By Mosaic Mask Studio

Walkthrough by MaGtRo 2016


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

Main menu has new game, back to game, load, save, options, credits and exit.

Options have settings for resolution, fullscreen, speech languages (English or Deutsch), subtitle languages, speech volume, effect volume and music volume.

Gameplay menu is accessed by the gear icon at top left of screen or the ESC key.

Help given by Salome and Azael is accessed by the question mark icon at top right of screen.

Inventory frame is at bottom of screen.

Game actions:   

Pressing the space bar shows all the active spots in the screen.

A selected item can have a hand or an eye icon. Hand is for taking or action while the eye icon describes the item.

Double left click makes Talorel move faster.

Right click hastens dialogues.

Items can be combined in inventory.

Saved games can be named.

Click on the owl exit sign to leave a screen.

Talorel crashes in a cornfield and recalls what caused the crash.

Talorel is goaded by Umorel to do a stunt flying maneuver - wing breaker that will bring him close to the Heavenly Barrier. Talorel together with his wingmen, Salome and Azael is to take a final exam to be an aviator. Near the Heavenly Barrier, he collides with an unknown object and crash lands on Earth.

It is 19th century England.


Get Halo:


His halo is gone and his wings are burned. Azael and Salome at top right give advice. Look around.

See the halo on top of the farmhouse across the road. Look and try to take the halo. Talorel learns about maneuvering on earth, space and time.

Go through the path between trees at right. Click on the exit sign. Talorel refuses to go and needs light.

Get rid of crow:    Look around - use the space bar.

Read and then take the notice issued by Greta about the Inquisition.

Examine the basket and old rag on the ground. Try to take the sweet smelling thing in the basket but the crow stops Talorel.

Look at and talk to the crow. After not able to talk to lower creatures, get another action choice - select the grimace-make face icon (middle) to get Talorel scare the crow.

Get light:    Look at and take the honey bread from the basket.

Talorel accidentally steps on a mouse. The mouse's spirit starts to separate from its body. Talorel grabs and ties the spirit back to the body and takes the mouse.

Examine the light at the base of the tree. Learn about insects. Use the honey bread on the fireflies to get bread with fireflies. Use the bread with fireflies on owl exit sign to walk the path at right.


Look around. Examine the sign, weather vane and the halo on the roof. Use the make face action on the owl.

Take pebble from the ground by signpost.

Examine St. Peter's statue. Examine the keys. Learn the relationship of Talorel and St. Peter.

Examine and take the rake to get the rake's head.

Hit the halo:   

There is a skip button after several tries.

Use the pebble on the halo. Adjust aim (target position) and the strength of the throw (bar).

Click - hold the target right of the halo. Wait until the bar reaches 3/4 strength and then release.

The halo drops inside the chimney.

Bill the farmer:    Knock on door. A rifle is pointed at Talorel. Answer the questions correctly to get inside.

What are you talking about?

Greta's a witch!

I'm an angel!

Learn that Bill is a Yankee from Tennessee.

Hide:    McCallum knocks on the door. Talorel must hide. Check the chimney.

Look at the chandelier. One of the candles winks at Talorel. Use the chandelier and Talorel blows the candles out. Climb on the chandelier.

McCallum enters and reprimands Bill for not coming to the evening mass and praises Greta.

Talk to Bill completely. Learn about the people of the village. Bloomford a scientist that can help Talorel to fly. Heaven's Hope is the new name of the nearest settlement. Bill wants Talorel to change clothes.

Look around at cheese, cabinet and stew pot.


Get the halo:    Examine the fireplace and the chimney flap.

Open the flap to see that the halo is on top of the flue.

Place the notice on the fireplace.

Use the rake on the opened small flap. The halo falls down.

Examine the halo and see that it looks pale. Take the halo and the notice.

Recharge the halo:    The halo needs to be recharge with heavenly energy which can only be done in heaven.

Maybe St. Peter can help. Exit the farmhouse.

Put the halo on. Talk to St. Peter.

Remember me? A thunder is heard. No wonder they made you responsible for the weather.

The sky grows dark. Calling you the Fisher of Men is a real joke!

Lightning starts. You're like that weathercock up there!

Lightning and thunder now. Talorel needs more.

Combine the halo with the rake to get halo with rake. Use halo with rake on Talorel.

Use the grimace-make face icon on St Peter's statue. (Achievement - The Tease, grimace used 3 times).

Talorel is hit by lightning and his halo is energized. (Achievement - The power of an angel).

Revive the mouse:

Go right to the cornfield. (Achievement - The mouser).

In inventory, use the mouth-breath icon on the dead mouse to get mouse with death experience.  (Achievement - The mouser).

Get clothes:

Look at the scarecrow. Try to take the clothes. Breathe life on the scarecrow. Talk to the scarecrow completely.

The scarecrow wants his hat. Use the mouse on the hat on the tree. The hat is back on the scarecrow.

Talk to the scarecrow again. They exchanged clothes. (Achievement - An angel on earth).

Find a way to fly.

Learn about the village:

Go back to the farm. Talk to Bill. He gives a map of Heaven's Hope. Learn about Bill's wife Stacey.

Get cheese from the farmhouse.

Map:    The map is right of the inventory frame. It is a 'jump to' map. You can go back to a place you already visited.


Take the road between the locked barn and house.

Tree:    Examine and talk to the tree. It must be asleep.

Look at the heart etched on a root - S+B. Go down the path.

Meanwhile; a dark shadow enters a billy goat.

Bridge:    Examine and talk to the narcissus - yellow flower before the bridge. It seems to be asleep.

See 4 gargoyles on the bridge posts. The left one is rather shaky.

Look at the river and the sunlight focused on the ground. Continue to town.

Outskirts of Heaven's Hope:   

Arabian stall:    Talk to Kareem. Learn about his customer list. Look around the stall.

Ask about the items. Kareem gives sneezing powder.

Learn about poison for rats and insects; lavender rids of moths and garlic rids mosquitoes. The caffeine shampoo is used to grow hair.

Heaven's Hope:

Enter town. Look around town center. Examine the lampposts, angel statues (?Abdiel) and well.

Use the crank of the well and Talorel raises the bucket.

Talk to Geoffrey the lamplighter. Get matches from Geoffrey.


Enter the door at left. Look around. Examine the machine with handles, strange apparatus and cactus.

Prove that Talorel is an angel:     Talk to Bloomford the scientist. Angels are supposed to be metaphysical, transcendent and absolute.

He can only accept tangible evidence.

Prove that Talorel is metaphysical (immortal):    Take the poison (cyanide) left of door.

Prove that Talorel is transcendent (contact and effect living things):    Look at and talk to the cactus right of Bloomford.

Prove that Talorel is absolute (perform a miracle):    Breathe on cactus. A flower blooms on the cactus. (Achievement - Angel's breath, used 3 times).

Talk to Bloomford. Bloomford now believes that Talorel is an angel.  (Achievement - The nutty professor).

Ikarus:    Talorel ask about help in flying back to heaven. See the flying machine.

Learn that Greta took the blueprints and Bloomford cannot finish the machine.

They need to find a witness that knows what happened to the blueprint. Learn about the inquisition.

Notebook:    Bloomford gives a notebook so that Talorel can write down his notes. The notebook is located left of the inventory bar. It lists the task needed to be done.

Look around in the backroom. Ask Bloomford for the paint to get a paint bowl. Exit lab.

Look around town.

Mill Street:   

Go to the side street right of the lab.

Notice:    Read the notice right of lamppost. Grimacing is prohibited.

EC antique shop:    Check the sign. Enter the EC shop. Look around at the items. Talk to Sir Edwin Cartwright the third the shopkeeper.

See a familiar mask on the wall behind Sir Edwin.

Learn about the toupee loom and Homunculator 3000 XL used to build a homunculus. The homunculator needs angel's breath to work. Exit the shop.

ML silk tailor shop:    Check the sign. Enter the shop. Look around. Examine the large spider.

Take the bamboo rod from floor.

Talk to the shopkeeper Mai Lin. Learn that the Chinese tarantula easily gets cold. When it sneezes; it sheds its skin. Exit the store.

Beggar:    See a beggar with a sign. Read the sign - red is quicker. Try to talk to the beggar. When you see the beggar read the sign for different one-liners.


Enter the church. Look around. See holy water basin, dirty picture of saints with H, Z and F symbols and consecrated candles.

Talk to Bartholomew, the priest. The pictures are those of knights that once have a chapel that is the foundation of this church. The Knights established the Order of the Sword of St. Michael. H stands for the high master, Z is senechal-zeneschall, and F is for friar.

There is construction at far right exit. Greta's hall is at far left exit.

Enter the confessional box. Examine the window and then lattice. Exit the church.

Alleyway - Tavern Lane:

Enter the side street right of the church. Examine the 2 trashcans.

Last Supper:    Check the sign. Enter the pub.

Talk to Vladic the man with really tall hat. He owns the only transport service in town.

Examine the beer bottle with a bow under a bell jar. Try to take it. The beer is reserved.

See a red herring left of the bar.

Talk to Josi the bartender. Learn all about the drinks offered - all nonalcoholic. They are water, juice and chamomile tea.

Chairs were confiscated for the pyre. Exit the pub.


Go right and see the cemetery. Look around. See a bell attached to a rope that goes down and left under the gate. The gate is padlocked.

Look at the headstones and the mausoleum. Talk to the cemetery caretaker who mumbles in his sleep. He's waiting for someone to die.

See graveyard soil under the gate but the rope attached to the bell alerts the caretaker.

Pyre:    Go back to town centre. Go right and check the pyre.


Enter the library.

Read the Sumerian Literature at middle part of the shelf left of door. Learn about Gozer the traveller.

Read the Homonuculus book, Flagellation book, Legenda Aurea book about St. Peter and other martyrs and the Physics book from shelf right of door.

Learn how to make a homonculus, where and how to hit in flagellation, why St Peter was crucified upside down. The physics book explains about materials and properties of their combination: dry and cold produce earth; dry and warm produce fire, wet and warm produce air and wet and cold produce water.

Take the Homonculus book.

The fifth element book at shelf close to librarian shows and explains about the pentagram.

Look at the painting of the librarian with a head of hair and 2 girls.

Talk to Magnus the librarian.

Find a witness to Greta's taking the blueprint.


Talk to the little girl Marla sitting on a wall by the pyre. She saw Greta with the blueprint. She will trust Talorel if he goes down to her level - do something illegal.

Exchange the honey bread with fireflies for Marla's slingshot.

Do something illegal:    Go to Mill St. left of church.

Read the sign of the beggar. It could be a recipe for pancakes.

Recall or reread the notice right of lamppost. It is illegal to grimace. So then - grimace by clicking the make face icon.

McCallum arrives and reprimands Talorel. He gives ticket1.

Witness:    Go to Marla and give her the ticket. Now Marla trusts Talorel.

Greta tore the blue print into 3 pieces. One flew away and landed at Kareem's. The second was taken by a rat and the third is stuck at top of the pillory.

Check the notebook that shows the drawing.

Obtain the blueprint pieces:

Pillory blueprint piece:

Look at the blueprint piece on top of the pillory-pyre.

Talk to Geoffrey the lamplighter to help pick up the piece. Geoffrey takes the piece and gives it to Talorel.

Go to the scientist and give him the blueprint piece 1.

Look for blueprint piece at Kareem's:

Go to outskirt of town. Talk to Kareem about slip of paper. Learn about the 30 labels of his shampoo that he did but had one left over.

Three shampoos were sold this morning. Kareem still would not tell on his shampoo customers.

Get the customer list:    Try to pick up the list on the table. The dark shadow passes by. Talorel warns Kareem about a goat.

Take the list while Kareem is not looking. Look at the list in inventory. The shampoos were sold to Bill, Magnus and Bartholomew.

Track the shampoos - Bill:

Bill:    Go left and back to farm or use the map to jump to farm. See Bill sneak out of his own barn. Talk to Bill.

After a while, Bill admits that he uses the shampoo on stew to make it tastes the way Stacy cooks it. He gives the empty bottle. This is not the label.

Check the barn. It is locked.

Track the shampoos - Bartholomew:

Bartholomew:    Go to the church and talk to Batholomew.

He used the shampoo to get rid of paper fleas. Magnus told him about it. Bartholomew used it on the hymnals but it didn't work.

He threw the bottle at the dustbin in alleyway-Tavern Lane.

Alleyway-Tavern Lane:    See the silk tailor and Vladic the transport man discuss about an item that was not delivered.

Examine the notice above the trash bins. Rummaging in dustbin is prohibited.

Rummage in left dustbin to get an old silk robe. McCallum catches Talorel and issues warning ticket2.

When McCallum leaves, check the right dustbin. Finally get the shampoo bottle. It is not the one with the blueprint label.

Track the shampoos - Magnus:

Beggar:    Go to the center. See the beggar. Read the sign.

Magnus:    Enter the library and talk to Magnus. Magnus is not using it for the fleas. He refined the shampoo and would not give the bottle to Talorel.

Seeing the portrait above Magnus and his bald head - he must use it to try to grow hair; as advertised.

Make a toupee:

EC Antique store:    Go to Mill St. Enter the antique store. Talk to Sir Edwin about the toupee loom. It costs 5 pounds.

He will give the toupee free in exchange for Talorel's scaring a rat that started to live here. It is in the mask at left.

Scare the rat:    Make face on the rat by the mask at left. It runs off with a piece of the blueprint.

Talorel follows it to the street. It went inside a hole on the street by the lamppost.

Go back inside and talk to Sir Edwin. Take the toupee loom.

Silk tailor:    Go next door and talk to the silk tailor about the tarantula. It sheds it's skin when it sneezes.

Use the sneezing powder given by Kareem on the tarantula. Take the spider fur.

Combine the spider fur and the toupee loom to get toupee.

Magnus:    Go back to the library. Talk to Magnus to give him the toupee.

Get the bottle with the blueprint label.

Bloomford:    Go to the lab. Talk to Bloomford to give him the bottle with the blueprint.

Get the rat's blueprint:

Track the rat:    Go to Mill St. See the beggar here. Read his sign.

Rat hole:    Look and talk to the rat. It doesn't want to come out after Talorel scared him.

Use the cheese on the rat nest. Talorel used the mouse on the hole also. There was sound of fight. Uh oh!

Mouse comes back. Follow mouse to outskirt and then wood. The backdoor of the rat nest is a hole at base of tree by the gargoyle bridge.

Use the bowl of blue paint on the backdoor-hole of tree. This way the rat will leave footprints.

Farm:    Go to the farm at left. Enter the farmhouse and use one of the empty bottles on the stewpot. It stinks. Ugh!

Goat at Gargoyle bridge:    Go back to the bridge in the woods.

See a scapegoat. Salome says that some sacrifices an animal to carry their sins...

Use the left gargoyle. Talorel pushes it in water and splashed the goat. The way is clear. (Achievement - Avoid the evil.)

Get the rat to come out:    Go back to the rat hole at Mill St. in town.

Use Bill's stinky beef stew on rat hole. The stew is so disgusting, the rat left his nest through the backdoor.

Jump to Gargoyle bridge. See footprints coming out of the tree. It stops midway the path.

Find out what happened to the rat:    Talk to the narcissus. Aren't you beautiful...

She want to be on stage and be admired. Take the narcissus and plant it on the sunlight at bottom of steps.

Talk to the narcissus again. The rat was eaten by a bear.

Help the bear:    Go left from the bridge to the woods. See a huge cranky bear.

Talk to the bear. He has a stomachache from the rat lodged in him somewhere.

Azael advises Talorel to go to Bloomford.

Greta:    Jump to town center. Hear Greta preach at the church steps about the perils of reading.

Talk to Bloomford. The mouse nixed the idea of using it and Talorel in getting the rat from the bear. They decide to make a homunculus.

Make a homunculus:

Get the Homunkulator 3000 XL:    Enter the antique store at Mill St. Talk to Sir Edwin.

Sir Edwin wants the original ghost detector owned by Bloomford in exchange for the homunculator.

Go back to the lab and talk to Bloomford. He said the trade is okay.

Find the ghost the detector:     Click on the strange apparatus on the floor left of the machine with levers to get a PKE meter.

Bloomford explains the control. Never cross the streams.

Go back to antique store. Talk to Sir Edward to give him the ghost detector.

Take the homunkulator at right (looks like a bird cage).

Locate the ingredients needed to make a homunculus:

Read the manual. The ingredients are: nutrient solution - blood from a 3000 yr old vampire that has been dead 2000 yrs or grape juice; 2 concentrated candles, matches, graveyard soil, appropriate name and breath of an angel.

Matches:    If you haven't gotten it yet; ask Geoffrey the lamplighter for some matches.

2 concentrated candles:    Go to church. Ask Bartholomew about the 2 candles.

The priest wants the 3 icons cleaned in exchange for the candles. Use the mouse on each icon. Furball does not like it. (Achievement - Mouse sympathizer).

H icon is William Cothelstone. Patron saint of beggars, vagabonds and salesman.

Z icon is Barnaby Garlick. Patron saint of horn of plenty and quick snacks.

F icon is Harold of Limids. Patron saint of forced laborers and false intrusions.

Talk to the priest and get 2 consecrated candles.

Graveyard soil:    Go to the cemetery.

See graveyard soil under the locked gate but is blocked by rope attached to a bell. The bell makes noise every time you try to get the soil. Irving the gravedigger gets upset.

Use the mouse on the bell. Furball covers the clapper and dampens the sound.

Get graveyard soil from under the gate.

Grapes:    Go to Kareem's stall. Go right behind Kareem to be at Giant's grave. See standing stones with strange fluffy plants.

Continue to the right. See an old mill and keep out sign. Take the grapes from ?tree?

Try to enter the mill but Talorel doesn't want to.

Name:   Read the Homunculus book borrowed from the library. Hahahahahah.

A homunculus made to be swallowed by a bear should be named Anselm.

Make the homunculus:     Go back to Bloomford at the lab in town. Talk to Bloomford about the ingredients.

Now that we have all the ingredients, place the homunkulator on the right side of the workbench at foreground.

- Squeeze the grapes on homunkulator.

- In inventory combine one candle and the graveyard soil. See a blob inside the cage.

- Place the other candle on the homunculus to be's head.

- Light the candle on its head.

- Breathe on the homunculus and baptize it Anselm.

Oh he's a cutie!  Talorel places Anselm on the floor.

Select Anselm's icon at right side of screen and then click on a place on the floor to see him walk.

Click on Talorel's icon to make him the main character. Pick up Anselm. (Achievement - The constructor).

Get Anselm inside the bear:

Go to the woods left of the gargoyle bridge. Talk to the bear. The bear refuses to eat sweet little Anselm.

Make bear yawn:    Read a book and the bear gets sleepy and yawns.

Combine Anselm with Marla's slingshot and use it on the bear's mouth when he yawns.

Move Anselm to paper:    There is a skip to this puzzle.

Anselm can pull and push.

To push:    Click on one end of the yucky stuff to get Anselm hold it. Then click on an empty square before the stuff to push it to that square. Right click to release the yucky stuff.

To pull:    Click on one end of the yucky stuff to get Anselm to hold it. Then click on an empty square behind Anselm to pull it. Right click to release the yucky stuff.

Move the small yucky stuff located far right end first.

Move the smallest one to the middle area.

Pull the one with poison one square away from wall.

Go around and push those 2 to be on the wall beside small one.

Anselm should have a space to walk to the middle.

Pull the large one with book to first row to give space to the one blocking the rat.

Then pull and then push that blocking one to left side.

Automatically get the blueprint.


The gargoyle bridge is blocked by the goat. The dark shadow floats beside the bridge. The goat rams Talorel.

Find a way out:    Talorel wakes up in the dark. Press the spacebar.

A hot spot is below Talorel's eyes. Get a fork or a skeleton hand.

Press the space bar again and click on the hotspot a bit left of the middle screen - and click several times to use the skeleton hand to dig.

Get light:    Talorel drops into a dark room. Examine the unlit torch at left wall.

Who has a lit candle? Use Anselm on the torch. Torches are lit around the room.

See a mosaic floor. See a lever at left wall and 3 red raised stone slab.

See a hotspot at middle of floor. Click on it and get smashed. Use Anselm on the lever at left wall.

Open the door:    Read the inscription on top of the door. Only three of the same heart and the same step are worthy of leaving.

- Use Anselm on one slab. Not enough. Add empty bean stew bottle with Anselm. The slab is sinking into the ground completely.

- Use mouse on another empty slab. Add the loom with the mouse. The slab is sinking into the ground completely.

- Stand on last empty red slab. The slab is sinking into the ground completely.

Door opens. The three exits. (Achievement - Homunculist; used Anselm 3 times).

Bridge Hall of the Necropolis of the Order of the Sword of St. Michael.

Look around. Read the inscription above the door.

Look at the light coming from the ceiling surrounded by the ornate symbols: H, Z and F.

Check the large statue at left with a distorted face. Examine the 3 statues of knights at right wall.

Walk the path:

See a stone door with parts of mechanism strewn on the floor.

The path is made up of stone slabs. Walk the path and an arrow is shot at Talorel.

Click on the stone slabs of the pathway - one stone at a time to move Talorel slowly to the right.

Do not step on any red ones. Use the tip of the wing cursor to select the stone slab.

Talorel goes back when a mistake is done.

Fix the door:

There are gears and other parts on the floor in front of the stone door. Place the parts back on the mechanism on the door to connect all the bars together.

Check the arrangement by turning the lever.

- Insert the crank on the hole left of door.

- Place the 2 gold teardrop shaped parts with the existing gold teardrop at bottom slider slot.

- Slide-click the connected gold part to the left part of the slider slot.

- Get mouse to slide the top pinkish gear to the right side of slider slot to connect the 3 gears at top.

- Place small size gear and middle size gear below middle slot.

- Place middle size gear and teeny gear below lowest slider slot.

- Slide pinkish gear on lowest slider slot to the left.

Turn the crank. Talorel leaves the hall.


Skulls abound. There are skulls on the wall that is the entrance to the necropolis.

Read the inscription on the tombstone under the skulls on the wall. The outcast who found death and the fires of angels for the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. So these are outcasts from heaven.

Go right and Talorel exits into the church.

See that there is a new exit at right side of the church in front of the exit sign where there is construction - charnelhouse.


Exit the church. Meet the scapegoat. The goat gets upset at seeing Talorel. The demon has buried Talorel in a sarcophagus but still he got out. The dark shadow formed into a demon; leaves the scapegoat and the goat falls down dead.

The three angels are deciding what to do with the dead goat when Vladic helps. Me, I didn't see anything.



Get items for the flying machine:

Blueprint:    Go to the lab and talk to Bloomford to give him the last piece of the blueprint. (Achievement - The comedy: act one).

Bloomford enters the 3 things needed to finish the flying machine in the notebook. They need a balloon made of silk, gas and burner.

Mai Lin would know about the silk.

Bloomford had an accident at the mill and released some gas. He gives a gasometer and tells Talorel to find the gas in the mill and suck it from ceiling.

Bloomford had a burner but Greta took it away. Do that last.

Greta:    Exit the lab and see Greta preaching against something or rather.

Kareem:    Talorel exits the town.

You might want to return the costumer list now (can be done later or when he's not at his stall).

Or do NOT return the list and be a thieving angel at end of game. (Achievement - thieving angel).

Talk to Kareem about the goat. Did you see that? Place the customer list on the table by the teapot.

Get silk:

Ask Mai Lin:    Go to tailor shop - Silk store at Mill St.

Talk to Mail Lin about the balloon. No silk because of prohibition. Bring silk and silk thread and she will make one.

The spider lost its fur. It is in the back room. Mai Lin opens the opium den.

The beggar blows on Talorel. 3 other Talorels appear.

Remove the other Talorels:   

Talk to the beggar. He spouts extreme philosophical rhetoric. One down.

Talk to one of the other Talorel. A confused Talorel disappears. Two down.

Talk to the last Talorel. Use the mouse on the last Talorel. It cannot climb on Talorel. If it is a fake one, it disappears.

Spider and silk thread:    Look at the naked spider in the terrarium.

Go to town center and ask Marla for the lamp (honey bread) back.

Go back to silk store's back room.

Give the bread with fireflies to the spider. Take the silk thread - web made by the spider.

Parts of silk balloon:    Give the silk thread and silk robe taken from dustbin to Mai Lin. We need more silk cloth.

Get gas:

Enter the mill:    Go right behind Kareem and the right again to the Mill.

Sign:    Read the notice on the sign. No one is allowed to enter the mill.

Try to enter the mill. McCallum gives ticket3. (Achievement - Outlaw; get 3 tickets).

Take the paper-pamphlet off the sign - no sign, no prohibition.

Enter the mill now.

Ghost:    Talk to the ghost. She thinks Talorel is the demon as warned by an angel. Leave the mill.

Follow the Crow:    See a crow fly back and forth. Follow the crow from the mill to the woods. It flies behind the tree.

Tree:    Talk to the tree about Poe, Shona's raven and ask for a way through.

Tree wants the heart carving removed from his roots. Use the breath of life on the carving.

Talk to tree again. Go through the opening to be at the clearing.

Shona the witch:    Look around. Check the bird bath and the clothes hanging on the line.

Talk to Shona. Learn that St. Vincent is the name of the town before Heaven's Hope.

Agnes Crowley the mill ghost is Shona's several greats grandmother burned as a witch 230 years ago.

Shona gives a family coat of arms - emblem to let Agnes know that the ghost can trust Talorel.

Ask for the dress hanging on the line.

Check the dream catcher above Shona's moss covered bed. Ask Shona for the dream catcher. Take it.

Exit the house and take the silk dress.

Agnes the ghost:    Go back to the mill and talk to the ghost to automatically give the emblem to Agnes.

A sacred goat told her that Talorel is a demon. She absorbed the gas that is up at the mill to make herself scary.

To release the gas, Talorel should find her remains and give it decent burial. When she's in peace, she can then release the gas.

She wants to be buried at the cemetery. Her remains are where the Christians bury the dead that doesn't meet their standards.

Find Agnes' remains and bury it in the cemetery:

Get Agnes' remains:    Jump to Mill St. and enter the antique store.

Ask Sir Edwin about the ghost detector. He gives the ghost detector because it's broken. It only points at Talorel.

Remember where we read the tombstone of the "outcasts". Jump to town center. Enter church and exit to charnelhouse.

Turn on the PKE meter. See Agnes' remains glow green on the wall. Take the skull.

Enter the cemetery:    Be sure you have taken the dream catcher from Shona already.

Jump to Tavern Lane and then right to cemetery.

Irving:    Look at Irving the cemetery caretaker. He is a restless sleeper. Talk to Irving.

Look for Geoffrey. Talk to Geoffrey about Irving. Irving is a restless sleeper.

Go to the cemetery. Geoffrey places the dream catcher above Irving.

Padlock code:    Look at Irving to hear the code to the gate's padlock - 143256.

Use the gate's padlock and Talorel opens the gate.

Cemetery:    Look around at the tombstones, mausoleum and coffin.

Take the silk lining of the coffin.

Urn musical chairs:   

Read the tombstones; open the tombs and get the urns.

Starting left to right by the tree.

Pick up the grave flower and urns from the tombs.

Urn 1:    Peter Murphy, tradesman kind to wives. Talk to urn 1. He's the exterminator here.

Urn 2:    Raymond Edwards. Talk to urn 2. Raymond owned an occult shop.

Urn 3:    Winston Leigh, plumber. Talk to urn 3. He worked here at the cemetery.

Left to right on left side:

Urn 4:    Eugene Harold. Talk to urn 4. He collects mold spores and fungus.

Urn 5:    Jeanne Melanisse. Talk to urn 5.

Place urns in different tombs to get space for Agnes' remains.

Urn 1, 4 doesn't want to be by the tree because of the roots.

Urn 2 wants flowers.

Urn 5 doesn't want to be close to mausoleum.

Place Urn 1 (Peter) at tomb 4 left of mausoleum.

Place Urn 5 (Jeanne) on tomb 2 middle by tree.

Place Urn 3 (Winston) on tomb 3 right by tree.

Place flower in tomb 5 right at foreground. Place urn 2 (Raymond) in this tomb.

Place urn 4 (Eugene) together with urn 2 (Raymond) at right tomb foreground. (Achievement - Rest in peace).

Automatically Talorel places Agnes in tomb 1. She's happy now.

Collect the gas:

Greta:    See Greta preach again at church steps.

Climb to the top of mill:    Go to mill. Examine the fallen beams. The beam does not look stable.

Use Anselm on the beam. Make Anselm jump by clicking above him (close to flame).

Give the gasometer to Anselm after he jumped.

Select Anselm at right of screen. Walk Anselm on the beam - keeping at center.

When there is a barrel rolling down - make him jump. If hit, he falls down close by.

There is a skip to this puzzle.

At top of the mill, use the gasometer on the green gas. Go down or fall down.

Go back to Bloomford and tell him that you collected the gas.

Get the silk balloon:

Go to Mai Lin at the tailor shop. Give her all the silk collected (dress, robe and coffin lining). It is enough silk.

The silk balloon will be delivered to Bloomford by Vladic.

Go back to Bloomford and he says that the balloon has been delivered now. Now we need the burner.

Get the burner:

Greta took the burner from Bloomford.

Greta:    Go to church and see that Greta is preaching against drinking alcohol.

Last Supper Tavern:    Go to tavern and talk to Josi.

Learn that she gets her alcohol from Vladic's delivery and Bill has some too.

Get alcohol from Bill:    Jump to farm. Talk to Bill about alcohol.

The still is broken.

Put the pieces of the still back on the one at right.

Use 3 pieces only - first, third and fifth from left.

Vladic will deliver the alcohol to the pub. (Achievement - Sacrilege).

Kareem:    While Kareem is in church - you can return the customer's list if you want.

Enter Greta's office:    Check the tavern to see the place is full.

Go to town centre and see Greta walking around.

Enter the church and Greta's office at left.

Search the office. Take the burner from the left drawer on the second from bottom row of the middle cabinet behind the podium.

Possessed Greta:    Exit and be caught by Greta and McCallum.

While ranting, Greta is possessed by the demon-dark shadow. (Achievement - Talking is golden).

Talorel escapes.

Bloomford:    Go to the lab and talk to Bloomford about the burner. (Achievement - The comedy: act two).

Bloomford goes to the backroom. He gives new set of task. (Achievement - The flight of Icarus).



Get the flying machine in position:

The last task is the get the flying machine in ideal position. The best launching site is the steeple.

Talorel has to convince Vladic to move the flying machine to Tavern Lane.

Greta-Demon and McCallum catch Bloomford and Talorel. They are both placed in jail.

Escape jail:    Bloomford is upset and wants Talorel to get them out of here.

Look around and check the active spots.

Sewer:    See a large pipe on the wall. It seems that Talorel does not have a toilet like Bloomford.

Try to place the mouse into the pipe. The mouse emphatically refuses!

Use Anselm on the pipe. See Anselm in the sewer pipe.

Move left and pick up a potato.

See a pile of muck at end of sewer. Push the muck to the left to block the pipe - like a dam.

Exit to Bloomford's office-cell. Give the potato to Bloomford.

Take Anselm and move him to Talorel's cell.

Firm grasp of what to do:    Change to Bloomford by clicking on icon at right side of screen.

Check inventory to find a lot of goodies.

Combine a copper wire (out of 2) with potato to get potato with copper wire.

Combine the other copper wire with screw to get copper wired screw.

Combine the potato with copper wire with copper wired screw to get potato battery. The battery is very low voltage.

Combine the potato battery with the energizer to get potato battery+.

Use the potato battery plus on the toilet right of Bloomford. The toilet is electrified.

Water it up:    Change to Talorel.

See a dying plant outside his cell. Use the breath of life on the plant. It revives and reaches the hole at top of wall.

Use mouse on hole at top of plant.

Take mouse from inventory and use him on the hole on the ceiling of Talorel's cell.

Take mouse from inventory and use him on the hole on the wall of Bloomford's cell right of toilet tank.

Use mouse on the broken chain of the toilet tank to flush the toilet. The mouse hangs on the chain.

Electrified water is on the floor.

McCallum:    Change to Bloomford.

Talk to McCallum about the water. He comes in and gets electrified.

As Bloomford, take the keys on the floor and use it on Talorel's cell. (Achievement - Alcatraz).

Salome and Azael thinks that Talorel has to get absolution because he hurt a human being. If he can't be absolved; he might not be allowed back to heaven.

Decision time: to lock or not lock McCallum up. They both work.

To lock McCallum up; use the keys on the cell. To not lock McCallum up, leave the cell open,

Leave the police station.

Bring Greta back to normal.

Vladic's ultimatum:    Go to the tavern and talk to Vladic. Vladic wants Talorel to get Greta back to normal.

Exit the pub. Salome and Azael want Talorel to be absolved of his sins first before he does the other tasks.

Greta-demon:    Go to town center and see Greta preach again.

Greta is showing signs of possession. The angels realize that Umorel is the one responsible for all of the problems. Umorel is the one that pushed Talorel out of heaven. He is a demon now.

Go to confession:    Enter the church and talk to Bartholomew about entering heaven.

Enter the confessional. Open the wooden flap. Talk to Bartholomew. Talorel relates all of his sins.

The mouse is not a murder. Apologize to St. Peter. Exorcise Greta.

Talorel must find a good location and have a ritual schedule Definitely!

Find location for exorcism:    Jump to Giant's grave. Look around at everything, moss and standing stone.

It is a good ritual place. Clear the green fluffy plant off the stone at top left and at bottom right.

Do the breath of life on any standing stone to see symbols and produce a protective circle.

Find hints to make ritual schedule:    Jump to town centre. Take the pamphlet3 left of the church door.

Talk to Bartholomew in church. Learn why exorcism needs to be a ritual and how symbols affect it.

How do we get Greta to the ritual location?

McCallum or another can bring Greta to the location.

Greta is crazy pamphlet:    In inventory combine 2 out of 3 pamphlets issued by Greta. Get pamphlet snippet of all 3 pamphlets.

See parts of the pamphlets. Put the snippets on the blank paper to make a strange order - fake pamphlet by Greta.

McCallum is mad ticket:     In inventory combine 2 out of 3 tickets issued by McCallum. Get ticket snippet of all 3 tickets.

See parts of the tickets. Put the snippet to make a strange order - fake ticket by McCallum.

If McCallum is locked in jail - convince Bill to help with Greta:

Go to farmhouse and talk to Bill about Greta.

Show that Greta is possessed by giving the fake pamphlet to Bill.

Bill asks about McCallum - He's gone mad! Show the proof - fake ticket.

Bill will help if Greta is lured out of her office.

If McCallum is not in jail - convince McCallum to help with Greta:

Go to jail and talk to McCallum about Greta.

Convince McCallum with the fake pamphlet.

McCallum will help if Greta is lured out of her office.

Get heavenly permission:

Library:    Go to the library and return the Homunculus book to Magnus.

Borrow and read the Fifth Element book. Learn what is needed to do the ritual. Talorel needs the proper authorization or permission to act in God's name on earth.

Church:    Talk to Bartholomew about hexagram. The priest says to have justification and be empowered to do the ritual.

The only one that has the power is the Pope; who has St. Peter's key. St Peter's keys gives the right to act in God's name on earth.

Ask about who can empower to do the exorcism. Talorel needs something that can separate the possessed from the possessor.

Apologize to St. Peter:    Go to the farm. Talk to St. Peter's Statue.

Appease St. Peter by taking back all the insult Talorel told him earlier.

I know you didn't want to let Jesus down...

I know about the inverted cross...

I know that the whole thing with Jesus was just a slip...

Talorel - St Peter forgave you. St Peter releases the keys. Take St. Peter's keys.

Find empowerment tool:   

Well:    Go to the well in front of the church. Use the crank to raise the bucket. Take the mirror.

Open door to the necropolis:     Go to charnelhouse inside the church. See the slider slots with skulls.

Move the slider slot skulls in the position when the door is unlocked on the other side earlier.

Top and second slider slots to the left.

Third and bottom slider slots to the right.

Use mouse to move the top skull. The door opens.

Examine the light at ceiling:    Go to left side. Talorel gets shot and runs to the other side.

Use the mirror on the symbols surrounding the light by order of rank of the knights - H, Z and then F.

The symbols should light up if correctly done.

A gondola drops down. Talorel goes up.

Look at the statue of Archangel Michael holding his shining sword. Try to take the sword, the perfect tool for exorcism. Yikes.

Take the sword:    Look at the source of the light beam on the opposite wall. It is a crystal or prism.

In inventory, use the pamphlet snippet to make paper balls.

Combine the paper balls with the bamboo rod taken from silk store.

See a very shaky target as cursor. Move the target slightly above the top metal holder of the gondola.

Click-hold to get strength (move to max) of throw shown by the bar.

Release to fire. You have to hit the crystal 4 times.

There is a skip to this puzzle.

Take the sword. Replace it with the bamboo to prevent an earthquake. (Achievement - Archangel).

Protective circle:

Activate the elements and the circle:

Exit the bridgehall slowly as before. Use the crank and exit to church.

Get water:    Use Bill's shampoo bottle on the holy water basin to get holy water.

Get earth:    Go to cemetery. Take graveyard dirt from under the gate.

Go to the Giant's grave.

Enter the circle.  Breath on the stone to show the symbols and activate the protective circle.

Place graveyard dirt on the bowl of the earth sign stone at bottom left.

Place the holy water on the bowl under the water sign (inverted triangle) right of the pentagram stone.

Use Anselm on the bowl of the fire symbol at bottom right. The stone is now permanently activated.

Use mouse on tube in front of air sign. The stone is now permanently activated.

The ritual performance plan is complete. Go back to the priest and tell him the ritual schedule is done.

Get Greta out of her office:

Bell Tower:    Use the exit at far right exit by the pulpit. There is no construction anymore. (Achievement - True explorer).

Bell tower:    Look around. Exit to outside and see a gargoyle with sharp horns. It is stable.

Holy bell:    Go back inside. Click on bell. The sound of the bell will drive Greta out of the church.

Go down and talk to the priest about the ritual schedule. Talorel will tell the priest that ringing the holy bell will drive Greta out of her office.

Go back to the holy bell at the bell tower. Examine the parts of the holy bell.

The aim is to get the metal ball from bottom right to bottom left to hit the bell.

Turn the clock 5 times. The ball at bottom right goes into the tube. Talorel will say if the clock is set.

Place Anselm under the funnel to heat the furnace.

Steam drives the ball into the ship.

Use the mouse on the ship to blow it to the left side.

The boxing glove punches the ball to the tuning fork.

Make faces 3 times to the owl.

The ball moves left and drops down to the cup and rings the bell.

Hear Greta rant and get taken to the ritual circle.

(Achievement - True angel; didn't steal anything).

Exorcise Greta:

Go to the Giant's grave. See Greta tied at center of the circle.

Perform the exorcism:    Enter the circle.

Activate the circle by breathing life to any stone.

Place graveyard dirt on the bowl of the earth sign stone at bottom left.

Place the holy water on the bowl under the water sign (inverted triangle) right of the pentagram stone.

Use Anselm on the bowl in front of the fire symbol at bottom right.

Use mouse on tube in front of air sign.

At each step, see the demon slowly separate from Greta. Only yucky black threads keep it attached to Greta.

Use sword to cut the thread.

The demon goes into Anselm. Mouse blows the light off and Anselm expires.

Umorel rants and descends to fiery hell.

Greta wakes up but loses her memory. (Achievement - The exorcist).

Select any future for Greta:

Try - Cursed Queen (as Marie Antoinette) that repents and help the people. (Achievement - MIB)

Save Anselm:

Look at Anselm. Azael wants Talorel to help Anselm.

Use match on Anselm. He's alive! Mouse embraces Anselm.

Lift off:

Talorel goes to Tavern Lane and see Ikarus and Bloomford.

Tie the mooring rope:

Use mouse on rope on the ground. Then click the mouse cursor on the top part of the wall. Mouse takes it to the bell tower.

Click mouse cursor on the horn of the gargoyle. Mouse did a good job.

Inflate the balloon:

Bloomford gives the gasometer. Talorel is now on Ikarus.

Connect the gasometer to the burner by clicking it to the burner - metal part with holes.

Use match on the burner at center.

Place Anselm on the bellows. (Achievement - The comedy: act three).

Ikarus rises above the bell tower.


Heaven's Hope people see Talorel off.

Talorel thanks the Heaven's Hope citizen. (Achievement - I'll be back).

I'm back. Talorel is in heaven.

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