by Deck 13 Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2012


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

Main menu has continue game, new game, load game, settings, credits and quit.

The settings menu has adjustments for resolution, anti-aliasing, general details, full screen effects, texture details, brightness, master volume, music, volume, sound volume, speech volume, subtitles, hotspot display and quest hints.

The in-game menu has continue game, load game, save game, settings and quit.

Move the cursor to the depicted characters while at the in-game menu and have fun watching their antics (esp. William).

There are 3 difficult settings for the game:

Normal - both hotspot messages and puzzle clues are available.

Hard - only hotspot messages are available. Puzzle help is deactivated.

Very hard - both hotspot messages and puzzle help are not available.

There are icons at bottom left of screen.

The gear icon or the ESC key accesses the in-game menu.

The eye icon shows all the hotspots on the screen when the cursor is hovered over it.

The light bulb icon gives hints depending on the difficulty setting chosen in the game. 

Ghost character icons will be added as soon as they join the team.

The inventory items are seen at top of the screen.

Other actions:    Double click to a place makes Mary run.


Mary Wilson hears the voice of her sister Emily crying for help. She stands in front of the University gate. She enters and looks for the source of the voice. She runs and trips.

Mary is on a hospital bed. Ethan tells Professor Lindsey Ashcroft that he found the dead girl in the University grounds. Prof. Ashcroft starts cutting Mary. Mary wakes up. Prof. Ashcroft brings Mary in her study. She leaves to make a cup of tea.

Outside the door, Mary hears Prof. Ashcroft tell Ethan to get his axe to finish the job.

Mary sees and takes Emily's necklace on Prof. Ashcroft's desk.


Chapter 1: The ghosts that call out to me.

The Laboratory:

Block the door:

Best to block the door to give time for Mary to find a way out. Look around.

Go to the hospital bed at the center of the room left of the study area.

Use the hospital bed control to turn the bed.

Release the brake under the bed. Now push the bed to block the door.

Mary automatically applies the brake.

Delay Prof. Ashcroft:    Prof. Ashcroft decides to push her walking stick through the door to release the brakes.

Take the walking stick.

Look for a way out:

Study:    Look around. Go to the study at right screen. Check the desk, skeleton and chair.

See a document on the desk with a picture of a pair of gloves.

Click on the piano and Mary plays the piano.

Laboratory:    Go left from the study area.

Check the closed cooling chamber and strange container with a body.

Control console:    Check the control console at the foreground and the odd-looking holder on the console.

Use the bent walking stick on the odd looking holder. Power starts on the machine above and the ladder is released.

Check the upper level:

Climb the ladder. Prof. Ashcroft tells Ethan to use the axe. They get in the lab.

Mary uses a broom to block the ladder. Look around.

Go to foreground and see a strikingly lit steel capsule at right.

Fire escape:    Continue to the right and see a lift-advanced maintenance option.

Enter, ride up and see the fire escape behind a cracked glass window. It is far from the ramp.

Go back down using the lift.

Maintenance hatch:    See that the hatch is heavily electrified. It has a hacksaw on it.

Table:    Check the table across the hatch.

Open the medical bag on top of the table and get tooth scraper.

Take the mouldy gloves from the table.

Open the drawer of the table and get the Allen key.

Make an access to the fire escape:

Go right and see a blackboard. Take the piece of chalk.

Write on the blackboard using the chalk. Writing on the blackboard produces sound that breaks lab flasks. Mary looks up at the glass ceiling. Hmmm.

Use the tooth scraper on the blackboard to magnify the scraping sound of the blackboard. There you go!

Check the map stand right of the black board. It pulls out and retracts.

Find a way to get to the fire escape:

Use the lift again and see that there is a space from ramp to destroyed window. Go back down.

Oscar the Powerful:    Go left of the lift and check the strikingly lit steel capsule again.

Use the Allen key on the capsule.

A pirate ghost is released. Meet Oscar the Powerful. He has capabilities that he didn't have before he was a ghost. He cannot feel heat or cold. He needs his gloves. The gloves bind him to the world of the living. Mary has the gloves already.

Prof. Ashcroft hears the opening of the trap.

Talk to Oscar. Give him the gloves. Learn that he is now bound to Mary forever.

Note:    2 icons are added at bottom left of screen.

The light bulb icon gives hints (if chosen at the game settings).

See Oscar icon that is used when you need Oscar to do something.

Get items to get to the fire escape:    Go right of the lift.

Use the Oscar icon on the electrified bone saw.

Go to the map stand right of the blackboard.

Use the bone saw on map stand to get a map stand.

Escape:    Go back up to the window using the lift.

Use the map stand on the destroyed window.

Mary walks the improvised bridge. Ethan throws the axe and cuts the bridge. Mary gets on the other side.

Next step:

They talk about Emily's call for help that brought her here.

Oscar tells Mary about the ghost at Tower Bridge that can help them solve her problem. The Tower Bridge ghost can give them information about the Ghost Oracle - the Senate.

Prof. Ashcroft can see ghosts but Ethan can't. They connect Mary with Emily. Prof. Ashcroft deduces that the best place is to look for Oscar is where they caught him - Tower Bridge.


Chapter 2: The Senate

The Bridge District:

Get to Tower Bridge:

Oscar and Mary arrive on this side of the Tower Bridge.

Pick up the metal bracket on the ground at right.

Climb the ladder. Use the metal bracket on the steel cable that hangs from here to the other side of the Thames River. Mary rappels to the other side.

Ethan arrives.

Meet William Wallace:

Go to the main gate of the tower. Meet William Wallace, the fierce Scottish freedom fighter.

Talk to William. Learn that that Oscar's name is really Oscar the Pitiful. The Senate is at the derelict theatre. William can't leave because Lou, one of William's fans has Willie's skull and wants to jump to meet him in death. William will take them to the oracle if he gets his skull back.

Get to the scaffold:

Look around for a way up:    Check the scaffold left of the portcullis. It's too high up

Check the portcullis behind William. If it is lowered, Mary can get to the scaffold.

Take a gas bottle beside Willie.

Go right and pick up a sack of charcoal briquettes at the corner.

Go to the tent stand at right. Take the Tower Bridge Whiskey and the box of matches on the counter. Learn that ghosts can't drink whiskey but can imbibe "spirits".

Go right around the tower. Continue forward and down to the drawbridge ramp.

See a memorial to a dead construction worker. Take the helmet.

Check the drawbridge ramp and see that it is movable.

Go back close to the tent stand and see a rail track in front of it.

Climb the ramp beside the rail track. See an extremely hot lamp. Use Oscar to get the extremely hot lamp beside the ramp.

Climb to the top and see a pile of dry cement. Use the helmet to get cement powder.

Take the spanner beside the railcar-wagon.

Go back down to the ground. Go left and see a sluice ladder on the edge of the platform.

Go down the ladder and see that the next ladder is covered by the Thames.

Use the helmet with cement on the Thames River to get liquid concrete in the helmet.

Go back up to the platform using the sluice ladder. Climb back to the rail car-wagon.

Prepare the wagon:    Check the rail car-wagon. Mary pushes it and sees that the wagon slams close to the scaffolding and unloads its contents. Aha!

Use Oscar on the wagon. Oscar says only drunk people or children will get into the wagon willingly. Okay.

Use the whiskey with the extremely hot lamp. Watch as Oscar inhales the "spirits" and enters the wagon.

Remember that Oscar mentioned that the rail car needs to go faster.

Use the gas bottle on the wagon. Use the spanner to release gas and get a rocket propelled wagon. Aaaahhhh!!!

Oscar is on the scaffold. He releases the portcullis.

Go to the suicidal girl:

Climb the portcullis. Go right and climb the ramp. Climb the ladder to the top level.

Mary talks to Lou. See that there is no way up to the girl because she threw all the ladders down.

Make a ladder:    There is a window element attached to a crane ship. The crane ship is holding it horizontal via a rope. Let's try to make it vertical.

Go inside the tower to the drawbridge ramp via the plank at the center.

Continue inside the tower. See a ladder going down on one of the planks but continue forward.

At the end of the walkway, see a curiously mounted cannon.

Use the helmet full of liquid concrete on the cannon. While waiting for the cement to dry, Mary and Oscar have a conversation.

Now that the cement is dry, use the matches to light the cannon. There you go; the window is raised by sinking the ship. LOL.

Go back to the left until the raised window. Climb the window element attached to a crane ship.

Get the skull from the girl:

Talk to the girl. Find out who she is (third dialogue).

Now make her angry by selecting the second set of dialogue - make her jump.

Lou throws the skull at Mary. The skull is now in the water of the sluice.

Go down from the tower:    Willie wants Mary to get his skull from the sluice.

Willie can only interact with anything that touched death. Oscar reminded them of the memorial to the dead construction worker that died by the movable drawbridge ramp.

Willie goes to the drawbridge ramp and sees that he can interact with it. A William icon is at bottom left so he can be used to interact with items.

Climb down the raised window element. Enter the tower via the plank to the drawbridge ramp.

Go down the rope ladder attached to the plank right of the walkway. Lou and Mary are now above the drawbridge wheel.

Use William icon on the drawbridge ramp. Willie lowers the bridge and the girls are lowered to ground level.

Select any dialogue to answer Lou.

Ethan arrives and tries to use his axe on Mary but was stopped by Willie. Willie as a Scotsman is good at throwing things.

Get the skull from the sluice:

Close the sluice gate:    Willie gives the axe to Mary.

Check the sluice gate on the Thames and see it is open.

Check the sluice winch at left and Mary says someone really strong can turn it.

Use Ethan's axe on the sluice winch. Use William icon on the axe. The sluice gate closes.

Pump the water off the sluice area:    Go right and down the sluice ladder.

Check the Thames and Mary says the river can be pumped off from this area.

Go right and see a rickety pump with the boiler at right.

Use Oscar icon to open the boiler lid.

Place the charcoal briquettes inside the boiler. The water is pumped out.

Get the skull:    Go left and down the lower sluice ladder.

Take Williams skull. Mary gives the skull to William.

The theatre:

The forecourt:

Look around:

They all go to the theatre. The forecourt has chickens all around.

Oscar and William left to check the open window at top of the theatre.

Dog house area:    Take the dog harness in front of Mary.

Check the remains of the dog house. The hens hatch their eggs there.

Check the remains of the dog.

Around the fountain:    Pick up the colourful feathers below the conceited songbird. Check the conceited songbird. The cock-rooster seems attracted to it.

Pick up the incomplete Pharaoh baseball set (Ankh 1) left of the feathers.

Continue to the back left and pick up the darning egg.

Open the drawer of the rotten make-up dresser. Get the adhesive cream and theatre make-up.

Pick up Amanda's gun (Jack Keane) by the fountain and Indian sport fishing equipment (?) at right.

Take care of the cock:

Nymphomaniac Cock:    Climb the steps up and see that the cock won't let Mary through. The cock is attracted to the conceited songbird.

Use baseball set, gun and fishing equipment on the cock. There must be another way.

Catch a hen:    Try to catch a hen. Look close at the dog house area.

In inventory use the theatre make up on the darning egg to get chicken egg.

Use chicken egg in dog house. Mary calls a hen and the hen sits on the egg. Take the chicken-hen from the chicken trap.

In inventory use the colourful feathers with adhesive cream. Use the feather with adhesive on the dog collar.

Use the feather harness on chicken-hen to get lovely chicken.

Entice the cock:    In close up, use the lively-lovely chicken on the cock. See the cock follow the lovely chicken.

Follow Oscar to theatre window.

The large theatre:

Theatre infirmary:

Mary does not want a home and talks about giving up. Max brings some sense to Mary.

Prof. Ashcroft wants the location of the ghosts attracted to Mary.

Unlock the door:   

Check the door and see that it is locked. The key is in the keyhole.

Check the base of the door and see extremely noticeable gap in the door.

Open the cupboard door at left and then the drawer. Take the over-large syringe.

Check the exercise dummy on the floor.

Take the sofa spring from sofa and the sword from floor.

Remove the key:    Check the full bedpan on the left by the defibrillator. Ugh.

Use the over-large syringe on the full bedpan to get filled syringe.

Use the filled syringe on the keyhole of the locked door. The key is pushed out of the lock.

Take the key:    Use the sword and then the sofa spring on the sword on the dummy. The 2 made an inductor.

Go left to the defibrillator. Use the crank to charge the defibrillator.

Use Oscar icon on the charged defibrillator. Use the charged Oscar icon on the improvised inductor on the dummy.

The key is pulled in by the magnet.

Use the key on the locked door. Go through to the balcony.

Find the Senate:

Learn that a lot of people are caught on stage behind the iron curtain.

Go to iron curtain:    Go back of balcony and right to the hanging walkway above the theatre.

Cross the hanging walkway and go through the door to be down on stage at main theatre level.

Go left and see the iron curtain on the stage. See that actors were crushed under it.

Use William icon on the iron curtain. Willie lifts the curtain up since it touched death.

Meet the actors:    Talk to the actors of a scene of Julius Caesar in the senate. They are senators.

They are trapped here because they can't remember the last line of the play. They mention about the curse on the railway to Scotland.

Emily might have ridden the train to Scotland. The train is where things happened to Emily anyhow.

Get hanger, gold tooth, bundle of money and tickets.

Ethan overhears the discussion below.

Chapter 3: Urbi et Orbi - to the ends of the world.

The streets of London:

Buy ticket:

Mary, Oscar and Willie arrive at the train station. Willie starts to slash Englishmen.

Train station:    Go to the train station. Talk to the obliging service staff.

Ask to buy a ticket. Give the bundle of money. The money is funny. After the dialogue, the man advises to go to the Chinese man that accepts paper money. The money is counterfeit.

Check the souvenir machine at right. It will emboss the coin with the train station mark. Try the gold tooth. It doesn't fit.

Lou, the flower girl:     Exit the train station.

Talk to the flower-newspaper girl at the corner at left. She wants a kiss for flowers.

Listen to her news about the special edition.

Find the Chinese shop:   Go through the archway at left.

See Julia in a lit room above the archway. She watches everyone on the street.

Continue forward to the end of the road. Enter the Chinese Shop.

Meet the dressed up merchant; he's a Romanian.

The fortune cat at right of the merchant is a genie that resides in the cat. The ghost-genie is Confucius. Confucius wants a palace for his next accommodation.

Meanwhile:    Ethan reports to Prof. Ashcroft about Emily's ghost being in Scotland. Learn that Emily is in a coma.

Counterfeit money:    Use the money on the dressed up merchant. After the dialogue and taking the money, get a nutcracker.

Find a suitable accommodation for Confucius:

Fishbowl:    Exit the shop. Go left and see a fishbowl on the window shelf at left. See that the fishbowl has a palace for the goldfish.

Julia the nosy woman above the archway watches everything and warns Mary.

Find the man Julia is looking for:   

Listen to what Julia says. She is looking for someone.

See a funeral coach, postbox and lit gas lantern at right.

Examine the postbox and Julia again catches Mary.

Climb the funeral coach. Use William icon on funeral coach. Willie lifts the coach.

Use Oscar icon on the lit gas lantern. Oscar blocks the light and the right side of the street is darkened.

Click on Willie to let the coach down. Climb down from funeral coach.

Use the hanger on the postbox and get a love letter.

Read the letter from Ro(meo) in inventory. He sends alpine roses to Julia when he wants to meet her at their usual place.

Get roses sent to Julia:

Go to Lou at the main square through the archway.

Talk to Lou and buy flowers. She will give the flowers and deliver them if she gets a kiss from William.

Use William icon on Lou. You're not really going to like this... Ask Willie to kiss Lou. You're my only hope. Once only.

After the kiss, talk to Lou again about buying the flower. Ask for alpine roses and delivered to Julia.

Lou leaves to deliver the roses.

Go through the archway and see Lou deliver the roses to Julia. Julia leaves. If you want to follow Julia, she will be at the harbor-mooring (side streets) meeting with Romeo. They are standing at left side of the lower level dock.

Take the goldfish bowl with the palace from the window shelf.

Get train ticket:

Go back to the Chinese shop at end of the road-background.

Confucius:    Use the goldfish bowl on the Lucky cat right of the dressed up merchant.

Meet Confucius. Since he is made of water he can assume stages of water liquid or vapor. Confucius icon is added at bottom left.

Forgery:    Talk to the dressed up merchant about his forgery skills. He needs paper and printing plate with the official seal.

Give him the paper (tickets).

Get printing plate:    Go back out of shop and to the main square. Go up to the train station and the souvenir machine.

In inventory use the nutcracker with the gold.

Use the flat gold tooth on the souvenir machine to get coin stamped with the railway coat of arms.

Go back to the dressed up merchant at the Chinese shop and give him the souvenir embossed coin.

Immediately, he gives the forged train ticket to Scotland.

Side quest: You can play part of the side quest now or the whole at end of the game. Look at end of walkthrough for the solutions.


The Train:

Go to the train station. Talk to the Service Staff. He was surprised that someone is going to Scotland. Show the ticket to the staff.

Oscar riles William. The train arrives. See Ethan run and get on the train.

In the train, Mary talks to the conductor that vaguely recognizes her. The conductor has memory problems.

At the compartment, the 3 ghosts and Mary talk. Oscar continues to insult William.

Learn that this is where Emily was killed. William becomes despondent. William leaves the group.

They see Ethan in disguise pass their train compartment. They have to stop him.

Get Ethan out of the way:

Exit the compartment. Go right and enter the next compartment.

Open the unattended luggage and get coin and sparkler.

You can talk to William at end of this train car.

Go left past the ghosts' compartment and see Ethan. He is very cold, the heating system is turned off.

See the broken window of Ethan's compartment.

Get the heater working:    Go left and talk to the conductor with memory loss.

Tell him about a fare dodger on the train. The conductor leaves to check tickets.

Take conductor's well-earned coffee.

Take the empty teapot from the stove.

Open the cabinet and take some tea from the sack. There are cute maggots in the bag of tea.

Check the animal power generator. The ferret turns the wheel to power the heating system.

Check the carelessly insulated lamp cable and below it the tightly screwed lid of the heating control system.

Use the coin to open the lid of the heating control system. The heating control system is in wretched state.

Use the sparkler on the heating control system. Oscar attaches the wire of the sparkler to the heating system.

Power up the heating system:    In inventory combine the cute maggots with the conductor's coffee.

The maggots drink the coffee an get caffeine maggots.

Give the caffeine maggots to the ferret. The ferret gets a caffeine high. That raises the temperature causing Ethan to remove his coat.

Get Ethan's ticket:    Go right and click on Ethan's coat through the broken window to get Ethan's ticket, blood smeared cigar cutter and Mr. Hyde hand puppet.

Go to the conductor and tell him again about the fare dodger on the train. The conductor leaves to check tickets.

Open the door with safety mechanism at left.

That didn't work, Ethan just bought another ticket and the conductor returns.

Get Ethan to leave the train:    Go to the conductor and tell him again about the fare dodger on the train. The conductor leaves to check tickets.

Make tea by placing tea in the teapot. Use Confucius on the teapot to add water. Place Confucius tea on the stove.

Turn the clock to 5 PM. Leave the conductor compartment.

Talk to the conductor about tea now. (Be sure the door with safety mechanism is opened earlier).

The conductor serves tea to Ethan.

Watch what happens when Ethan drinks the Confucius tea.

Emily calls Mary (yraM) outside Mary's window. Mary pulls the train brake to stop the train.


The cathedral:

The forecourt:

The train derails. The train driver runs away. William leaves the group. Mary finds meaning in this location of derailment.

Use Oscar icon on the heap of glowing coals.

Go to front part of the train and then to the cathedral at the background.

Memorial stone:    Check the memorial stone by the church ground archway.

It is the memorial for Lord Adam Baskervilles, the Englishman that killed William Wallace. All his sons' name start with an A. Adam's flying fox lured Willie into a trap.

Look around:

Enter the cemetery. Try to take some mint from the bush ahead.

Emily:    Mary runs into the shed. Emily talks in reverse and Mary can't understand her. Emily asks for help, wants to go home and is cold. Mary needs a translator.

Take the incense dispenser, grave vase and long broom. Exit shed.

Pick up the modern watering system by shed and mint from the bush.

Church:    Read the church gazette on the signpost by the steps. Learn that there is a translation service.

Check the church door. St Michael's Church is closed. The brother is here to do ghost exorcism.

Talk to the brother. He doesn't believe in ghosts. He needs overwhelming evidence like skulls floating in the air to believe in ghost.

Find Adam's grave:

Go left to the cemetery. Check the wild creeper coming out of one of the graves.

William:    Go left and see that William laid down in an empty grave.

Confucius says that they will track Lord Baskerville and that got William out of the grave.

See that there are several graves marked A. Baskervilles.

Cure the flying fox with a cold:    Check the flying fox hanging at left. It is the flying fox of Adam.

In inventory combine the mint leaves with the incense dispenser.

Add glowing coal to the incense dispenser full of mint.

Place the smoking incense dispenser on the flying fox with a cold.

Mary hangs it below the flying fox. The flying fox flies to his master's grave.

Use William icon on grave of Adam Baskerville. William digs up Adam's skull. He continues on and on talking to Adam's skull. Ask him to go somewhere else and he goes to the church door.

Check the pile of dirt unearthed from Adam's grave. Take Adam's unearthed kilt.

Take all 3 scarcely used grave vases.

Enter the church:

Knock on door again. Behind Mary, see the skull floating. The door is opened. Enter the church.

Pope:    Johann-Joe the brother leaves and the pope arrives. He can see the living and dead.

Talk to the pope. He talks in several languages. He goes back to his documents.

Meanwhile:    Ethan updates Prof. Ashcroft. Learn that the Professor went to the theatre and talked with a traitor actor. She learned that Emily is in Scotland. They will go to Scotland and get Emily to join her body. The ghosts will power the machine.

Sacristy:    The pope can help translate what Emily says. Follow the pope to the sacristy. Go left to the altar and enter the side door.

Look around. Talk to the pope. He doesn't want to be disturbed because he needs to track the ghost. He is reading the document that will help do that. He can help in translating only after he lures the ghost out of his resting place.

Learn how to lure the ghost:

Get the pope out of sacristy:    Go down the aisle and go to the confessional box. Check the confessional. The curtain is missing.

Use Adam's kilt on the confessional box and it makes a curtain.

Use the confessional box-bell and Mary confesses. Learn what happened to Emily and the reason for Mary's guilt.

Use Oscar's icon on the confessional box and hear that Oscar never left the shore nor does he have a crew.

Go back to the confessional, use William on the confessional. Since this is going to be a long confession; it's the chance to go to the sacristy.

Check the important document:    Take and read the extremely important document on the floor.

Read the "Guide to finding ghost." Learn that baptism is the sure way to attracting the ghost. The unbaptized should be baptized with no interruption.

Willie finishes his confession.

Lure the ghost:

Holy water:    We need holy water for baptism. Check the basin for holy water left of the confessional. It is empty.

Use Confucius on the basin.

Go to the pope at the sacristy and ask him to bless the holy water.

Johann:    Go to the organ by entering the door right of the confessional.

Take the golden trumpet of the angel statue.

Go right and talk to Johann completely. Rome sent him here to take care of the ghost. He needs the broken organ to lure the ghost. Learn that he is lonely.

Give him Mr. Hyde. Listen and learn that Mr. Hyde is not a good chap. He needs to be baptized.

Baptize Mr. Hyde:    Use Confucius-Holy Water on Mr. Hyde.

The pope arrives to stop the ritual. He gives the formula to find the source of the ghost. He gives musical sheet to Mary. The sequence of notes that only the old organ can play can show the source of the ghost.

Mr. Hyde wants to be called Dr. Jekyll now that he is baptized.

Find the source of the ghost:

Fix the organ:    Check the organ pipes left of the organ. That is where the music comes out from.

In inventory, use the cigar cutter on all 4 scarcely used grave vases. This cut the tips off the vases.

Combine all 4 cut vases on the modern watering system to get 4 vases on hose.

Use the 4 vases on hose on the organ pipes left of the organ.

Go down to the nave-main church floor and right to connected organ pipes.

Use the golden trumpet on the connected organ pipes.

Go back upstairs to the organ.

Now use Confucius on the broken bellows.

Mary plays the organ. The sound opens a hole on the floor.

Source of the ghost:    Go down to the floor of the main church. Go down the hole of the hidden burial chamber at the main aisle.

Enter the burial chamber. Go right to the tomb.

Check the tomb. It is dark in here. Check the overgrown window opening. This is where the creeper grew.

Take the half moon made of metal from the tomb.

Combine the half moon made of metal with the long broom to get extended scythe.

Use the extended scythe on the overgrown window opening.

Check the marker of the tomb. Pope Boniface is buried here.

Pope Boniface:    Mary talks to the pope. He is the ghost.

At the vault, the pope finally believes. But he is solid.

Learn the reason for his guilt. He guards the door. There was a witch and he refused protection to the suspected witch.

Learn about Emily being chased by an axe wielding man. The pope wants to atone.

They exit the church and pope becomes a ghost - a shorter one at that.

The pope can speak all languages. The pope icon is now added at bottom left of screen.


Go to the shed and to Emily. Use the pope icon on Emily.

She was kidnapped and she scratched the kidnapper's eye out. Her body is far away and she wants to return to her body. Emily runs away again.

Return to London:

Oscar advices to consult the oracle.

Fix the locomotive:    Go through archway. Exit to the railway by clicking the arrow cursor at bottom left of the screen.

Use William on the derailed train. William lost his confidence. Oscar made friends with William. With the cheering words of his friends, William lifts the train and places it back on the track.

With Oscar driving, the train goes back to London.

Old Theatre:    Climb to the roof and enter through the window.

(If you have done part of the side quest - See the rest of the crew enjoying the items obtained from the Romanian at the Chinese shop.

Oscar is on the rocking horse; Confucius is enjoying a chess game; the pope is on a bear rug and Willie is on the couch.)

Exit to the theatre, go to the back and cross the hanging walkway.

Go through door to be down at the stage.

Talk to Brutus, Caesar and the monk. They think Emily might be in a coma. Learn that ghosts seek refuge with the gypsies in Transylvania.

Chapter 4: Dancing with the wolves

They go to the harbor and set sail to Transylvania. Oscar gets seasick.

Gypsy camp:

Get invited to the gypsy camp:    Look around.

Talk to Lucy, the gypsy woman on the caravan completely - keep talking to her.

Ask about memory problems and learn that it was because of an experiment with her brother. Ask about being old friend, schoolmates and answer anything so that Lucy welcomes you to the gypsy camp.

Talk to her about ghost of a girl. Learn about the English people and Enigma machine. Learn about Enigma, that energy fluxes meet underground and sometimes ghosts get caught by the spheres. If the antenna is pointing underground; it will be stronger and catch more ghosts; that is why it is now pointing upwards.

Learn that the English people are gathering ingredients Mom asked for the ritual. Lucy recommends to talk to her brother.

The English people:    Go left to the clearing and see Prof. Ashcroft and Ethan. They only need to catch a rabbit in the electrified trap.

Richie, the brother:    Now that you are invited to the camp go between the caravans. Look around.

Talk to the young man sitting by the table at left side. He doesn't want to talk to Mary. He will talk if Mary is a match for his intelligence. He is a master of puzzle solving and mathematics.

Challenge his intelligence and accept to play Illumination.

Play Illumination:    Illumination is hide and seek. Look for a place to hide and he looks for you.

Play illumination with Richie. Go to the empty barrel at left and back of the caravan.

Use Confucius on barrel to fill it with water. Enter the barrel before the number count reaches 1.

Richie can't find Mary. Now Richie will talk to Mary. Climb out of the barrel.

Talk to Richie. He refers Mary to mom about ghosts.

Mom-mother:    Enter the door of residential caravan at right.

Go forward and see mom (cigar chewing man) and the lawyer.

Overhear them talk about a contract that is in a language no one can understand.

Talk to mother. Learn about what happened the first time the machine was turned on and the business with the lawyer. The contract signed allows the bank to kick them out.

Learn about the ENIGMA machine. There must be the correct atmospheric condition and a ritual that needs certain ingredients. The ingredients are truffles, yellow mushrooms and a rabbit.

He cannot help catch a ghost anyways until the lawyer goes away. The lawyer says that a mistake in the contract is the only way out of it.

Get the lawyer out of the way:

Talk to mother completely especially connection between gypsies and ghost.

The talk continues until midnight. Note that the lawyer disappeared. He always vanishes close to midnight and he comes back in the morning.

Wolf:    Exit the caravan and go to the campfire. Automatically go to the clearing.

See a ghost wolf. The wolf is trying to tell them something.

Use the pope icon on the ghost wolf. Learn that the wolf was bitten by another human a few weeks ago and that he wakes up every midnight not remembering why he is wearing fur rags. The wolf has a huge appetite for carrots. It doesn't understand what name is.

Carrot:    Use Oscar icon on the electrified rabbit trap. Oscar takes the carrot.

Lawyer:    Go back to mother at the caravan. Talk to him again about the connection between ghosts and gypsies. The talk continued until the morning and the lawyer appears.

Give the carrot to the lawyer. See that he has the impulse to bury the carrot.

Find error in the contract:

Take the cryptic contract from the table. Mom says that instead of disposing of it is best to find a crucial error that invalidates the document.

Make cryptic contract understandable:    Use pope icon on the cryptic contract.

After some discussion, the pope translates it to get exceptionally impenetrable contract.

Find error in the contract:    Now that Richie talks to Mary, ask him to solve the puzzle of the exceptionally impenetrable contract.

After studying the contract, Richie finds the paragraph that contained - "the female accused". Hehehehe. So the document is invalid and false.

Invalidate the contract:    Go back to mom and the lawyer in the caravan.

Talk to mother about the mistake in the contract. The proof of the gender mistake that invalidates the contract is shown to the lawyer - Exhibit A.

Ghost wolf:

The wolf is now part of the team but cannot be used like the humans. The wolf will allow Mary to see things through his eyes.

The wolf icon is at bottom right of the screen.

Get the ingredients for the ritual:

Talk to mom about catching the ghost. Mother mentions to get the ingredients, raise the humidity here, antenna should be pointed downwards.

Mushrooms:    Exit the caravan and go right. Pick up the yellow mushrooms.

Rabbit:    Use the wolf icon. Mary is now seeing through the eyes of the wolf.

Go behind the bush left of Richie and back of the caravan used by the English people.

See a rabbit hole. Wait for the cute rabbit to appear and click on it.

The wolf digs the rabbit hole to get rabbit.

Truffles:    As wolf, walk to the campfire area.

See a blue mist under Lucy's balcony. Dig there to get truffles.

Get the antenna to point downwards.

Change back to Mary by clicking on her icon at bottom right.

Make an antenna :    Take some barbed wire from the tree stump between the 2 trees left of mom's caravan.

Go to the campfire. See a clothes stand with clothes.

Use the barbed wire on the clothes stand to get an improvised antenna.

Point the antenna:    We need to point the antenna downwards to the earth rather than towards the sky.

Go to where Richie is sitting.

Use the antenna on the disused well in front of Richie. Mary attaches the antenna.

Connect the antenna to the machine:    Talk to Lucy at her balcony. Since she was the one that attached the antenna before her memory loss, she can give help with the antenna.

Raise the humidity in the caravan:

Go back to mother at the back of the caravan.

Check the barometer. It shows that the air is quite dry.

Use Confucius on the barometer.

Call Emily:

Give the 3 ingredients for the ritual to mother. He will make a gypsy soup from the ingredients.

The calling is done. Emily appears in the sphere and is pointing behind Mary.

Prof Ashcroft and Ethan enter after the bolt of lightning from the antenna comes through.

Chapter 5: Like sardines

Mary is inside Confucius' fishbowl. Oscar, William, pope and the wolf are here too. They are trapped in the glass bowl.

Bolt of lightning is made from warm and cold clouds. Confucius can be the clouds. Confucius and the goldfish cannot be found.

Look around Confucius' home:

Pick up the small cask of rice wine beside the deck chair and cocktail.

Bedroom:    Enter the bedroom and look around.

Take the tower bridge match from the box behind the pope. Exit the room.

Pagoda:    Enter the pagoda at left.

Find and talk to Confucius about help. He cannot get out of here.

Learn that he can turn to ice. Talk to him about the fish bowl. Learn how he can be called out of his home.

Ask Confucius to be an ice. A small cloud is formed and linked with the cloud in the middle.

Left window:    Go back down. Look out the left window.

See a model pirate ship and Goldie ghost trapped inside the skeleton of the goldfish.

Click on a window to get inside view.

Get Goldie:

Look out large window and use William icon on the skeleton. William is smitten.

Willie frees Goldie and gets a fish bone.

They talk to Goldie and explain the situation. Learn that Goldie can float.

Goldie icon is now added at bottom left of screen.

Release the toy pirate ship:

Look out large window and see that the toy ship is listing to one side stuck in the sand.

Click on wolf. Go out as wolf through the submerged palace entrance at the bottom.

Click on the ship and the wolf digs it out of the sand.

Bring the wolf back inside. Click on Mary icon at bottom right.

Look out the large window. Use the fishbone on the toy pirate ship. Willie attaches the fish bone to make a rudder.

Use Oscar on the pirate ship. It is Oscar's dream come true.

Make lightning:

Minaret:    Climb to the minaret at right side.

See that there is a storm cloud above and there is a cold cloud above Confucius-ice.

Lightning:    Go back down. Combine cask of rice wine with match to make explosive barrel.

Use explosive barrel on the submerged palace entrance door. Mary releases it to float outside.

Look out the large window. Use Goldie on the toy ship with Oscar. Goldie pushes the pirate ship with Oscar to the surface.

Oscars steers it to the barrel and lights the explosive barrel.

Lightning is made!

They are back out of the fishbowl. Emily is gone. Mary gives a pep talk to the group. They will get Emily and sail back to London.

Chapter 6: The Grand Finale

Two ghost actors are caged to provide energy. Caesar the traitor is watching. Emily's soul is now in her body.

Learn the reason for Prof. Ashcroft's actions. She wants immortality; her spirit will combine with the body of Emily.

Look around:

Check the 3 levers that raise or lower the curtains at left.

Check the movable spotlight at right. It is missing a bulb.

Go to the hanging walkway. Prof. Ashcroft sees Mary. Ethan gets scared.

The middle of the walkway is gone.

Take care of Ethan:

Find a way over the walkway:    Go to start of the hanging walkway. See white curtain with rope and the knotted rope on the wall.

Use Goldie icon on the knotted rope to get the improvised rope.

Use Oscar icon on the lit chandelier hanging over the space in the walkway. Willie throws Oscar on the chandelier. Oscar turns off the lights on the chandelier.

Use Goldie icon on the improvised rope and then use Goldie icon on the chandelier.

Ethan gets scared because of the white curtain and runs down to the stage.

Use the highly dangerous rope structure to get to the other side.

Position Ethan:    Check the movable light on this side. See that Ethan follows the spotlight.

Use Oscar on the spotlight to get the bulb. The darkness scares Ethan.

Go to the other side of the hanging walkway and use the bulb on the movable light on the left side. Oscar places the light in.

Use the movable light and Ethan follows the spotlight.

Move the spotlight to the right side of the stage with the 2 fallen props.

Throw Ethan:    Cross to the other-right side of the walkway.

Go to the right and see a pile of rubbish at end of the ramp.

Change to wolf and use wolf on rubbish several times to get it to dig through.

See the ventilation shaft to the control room.

Change to Mary. Enter the exposed ventilation shaft. Look around.

Use switch #1. To the moon, Ethan. The other 2 switches activate the 2 other props. The 4th switch does not work.

Release the 2 ghost actors from the trap:

Control room:    Look around in here.

Take the diary held on the right hand of the skeleton pyrotechnist. Read that he caused the destruction of theatre using his detonators (the clay figures).

Take a clay figure-detonator.

Use Oscar icon on the electric cable to electrify him.

Stage:    Exit through shaft and then go down to the stage.

Prof. Ashcroft rise to the top to get away from Mary. Caesar the traitor is up there also.

Mary talks to Emily.

Open the ghost cartridge:    Use the clay figure on the chains wrapped around the ghost cartridge.

Use the electrified Oscar on the chains. Brutus and the monk are released. Watch the talk between the actors.

Caesar's new friend uses him as power source.

Prof. Ashcroft's spirit transfer:

Prof. Ashcroft's starts the transfer of her spirit.

Pick up the cockroach from the floor. Use Roachie the cockroach on spirit beam over Emily.

Oh Oscar!

The machine topples.

Mary and Emily are reunited. The ghosts' work is done. Ethan picks up Roachie.



Side quest:   

After the credits, see the start of the side quest.

If you are in the theatre after the main story is finished; go down to the forecourt and out through the archway at bottom right of screen. Take the map to the Chinese shop.

The dressed up merchant-Romanian mentions that he has some task that is not part of Mary's quest and can do them if she likes to do those things.

First quest:    Talk to dressed up merchant about the "special assignments".

He wants a serum buried in a special gibbet tree.

Exit the shop. Go to the main square. Stand to the right of the centrally located tree and enter the enclosure.

Then click on the stone on the ground close to the tree to get a note.

Automatically be at the shop. Talk to dressed up merchant about the "special assignments". Select any gift.

Second quest:    Another person took the serum and hid it at the harbour by a wooden stake.

Exit the shop. Go to the side street-mooring left of the Chinese shop.

Go right at the landing and down to the lower landing. Hear Julia and Romeo.

See a strange wooden bollard at the bridge ramp. Get William to pull the wooden bollard to get another note.

Automatically be at the shop. Talk to dressed up merchant about the "special assignments". Select any gift.

Third quest:    Ivan the Third hid the serum at the bottom of a dry well in an old theatre.

Go to the main square. Take the path left of the tree enclosure to be at the map.

Select the old theatre forecourt at top right. See the cock and the lively chicken. LOL.

Use Confucius on the old fountain at the center. Mary gets another note.

Automatically be at the shop. Talk to dressed up merchant about the "special assignments". Select any gift.

Fourth quest:    The thief left 3 clues in Latin around the city.

Go around the city to look for the strange signs.

3 sites with strange signs.

- Exit the shop and see one strange sign left of the side street going to the mooring. Use the pope on the sign.

- Go to the side street to the mooring, then right and down to the next landing. See the strange sign on the wall. Use the pope on the sign.

- Go to the main square and check the strange sign at the left corner of the train station building close to Lou. Use the pope on the sign.

The completed message is: The serum lies buried on the shore of the Thames, near the bridge next to the man wearing the concrete shoes.

Take the main road left of the tree enclosure to the Tower Bridge.

At the emptied sluice area; change to the wolf. Dig on the hiding place at the foot of the skeleton.

Get the serum.

Last reward:    At the shop, give the serum to the Romanian. He is a vampire.

He recognizes Mary as a Wilson. Her parents left her special music box. He sold the music box to the windmill owner at Trottlebury. Mary can contact her parents using the music box.

Bonus Chapter: The Secret of Squirrel Isle

The group arrives at the swamp. See that the windmill is in ruins. The third floor is inaccessible.

Owner of the windmill:

Talk to the eyes peering in the hole under the tree at right. The music box is still in the mill.

He (Swampie) gives soup. Change to wolf and gobble down the disgusting soup.

Take the plate-second helping of disgusting birthday meal.


Door:    Go to the door of the ruined windmill.

Take the loose door handle.

Examine the extremely inconspicuous door mat and take an ornate key.

Living room:    Enter the ruins.

Take the contemporary art from wall and some wheat from the bag.

Take the old chainsaw hanging above the bag of wheat.

Fix the old chainsaw:    Use the ornate key on the treasure chest and take the windmill oil.

Use the windmill oil on the chainsaw.

Use the door handle on the oiled chainsaw.

Examine the heavy grandfather clock blocking the doorway.

Use the chainsaw ready for use on the grandfather clock.

First floor:   

Go through to the next level. Check the 2 former good-looking heroes.

Take the versatile adventurer's tool-whip, adventurer hat and world famous knife.

Click on the hat to wear it. :D

The next floor is not accessible from here.

Get to the top floor:

Tree:    Go down to ground floor and out of the windmill. Go back to the ghosts at the swamp.

Take the plank at left.

Check the 2-headed vulture squirrel at top of tree.

Use the whip on the strangely shaped branch. Climb up.

Squirrel:    Walk the lanyard and the squirrel stops Mary.

Give the plate-second helping of disgusting birthday meal to the squirrel. It falls down dead.

Walk the lanyard to the windmill.


Check the millstone at left and see that it has dead ants.

Take the broken gearwheel at bottom right of the wheel.

Take the gear wheel at top left of the wheel.

Go to the vane outside and see that the arm of the vane under the top structure is cut off. We need to turn it.

Fix the mill:

Go back to the tree and back to the windmill.

Make a gear:    If you haven't taken some wheat yet, do so.

Use Confucius icon on the damp wheat and get Confucius dough.

Use the complete gear wheel on the Confucius dough.

Use gearwheel in Confucius dough on the baking dish to get bread with baked gearwheel.

Use knife with bread with baked gearwheel to see the shape of the gear.

Convince Confucius:    Use Confucius icon on the bread in the shape of gearwheel.

Talk to him. He says "you argue like a  limpsock". (They are not pirates).

Use the pope icon on Confucius ghost. Ask about Confucius superiority in argument.

The pope says he fights like a cow rather - "he smells like an old shoe".

Use Confucius on bread-gear again. When he says "you argue like a  limpsock". Answer him with "... you smell like an old shoe".

He becomes a gearwheel.

Mill:    Go back to top of windmill via tree.

Use the 2 gears on the wheel.

Use Willie on the millstone with dead ants. He turns the millstone.

Willie and Confucius disappear.

Vane:    Go back outside and climb the vane.

Music box:

Check the bricked up door. Use the contemporary art with a hole on the bricked door.

Use the hole in the wall to get the music box.

Use the knife with the unbelievably well wrapped parcel.

Back at the old theatre, Mary opens the parcel to see a Nexus clock.

With the Nexus clock, they can now communicate with others as well as ghosts.

The ghosts will leave now that Emily is back but will be in touch with Mary through the Nexus clock.

Hear the message of Mary's parents - Robert and Susanna.

Mary plays the music box.

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