Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Spheres


A game by Screen 7

Hints by Chief                                                                 

January ‏2009


-This is a point and click game.

-To play the game:  use the “Look at”, “Use” and “Talk to” at the bottom left of the screen.


After the opening conversation with the soldier and Shelly,  Indiana goes to the narrow gap on the wall at right. “Use” the narrow gap. Can’t get in there.


Talk to Shelly: are you hungry?   You do look like you have some reserves.      

I’m just worried that you may not fit.


Shelly goes to the narrow gap and finds 6 coloured balls.


Indiana puts the coloured balls on the pedestals in no precise order.


A compartment opens on the left of the wide doors: take the metal bar.


“Use” the doorway at the top left corner up the stairs and put the metal bar in the bowl. Use the lever.  See a Christmas tree.


A compartment opens on the right of the wide doors: turn the valve.


Use the doorway at top right corner: see water in front of the statue. Use the mask on the wall: see snowflakes.


Go down and see a jolly sleigh coming out from the wide doors. Use the sleigh to end the game.


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