Solution By Phil Darke.


After the intro, during which your ship is attacked on approach to Deep Space 9 the shape shifter Odo enters the ship. He tells you that you must fix the containment field. Turn left and click on the screen eighth the flashing message. First vent the plasma by pressing the button. The screen has a 6 by 4 grid on the right and 6 icons to the left. You will notice that three of the chips on the right are damaged. Click on the icon on the left which looks most like the damaged chip. This will now appear on the right. Slide it into the correct position by clicking on the opposite side to the direction in which you want it to move. Turn right and talk to Odo again. You will now be beamed aboard. Talk to Sisko and tell him what happened. Talk to Dax. After watching the replay you are attacked by drones. Shoot as many as possible. Talk to Dax again and then to Sisko get as much information as you can. The turbo lift is now working so use it and go to the lower promenade ring to find Ambassador Karig. When you exit the lift turn left and move forward 4 times. Turn right and enter the security office and talk to Odo. Ask for directions to Karig. When you have finished talking leave the security office and turn right. Go forward twice and enter the circular door to your right At the end of this corridor turn right and go forward three times Karig's quarters are to your left. You get no response and are unable to enter. Return to the security office and ask Odo for the security code. Return to Karig's quarters and open the door. Karig has been murdered. Odo appears talk to him about all available topics. You are summoned to Ops. Go there and talk to Sisko. You volunteer to assist and Sisko gives you a phaser. After you finish talking to Sisko talk to Dax. She tells you about new types of drones. While Dax is preparing Karig's logs for you to examine. Return to the habitat ring. Continue on down the corridor past Karig's quarters until you come to a red door. on your right at the end of the corridor. This leads into a storage room. Enter and go forward twice, turn left and forward twice, then left, forward twice and right. Go through the door and continue until you come to a T junction left. Continue until you meet Ensign Yarrow. Talk to her and ask her to open the airlock. Talk to the Scythians until they close the airlock. Talk to Yarrow again and you get a call to return to ops. When you get there talk to Dax about Karigs logs. First read the log on the right hand side of the panel. The panel on the left has a puzzle, which you must solve before you can access the rest of the logs. The puzzle consists of five coloured bars each of which represents a word. You must arrange the words in the right order, then press the triangular button at the bottom. The correct order is purple, green, yellow, red, blue. Now read all of the logs. Talk to Dax and Sisko. Go back to the airlock where you talked to Yarrow. Save your game as you enter the storage room as there are two aliens here. The first is in front of you as you turn left to go to the exit. The second is hidden behind some containers to your right. After you have shot both continue to the airlock guarded by Yarrow. Talk to the Scythians again, bearing in mind what you learnt from the ambassador's logs. Use short phrases. You will learn more about The Citadel and the Drones. Return to ops. On the way you meet Kira, who is repairing the turbo lift. Talk to her about all available topics. When you get to ops talk to Karig and Dax and tell them what you have learned. Talk to Dax about tricorder readings. She tells you that there are six more life forms aboard than there should be. As you are about to leave Karig tells you that Odo has more information for you. Go to Quark's bar to look for Jani Tharen. When you get there Odo is questioning Quark. You discover that a security key is missing. You are interrupted by a message from Yarrow. Go there and talk to the Scythians. Yarrow is attacked by a red Lykotian but manages to overcome it but is killed in doing so. Take the device from the Lykotian's wrist. This is a sensor device and clicks rapidly as you approach the Lykotians. Head back towards the bar. As you approach Karigs quarters the device clicks very rapidly. Save your game. Enter Karig's quarters and shoot the Lykotian. Now head back towards the bar, there is another Lykotian in the circular doorway opposite the bar. The next Lykotian is in the upper bar. Enter the bar. Go up the stairs, move forward once and immediately turn around. Next head towards the habitat ring. There is another one here near the airlock exit. Now head for the docking ring the last Lycotian is in the airlock between the storage bay and the docking ring. Talk to Odo and then go to Quark's bar. Talk to Joni then go upstairs and talk to Rasmus. Go and find Rhoon and talk to him then enter the holo suite. Talk to Kira and then play the simulation. Talk to Sisko and the Scythians. You now fight the next wave of drones and must destroy the relay ship. Your ship is destroyed in the battle. The Scythians take you in their ship to the Citadel. You crash land inside the drone factory. Turn around and head towards the rear of the ship. Open the locker and take the phaser. Go back to the front of the ship and exit via the damaged panel under the control console. Go forward once and turn around. Go through the hexagonal opening on the right. Go forward as far as you can, then click on the panel in the centre of the screen. Click on the only active icon on the panel then turn around. In front of you is a maze. This is very complicated and consists of several levels connected by lifts. There are five doors, one of which is the door you entered by, another is the entrance to the control room and two others contain generators, both of which must be activated before you can solve the puzzle in the control room. The fifth is the exit. To further complicate matters the maze is inhabited by flying drones which shoot at you and will kill you if you don't shoot them first. They can be de-activated by a switch in the control room and your first task is to make your way there to accomplish this. Follow the following instructions:-( L/R = Turn left/right, A = Turn around, U/D = Up/Down Fx = Forward x number of steps.)

F10 - R - F6 - L - F1 - U - L - F3 - R - F5 - R - F1 - U - L - F3 L - F5 - D - L - F4 - R - F1 - D - A - F2 - U - F2 - L - F1 - U

You now find yourself at the entrance to the control room. Inside are four consoles arranged in a square. The console immediately in front of you and the one on the far side of the square each have 3 shield shaped icons on them and the ones to your right and left have two. For the moment you are only interested in the red icons, which look like the flying drones. Click on one of these icons. This disables the drones making the rest of your task much easier. You now have to return to the maze and activate the two generators, starting with the one nearest to the entrance. If you do not activate them in the correct order it does not work. Open the door and click on the panel. Click on the only active icon on the panel and you descend, now follow the following path:-

A - F1 - R - F2 - D - F2 - U - A - F1 - L - F4 - U - R - F5 - R - F3 - R - D - F1 - L - F5 - L - F3 - R - D - F3 - L - F5 - R - F5 - R - F2 - L - F2 This is the entrance to the first generator. Enter and activate the generator. Now turn around and follow the path to the second generator. F2 - R - F2 - L - F5 - L - F5 - R - F3 - U - L - F3 - R - F5 - R - F1 - U - L - F3 - L - F5 - D - L - F4 - R - F1 - D - A - F2 - L - F5 - R - F2 - R - F3 - R - F1 - L - F3 - L - F4 - L - F2 - R - F1 - L - F2 - U - L - F1 - R - F5 - R - F2 - R - F1 - L - D - A - F1 - R - F1 - R - F2 - L - F2 - R - F3 - L - F4 - R - F1 - L - F4 - L - F2 - R - F2 - L - F1 - R - F1

This is the entrance to the second generator. Enter and activate it then follow the following route back to the control room:

F1 - L - F1 - R - F2 - L - F2 - R - F4 - R - F1 - L - F4 - R - F3  L - F2 - R - F2 - L - F1 - L - F1 - U - L - F1 - L - F2 - L - F5 - L - F1 - L - D - A - F2 - R - F1 - L - F2 - R - F4 - R - F3 - R - F1 - L - F3 - L - F2 - L - F5 - L - U - F2 - L - F1 - U. You are now back at the control room. Look at the control consoles. There are a total of ten icons, 2 pink, 2 yellow, 2 blue, 2 green and 2 red. Activate each of the pairs of icons. As you do so you will see an arc between the four electrodes on each corner of the square. The arc will be the same colour as the icons you have just activated. Do not touch the red icons as this re-enables the drones. When this is done you will be able to open the final door so exit the control room and make your way thereby the following route:-

D - A - F1 - R - F2 - D - R - F5 - L - F1 - R - F6 - R - F2 - L - F5 - R - F1 - L - F1 - L - F1.

Click on the panel in front of you and click on the only active icon. Turn around and enter. Walk down the passage to another panel, which you will now be able to activate. Turn around and enter the room. There are three doors here. Enter the door on your right. This is the communications room. Make your way around to the back of the console. Here you will find a screen which is showing static. Click on this and you will be able to talk to Odo and tell him the situation. Now leave via the same way you entered and take the following route back to the runabout.

F2 - R - F1 - R - F1 - L - F5 - R - F2 - L - F6 - L - F1 - R - F5 - R - F2 - U - A - F1 - L - F4 - U - R - F5 - R - F3 - R - D - F1 - L - F5 - L - F3 - R - D - F1 - R - F6 - L - F9. You are now back where you first entered the maze. Enter and go to the runabout. Once inside the runabout click on the computer to your right. Try to activate the transporter. You are unable to do so and must re-route the power conduits. Click on the black panel to your left. Here you will find a puzzle consisting of three coloured icons at the top and three more at the bottom in between are the conduits, some of which are damaged, and switches to direct the flow of power along the conduits. You must move the switches to re-route the power from one of the icons at the top to the same colour icon at the bottom, avoiding the damaged sections of conduit. All three colour icons must go via the empty hole in the middle. When you have successfully solved the puzzle click on the computer and Kira will be beamed out, but the transporter fails, leaving you to continue alone. Leave the ship via the hole and go forward to the gate. You must solve another puzzle to open the gate. The panel is divide into four sections and you must light the correct sections in the right order. First light the large part of the top left section. Then the second from the left part of the bottom left section and then the second from left in the bottom right part. The gate opens. Go forward and open the door in front of you. Turn around and go forward. You are in a room with three doors. The door to your right contains some kind of projector. When you click on the icons on the control panel the projector produces a 3D image, presumably of the ships which the factory is producing, but apart from this does not seem to have any part in the game. The door in front of you has a lake with an island in the middle. If you click on the panel on the left a bridge extends across to the island but disappears when the panel is released. Turn around and go to the room on the left. When you enter you hear Quark's voice but you can not see him. He has managed to acquire a refraction mantle and stowed away on your ship. Talk to Quark and persuade him to help you with the bridge. Head across the bridge shooting the drones as you go. When you get across you are in a room with a large panel in the middle. There are some icons on it which you can click but they do not appear to do anything. At the back of the room is a flight of stairs leading up. Go up at the top is another bridge which leads back to the room where you exited the maze, but you do not need to go there just yet. Turn around and go up the next flight of stairs. Her you will meet Keel, a holoprogram who controls the factory. Talk to him and gain as much information as possible, in particular about the tactical and control holoprograms and the words of access. Ask him to build a ship for you. Turn around and cross the light bridge. Go to the comms room. Talk to Odo and then to Rhoon. Ask him for the access words for the tactical and command holoprograms. Go back to Keel and talk to him again. Invoke the control holoprogram and get as much information as possible. Go back to the comms room and talk to Odo. Tell him to re-route the comm link to the master control program. Now click on the panel below until the centre icon is lit. Go back to the holodeck and invoke the control holoprogram. After Rhoon has talked to the control holoprogram. Talk to him yourself. Go back to the room where you met Quark. Talk to him and persuade him to give you the refraction mantle. Set the mantle to the reflecting setting and return to the holodeck. Talk to Keel and invoke the tactical holoprogram. The tactical program sees his reflection and thinks you are Havik. Talk to the tactical hologram program and tell it to purge its self. Once this is done you must destroy the home bank which is in the room where you met Quark. Go there and turn left, as you enter. You will see the home bank on the floor, destroy it with your phaser. Now return to the holodeck and talk to the master control program again. Your ship will be completed and you can take off in pursuit of Nemesis. You arrive back at DS9 as Nemesis arrives. After a short arcade sequence you have completed the game.


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