Incredible Machine - Cheats for Tim Add-On Disk
by Brian Milner

Be Warned: This is a Spoiler
Listed below please find all 160 TIM passwords. That's right, 160. This list includes the passwords for the puzzles inthe new TIM add-on disk.The first entry is blank - you don't need a password for the first puzzle of the game. Entry of any password on thislist gives you access to all the puzzles below that level. For some reason, there are *2* final passwords. Entry ofeither of these passwords gives you access to all levels of the game.The game turns the list of puzzles that you've `done' (or entered the password for) green. If you enter the finalpassword, all the puzzles in the list turn green. So, if you do this, you must keep careful track of the levels that you'vecompleted, or you might miss some.If you get fed up with this, you can turn all the levels back to red by deleting the file `TIM.CFG'. This file is updatedeach time you quit the game, saving the level that you've got to. If you delete this file, it's regenerated the next timeyou quit the game. When I deleted it from my TIM + Add-on-disk setup, the add-on levels turned red and the originallevels stayed green.CAUTION -  make a backup copy of your game before trying this.If you delete files from the game, and the whole thing refuses to run, *and* you haven't first made a backup; don'tcome crying to me :-)These passwords work fine on the UK version of the game. For all I know, they'll work on all versions of the gameworldwide, and also cover the new commercial version that will be released soon; which combines original TIM andthe add-on disk stuff. However, I'm not making any guarantees.Congratulations to Jeff Tunnell Productions and Sierra on a game that has held my attention right to the end. I'veplayed many, many computer games; and I tire of most before I complete them.Nice work, guys!
Please feel free to distribute this file. However, please leave the whole text intact - the spoiler alert, the warnings,and my .sig at the end. (Fame - I wanna live forever :-) )Here's the list of passwords: enjoy the game!1                       57      CROSS           113     DEIFY2       SIERRA          58      CHOCOLATE       114     MERGANSER3       DYNAMIX         59      PLATO           115     SEAL4       MACHINE         60      WELLSPRING      116     CONTRAPTION5       DISK            61      HYDROPLANE      117     FLAX6       SHUTTLE         62      PALM            118     PRIMORDIAL7       SATURN          63      SOMBRERO        119     RAVE8       KING            64      JOIST           120     HYACINTH9       DRAGON          65      ASTRONAUT       121     SPIDER10      ANTS            66      MARIONETTE      122     YAMMER11      BASEBALL        67      OSMIUM          123     NERVE12      BEAR            68      ASSURANCE       124     GRATE13      FISH            69      CALCULATOR      125     EMULSION14      DALE            70      SUPERIOR        126     INPUT15      CHESTERTON      71      PHILHARMONIC    127     PARADISE16      SIZE            72      ANGULAR         128     SAMURAI17      IRELAND         73      ZIPPER          129     CHAOS18      WORD            74      UMPIRE          130     BRAWL19      BRIEF           75      RECOVER         131     ASIDE20      HOT DOG         76      SHADOW          132     AXIS21      COUNTDOWN       77      IONIZE          133     OFFBEAT22      PSALMS          78      QUAKE           134     QUIP23      TANK            79      OCTOBER         135     NEWMAN24      NIGHT           80      BILATERAL       136     SLOPE25      GAMES           81      LYRIC           137     TENON26      WESTERN         82      NEEDLE          138     CROSSCUT27      LOG HOME        83      THEORY          139     NORM28      GRAPHICS        84      LOBSTER         140     HOUSE29      KNUTH           85      SAMURAI         141     MACARONI30      DONALD          86      SPLICE          142     TALON31      COMPACT DISK    87      GULF            143     BEAK32      SHAVER LAKE     88      RHOMBUS         144     BIRETTA33      RHEUMATISM      89      OLIVE           145     FREQUENT34      HARPSICHORD     90      POLYNOMIALS     146     STREAM35      MARKET          91      PARAMETRIC      147     UMIAK36      DESK            92      SOLAR SYSTEM    148     HIATUS37      MYRTLE          93      MARBLE          149     CREEK38      QUATERNION      94      HEAVY           150     CROQUET39      AQUARIUM        95      REPUBLIC        151     ACID40      SHOE            96      QUATRAIN        152     BABY41      FLOWER          97      TYRANNOSAUR     153     SEAN42      STORE           98      SULFURIC        154     QUALM43      CLARE           99      DOPA            155     THIAMINE44      KERRY           100     MINARET         156     TURN45      FLANGE          101     DOVETAIL        157     KANGAROO46      SEASON          102     JASMINE         158     CONTENT47      TRIBOLOGY       103     WRANGLE         159     BELLOC48      ABRASIVE        104     KUDOS           160     PASSWORD49      DEFORMATION     105     CULDESAC                AWE50      ELASTIC         106     YODEL  51      ADHESION        107     XYLOPHONE 52      SPECTRA         108     MONKEY 53      INDUCTION       109     HEIST   54      POLARIZATION    110     CAPTURE  55      OVERJOY         111     PURSE    56      DISCURSIVE      112     HOBBY           Brian Milner, The Computer Centre, Brunel University , West London, on Giraffe pen at Chester Zoo: "Sponsored by TallTrees Crane Hire "  

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