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Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine Walkthrough

ver 2.0

1) Complete list of levels:

1. Canyonlands
2. Babylon
3. Tian Shan River
4. Shambala Sanctuary
5. Palawan Lagoon
6. Palawan Volcano
7. Palawan Temple
8. Jeep Trek
9. Teotihuacan
10. Olmec Valley
11. V.I. Pudovkin
12. Meroe Pyramids
13. Solomon's Mines
14. Nub's Tomb
15. Infernal Machine
16. Aetherium
17. Return To Peru

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5) FAQ or Most difficult and tricky things in the game so far.
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8) Do you know that phrases of patrolling Russian soldiers in English mean the following.
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9) Treasury Section, complete treasure list
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11) Walkthrough

Level 1. Canyonlands

This level is more introductory I would say – for the gamer to get used to the controls. Your goal is to reach the camp on top of the mountain with a jeep and a helicopter. On your way pick up blue and red crystals, gold and silver idols and pieces. All treasures have some $ equivalent and at the end of each level you can buy some useful things (medikits and ammo) on the money you earned during the level. You can usually locate treasures near skeletons – just watch carefully. There are two snakes in this level – kill them both. If a shake bites Indy use an antidote to stop the poison spreading over the body and affecting health. Don't be in a hurry – before going to the next area explore the current one, look for the treasures.

Move along a mountain path, climb above, pull a block inside a wall of the next area – a passage will be revealed. Before going any further get on top of the block and take Treasure #1, silver coins from the niche. Move along path, use your whip to climb on the ledge. Kill a snake when you enter the area with a ruined building, and take Treasure #2, a blue jewel in the niche on the right. Use your whip to get on top of its roof – it breaks and Indy falls down (skeleton in the room) and down again in the water. The current will carry you to the waterfalls. Explore the underwater niche to the left and pick up Treasure #3, a silver idol. Swim into the tunnel behind you. It takes you to a green well. Acquire some Treasure #4, gold coins from a skeleton and get on top of the area using stairs/ledges in the wall. You will finally appear near the ruins again. You don't need a whip to get on the roof this time. Explore the room with the skeleton, claim Treasure #5, a gold bar and jump into the water. Get out of the water at the waterfalls – you will see a chopper passing above on its way to the mountain camp. Look around for some Treasure #6, a blue gem in the passage on the left, Treasure #7, a red gem in the passage straight ahead. Continue along the last passage - on the right. Before climbing the first ledge crawl into the room and pick up Treasure # 8, a golden idol. Return, Go straight till you find a skeleton at the end and collect Treasure #9, gold coins. You will have to jump several times across the gap, use a couple of ladders and shimmy along the crack in the wall to get to the highest platform. Kill the snake, get the last Treasure #10, a blue gem in the niche high above and jump across the chasm towards the arch. You can see a camp behind it. After conversation Sophia Hapgood will give you a piece of some ancient mechanism and the level will end – Indy will fly to Babylon.

Level 2 Babylon

Russians are sniffing around all over the ruins at this level. You will have to pass through all Soviet outposts, get inside the base and find your way to the ancient Babylonian Library. At the end of the level CIA agent will help you with the library key in exchange of your cooperation with the government against Russians. On your way pick up medikits, anti-poison substances, weapons from the dead bodies and don't forget about the treasures, of course. There are several locations with explosives and barrels with liquid fuel on this level – use them wisely (I mean shoot'em all – many good russian soldiers will not see the dawn).

Cross the ditch using the central columns. Move towards the area with a tower and climb a wall on your left. Then jump on top of the roof of the nearest building and listen to conversation of Gennadiy Volodnikov, russian general who's behind of all the story. Continue jumping to the next roof, shimmy on the wall – you will see a camp with 4 guards. Move into the cave on the right – it leads to a two-storey building with a deep trench filled with water. There's nothing deep down there. There's also nothing on the right-hand side of the building, except two spiders. Walk to the left side, Hang on the ledge and fall down, grabbing the ledge below. Pull up and kill a spider at the end of the corridor. Start shooting as you enter the cave – the barrel will blow up and kill russian guard. Another one will appear soon – it's easy to shoot him from inside the cave. Now run to the left, towards the narrow gates area and kill all other pursuing guards one by one. Get down to the camp and find some medipacks. Continue up the ladder. At the end of the corridor jump down and kill another guard behind the tent. Now pull the level in the niche – it opens the gate, take all three medikits and kill a spider in the tent. Continue through the gate, push and climb on top of the box - Indy will step on the roof. You can sneak inside the russian base if you jump on top of the truck.

When the truck stops a heavy battle with 3 guards and a sniper on the second floor starts. Shoot the barrels and try to stay alive. To kill a sniper run inside the far building and climb up the box. From here you can reach the 2nd floor. Pick up Treasure #1, a green gem. Now pick up all the ammunition and continue down the stairs with the dead sniper. Use your whip to jump over the gap and climb down a ladder. Now pull up – you're in the base area.

Kill everyone inside. Collect Treasure #2, silver coins in the dark room. The gate is closed. Find a niche with russian letters "LFI" (Leningrad Physics University) and pull the lever. Immediately several guards will rush inside the base – prepare to meet them with your guns loaded. Explore the area, take medikits on top of the boxes outside the internal gate. If you look down the bars in the floor you will see water – your next step. Run through the opened gate, pull out the box and crawl inside a revealed passage. Beneath is a two-level watery tunnel, which finally leads to the library's sealed door. Under water you can find some Treasure #3, a silver bar, Treasure #4, gold coins, medikits, but the point is to swim as much deep as possible and find a way out to the next area. You can swim up and grab some air in the corners of the tunnel – where you saw bars in the floor.

Get out of the water. Explore the corridor with the sealed door – a guard will appear and try to imprison you. Time for CIA agent to enter the scene. He will supply you with the key to the door. Inside you will see a lot of explosives – shoot some barrels from the distance and jump into the hole after the explosion. In the water dive deep down and take Treasure #5, a gold bar. Now get on top of the area using ledges in the walls. In the room pull out a box from the wall and a central floor square will become an elevator and take you deep under the ground. Explore a small room with a gold disk on the wall and attach a part of lady's mechanism to the construction inside the wall. Also check out a strange geometrical slot in the opposite wall – you will have to install all the pieces of the puzzle inside this slot later. Now the elevator is fully operational. The floor goes slightly up and it is possible to climb to the above tunnel from top of the elevator's box.

You're in the ancient library (Why library?). Your task is to gather three pieces of the geometrical puzzle (after it Indy will be able to read some ancient manuscript) and the precious gold statue of Murdock. You will give the statue to the CIA agent on the surface later in exchange of your jeep. By the way, don't forget to look for precious Treasure #6, a red gem and Treasure #7, a silver idol inside niches with skeletons, and, of course, before jumping down clear the floor out of deadly insects.

Climb up the ladder to the second plane and push the box in the wall outside – towards the center of the room. Climb on the box – now you're able to reach the bridge on the topmost floor. Explore this side first and take the first piece of the puzzle. Get Across to the other side and take the second piece – bridge will break down. Carefully jump to the left – a ledge with a square niche in the wall with Treasure #8, a red gem. From that point you can jump to the central column in the room and push the button on top. It will open a passage below on the floor – jump down and crawl inside to claim the Murdock statue. Now use the ruined bridge pieces to climb into the deadly corridor with the last piece of the puzzle. Crawl or be dead.

Return to the room with the gold disk near the elevator and apply all the pieces of the puzzle to the slot in the wall – a hall opens behind the elevator. Collect the prizes Treasure #9, a blue gem and Treasure #10, a golden idol. Push the box out of the elevator's floor, then punch the elevator button to get to the surface. You will see the sun and the shining smile of cunning CIA agent, of course. Give him the statue and take the jeep. Your next appearance is scheduled in the snowy region of Tian Shan river, USSR.

Level 3 The Tian Shan River

Indy lands on the snowy slope to continue his quest for ancient inferno machine pieces. On this level you get acquainted with wolfs – you can't kill them, just shoot in the air and they will run away. Otherwise Indy will be seriously bitten. At first you must shoot the guards and cross the border, but the second part of the level is dull enough – you will have to gather 4 candles down the river and put them all in one candleholder in order to cross the bridge. Avoid icy water in the river – you will be dead at once. However, you can navigate the current with an expandable boat. If it gets damage from the sharp rocks you can repair it with a repair pack. You can't use anything else from the inventory while in the boat (for example a lighter). To expand the boat step very close to the water and select it in the inventory. To dock press Ctrl when near the shore. If last time you left the boat it had holes (damage) – it will still have the same amount of pumped air inside when you use it next time till you fix it with a repair pack.

Explore the nearest cave and take Treasure #1, gold coins and a health leaf. Follow the snowy slope. Keep shooting in the air while moving – to avoid the wolf. Jump down/Climb Up and follow the tracks of the red army truck until you see the "USSR border" stop sign. Pick up Treasure #2, silver coins on your way above the ladder. The border is guarded with 4 soldiers and the best way to handle them is from the hill on the left. You can see a small passage to the left with another wolf. Climb the ledge and you will be at the same level with the guard on the tower platform. Kill him, hop down and kill another one patrolling below. The third guard is across the bridge and he's got a rifle. You don’t need to open the gate. From the hill jump to the tower's top platform and kill the last guard on your way down the building. Explore the rooms and the vent shaft. One passage leads to the room with Treasure #3, a cash box, another – to the lockers with repair packs, medikit and an expandable boat. Open the water gate and swim down the river in the boat. After the rope bridge find Treasure #4, a silver idol  behind the waterfalls. Try to avoid rocks – but it doesn't matter a lot. You will be able to fix the boat later.

Get out of the river, take Treasure #5, silver coins behind the stone and follow the path, crossing the bridge. On your left you will see an arch and a strange candleholder. Your goal is to put all the 4 candles in its slots and light them up with the lighter (press Ctrl with your lighter near the candle). After it the bridge will become functional and Indy will cross the river. Now go back to the other end of the broad passage – you will see two more soldiers, a small house and a wolf. Explore the lockers inside the house: you will find a medikit and unlimited number of repair packs. Indy can hold a maximum of three. When you return after each voyage pick up some more – you will need them. Don't forget to shoot in the air – or the wolf will bite you. Go further until you see the elevator and waterfalls. Elevator is your way back point.

The river is a strange one – it has one beginning and several endings. Each time I didn't care where I go, I didn’t even try to remember the way or somehow navigate in the currents, but at the end I always was at the exact location where I needed to be according to the plot of the game – the next candle. The first candle is in the trunk of the huge tree (behind it you will find Treasure #6, gold coins). The second candle was in the light-tower (along with a spider). The third one is inside the building standing on the water. The door upstairs is locked, but you can break the window and pull the lever to open it. Only in order to get the fourth candle I had to navigate the river in my own way – at first I turned left, then there was a lighthouse with a dead spider and after it I took a right current and finally I turned towards the bridge on the right and got ashore. Climb the ledge and take Treasure #7, gold coins. Cross the bridge – you can see three pistons in the room. Your goal is to get to the left side of the far wall's second plane. You have to jump over the pistons in the following sequence: jump on the rightmost piston, jump back to the near wall's second floor, run through the barrels and cross the small gap, jump on the leftmost piston from the platform, jump on the middle piston and then to the far wall's second floor side. Now gather Treasure #8, a silver bar in the niche above the fourth step (use your whip to climb), the candle, Treasure #9, a golden idol and a medikit (near barrels) and return to the boat. All river's currents finally meet at one place – near the elevator. Take Treasure #10, a blue gem, pull the lever, step inside the cabin and you will get to the surface.

When you gather all 4 candles (or one by one) put them into the slots of a candleholder and light them – Indy will cross the bridge, enter the sanctuary and the level will end.

Level 4 Shambala Sanctuary

This level itself is a huge puzzle. It's quite a tricky one. The four different buildings contain levers and mechanisms which you will have to push and activate. And at the end of the level you will meet the Ice Guardian – terrible creature, a walking piece of ice. After defeating it you will get the first piece of the Infernal Machine – the Urgon's part.

Climb up the ledges and get to the roof of the building. Cross the bridge and enter the sanctuary. Shoot in the air to keep away the wolf. You can't open the main building's gate, but you can get on top of the low roof nearby to the left and then climb up the left building's brick wall. The wall's climb path is itself a maze which will lead you up to the roof. However, before that you can pick up Treasure #1, a gold bar located below the far end of the low roof. On the roof jump into the hole – you're inside an ancient multi-storey clock tower. Your goal at this time is to activate the clock's mechanism. Until then none of the levers will work. Use the ladder to the left and the ledges to get down to the ground carefully. In the corners of the tower you will find: A ladder (to get back on top of the building), a sealed gate (you'll need Holy Woman's key), a hole in the floor. Jump in that hole – you will see a strange icy creature stuck on the ceiling - it will run away. Those creatures are quite harmful when you face several at once, feel free to use your gun. Run through the room with some mechanisms and you will see a larger room with a river down below.

Use the slopes on the right wall to get down and kill the three icy creatures. Move the block at the far wall towards the river and the water power will activate the mechanisms. Now start climbing the middle ledge and use your whip to get on top. From that place jump on the lower moving platform. In front of you there is a stone ledge with a skeleton – get health plant there. From the moving platform you can also reach Treasure #2, a blue gem on a ledge between the lamp and the right wall from here. Return to the platform and jump to the next wooden ledge. Climb above and jump to the second moving platform. From there you can finally reach previous room. Explore the mechanisms and pull the block near the wall towards center – the clock will be activated. Return to the clock tower and run to a door. Press a button in the wall to open it – there's no bridge, but you can pick Treasure #3, a green gem if you hang and drop outside. Return to the floor and start climbing the tower up to the gong-figure. On your way up press both levers in the wall and a button. The lower lever activates the gong-figure (you will have to push it again later), the upper lever opens the gate on the roof and allows to move across the bridge. The button will draw bridges between small wooden platforms in the opposite walls and you will be able to pick Treasure #4, a red gem in the niche.

Now run through the opened gate inside the forth building – multi-storey bell tower. You will see a huge bell down below. Your current goal is to pull it up and to activate the gong-figure so that it will hit the bell causing the Holy Woman appearance. Until that moment the lever to the left is useless. Another lever which pulls up the bell is on the topmost floor of the tower, above your head. To get there you'll have to travel down first and push another lever which unlocks all ladders in the tower. But Indy can't just jump down (it's deadly), so move back to the bridge and notice a window in the tower's wall below it. Break it and enter the bell tower's floor. Kill icy thing from above through a hole in the floor and jump down to the next ground plane. Continue till you find the lever and push it. Now all ladders are unlocked – climb up the topmost tower plane and push another lever there – it will pull the bell up. Pick up Treasure #5, a gold bar down below, where the bell was. Return to the clock tower and make your way to the lowest lever (which you will press for the second time now). It will activate the figure so that it will hit the bell and a Holy Woman will appear. She will give you a key from the sealed gate at the bottom of the clock tower. Run there and unlock the gate.

Your current goal is to find and raise a flower which will unlock Holy Woman's power when you bring it to her. You are in the main building now – with a statue and a waterfall. Run through the passage to the right of the entrance – it leads inside the small building in the yard. Kill the icy thing inside. Explore the house and find some medikits, Treasure #6, gold coins, Treasure #7, a gold bar in the walkway above the bed and the Great Monastic Seal on the second floor. Russians will rush into the monastery. You can easily kill them from the second floor's window with a rifle. Anyway you won't need to walk out in the yard. Return to the main building with a waterfall. On your way kill the three guards and rotate the statue counter-clockwise two times. This will open the gate down in the pedestal. Before jumping inside the hole notice a niche with Treasure #8. a silver idol – it's a trap. Take it and jump back immediately or the floor will collapse. Now jump inside the previous hole and kill a spider in the dark tunnel – it will appear here each time you will use the tunnel. Crawl the deadly floor (a giant hammer) and kill two icy creatures in the next room. You will see an elevator here. Before stepping inside the cabin notice a corridor inside the opposite wall – use your whip to get there. At the end of the corridor you will see another Treasure #9, a golden idol trap. Smash the idol with your whip – it will fall down from it's place and trigger the trap while you're in a safe distance. Collect the prize and return to the lift. Unlock the sealed door high above with the Great Monastic Seal.

You are inside a room filled with water. You can see a lot of wood beams and girders. On the opposite wall behind the gate there is a plant you need. To unlock the gate you also need the key – jump across the right-side girders and blocks to the niche in the right wall (some of the blocks will crack down and break up). Collect the key inside the niche and return to the room. Now you will have to jump all over the top blocks in the walls to reach the balcony with the plant. Not that fast! At first jump clockwise till the first corner girders, then hang and drop down. Now use your whip and jump across all the low level girders in the counter-clockwise direction till the opposite corner, nearest to the balcony. Climb on the two last girders. From this point you should be able to finally reach the balcony but something's missing – you can find it inside a wall. It is a block. Pull it, take Treasure #10, a silver bar and climb on top of it. Now you can reach the balcony and get the flower. As soon as russians appear jump into the water. The current goes right to the waterfall but you can also get out from the water by climbing the middle wooden block on your way. Now hang down and collect some treasure. Hang again and drop down – you will find yourself again in the elevator room.

Time to raise the flower – make your way to the main building with a statue and a waterfall. Above your head you can see a large transverse girder. Climb on it from the statue's pedestal and jump across the gap to the platform on the right of the main gate. Hit the button – it will move up the ladder on the opposite platform. Jump back to the central girder and to the ladder platform. Climb up to the top floor. You will see a locked door and a golden grate. You must get inside this locked room. When Indy first steps towards the golden grate window a cut-scene appears in which you are advised to use a window to get inside the room. Shoot through the golden grate and smash the right window. Now run around the nearby library room till you reach another window in the far side. Kill the icy creature, shoot the window and kill a guard on the opposite roof. Now shimmy to the right and pull up in the first broken window area. Only if the window is already broken Indy will be able to pull himself up. Enter the room and place the plant inside the golden chandelier – it will start moving down and finally reach the water current on the floor. Run downstairs and jump on the central girder. From this place you can clearly see closed blinds above the main gate. You can jump to the platform beneath it and the blinds will open when Indy steps onto it. Use your whip to wrap around a chandelier's log above and – you're finally there! Light will rush into the dark hall and rise the flower.

Jump down and make your way to the Holy Woman to give her the flower. On your way you will have to deal with 3 guards in the clock tower. The Holy Woman will become a beautiful young lady and open the portal door for you. Make your way to the icy world of the Ice Guardian below.

Downstairs you will face a strange monster made completely of Ice. It can climb walls and the ceiling, it is very clever and always runs after you wherever you go. Before showing your nose out of some doorway be sure the beast is not directly above your head. Whoouhhh! By the way, you can't kill it for a while. Are you already afraid? The Icy dungeon consists of 4 buildings with no roofs. It means that the beast can easily nail you from the ceiling if you're inside any of them for more than half a second. Be sure to remember that.

Upon your arrival you will face the creature immediately - make a quick right jump (Z + RightArrow) to the nearest doorway. The best tactics against the monster is to remain INSIDE the doorway, more closer to the outer side than to the inner part of the building. If Indy is in that position the Guardian can't target him even from the ceiling – it gives you time to think what to do next. On the second floor/roof level you can see some passages and bridges connecting the buildings. Your current goal is to climb up the building's roof, run along all the bridges/passages and use your whip to reach the room at the very top of the cave. There you will get the Urgon's part – the first Infernal Machine Piece. That thing is very useful against the monster if used properly.

At first find a room with a white slope inside. Run up the slope and pull the block out of the wall – now the passage on the other side of the block is free. Run to the building in the opposite corner and climb the ledges inside. Don't pay attention to the monster – it will always be after you. Be faster. Run along the passage (all planks will fall to the floor) and jump across the broken bridge section (now the pushed block is out of your way). Continue until you reach a room with a statue below. Climb up the icy ledges in the right wall to get on top of the roof. Use your whip to jump across the chasm and get to the destination room. Inside take a piece of the Infernal Machine and slide down the slope.

To kill the monster you must blind it 3 times with a flash that produces the Infernal Piece (Select it in the Inventory or press "Q" and then press fire - Ctrl). Normally you wait for the beast to climb down, run as much close to its face as possible and flash the Weapon right into its face – When stunned it stands on two legs. Quickly press Z+DownArrow and run away from the monster. If you need health pick up two health leaves on the tables inside some of the buildings. Caution: The Urgon's part is rechargeable. Be sure it is fully charged before use – or it will harm Indy too. When the monster is dead find a piece of ice next to the wall which covers the exit from the dungeon. Use the Urgon's part on it for the last time and the level will end.

Level 5 Palawan Lagoon

The weather in the lagoon is very bright,  but the sea is full of quite dangerous surprises. At this level you will meet sharks and some other deadly fish. The goal is to find an entrance to the aborigines' city. Indy will have to travel vast distances in the sea, so better buy more medipacks than ever. The best tactics against sharks is to keep swimming almost touching the bottom of the sea. You can fight the fish with your Machete but it will cost you a lot of time and health. Crabs are friendly.

You are on the sea shore. Turn around and walk back inside the narrow passage until you reach the deadly pit. Use your whip to cross the pit. Explore the remains of the skeleton and find Machete and a medipack. Take Treasure #1, silver coins behind a crate near the skeleton. Go back to the sea shore and to the right. Follow the passage and break the web covering entrance to the cave with your Machete (key 6 to activate). Kill the iguana and run to the place where it first showed up. You will find another cave nearby covered with some green leaves. Break through it with your machete and take a Spade (Trenching Tool). Walk a bit more along the passage and you will see some white ground near the plant (Indy will say: "there's something here"). Dig it with the spade and pick Treasure #2, a silver idol. Run till the end of the passage and pick a health leaf behind the rock. Return to the beach through the cave where you killed a spider. On your way find a cracked wall inside the cave, use your Urgon's part to smash it and pick Treasure #3, a blue gem.

Swim to the far shore and get out of the water (Alt). If you have machete in your hand then you won't be able to do it. Kill Iguana on the shore and take Treasure #4, gold coins behind a stone. Run to the cave's entrance and make your way through the web with machete. Kill spiders. On the opposite side you will see a sunken ship. Notice a torpedo behind the rock on the shore. It needs a detonator. Swim towards the back side of the ship and pull up on the deck. If you swim around the ship you will see a large opening in the ship's stern. Inside there's Treasure #5, a gold bar and nothing more. Explore the deck – you will find a crane, pick up a torpedo detonator in the box nearby and notice that all doors are shut. On the second deck there's a lock which needs a key. Your current goal is to get inside the ship and to find the missing part for the crane. Then you will be able to turn the crane and get to the nearby island with your whip.

Return to the torpedo and arm it – it will blow up a large crack in the ships side. Swim inside the ship and pick Treasure #6, piece of gold in the bottom. Now grab some air and save. All the ship's compartments are filled with water and you won't be able to find a place to breathe. Each compartment is empty (not to mention the deadly fish – just don't pay attention to it, you won't have the time to deal with it, swim through). Deep Inside the head of the ship you will find a box with the key to the locked door on the second deck. But first turn around and swim to the opened underwater room behind you – pick up a rusty hammer. It's the only thing you are allowed to use under water. Now grab some air and swim towards the head of the ship inside the opening. You must find a locked underwater hatch which leads to the deck. Swim along the corridors: right, left, left, right, right, left, up. If you swim in the right direction the compartment is lit in some strange way. Use the rusty hammer to break the lock and open the hatch, then grab some fresh air. Now you're ready to swim further and get the key – you will have enough time to return to the opened hatch to breathe.

You're on the deck. Unlock the sealed door on the second deck and get inside the ship's cabin. Take a handle for the crane on the left wall and collect some prizes, Treasure #7, gold coins and medipack down the hole. Return the same way. Now run to the crane and use a handle to rotate it. With your whip jump across the water to the shore. Dig the white ground and step on the button – a secret grotto will be revealed not far from the place where you started the level. But the door to that grotto is still locked. Your goal now is to unlock that door. At this point the map becomes crazy – it shows two different cross marks. When I move to one of them – another one starts blinking.

By the way, if you swim to the far left from the place where the level started you finally meet a strong current and notice an underwater cave near the rock. You can pick another Treasure #8, a golden idol deep down there if you are enough lucky to avoid the sharks.

Swim to the crashed airplane and use your rusty hammer to detach a piece of its propeller. Now swim to the grotto door and unlock it with the new item. Inside beware of the shark and press the button on the right wall deep underwater – it will open a hatch in the grotto's roof. You will be able to swim through and reach the water surface to grab some fresh air. Inside the grotto you can also find Treasure #9, a silver bar. Now continue swimming along the lagoon and get out of the water near the cave. On the opposite side you can see a gate, but it's closed. Go inside the cave and pick up Treasure #10, gold coins behind the rock on the right. Climb on the stone basement in the center of the cave and shimmy along two cracks in the walls to reach the top ledge. Outside the cave press a button on the wooden Idol's front side – it will open the gate. Return to the gate – this will end the level.

Level 6 Palawan Volcano

The beginning of this level reminds the Demo a lot, but in fact it is completely changed. Pick up some useful item in the water to the right. Climb the ledge on the left side of the room – you will see a block. Move the block towards the pillar with a torch and climb up. Use your whip to jump to the next pillar – you will see a textured wall with some cracks. Use Inferno Machine's piece to break the wall and reveal the passage. You will have to do it several more times during this level – watch the walls carefully and listen to what Indy says. Collect Treasure #1, silver coins in the left corridor branch and slide down in the right one. You will find yourself in the room filled with water soon. Across the water you can see a double Gate. To open it you need to press a button above and to get a key from the funeral barge. Kill some fish from the shore and swim to the far left corner of the room. Get out of the water and jump to the island in the center. Get in the hole and swim to the next area. You can see a large lava room with lava fountains. Be careful and jump to the nearest ledge across the lava. Continue to the end of the room and when you hear a boulder coming from the left – just step forward and it will crack a passage in the wall behind you. Pick up Treasure #2, gold coins up the ramp on the ledge the boulder came from. Return and follow the passage in the wall, take Treasure #3, a silver idol, kill a scorpion and jump into the hole. You will see a funeral barge outside. Take Treasure #4, gold coins from a niche on the right. Press the button and the barge will start sailing towards the island. Kill more scorpions, follow the opened passage, and jump into the water. Beware of the two sharks! Swim quickly and get out of the water on the central island again – kill the sharks from the shore and pick up the funeral key. This will open the second gate.

Jump into the water and find an underwater tunnel near some rocks in front of you. You will soon find yourself near a large lava canyon. Turn left and climb the nearest ladder. Shimmy right then follow the ladders down, and into a green room. Collect Treasure #5, silver coins there. Return to the entrance of the area. Run down the slope and jump to the other side. Here your goal is to climb up to the cave above in the wall. You will find three movable blocks here. First two are not important – just pull them in such a way that you are able to follow the passage. Climb to the second floor and find the third block (it's right on your way if you climb up the ladder in the wall). Move that block to the edge and jump to the highest pillar in a distance – the cave is above. Kill some unfriendly scorpions and move on. You will find a button which opens the first gate out of the double in the room. Jump into the water and go for the second gate – you've got the key already.

You're in the huge lava room. On the other side of the room under the ceiling to the right there is a closed door. Your goal is to cross the lava pit and get to that door. The door is opened with a button in the small room above to the left. There are several ways to get there, for example to climb one of the ladders. But when you press that button the room gets all filled with lava. So to be able to cross it afterwards you have to move both of the blocks on the two sides of the lava current into colored squares on the floor. Now go for the button and then jump across lava using the two pre-positioned boxes and a central platform. Hey, don't forget to claim some treasure in the far niche in this side's wall! Ok climb up, use your whip and you will soon be in the doorway above. Inside, as soon as you enter the deadly corridor (don't step on the marked squares – poisoned darts) the door behind you will close – don't pay attention and move on. You will meet Sophia – she drops a ladder for you. Pick up a machine gun (cool!) and a medikit and climb up.

She opens the door and… Gush! Russians imprison her! Kill some guards immediately. From this point you will have to deal with a bunch of Russians here and there. Pick up some items in the right room and follow the passage (kill another guard) to the hall with lava well and a Monkey statue. Kill both guards and crawl down the large gong. Push a block behind it and get some Treasure #6, gold coins. Return to the room and press the elevator button – 4 guards will arrive. Kill them all and get to the surface. Kill another two guards behind the lava current and notice a wall with some cracks. Use your powerful machine toy to break the wall. Inside use your whip to climb up to the niche and collect Treasure #7, a blue gem. Now follow the lava current (a passage down the left side). The area with the gate is heavily guarded but you can shoot a barrel nearby. After all Russians are dead pick up the key and some grenades on the table and turn around. You will see a block in the wall but you won't be able to pull it out until you clear it up with your machete first. Now climb on the block and look at the wall. You can see a cave above and you also notice that the wall itself is climbable. Start climbing from the top of the block and push a button inside the cave – it will open the gate. Pick up Treasure #8, a golden idol inside and return to the Monkey statue.

Stand close to the Monkey but don't step on the border of the lava current. Whip the Monkey's right hand (from your side) and it will open the door to the right. Move in and make some scorpions feel the taste of a bullet. You will find a lava room with the gate at the far side which opens only for a short time with a button on the left wall. You can cross the pit using your whip but you still won't catch up with the door. Still do it, jump to the far side and climb the wall on your left (there's a crack). Follow the lava tunnel and soon you will find a hole in the floor. If you don't have much health throw down a grenade and the guard will be dead. Jump down and use your key to free Sophia. Notice a box inside – on top of it you can read "Volodnikova" – which means russian general's wife. Strange isn't it? Ok follow Sophia to the door – it opens when you push it – and then make your way again to the room with the rapid closing gate. You will find Sophia there. Indy will cross the lava pit and she will press the button to open the gate.

Jump to the ledge on the left, climb up, jump across lava again and pick up a medikit in the cave. Use your Urgon's part to smash the wall and step inside. You will see a number of boxes in the corridor. In the last box there is a Pulley – a repair part for the Cable Way, required to finish the level. Push and Pull the boxes to the end of the tunnel and the last box will open. Make your way back to the rapid closing gate.

Follow the passage and pick up Treasure #9, a green gem under the stairs near a skeleton. After the arch to the left there is another cracky wall, which can be destroyed. You can ignore it and finish the level by running along the corridor (watch out the deadly darts). Kill the guard with a machine gun to the right in the building with a cross-shaped lava hole in the floor. Proceed and you will find a Cable way which requires some spare part. Move a box nearby, climb on top of it and attach the Pulley. Don’t try to kill the guards which rush into the room – too many of them. Get inside the Cabin and press the button – you will cross the chasm. The gate on the other side is the level's exit.

Speaking about that last cracky wall. If you follow the passage you will soon find yourself in a huge secret lava room. Here you can pick the last Treasure #10, silver idol in the niche above in the left wall. You are supposed to get there by jumping over the high pillars. Note that when you start running/crawling the bridge will also start crashing beneath you. The best way is to run to the central pillar, face it quickly, jump and grab. You have only one chance to get on top of it. Jump across the chasm to the next pillar and claim the prize. Now drop from the central pillar to its basement and press the button. Some wall blocks will make a way up for you. Inside the niche push the box and use Urgon's part to break the wall passage. You're again in the deadly corridor leading to the cross-shaped lava hole. You can use your whip and jump to the next girder. Finish the level.

Level 7 Palawan Temple

In this level you will come across with some Stone Monsters and their Boss – the Lava Monster, which guards the second Inferno Machine's part, the Taklit's part. The owner of this part can become completely invisible for a short time "The unseen can't be stopped" – an ancient manuscript says. The stone guys are really slow (proximity triggered). It's very easy to run from them, but very difficult to notice in the darkness. Be careful. The monkeys are friendly.

Jump across the broken pillar lying on the ground and turn round the corner – you will see the first stone monster in the level. Jump across the gap to the next area. In that room you will see a large lava lake with some unstable platforms appearing and disappearing in lava all the time. To open the Red Tikki gate on the right you'll need a key. Start moving in the clockwise direction. The first couple of stone platforms don't move but after the central one you'll have to jump through the three unstable platforms to the nearest shore on the left. It seems to be easy, but in fact it's quite a difficult task to do. There's no time for any additional movements while you're on the platform – it sinks immediately. The usual tactics should be the following: between the platforms always jump normally (running jumps will make you dead fast), to move to the edge of each next platform make a step on the run, I mean don't use the shift key to walk, just use it to turn quickly. On the shore take a close look at the left wall – "A-ha! This wall looks like it's ready to crumble!". The wall's surface really does have some cracks – remember this wall, you'll need to get back here soon. continue jumping across the lava to the next platform on the shore. Climb up the ladder and go inside the cave. It's very dark here but trust me – jump across to the other side. You will be able to get down then from the left edge. Go through the doorway and enter the room. Kill a couple of spiders and pick up the Shark Key. A stone monster stands near the right wall. Make all your way back to the wall with cracks in the lava lake room. Use your Urgon's part to kill the wall and step inside.

Jump over the lava current and turn left in the dark area. A couple of stone monsters are waiting for you in the darkness – be careful. Find a passage in the right wall - you will be able to crawl inside. Now unlock the Shark Gate with the Shark Key and step inside. Collect the Red Tikki Key and a boulder will start rolling towards you. Quickly get on top of the block you've just picked the key from and use your whip to climb higher. The boulder passes beneath you. Collect Treasure #1, a golden idol in the niche, get down and head for the opening, the Rolling Stone came from. Jump across the lava current again and return to the lava room.

Now jump clockwise towards the Gate on the opposite side. On the platform just before the gate you will see a stone monster guarding some poison antidote – skip it. Now make a final jump towards the stairs and open the gate with the Red Tikki Key. You will also need this key later to open another gate. Enter the next area – there's nothing left in the lava room. Kill two spiders and collect Treasure #2, gold coins to the right of the stairs. "No, no Mr. Monkey, I don't have any banana to give you.", besides it seems to be busy anyway. Gush! what those monkeys are always busy with!

The next open area contains several rope bridges. Most of them are broken but you still can use them. Pick up a health leaf nearby and climb the ladder to the left with the building on top. Kill the lizard. You must cross the chasm and get to the opposite side but the bridge is broken. Use the upper bridge to reach the lower one. Make a jump across the gap to the center of the bridge, hang and jump down. Now move towards the small island. You can jump to the green grass on the opposite side from there. There's also another rope bridge connecting the island and the next open area with a lake – skip it, it's damaged. That lake will serve you well at the end of the level.

Continue moving up along the green hill. Kill the lizards on your way. The best tactics is to climb up the ladder and to press Z+Left/Right Arrow to roll to the side – the lizard won't be that quick to bite you. You will see some water and a palm tree. Note that cave on the other side – you'll have to return here soon after making a long way through the caves. Pick up a health leaf and jump into the water. Waterfalls will take you to the Piranha pond – quickly get out of the water and climb up the ladder. You will see the Monkey Temple ("Why Those doors are always closed?"). To open the gate you'll need the Monkey Key from the large cave below. There's a broken bridge leading to the other side. You can use your machete to cut off its supporting rope - the bridge will become a ladder which leads directly to the cave. But now you'll have to find another way to get across the water to that bridge.

Pick up some Medicinal Herbs near the entrance of the Monkey Temple. One to the left and another – to the right, behind the stone. Go for another bridge leading towards the building and you will enter the cave area. There are a lot of spiders inside and some spike traps. Be careful and watch your steps. First, claim Treasure #3, silver coins in  the left cave, up the ladder. Return to the right cave near the waterfalls and climb up. Continue moving along the caves – kill some spiders and pick up get Treasure #4, silver coins, Treasure #5, gold coins on your way. Use your machete to cut spider webs. Finally, kill the spiders on the other side of the hole with some spikes and jump across to the right side. The floor has some spikes in it, so move carefully (walk with Shift and still don't step on the spike). Cut the turn by jumping to the right and walk outside the cave. You're near the spot where you jumped into the river not quite long ago (quite??). Cross the river with your whip and enter the last cave. Both slopes inside lead to a safe spot in the cave with some spikes in the floor. If you want to claim the treasure use the right one. Slide down, jump and grab to reach the platform with a spider above and claim the prize - Treasure #6, a silver bar. It's rather difficult to do in the darkness – you can't see the edge of the slope. Now kill the lizard and get out of the cave. You can finally climb down the ladder-bridge now and get inside the cave below. As soon as you take the Monkey Temple Key the walls will start shaking – run for you life and jump into the river. Climb the ladder again and enter the Monkey Temple.

Inside press the four buttons on the walls in clockwise direction starting from the first button to the right of the entrance. You will get a Green Tikki Key and find yourself in the room with two boulder traps. Jump to the central platform and run from the first boulder, jump to the next platform stand up and hang – the boulder will pass above you. Jump to the last platform and use your whip to get inside the cave above.

Walk to the edge of the next ledge. Look down, shoot the spider and go through the doorway. Shoot another spider and grab Treasure #7, a silver bar. You will soon see a bridge. Activate a stone monster to the right guarding those Medicinal Herbs and pick them up while the monster is busy chasing you. Jump across the broken section of the bridge and down to the small island in the lava. Cross it to the left and collect Treasure #8, gold coins. Another stone monster will be activated. Climb the ladder and use both Tikki Keys to open the large gate in front of you – it leads to the Lava Monster.

Torches will come to life along all your way to the shore. Collect Treasure #9, silver coins on the floor. You will see a large lava lake and a monster inside. He's very quick and can appear in any spot of the lava lake immediately, no matter how far it was from his previous location. If you won't be fast enough he'll burn you down. Your goal is to collect the second Inferno Machine's item – Taklit's part. This will make you invisible and help you to cross the bridge to the other side which is guarded by the Lava Monster. Until then you'll have to be very quick. Go for it! Use some platforms in the lava lake to get to the central one with the bridge. Forget about the bridge for a while and continue jumping along the platforms clockwise. Pick up Treasure #10, a silver idol on a standalone platform and continue towards the shore. Two stone monsters will be activated and the Lava monster will still be chasing you. Run along the lava current and pick up the Machine's part at the end. The monster will rise in front of you. Save and make all your way back to the bridge in the center of the lake. When the monster shows up use your Taklit's part (pres E and then Ctrl) and become invisible. Get across the bridge to the other side and follow the lava current. Another stone monster will be activated behind you – jump across the lava and enter the cave. Watch out your steps – the floor has some spike traps. Outside you will see that lake I told you before. Push a button on the wall and the water will rush into lava lake and freeze it along with the monster. Return to the cave and head for the level's exit – it's safe to step on lava surface now.

Level 8 Jeep Trek

This is one of the shortest and easiest levels in the game. It is also one of the most pleasant ones, reminding the Demo level a lot. You'll have to drive a cool jeep during all the level. All the controls are intuitive. Press Shift when you want to drive fast/jump across the bridges. Press Ctrl from the driver's seat side to get in/get off the jeep. So, that's what an American dream is – you can leave the vehicle only if you want to pick up some treasures lying on the ground. Explore the dark caves on your way – usually you will find some treasure inside. You can run over all the guards in the level without even leaving the jeep.

Aim your rifle at the ledge above and kill those russian soldiers wanting your leather jacket so badly. Pick up a medikit and Treasure #1, gold coins in the tent and get in the jeep. Drive up the hill and cross the bridge. In the cave get off to pick up Treasure #2, gold coins. To jump across the bridge in the next area use Shift. Behind the mountain passage go up the hill to the left, get off and kill those Russians below, near the broken bridge. Take Treasure #3, gold coins. You can't jump across the bridge, use the hill, you're standing on, to do it. Drive through the next cave and knock a guard under the palm tree. Save and continue towards the bridge with three russians and a damaged truck. You can kill them all without leaving the jeep. Just drive at normal speed and never drive backwards – this makes the jeep an easy target for quick russians. Pick up Treasure #4, a cash box, then repair the bridge with a piece of wood which you can find round the corner. Now you will be able to jump across to the other side.

Take the right road first and kill those russians on your way. In the right wall of the dead-end you will find a small passage. Crawl inside and claim Treasure #5, a silver idol. Return, pick up a health leaf under a palm tree and get back into the jeep. Now go backwards and to the left road. The cave reminds a multi-storey underground garage with a spiral road between the floors. Hold down the Shift key and move along the spiral to the level below. Keep the jeep close to the walls and you will stay alive. Get off and find a cracky wall in the dark part of the cave. It is near the cave's exit. Use your Urgon's part and claim another Treasure #6, a golden idol inside.

Go up the high hill and drive over the guard on the top. Soon you will enter a maze with some russian guards inside (they have machine guns). It's easy to knock them down but beware of the truck with a gunman on your left. It will chase you along the maze path. Take a road to the right and move on. At the waterfalls take a left. The passage you should take next is clearly shown on the game's map each time if you turn "hints" on. For the complete map and a way through the maze consult my level's ultimate map. You can pick some treasures near the waterfalls (Treasure #7, gold coins), building (Treasure #8, gold coins), the crashed plane (Treasure #9, gold coins) and the pillbox (Treasure #10, gold coins) – all guarded. At the end of the maze kill those guards and go up the last hill. Sophia Hapgood will pick you up on her helicopter and the jeep will unfortunately sink. Bye Bye jeepy! You were so cool! This will end the level – Indy flies to pyramids.

Level 9 Teotihuacan

You will find yourself in the ancient multi-storey pyramid. The goal of this level is to put up a mirror in the hands of the central statue. When all the upper floors are enlightened it will reflect the light and open a massive door to the next level.

Indy is inside a spacious rectangular hall. Turn left and pick up a medikit in the small alcove. Now open the door on the right and run down the corridor. You will have to walk your way through some traps and kill a couple of scorpions and spiders to get to the Gear Room. Take the Fish Key inside the niche in the wall and immediately roll to the right – the floor will start moving away, revealing a trap. Kill a scorpion down there, jump inside the hole and kill another one. Pick up Treasure #1, silver coins and continue along the corridor until the door shuts in front of you. Retrace your steps back a while – another door will shut, blocking your way. Turn around – a niche in the wall is now open. Kill the spider, collect Treasure #2, gold coins and press a button – this will open both of the doors again. Now finish your way through the corridor and enter the Gear Room.

I will explain the mechanism of the gears later. Let's go for the statue right now. If you take a closer look at the hole in the floor you will notice a small passage with a spider web just below, under the ceiling of the room down there. That's the only way to climb down to the statue room. Pull/push the gear towards the nearest door if it blocks your way. Now hang and drop inside the passage. Collect Treasure #3, a red gem at the end, hang and jump down to the room. You're in the lowest level of the pyramid with an ancient statue of goddess. You must elevate the statue to the Gear Room now. Pull three columns inside the walls and position them exactly on the illuminated pieces of floor. The statue will rise and a door will be opened on the second floor of the room, opposite the gate. Climb one of the pillars, you just pushed, and get there. The idol at the end of the corridor is a trap. Step on the floor platform and roll back immediately. This platform is also a deadly lift. Now grab Treasure #4, a golden idol and step on the lift to get to the upper corridor. Claim Treasure #5, a red gem and open the door – you're finally in the Gear Room again.

On the second floor you can see two levers. The left one turns the statue, the right one – rotates the gears. The room has 4 doors in the walls. To open each door you must position three of the 4 gears on one line between the door and the statue. Now if you pull the lever that turns the statue – the door will open, because of the gear interaction. The distance between the gears and the statue may change. In the inner circle they are rotated clockwise, in the outer – counterclockwise. If the gear is located near one of the doors it will not change its position during rotation. Indy can move all the gears manually only along the radius. To open any door perform the following actions:

1. Manually push one gear towards the chosen door (this gear will not change position from now on).
2. Rotate the statue till you get at least one gear on both radiuses of the doors nearby, on the left and on the right side of the chosen one (forget about the opposite door, across the room and the fourth gear). In other words, you should have at least one gear in the line, connecting the left nearby door with the statue. Same goes for the door on the right.
3. Manually push one of the gears of these doors to a different circle radius, for example if the gear on the left door's line is in the inner circle relative to the statue, then move the right door's gear to the outer circle of the statue.
4. Now rotate the gears – both the gears you manipulated will soon be aligned with the very first gear near the chosen door, due to the fact that gears in both circles are rotated simultaneously and in different directions.
5. Rotate the statue – the door will open.

Your goal is to open all of the four doors in any sequence. Three of them, Fish door, Bird door and Jaguar door lead to the corresponding idols (Fish Idol, Bird Idol, Jaguar Idol), and the fourth (door with three-heads picture) contains niches with emplacements for the idols. Fish door also leads to the Mirror. You ask "How the hell you know that picture on the door is a Jaguar, it doesn't look like much?". Simple – it's written on the idol when you find it. After you've got all the idols open the fourth door and place them in the corresponding niches – the statue will be lowered to the room below again.

Open the Fish Door now. Swim through piranhas to the idol inside the right wall and open the underwater gate with the Fish Key you picked earlier in the corridor. Swim through the opened gate and push an underwater button behind the column. This button elevates the column. Get out of the water, climb up the ladder and jump inside the tunnel above using the elevated column. Shimmy left in the stone tower to the nearest platform. Your goal is to climb up the tower using its walls, ladders, platforms and your whip (once). Pick up Treasure #6, a silver bar behind an idol in the alcove. Finally, you will have to climb up a ladder to get to the corridor high above. It leads to the first room of the level. Pick up the Fish Idol and light will rush into the room. Take a Mirror in the niche inside the wall to the left, Treasure #7, a red crystal in the right wall and kill all those Russians from above using your rifle. Now return to the Gear Room. You can do it in two ways: jump into the water down below from the top of the stone tower and go through the Fish door, or use the corridor with traps, which you already know. However, in the corridor a heavy armed guard is waiting. I used my Taklit's part to become invisible and ran past him. Then I killed him. Inside the Gear Room kill two more patrolling guards.

Now open the Bird door. You will come across another stone tower with a water pit. Jump into the water and follow the tunnel to get Treasure #8, a silver idol (the shaft towards the top on your half-way). Make your way back and run up the corridor – don’t step on floor traps and kill all those spiders and scorpions. At the end of the corridor, behind the third trap, pick up Treasure #9, a blue gem. Move backwards a little and blow up that brick wall with your Urgon's part. Inside the room you will find a ladder – climb it. You will get almost to the top of the stone tower. Jump/climb the ledges and ladders to reach the corridor above and pick up Treasure #10, a green gem on a ledge on your way. Kill spiders on both sides of the entrance and proceed further. Kill some scorpions in another corridor, pick up poison kit and press a button – a door will open, revealing the Bird room. Claim the Bird Idol and the room will become heavily illuminated. Return to the tower and jump into the water down below. Enter the Gear Room again.

Open the Jaguar door. Kill a spider and don't step on the floor traps (by the way, you can roll over them). As soon as you enter the room a guard will rush towards you. Kill him along with the other one, at the far wall. Climb up to the top of the room, kill two more guards and claim the Jaguar Idol. Now all the necessary rooms above the statue are illuminated. Make your way back to the Gear Room.

Open the final door with all the three heads on it. (Important: after the door is opened check if the passage in the floor's hole, which you already used once, is free for hanging/grabbing to. If not – move/rotate some gears before the statue is lowered, you can't move the gears manually along the circles). Install all the idols in the corresponding niches – the statue will move down. Follow it and kill some guards in the  room below (one will appear just behind you), using your rifle. When everybody's finished put up a mirror in the statue's hands – it will reflect a ray of light coming from above and open the door to the next level.

Level 10 Olmec Valley

This level features a large Olmec Valley. Several regions of the valley are connected with three bridges. To activate the bridges you must position the corresponding Olmec Stone Heads onto the proper pressure platforms. The goal of this level is to reach the pyramid at the end of the valley. You will meet a giant Snake Quetzalcoatl inside there. After you defeat it you will get the third Infernal Machine's part – Azerim's part, which allows you to levitate above the ground when interacting with blue crystal of a strange nature.

Get down to the valley using the passage in the right wall. Cut through some green vines, kill the snake and shoot a couple of times to scary off the leopard. You will meet more leopards later on. They often attack from behind, you can't kill them. Run along the stream till you see a lake.  Notice the three massive pressure plates on your way. While you stand on any of them a corresponding bridge above is activated. However, you can't stand on the plate forever – you'll need to find some replacement. Dive into the lake and pick up Treasure #1, gold coins in the underwater cave. Get back to the first pressure plate and cut through the vines into the cave in the wall.

Avoid the leopard and look for a crack in the left wall. Use your Urgon's part to smash it and claim Treasure #2, a silver idol. Move up the stairs (note that from this location you can also reach the first bridge) and use your whip to jump across the room. Push a block and Indy will fall into a dark tunnel. Trigger the first Olmec Stone Head by stepping on the pressure plate in the floor and run to the nearest alcove down below. The Stone Head will roll down the tunnel and land near the first bridge's pressure plate. Pick up a Treasure #3, gold coins above the tunnel and get down to the valley to push the Stone Head onto the pressure plate and activate the bridge. Make your way back to the cave and get across the bridge.

The second bridge is close to you, behind the vines across the ledge but it's not activated. Get down and pick up some Treasure #4, gold coins in the dark room at the far wall. Go outside through the doorway and enter another one below. Kill some snakes and press a button inside the pool – it will open the door to the next area. Kill more snakes and find a block behind the pillar. Push it inside the wall 3 times. You will see another tunnel with the second Olmec Head above. Trigger the Head and run outside the tunnel or you'll be trapped (Hop down immediately when Indy automatically grabs the ledge). Now push the second Olmec Stone Head towards the opening in the wall and it will fall down to the valley near the second bridge's pressure platform. Get down there and position the Stone Head to activate the second bridge. Russians will rush into the valley.

Make all your way back to the activated second bridge and kill some russians on your way. I know what you're already thinking of: "When the third bridge is activated I will probably have to make ALL THIS WAY AGAIN another time! Gush, it's so annoying!". Relax – you won't have to return to the valley again. The third Olmec Head lands into position more accurately and activates corresponding bridge by itself.

Cross the second bridge and use your whip to get across the chasm. When you land russians will start shooting from your back – run for your life. In the next area you'll have to shimmy over a wall and jump across the chasm to the other side, but before that get down to the floor, kill a snake and collect some treasures: in the dark cave behind you, and on your way, behind the fallen pillar Treasure #5, gold coins.

You will see a room with a waterfall. Inside the pool there lies the third Olmec Stone Head. Your goal is to make the stream push it outside to the valley. Dive into the pool and climb atop the waterfall using the passage and ledges behind it. Push the button on top of the waterfall – it will drain the area. Get down and push the Olmec Stone Head towards the opening in the wall, until it stucks there. Now push another block near the waterfall. You'll notice a climbable wall. Get on top of the waterfall and push the button again – the water will push the Olmec Stone Head out to the valley and trigger the third bridge. Continue to the next room, climb up the ladder and cross the bridge.

On your way kill some snakes and collect Treasure #6, gold coins, from a cave lying down below to the left of the pillar. In the next area you'll have to use your whip to get across, but before that pick up a health leaf below on your left.

You will soon get inside the cave with an Eagle-Headed Stone. Your goal is to get to the top of the pillar-bridge outside. From there you can push its top edge and it will fall, turning into a bridge across the chasm for you. Note the door above the ledges to the left, behind the Snake statue. There's a button which opens this door for a short time – you will have to climb there fast. Behind the door you will find the pillar edge you need to get to. Kill all the snakes below and claim Treasure #7, gold coins in the small room with a fire. Now press the button on the building's wall and leave the cave. Press another button outside and rush to the door I already mentioned. On the left side of the platform just before the door look for Treasure #8, gold coins and rush through the doorway. Push the huge pillar's edge. Get back to the cave, Cross the pillar-bridge and run into the next area.

Follow the passage to an area with some pillars. Drop down, use your whip to cross the gap and crawl under the low pillar. You will find a Treasure #9, gold coins in the alcove above the first pillar. Climb to the high girder in the room. Drop down and get some coins. Make your way back to the stone stairs at the top. Kill some snakes and climb the stairs to see the stunning pyramid in the next area. Another leopard guards it. You will find a health leaf near the basement of the pyramid's stairs. Climb up and pick Treasure #10, a golden idol.

You will find yourself inside the Snake cave. Remember your current position. Behind the large doors in front of you there's a Snake Lair along with the Azerim's part. Behind the other doors on your back there's a small room with a pressure plate in the floor. To kill the Giant Snake you will have to use four spikes in the room's floor. Each of them is triggered when Indy steps onto corresponding pressure platform in the corners of the second floor's catwalk. To get to the catwalk you'll have to use Azerim's part and levitate upwards (Position yourself under any blue crystal and activate Azerim's part, then use cursor keys to go up/down and Alt key to leave the power current). All four times you should step on different platforms and activate different spikes – otherwise you won't hit the Snake. Start from the spike which is located behind you to the left, then the one, which is in front of you and to the right, after it – behind you to the right, and, finally, - the one, in front of you and to the left. Giant Snake can't damage you when you're levitating or on the catwalk, but it can throw small snakes up there – you'll have to kill them. When you're on the room's floor run quickly and avoid any snakes – don't have time to deal with them. Just try to get back to the catwalk as soon as possible.

Hang from the platform and drop to the floor. Open the gate behind you and step on the pressure plate inside (To open the gates you'll have to light the torches with your lighter on the both sides). Run to the opposite door and release the Snake. You'll have to sneak past the Snake and get the Azerim's part first. Then try to kill it.

When the Snake is dead a passage reveals on top of the room, above the first gate you opened. Levitate up there using the Azerim's part under a crystal in the ceiling and finish the level. Volodnikov somehow manages to entrap Indy and grab all his possessions.

Level 11 V. I. Pudovkin

This is one of the shortest levels in the game. It features large multi-deck ship full of Russians and treasures. All the action takes place on board of the ship. You start the level with empty inventory, with no weapons and no machine parts, imprisoned in one of the ship's cabins. Your goal is to find all your stuff, repossess all the machine parts and leave the ship. You will find the treasures, guarded by russian soldiers almost in every cabin. While playing use your Taklit's part to become invisible and investigate new rooms with guards remaining undetected. Then you can think of the best strategy of fighting them. Note, that Taklit's part can harm your health too – if not switched off in time.

Try knocking at the door – a guard appears, leaving no hope of escape for you. Climb atop the bed and open a ventilation hatch in the ceiling (The guy on the wall is famous Comrade Lenin. Later you will find some other Soviet attributes on this level – red flags and Comrade Stalin portraits). Now knock at the door again and quickly climb inside the ventilation system (It doesn't lead to anywhere). The guard seems to be astonished with Indy's sudden disappearance. Quickly hop to the floor, run through the door and lock the guy inside. Now you will have some time before he manages to escape.

In the corridor you will notice some doors. Only first two on the left are important. Behind the first one push the lever – it will attract soldier's attention. Retreat to the corridor and enter the guard's room from outside. Claim Taklit's part! Continue to the large ship's cargo hold with goods and containers. Use your Taklit's part to become invisible and sneak past the guard in the center. Pick up all your stuff in the ship's nose compartment. Two other machine parts and heavy-firepower weapons are missing. Return to the cargo hold and get on top of the box in the center (red one). Jump to the blue one in the distance across some barrels and climb up on the second deck (you can push/pull some cargo boxes if you can't make this running jump). Kill some 3-4 guards and pick up their weapons.

Now go towards ship's nose (the side with only one door). Behind the door there are two guards waiting for you. Kill them (you will get Treasure #1, cash box) or sneak past them and pick up the Urgon's part and a large medipack in the small room above the ladder in the next section (meet another guard).

Return to the other side of the cargo hold with two doors. The cabins behind both doors are symmetrical. Inside you will find a couple of russians guarding their money Treasure #2, cash box. Now find some dirty rusty wall section in the cabin behind the right door and crack it with your Urgon's part. Kill another guard and get Treasure #3, cash box.

You're in the corridor. Right passage leads to the upper deck and a ladder to the left - to the Ship's Crane Hold. You will need Azerim's part to get past the crane, so move right. In the cabins above you will find some Treasure #4, cash box, couple of idols (Treasure #5, a silver idol, Treasure #6, a golden idol), and Treasure #7, cash box, a large medipack and a bunch of soviet soldiers guarding all that. Proceed and climb up to the main ship's deck outside. Run to the rusty wall nearby and smash it. Kill all the soldiers using your rifle/automatic pistol from inside. Later you can kill all the guards and snipers on deck from behind using invisibility. The next door has a ladder which leads to Captain's Bridge. Watch the cut scene and grab the Azerim's part in the darkness. Now get back to the Crane Hold.

Move the crane a couple of times and lift up the box with a blue crystal. Now you can levitate to the upper deck (use Alt to leave the power current), but before that check the area behind the truck and get Treasure #8, cash box. Kill the guards and open any of the doors. Behind you will find a couple of russian tough guys. I used a grenade to kill them. You don't even have to get close to them. Far below pick up the Treasure #9, silver coins and press the lever – it will lower the ladder to the top deck. Climb that ladder. There's another tough russian soldier behind it – I opened the door, threw the grenade and shut the door again to eliminate him. When he's finished take the crank wheel, which is required to lower the boat. Go outside – to the main deck. After the final battle grab the is Treasure #10, silver coins on the ship's nose, return to the back and use Crack Wheel to activate the mechanism lowering the boat. Indy leaves the ship and level ends.

Level 12 Meroe.

This level features 4 ancient pyramids of Nubian kings. Inside each pyramid there is a Lens Room. You must turn on all four lenses to open the door to the next level. The light beams from the lenses will show you the exact locations of the 4 one-eyed statues, which require an eye crystal to open each of the four hand-type locks on the exit door. There are several places in this level which trigger the appearance of Russians. By not pressing some buttons you can postpone the Russian threat to a much later time. Anyway there are few of them, just 4-5 people, including a machine-gunner and some grenade throwers. You will also meet some hyenas on this level. You can't kill them with any usual weapon. Use your jeep to run them down.

Near the first pyramid there's a dark opening in the wall. An aborigine boy is hiding there, frightened of the hyenas. Talk to the boy and kill all the hyenas around – you will need his help later. Next time you enter the opening the boy will be gone. Go around the pyramid and notice a small storage house behind it. Shoot through the window to blow a hole in the wall. Pick up a drive chain, a bazooka and some rockets and a medipack inside. Also take a bucket.

Go to the old mine. Use your drive chain to activate the drench and get down in the pit. Examine the old mine cart and detach a wheel from it. Continue along the pit, kill some scorpions and take a watch near a skeleton. Now climb back and use the drench to leave the mine pit (just jump with Alt on the moving platform). Notice an old tunnel across the chasm. There's something inside you want to get. As soon as you approach the edge a boy will come. Give him your watch and he will bring the eye crystal from the tunnel for you. Return to the storage house near the first pyramid.

Climb the pyramid's wall (it's a maze) and jump in the opening from above. Inside the pyramid kill some spiders and use your Urgon's part to smash a wall down there. It will also push a moveable block outside. Now stand on the top of the block and examine the pyramid's wall. From here you can reach the balcony ledge with pyramid's entrance, but the door is closed. To open it move the block and climb the pyramid's wall. Press a button inside a niche high above and climb down. Pick up Treasure #1, a silver idol on the wall and enter the pyramid. Move the blue block, climb atop of it and get Treasure #2, a blue gem in the niche on the left.

In this pyramid you'll have to do several things (the sequence doesn't matter):
1. attach the Bucket to some strange device in the pool area. It will start grabbing water from the pool and initiate a small water current which will rush outside the pyramid. This will fill the empty pit with water outside the pyramid. You will need this water pit later – it reflects the 4th pyramid's beam and shows the correct position of the last one-eyed statue.
2. turn on the lens in the pyramid's Lens Room. Just set on fire a piece of wood located in the center of that room. A colored beam of light will appear and show a spot on the desert's floor with the first one-eyed statue.
3. Find a way to the next pyramid.

You can walk in two main directions, the sequence doesn’t matter. Left passage leads to the pool area, right one – to the Lens Room and to the corridor, connecting this pyramid with others. The Lens Room in each pyramid is usually located somewhere close to the top, remember that when you look for a path/ladder. You can also leave some marks on the walls of the maze with your chalk to help yourself not to get lost, but generally you won't need to do that.

Go to the pool and attach the bucket. Now return to the pyramid and go for the Lens Room. Here I skip some obvious actions. Climb up using the ledges on both sides of the pit. Grab the  Treasure #3, a red gem from the sarcophagus and kill some snakes on your way to the Lens Room. Use an Urgon's part to smash a wall and press the right button out of two available – this will lower the far block on your right and reveal a passage. Go along the path and crawl right to grab some health leaf, guarded by a couple of scorpions and Treasure #4, a blue gem. You will find the Lens Room soon. Activate the Lens, exit, turn right and jump down. The place looks familiar. Take another passage now.

Kill some snakes on your way and press a button. Crawl to the opening. Climb the ledge. You're in the corridor which leads to the pyramids 2,3 - if you go straight, and to pyramid 4 - if you go left, to the room with a some sarcophaguses and spiders. The sequence doesn't matter. Go straight. You can shimmy over a chasm below if you do the following: first, jump to the platform straight ahead, press a button – it lifts a block in the wall for a short time, return quickly and pull another block from the wall, so that it is positioned exactly below the lifted block. Now the first block won't fall and you can shimmy to the other side of the corridor.

You will soon reach a tunnel with an "eyed" block to the left. It blocks the passage on your approach. You can pass through it using your invisibility item. That passage leads to the Pyramid 3. And if you take the passage on the right you will enter Pyramid 2. Sequence doesn't matter. Go to the right. Climb the sarcophagus and push a door in the room above. Kill dozens of snakes and enter the room. You're in the second pyramid's basement. Behind the block there's an exit from the pyramid but it will also trigger the appearance of Russians. Leave the block in its place for a while. There's a hole in the room's ceiling above one of the crypts – find it. Grab the Treasure #5, a green gem, kill a spider and smash a wall with your Urgon's part. You will be able to see the treasure through the hole, but the opening is not large enough to pass through. In fact the explosion has destroyed one of the crypts' roofs. You can pick that Treasure #6, a golden idol in the crypt on your way back. The passage to the left leads to the Lens Room. Activate another Lens there and get back to the sarcophagus room. Prepare to enter the third pyramid: use the Taklit's Part to become invisible and get past the "eyed" block.

Kill some snakes in the skeleton room, find a cracked wall behind the central pillar with skeletons and smash it. Pick up Treasure #7, silver coins and climb up the racks. Above you will soon see a square in the floor and a hatch above it. To enter this pyramid's Lens Room you'll have to push some button (which opens the hatch for a short time), return quickly to this spot and levitate up. Move along the right passage. There' a trap in the floor (some spikes) near the button. Press the button and quickly climb up to the next floor, before the spikes are activated again. On the top floor press a button which opens the hatch and use elevators to get down. Kill a spider and climb up to the levitation square. Select the Azerim's part quickly and fly up. Activate the Lens in this pyramid and levitate down through the hatch to exit the room. Make your way to a corridor with a chasm, you shimmied before, get across and enter the room with sarcophaguses there – you're on your way to the last pyramid.

Crash two subsequent walls with your Urgon's part and pick up Treasure #8, gold coins and a health leaf. The button in the far passage opens a hatch in the desert's floor and triggers appearance of Russians – avoid it. Go along the tunnel nearby. Climb the ledge above and pick  Treasure #9, a silver bar. Continue along the tunnel till you reach a large hall with mine cart railway below. Pick up a health leaf, jump across and shimmy left (the block straight ahead won't move). Grab some Treasure #10, a gold bar in the skeleton pit. After a while you will get to a room just behind that block (kill spiders). Move it and use to climb up the room.

From atop the block, jump to the ledge across the room. On your way up collect a piece of wood – you will need it in the Lens Room. Round the corner on the opposite ledge there's a passage you can shimmy to. Use your whip to climb up and jump on the platform. Inside the Lens Room place the piece of wood on the block and light it. The final, 4th beam will spot some place in the desert where one-eyed statue is hidden. To exit the pyramid turn right when leaving the room and use the Urgon's part to smash a wall. This will finally trigger the appearance of some Russians. It is not difficult to shot them from above here. Get down on the ground and kill the rest of them.

Now find the four spots in the desert shown by the beams. Each time you step on the correct spot (however, move away your jeep) – a statue appears. Install your eye crystal in each of the statues in turn and they will open a door in the first pyramid's basement for you. The third pyramid's beam spots a block near the start of the level (ruins). Push that block to reveal a statue underneath it. The beam from the fourth pyramid will show the correct location of corresponding statue only if reflected from the water pit's surface (remember that bucket you attached to a strange mechanism inside the first pyramid?). The door to the next level faces the old mine. Take a fuel canister from your jeep and get inside that door. Find an old mine cart which needs a wheel and some fuel and finish the level.

Level 13 King Sol's Mines.

You start this level riding a mine cart. Go for a ride around several railroad sections separated with gates. When you're in the cart they open on your approach, however, you can't just turn where you want – it depends on the position of the 5 railway switches. You can change the position of all the switches in the Switch House by pulling corresponding levers. The goal of this level is to gather 3 King Sol's Gems, Eye of Horus and install them in the Pyramid. During your quest you will need to switch to different roads. Watch out for the low pipes – they can hurt you if you don't duck quickly (press C). Grenades turn to be very useful against outnumbered snakes.

Find the Switch House in the first large chamber. Check out the map inside. This map is very schematic and gives you only a slight idea of where to look for the switches. After a couple of hours of searching for every switch I decided to draw more specific map for your convenience (check out this level's ultimate map) – now everything's easy. In the Switch House you will find a medikit (also take a look at the picture of young Indy). Behind the map there's an empty fuse box, which requires a fuse to provide electric power for the levers. Note that the 4th switch is stuck – you will need some oil later. On the roof of the Switch House you can read a strange message left for you by some of those crazy game programmers.

Drive your mine cart to the next chamber (Railway station) and pick up the fuse in another railroad cart. In the corner behind the boxes you will find Treasure #1 blue crystal. Explore the two corridors nearby. The left one leads to a dead-end with a TNT box. When you blow that TNT it will reveal Treasure #2 an idol. The right tunnel leads to the pyramid. Get back here at the end of the level. Return to the mine cart and proceed – the road loops back to the Switch House. Install the fuse and pull the levels 1, 3. The sequence is not important.

Besides switching to another railway loop they trigger some actions with Russians. After you push the first lever Russians take positions in all main chambers of the level. The Switch House, the Railway Station and some other rooms become heavily guarded and another mine cart with guards appear on the road in front of you as soon as you board yours. The second lever seems to be just a switch – it doesn't trigger any action with soviets. If you push the third lever and then ride past the switch 3 it triggers a cut scene of a bazooka explosion and mine cart jump. And if you push the 4th lever (you'll need to oil switch 4 to do that) – the mine cart with soldiers will finally explode in the dead-end. After this cut scene Indy wisely pulls the 5th lever too – to switch back from the dead-end (you won't be able to pull this lever later – the only way to the 5th lever road segment is on foot).

Keep chasing the russian mine cart until you see a cut scene of dynamite explosion. Get out of the cart and kill the remaining guards (watch out for the electric cable – it hurts). Pick up the key in the blown up area. This key opens the locker in the Locker Room next to the Railway Station. You will find some oil there. Take a ride to switch 4 and use the oil on it. Find Treasure #3 a blue gem behind the pillar. Get back to the Switch House, kill all the guards (there's also one inside) and push the 4th lever – it works now. Now you have access to all the railroads in the level. Starting from this point you're free to manipulate switches 1-4. Here's the list of items you will have to find (the sequence doesn't matter): the Eye of Horus, 3 King Sol's Gems, some more treasures along the tracks. When you have everything return to the pyramid.

Get the treasures first: ride towards switch 1, stop a little bit before it and find Treasure #4 a blue crystal down and to the left of the tracks. Also pick up Treasure #5 a green gem near switch 2 (on the right side of the tracks).

To get the Eye of Horus do the following: In the room after switch 3 stop the cart and explore the area. Pick up the poison kit near the skeleton on top of one of the boxes. You can see a gold idol behind the opening in the wall but there's another way to get it. Drive your mine cart backwards to the gate nearby (on your right) – it leads to the beautiful waterfalls chamber. Jump across those crates floating in the water and use your whip to get into the secret room behind the left waterfall. Collect the Eye of Horus. Jump into the water and swim into the underwater passage. Adjust monitor's brightness and find the red gem nearby Treasure #6. The underwater tunnels lead to several locations: to the water pit remaining after bazooka explosion, to the Treasure #7 golden idol in the previous chamber and to the room with some sarcophaguses which in turn leads to the King Sol's Green Gem. Look for the crates below in the water – that means that there's something useful above. Also Pick up Treasure #8 a green gem near the grated tunnel.

To get King Sol's blue gem do the following: Ride towards the switch 4, stop a little bit before it under the broken railway bridge and get out. You can get across the chasm using your whip on the bridge. The 5th switch segment of the road leads directly to the broken bridge. Follow the tracks on foot. Kill the beasts and some russians and jump to the other side. Behind the doors you will find Treasure #9 a green gem in the dead-end. Look for the crack in the left wall of the tunnel and smash it with your Urgon's part. Kill the snakes and proceed to the King Sol's blue gem. There's a trap (spikes in the floor below). Either grab the Gem quickly and do a backward flip or use your whip to knock off the gem and trigger the trap. It will be safe to pick it up then. Return to the mine cart.

To get King Sol's red gem do the following: Ride the mining car past switches 4 and 5 to the Platform with boxes and push the block near the left wall – it will reveal a passage. Shoot the barrels and climb the ladder. Kill some spiders and you will soon find a cave with the King Sol's red gem. Throw a grenade inside a hole behind the gem – it will kill some snakes. When you claim the Gem the walls start shaking – jump inside the hole quickly. Move along the passage and return to the mine cart.

To get King Sol's green gem do the following: Ride to the Pool Room, pick up a medikit and dive into the tunnel. Pick up Treasure #10 a red gem on your way and look for the crates below to find the room above. Get out and climb those ledges, jump through the opening in the wall. Kill some russians, make a couple of jumps and soon you will find yourself above the pool, next to the statue's head with King Sol's green gem on it. Grab the gem and dive into the pool. Return to the mine cart.

Now you've got everything – move towards the pyramid room. Watch out – there are too many guards in this chamber. Fight your way to the pyramid and place the Eye of Horus inside the slot in the basement. The pyramid will lift up. Jump across the ledges on both sides and place red and green King Sol's Gems into the corresponding slots. The pyramid will rise higher and a hatch above with a blue crystal will be opened. Get down and levitate to the upper ledge to place the last gem (King's blue one)  – it opens a door in the pyramid's basement. Levitate back down and pull the lever – it will end the level. Indy goes to the Nub's Tomb.

Level 14 Nub's Tomb

This level features large underground chambers with pillars and hidden passages. Your goal is to claim the final Infernal Machine's part – Nub's part, which accumulates some electric power and allows you to open/use different electric devices. The part is located in the middle of the deadly electric pool. At the end of the level you will have to fight a giant Robot Guardian – but he's not that tough.

Jump across the ruins using the pillars and shimmy right at the far wall. Drop and hang, climb to the ledge and drop down to the corridor. It leads to the Pillar Hall. Go straight to the end of the corridor, kill some spiders and pick up Treasure #1 some silver coins in one of the water chambers.

Return to the Pillar Hall and go through the doorway. In the next room with two massive pillars climb the wall. You will see a slope leading down. Slide to the passage below and crawl at the end of the tunnel. Climb up onto the low ledge in front of you and pick Treasure #2 silver coins. Crawl further and enter the 2-pillar room again. You can open the door only if you provide the robot with his missing arm. This door leads to the Golden Turtle room. Push away the statue nearby and slash through the tapestry which covers the passage.

You will find a lever at the end – pull it. Drop down to the new passage and enter the room with grated floor. When you step on the first floor panel it falls. Kill some snakes and crawl to the next section to pick up Treasure #3 the gold bar. Get out of the pit and slash through another tapestry. Pull the block three times and proceed to the next room with 2 moving floor panels. To get across them use the following strategy: Jump to the center of each panel, balance until it stops shaking, jump further. Climb the ledges and the ladder and enter the Anubis Chapel on your left. Your goal is to climb up the front side and whip off the hand of an ancient statue. Push the button on the block – the statue above will move. Go through the doorway and find Treasure #4 a silver bar on your right. At the other end of the room use your whip to climb up and get on the roof. Jump across some platforms, hang and hop down to the ledge on the left side. Face the Anubis statue. Now whip its arm and pick it up when it falls to the ground. Exit the chapel and you will again enter the first room in the level. Russians are already there!

Turn right and go through the dark doorway. Use your whip to get to the end of the green corridor and press a button – it will lower a sarcophagus nearby. Pick up the Treasure #5 blue gem behind it and move along the opened passage. Kill some russians round the corner and make all your way back to the robot with missing arm, killing the guards on your way (many of them). Place the arm into the Robot's arm slot and pull the lever to the right of the door – it will open.

Behind the door shoot a strange floating machine. Your goal is to activate the Golden Turtle elevator and get down to the next room. Near the left wall use your Azerim's part to levitate to the ledge above. Get across the room by jumping over the pillars, pick a medipack and press a button – it will open the floor section in the center of the room and trigger Volodnikov's appearance. He will move directly down the stairs and the section will close. Push the button again – to open the floor. Kill all the guards below using your rifle and hang/drop down from the lowest pillar. Follow Volodnikov's path, press a button to switch the stairs. You're in a large room with rotating bronze gears at the far wall. Time to trap Volodnikov!

You can't catch him unless you set a trap first. Several times I even managed to get face to face with that guy but he behaved as if I was a brick wall and disappeared quickly. Notice moveable blocks on both sides of the room and block the middle passage. Pull one of the blocks inside the passage and to the central crossing square. This will prevent Volodnikov from using this way for a shortcut, as he did before. It is also possible to close one of the entrances of the passage with another block, but it seems that you won't need that. Now start chasing Volodnikov – you will soon see him entering the upper floor of the central building. Each time he runs to the room at the far wall with a statue and stays there until you approach. Use this to set a trap: move the statue towards one of the exits of that room and next time when Volodnikov hides in the room enter it. Gotcha! He gives you the bronze gear and quickly disappears. Kill the sniper and return to the Golden Turtle elevator room.

Watch out for those goons behind you. Face the elevator now. Now you'll need to find a way to open the elevator cabin. Slash through some tapestry in the column on your right and pull out the block several times until you're able to climb to the opening in the opposite pillar. The passage leads to the lever which opens the gate somewhere down below. Return to the column where the block used to be and drop down – at the end of now opened corridor you will find a key to the elevator's cabin. Return to the Turtle room. Open the cabin and place the bronze gear inside the mechanical turtle's slot – it fits. Nothing happens – you need some more weight. Now get out and push the block inside the elevator's cabin. It works – the elevator goes down, causing a huge counterweight block at the left wall to rise up. Levitate to the catwalk and use your whip to jump on top of that counterweight block – it will lower Indy to the next room. Shoot a couple of robots immediately on arrival.

Climb up any pillar and get on top of the room. Before climbing up the last pillar take a look at the left and pick Treasure #6 a silver idol. Passage leads to the water pool with piranhas. Dive and press the button at the end of the underwater tunnel – it will rise a statue from the bottom of the pool. Pick up Treasure #7 a gold bar behind the sunken pillar and get out of the water – there's only one low platform on your left which allows you to do that. Break the cracked wall with your Urgon's part and get Treasure #8 a red crystal. Now jump to the other side of the room using statue's head and kill another floating robot. Enter the next room – with the electric pool and Nub's part. The electric ball can severely damage you – try running to each next location only while it is charging. At the first corner to the left you will find a cracked wall – smash it and collect Treasure #9 the golden idol inside. Proceed to the next corner and pick up a medipack near poor skeleton fellow. Just before the steps use your whip to climb up to the next floor. Your goal is to climb to the top of the room – use your whip and jump across the pillars. There's also a passage in the inner wall which you can use. Slide down the slope and jump at the end to get to the last platform. Use Azerim's part to levitate up to the upper chamber.

Move all lion heads towards the central hole in the floor, nose to nose. Be careful, don't fall down there while pulling them. Push the button inside the niche behind the middle lion – this will raise the electric ball inside the room – it will not harm Indy. Push other buttons: the gold one to the right and the blue one to the left. Push it three times to lower the level of the water in the pool – this will also trigger Russians. You can lower down the electric ball again into the room to kill the guards. Then raise it once more and return to the electric pool room.

Kill the remaining guards and dive into the water. Get out at the small island in the center. Note a socket in the wall – it penetrates a bridge, which you will need to leave the island. Climb the triangular platforms of the killer-machine and claim the Nub's part on top. Now dive again and use Nub's part while standing next to the button I mentioned. Cross the bridge, find a door with a similar socket in the left corner and open it using Nub's part. You will soon enter the room with the counterweight elevator again.

Run to the counterweight shaft and use Nub's part to activate the power socket nearby. Now run to the opposite side of the room to another socket – it opens the hatch above. Now you are able to levitate above to the familiar passageway. Pull out the block from the Turtle's elevator and step inside – it will lift you to the top floor of the building.

Climb the stairs behind the elevator, jump and pick up Treasure #10 the silver bar on top of the shaft. Jump down and proceed to the next room. Grab the medipack near a skeleton and use Nub's part on the power socket at the door. Pull out your bazooka, shoot another robot through the opened doorway and enter the Nub's Tomb Room. Step on the pressure plate and open the sarcophagus – a niche in the column with another power socket will be revealed. Activate Nub's part and collect the Nub's Eye crystal.

Time to meet the Robot guardian. Activate all the power circles in the floor by using Nub's part at the corresponding socket in the wall. Install the Nub's Eye in the special emplacement at the far end of the room – a Huge Robot Guardian will appear. He's very slow and not that dangerous as he seems to be. He will be short-circuited after stepping several times on those power panels (about 6 times). All you need to do is to hide under the central structure and activate the dead power panels (a panel turns off after the huge robot steps on it) from time to time. Don't step on the panels yourself and don't let the robot kill you with his laser beam – it hurts.

When he's finally dead climb the central structure and jump across to the catwalk using robot's head. Press the button, cross the bridge and follow the passage to the end of the level. Indy, Sophia, CIA Agent and Volodnikov will have a hard conversation. After it Indy gives all the machine's parts to the CIA agent.

Level 15 Infernal Machine

The beginning of the level reminds the Babylonian library. CIA agent and Sophia have all the machine parts now and are already somewhere on the level. Your goal is to repossess all the parts and place them into proper slots to activate the machine. Looks like somebody has already tried to do it but all the parts are placed into wrong sockets. It seems that it was agent Turner who did this. You will meet more strange electronic robots and some spiky bugs on this level – shoot them all.

The large golden disk that used to be in the wall now lies on the ground revealing a passage behind it. It leads to some strange machinery corridor, guarded by two floating robots. Pick up a medipack and some rockets down below and shoot the robots. Climb the structure at the end of the corridor, find and press a button – it opens the central section of the floor. Go down the stairs and you will meet Sophia and CIA agent Turner in the large Machine's Core chamber. Sophia becomes trapped in a floating power crystal and Turner escapes.

Hang and Drop or Jump into the water pit to the right. Get out of the water and run to the end of the corridor avoiding the lightings. Collect Nub's part – it will also deactivate the lightings. Meanwhile pick up Treasure #1, a green gem, and Treasure #2, a red gem, from the niches. You will need to replace the Nub's part with the Urgon's part later. Return to the water and jump across to the Machine's core. Run along the corridor and jump into the power current – you don’t have the Azerim's part but you still can levitate up the current. Jump on the platform high above and use any of the ladders to climb up and reach the top of the strange headless horse statue. Collect Azerim's part there – this will deactivate power current. You will need to replace it with the Marduk's head later. At the bottom of the ladder you will find Treasure #3 – golden idol. Climb back up and jump to the narrow middle section of the wall. You can use your whip to jump from here to the passage on the other side of the shaft.

You're again in the Machine's Core chamber at a higher level. Jump across the narrow platforms to the other side of the room and enter another shaft. Jump into the water and climb the ladder. Finally, pick up the Urgon's part along with Treasure #4, a red gem, and Treasure #5, a blue gem, from alcoves in the room. Replace Urgon's part with Nub's part. Run through the rotating platforms and enter the elevator. You will descend automatically to a room with Urgon's socket. Place Urgon's part in the socket and return to the shaft – the elevator is operational. Go two floors up and leave it. Jump to the narrow platform in front of you, turn left and jump to the catwalk. Pick up Treasure #6, a blue gem, and Treasure #7, a green gem, from alcoves in the wall. Jump to the next narrow platform and finally jump to the opening in the wall. It leads to another elevator, which will take you to the next floor of the complex. Meet invisible Turner here (he's got the Taklit's part). When he's dead pick up the Taklit's part, a medipack and levitate up one level. Jump into the doorway towards the electric ball, use Taklit's part to become invisible and quickly deactivate the ball with a button on the wall. Use Azerim's part to ascend to the topmost level of the building - Meet the Marduk's head there. Pick it up and replace with Azerim's part. This will lower the Crystal with Sophia and open a door. Run along the next corridor. On your right there will be a crawling passage (use your lighter to find it). Get Treasure #8, a red gem, and Treasure #9, a green gem from the niches inside. Return to the corridor and step into the elevator.

It brings you back to a headless horse robot – Marduk. Climb there again and attach Marduk's head to his body. Marduk slowly walks into the Machine's Core chamber. Return to the elevator in the center of the shaft and back to where the robot was standing. Get Treasure #10, a silver idol.

Return to the Machine's Core chamber and install the last machine's part – Taklit's part - into some kind of control engine on the right ledge. Pull the lever and both Sophia and Indy will be dropped to the next level.

Level 16 Aetherium

This level is something completely different from the usual Indy-like style. You're inside some "multi-dimensional" substance, which allows you to access different places from the levels you've already been to in reality through special portals. To activate a portal you'll need a Tool from Beyond. You can pick up some treasures and health items in those small reality incarnations along with the 3 King Sol's gems required to finish the level. Anyway, you won't be able to imagine stuff like that in your wildest dreams. Aetherium looks very strange but you'll get used to it quickly. The main idea is that all the locations of this level are connected through other-dimensional power tubes/currents. You are safe and free to choose any direction while you are inside such current. To leave the current use Alt, as usual. You will also meet Marduk's two incarnations on this level. And, of course, you will have to win the final battle to finish the level.

Leave the current and land to a ledge below. You're near the lower levels of the Aetherium, atop some cubic structure connected throughout with those tube tunnels. To enter the current hang and drop to it – it is safer then jumping through it. You can fly anywhere you want but generally follow the map and you won't get lost. Note that you can enter the core of the multidimensional cube from several sides. Each time you will find yourself in different tunnel leading to some location in reality. But first enter the green tunnel (look at the game's hint map) which leads to a blue room with the Tool From Beyond. Pick it up and notice another tunnel below in the far wall of the room. It leads to the upper levels of the Aetherium, but first, return to the multidimensional cube and explore all its sides.

Find purple tunnel which lead to the Mines in Meroe. Get Treasure #1, cash box and a poison kit. Look for the orange tunnel leading to the wooden Idol in Palawan Lagoon. Pick up the health leaf and Treasure #2, silver coins on the other side of the statue. Go back through the tunnel to its end and swim down. You will land at the floor of the whole cubic structure. Shoot the spiky bugs then find a crawl passage. Crawl in and get Treasure #3, an Aetherium Gem. Swim up the central current and enter the cube from another side. Swim through the tunnel with the rotating rings. You should come to a portal leading to where you placed the candles at the end of the Tian Shan River level. Turn right at the candleholder and find the ledge with a skeleton, Treasure #4 gold coins, and a medipack. Proceed to the next portal and enter the room. Shoot the strange creatures and explore the surroundings.

You can see poor Sophia in a distance. Approach the opening in the center of the arena. If you look down, you will see the blue room where you found the Tool from Beyond. To get to the Monkey Island Easter egg, do a running jump into the opening in the center of the room. You should land in the Aetherium. Swim to the end of the tunnel with the orange or brown stripe. At the end you can turn toward a portal and go to Palawan Island or go through the new portal opposite the Palawan one to the Monkey Island. Go through the Monkey Island portal. Look at the pictures on the walls and get Treasure #5, a golden idol from the table.

Find a tunnel which leads to the top of the Aetherium. Instead of going straight through the small patch of Aetherium into the big room, swim up towards the top. There are several exits, but you'll need the one through which you can see a gem on the floor. Go through the entrance and collect Treasure #6 Aetherium gem. Now follow the tunnel to its top and leave the current in the room with Marduk. You can't beat him with your usual weapons, "there must be another slightly different way". In fact there is: find Teotihuacan portal and take the mirror from the goddess statue. Armed with the mirror you would be able to reflect Marduk's electric blasts and finally kill his reincarnation. Blue tunnels around the arena lead to its bottom level. Go there, kill some monsters and find the pink corridor which leads to the portal. Pick Treasure #7, a silver bar near the walkway and a mirror from the statue. Exit the portal, turn left and follow the corridor to the end. Blast the floating creatures, and find Treasure #8, an Aetherium gem in a small alcove.

You're back in the Marduk's room. To kill him get armed with the mirror and try to reflect his blasts to hit him. Marduk can float slightly or high above the ground. In each case you should find an appropriate position on the corresponding arena level. Run upstairs along the green ramp or downstairs after each direct hit. You'll need to hit Marduk about 6 times before this reincarnation dies. Take the pink gem (Marduk Medallion) which left Marduk and place it into a slot in the wall – the electric ball will lower down. You can whip it to charge your whip with electric blasts. Whip it 5 times and get 25 electric whip hits. After it you will have to get back to this room and recharge.

Swim down the other blue tunnel and whip the electric ball with BMW sign – the door will open. Again swim along the current and enter the outer arena. You will see large gears located near the walls and floating Sophia. Watch out for Marduk's ghost floating in the center. Whip the electric balls of the inner chamber to close its inner gates (it powers the gears). This will also lower down the crystal with Sophia and free her.. just for a moment. Marduk reincarnates into vicious Sophia-Marduk. Don't waste your whip electric blasts trying to fight her now. Just avoid the flying monster. Around the arena on the same level you will also find three portals leading to the 3 King Sol's crystals. Collect them all.

Find a tunnel that leads down below to the floor of the arena and swim down there. You will see three doors with the slots at the bottom of the arena – install all the three King Sol's Gems there and open the portal behind each door - the machine will experience a severe damage. Collect the goodies inside each portal (medipacks, poison kits and Treasure #9, cash box). It will also reveal a stone structure in the center of the arena and shrink Marduk-Sophia. Climb the structure and fight the beast with your whip. To beat Marduk-Sophia you will need a large number of medipacks. You'll have to let her get as close to you as possible before whipping with electric blast. She will need a lot of whipping, trust me (about 10 or more hits). Don't waste your whip blasts unless you're absolutely sure the beast will attack you face to face. If you run out of whip blasts – ascend one of the tubes and recharge the whip in the Marduk's room. Sophia is released with the death of Marduk's second reincarnation. View the melodramatic cut scene and get back to the controls.

Run inside the opened portal - everything is shaking around you. Try not to pay attention to it and concentrate on jumps. Your goal is to get to the top of the shaft. Finally pick up the level's last Treasure #10, a silver idol behind the fallen pillar on your left. Climb out and shake hands with Sophia and … Volodnikov, who turns to be a nice guy appreciating a true archeologist in Indy and offering rivers of vodka to celebrate the happy ending of the level.

Level 17 Return To Peru

This is a bonus level, your goal here is to find and collect the Peru Idol. You will need no machine parts to accomplish it, however there are some tricky jumps and moves for you to make.

Pull out your bazooka and kill a leopard on the right (yes, you can kill it!). Kill the snake nearby and take the health leaf. Examine your jeep – take a raft (you will need it only once). Taking a gas canister is also possible but you won’t need it. Note the stone front side – you will soon finish the level at the same place. Launch the raft and swim down the river. Avoid the rocks and swim towards the platform on the left. Leave the raft at this calm spot and step to the ground. You can see another health leaf across the river. To get there dive into the water, swim through the underwater cave and climb above. Now run down the slope and jump at the end – Indy will grab the opposite shore. Pull up and pick the leaf. Step down and look left. Kill the snakes in front of the cave and pick Treasure #1, a golden idol behind the vines.

Return to the calm spot and board the raft again. Continue down the river and waterfalls. Dock to the shore and pick up another health leaf. You will see two caves in the water covered with vegetation. Enter the one on the left and swim to the open area. Climb out of the pool, walk to a ledge above the water. From this spot it's hard to notice another ledge straight across. Just run/jump and grab it. Pull up to the next ledge, walk up the slope, turn left and climb down to the niche in the wall. Collect Treasure #2, a blue gem.

Swim back to the waterfalls and dive to the second cave. The underground current takes you to a piranha pool. There are several small pools in the area. You can pick a medipack near a skeleton guarded by a lizard. Dive into the water and find a small tunnel in the right wall in the room with crates. Get out to the shore and whip across to the other side. The passage leads to another room with a torch platform and skulls in the walls. In the left wall you will see Treasure #3, silver idol. Use your whip and let the idol fall into the water to pick it up there. Light the torch and then dive. You will also see another underwater tunnel covered with vegetation. Slash through it and get out of the water near the whirlpool. Push the block into the water and water level in the room will rise. Swim up and on your way take Treasure #4, a silver bar, in the niche in the wall.

There are two corridors above. Get out of the water and follow the one with a trapped skeleton in the beam of light (it's a trap – don't step into the light). Near a boulder at the end kill some spiders and crawl into the opening on your left. Get a Stone Key. Now return to the second corridor across the pool. Avoid the dark stones in the floor (darts) and proceed to the far wall. There is a keyhole for the Stone Key up the ledge to the left which opens a section in the floor. There's also a crawl passage in the wall to the right – but Indy can't whip the ray of light above at the end of it. Your goal here is to find a bamboo stick and place it into the triangular hole opposite the keyhole – after it Indy will be able to whip the stick from the crawl passage and climb to the upper ledge.

Descend to the opened floor section and explore the dark caves. Use a couple of grenades to get rid of scorpions in the darkness. Shoot the remaining ones and enter the cave. Light the torches on your way up and pick Treasure #5, a red gem inside a niche in the wall. Use your whip to climb up and jump/shimmy to a ledge with skeleton on the opposite side of the room. Take the bamboo stick. You can climb the upper ledge but there's a dead end. Go back through the caves to the room, place the bamboo stick into the triangular hole in the wall, crawl inside the passage and use your whip to climb to the above ledge.

Don't step onto the first two tiles in the corridor (traps), jump into the third one at the end. But before that climb several ledges up to a passageway, turn around, jump/grab/pull up on the ledge. Light the torch on the right, turn left and get Treasure #6, a blue gem. Return to the corridor and step onto the nearest dark tile to slide to the bottom. You are in the snake pit. Kill the snakes, but they will keep appearing. Pick up a medipack behind the skeleton  and climb the ledge at the corner. Your goal here is to climb to the small window in the wall above the room.  Use your whip to get to the next ledge and climb to a platform with a block. Pull the block so it opens a ladder for you, climb to the other side of the block using the ladders.

From this point you can climb the ladder right and down to the niche in the wall below or upwards to the top ledge. Climb right-down first, shimmy right, pull up into a room and get Treasure #7, a green gem. Hang and drop into the snake pit again. Make your way back to the platform with a block and climb to the top ledge now. Jump across the chasm and shimmy left until you're able to pull up on the opposite platform. Stand at the end of the platform - the window you need to get to is just below. Face the wall now and jump backwards to the slope below or hang and drop to it. Keep sliding and at the end of the slope jump to the window and pull up. Jump towards the opposite wall and grab it, then shimmy left. Now whip the outlined block in the wall and it will fall down – this triggers the big boulder. Drop to the floor and follow the new passage.

You're in a wide opened area with ledges along the walls. Before you start jumping hang and drop to the ledge below, climb the ladder and pick Treasure #8, a silver bar. Return to the passage and look up above the third ledge. There's a cave covered with vines and a treasure inside. However, Indy needs to get to the door on the far right side. Keep jumping across the ledges (the wall blocks will try to push you in the chasm). Use the following strategy: perform a running jump, make one step back and so on (you won't have time for any extra movements). The blocks will make a stairway up towards the upper doorway. Keep jumping but don't forget to slash through the vines and grab Treasure #9, a silver bar in the cave inside a wall. Continue towards the tunnel at the top.

It leads to Treasure #10 Peru Idol – the last treasure on the level. As soon as you grab it the floor starts collapsing – run towards the door (the last doorway sections of the floor will remain intact for a while). Walk straight until a large boulder starts rolling towards you. Get back inside the doorway and wait until the boulder rolls above you. Quickly jump straight and run down the tunnel (floor sections in the doorway will collapse in a couple of seconds). You will have some time to slide down the slope, then use your whip to jump across the pit before the boulder starts rolling again. Find a whipable spot above you and use your whip to climb there quickly (look above just before the white tile near the end of the tunnel). The boulder smashes the wall below you and the level ends.

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