A game by Christian Taite


December 06


The game starts with a series of texts to introduce the game. R.J. Coombs needs to talk to the press. You are David Lawson, a reporter.

Third floor, apartment 14B, the apartment of Coombs. Time to snoop around a little.


When you are in the room, use left mouse to change the text at the bottom of the screen.


Start by looking at the tape recorder on the chair by the wardrobe. Some tapes are in it.

To have a look at the tape, click with the hand icon on the recorder and you will see the content of the tapes.  An experiment?  Press the space bar when a tape is finish rolling.


After looking at the tapes, go to your right and look and touch at everything you can.


In the box, next to the recorder, find some books. With the hand icon, you can read part of one book: “….sodium carbonate is used in….”


Next, the TV, but no plug????


A bookshelf: nothing special.


In front of the TV, find a typewriter. Look at it and with the hand icon, read the text.


The door: still some snooping left to do.


The mirror and radiator: nothing to do with them.


A garbage bag: click on it with the hand icon to get a flash of light. Look at it again: it is partially open. With the hand, get a bottle of sodium carbonate.


Always going right, see a bucket and a blue cup around the sink: don’t need them.


The tap of the sink: use the hand icon: the water is a little brown.  There is a box under the sink…………….


Have a look at the cross and use the hand icon.


See a print by Edward Munch on the wall.


On the floor: paint supplies: pass.


The wardrobe: with the hand icon, you will see that it is locked.  Looking for a tool to open it.


Back to take a look under the sink at the box. Look at it and then use the hand icon to get a red screwdriver.


Maybe we can now open the wardrobe. In inventory, take the screwdriver (press on the X to get out of the inventory box) and use it on the wardrobe: Hmm, a lock.

After clicking to get rid of the text, your cursor will become the red screwdriver: click on all the pins and hear a sound for each pin. Three pins have the same sound and the other four, another sound. Then click again on pins 2-4-7 from left to right.

The door will open: take the sponge and the plug.

Use the arrow on the left of the screen to move back.


Go to the TV, take the plug from inventory and click it on the TV. Use the hand icon and watch. Where is that room?


Now, go to the tap of the sink and use the bottle of sodium carbonate on it: the sodium dissolves into a liquid state.

In inventory, combine the bottle and the sponge.


Go to the print on the wall and use the sponge on it to see a text: “nowhere to hide”

What’s in the lower left corner of the print: use the hand icon and find a sheet of paper: a list of names.      Alex Roland??     Project Butterfly.


The phone rings: where is it? On the floor by the recorder. Answer it.


After the telephone call, the room will tremble.


Read all the texts until the end of the game.


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