Jack Keane 2: The Fire Within

 By astragon games & Deck13 Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   July 2013


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

Main menu has continue game, start new game, load game, settings, credits and quit game.

Settings have adjustments for resolution, gamma, graphics quality, overall volume, effects volume, music volume, voice volume and subtitles.

The game menu is at top left corner of screen. The menu has save game (pen), open menu (wheel), show objects to pick up (light bulb), objective at present (book), jump (hand), examine objects (magnifying lens) and inventory items.

Space bar skips the scene. ESC key goes to main menu.

Use or click-hold the left mouse button-drag to move the direction needed. The Ctrl key or middle mouse button is used to run on/off.

To examine an item in inventory; left click an inventory item and then left click the magnifying glass.


Prison Island, Shanghai 1899

Take out the bandits:

As Amanda:

On a ship close to the prison; Amanda reads a letter from Jack. 2 crewmembers that are hesitant to get closer to the prison approach Amanda. They intend to take what they want.

Amanda hides behind the mast. Check items that can help remove the 2 goons.

First goon:    Select the rifle from inventory at top left. Shoot the old barrel right of the 2 goons.

The barrel exposes a cheap imported fireworks box. Shoot the fireworks box.

Go right behind the port cover. Click to push the whiskey barrel right of the port cover. The whiskey barrel shatters close to the goons forming a whiskey puddle.

Go left of the mast to the starboard cover. Shoot the whiskey puddle. It explodes and takes care of one of the mutineers.

Second goon:    Shoot at cannon balls on top of the crates close to the other goon. The goon is stunned.

Go to the right of the mast and to the rear of the ship while the goon is stunned.

Beside the goon is a dismounted cannon. Shoot the dismounted cannon and it takes care of the second goon. That's that!

As Jack:

See the shaman in prison waiting for Jack. A hairy Jack is thrown in the cell. Jack is told that he will fight at the pit today.

Jack shows one fragment of the amulet he got at the prison.

Talk to the shaman about the amulet. Learn that the amulet will lead to Ukumba, the Eye of Fate.

The shaman wants to transfer his knowledge to Jack.  After hitting Jack to get him in a meditative state and into his subconscious; the shaman starts to show Jack where he gave away or lost pieces of the amulet. The shaman dies before finishing his intent.

A tutorial follows.

Escape from the cell:

Look around. Check the shaman's murals.

Use the light bulb icon at top left to see a highlighted latrine cover left of the bunks. Take the filthy latrine cover of the filthy latrine.

Take the pillow right of the dead shaman and examine it in inventory. Get a pillow case.

Check the chain at right corner and watery soup on the floor.

Look through the window bars made of solid steel and see British ships. The ships send messages in Morse code. They want the prison to hand over the goods.

Signal the British ship:    Use the pillow case on pot of soup to get damp pillow case.

In inventory, use the damp pillow case on the filthy latrine cover to get a sparkling clean metal.

Use the sparkling clean metal on the window bars at right wall. The spotlight was moved. Light is needed.

Get light:    Go left to the cell door and the loudspeaker blares that Jack the Killer will fight the undefeated Skullcracker.

Use the cell door and talk to the guard. Tell him about a possible escapee. The searchlight is focused on the cell window.

Morse code:    Read the Shanghai Telegraph newspaper left of the cell door. Learn that the lighthouse in Bournemouth was burned down.

Use the sparkling clean metal on cell window.

Select dialogue:     SOS or any response; An Englishman in distress; How? I'm in jail.

Answer the following questions:    London or any answer; Rugby; (after reading the newspaper) The lighthouse in Bournemouth burned down; I must get out of my cell.

Find exit from the prison:

Outside the hole made by the British cannon ball; go left until the end. Jump through barriers using the space bar.

Enter the small window at end of ledge. Look around and see giraffes made by prisoners.

Go right and then up the stairs.

Meet a guard. Answer the guard:

I am Jack Keane and I'm not going back! The guard bet all his money on Jack to win the fight.

Look, I really don't want to fight against Skullcracker. I want to get out of here!

All right, let's begin. The fight begins and Jack loses. After much discussion, Jack is thrown into the Wing of the Damned to learn how to fight.

Meanwhile Professor Umbati and Terry are in the shaman's cell to take him away. Umbati studies the shaman's murals on the wall. He learns that Jack is the shaman's cellmate.

The prison guard picks up the artifact that Jack dropped on the floor.

Improve your fighting skills:

Hall of the damned:      Talk to all the prisoners.

Go left and read the Rules of Conduct from the board at end of hallway or from wall.

Talk to the prisoner on this cell left of the stairs. He doesn't want to talk to Jack.

Go right and talk to the prisoner right of the stairs. He wants to talk to Jack through his rear window.

Go right and talk to the prisoner in the cell with metal door. He asks question about the price of the Ming vase in the moon.

Go to the right end of hallway. Nothing can be done on the door right of the cobwebs.

Password:    Go to the hallway at left and talk to prisoner with lisp. He asks about foup-soup. Soup or Foup what about it?

The prisoner asks if Jack is a prison guard - No.

The prisoner asks that Jack tell the neighboring prisoner to stop snoring every night.

He refuses to talk to me. The lisping prisoner gives the password - fistee fineve filver coinf.

Find teacher:    Go through the window at end of hallway.

Talk through the first window. The metal door prisoner says to talk to Jack through front (metal) door that is not wired yet.

Pick up the curved bone below this window.

Talk to the next window. The prisoner is Secret Lotus Claw; a master of the Martial Arts. Secret Lotus Claw will teach Jack but only face to face.

Get items for bomb:    Go back inside and to prisoner behind the metal door.

Talk to the prisoner-bomb maker. Ask him to stop snoring.

When he asks about the Ming Vase; answer: sixty, Chinese, silver and coins.

Ask about the door. Powdering Bill is making the Black Thunderclap. He needs only fuse and fire to finish his bomb.

Go left and down the stairs.

See the amulet inside the barred control center window. Try getting the amulet. Can't reach it.

Take the empty lighter closer to bars. Use the curved bone on empty lighter.

Go to back end of hallway and take the low hanging petroleum lamp.

Examine the petroleum lamp using the magnifying lens. Get sharp lamp shade, wick and petroleum.

Combine the empty lighter with petroleum to get functional lighter.

Go back upstairs via the stairs. Go to the metal door and use the wick and the lighter on the medium size gap (bottom) of the door.

Hear the bomb go off. Go to the window at end of hallway and outside to rear of the cells.

See that the window-wall is blown off. Powdering Bill is gone.

Enter the hole on wall. Go to metal door at left and pick up the broken off door slit cover.

Secret Lotus Claw:     Go to next cell and talk to Secret Lotus Claw. Ask to train to fight.

Secret Lotus Claw wants his book on Art of Martial Arts. The guard took it for his chair.

Get the martial arts book:    Exit through hole on wall and go back inside.

See that the lisping prisoner's door has an open door slot. Use the lamp shade on the open door slot (remember the rules of conduct).

The prisoner wants to report it to the guard. Use the broken off door slit cover on the open door slot.

Go downstairs and then front to the guard. Talk to him about lampshade and the guy in cell 31/6.

The guard leaves to check the prisoner. Take the green martial arts book from under the chair leg.

Learn martial arts:    Go back upstairs and outside the window to Secret Lotus Claw. On the way, hear the guard "be mean" to the lisping prisoner.

Give the martial arts book to Secret Lotus Claw.

Jack learns steel scarecrow (works only when opponent is surprised) and proud crane (unknown in China).

Jack refuses the offer to lead a breakout.

Retrieve the shaman's amulet:   

Fight the guard:     Go back down to the guard. Yes!

Choose-highlight the steel scarecrow as defense. The timing of the selection is essential. Be sure that the move is selected.

Choose proud crane as offense. The timing of the selection is essential. Be sure that the move is selected.

Jack takes the small key from the floor.

Get the amulet:    Go to the door of the control center. Use the small key to unlock the door and then enter.

Take the amulet left of the radio.

Check the Bestseller of the year book on the table beside the radio. Montgomery, ha!

Use the radio and select any dialogue. Jack will end up locked in the control center anyhow.

Prof. Umbati infers that he's the only one able to read Ukumba script now. Terry informs Prof. Umbati that Jack with the amulet is thrown in the arena pit.

Defeat Skullcracker:

Arena pit:    Skullcracker has tattoo of a carp and a tiger.

Fight the Skullcracker and lose every time.

To not fight and do what is needed; do not enter the Skullcracker's spotlight. Walk around the spotlight.

After being defeated; jump to the left stand and then to the right ledge.

Learn a new move:    Talk to the bloodthirsty prisoners. Insult them and they will throw things at Jack. Insult them until they throw a loudspeaker. Pick up the thrown loudspeaker.

Go around outside the spotlight and climb to the right side.

Talk to the hard of hearing prisoner at right cell.

Then go to the left and talk to the prisoner that bet on Jack.

He asks why Jack hasn't used the scorpion's sting.

Sorry, never heard of it.

If you tell me how it works, I could mop the floor with this guy's ugly mug!

All right... so what do you want?

Get a shoe, size 12:    Go back to the hard of hearing prisoner at right cell. Use the loudspeaker on cell to be able to talk to the prisoner.

I need a shoe size 12. So how do I drive them hopping mad?

Jump down and go to the left ledge. Talk to the bloodthirsty prisoners. Call them wimps. Once I'm done here it'll be your turn, wimps!

Pick up the shoe size 12 from the thrown items.

Learn 2 new moves:    Climb the right ledge and give the shoe to the prisoner at left.

Jack learns the scorpion's sting and steppe rarer.

Win a round:    Go down and fight Skullcracker.

Use the scorpion's sting for defense and the steppe rarer as offence. Skullcracker's attack was stopped by someone.


Jack's Spirit

Learn more about the shaman's amulet:

Jack is in his subconscious and looks like the shaman.

The voice says: Quench your thirst; extinguish the fire and then go to the shaman.

Skullcracker carp:    A giant carp that looks like Skullcracker's tattoo is in the moat. Check the strange signs on the floor.

Go right pass the ramp with a sign pointing to Jack's brain. See a strange door that looks like liquid.

Go through the strange door liquid door and come out the other side.

Jack got a sponge during that short trip. He remembers that he uses one every day at the orphanage - a memory.

Go around or go through the liquid strange door again to be back to the lake where the giant carp is swimming.

Use the sponge on the lake. The orphanage sponge absorbs the whole lake and left Skullcracker with fish head standing.

Chest:    Bizarre Skullcracker jumps out and a chest is seen.

Open the chest. Take the pearls and the chest with vacuum power. Go right and take the wet sponge that soaked up the lake.

Jack's brain:    Climb the ramp towards the volcano that is Jack's brain.

Use the wet sponge on Jack's brain. The fire is gone and Jack feels some peace in his soul

Climb down the new stone ramp. Use the WASD if you have problem moving forward with the mouse cursor.

There is a thick fog at bottom of the volcano. Use the chest with vacuum power on the heavy fog.

Shaman:    Talk to the shaman now that Jack is back to being himself.

The shaman is the message he left in Jack's subconscious. Deep inside Jack are many things Jack is hiding from himself.

Jack enters his subconscious when his head is hit and he can wake up by taking a long fall or drown. Jack has to face his hidden fears.

Escape from the dream world:

The shaman shows Jack's fears above ground. Go back outside by climbing the stone steps.

On top of the volcano, see giant searching arms, monkeys, plants, giant shoe with speaker and bizarre Skullcracker.

Giant shoe with loudspeaker:    A giant shoe with loudspeaker walks around.

Go around close to the carp-Skullcracker and see a giant footprint. Place the pearls on the footprint. Watch as the shoe slips on the pearls.

Pick up the captured giant shoe and blaring loudspeaker.

Get pass the bizarre Skullcracker:    Go to Skullcracker blocking the way to Jack's fears. Try to pass and the carp won't let him.

Use the chest with fog on Skullcracker and the carp can't see Jack.

Use the loudspeaker on Skullcracker and the carp won't hear Jack. Now pass through the arch behind Skullcracker.

Jack's fears:    Go forward and see plants of the past and monkeys that Jack fears.

Exit dreamworld:    Go to the platform at right and see a pressure plate.

Place the giant shoe on pressure plate. It opens the deep pit at left.

Jack jumps in and sees U Hamburg at end of fall.


Gain access to Jack's floor.

As Amanda:

A gun is in inventory.

Prison catacombs:    See Chinese prison guards taking showers.

Amanda closes the door and got the small key. Amanda greets the soldiers and they shyly leave.

Pick up the sponge hanging by Amanda. Take the large amount of Chinese yuan and guard uniform on the bench.

Go right and take clean dry towel from the bench.

Take care of the shy guards:    Go left on the path taken by the guards. The guards runs away.

Go forward pass the guards and they all hide in the sauna room.

Go left to the skeleton and take the rag mop.

Close the sauna door at right and use the mop to bar the door.

Go back to the shower area and the closed door to main corridor.

Use the small key to open the door. Go through the door to the next floor.

Check the door with rusty weak locks.

Office:    Go left and talk to the blind guard.

Learn that the other guards are at the arena; that Jack is fighting Skullcracker; that the blind guard hates Skullcracker and that there's a door here that leads to the arena.

Look around. Take the matchbox and Chinese pomade from the desk. See a bottle of nitroglycerine right of the blind guard.

Defeat the blind guard in drinking competition:   

Take the Chinese stamp when it is resting on the stamp pad.

Talk to the blind guard. He challenges Amanda to a drinking game. He drinks the explosive nitroglycerine.

Use either the towel or uniform on Amanda's cup of nitroglycerine twice.

Free Jack from the arena fight:

Take care of doors:    Exit the office. Take a club right of the Rules of Conduct board.

Check the locked heavy door at right. Use Amanda's rifle on the door. Yeah!

Go forward until the stairs. It is too dark.

Light:    Combine the sponge with pomade. Combine the sponge with pomade with the club to get torch.

Light the torch with the matches. Climb to top of the stairs to see the bricked up door.

Use the clothes with nitroglycerine on the bricked up door. Use the rifle on the clothes with nitroglycerine.

She sells seashells by the seashore.

The blind guard hears Skullcracker roar and gets mad. Boom!

Jack shaves at sea.


Jack and Amanda arrive at Hamburg. The amulet is glowing. After some conversation, they divide the work. Amanda fixes the ship while Jack finds the other amulet fragment.

Find out where the shaman's amulet is hidden:

As Jack:

Harbor master:    Go right to the dock. Meet the harbor master. Answer any way you want and get the same result. He asks 26 gold marks for the harbor fees.

Pay the harbor fees with Chinese money and get 2 gold marks as change.

Amulet:    Go to the end of the tracks. See the sign that Jack saw in his dream and the amulet glows. He needs to get inside the warehouse.

Check the clipboard with a brochure right of the crates (left of warehouse door). Take the brochure from Rolf the ape tamer.

Find a way in:    Go back to the left side of the warehouse and see an open window.

Check the crane at left and the harbor master stops Jack. Note that the harbor master looks like an ape.

Defeat the harbor master:

Harbor master:    Talk to harbor master again and ask about sense of humor. The harbor master gets mad at the jokes.

Fight with harbor master and end up losing.

Strikers:    Talk to the strikers - Erwin, Hans and Rolf at front side of the warehouse. Ask about the zookeeper. His name is Rolf... You are Rolf, aren't you? When the mouse points at you, it says Rolf.

Use the brochure on the strikers. Come on Ralph. I'll pay you to teach me.

Ask for an exception and teach for 2 gold marks. A new defense - Jungle King and a new attack - Ape Tamer Hold is learned.

Fight the harbor master again:    Go irritate the harbor master again with jokes.

Use the Jungle King as defense and the Ape Tamer hold as attack. Timing is necessary. Fight until you win. The harbor master leaves.

Find the missing piece of the amulet:

Crane:    Examine the crates by the open window. The left large crate can be climbed on; but there is a gap between the large crates.

Use the crane controls. See that the crane is already holding a large crate.

Use the lever to the right and then use the lever up/down. The gap between the crates is filled.

Climb the crates:    Go behind the left large crate with blue tarp.

Jump the small crates to get to the top of the left crate with blue tarp. Jump to the lowered crate at center. Jump to the right crate with blue tarp.

Enter through the window.

Meanwhile; a blonde man talks to Amanda. He is an engineer and needs to go to New York. Amanda asks him to fix the ship.

Inside the warehouse:    Jack sees that the amulet reacts again. Jump down from the crates.

Go around the corner and see a mysterious crate atop 7 barrels. The amulet is in that crate.

Jack sees a gorilla reading a book on 101 Unique Banana Recipes.

Lower the mysterious crate:    Take the book from the gorilla. The gorilla gets angry and gets out of the cage. The gorilla takes a barrel and throws it at Jack. This lowers the crate.

Rile the gorilla:    Take the book again and then rip a page from the book. You can do this repeatedly until the crate is lowered. Or after the initial barrel throw; jump up to miss the thrown barrel. This will get the gorilla to keep throwing the barrels.

Jack picks up the piece of the amulet from the thrown crate.

Jack's Spirit 2


Jack is hit with a dart and wakes up in his subconscious.

Talk to the shaman. Jack must face his innermost fears to see his future. To wake up this time; Jack must drown. Exit through the door behind Jack.

Find the future of Jack:   

Jack comes out in a desert. The desert continues inside the warehouse. The gate closes behind Jack. The warehouse desert has a lot of quicksand.

Ship:    Go forward. Jump up the crates and examine the leaky spot-hole on the side of Jack's ship.

Future Jack:    Hear a one sided conversation. Go back to the right and take the other path at the fork of the road. Go forward until the campsite.

Talk to old Jack. Meet his 3 friends: Mr. Shovel the treasure hunter, Hook the daredevil and Reverend the mop. See a portrait of Amanda. Learn that Amanda left old Jack.

Stir up Future Jack's life:

Hook the daredevil:    Take the painting of Amanda.

Go to the peculiar quicksand vortex below this campsite. Pick up the red wine bottle on the white table.

Place Amanda's painting in the peculiar quicksand. Tell Future Jack about the painting.

Future Jack uses Hook the daredevil to save Amanda's painting. Hook is back to being a hat stand.

Mr. Shovel the treasure hunter:    Talk to Future Jack about this expedition he talks about to Mr. Shovel. Keep talking to learn that Future Jack buried the goal of the expedition. He can't remember where and what the goal is. Jack will find the thing that Future Jack hides from himself.

Go to the kitchen. See a small carnivorous plant guarding Jack's treasure map. Try to take the map under the plant.

Use the red wine bottle on the small plant. The plant is drunk. Take Jack's treasure map.

Give Future Jack the treasure map. Future Jack takes Mr. Shovel and digs the treasure. The desert changes. Jack now knows how to get out of here.

The buried paper was an invitation to teach at Oxford University. Talk to Jack several times to get Future Jack to face his fears.

Escape from the dream world:

Tar:    Go through the archway at center of camp.

See a spilled tar barrel. Jump up the crates to get to a bucket. Pick up the bucket.

Go back down and use the bucket on the spilled tar to get bucket full of cold tar.

The Reverend:    Go back to campsite and then to the kitchen.

Use the bucket of cold tar on the oven fire of the stove. Pick up the hot tar.

Talk to Future Jack. It is a job for the Reverend. Future Jack gives the mop to Jack.

Fix the ship:    Combine the mop and the hot tar to get tarred mop.

Go back to the ship. Examine the leaky spot from the ground. Jump up on the crates to get closer to the leaky spot.

Examine the spot again in close up and Jack will say he needs tar to fix this partially fixed hole.

Used the tarred mop on the leaky spot. The hole is now a repaired spot.

Drown:    Go back and talk to Future Jack.

Jack and old Jack opens the gate to flood the warehouse. SAVE game here (last possible time to do so before a choice).

Jack sees the next vision - an octopus in Africa.

Back in Hamburg

Strike at harbor:

Eve:    Eve holds the fragment of amulet. A naked Jack wakes up in a room with Eve.

Talk to Eve. Learn that Eve is a photojournalist covering the strike and found Jack in the warehouse.

Strike:    Now they are at the port and see that the strike is heating up. Amanda is waiting for Jack.

Choice:    Jack introduces Amanda to Eve. The choice here has a small influence with the ending. I chose - ...this is Amanda. We're together. So-to-speak.

Meet Carl the engineer.

Held at port:    Terry the minion of Prof Umbati states that by order of Umbati Corp they are held there until the strike is over. Terry thinks he recognizes Jack (when he was hairy).

We are not workers. We're crew of the ship! Jack introduces the crew of his ship. Amanda is navigator; Carl is the bosun and Eve is a reporter that will document the voyage. Charming Princess II.

They can get on the ship but not allowed to sail. 

Put together a crew:

Carl:    Talk to Carl. Carl is now the rigger. He wants his prototype loaded in the ship.

Load the prototype to the ship:    Go to the crane control panel.

Use the lever up/down and then the lever to the right. The hooks are now over the prototype.

Use the lever up/down to lower it to the prototype. Jack hooks the prototype and raises it.

Use the lever to the left 3 times to bring it over the ship. Use the lever up/down to lower it to the ship. Carl unhooks the prototype.

Amanda:    Talk to Amanda. She wants to know if Eve is useful as a crew member.

Eve:    Talk to Eve. After some discussion, Eve is now the navigator.

Amanda:     Talk to Amanda. She gives the Chinese stamp.

Go right and pick up an old dilapidated paddle that was under Carl's prototype.

Strikers:    Go to the strikers and talk to them. Learn about their grievances. They are not paid and want their money.

Rolf refuses to lead because there's animal present. Jack will return the gorilla to Africa.

Rolf gets seasick; so he cannot bring the gorilla on a ship. Rolf proves that he gets seasick with a doctor's-health certificate.

They give a dirty old cap to Jack.

Bring the Gorilla on board:

Move the Gorilla closer to ship:    Check the gorilla. It's angry about his cookbook.

Use a torn-out page of the cookbook on the clipboard left of the green warehouse door and right end of the crate with blue tarp. The gorilla takes the page.

Use a torn-out page of the cookbook on the clipboard at left end of the large crate with blue tarp. The gorilla takes the page.

Use a torn-out page of the cookbook on the clipboard on top of the crate across the harbor master and Terry. The gorilla takes the page.

Get a cook:    The harbor master questions Jack about the gorilla. This fellow here. He's my cook.

To be accepted as a cook he must follow regulation. The gorilla needs clothes, cooking equipment, cookbook and certificate of good health.

- Place the dirty old cap on the gorilla as his clothes.

- In inventory use the knife with the paddle taken from dock to get a delicately carved spoon. Use spoon on gorilla as his cooking equipment.

- The gorilla has his cookbook already.

- In inventory combine the Chinese stamp with Rolf's doctor's certificate to get stamped health certificate.

Talk to the harbor master about the cook.

Jack introduces the ship's new chef to the ladies.

Expose the machinations of the harbor master:

Now that the gorilla is on the ship; the strikers move. Terry and the harbor master decide to bring the shipment to a safe place.

Talk to the strikers. Unless they pay us or we fight!

Check the shipment:    Terry and harbor master brings the shipment (suitcase) to the left of the large crates.

Overhear the baddies. Go to the open suitcase of shipment. They want Jack to move away from the shipment.

Choice:    Jack needs a distraction. Talk to Amanda about a distraction.

Eve says she will do a better distraction. Jack has to make a choice between Amanda or Eve. The choice here has a small influence with the ending. Relationship with the chosen lady improves.

Shipment:    Go look at the suspicious box. It is filled with money. Jack takes the money.

Terry and harbor master see that the shipment is gone. The harbor master is fired.

Jack gives the money to the strikers. The ship is now freed from the dock.

Jack refuses the responsibility to lead the union.

Nile Bank

Receive the visitor:

The ship sails to Africa. Jack has a visitor.

Go on deck. See that Prof. Umbati is here with his minions; Terry and Skullcracker.

Umbati gives Jack an offer he couldn't refuse. If Jack accepts the offer; game ends. If Jack rejects the offer, Umbati takes the pieces of amulet that Jack has.

Find a way to the amulet piece:

Umbati left with the amulet. Jack feels a tingle that another piece of the amulet is here.

Jack stands below an obelisk. Jack remembers seeing a scarab in his dream. An entrance on the cliff wall is seen.

Obelisk:    Pick up a long and sturdy branch from the floating log in the river.

See that there is a break-weak spot on the obelisk.

Go left and forward until close to the cliff side. Go left by the staircase like stones and see a pineapple plant. Use the knife to pick the hard pineapple.

Jump up the stones on the cliff wall and see ripe bananas. The bananas are too far to get.

Climb up the ancient stairs.

Gain access to the cave:

Cave entrance:    The cave entrance is blocked. Check the 3 tablets on the sides and above the cave entrance.

Go back down and back to the ship.

Ship:    Pick up the torch right of Carl.

Enter the door to lower deck. Talk to the gorilla. The gorilla wants more bananas.

Pick up the bucket and baking soda from the cabinet at left. Try to take the banana oil beside the cookbook at right. The gorilla stops Jack.

Use the torch on the fire in the oven to get a lit torch.

Prepare the cannon:    Go to the deck. Talk to Amanda at the helm. She gives pointers for firing the cannon.

Pick up cannonball left of Carl.

Go left and pick up some cheap imported fireworks from the box behind Eve. In inventory use the knife with the fireworks to get gunpowder and Chinese fuses.

Go to the cannon. Use the gunpowder on cannon.

In inventory sharpen the long branch with the knife to get sharpened branch. Combine the sharpened branch with the hard pineapple to get pineapple ramrod. Use the pineapple ramrod on cannon with gunpowder.

Use cannonball on cannon. Use Chinese fuse on cannon. Use lit torch on cannon.

Aim the cannon:    Click on bananas at left to get it for the gorilla. Bananas fall on the ground.

Click on cave entrance and Jack blasts it open - as well as destroying the ancient stairs to the entrance.

Click on obelisk and Jack shoots it to fall and make a walkway to the cave entrance.

Gorilla:    Leave the cannon and go pick up the ripe bananas.

Go back to the gorilla at the galley and give him the bananas. The gorilla gives Jack a well-meant packed lunch (banana sandwich).

Take the banana oil.

Cave entrance:    Exit the ship and climb the obelisk to the cave entrance.

Jack calls the others to the cave. The ladies bicker. Carl arrives late.

Inside the cave see a bridge over a chasm. Carl can read hieroglyphs as well as other ancient languages.

Lead the group through the cave:

Carl reads the hieroglyph - beware if you see a woman in the cave; darkness and slime in the ground.

Go forward towards the bridge. Bats fly around. Carl is scared of bats. SAVE game here.

Choice:   Talk to Amanda on how to chase the bats off. Amanda will make a loud noise with her rifle. Eve thinks her flash will be the way to scare the bats away. Choose between Amanda or Eve. The chosen one's relationship will rise. This choice will slightly affect the ending.

If Amanda is chosen; pick up the dead bat.

If Eve is chosen; a caterpillar comes out of the hole at the ceiling. Use the packed lunch on caterpillar to bring it down on the rock. Use the bucket to pick up the caterpillar.

Bridge:    Cross the bridge. Carl recommends that only 2 people at a time cross the bridge.

Talk to Eve and then cross the bridge with Eve. At other side, Jack noticed that Amanda and Carl is not on other side.

Go back to the other side and out to the bank. See that Amanda and Carl are chatting.

Go back inside and see that Eve is back on this side. LOL.

Cross the bridge:    Now we know that Eve and Amanda can't be together as well as Amanda and Carl.

- Take Amanda to other side. Go back to other side.

- Take Eve across to other side. Take Amanda with Jack to other side.

- Take Carl to other side and leave him there with Eve. Go back to other side.

- Take Amanda to other side. Now everyone is on this side.

Outwit the gate mechanism:

Take the wooden leg from the skeleton at bottom right.

There are several tablets with Egyptian inscriptions on all corners of the room.

At center is a pyramid. Try to turn the pyramid and see that it is not possible.

Missing handle:    Carl is translating the tablets. He noted that one bar on the pyramid is missing.

Examine the provisionally repaired support on one side of the pyramid.

Use the torch to burn the splinters left of the old handle.

Use the wooden leg from the skeleton on the burned out support.

Translation:    Carl translates the inscription. The pyramid is a safe.

The pyramid must be aligned 3 directions:

- The king's feather must caress the plumed guardian of the bridge.

- The king's falcon must meet the eye that looks down to the abyss.

- The entrance to the tomb must point the secret chamber.

Turn the pyramid:     Examine the 4 sides of the pyramid.

The side at right where Eve is standing on has the feather.

The side at bottom where Jack is standing on is the symbol for the entrance.

The side at left where Amanda is standing on has the priestly staff.

The side at top where Carl is standing on has the bird.

Turn the pyramid by selecting where Jack needs to go.

The king's feather must caress the plumed guardian of the bridge:    Move Jack to the upper wave so that the feather faces the bridge. The gate moved a bit.

The king's falcon must meet the eye that looks down to the abyss:     Move Jack to the empty plate so that the bird faces the eye on the floor. The gate moved a bit.

The entrance to the tomb must point the secret chamber:   Move Jack to the sun so that the opening faces the gate. The gate is opened.

Get the amulet fragment from the carnivorous plant:

Enter the cave and see a wrecked pirate ship. An obese still hungry carnivorous plant is protecting the chest that has the amulet fragment.

Feed the carnivorous plant:

If you have a bat:    Go to the bottom left and see a hearth. Light it with the torch.

Place the bat in the bucket. Add banana oil to the bat in the bucket. Add baking soda to the whole mixture to get oiled mixture.

Cook the oiled bat in the hearth. Pick up the fried bat. Give the fried bat to the carnivorous plant.

If you have a caterpillar:    Give the caterpillar in the bucket to the carnivorous plant.

The obese plant burst and slimes everyone. Take the amulet fragment.

Umbati arrives and demands the amulet fragment. Terry explodes the exit of the cave.

Jack climbs the rope and is taken. Terry drops dynamite to close the cave.

Escape from the cave:

As Amanda:

Amanda has taken the dropped dynamite.

Carl says he has a plan and needs some items: round saw blade with sharp edges, board with 2 holes, rope to be used as belt and a crank handle.

Rope:    Pick up the rope from the bank

Pick up the sundial without gnomon, sticky plant leaves, shovel and wooden board from the water.

See an ancient shield on the part of the ship. Use the shovel to remove the ancient shield from the wood. The shovel breaks.

Saw blade:    Combine the sticky plant leaves with ancient shield to get saw blade shield.

Crank handle:    Combine the sun dial with broken shovel to get sundial with broken shovel.

Board with 2 holes:    Go to the left wall and see a cleft that can work as a vise. Use the board on the cleft.

Use Amanda's rifle on the board on the cleft. Take the perforated wooden board.

Talk to Carl to give him all he asked for. Watch as Carl release the pirate ship.

Exit out of the cave:    Go close to the west wall.

Place the dynamite in the breaking point (shooting out water) of the west wall.

Use Amanda's rifle on the inserted dynamite.

Catch the zeppelin:

Carl:    They had a wild ride out of the cave. They see Umbati's zeppelin fly away with Jack.

Carl opens the crate that carries his prototype - a horseless carriage.

He will get the vessel unstuck while the ladies follow the zeppelin.

Amanda:    Go to the left side running board. Go forward and see the zeppelin.

Use Amanda's rifle on the zeppelin and Amanda shoots the left propeller. Terry shoots back.

Eve:    Select Eve at bottom right. Open the glove compartment. Click on the radio and talk to Carl about the car being slow.

The car was being driven on first gear only. Use the gear shift to change to second gear. Now they are faster.

Repair the car:    

The car started going slow again.

Amanda:    Change to Amanda. Open the back seat and take the crowbar.

Go to right running board and forward. Open the hood. It's locked. Use the crowbar to open the hood.

Check the fan belt tightener and Amanda said it's missing something.

Eve:    Change to Eve and talk to Carl on the radio. He recommends a hosiery to use. Eve takes her hosiery.

Amanda:    Try to use Eve's stocking and garter on the fan belt tightener.

Amanda can't do it while the fan belt tightener is spinning.

Eve:    Change to Eve. Change gear to idle.

Amanda:    Use Eve's stocking and garter on the fan belt tightener.

Prepare to change tire:

Eve:    Change to Eve. Change gear to second gear. Yeah!

The rear right tire blew. Talk to Carl on the radio. Carl is distracted by the gorilla.

Amanda:    Take the broken right side mirror.

Take the hood ornament with screw thread.

Check the wheel mount where the left rear tire used to be.

Go to left running board and the spare tire.

Use the broken side mirror on the magnifying glass to get glass shard.

Use glass shard on the guy rope holding the spare tire.

Go to the left rear wheel mount. Try to use the spare tire on the wheel mount. The car is too close to the ground.

Use the luggage belt and Eve's luggage are released.

Try to place the tire again. Still close to ground.

Eve:    Change to Eve. On a wide road, turn the steering wheel from side to side by clicking on the steering wheel. The car drives on 2 wheels. Amanda changes tire.

Free Jack from chains:

Amanda:    Go to left running board again. Talk to Jack.

After several miscommunications, use the rifle on Jack. Eve takes a shot to free Jack.

Choice:    Side with Amanda or Eve about Amanda's shooting of Jack.

Find out what is broken in Carl's car.

The car finally breaks down by a herd of elephants.

Use the radio in Carl's car. The water tank is busted. Carl says to lift the car to fill the water tank under the car.

Fill the car with water from below:

Pick up the water canister from road. See the zeppelin crash.

Look around. See a hollow tree at right that echoes sound that is broadcast into the hole. It has a knothole on top.

The tree above the ladies is loaded with figs and has 3 tipsy monkeys on the branches.

There is a herd of elephants that look sated except for one elephant that is apart and hungry.

Eve's luggage:    Check Eve's suitcase. Then talk to Eve about the suitcase.

Look at Eve's case. Take the gramophone and the 3 records: elevator music, party hits and German brass band music.

Pick up the fashionable parasol left of the case. Leave case.

Music:    Combine a record with the gramophone. Use the gramophone on the car and play. Jack says to amplify the music.

Place the gramophone on the hollow tree at right.

Play the gramophone. The monkeys are not interested on the elevator music.

Replace the record (click new record) on the gramophone. Play the German brass band music. The monkeys fall asleep.

Replace the record (click new record) on the gramophone. Play the party hits music. The monkeys goes wild dancing.

Hungry elephant:    Pick up overripe figs that fell off the tree.

Give the overripe fig to the hungry elephant.

The hungry elephant goes to the shade of the palm tree and sits on a rock to eat the fig. Note that the rock tilts because of the weight of the elephant. Aha!

Make a shade tree by car:    Examine the hollow tree and see a knothole.

From far view; close the lid of Eve's suitcase. Push the suitcase close to the pile of rock under the knothole of the hollow tree.

Jump up the rocks and look at knothole. Use the umbrella on knothole. Jack says it looks pitiful and something is missing.

Go to the shade giving palm tree down by the road. In far view; jump up the rocks to get close to the palm fronds.

Use the knife on the palm fronds. Oh my - Jack went wild. The palm tree is nearly devoid of fronds and has no shade now.

Jump down and pick up the palm fronds.

Go to the hollow tree and jump up to the knothole.

Use the palm fronds on the parasol that is on the knothole.

Bring the elephant to the car:    Jump down and play the party hits for the monkeys again.

Pick up overripe figs. Give the overripe fig to the hungry elephant.

The elephant goes to the new shade and sits on the car. The car's front is raised.

Use the water canister on the raised car. Thanks for the help my heavyweight friend.

Choice:    Select who will drive. This will slightly affect the ending.

Find the zeppelin crash site:

See the map. Click on the place you want to go to: crash site or bank of Nile.

Crash site:    Go left to end of the ledge and see the baddies and the crashed zeppelin.

See that they have the amulet and luggage. They are waiting for replacement airship.

Go back to the car. Use Carl's car. Travel to the bank of the Nile.

Find a weak point to outwit Umbati:

Choice:    Select who will talk with Carl. This will slightly affect the ending.

Nile bank:    After Carl is calmed down; talk to him.  Carl needs a new engine for the ship or else they will be stranded here.

Pick up the tasty banana casserole beside the radio.

Savannah:    Use the car and drive to the savannah.

Monkeys:    At the savannah, see that the monkeys scattered Eve's belongings. The alpha monkey blocks them from getting the overripe figs.

Give the banana casserole to the alpha monkey.

Pick up the pile of overripe figs. Place the overripe figs on the fruit basket-sized dent (left by the elephant) at the back of the car.

Drive to the crash site. The herd of elephants follows. One of the elephants returns to the savannah. The baddies hear the elephants coming.

Subconscious:    Jack takes the amulet and wonders about being unconscious. Amanda helps him along.

Jack talks to the shaman. The person that finds Ukumba must be at peace with himself. To change the future; one must change the present.

The shaman drops a box on Jack.

Airship engine:    Jack returns to the present. They bring the airship engine to Carl at the Nile bank.



Village:    They arrive at the village. They find Carl at the village.

The village chief talks about insurance and carpet.

Find a way to climb Kilimanjaro:

Hear the village chief announce that they might lose their currency to the Jirani tribe. A win in the tournament will give them the chance to start over.

Umbati arrives in a new airship. A standoff occurs. The village chief of Koa Manyattan explains about the dispute mediation tradition.

Learn that disputes are dealt at the meeting grounds with previous registration. Umbati will look around while Terry guards the airship.

Talk to Eve and Amanda.

Airship crash:    Talk to Carl. Carl wants to see the workings of the airship to get an idea about building an airship.

Use the car and go to the airship crash site.

Pick up the suitcase with Umbati emblem. Use the suitcase on the magnifying lens. Get empty suitcase, letters and records, bundle of money and expensive pipe. The suitcase was Terry's.

Read the letters to learn that Terry worked for Doctor T and he's afraid of monkeys. Terry was subjected to several psychological tests. Dr. T's monkeys were returned to the wild.

See a trained monkey that is back in the wild around the area. Hmm...

Talk to Carl. He wants to study a functioning sample. Go back to the village.

Mountain:    Go to Akeem the village chief at the top of the ramp.

Talk to Akeem about mountain and fight. Jack needs war paint to fight. The amulet has markings similar to Kawasala tribe symbol. The tribe haven't been seen in 200 years.

Choice:    Go down and ask either Amanda or Eve to do war paint.

Fight:    Go back to Akeem and pay the fee. The fight actions are random.

Opponent's movement   Defense   Offense
Raise hands and foot   Steel scarecrow   Proud crane
Spits on hands   Jungle king   Ape tamer
Puff cheeks/full  face   Scorpion sting   Steppe rarer
Spins body   Gazelle leap   Bush Hunter's whirl

When Jack wins, Umbati pays the fee to fight Jack. Skullcracker will always win the fight. Look for another way to win.


Go forward and talk to Mala, the woman with a tray on her head. She recommends the Fire of Rhinoceros medicine. It will give Jack uprightness. The medicine will give the power of the rhinoceros like strength.

She sells the recipe and warns that the medicine should be prepared by a professional.

The ingredients are seed of overripe figs, bark of certain healthy tree (picture included) and leaves with red tips.

They should be ground in a mortar. Buy a bowl from Mala.

The fig must be open to take seed. Pick from ground.

The tree looks like the hollow tree at the savannah. The bark must be dry.

Leaves have red tips.

Collect ingredients:

Savannah:    Use the car to go to the savannah.

Pick up an overripe fig from ground. Combine the knife and the overripe fig to get fig seeds.

Go to the hollow tree and use knife to get tree bark (not so dry).

Village:    Go back to village.

Go left past Mala. Walk the path by the water's edge.

See a storage hut with a guard monkey that scared Jack out.

Go left and jump up the rocks to the ladder. Climb the ladder to the plateau.

Hear Terry rant about his money, Skullcracker, monkeys and Texas girl.

Pick the aromatic leaves with red tips. Climb back down.

Mix the medicine:    Place the seeds, bark and leaves in the bowl bought from Mala.

Use the pipe to mash them together. Jack drinks the medicine automatically and runs to the village latrine. Jack had only a few drops of the medicine.

Skullcracker:    Go to the village well and see a bucket. Try to take the bucket and learn that only the winner can use it. See that Skullcracker drinks from the bucket.

Go to the ship right of the village. Pick up the hammer and nails by the crate left of the entrance plank.

Go back to the well at center of village. Use the Fire of the Rhinoceros on the bucket.

Watch as Skullcracker drinks from bucket and runs to the latrine.

Use the nails and hammer on the door of the latrine. Skullcracker is shut in for a while.

Win the tournament 1:

Talk to Akeem the village chief again and ask to fight. Skullcracker is given 5 minutes to appear at the arena. Skullcracker is disqualified.

Jack fights the favorite warrior and eventually loses.

Akeem signals Jack. Talk to Akeem and learn that Kato has a move that is known only to the most prominent family.

The chief wants Carlmobile1 in exchange for teaching Jack the new move - Bush Hunter Whirl.

Carl:    Talk to Carl about his car. (This is after Carl has seen the crashed zeppelin.) After learning not to be boiled and eaten, Carl agrees as long as he can see the cockpit of the functional Umbati airship.

See the cockpit of the Umbati airship:

Get a trained monkey:    Remember that Terry is guarding the airship at the village and that he is afraid of monkeys.

Go back to the crashed site where we last saw a trained monkey.

See that the monkey with goggles is on the flap of a wing. Go to the wing with flaps and see that the flaps (left and right) move when one stands on the right flap.

The monkey moves to the shade at right. Go to the monkey in the shade.

The monkey moves to the large wing at left. Go to the large wing and see the monkey goes back to the wing flap.

Setup the monkey:    Ask Carl to go to the large wing at left. Join Carl at large wing. Due to the weight of the 2 men, the large wing lowers to be under the left wing flap.

Ask Carl to go to the cockpit - shade at right. This will prevent the monkey to go there.

Go to the monkey that is on the right wing flap. The monkey moves to the large wing.

Move to the right wing flap. The left wing flap releases the large wing and throws the monkey to the sand. The monkey produces an impression on the sand.

Place the open suitcase on the impression on the sand.

Trap the monkey:    Now to start over the set up; ask Carl to go to the large wing. Join him there to lower the large wing to be under the left wing flap.

Ask Carl to go to the cockpit-shade.

Go to right wing flap to get the monkey to the large wing.

Move to the right wing flap to release the large wing.

The monkey lands inside the suitcase. Shame on you! Pick up the monkey in (Terry's) suitcase.

Plateau:    Go back to the village. Go to ramp above the village chief's house and see Terry guarding the airship. Go back down.

Go to the path left of Mala. Climb the rocks. Use the ladder to the plateau.

At plateau, hear Terry rants. See empty suitcases on the ground right of the tall stone and by the bench.

Use the monkey in suitcase with one of the empty suitcase. The monkey scares off Terry by having fun with a gun.

Carl:    Go down using the ramp by the chief's house and talk to Carl. The way to the airship is clear.

See Carl have the time of his life. At the village center, Carl says he can build an airship now. And that the car can be given to the chief so that they won't be eaten.

Win the tournament 2:

New moves:    Go back to the chief and talk to him. To learn the Bush Hunter Whirl; they have to visit the cave tombs of the ancestors. They left in Carl's car.

Meanwhile, Skullcracker is getting antsy inside the latrine.

Jack has now learned a new defense Gazelle Leap and a new offense the Bush Hunter Whirl.

Talk to the Chief to fight again. See fight moves chart above.

Get the winner's mask when the tournament is won.

Acquire equipment for the Kilimanjaro expedition:

Mala:    Talk to Mala to buy snow gear. Learn that she is now part of the Umbati Company and would not sell anything to blacklisted Jack.

Storage hut:    Go left to the hut with the monkey. Since Jack is wearing the mask, he automatically takes the 2 tied up coats and then exits.

Reach the peak of the mountain:

Take the Path to Kilimanjaro at back of arena. Carl decides to stay behind to wait for the Cairo ship with parts. The rest climbs up and reach the snow path.

New items in inventory: ice hook, rope, emergency signal rocket, lighter and hip flask.

SAVE game. Go until the end of path and is asked for the snow suit. Use the knife on the tied up coats to get 2 coats.

Choice:     Who will get the other suit? Choose between Amanda and Eve. This will affect the ending.

Free the team from awkward situations:

Amanda selected:

At the end of the path; climb up the square blocks with inscription.

Climb the steep side of the mountain (higher up the mountain).

See a rope bridge. Cross the rope bridge. Jack convinces Amanda to cross also but the bridge collapses.

Give Amanda the ice hook, signal rocket, lighter and rope.

Change to Amanda.

Go back to the left and climb the inscribed blocks on the left. Walk forward and see a runestone above the end of the path.

Combine the ice hook and rope. Then combine that with the rocket. Combine the grappling hook with the rifle.

Shoot the rifle with grappling hook on the runestone. Use the rope to climb up.

Amanda climbs to the runestone and drops the rope for Jack.

As Jack:

Climb to the right until the rope. Climb the rope.

Amanda's ice support cracks and she falls in a crevice.

Save Amanda from Dangerous situation.

- Stay calm, Amanda. We'll manage together.

- You're doing fine! Look at me - I'm not doing much better myself!

- I know it's hard but show me that fighting Texas spirit and step closer to the edge.

Use the rope and Jack swings to catch Amanda.

Eve selected:

At the end of the path; climb up the square blocks with inscription.

Climb the steep side of the mountain (higher up the mountain).

See a rope bridge. Cross the rope bridge. Jack convinces Eve to cross also but the bridge collapses.

Change to Eve. Give Jack the tripod and magnesium.

Change to Jack. Climb up the square blocks to be in front of a wall of ice.

Use the ice hook on the ice wall and then use the hammer to get the hook solidly in. Use another hook on the frozen surface.

In inventory combine the tripod and knife to get 3 tripod legs.

Use a tripod leg on the ice hook on the wall. Climb up.

See a dead adventurer and a frozen ice hook on the wall.

Use another ice hook on the frozen wall.

Use magnesium on the frozen ice hook by the dead adventurer. Use lighter on the frozen ice hook with magnesium.

Use a tripod leg on the ice hooks.

Climb up the rest of the way.

Go left to the runestone. Use the rope on the runestone. Jack calls down to Eve.

As Eve:    Go left and up the inscribed rocks. Go up until the end and see Jack's rope. Climb the rope.

Jack's ice support cracks and he falls. He holds on Eve's leg.

Use the last tripod on the cleft left of Jack. They are now at the runestone.

Open the entrance: (The game continues the same for both ladies here.)

As Jack:

Go right until the peak. See a rock face gate. The amulet looks like the key or shape of the slot by Amanda's foot.

Confederate soldier:    Go left until the frozen confederate soldier holding the last piece of the amulet.

Use the amulet on the piece the soldier is holding. The ice melts to release the soldier.

Warm the soldier by giving him the hipflask.

Make the soldier remember: Ask the soldier in this order:

You're wearing An American Civil Warm Confederate uniform.

You're carrying a piece of amulet.

You're not in America but on a mountain in Africa.

The civil war has been over for more than 30 years.

When the soldier remembered everything; he takes Jack's amulet and pushes him off the cliff.

Amanda tries to pull Jack up. Eve arrives and puts Amanda to sleep with a dart. Eve has the amulet and works for Umbati.

Gate:     Go right to the gate. See the unconscious soldier. The gate is open.

Enter the temple and see Eve run. Jack removes his coat and lays it on the ice.

Retrieve the amulet from Eve:

Portal:    Look around. See a mysterious stone pedestal by the railing and a strangely shaped opening stand at right.

Ukumba:    Go down the path near the stand. See the gigantic stone face portal.

See another strangely shaped opening stand right of the face. There are several geysers.

There is a pipe plant by the wall at right. Go back up.

Waterfall:    Go right where Eve run to. See a pipe plant at one side and another mysterious stone pedestal on the other side.

Check the stacked square stones that are carved with strange signs. Water flows down the square stones.

See a carnivorous plant on the left. Go near the plant and it attacks Jack.

Frozen hut:    Go forward and enter the frozen hut.

On the other side see the skeleton of an unsuccessful merchant. Take the bowl like headgear.

Rock outcrop:    Go forward to the rock outcrop. It comes out on an overlook.

See that the square block of stones reaches to the top. There is a frozen pedestal on a ledge.

Go back inside and forward.

Abandoned village:    See another strange shaped opening on a stand at left.

Pick up  3 sturdy ceramic vases left of the stand.

At right is an enclosure. Open the gate and enter. See another pipe plant here.

Atop the tree is a relaxed monkey and see that this is the other side of the carnivorous plant.

Set a trap for Eve:   

Go left over the bridge to the portal. Pick up the now frozen equipment.

Go right to the waterfall and see Eve run pass the carnivorous plant without harm.

Collect pipe plants:    Use knife on the pipe plant right of waterfall.

Go through frozen hut and then down to village. Enter the wood enclosure. Use knife on the pipe plant left of tree with monkey.

Go down to Ukumba by the portal. Use knife on the pipe plant by right wall.

Smelly water:    Go close to the face portal. The frozen equipment starts to melt.

Combine the thawing equipment with the bowl headgear to get bowl with foul smelling water.

Block the passage to the abandoned village - frozen hut:         

Go close to the entrance of the frozen hut pass the waterfall.

Jump up the square blocks with carvings - waterfall.

Place a pipe plant on the large cleft on the second level.

Jump on 2 more blocks and place another pipe plant on the large cleft.

Place another pipe plant on the large cleft above the one just placed.

The water is diverted to the entrance of the hut and blocked it with ice.

Set the trap:    Go around to the abandoned village. Use the bowl with foul smelling water on the gate.

Jack places it onto of the gate slightly ajar.

Now look for Eve and chase her. See Eve get drenched by foul smelling water.

Meet Amanda by the portal. Go to the abandoned village.

Eve cannot pass the carnivorous plant anymore now that she is foul-smelling. Eve tries the frozen hut that is blocked.

Go to the rock outcrop. Eve is cornered. The confederate soldier swings on a rope and snatches the amulet. Eve falls down.

The confederate soldier is on top of the waterfall blocks.

Retrieve the amulet from the soldier:

Go to the waterfall and see Amanda.

Climb the blocks and then check the soldier.

See suspiciously hanging icicles above the soldier. There are also icicles on the side of the soldier.

Go down to Ukumba portal. Use a vase on the geyser at right side of the stand or the face.

The vase shoots up to the icicles above the soldier. The icicles fall down and made a prison cell for the soldier.

Go up there to the soldier and fallen icicles and pick up the amulet.

Open the treasure:   

Thaw out the frozen stand:    Climb to the other side of the icicles and see a frozen stone.

Go to the other side and pick up 3 pieces of reflective ice. Go back down to Amanda.

Use one piece of reflective ice on the mysterious stand across the waterfall. Jack gets an idea.

Talk to Amanda. Give her one of the reflective ice.

Then go to the mysterious stand by the portal. Use a reflective ice on the mysterious stand.

Jack signals Amanda on what to do. The light is reflected through the 2 ice and melts the frozen stand. If the ice melts before finishing this actions, get more from the same place.

Strangely shaped opening stands:     In inventory, use the amulet with the magnifying glass. The amulet separates into 4 different pieces.

At the portal, go to the strangely shaped opening stand at right. Look close and study the shape on the stand. Place the piece of amulet that matches the shape on the stand.

At the abandoned village, go to the strangely shaped opening stand at left of gate. Look close and study the shape on the stand. Place the piece of amulet that matches the shape on the stand.

At the face Ukumba portal, go to the strangely shaped opening stand at right. Look close and study the shape on the stand. Place the piece of amulet that matches the shape on the stand.

At the waterfall, jump up to the strangely shaped opening stand that was melted. Look close and study the shape on the stand. Place the piece of amulet that matches the shape on the stand.

Ukumba:    Jack stands by the portal when it opens. It is a meteor with the familiar inscription.

Umbati's airship crashes on the roof. A fragment hits Jack on the head.

Finding out about one self:

Jack's spirit-dreamworld:    The shaman appears. Jack recalls his memories of his father and mother. They promised to come back but never did. They worked for Dr. T. Jack finally remembers why he didn't trust anyone.

The shaman explains that the stone fell from the skies and brought long life and finally insanity to those that has it.

The shaman chose Jack to fulfill the last mission - to destroy Ukumba. He wakes up Jack.

Real world:    Jack wakes up to see that he and Amanda are tied up.

Ukumba the meteor hangs from the airship. The baddies' airship cannot rise up because they are too heavy.

Umbati pushes Eve to lighten them up. Eve unties Jack and Amanda. Talk to Eve to find out things.

No, I mean we were really good!

We are here because we stopped at nothing.

I think Eve's already received her punishment.

Eve fires her last rocket to celebrate the new year. Carl arrives on the Charming Princess airship. They chase Umbati's airship.

Catch up to Umbati's zeppelin and board it!

Lighten the Princess:    Carl wonders why the Charming Princess airship doesn't have the altitude and speed to catch up. They are too heavy.

Check either the port or the starboard anchor chains. Jack wants tools to loosen the chains.

Talk to Carl. Carl gives the toolbox. Open the toolbox using the magnifying lens. Get a wrench.

Use the wrench on the starboard and port anchor chains.

Gain altitude:    Talk to Carl again. To gain altitude someone must open the valve of the rotor.

Climb the metal ladder that leads up to the rotor-propeller. Carl stops Jack because he's too heavy for the ladder and will change the center of gravity of the ship.

Talk to Amanda. Amanda climbs the metal ladder and turns the valve. The metal ladder falls away trapping Amanda by the propeller.

Get closer to zeppelin:    Jack tells Carl to get closer to ship.

Change to Carl. Use the height adjustment up at left once or twice to be slightly above the zeppelin.

Use the sliding control at right. Once or twice until Jack says he's ready to board the ship.

Defeat Skullcracker... again:

Fight Skullcracker:    Jump out of the Princess to the wing of zeppelin. SAVE game here!

Meet and fight Skullcracker for the last time. Check the graph above for the moves.

Always choose the Bushman whacker whirl (if present) as offense. The defense is what is shown on the graph above.

Skullcracker slides off the wing. (No save is possible after this.)

Destroy the meteor - save the world:

Amanda yells that Terry is there destroying the ship.

Jack decides to stay at the zeppelin to take care of the meteor Ukumba. Jack climbs down from the wing and see Umbati at the helm.

Terry is lighting dynamite at the Princess.

As Amanda:    Talk to Terry. Remember that Terry doesn't like his name and is afraid of monkeys. Taunt him about his name and monkeys.

Terry, that's your name, right?

I think Terry really suits you.

Terry would you please put down the dynamite before you hit someone!

What a pity your pistol's gone...

Terry, why do you need such a big pistol anyway?

Look behind you! A monkey flying an airplane!

As Eve:    Change to Eve.

Use the makeup kit with the magnifying glass to get knock out darts.

Talk to Carl and get a ballpoint pen. Use the pen on the magnifying glass to get an improvised blowpipe.

Combine the darts and the improvised blowpipe to get darts for blowgun.

Use the darts for blowgun on Terry.

Ukumba:    See Jack and Umbati in a sword-knife fight on top of the meteor.

Use the knife on the rope-mooring for meteor. Ukumba and Umbati fall in the ocean.

The ending:    Amanda tries to save Jack. I trust you!

The zeppelin hits the Princess. The shipwrecked foursome are saved by the Royal Navy.

Jack is arrested for past crimes. Agent Montgomery saves the day. He is now the Head of the Secret Service and is called Agent M. Montgomery offers Jack a senior lecturing position training agents at the Academy. Sure I'm in!


Jack has a message!

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