The Hardy Boys

The Hidden Theft

Walkthrough by Tally Ho








Chapter 1: The Intro


Who in the world are those two thugs breaking down the Hardy Boys' door? Thinking quickly, they rip out some computer cables and use them to escape out the window.

There has been a theft at the Spencer Mansion. Two hundred million dollars? Yikes! The A.T.A.C is requesting the assistance of two well-respected teenage detectives, Frank and Joe Hardy in finding the culprit. Mom, however, has confiscated the keys to their bikes, and there's no way they are going anywhere. They can't call Dad because they have both left their phones in the bikes. (I personally think that's a little unlikely; kids are never very far from their phones.) Anyway, Officer Piedmont has left a package with them. When he leaves, open your inventory (right click to do that) and double-click on the package to reveal a DVD.

Look at the TV setup, and put the DVD into the player. You will be briefed on your mission. Your first problem is getting out of the house. If you exit the room and go downstairs, you are rudely sent right back up by Mom. Go to the end of the hall and look out the window. You should see a short tutorial on how to change modes (Joe, Frank, or both as a team.) Select Joe (the blond boy) and send him out the window and down the tree. Oops - he cracks a branch, and Aunt Trudy wonders what the commotion is. Switch to Frank, and get into the bedroom before it's too late.

Switch to Joe and check the motorcycle compartment. D'oh! Still locked, because Mom has the keys. Here's what to do: Ring the doorbell and hide around the side of the house. Switch to Frank and run downstairs to grab the keys before Mom gets back to the kitchen area. Go back upstairs, and go to the bedroom window. Toss the keys to Joe. Open the compartment on the yellow bike and take the cell phone. Oh, sure - it's dead. Now we need to get it up to Frank, but don't try throwing it, it's too risky. The boys need to think outside the box (not for the last time!)

As Frank, pick up Playback, the Parrot. Send the bird down to Joe. As Joe, give the phone to Playback and send him back into the window. As Frank, open your inventory and double-click on the bird to get the phone. Go to the TV area, and find the charging strips on the floor to the right. Charge the phone and call Dad. Mom will relent, because she thinks Fenton needs help from the boys. She enjoys being the Alpha Bitch, but if she only knew what's really going down.


Chapter 2: Brother Against Brother

Spencer Mansion

Go to the Spencer Mansion. Outside the building, talk to the Police Officer. His name is Con Riley. (Remember; always exhaust all possible conversations.) Also talk to Samuel Spencer. He believes his brother, Thomas is guilty of theft because he is the only other person who would know the combination to the safe. Thomas is being held in the house for now.

Enter the house and talk with Lily Spencer. She is Thomas' step-daughter. She mentions seeing a thin guy at the utility shed; maybe a repairman. Talk to Thomas when he enters, and get a clue about the broken window. Something doesn't seem right; since the thief couldn't have fit through the break.

Examine the Grandfather Clock. It looks old and expensive. Back away from the clock, and look for a door-stopper, on the floor, just right of the door. (Hard to see; it blends in with the woodwork) Take it. Enter the Study. Inspect the desk; the drawers are all locked. Look at the shredder next to the desk. Open it, and take the shredded blank piece of paper. Examine the broken window, and take a piece of glass from the floor. Inspect the safe. It's very sturdy.

Exit the building, and go right to talk to Samuel again. Before you talk to him, look for a piece of paper on the ground, at the base of the flowerpot. (Lower left screen) Take it. Talk to him. Revenge? What's that all about? Ask him how he spends his day, and ask him where he keeps the combination. Hmm. He leaves it on the desk, then shreds it. Got any ideas?

Enter the house, go into the study, and place the blank paper on the desk. Exit the study, and use the door-stop to hold the study door open. Exit the house. You should see some leaves swirling around the doorstep, and then the paper comes drifting out the window. Riley is back. Talk to him and keep talking to him until he agrees that Thomas can go free.

The Shed

Go left, then down-left, then up-left. (Loading . . .) You are at a Tee intersection. Go up, then left onto the dirt path. Examine the footprints. Take a sample of the mud. Enter the shed. There is a toolbox, but you can't open it (yet.) Exit the shed, and go back along the path to the Tee, then left to the Caretaker's house. You see an odd, square house with a wheelchair ramp in front. Go to the ramp, and before you enter, pick up one of the hubcaps. Enter the house and talk with Thomas. Talk twice, so as to ask about Lily.

Talk with Mrs. Spencer. Exhaust the conversation, and exit the house.

The Map is now active. Place the cursor at the upper right corner of the screen, and click on the map. You can select the Mansion to return there. Exit by way of the right driveway, then up to get to the Nurse's Station. Inspect the cross. It seems to be a makeshift grave. Enter the building and go into the room on the left. Move the mattress that is leaning against the wall. Look at the vent. It appears that you will need a Phillips screwdriver to open it. Look out the window. Oh! The shadow of a person moves away. You were being watched. Back away from the window, and inspect the bed. Look under the pillow and take the Blue Rag and the Wig. Maybe someone's been living here.

Exit this room and enter the other room on the right. You can open one of the lockers. Take the rubber gloves, the bandage and the Hydrogen Peroxide. Look at the gas tanks. One of them appears to be usable, but you probably need some kind of tool. Open the Map, click on the Mansion, then on the Caretaker's house. Enter and talk to both adults. They deny knowing anything about the makeshift grave. Return to the front of the Mansion, and talk to Riley. He will go to the Nurse's Station to stand guard. It's time to go into town. Open the Map and click on Bayport.

The Police Station

Go to the Police Station, and into the office of Chief Collig. (Where do they get those names?) Talk to him about everything. The boys would like access to the lab, but Riley is the only one who has the key. He is currently guarding the Nurse's Station, since you revealed that someone was sleeping there. Go to the Nurse's Station.

Nurse's Station

Talk to Riley. He needs to "Secure" the area. Use that cheesy yellow roll of gauze to wrap up the trees. Talk to him again. Okayyy he will go to the station. Use the Map to jump to the Bayport High School.

At School

First stop - the Computer Lab, Go to the rear of the room and talk to Phil the Nerd. The AC is not working, and he is steamed. It must be at least 76 degrees in there. Geez! You will need to fix the air conditioning in order to proceed. Exit the lab and go into the Utility Room. Talk to Mark. You need antifreeze. Before you leave, look at the toolbox on the floor next to Mark. Take the Wrench and the Flathead Screwdriver. Also look at the large garbage can and take the lid. Exit and go into the Science lab (to the right.) Go to the back of the room and look at the shelf at the upper right. You can read a chart of organic chemicals, and take a glass beaker.

Use the Map and jump to the Utility Shed at the Mansion. Look close at the tool box. Use the Flathead Screwdriver to pry it open. Oh, great. You just used a screwdriver to get another kind of screwdriver. Yes, you remember where you need it - go to the Nurse's Station, into the left room, and open the vent. Aha! A pair of boots. Jump to the Shed, and use the boots on the footprints to discover that they match exactly.

Return to the school. Instead of going inside, exit the screen to the lower right, crossing the yard. You will find Iola sitting there, brooding about her chemistry grade. Her teacher, Mr. Sacks wants her to "make an aspirin and leave it on the desk." Go into the Science Lab and look at the white-board. Yep, that's what he wants, alright. Go to the other side of the room and examine the chart on the wall, above where you found the beaker. You will see a diagram of salicyclic (sic) acid. It's a ring of six carbon atoms surrounded by four hydrogens and another carbon. Go to the front of the room and look at the teacher's desk. There is an apparatus where you can make a model of the salicylic acid molecule. Read the words on the base to learn that white is Hydrogen, red is Carbon, and yellow is Nitrogen. Place six red balls in the ring, and another in the upper left corner, and white balls in the other four slots.

Now go outside and talk to Iola again. Ask her to look at the aspirin model. Yes! Now she will help with your research. Go to the back of the room again. You can't accomplish much, but show her the blue rag. She can't analyze for blood just yet. Show her the mud sample. She needs some propane for the test.

Fix the Air Conditioning

It's time to cool the building so Phil can be of help. Go to the mansion, and inspect the old Ford sitting out front. Open the hood, and see two hotspots. One is the alternator belt, and the other is the coolant reservoir. Use the shard of glass to puncture the reservoir. Now, back away and look at the driver's side of the car, down low. You should see the antifreeze dripping on the ground. Use the garbage can lid to collect the liquid. Then combine the beaker and the lid to put the antifreeze into the beaker.

Go to the school, and into the utility room. Open the cabinet on the left, to reveal the air conditioning unit, which is not working. Sure enough, the anti-freeze reservoir is empty. Remove the blue cap, and pour the liquid from the beaker into the plastic tank. Close the cabinet, and talk to Mark. You fixed the AC! Exit and go to the computer lab. Talk to Phil. Then look at the computer that is to Phil's left. Using the Nexus search engine, type "Blood Test" into the search box. Learn about the Catalase Method, where you need Hydrogen Peroxide and Phenolphthalein.

Go to the Science Lab. Before you talk to Iola, look in your inventory. Find the blonde wig and double-click on it to get a hair sample.and ask Iola to test the blue rag for blood. She finds type AB negative, some shards of glass, and a fingernail. Ew! Also ask her to compare the glass shards. They come from the same glass.

She needed propane. Remember the gas tanks in the Nurse's Station? Go there, and use the wrench to open the gas tank Use the rubber glove to collect some gas, and close the valve before you leave. Return to the school and the Science Lab. Now that you have the propane (actually it's methane, but it will work) she will analyze the mud and the boots, and conclude that they come from the same area. She will also analyze the hair sample to discover that it's black, and has been cut recently.

The Police Lab

Jump to the police station in Bayport, and go to the back room, where Officer Riley is. He will attempt to narrow down the suspect's identity based on the evidence you have collected. If you have all the evidence, he comes up with a "John Johnson" and a photo. Go to Bayport Street and visit Snippy's Barber Shop. Talk to Mr. Russo, and learn that the customer left only one business card, whereas everyone else leaves two. Look at the fishbowl and inspect the cards. It's a memory game, where you need to match identical cards, until there is only one remaining. You will get a card belonging to Dougal Siepp, (where DO they get these names??) proprietor of a masquerade emporium in Manhattan. Talk to Mr. Russo again and you will automatically go to -

Chapter 3: It's In the Blood.

You will be in the Costume Shop. Talk to Val, and he wants the boys to help organize the props that belong to each mannequin.

Go behind Val to the coffee table.

Study the catalog of costumes. It has the complete pictures of the mannequins as well as the accoutrements that go with each costume.

Take the witch's hat. Kind of looks like the "Sorting Hat" doesn't it?

Go right and forward to the mannequins:

Werewolf:    Take the saber and broadsword.

Skeleton:    Take the brooch.

Devil:    Take the broom and helmet.

Witch:    Take the eyepatch and ripped shirt.

Knight in armor:    Take the magic wand and thigh bone.

Pirate:    Take the mustache and tiara.

Vampire:    Take the pitchfork and jawbone.

Fairy:    Take the wig and boots.

Now go to each mannequin and give them the proper items:


Fairy:    Magic wand and tiara.

Vampire:    The wig and the brooch.

Pirate:    The eyepatch and saber.

Knight:    Place the helmet on head and the broadsword on hand. Notice a shape on his gauntlet.

Witch:    Broom and pointed hat.

Devil:    The mustache and the pitchfork.

Skeleton:    The jawbone and thighbone.

Werewolf:    Place the ripped shirt on his back and boots on the leg.

After you have completed all the costumes, talk to Val again. Try asking him a question. What a dork. He won't talk. Tell him you have everything in place. But that's not enough. Now you have to rotate all the jewelry gondolas correctly. The clue is in the catalog if you need it.

Consider saving before you start this one. Click on each mannequin to set its gondola. Right-click to exit each mannequin.

The tough part is figuring out what the jewels really are. Here's what the mannequins want:


Werewolf - False Noses (click once)

Skeleton - False Teeth (click twice)

Devil - Fake Tattoos (click four)

Witch - Eyes (click three)

Knight - Gloves (click once)

Pirate - Fake Blood (click seven)

Vampire - Fake Ears (click four)

Fairy - Heart-Shaped Jewelry (click seven)

When you get it right, you will get a message when you back out.

Val will send the boys into the back room, promising to bring them to Mr. Siepp. Enter the back room, and Val locks them in the store. Sheesh, what an asshole! Go to the left, and look under the Bishop's Mitre to find a chess piece. Look at the floor, and take some Packing Paper. Look at the cage around the stairs, and see the lock. It looks like it would accept some sort of odd key. The bishop chess piece is not it, however. Return to the main store, and have a close look at the Knight. There is a (chess) knight symbol on his left gauntlet. Put the bishop there, and receive the White King in return. Use the king to unlock the gate to the stairway. Egad! What kind of place is this? Open all three curtains. The center one reveals a locked door (surprise!) the right one reveals some sort of clue:

Scorpius – the scuttling scourge of Hercules

Cassiopeia – the Queen of Vanity

Cancer – Orion’s poison nemesis

Andromeda – A sacrifice to sea

and the left curtain contains a strange contraption. Against the fourth wall (exit the bottom of the screen) is a bookcase. Take the greaspaint from the bottom shelf, and the book of constellations from the middle shelf.

It opens to Andromeda. Hey - that's one of the clues. Use a sheet of packing paper on the book, then use the greasepaint to obtain a tracing. Do the same for the other three constellations mentioned. (Turn the pages backward, by the way) There are other constellations, and you could trace them all, but you only need the four named in the clue. Go to the strange contraption and use one of the tracings on it. You need to connect the dots, one at a time, in order to complete the circuit from left to right. Each time you do, a constellation is revealed in the skylight. When you complete them, the door to Mr. Siepp's office will unlock.

Talk to him. Uh-oh; he knows who you are. How can that be? Ask him all the questions. Talk to him completely, Use the map to go to the Crescent Theatre. Enter the building, and go into the ticket booth. Look at the corkboard, and take the Gallery Key.Go through the empty theater, and into the backstage area, using the exit to the rleft. The second door is Harold's dressing room. He has no use for the New York Review, and Natalie in particular. Continue on down the hall past the blue chair. Don't go up the stairs yet.The second door on the right is an unoccupied dressing room, where you will find a script "Hamlet's Twin Brother" on the table. Take it and open your cell phone and read the script in your Journal. It tells how the stage should be set. This is how you will produce the cue for Harold to come out and act.

You learn the following:

Opening Scene – Elsinore Castle – Late Night.

Turn on Backstage Breaker in Fuse Box (Backstage)

Load ‘Spooky’ Music Roll in Player Piano (Stage)

Turn Player Piano on (Stage)

Get Gallery Key from Box Office

Get Script from Dressing Room

Unlock Padlock

Extend Gallery Stairs

Set Lights to ‘Stormy’ at console in Gallery

Set Moon to Full at console in Gallery

Ring Clock Tower Bell 3 times on the Bell Board (Gallery)

Exit the room and exit the hall to the bottom, and take the short stairs up to the stage. See the player piano with rolls atop it. Take them, and install the "Spooky" roll in the piano.

Cross the stage, go backstage again, then up the stairs. Use the Gallery Key to unlock that door, and go all the way to the end and look at the control panel. There seems to be no power. Now where did we see an electrical box? We didn't, actually. It's really really hard to see. Go backstage to the foot of the stairs. Look on the wall just to the left of that big double-door exit. Examine the box, and pull the switch to turn on the electricity. Go upstairs to the control panel. Set the moon to full, and the lighting to spooky. Then ring the Bell Tower. Return to the backstage area in order to meet Harold and talk to him. Ask him all the questions. He tells you of the accident, and that Richard Llewellyn is in St. Ambrose Hospital. Go there.

The Security Guard is inside, against the rules. He is thirsty for a warm cocoa. Talk to Nurse Airhead. She is doing a puzzle for one of the doctors. She needs help with the solution. Here is one possible way to do it:

Now she will watch some TV, after all that mental effort. Go into the Laundry Room and take the scrubs hanging on the wall, and the folded sheets from the cart. Exit the building and drape the sheets over the satellite dish. The TV picture is disrupted, and the nurse will go rap on the TV to try to fix it. Give the guard the hot chocolate, and he will be comfortable enough to go outside. Now you can take the elevator up to the ward where Richard is.

Exit up and to the left, and talk to the security guard. You can't just barge in. Talk to him and watch as Dr. Casper enters the room. You can assume his office is unoccupied now. Return to the elevators, and go around the corner and up. You can remove the safety cones in front of room 310. Go downscreen, and enter the door on the left.

Look at the lockers in order to learn Dr. Edward Casper's full name. Look at the desk and pick up the picture to learn his little boy's name, "Bobby." Look at his computer monitor. Can you guess at his login name and password? Yes, you have to use the on-screen keyboard by clicking on each letter with the mouse. Type in edwardcasper and bobby. Read the paper on the patient, Richard Llewellyn. Also read the call codes and the instructions. You will use this information to distract the guard.

Right-click to exit the computer. Exit the office, and go to the area where you removed the cones. Examine the phone, and use it to dial 116 (security threat) and 310 (room) The guard will run to 310, slip on the wet floor, and be disabled. The doctor will attend to him. Talk to Richard Llewellyn and get his confession.

Chapter 4: What Goes Around Comes Around.

You wind up back home. Go to the living room and talk to Dad. You will have to make breakfast for Mom. Go to the kitchen and look at the refrigerator to find the recipe for French Toast. You will need to red it in your cell-phone journal. It says:


2 Eggs

A Splash of Milk

A Splash of Orange Juice

A drop or two of Vanilla Extract

Whisk well

Dunk bread in batter then cook on medium heat


Open the fridge and take some eggs, the milk, and the orange juice, all of which are in the door. Go to the shelf, and place the eggs, milk, and OJ in the bowl. That's weird; there were three eggs in inventory, but only two yolks show up in the bowl. The vanilla is right there behind the bowl. Add some to the mix. Click on the whisk. Pick up the bread and put it into the batter. While you are right there, take the pocket knife from the right side of the screen. Turn around and look at the oven. Click the bread on the oven door. Turn the heat to medium (left button, one click) and turn on the power (right button.) Voila - perfection. Take the finished toast. Go back to Dad and click on him. Mom is appeased, and you will be able to leave. Use the Map to jump to the mansion.

Spencer Mansion

Examine the car once more. There's a new dent! Take the piece of cloth from the front grille. Open the hood and use the pocket knife to take the timing belt.

Enter the house and talk to Samuel, that grumptious old fart. Oh-oh, his car was vandalized. We fund the thief. Spencer is not too sympathetic, is he. He also lies about where he was born. Must have something to hide, it seems.

Caretaker's House

Go to the caretaker's residence and enter. Talk completely to Thomas. Ask about Lily and Mary.

Nurse's Station

The boys see Mary place a white flower on the little grave. They go to the grave after she leaves, and take the flower.

Caretaker's House.

Talk to Mary. She is nonplussed at the sight of the flower. She reveals that Richard was her son. She tells the whole story, how she grew up here. It turns out Dougal Siepp was Richard's father. Samuel caused the fire that killed her parents. She has planned this whole thing for revenge. Before the boys leave, she gives them Richard's written confession. It's in the phone/journal. Read it for a clue.

You need to talk with Lily. Her father told you she can be found at the Mug Shots coffee shop. Go to Bayport Street and enter the building on the left. Talk to Chet, then talk to Lily. Be sure to talk about the side entrance to the house, and ask to look at her locket. The clue to opening it is in the Confession.


Her left hand

Her right hand

Her left hand

Her head

Her right side

The key to our past

So - click on the left petal, the right petal, the left again, the top petal, and the button on the right edge. You get a tiny key. Be careful! If you exit without opening the locket, you may be stuck. If you press the wrong petal, just press the side button and start over.

High School

Go to the computer lab and talk to Phil. He is fiddling with the elastic in his socks. Take a piece of the elastic.

The West Wing

Use the Map to get to the new area, the West Wing of the Mansion. Enter, and see the Asylum brochure on the floor. Enter the door right there. Examine the service window, which is not open far enough to get through. Look at the transom over the door, and Frank will hoist up Joe, who can look inside. The mechanism to open the service window is there, but it's too far away to operate. Put the timing belt on the device, then go to the service window and pull the belt to fully open it. Go through the next door, and find yourself deeper into the building. Down the hall on the right is a locked door. Go back once into the hallway, and examine the key rack on the wall. One of the keys is missing. Look in the hole in the floor. You need something to reach that key. Combine the elastic with the refrigerator magnet and pick up the "Room Six Key." Now you can get through that locked door.

Move the bed. Pull down the loose boards on the wall. Enter the other room and pull up on the loose board. As Frank, re-enter the bedroom and take Dougal's Lockbox. Open your inventory and double-click on the lockbox to open it. It contains the confession of Orin Ingram Spencer, Samuel's father. (After you read it, it will become available in the phone/journal.)

Don't forget you have another box in your inventory - Dougal's Puzzle Box. Double-click on it to attempt to solve it. You see a golden box with the top, right side and end, bisected diagonally. It takes twelve moves, in the correct sequence to get it open. Start with the end panels. Move the top panel up and the lower panel down. Then move the lower panel on the right side down. Restore the end panels to their original position, then move the upper panel on the right side down. This time move the two end panels the opposite of the first time; top one down, and bottom one up; then the lower right panel down again. Finally, restore the end panels to their original position, and move the upper right panel down once more. Bingo! Your inventory now contains an "Elaborate Push Rod."

If you are still in the West Wing, and try to use the map, you might have difficulty leaving if the Mode is set to one of the brothers. You need to work together. Exit into the bedroom, and change the Mode to "Both."

Police Station

Go to the Police Station and talk to the Chief. Remember to keep starting the conversation until he's no longer in the mood to talk.

Bayport High School

Go to the Science Lab and talk with Iola. (If she's not there, go to the Mug Shot restaurant and talk to Chet. He is Iola's brother, and will send her to the lab.) She will examine the rag from the car, and provide a bit of evidence you need. Go tell the police chief about it.


Look at the Grandfather Clock. Use the Elaborate Push Rod on the little keyhole. The clock opens to reveal a gears puzzle.

Solve the gears puzzle, and a small drawer opens. It contains the "Desk Key."

We're getting there! Read the legal correspondence. Then, go outside and unlock the car door. Take the ticket stub and go see Chief Collig. Enjoy the closing scenes. It turns out that Samuel has been the perpretator right from the start, starting with the fire.

Some issues about the car: A '50s vintage car doesn't have a plastic coolant reservoir; just a huge radiator.
That belt the boys took isn't a timing belt, it's a fan belt; those are internal, and usually chains if they exist at all. Some cars use gears.
A car will not run at all without a timing belt, but it will run without a fan belt for a short time, until it boils over, which is what happens in the scene.
Those keys aren't appropriate either. That style of key is very modern, and not right for an older car.
The hubcap found at the caretaker's house is supposedly usable to collect the antifreeze; but it's not really a hubcap at all, and wouldn't hold water.
That Gears Puzzle looks a lot more like a pocket watch mechanism than a tall-case clock. Sheesh! Am I being fussy, of what? Just enjoy the game and ignore my picky comments.


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