box by copying the diagram from cover of John Webb's journal. 


Inside, there are wedding pictures. Take the key card inside the white envelope. Exit the room.

Living Room:    Go to the fireplace and play with the pyramid. Look at the plaque at base of pyramid. Look down at fire in fireplace - there's a door behind the fire. Turn right and open the top cabinet door. Click at bottom left button to turn on the TV. See the Water Harvest Machine room. Close cabinet and note another active spot at bottom left cabinet door. Turn right 2xs, forward to chest drawer and look down. Take the sleeping pills. To the right is a closed door. Turn around, forward and turn right to the foyer.

Foyer:    Go through the wood door and see a metal door to the elevator. The panel needs a key and keycard. Turn left and see a mail chute. Look down and read the water disconnection letter by the Water Company. Turn left, forward and right to kitchen.

Kitchen:    Go to the yellow kitchen. Turn the knob of the radio to show a green inverted flowerlike icon with triangle on top with leaves. By this time all the radios in the house should show a green colored icon. Open the top cabinet above the radio. Take Dog Chew Bones and the bowl. Look close at sink and find out that there's no water - already disconnected.

Look close at vase on left side of the counter. Take the key from inside the vase. Note the 3 blue pins, 1 yellow and 1 red push pins. Note also the squares on the white paper - looks like the key lock of the safe behind the cat's picture in the blue room.

Turn left to refrigerator and the panel on the wall. Open the panel and flip the switch to the secret room. Go back to the blue room.

Blue Room:    Cat wall safe -     Click on cat picture. Based on clue from kitchen counter - press from L - R, 2, 4 and 5 and then click at bottom rectangle. Click again to open, take CD and read letter from the bank manager. Look close at Clue 1 of desk painting puzzle. Close safe and turn to bookcase.

Secret Room:    Press the protrusion on top right of bookcase and enter the secret room. Press the light switch on the right. Go forward and see a closed blue door. Turn left and see a blue cabinet on the wall. Use the key taken from the vase in the kitchen on the lock and then click to open the cabinet. Press the button on top left and see the master control panel of the corridors-room aka maze. Play around with the squares. Close cabinet and turn left. Look close at upper right of the screen and talk to Vance Webb looking at you from a monitor. He locks you in the room.

Turn around and see wood planks on lower part of wall. Click on wood planks, enter, take pick axe and go forward to grill. Use pick axe on grill and enter the red room.

Red Room:    There is another radio here - turn the knob to show a green inverted triangle. Go forward to desk and look close at box.

Slider Puzzle: Complete the picture to make a picture similar to the painting in the blue room. Once completed, click on picture to open the box.

SLIDER PUZZLE CHEAT (courtesy of Mike):    while looking at the slider, move your mouse cursor up to the upper-left corner of the screen, just to the right of the INVENTORY bar - make sure the Inventory panel is closed.  Click several times in this spot (make sure you are not touching the INVENTORY bar).  This is a hidden hot-spot.  Clicking here several times solves the slider.

Take red key and clue 4 for the painting puzzle on the blue room desk. Turn left, forward to dresser and turn left again. Look close at bedside table and open top drawer. Take locket and look at it close in inventory - oh how cute! Read Vance's journal. Find out that he thinks he killed his mom. Click to tear the September 5, 1995 diary page. Now, we have 2 on John Webb's list. Open second drawer and take red knob. To exit the room, click on deadbolt lock above the doorknob and then click on doorknob.

Kitchen:    Open the freezer part of the refrigerator, take the ice tray. In inventory, click-hold bowl and release on ice to make bowl of ice. Go to the microwave on the counter. Press the bottom right rectangular panel to open the microwave. Place bowl of water inside, close door and press defrost. Open the microwave and take the bowl of water.

Living Room:    Go to fireplace. Use bowl of water on fire. Use the red key taken from the red room box on secret panel. Take clue 2 and clue 3. Close the cover of the panel.

Office:    Turn left from fireplace, forward to chest drawer, turn right and open office door. Use CD on computer tower under the desk. Look close on monitor and read the journal. Vance thinks he killed his father when he placed sleeping pills in his Dad's tea. Quit the journal and go out of the room.

Mail Chute in foyer:        Look at mail chute and click on stuck mail. Read the mail by clicking on top left of envelope and find out the real cause of John Webb's death. Click on letter to place autopsy in inventory.

Green Room:    Talk to the ghost of John Webb. Click on yes and give him (by placing the item one at a time on his out stretched hand) the items he asks for. Anger of Vance - give him the diary page. Cause of death - give him the autopsy. Give him the locket. Take the purple key from his hand.

Blue room:    Go to the desk and look close at the painting puzzle.

Painting puzzle in the desk:    The object of this puzzle based on the clue found at the back of the real painting is to copy the 4 clues - one set of clues at a time on the picture. If the clues are uncolored, the others should be colored. If the clues are colored, the other frames should be uncolored. After doing one clue, click on the number of that particular clue on the right panel. If done correctly, a colored triangle will appear at the bottom. Take the colored triangle. Do the next set of clues.

1. Click on the frames to change it all to colored frames.

2. Click on the frames shown by clue 1 to make those 3 frames uncolored.

3. Click on #1 on right panel. Take the colored triangle.

4. Do steps #s 1- 3 using clue 2.

5. Do the same for clue 3.

6. Now change all frames to uncolored frames.

7. Click on frames shown by clue 4 to make those 4 frames colored. Take colored triangle.

clue 1


clue 2


clue 3


clue 4

Secret Room Panel:    Enter the secret room by pressing the protrusion at upper right of bookcase (note the clue dots on the protrusion). Go to the panel on the wall and click on upper left button. Place the colored triangles taken from the painting puzzle on the corresponding triangles on the panel. All the squares will light up.

Corridor maze main control panel puzzle -    This panel shows the interlocking corridors and rooms to get to the elevator to access the basement. The object of the puzzle is to mark with arrows by clicking on squares, a clear path to the upper right. The arrows allow entry to doors. The arrows can be rotated to different positions by clicking on them. By trial and error, go through the blue door and find a clear path (without blockage behind a door). From the clue in the book in the Blue room, the starting point is the second from left at the bottom.

Note that once inside the corridor maze: blue door is south, pink is east, gray is west and north is marked. Go through the blue door, N, pink, N, gray, gray, blue, gray, N, N, N. Enter the elevator, turn around and press down arrow.


Cell:    Go forward until the purple door. Open the sliding panel to see Allabaster. Don't worry, he's just sleeping. Go to the end of the hallway and see a closed white door. Go back to the purple cell door. Close the sliding panel before using the purple key on lock and then click on door handle. Enter and be greeted happily by Allabaster. Vance will come and after the dialogue, will lock you in. Turn right and look close at broken part of right wall. Use pick axe 5xs on hole to make a large opening. Allabaster is now in inventory. Go through hole after calming Allabaster.

Cave:    Go forward and find a dead end because of the crevasse. Go back to hole and turn right. Go forward and up the stacked stone slabs. Ooops, the stone stairs goes unstacked. We're trapped! Turn around and climb the ladder. Turn right to the corn field.

Maize Field Maze: Go f f l f r f r f r (ear of corn) r r f f f r f l and see a mask on the wall. Turn around and click on metal plate on ground (left side). Turn around again and the mask door opens to reveal a cemetery. 

Cemetery:    Go forward and see John Webb's ghost by his wife's grave. Vance locks you in again. Look close at the plaques on the 2 crosses. Pick up rocks between the graves. Turn right and see a laser enclosed well. Note the icons on both right and left wall. Click on icons that are found on the radios in the house: right wall facing the laser, click on top left and middle right. On the left wall, click on top center and bottom icons. The laser disappears. Go forward to well and pick up more rocks around the well. Enter the well and find yourself back in the cave.

Cave:    After climbing down the ladder, turn left and pick up more rocks. Then go forward, turn right and pick up more rocks. See 2 panels on the ground separated by a crevasse. Turn left and look at the ground for the clue to this puzzle.

Panel puzzle -     Based on the clue, what is done on the closer panel should be done to the other panel but in an opposite way.

Click on the squares of the closer panel to resemble the clue seen on the ground at left side. The left red light changes to green.

Throw rocks at the far panel to light up the squares in a pattern that is mirror copy of the panel just done closer to you. The right red light should change to green. Then, press the bottom middle button and a panel slides out to bridge the crevasse.

Red Building:    Cross the crevasse and turn left. Go forward to the red building. Look through the keyhole of the yellow door. See Vance inside. Open the door and go to the red coffee mug. Place the sleeping pills on the coffee mug and then exit the building. Look through the keyhole again and watch Vance drink the coffee and falls down.

Enter the building and see Vance asleep on the chair. Take the set of keys from his belt. Turn right to the cabinet on the wall and use the keys on the lock. Open the cabinet and take new fuse. Turn around and look close at Harvest Machine graphic on the wall.

Harvest Machine room entry puzzle -    Look close at the colored panel with icons on the right. The door to the harvest machine room will not open when the bottom rectangular button is pressed. Enter the green icons that were previously entered on the radios in the different colored rooms in the house. Blue room - cross,  green room - green triangular shape on top with knobbed base, red room - inverted triangle and yellow kitchen - inverted triangle on top with leaves. Then press the rectangular button. The door to the harvest machine room opens.

If you have not programmed the radios before, you have to go back to the house to adjust the radios. Turn to the right 2xs and open the white door. Go back to the house, pass the cell, elevator to level 1 and to the corridor-door maze. Go through blue, blue, pink, N, pink, pink, blue, gray, blue, blue doors. Now change the radio icons to the icons that are green colored.  Blue room - cross,  green room - green triangular shape on top with knobbed base, red room - inverted triangle and yellow kitchen - inverted triangle on top with leaves. Go back to harvest machine building. Now enter the same pattern done on the radios in the house on the panel (see above) and then press the rectangular button. The door to the harvest machine room opens.

Harvest Machine Room:    Enter and see the room shown on the television in the house.

Go forward and look at the center rock processing machine. Based on the book at the library the temperature should be at least 1250 degrees. Vance is making poisoned water. Use red knob from inventory on hole. Then adjust the temperature to a little over 1200 degrees by clicking the clockwise or counterclockwise arrow just outside the red knob.

The flashing lights goes out, the machine blew a fuse. Look close at left rock crusher machine. Click on upper right to open the panel. Replace the burned fuse with the new fuse in inventory.

Go back to the center rock processing machine, turn the red knob until the correct temperature is set, 1,250 degrees.

Go to water collection machine on the right and see the panel says recalibrate. Turn left to the right side wall of the center rock processing machine and open the panel. Recalibrate the machine by doing a memory puzzle.

Recalibration memory puzzle -    The object of the memory puzzle is to turn on a color one at a time on each side of the frame. The color lights will flash before the puzzle starts. The selected color will light up on the top bar. Try to remember where a particular color is located on the other 3 sides. If a set of one color gets lit up, another color will appear on the top bar. Click the locations of that color on the other 3 sides and to the next color, etc.  If the colored light you're working on gets turned on automatically before clicking on a dark square, click on them anyway to turn the next light on.

Click at the center and a blue light appear on the top bar. Click on the locations of the other blue lights. Then a green light will come on at top bar. Click on the locations of the green lights. Continue until all lights are lit.

When done, Vance will creep up on you and hits you again. He decides to kill you but was stopped by the ghost of his father. You find yourself outside the harvest machine room unable to do anything. Hear them argue. The ghost of John Webb asks you to rush to the living room and to get a letter in the cabinet by the fireplace.

Turn to the right 2xs and open the white door. Go forward, pass the cell, elevator to level 1 and to the corridor-door maze. Go through blue, blue, pink, N, pink, pink, blue, gray, blue, blue doors.

Go to the TV cabinet, click on the top cabinet and watch Vance destroys the machine causing an explosion. Use the set of keys on the lock at center of cabinet. Click to open the bottom left cabinet door. Take and read the letter about Susan, John's wife's death. Her death was an accident. Try to go back to give the letter to John but the fire is now at the blue room. John's ghost tells you to save yourself.

Go to the foyer. Use the set of keys on the lock of the elevator panel. Use the key card on slot. Enter elevator, press the up button and go out to the park. Watch the house gets engulfed by fire.

The End

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