The Inner World

By Studio Fizbin

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   October 2013

Gameplay:    This is a point and click game.

Main menu has play, settings, credits and quit. The German or English icons are for choice of language.

Settings has audio settings, screen settings and game manual. Audio settings have volume adjustments for sound effects, speech/movie and music. Screen settings have speech bubbles/subtitles and fullscreen choices.


The ingame menu is accessed at top right of the game screen or by pressing the ESC key. It has save game, continue, settings, how to play, back to main and quit game.

? at top left is the puzzle help. It gives hints to help move in the game.


Click- hold on screen or pressing the space bar shows the hotspots.

Left click of an active item gives a choice of look or use-talk action.

Inventory bar is at bottom of screen. Click an inventory item to get selection of examining or using it.

To combine items, click-hold-drop an item over another.

Dialogue choices are in cartoon-picture forms. If a dialogue is exhausted, it will be grayed out.

Pressing the space bar also skips the intro or cutscenes.


There is only one saved game file. It saves only where you left off before closing the game or the spot where you click the saved game link.

There is no load option. The game opens on the autosave or where the last save was done - just like in casual games.


Asposia is a spherical world located in an enormous hollow space surrounded by earth. It is ventilated by three big wind fountains. Two of the wind fountains stopped and the wind gods, Basylians came. Air is getting scarce.

The remaining working wind fountain is watched over by Abbot Conroy. Abbot Conroy addresses the Asposians at the balcony of his palace. He preaches austerity and obedience to appease the wind gods and hope that the wind will return.

Waiting inside the palace is Robert. A naive Asposian raised by Abbot Conroy. He's polishing Conroy's pendant. A bird which he names Peck flies in. It shows interest in Conroy's pendant. When Robert blows on the pendant, the silver fosfos changes color to white. The pendant is important to Conroy because it reminds him of the most beautiful day in his life as seen on the mural. The mural shows Conroy facing a Basylian and protecting the Asposians that are standing behind him.

Robert is never allowed to the leave the tower. Robert has a different nose than other Asposians. It has holes like a flute. Robert uses a striped nose cover to look like other inhabitants.

Conroy enters the throne room, wears the pendant and asks Robert to play for him. Robert uses his nose as a flute and plays Conroy's song. The song has to have only one note and one beat.

The pigeon swallows the pendant from Conroy's neck and dives in the garbage chute at right. Despite being told not to, Robert follows the pigeon down the chute. Conroy calls the guard to get the hedgehog.

Chapter 1 - The Quest for the Silver Fosfos

Obtain the Casual-Gamer achievement for using the help system often.

Obtain the Mr. Wise Guy achievement for not using the help system at all.

Obtain the Blabbermouth achievement by talking to all the characters at least once.


Robert comes out of the garbage chute and tries to catch the pigeon. It flies to a ledge that has a dead fish. A tutorial follows.

Look around. Check the fosfos at top left. It glows. Robert likes fosfos but Conroy hates them.

Check the old bottle on the ground below the fosfos. Take the corked bottle of nodtarine juice. Check the pile of garbage at bottom left.

Garbage dealer:    Click the corked bottle of nodtarine juice on the garbage dealer. Learn that alcohol is against the law. Obtain the Schnapps-Dealer achievement for showing the nodtarine juice to the garbage dealer.

Talk to the garbage dealer completely. He's got birdseeds. Not knowing the currency-money, Robert confuses the garbage dealer. He will add a Conroy doll if Robert buys the birdseeds. Eventually, Robert gets the Conroy doll and the birdseeds for free.

Items:    Look at the wanted poster of Laura. Check the wind turbine above the poster.

Check and take the windsock right of the poster.

Check and take the crutch below the pigeon. Check Conroy head at right.

Catch the bird:

Check the pigeon and dead fish. Try to catch the bird. Try to use the crutch on bird or fish. They are too high.

Worm:    Check the worm on the ground and try to catch it.

In inventory use the corked bottle of nodtarine juice to get cork and nodtarine juice.

Pour the nodtarine juice on the worm hole. Pick up the drunken worm.

Fish:    In inventory combine the crutch with the drunken worm to get slingshot.

Combine the slingshot with the cork from the bottle to get loaded slingshot.

Use the loaded slingshot on pigeon first and then use the loaded slingshot on the old fish.

The fish drops to ground. Robert keeps the cork and frees the worm.

Windsock:    Use the windsock on the bird. The windsock is open at one end and didn't catch the bird. Obtain the Pigeon-Tunnel achievement.

In inventory, check and then use the birdfeed. Find out that the bag is empty but get a string.

Use the string with windsock to get net.

Bird:    Use the net on the bird. Laura arrives and takes Peck, her pigeon.

Robert checks the poster and learns Laura's name. He has to get the pendant or Conroy will kill him.

Pick up the net. Try to pick up the fish but it is greasy.

Garbage dealer:    Talk to the garbage dealer and learn that Laura is an outlaw and is the enemy of Conroy.

To keep the Basylians off his back the dealer gives 20% of his earning to Conroy. There is a bounty on Laura's head.

Street with bars and Wind Fountain Square:

Go through the archway to be in the street with bars. See the hedgehog come out of the garbage chute. Robert hears a familiar melody.

Asposian mother and baby:    Talk to the Asposian mother completely. She knows Laura, the one on the poster. The melody is the lullaby her mother used to sing to her.

She will bring Robert to Laura if Robert gets her baby girl named Conroy a strawbear yarn onesie.

Check the wanted poster, door and basement window at right side of street.

Wind Fountain Square:    Go through the street to be at the fountain area.

Tailor:    Check and talk to the arms of the tailor behind bars. Learn about the tailor's life. Conroy incarcerated him for his protection.

The tailor will make a onesie if he has: yarn, knitting needles and knitting pattern. The strawbear yarn is what wind monks fashionables robes are made of.

Guard:    Go up the stairs. Check the lunch box of the guard and the guard.

Talk to the guard and learn what he does. See that he is afraid of Conroy.

Learn about the sin-o-mat. It is used to confess sins to. The needle shows the weight of the sins confessed.

Go through the entrance behind the guard and be upstairs. Check Conroyhead to get a flyer. Exit down.

Conroy's palace:    Check the view, wind fountain and palace.

Sin-o-mat:    Check the machine at right of the balcony.

Check the display and see the needle of the sin gauge. It goes 0-100.

Check the sin-o-mat and then use it to confess.

Select the "no sin" dialogue. The output compartment below opens to show a mint.

Exit (X) the dialogue and take the mint. Use the mint to eat it.  Obtain Fresh Breath achievement if you ate a mint.

If you ate the mint - get another mint by doing another "no sin" confession.

Obtain strawbear yarn:

Go back to the street with bars.

The Staggering Fosfos:    Check the bar sign above the entrance and the board left of door.

Enter the bar. Look around.

Talk to Ottilie the barmaid and owner of the establishment. Ottilie gives a Lava streamer.

See the Wooloof and the wind monk at the slot machine.

Wind Monk:    Check the wind monk. Talk to the wind monk of the Valleys. Laura left the right path. Learn what happened to his valley wind fountain.

Check the swivel chair the monk is sitting on. It is rusty.

Check the loose thread of his robe. Leave the bar.

Backstreet:    Go right of the bar to be at the garbage area.

Use the flyer taken from Conroyhead at the fountain square on the old fish to get wrapped fish.

Strawbear yarn:    Go back to the Fosfos bar.

Use the wrapped fish on the swivel chair the wind monk is sitting on. Now it is oiled.

Pull the loose thread of the robe to get strawbear yarn.

Ottilie flirts with Maleus the wind monk.

Obtain the knitting pattern:

Bubble gum machine:    Check the bubble gum machine. Robert has a feeling that they are looking at him. It needs coins to use.

Use the mint taken from the Sin-o-mat on the gum machine. Get marbles. Leave the bar.

Detze the little boy:    Talk to the little boy. He has a treasure map of the Root forest. It looks like a knitting pattern.

Detze freed the fosfos of the lighthouse. The Basylian treasure he is hunting is made up of their eyes in a chest.

Guard at fountain:    Go back to the guard at the wind fountain.

See a Basylian fly out of the wind fountain ad attacks.

Check the poster at side of the guard house.

While standing left of the guard house, use the Conroy puppet on the guard. Take the lunch box.

In inventory combine the marbles with the lunch box.

Knitting pattern:    Give the lunchbox with marbles to Detze. Pick up the knitting pattern.

Get the knitting needles:

Petrified Asposian:    Check the destroyed house and petrified Asposian behind Detze.

Examine and take the petrified walking stick.

Ottilie:    Go back inside the bar and talk to Ottilie about Sin-o-mat.

She knows Conroy and Pandur personally. Maleus will make three.

Ask about worst and new sins and Robert's sin. Obtain the King of Sins achievement if you thoroughly talked to Ottilie about sins.

Leave the bar. See that Ottilie is "on holiday".

Sin-o-mat:    Go back to the Sin-o-mat machine. Confess your sins to the machine.

Select Ottilie's sin dialogue. The machine explodes.

Pick up the needle and a mint from the output compartment.

Get a onesie:

Tailor:    Go to the tailor at wind fountain. Give the tailor the needle, walking stick, yarn and pattern. Get a onesie. The tailor wants a companion - he's lonely.

Baby:    Go back to the Asposian mother and give her the onesie. The mother points Robert to go the Mechatre.


See that this is an outdoor theatre. Watch the story of Finus; a Conroy propaganda.

Stage:    Robert notices feathers on stage. Robert picks up pigeon feather.

Examine and try to open the trap door.

Open the trap door:

Screenplay:    Go back to the theatre. Look around the theatre-Mechatre.

Examine the screenplay above the control panel. See 7 pages of the play script.

On page 7, see drawings that shows Conroy's thumb can be moved to point up or down.

Control panel:     Examine the control panel and see the adjustments for the stage settings.

At bottom right is a wheel with pictures of parts of the play: background, other characters, Conroy and the Basylian.

At middle bottom is a slider bar that changes the features-actions of the one selected on the wheel.

Select a part of the play and move the slider to each notch. See that the selected part changes.

Arrange the play characters:    Obtain the Trial and Error achievement if this puzzle is solved by trying out things randomly (not sure when this will occur).

Cabinet:    Open the door below the control panel. See notation of a part of the play and number.

See that the background is #6, other characters is #4, Conroy is #7 and the Basylian is #4.

Check the screenplay pages and see what is the background on page 6, the positions of the other characters in page #4, Conroy's position in #7 and the Basylian in page #4.

Use the control panel and move the slider to show the selected screenplay positions-choices:

- other characters on #6 notch. Finus' parents are petrified.

- background on #4 notch. The blue background has sunrays.

- Conroy at #3 notch. Conroy has his thumbs up.

- Basylian at #3 notch. The Basylian shoots out beams from eyes.

Robert hears noises from the stage.

Stage:    Go to the stage and check the trap door. It doesn't open.

Turn Conroy's thumb to point down as shown by the notation on page 7 of the screenplay. The trap door opens.

Fonk the hedgehog:    See Fonk the hedgehog sniff Robert's trail. He destroys the control panel lever and leaves.

Get the silver fosfos:

Robert lowers to the workshop under the stage. Laura is upset about something she's working on.

Look around.  See the silver fosfos on a metal holder; Peck the pigeon is eating the old fish and Laura working at right wall.

Peck makes a noise whenever Robert moves out of hiding.

Control desk:    There's a control desk at left wall.

Use the control desk's levers twice and see that Conroy's hand-arm moves around and over the silver fosfos.

Use the net on Conroy's finger but it doesn't work.

Glue:    Check the burst sack at left corner. It is Conrad's super glue: mix with solvent, shake and glue.

Use the lava streamer given by Ottilie as solvent on the burst sack-Conrad's super glue.

Combine the cork and the lava streamer with miracle glue powder to seal the glass.

Use the corked up lava streamer with miracle glue powder to shake it. It separates to miracle glue powder and cork.

Attach the net to Conroy's finger:    Use the control desk once to get Conroy image on stage.

Go on stage. Conroy figure is on its side. Use the glue on finger. Use the net on sticky hand.

Go back down to the secret passage. Use the control desk again. The net catches the silver fosfos.


Laura catches Robert. She places the silver fosfos back on the stand. The pendant was made by Laura's father. Laura wants to make it glow. Robert blows on the fosfos and it glows. A movie is projected from the fosfos.

See Laura's father try to warn Laura about Conroy. Other Asposians with flute noses were turned to stone. Reminepo also mentions saving the wind, the flute and root forest. Reminepo was taken away by guards. A woman and a baby with flute noses are seen scared in the movie. Robert realizes that Conroy lied to him about being the only one.

Conroy arrives and tries to take Laura. He orders Robert to come to him. Laura and Robert escape in a rocket ship. The rocket ship lands at the root forest.

Obtain the Chapter 1 - The quest for the Silver Fosfos achievement for finishing the chapter.

Chapter 2 - The Secret Place in the Root Forest

Laura and Robert crashed in the Root Forest. Robert tries to walk pass the bear traps. Laura leaves to find clues to the location of her father.

Strange animal:

Gorf:    The strange animal eats the Conroy glove puppet. Try to talk to the strange animal.

Use the pigeon feather on Gorf the strange animal. Pick up the Conroy glove puppet that was spat out by Gorf.

Now talk to Gorf completely. Learn that Gorf is a very dangerous animal. Gorf has poisonous secretion; his tail can kill and his claws and teeth are sharp.

The traps were set by a crazy old man-a wind monk. The monk is protecting a secret place in the Root forest. Gorf can only move in sturdy rocks because his claws sink in soft soil.

Get a nut:

Check the skid marks on the ground, swamp and the signs on the tree at right.

Debris:    Check the debris of the ship at bottom left. Take the funnel helmet.

Tree:    Check the tree at left and note the huge tree fruits hanging up the tree.

Use the funnel helmet to get Robert to wear it. Use the tree and Robert kicks it. A nut falls from tree and breaks up. Get the Brainteaser achievement when the nut breaks after hitting the funnel helmet.

Thorny bush:    There is a thorny bush in front of the tree. Use the Conroy glove puppet on thorny bush to get thorny branch.

Go to the traps and see if the thorny branch works with the traps. No good.

Catch tumble mouse:    See that while Robert is by the trap; a white fuzzy tumble mouse comes out of hiding and flies by the hollow in the trunk.

Use the thorny branch on the hollow of the tree left of Gorf.

Go to the trap again or away from the thorn branch to get the tumble mouse flying. It gets caught on the thorny bush. Take the tumble mouse.

Get a nut:    In inventory combine the tumble mouse with the funnel helmet.

Use the padded funnel helmet. Use the tree and Robert kicks it again. A nut falls down from the tree to the ground.

Disable the traps:

Go to traps and use the nut on the traps. Obtain the Windfall Fruit achievement. The nut is slippery and Robert can't throw it.

Use the nut with Gorf's claws. Gorf punches 3 holes on the nut ala bowling ball.

Use the tree fruit with holes on the traps.

Trapped:    Robert gets a strike! Robert gets caught in a rope trap. Laura arrives. Robert is pulled up the treetops upside down.

See a red robed wind monk. Pandur uses an ear trumpet to hear. He hears Laura and shoots at her with his crossbow.

Play as Laura.

There's an empty small box in inventory. Look around.

See the fired arrow on tree trunk. An empty screaming ants nest is above Laura. There's a skeleton above that has a weird helmet and neck pouch. A clothes line is strung across the trees above Robert.

Robert:    The rope that holds Robert is inside a hook. Talk to Robert.

Pandur, the wind monk hears Laura and fires another set of arrows. He also pulls on Robert's rope and the hook starts to unravel the rope.

Talk to Robert again to see what happens. The wind monk fires again and pulls the rope holding Robert. The hook falls off the tree.

Go down to the forest floor and pick up the hook.

Gorf:    Talk to Gorf. Learn that he has an itchy spot on top of his head. Learn that Pandur dropped his glasses in the swamp. Pandur is deaf and nearly blind.

Use the hook on the dry spot on top of Gorf's head. Get Gorf-Scratcher achievement by using hook on dry spot.

Get Pandur's glasses:

After learning about the glasses in the swamp; check the swamp between the trees at right.

Examine the spot in the swamp. Examine and take the reed left of the tree that goes to the tree house.

Use the reed on the spot in the swamp. That doesn't work. Obtain the Master of Stirring by stirring the swamp with the reed.

In inventory combine the reed with the hook. Use the reed with hook on spot in swamp to get glasses.

Pandur:    Climb up to tree house. Use the glasses on Pandur. After some dialogue, Laura decides not to give the glasses. Obtain the Suicide achievement.

Go back down to the forest.

Find clues about secret location.

Strange guys camp:    Go right into the forest. Talk to the strange guys. They are doing aerological research. The fourth guy - Simon is lost.

Simon made the globe. Learn about Aerology. The box measures the wind currents and they chart it on the Aerica Charta.

The box run out of fuel and has honey in it. It shoots out paper airplane at specified positions.

The fuel is mud: made up of swamp water and sand.

There's a spot in the forest that might be a wind fountain. The map is not complete - it needs more reading. Laura hopes that the spot in the forest is where dad is.

Box:    Check the tank, machine and exhaust pipe of the box. See that the guy at right sits on a saddle.

Bring Simon back to camp:

The aerologists do not want to give Simon's globe to Laura. They are still waiting for Simon.

Scream-ant:    Try to exit the camp and hear a scream. Examine the screaming spot on the rock left of the sleeping aerologist.

Use Pandur's glasses on the screaming spot. See a scream-ant. Use the empty small chili box on the scream-ant to get quietly screaming pillbox.

Exit the camp and climb to tree house.

Release the scream-ant on the empty screaming ants nest.

Pandur hears the scream and shoots at the tree.

Simon:    Climb the arrows that made steps.

Examine and take Simon's hat. Simon's skull is taken.

Examine and take money bag to get pointer. See flies around the skeleton.

Globe:    Go back down to forest and go right to camp. Give skull to the aerologists to get globe.

Get fuel for the box:

Use globe in inventory to get 2 halves of the globe. The globe has holes.

Go back up to the tree house and up to Simon's skeleton.

Look at and take moss below Pandur. Go down to forest floor.

Get swamp water:     Use moss on 2 halves of globe.

Use the 2 sealed halves of globe on swamp behind Gorf to get swamp water.

Get sand:    Use hook on the skid marks made by the ship. See a sand stream.

Use the empty sealed half of globe on sand stream to get sand.

Combine the 2 halves of globe to get mud.

Gorf:    Try using mud on Gorf's dry spot. Hmm...

Fuel the tank:    Go back to the camp at right.

Examine the tank opening and see it filled with honey.

Use reed on tank opening. Laura drinks the honey.

Pour the mud in tank. The box is now fueled up.

Talk to aerologists again.

Get one wind current reading:

Use the machine and see that it points to 3 locations:    Gorf, Pandur and into forest.

Get forest reading:    Point the machine to the right - into the forest.

Press-use the trigger button on the ground. See the machine shoot out a paper airplane and comes back.

The aerologist reads the paper and updates the wind map.

See also that Gorf eats the paper airplane and Pandur shoots the paper airplane.

Get wind current reading by Pandur:

Tumble mouse:    The tumble mouse is stuck on the branch of tree. It is too high.

In inventory, combine the reed with hook. Combine it with the pointer.

Use the reed with pointer and hook with tumble mouse.

Pandur:    Go to Pandur at tree house. Use the tumble mouse on his ear trumpet.

Get reading:    Go back to camp.

Use the machine to turn it to face the monk-crazy old man on the tree top.

Press the trigger button. The paper plane comes back and the wind map is updated.

Get wind current reading by Gorf:

Go left to forest. Take the arrow that fell when Pandur shot at the paper airplane earlier.

Gorf:    Gorf eats the airplanes that passes by him. Talk to Gorf about the paper airplanes. It is Gorf's instinct that makes him eat anything flying around him.

Get flying things:    Remember that flies surrounds Simon's skeleton.

Go back to camp and check the exhaust pipe. There is still honey in the pipe.

Use the arrow on exhaust pipe to get arrow with honey.

Go back to Simon and the flies at tree house.

Use arrow with honey on flies above Simon to get arrow with flies.

Gorf:    Go down to Gorf.

Use arrow with flies on Gorf's dry spot. That solves his itch and instinct to eat flying things.

Get reading:    Go back to camp.

Use the machine to turn it to face the strange animal at edge of forest.

Press the trigger button. The paper plane comes back and the wind map is updated.

Secret of the Root Forest:

Aerologist:     The wind map is compete. The aerologists are very excited to find a new wind fountain. They left in a rush to tell Conroy.

Laura takes the wind map they left behind. Take the saddle.

Robert:    Go back to Robert at tree house.

Use the saddle on the clothes line. Laura uses the saddle to get to Robert. She uses the tip of the arrow to cut Robert loose.

Obtain the Chapter 2 - The Secret Place in the Root Forest achievement.

Chapter 3 -The Abandoned Dynasty

Robert and Laura walk to the secret place in the Root Forest.

Play as Robert.

Move Gorfelina:

Look around. Check the sleeping fosfos, branch of tree, bricks on wall, remains and stone at right.

The petrified remains is a possible Asposian. The gate is locked.

Pick up the rope ladder and it breaks to get ladder rungs. Take the petrified arm on the ground.

Gorfelina:    See a Gorf sitting on top of a remain - petrified torso. Talk to Gorfelina. Laura and Gorfelina are not civil to each other. Ladies, please...

Get another stone for Gorfelina:    Check the stone at right. Try to move it. It's too heavy.

Use the stone arm on the stone. Robert tries. Examine and talk to Laura. Learn more about her life. This place is familiar to Robert.

Laura positions the arm to prop the stone at right.

Use the ladder rung on the spot under the rock. Use the jacked up stone to take the stone arm.

Push the rock on rolls. The stone is now beside Gorfelina.

Court Gorfelina:    Convince Gorfelina to move to the other stone. Flirt with Gorfelina until she moves.

Take the stone torso.

Open the Gate:

Petrified Asposian:    Use the stone torso on the remains facing the gate. Add the stone arm.

See that the Asposian is playing his flute nose. He has his fingers on the first and last holes.

Using your keyboard numbers: hold down #1 and #4 keys at the same time.

Robert plays his flute nose. The fosfos awakens and lights up. The gate opens.

Fosfos:    See that the awakened fosfos is surrounded by color moths. Laura says the color moths color everything beside it.

Halls of Dynasty:

Laura recognizes a painting on the wall as done by her father. It shows 3 rings one on top of each other; the largest on top and the smallest at bottom. An arrow points to the lowest-smallest ring.

Steve:    Meet the receptionist. Steve says that it is a painting by Kavanosa Canosostri.

Robert eats the cookie given by Steve. He also gives 2 passes to the inner courtyard.

Talk to Steve. Steve faces the mirror and Pete the boss appears in the mirror.

Talk to Pete by presenting the questions to Steve - his alter ego or split personality.

When dynasty is mentioned, Pete remembers a song. Pete starts to sing but it upsets Steve. Steve throws a rolling pin.

Continue talking to Pete via Steve.

The tickets given are only for the inner courtyard and not the ruins. The ruins can be accessed only by use of golden passes. The family that used to live here has golden passes.

Inner Courtyard:

Steve brings them to the inner courtyard. Look around.

Check the rusty shield beside Steve; petrified Asposians, nodtarine bed and jump rope.

Talk to Steve again.  Learn about this place.

Go back to reception area.

Reception Area:

Pick up the rolling pin thrown by Steve.

Talk to Steve again. The ruins door is opened by the golden key in front of Steve.

Pete will remember the rest of the song if he gets fresh air and is out of here.

Look around. Check the oven, fire beetles and ingredients behind Steve.

Get golden passes:

Inner courtyard again:    Go through door to inner courtyard.

Take a bunch of nodtarines and the jump rope.

Take mushrooms that when placed in ears can make one deaf.

Take the golden carpet in front of big door. Check the big door.

Check the dynasty ruin outside the walls.

Reception area:    Take the golden tassel from the cordon metal stand by the door.

Gorfelina:     Exit to the gate. Give bunch of nodtarine to Gorfelina. She's allergic to flowers but not to Robert. Obtain the Casanova Casonostri achievement for trying to give flowers to Gorfelina.

Fosfos and color moths:   If the color moths are by the shrubs, see them release green powder.

Go close to (try to use) the fosfos and color moths. They fly away to be on the tree at left. They then release brown powder.

Note:    Before you use the golden carpet - as stated below- do the Build the stairs to the top wall and Make a color moth parts. You will then get brown passes.

Use the brown passes with Steve and learn that the brown passes gain access to the royal toilet. The toilet is busted.

Get the Royal Toilet achievement. (Info taken from Steam forum).

Go there and they move back to the right.

Use the golden carpet on the branch of the tree.

Try to use the color moths at right and they move to the golden carpet. Now they release golden powder.

Build stairs to the top of wall:    While outside, check the brick left of gate.

While outside, use the rolling pin on the lowest brick.

Go inside and see the 2 bricks.

While inside, use the rolling pin on the middle and then bottom bricks. Now all of them are outside.

Go outside.

While outside, use the rolling pin on the top, the middle and then bottom brick. Now all of them are inside.

Color moths:    Try to use the color moths so that they go to the golden carpet and release golden powder.

Make a color moth:    Go back inside.

Look close at the drawing of Laura's father. Take the 2 pins at middle left.

In inventory combine the guest passes with the tassel. Add the 2 pins to the handicraft. Hang the handicraft by combining the jump rope with the handicraft.

Climb up the 3 bricks and then to the wall.

While standing at top of wall, use the handicraft with the golden color moths by the tree. Get golden handicraft.

Use golden handicraft to get golden passes.

Dynasty Ruins:   

Use the golden passes with Steve.

Inside the wind chapel, look around. Examine the petrified male at central ring and the petrified female at bottom row.

Check the crystals at ends of middle row.

Check the small ring at ceiling. It looks like the drawing done by Reminepo at reception room. It has fosfos drawn on it.

Talk to Pete:    Check the water basin. It is empty.

Use the bunch of nodtarines that has juice that is as smooth as glass with the empty water basin.

Steve sees Pete in the juice reflection.

Talk to Pete via Steve. Pete grew up here contrary to Robert's wrong palace. Learn about the rings at ceiling.

The petrified man is Ocarino Gustus II, head of dynasty. Majoria, Ocarina's wife should have been beside him.

Pete sings the song but forgot the middle notes. Pete needs fresh air to remember.

Get Pete to fresh air:

The crystal breaks. Pick up crystal shards.

Distract Steve:    Talk to Laura to distract Steve. Laura can't do it after a few words with Steve.

Give mushrooms taken from inner courtyard to Laura. She uses them on her ears and tells Steve to ramble on.

Clean the shield:    Exit to inner courtyard and check the rusty shield.

Go to to reception area. Take the grater right of mirror.

Try to use the grater on the shield in inner courtyard. That didn't work out.

Go to Gorfelina outside the gate. Use the grater to scratch her and get corrosive grater.

Use the corrosive grater on the shield at inner courtyard.

Pick up the rust flakes on the ground.

Talk to Pete:    Go back inside the ruin and tell Laura to stop now. Exit the chapel.

At reception area, talk to Steve about courtyard guided tour. They go to inner courtyard.

Steve sees Pete on the shiny shield. Talk to Pete via Steve.

Learn that the inner courtyard was for the people waiting to get an audience with Ocarino Gustus II. Pete says that it is his fault that the attack happened. He allowed someone in. The door is the only entrance to wind chapel but not the only exit.

Hear the song. Pick up the stone dust that fell when the wall crumbled.

Pete says to go to the wind chapel.

Wind Chapel:    Talk to Pete via Steve. Ask for the song again.

Pete sings the song. Now all the fosfos on the lowest ring at ceiling lights up.

Look close at the fosfos and see that there are 4 dots-holes under each one and the leg(s)of the fosfos covers some of them.

Make key to wind chapel:

Distract Steve again:    Give the mushrooms to Laura again so that she can distract Steve.

Make dough:    Go back to reception.

Take the baking book at bottom left of screen.

In inventory, read the baking book to learn the recipe for soft cookies: sugar, nodtarine juice, flour and chocolate flakes.

Use the crystal shards for sugar, bunch of nodtarines, rust flakes for chocolates and stone dust for flour on the mixing bowl right of the mirror.

Use the crank of the mixer. Take the mixing bowl with dough.

Bake a key:    Check the case on the counter and see that it has the key shape.

Use the mixing bowl on the case. Use the dough filled key case on the oven.

Heat the oven:    Read the poster above the oven. You have to insult the fire beetles to raise temperature.

Talk to the fire beetles under the oven. Select insults as dialogue. Robert quotes the words Conroy yelled at him.

Robert praises the fire beetles to get them to cool down.

Key to Wind Chapel:    Use the Conroy puppet glove on hot oven.

Get baked key and burned Conroy puppet glove.

Wind chapel:    Go to wind chapel and tell Laura to stop.

Laura:     Talk to Laura. Robert says that this place seems familiar to him.

Wind chapel:

Go back to the reception room to take Steve out of here.

Go to inner courtyard. Use the baked key on the big door. Enter the chapel.

Flute nose music:    Look close at the fosfos at the ceiling.

See that there are 4 dots-holes under each fosfos and the leg(s) of the fosfos covers some of them.

Click on the flute at bottom right to show the flute with the 4 holes at bottom of screen.

Using your keyboard numbers: press the hole(s) that is covered by the legs of the fosfos; reading it from left to right.

Press holes (left to right): 1 --- 2 and 4 together --- 3 --- 2 and 3 together --- 1 and 3 together and 1.

If done correctly, all fosfos glows. Laura asks Robert to play it again. Robert stands on the dais across Ocarino Gustus II.

The rings at the ceiling goes down. Laura gets a sack of marbles from the lowest ring.

Obtain the Chapter 3-The Abandoned Dynasty Completed achievement.

Chapter 4 - The Secret of the Basylians


The floor gives in and they fall down the hole to land in a large factory.

They see Basylians. After a while, Robert realizes that the Basylians are machines.

Laura says that only her father can build such machines - so she leaves to look for him.

Laura throws a note to Robert. Read the note in inventory. It says "Hey! Look over there!"

Look around. Check the flag and windup box. Look at the coffee pot and coffee filter.


Try to follow Laura. Go to the passageway at right end of the walkway.

Parakeet:    See a parakeet in a cage and 3 soldiers marching on footprints on the floor.

The parakeet whistles to signal them to start marching to the other corner.

Talk to the parakeet. Learn what Conroy plans for the Basylians that are being made. Conroy wants to conquer Asposia.

Examine the guards. They just follow the footprints. Hmm...

Alarm bell:    Check the alarm bell beside Robert. Try to take the alarm bell and get a hammer.

Get tools:

Mechanical Basylian:   Go back to the hangar at left. Check the mechanical Basylian.

Guard Mechanic:    Examine the guard reading nearsightedly at a schematic.

Check the round construction piece, clear varnish bucket and Allen wrench around the guard.

Talk to the guard. Robert asks the guard for permission to take the tools. The guard says no because Robert is obviously not a mechanic. Learn about Conroy's new flag.

Use the hammer on the guard's knee. The guard kicks the round construction piece and it knocks off the exclamation point of the sign under the tunnel.

Take the exclamation mark. Hmm... That looks familiar.

Be a mechanic:

Dead guard pictures:    Check the row of pictures on the wall.

See that the pictures are of guards that passed away. They have black bands.

Below the pictures are rhyming epitaph on the monument-plaque.

The left picture is of a mechanic guard, middle is a standing guard and right is a marching guard.

The mechanic guard's picture is loose. Take the picture-poster.

Guard:    Go back to the guard. Use the poster on the guard.

The guard asks for the mechanic guard's code. Select any number, color and number.

Get ID code:    Go back to the row of pictures.

The standing guard and marching guard has an ID code at last line of the monument. The mechanic guard's ID code is blurred.

Read the epitaph and note that the last word of each line rhymes with the code.

The standing guard's last word on first line is boar which rhymes with 4; middle is fight which rhymes with white and last line is hen which rhymes with 10.

The marching guard's last word on first line is alive which rhymes with 5, middle is crack which rhymes with black and last line is spine which rhymes with 9.

Going by that pattern; the mechanic guard's epitaph: mate - eight 8; fellow - yellow and pen - 10. The mechanic guard's code is 8 yellow 10.

Guard:    Use the picture on the guard again. Select 8, then yellow and lastly 10.

Take the clear varnish and the Allen wrench.

Go pass the parakeet and soldiers:

Get flag:    Use the Allen wrench on the wind up box below the flag. The flag is lowered. Take the flag.

Make footprint:    Check the coffee pot and coffee filter. There is coffee powder on the filter.

Use the clear varnish on the coffee filter. Pick up the coffee pot with black varnish.

Combine the coffee pot and the exclamation mark to get exclamation covered in black varnish.

Parakeet:    Go through the passageway and be behind the parakeet again.

Talk to the parakeet. Use the flag on the cage. Robert covers the cage with the flag. The parakeet goes to sleep.

Soldiers:    Remember that the parakeet whistles to get the guards marching.

Use the flute by clicking the flute at bottom right of the inventory bar. Click on any number 1-4 of your keyboard.

Move the guards to empty the corner where the birdcage is located.

Check the broken bridge at edge of the walkway.

Use the exclamation covered in black varnish on the broken bridge. Robert makes a new set of footprints for the guards.

Use the flute again to get the guards marching. Watch as they march over the broken bridge to the abyss.

Go pass the soldier guarding the High Tech Lab:

Go to the entrance at other side of the platform. See a guard standing by the stairs and the High Tech lab.

The guard wants to arrest Robert because he looks like the one on the wanted poster.

Try to use the dead mechanic's poster over the wanted poster. The guard stops Robert.

Give Laura's note with "Hey! Look over there!" written on it to the guard.

Guard looks around and when he's distracted - use the mechanic's poster over the wanted poster.

The mechanic's face looks like the guard. The guard arrests himself and leaves.


Enter the High Tech Lab. See Reminepo and Laura. Reminepo is suspended in a glass case and telepathically moving the arms to make Basylian parts.

Reminepo is aware of what happens outside. The arms embraces Laura.

When he stops making parts - see a weird guy trying to swat a fly below the lab. The weird guy swats the red button and gives an electric shock to Reminepo.

Talk to Reminepo twice. Every time a repeat of the hugging scene occurs; electric shocks happen. Obtain the Chief of BBQ achievement by giving Dr. Reminepo many electric shocks.

Look around. See the mechanical arms at right conveyor belt and the assembly line at left. Reminepo controls the arms. Check the blueprints on the wall.

Take the hand-replacement fist on the left box by the assembly line.

Lift:    Check the lift at right wall. The lift button is missing. There's only a hole.

Weird guy:    Look through the grate on the floor at right.

See the weird guy under the lab. Check the lift and lift button on right wall. Go back to lab. Exit the lab at left.


Climb the stairs. Exit through the throne. Robert looks around and the opening on the throne closes.

Robert hears a sound coming from the painting. Look around.

Medicine cabinet:    Check the medicine cabinet. Get fish oil and knock out drops.

There are more Basylians flying outside. One looks through the window and shoots a petrifying beam.

Painting:    Examine the painting. Robert heard clicking sounds from the painting when the throne exit started to close. He needs a clue.

Throne:    Sit on the throne and a spring pops out. Robert takes the spring.

Model:    Examine the model at bottom center of screen. It is Conroy's view of his Asposia.

Take the model Basylian by the right model.

Fonk:    Check Fonk the hedgehog, Robert's nightmare. Pick up one of the hedgehog's quill from the floor.

Give Conroy's puppet to Fonk. Fonk attacks it. Pick up the puppet.

Use knock out drops on Conroy's puppet. Give the puppet with knock out drops to Fonk. That didn't stop the hedgehog. Obtain the Hedgehog-Anesthesia achievement for trying to knock out Fonk. Pick up the puppet.

Piece of Art:    Go left and check the piece of art left of the models. Use the piece of art and it opens to show Conroy's secret stash of powdered sugar.

Check the powdered sugar. Try to take some but Robert doesn't want to use his bare hands. Use Conroy puppet with powdered sugar.

Give the Conroy puppet with sugar to Fonk. Ah - the hedgehog becomes ultra-active.

Diamond:    On the way out the balcony, Fonk breaks one of the chandelier. Pick up the diamond.

Get out of throne room:

Robert needs a clue to find the sound on the painting.

Use the Basylian model with the powdered sugar.

Use the dusty Basylian model on the painting behind the throne.

Robert dusts the whole painting. See fingerprints on Conroy's chest.

There's notch where the fingerprints are located. Use the notch; it's too small.

Use the hedgehog quill on the notch. The throne opens. Go through to be at the hangar.

Release Reminepo:

Take care of weird guy:    Go back to the lab.

In inventory combine the replacement fist with the spring from the throne to get fist with spring.

Use the fist in spring with the lift. Robert places it inside the empty lift.

Check the weird guy through the grate again.

Use the fish oil on the lift button. The fly lands on the fish oil covered button. Weird guy swats; lift door opens.

The fist with spring misses the weird guy but stops under his nose.

Do it again:    Take the fist with spring from lift.

Add knock out drops to fist with spring to get primed fist with spring.

Use primed fist with spring on the lift. Robert places it inside the empty lift.

Check the weird guy through the grate again.

Use the fish oil on the lift button. The fly lands on the fish oil covered button. Weird guy swats; lift door opens.

The weird guy is knocked out now.

Reminepo:     Reminepo can move freely now.

After embracing Laura, the mechanical arm removes the blueprint and points to a diamond. Reminepo wants a diamond.

Give the diamond to Reminepo. Reminepo makes a cutter and releases himself.

Laura is his little tumble mouse. Reminepo interrogates Robert about his intentions.

Dynasty:    Upon realizing that Robert has a flute nose; Reminepo tells the story of what happened to the dynasty.

Learn that the dynasty is made up of Asposians with instruments noses. They make music to create the wind.

The wind monks were Maleus, Pandur and Conroy.

Ocarino and his wife Majoria; the leaders of the dynasty rejected Conroy's bid to revive the death penalty. Majoria carried baby Ocarino-Robert.

Conroy threatened to harm Laura so Reminepo helped him build his wind gods - Basylians.

Conroy attacked the dynasty and petrified them. Majoria did not escape with the baby.

Robert was spared because he is needed to make some wind. That is why he makes music for Conroy.

A whole orchestra is needed to make enough wind for the world.

The marbles are anti-petrifying and should be used to unpetrify the whole orchestra.

Obtain the Chapter 4 - The Secret of the Basylians achievement.

Chapter 5 - Asposia's Last Hope


Reminepo works to install the depetrifying marbles on a Basylian.

Robert's true name is Ocarino Gustus III; the heir to the throne. Laura cannot believe it.

Conroy appears and turns Reminepo and Laura to stone. Before Laura is turned to stone; she pushes Robert into the Basylian with depetrifying marbles.

Robert flies all over Asponia and crash lands at the inner courtyard of the dynasty ruins.

Get the Basylian out of the ground:

Inner courtyard:    Examine the Basylian. The motorhood is the only part of the head of the Basylian that is accessible. We need the depetrifying eyes of the Basylian.

Check the brake parachute. Take the shiny shield from the ground.

Wind chapel:    Go to the wind chapel. Look around. Examine the petrified dynasty.

See and take Peck, Laura's pigeon with the old fish.

Pick up the sleeping fosfos.

Reception:    Go to the reception area. See Steve.

Pick up the sleeping fosfos.

Gate:    Go outside. See Gorfelina.

Pick up the sleeping fosfos.

Basylian:    Go back to the inner courtyard.

Use the 3 sleeping fosfos on the brake parachute of the Basylian.

Wake the fosfos by playing the flute. Click on the flute at right end of inventory bar. Press on any number from 1-4 of your keyboard.

Robert plays the flute. The parachute is raised and the Basylian head is out of the ground.

Focus the depetrifying beam to the wind chapel:

Place the shiny shield on the flower bed full of wilted nodtarines. Press the red release button at back of the Basylian. The beam hits the wall.

Turn the shield a little again. Press the red release button at back of the Basylian. The beam hits the door of the wind chapel.

Turn the shield a little to face right. Press the red release button at back of the Basylian. The beam hits the Basylian. The motorhood opens and exposes the brain. Robert takes the round Basylian brain.

Turn the shield a little back to middle position that will hit the door of the wind chapel.

Align the beam to center of wind chapel:

Go inside the wind chapel to see what happened in there.

Examine the Basylian beam hole at protruding wall-pillar at right. So the shot missed.

There's a decoration above the hole. There is a hook at center of the bottom ring of the tube suspended at ceiling.

Steve-Pete:    Go back to reception room. Talk to Steve and Pete.

Try to take the mirror. Steve-Pete start to argue. Talk to Steve-Pete about the mirror.

Realize that Steve became mad because of his guilt in letting Conroy inside the dynasty 15 years ago.

Steve hits the mirror and breaks it. Steve is knocked out.

Try to pick up the mirror shards. The shards are too sharp.

Take gumballs from the counter.

Gorfelina:    Go outside and talk to Gorfelina. She worries that she has bad breath. Give gumballs to Gorfelina for her bad breath.

Use the round Basylian brain on the bubble blown by Gorfelina. Get sticky Basylian brain.

Mirror:    Go back inside to reception.

Use the sticky Basylian brain with the mirror shards on the counter.

Robert rolls the sticky Basylian brain on the shards to get mirror ball.

Wind chapel:    Go back to the chapel.

Hang the mirror ball on the hook under the lowest ring of the tubes at center.


Hear a crash. Conroy enters the chapel. He is holding a petrifying gun on Robert. Conroy tells Robert his plans.

Throw the fish or Peck at Conroy. Conroy shoots Robert and gets himself thrown backwards through the roof.

Petrified Robert breaks out of the stone encasement.

Basylian beam:    Go to inner courtyard. See Conroy's Basylian crashed on left wall.

Check if the shield is in middle position to focus at wind chapel.

Use the old fish on the red release button of the Basylian at right.

Go back to wind chapel.

Conroy enters again. It's a rerun of the previous encounter.

Throw Peck at Conroy. Peck flies outside and goes to the old fish on top of the red release button.

Peck pecks on the fish and presses the button. The Basylian shoots a depetrifying beam that enters the wind chapel.

It hits Conroy. Obtain the Just a Scratch achievement for using the depetrifying laser on Conroy. It didn't work.

Basylian beam part 2:    Go to inner courtyard. Take the orange petrifying eyes off Conroy's Basylian.

Take the blue depetrifying eyes from Robert's Basylian at right.

Use the orange petrifying eyes on the eye socket of Robert's Basylian.

Take Peck off the old fish that is on the release button.

Go back inside the wind chapel and have a repeat of the scene with Conroy.

Throw Peck at Conroy again. This time see what happens. Ahhhh!!

Depetrify the orchestra:

Take the fosfos pendant from Conroy's remains.

Use the fosfos pendant on the hook-decoration above the Basylian beam hole at right pillar.

Go outside and remove the petrifying eyes from Robert's Basylian.

Place the depetrifying eyes back on the eye socket of Robert's Basylian.

Take Peck and old fish off the release button.

Use the release button.

Obtain Chapter 5 - Asposia's Last Hope achievement.


Wind is back at Asposia!

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