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INHERENT EVIL: The Haunted Hotel

Complete walkthrough

Written by:  Linda Shaw & Norma Kuderna

Copyright:  October 21, 1999


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Headgames, & Eclipse published and made the game...


Pentium 100 MHz, Windows 95/98 running in 16 bit color,


4x CD-ROM or better,

SoundBlaster compatible sound card,

Direct X compatible video card,


100% Microsoft Mouse driven...

150 MB available Hard Disk space


Pentium 166MHz, Windows 95/98 running in 16 bit color,

32 MB RAM, 8x CD-ROM drive,

SoundBlaster compatible sound card,

DirectX compatible video card,

Keyboard, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse,

150 MB RAM

B avak Space.

WARNING:This walkthrough will take you step by step through the entire game......leading you from the very beginning all the way to the very end of the game!!!!

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Diary
Part 2: Room 211
Part 3: The Dark
Part 4: The Beast
Part 5:  The Severed
Part 6:  The Maze
Part 7:  Gerald
Part 8:  Closure

PART 1:  The Diary

Upon receiving a frantic phone call from your brother, the opening leads you to the Hotel where you find yourself just inside the entrance.  I trust you enjoyed the opening, and the "safety" of being inside.  It'll be quite a while before you can "escape" outside again!

Move towards the counter in the main Lobby.  Get the flashlight from the bottom drawer next to the safe.  Note the painting in the cabinet to the left of the drawers.  Dial 911 on the telephone that rests on the counter top, and choose "report the murder".  Listen to the 911 operator!!

Go to the elevator, and press level 1.  Turn right upon exiting the elevator, move forward and note the missing painting and blood on the wall between the rooms.  Turn left, move forward to the door with the police tape on it.  Turn and return to the elevator (see the doors open and close, and listen).

In the Lobby, grab the painting now that is inside the cabinet behind the counter.  Then head back up to the 1st floor and replace the painting.  Watch the short video.  Now return to the Lobby and go up the steps on either side.  Find the painting next to the hutch that has hinges.  Lower the chandelier after discovering that the painting hides the controls to the chandelier.  You will see a key fall to the floor in the Lobby.  Return to the Lobby floor via the stairs.  Turn and face the elevator, then turn around.  Look at the left front leg of the sofa and get the key.  Try the Dining Room doors!

Make your way up to the first floor once again, with the key in your inventory.  Open room 105 and enter.  In the room, see the blood on the wall.  Click on the bed and get the diary.  Read it!  Pick up the phone receiver.  Read the notices on the bulletin board.   Turn and look in the bathroom, then turn to see the kids area of the room.  Play (or try to play!) the chess game puzzle!  Turn towards the TV and then find the desk, open the top drawer, and push the red button.  Take the key.  Go down to the basement and move R, F, F, L and see your father!

At this point, you have just completed Part 1, and will be automatically "kicked out" to Windows. You can find the game in your Program Files, Headgames, Inherent Evil and will be able to click on LOAD, then on Part 2 - Room 211.

Enter the following ACCESS CODE to begin Chapter 2:  GILWIEMINECKKINPECFAU8

PART 2:  Room 211

Ask questions of your father and then explore the basement.  There are several boxes containing items you will either pick up and add to your inventory or see, and observe.  Being by finding the box containing a book titled: Acting For The Brain Dead", a newspaper clipping, and blocks that spell out D-O-R-K!  Find another box containing a Coffee mug that reads: "BEST DAD EVER", a Wire Cage of some sort (more on that much later.  Just be sure to take that with you), and another news clip.  There is another box that contains insulated gloves, fake fruit and assorted candles and the like.  You cannot take the gloves at this point, but we'll come back to that briefly.

Find the cabinet underneath the steps that lead down into the basement and get the fishing pole.  Find the circuit breaker switches, and you will see that you can now pick up the insulated gloves, so get those.  Use the insulated gloves on the circuit breaker wire for the elevators.  From this location, turn left, left/forward towards the air shaft.  Do NOT ENTER the air shaft.  Also find a box close to the stairs with a plague and 2 different newspaper clippings.  Exit and go up the stairs.  Go to the elevator (that is now repaired!) and exit on level 3.  When you exit the elevator, use the EXIT door in front of you, go down the steps to 2nd floor.  Turn left and look around and explore the room with the door torn off the hinges.  Move to the other side of the elevator and to room 211.  Touch the door!  OMG.  Then use the stairs via the EXIT door, return to level 3 and use the elevator to return to the Lobby.

Find the diary page in the sofa as you exit the elevator.  Return to the basement, move to the rear by the red pipes.  Using the fishing pole you will retrieve the fire extinguisher.  Now return to room 211 and use the fire extinguisher on the lava-like substance.  Enter room 211.  Note the ParaNormal Investigator's ID card (leave the money alone!).  Check out the suitcase on the bed, and pick up the symbol that lays inside.  Note the diary of events (spiral) on the small coffee table.  Exit the room.

At this point, you have just completed Part 2, and will be automatically "kicked out" to Windows. You can find the game in your Program Files, Headgames, Inherent Evil and will be able to click on LOAD, then on Part 3 - The Dark

PART 3: The Dark

On the 3rd level of the Hotel, turn towards Rooms 304 & 305 at the end of the hallway (L if you exited from the stairs) and see the floating table move towards you.  Note the balloon and the message attached to it.  Click on it.  Now re-enter the elevator and take yourself back to the Lobby.  Enter the Dining room, move towards the reservation podium and take the diary page.  Read it.  Move forward towards the bar.  Look at but don't drink from the bottle, or do it and see what happens!  Move towards the dining area.  Move towards the rear wall with the paintings.  Find the table in the right rear corner.  It is most easily done by moving directly towards the rear of the room (by the paintings), turning left so that you are facing the direction in which you just came, and you will automatically be "drawn" down to the table to read a message: "ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?"  From the beginning of this "puzzle" make the following moves in order to safely exit the dining room.  Move RIGHT, then forward one time. See the graphic steps below:

                                                    Step 1

SStep 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Move your cursor to the right so that you get a right/forward angle arrow.  Put your cursor on the painting in the far corner and click there.  Next, place your cursor on the podium and move forward.  Then click on the light switch.  Get the balloon and the key to room 302.

Exit the Dining room and head for the elevator.  Go to the 3rd Floor once again.  Use the key on room 302. When you first enter the doorway, turn R to face the door you just entered.  Then turn R again, so that you are once again facing the long, dark hallway.  NOW move forward and you will see another door.  Enter that door.  Move forward, left towards the end table on the left side of the bed.  Get the key from the bottom drawer and exit to the Lobby once again.

Go out the back door by the basement.  Walk around to the far left corner of the garden area (there will be what looks like a small garden bed off by itself).  Move closer to that area.  Use the key on the hatch.  Pull on the handle.  You will need something heavy to hold it up.  Enter the Hotel again and look just to the left of the basement door.  Get the board and place it on the handle part of the trap door that leads down into the pump room in the garden.  Turn the wheel lever clockwise, and move the switch to HIGH.

At this point, you have just completed Part 3, and will be automatically "kicked out" to Windows.  You can find the game in your Program Files, Headgames, Inherent Evil and will be able to click on LOAD, then on Part 4: The Beast

PART 4: The Beast

Turn around quickly from the trap door and get the steel rod.  Use the steel rod on the door and exit.  Check out the empty pool and get the small piece/symbol in the corner of the bottom.  Go to the 2nd floor and to room 211.  Look on the top shelf of the closet and get the crowbar.  Exit the room, exit the floor up to 3 and go to Level 4.  Use the crowbar on the elevator shaft.  Then use the fire hose behind the big plant.  Enter the shaft.  Find and pick up the screwdriver behind the metal bar.  Exit the elevator shaft, and go down to the 3rd Floor, and Room 302. Get the bootdisk off the floor sticking out beneath the nightstand on the right side of the bed.  Return to the Lobby.  In the Lobby, use the bootdisk on the computer on the counter.  Look at the 3D Draft and place your mouse cursor on the ventilation shafts until you hear him say something about the vent on the first floor.  Place your mouse cursor where the WHITE dot is located on this graphic illustration.

 Go to the first floor, turn left and head towards the end of the hallway.  Turn right and note the air vent.  Zoom in using the EYE on the air vent.  Using your screwdriver, open the air vent and enter.  You will be in the Kitchen.  Quickly, and without wasting any time, grab the cutting board off the counter on the right side.  Use the cutting board with each knife that the Beast throws at you.  Now turn and look under the sink.  In the drawers there is a diary page.  Get that and read it.  Get the key in the other drawers.  Exit the kitchen and go to the Ballroom.....be ready!

At this point, you have just completed Part 4, and will be automatically "kicked out" to Windows.  You can find the game in your Program Files, Headgames, Inherent Evil and will be able to click on LOAD, then on Part 5: The Severed

Part 5: The Severed

Turn L and go behind the stage curtains.  Move forward towards the trap door on the floor.  Enter the trap door and find and get the key in the dresser drawer and the comb.  (the key is to room 308).  Look in the top left shelf of the closet area before going back up.  Get the Alarm Clock.

Exit the trap door, turn around and zoom in on the lower left side of the black curtains.  Set the Alarm Clock there.  Turn around and run out (automatic sequence follows that takes you up to the balcony area).  Click on the chandelier base.  Get the symbol piece when the Beast dies.  Exit the doors on the top and go to the elevator, to the 3rd floor.

Use the key to room 308.  Enter, and move forward towards the bathroom.  Turn L and zoom in on the note (Seen Frank lately?).  Zoom in on the end table, open the drawer (diary page), and get the key to room 310 under the end table.  Leave room 308, and unlock room 310.  Enter 310.  Zoom in on the hutch.  The Radio is set at 104 FM and 100AM.  Look in the bathroom and on the mirror.  You will see arrows pointing in the following directions:  R, L, L, R, L, R, L. (see graphics below)

                   Actual Image you see in the Mirror         REVERSED, or MIRRORED Image

                                                 you will USE


 However, this is a MIRROR IMAGE, so the directions are actually:  L, R, R, L, R, L, RAs you exit into the hallway and face down the main hall you will see another automatic sequence of a ghost women pointing to room 301.  For now, leave this area and return to the Ballroom trap door.  Enter this room and click on the mirror.  Note the dagger on the stand.  Get that. Now note the keyhole looking device on the other stand.  Make sure you notice the colored lights above.  There are 3 sets of lights: RED, BLUE, RED, and RED, RED, BLUE, and BLUE, RED, REDUse the dagger in the keyhole for each of those colors, in the ORDER above.  In other words...insert the dagger in the keyhole that has theRED, BLUE, REDlights above it.  Then insert the dagger in the keyhole that has theRED, RED, BLUElights above it, and finally, insert the dagger in the keyhole with the BLUE, RED, REDlights above it.  Get the the symbol piece for the device, and leave to room 301.  Inside this room, things will quickly turn dark, and green!  Following the MIRROR IMAGE clues: L, R, R, L, R, L, R. make your way through the room without getting killed.  Exit the room and enter Part 6, The Maze!

At this point, you have just completed Part 5, and will be automatically "kicked out" to Windows.  You can find the game in your Program Files, Headgames, Inherent Evil and will be able to click on LOAD, then on Part 6: The Maze

Part 6: The Maze

Go through the middle purple door and you will see the floating tv's. They will help you by giving you four colors representing the doors that you need to go through. Click ok.

Go F, R, F, L, then enter the first RED door.  Go R, F, R, F, F, F, R, F, F, R, F, F, R, F, L and enter the WHITE door.  Turn R to enter the BROWN door.  Go L, F, L to enter the PURPLE door you will see the flying tv sets again.


Click ok.  Go R, F, L, F, L, F through a YELLOW door, then F, F, F, L, F, R, F through another YELLOW door.  To the brown door go L, F, F, F, R, F, F, R, F, L, F go through the brown door and turn around to go through the PURPLE door.  Go F, R, F, L, F, F, F, through the BLUEdoor. Turn around and go through the WHITE door. Talk with mother, ask a few questions and get the bait for the golden dragon fly.  Turn L and enter the RED door. You will see more floating tv's.

Go F, L, F, F, L, F, F, L, F, F, F, L, F to the ORANGE door.  Go R, R, F, F, F, F, L, F, R, F, F through the RED doorGo F, R, F, F, L, F, F to the YELLOW door.  Go L, F, F, F, L, F, F, L, F, L, F to the WHITE door. Go F, F, R, F, L to the BLUE door.  Turn R to the GREEN door.  Go F, F, F, F, F, L to the PINK door.

If you don't see a tv with a picture of a red door with horns on each side then turn around and go through the ORANGE door again.  Turn R, F, F, F, L, F, R, F, F to go through the RED door.  Repeat the as listed above, which are:  After entering the RED door, go F, R, F, F, L, F, F to the YELLOW door.  Go L, F, F, F, L, F, F, L, F, L, F to the WHITE door.  Go F, F, R, F, L to the BLUE door.  Turn R and enter the GREEN door.  Go F, F, F, F, F, L to the PINK door.  You will see the floating TV with the horns on both sides of the RED door.  For some reason we have had to repeat this part twice. Sometimes it works the first time but not always. After you see the tv showing the red door with the horns Go...F, F, R, F, L, F, F, R, F, F, to the RED door with HORNS. The game will take you back to the Hotel and you will be outside.  Go in the door that says ENTER.

At this point, you have just completed Part 6, and will be automatically "kicked out" to Windows.  You can find the game in your Program Files, Headgames, Inherent Evil and will be able to click on LOAD, then on Part 7: Gerald 

Part 7:  Gerald

Frank was calling from a window on the 2nd floor. Check it out!

When you get to the 2nd floor turn left and go into the open room.  There is no one at the window, but when you turn around you will notice blood on the floor. Click on the bloody spot on the floor.

TRAPPING THE DRAGON FLY & GETTING THE PIECE TO THE SEAL:  Go out to the garden and place the trap on the right side of the fountain. You will see the eyeball and then the dragon fly. Place the bait in the trap and lower the top when the dragon fly goes inside. Go to the 4th Floor.   Door 401 will be open now and you can go through. It takes you to the roof. Follow the eyeballs in the center of the furnace and you will find the place to put the dragon fly.  After placing the dragon fly in the center, click Back and look at each of the side panels to the furnace.  You will find a piece to the SEAL on the right side.  When that has been added to your seal, you will again see the dragon fly.  Follow the dragon fly back in the 4th Floor, in the elevator.  Watch the Floor Indicator as it moves to the Lobby.  Go to the Lobby, then see the dragon fly enter the Dining Room.  Follow him into the Dining room and watch him enter the Kitchen.  Follow him again.  He will drop the key into the sink.  Look under the sink.  You cannot get the key yet.

Go to the 3rd floor and check out room 310 again. There is a red box in that cabinet with a combination lock. Look at the radio for a hint (4420). Take the tool from the red box. Looks like it might be useful in the basement.

Go to the basement and to the furnace/Airvent in the rear of the basement.  Click on the left side of the furnace and zoom in on the shutoff valve.  Use the tool to shut off the furnace. Go inside the furnace and pick up the wrench.

Go to the kitchen and use the wrench on the pipes under the sink. You will get a key to room 209.

Back to the 2nd floor. Use that key to enter the room and then click on that blue box. Read the sign and HOLD ON TIGHT!

After everything calms down you can look in the box and get the diary page and another part to the seal.  Leave the room and you will walk into Frank's ghost.

At this point, you have just completed Part 7, and will be automatically "kicked out" to Windows.  You can find the game in your Program Files, Headgames, Inherent Evil and will be able to click on LOAD, then on Part 8: Closure

Part 8:  Closure

Enter the Access Code (GILWIEMINECKKINPECFAU8) to begin the final Part of the game.

Ask the following quesitons of Frank's Ghost:  HOW? and Where is the hidden place?  You can restart this Part in order to ask the other questions, if you wish.  Go up to the 4th Floor.  Turn and face Room 400.  Click on the end table to the left of the door to Room 400.  Get the tv remote control. Go to the 1stFloor.

1st Floor:   Turn R and go to the end of the hallway.  Go into Room 105.  Move towards the tv, zoom in on it, and use the remote control on the tv.  Put the remote control back into your inventory.  Now go to the Lobby.  Find the roll of blue film behind the counter on the floor and click on it.  Since the remote control remains in your inventory, return to Room 105, and use the remote control once again on the tv.  Return to the elevator, and go to the 3rd Floor.

3rd Floor: Go to Room 302.  Move F, R to the tv.  Use the remote and return it once again to your inventory.  Use the stairs to reach the 2nd Floor.  Go down the hallway all the way to the room on the left that has no door.  Touch the blue film roll.  Make your way to the 3rd Floor.  Use the remote once again on the tv in Room 302, then on the tv in Room 310.  Go to the Lobby, and make your way up the stairs and exit the doors that lead to the Balcony area.  Touch the blue film roll again.

From the Balcony on the main Lobby floor, make your way to the elevator and Room 308 (L of the elevator).  Move F, L, L, and click on the tv.  Use the remote one last time (thank goodness, huh? lol).

Hop in the elevator and make your way to the Lobby and then the basement.  Once in the Basement, go F, FL, F to get the film from the sink.  Exit the Basement and head for the Ballroom.

Ballroom: With the roll of film in your inventory, move up the stairs and all the way to the doors that lead to the balcony area.  Turn around and you will mysteriously see the film projector appear before you.  Be careful not to move forward, but instead; click on the EYE of the projector where the roll of film will be placed.  Zoom in on the projector and put the film roll in the projector.  Watch the video.

Lobby:  On the wall to the right of the Dining room doors is a painting just above a chair.  Click on that painting and get the diary page and READ IT.  When you've read this new addition to the diary, click on the date:  12-9-23.  This is a combination to one of the two safes in the Hotel.  Now move down to the basement.

Basement:  move F, L, F, F, L, F, L, RF to the closet.  Turn around and zoom in on the safe.  Click on the dial.  Get the final piece of the seal.  Move back from the safe, turn around and move towards the closet where you got the fishing pole much earlier in the game.  Open the cabinet, and click on the rear wall.

Hidden Room: Move RF, and zoom in on the top center of the well.  Listen.  The game ends in about 10 seconds after the video sequence from Gerald and Sarah.  You can close the well and seal it with the sealing device, or you can leave it open with the souls remaining.  To CLOSE the well and SEAL it, do the following:  When Gerald and Sarah have finished talking, click your cursor on the outside edge of the well lid.  It will close and you will see a close up of the well lid.  Use your SEAL from your inventory on the center of the lid.  The end credits will roll.


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