from DreamCatcherEurope FAQs (with permission)

Your adventure starts in Hopkins' apartment. Pick up the screw-driver lying on the chest of drawers next to the window and the gun inside its case. Have a look at the sofa, you will  find a key there. Now, leave the apartment by going down In the streets, speak to the man reading the newspaper to know the last news. Take the key from your inventory and use it on the red car (which is hopkins' car).
You will have a general overview of the town. Try to move, until you are warned a hold-up is occurring at the main central bank: go there right now (it is in the middle on the town).
Once there, show your FBI pass card to the blonde-haired agent. Speak a little bit with him and ask him for a loud-hailer. Once you have it with you, use it on the bank to speak to the thiefs
inside the building. While discussing with them, bow to (accept) their injunctions, but on one condition: you must take place of the hostages (On the bank roof, the thiefs will flee, but will knock you out before leaving...).
Once you wake up, have a look at the sheet of paper (it is the drawing of a bomb). Use the elevator to get inside the main hall of the bank. Search the shelves on the left, you will find a knife. Now, push the trashcan aside, next to the counter and take the bow that you will find there.
Inside you will find the bomb: use the screwdriver on the box to unlock and open it. To defuse the bomb, cut the cables thank to the knife in this following order: yellow, green and at last red. Now, You may leave the bank.

Take the car, you will be warned by your HQs (headquarters) that the thieves' helicopter has been found in a waste ground, which is in the bottom left of the town map. Do go there then.
Once you have arrived there, pick the empty bottle up, next to the helicopter and search the trashcan (trashbin) for a slice of meat. Then, push the little shit of paper lying on the ground, there, you will find a shoe-lace. Leave this place and go to the laboratory (on the left from the FBI office). Give the
shoe-lace to the scientist. Go to the FBI HQs.
Talk to the receptionist, who will tell you that the boss is in.
Go into the office on your left (which is Hopkins'), open the desk upper drawers, search them to find a key. The, use the key that you have found to unlock the chest on the right: take the grenade that you will find inside. The password of the computer is obviously " HOPKINS ".
Go out and go to the office on the right. Once in there, talk to Samantha until she treats you to a diner (she invites you for a diner) at 8.00 PM. Leave this office, and go to the elevator (or lift) and activate it. Speak to the boss and retrace your way to the receptionist: ask her if there is any incoming messages,
she will then tell you that the laboratory has just called her on the phone and you will have to call them back at this number: There is a phone in each office...
Talk to the scientist who will put you on a right track.
You have to go in the forest. Leave the FBI main office and go to the bottom left of the screen. To go to the forest, you have to cross a tiny river. Take the rope lying on the small boat and use it on a small piece of wood, from the other side of the river. Inside the forest, use your gun to shoot down all enemies, and go straight on, but get sticked to the left until you reach a small hut, that you will see in the background. Use the grenade on the hut door... From now on, you will get shot dead...

You are not dreaming, for you are now in the undead realm, and it is for real! Go to the room to the right, you will be in a bar. Use the dispenser on the counter to get some peanuts, then take some darts sticked to the target on the wall, to the right. Go to the room to the right which is a bathroom.
Pick up the wig, clothes and retrace your way back to the waiting-room. Use clothes and wig on you, so you look like a woman and then, go to the room on the top of the screen.
Give the peanuts to the guard and treat him to a drink.
Now, you can get through the door without getting caught.
In this room, activate the lever on the right and push on a button next to it, so that you activate the teleport pod. Go inside the teleport pos and use the darts on the button.
You will be teleported to the hut where you were dead once: take the 20$ bill on the ground and now, go to Samantha's apartment. Do not forget to use your gun while going through the forest. Her apartment in on the bottom right (south from the laboratory and left from the ruins).

In the flat, search the vase to the right from the TV set, you will find a chewing-gum. Do the same for any other drawers to find a lighter. Use the gun on the door on the right and push it open. Use the fuse-panel next to the door and look at it: you will see that there is a fuse missing. Go into your inventory and use the chewing-gum, from now on, you will have a bit of aluminum.
Plug this bit of aluminum into the missing fuse slot. Go to the room on the right: you have lighted it up!
You are in Samantha's bathroom. Pick up the piece of cloth (to the left from the wash-basin), in one of the drawers, pick up some sleeping-pills. Push the bath tub curtain open and take the mirror leaning against the wall. Look at the corpse, there is a writing on the bath tub: read it. Leave the flat and go to
the FBI Office.
Go into Hopkin's office, you will find a parcel (pack) on the table. Open the parcel in your inventory, you will see the video tape. Retrace you way to Samantha's home: turn the TV set on, and the
VCR, at the end of Bernie's message, you will be given a riddle: " Where man has fins, your double will float". To find the answer, you will have to go to the pool, in the lower right part of the screen.
Once there, give the dog the piece of meat and take the fuel container.
Use the mirror on the pool water: you will find the corpse of a woman and the answer to the next riddle " Kind will suffer heat, swarthy will he be"...
Go to the museum (center of map), go in front of Louis XVI statue (on the right of the museum). Look at the fireplace with a log inside, next to the fireplace. Open your inventory, use the fuel container  on the bottle to fill it, use the cloth on the full bottle, then use the lighter on it, to burn up the wick. You have just done a cool "molotov cocktail". Use this do-it-yourself bomb on the fireplace.
The Statue will melt away: a new corpse for a brand new riddle: "She will be a star for one day".
Go to the cinema (south from the bank), and give the 20 dollars bill to the guard, so he will let you in. While upstairs, you will find 2 doors: open the one with an "interdiction" panel on it and enter the room. Plug the mains wire (the plug is in the bottom right of the room), push the button of the machine and activate the levers to open the curtains of the cinema room.
Retrace you way back to the cinema entrance and take the door on your left. There, a woman is "nailed" onto the cinema screen. Go to the shooting cabin (left from the laboratory), and use  shooting closet number 5, then, shoot the target thanks to the gun, then, make it come ro you by pulling the lever on your right.
Take the target and Samantha's corpse will be revealed. From her corpse grab the VCR tape and the tiny key she wears around her neck. Go to Samantha's apartment, once there, view the VCR tape.
Retrace your way back to the FBI Headquarters, and get into Samantha's office. Use the key that you have found on her corpse, open the cupboard, inside you will find her computer password which is: 328MHZA. Read all investigations reports on her computer, then go to see the head (the boss). He will tell you to go on Condor Isle. Go to the airport (northwestern part of the map) and speak to the man that you will find there.

Once having landed on the Isle, push aside the rock near the crab and pick up the gold coins, leave the seaside by the left. You will be in the center of the island. Give the gold coins to the tourists to play 421. You will earn 70 dollars. Take the shovel which on the left from them, and then get back to the seaside by going to the exit on the top right of the screen.
On the beach, use the shovel on the sand 3 times to find a worm.
Go to the center of the island again. Go to the shop (on the left), use the 70 dollars on the fishing pole (lying against the wall) to purchase it. Go out from the shop and take the exit in the lower right side of the screen. Use the worm on the fishing pole.
Go fishing by using the pole on the sea, and will catch a fish.
Go to the center of the island (on the left).
Use the fish on the cat on the left, get back to the center of the island. Go into the bar (on the right side), there is the factory employee standing there. Use the sleeping pills on the glass he is drinking. Once he has fallen asleep, take the ticket from his suit and go to the launderette (left from the bar).
Give the ticket to the tenant, he will give you a jacket. Go to the inventory and have a look at the jacket: you will find the badge (or medallion) which will allow you an entrance to the factory.
Go now to the factory entrance, give the badge to one of the 2 guards that you will see. Enter the factory.

Take the elevator from the right and get to the first floor. You will notice there is a crack in the control panel from the elevator. Open the door next to the extinguisher, inside, search the desk to find a box of matches. Leave this room, and take the door on the left. Now look at the paper that sticks out from the desk and take the paper-clip on it. Get back in the hall and go to the 4th floor. Take the left door. In the laboratory, take the gloves next to the plant. Go now to the 2nd floor, in your inventory, use the gloves. Unplug the vacuum plug and use the paper-clip on this same plug. Thanks to the short-circuit that you have provoked, all the cameras will be out of work. Now, enter the room next to the one where you are, and use the box of matches on the trashcan. Go out and go to the 3rd floor. Enter the room which was once inaccessible, take the card lying on the console. Go in the lift, use the card on the crack of the lift control panel, you will gain access to a secret passage.
In this room, use the card onto the crack on the console on the right, a lift will be coming. Enter the lift.
In the submarine, you will find a secret base: keep on going straight on, unfortunately, you will get caught by Bernie's men.

In the prison, search the trashcan and take the diamond ring. Use the diamond onto the laser beams of your cell and go to the one which is next to yours. Now open the coffin that you will find there and use it. In the room where you are standing now, there are 3 corpses locked inside capsules: the body of Samantha is the one which is in the middle. Push the Samantha's container button to teleport her. In this room,  you will find 3 indispensable items that will serve you well for your progress: lethal gas bottle, a jar that contains the antidote to this lethal gas and a syringe: take these 3 items which are next to the  piece of furniture, to the left from the coffin. Leave the room, and go to sector 2. You are in the electrical fan room: switch off the fan in the middle by pressing the button console. In your inventory, use the jar, you will be immuned against lethal gas that you are about to spread all over the base (J). To perform such a thing, use the gas into the empty slot. Now, there is a rendez-vous for you in sector1.
Go in your inventory, use the syringe to pick up a sample of your own blood. Use it then on the slot on the right side of the console. (You will create a perfect clone whose death will be cause by lethal gas). Now, go to the purgatory with your clone.

In purgatory, go in the bathroom, and ask Samantha to follow you for the "real" Hopkins needs her help. Once she will be teleported, go to the main great room and talk to the man who has a knife
in his chest. Ask him to lend him his knife. Go to the teleportation room, cut the machine wire with the knife (Bernie will be visible during final fight), and you can take control of the "real" Hopkins.
Go to the room in sector3, push the button of the console on the right. You have just brought Samantha to life, now, go to sector 1. In this sector, on the right of the labyrinth, there is a room where lies a metal plate, go and find it with Samantha and Hopkins. In this room lies 2 machines with a button on it: Take control of Hopkins and push to button of one of the machines, Do the same with Samantha and push the other button. At last, take control of Hopkins, jump into the hole which will
appear in the middle of the room.


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