Hidden : Chapter One

Primitive Essence


A game by Emanuel Rufino and Ignacio Tricherri.

A walkthrough by Chief

November 2007

Read the ? at the bottom right of the screen to get the explanation on how to play the game.  Look at the book.

To use an object from inventory, click on it and drag it to the proper place.

You may have to move the screen up or down to see everything or do an action.

Santiago’s Room

The game starts in Santiago’s room.

Look at the top drawer of the bedside table to get a close up and read the letter from his uncle.

Open the second drawer and see a piece of paper: click it and see and pick up the car keys.

Back up and you can have a look at the books on the table if you want to.

Above the bedside table, see a painting. Look at it and click on the bottom right frame of the painting with the hand icon: see a safe box.

On the bed, see a suit case. Click on it: you need some books for the journey. Look inside to see tidy cloths.

Go left screen and see a table with books.

Left again to see the door: not ready to get out yet.

Left again and see some books on the floor near the bed. Pick up the top book.

Back to the suit case and drag the book from inventory in it. Click the suit case to close it.

You can now leave the room.

See the Introduction of the game.

Wooden Cabin

You are now in front of a wooden cabin.

Go left screen and see a car. Use the hand icon on the handle of the front door and step in.

Open the glove compartment on the right and take the pliers.

Out of the car to go left again and to the forest. Pick up a mid-size branch at the bottom of the screen where the grass goes towards the forest.

And back to the front of the cabin and forward to the door. Try to open it: locked.

Look down the door and see a bucket: get a rusted key.

Look up the door and use the key: the key brakes in two pieces.

Use the branch to push the broken part stuck in the keyhole.

Look again down the door and see just a little light.

Use the branch under the door on the right side and get the other half of the broken key, the first half already in inventory.

Look again up the door and use the front part of the key on the door. The key stays there but you need the pliers to turn the key.

Go in the cabin.

Living Room.

Pick up the rifle that is on the floor in front of the fire place: it’s a Ross M1910, the uncle’s rifle.

Click on the mantelpiece of the fire place to get a close up. Pick up the decorated key.

Back up and go right screen and see a table and two doors. Go to the door on the right and click it to open.

Small room.

On the table on the right, pick up the candle and the knife.

Above the right table, see shelves with fives plates: click on them to get red, orange, blue, green and grey preparation.

Back up and open the door to be outside: beside the box, pick up the bones.

Turn right twice and look at the door: notice a viscous substance.

Enter the cabin.


Go to the left screen and see the door we just opened.

Under the shelves, pick up a plank that will install itself on the cabin’s back door to block it.

Go right screen and go back to the living room.

Living room.

Go left screen to get a better look at the table with the chess game and see a letter. Read it.  Alarming. You can have a look at the chess game if you want to.

Go left screen again and you can have a look at different objects. What happened here?

Look closely at the nose of the elk on the wall. Use the knife on the nose to get elk hair.

Look also at the bear’s nose and get bear hair using the knife.   (You may have some problem looking for the bear’s hair: middle part of the nose, right side)

Back up.

Go right and forward to the chest in the corner. Open it. Under some clothes and boots, see some handles. If you click on the big handle, you will see it is locked.  We will come back to the chest.

Back up from the chest and open the left door.


Read the notes on the table: important information.  Read also the notes on the wall.

On the left, on the top shelf, look at the books and click on books 1 and 2. (they do not go in inventory)         Look where you pick up the books: blood?

Use the candle to see some markings in red: lines in different positions.

Turn around and go out the room.

Living Room.

Go to the chest and remove the clothes again: according to the markings you just saw, place the top small left handle vertically, the top right handle horizontally, the bottom right in this position: /  and the bottom left horizontally. Click the bigger handle.  Take the Idol after seeing a white face.

Back up from the chest.  You can see some blood stains on the side of the table.

Open the right door and go in.

Small Room

Look at the window on the right and hear a strange noise.

Living Room

Go back to the living room and go and put the rifle on the entry door to lock it.  See it move……………a creature????


Back to the library.  Turn left and use the decorated key on the door. Go in.

Uncle’s Bedroom.

Look down at five candles and see blood on the floor.

Look at the bowl with the candles: a Mapuche ritual.


In the bowl, put in these objects: the grey, blue and green preparation, the bones and the bear’s hair. (Remember the notes in the library)    Use the candle from inventory under the bowl on the burner.

See the image of a symbol and a cut scene showing the front door being shaken by the creature.

Look at the Memories in the book at bottom screen to see the image of the symbol.

Click under the bed: use the candle in the dark to see a ladder.

Secret Room.

Look again at the ladder and you will be in front of an alter. See it lighten up.  Look again at the alter and see a symbol.

Back up and pick up a Disk under the alter on the right.

Get close to the alter again and use the Idol and the Disk on the symbol on the alter.

See a new screen: click that symbol a number of times.

Look at the end cut scene.


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