Jazz and Faust

By 1c Company

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  June, 2002

Game Play:    This is point and click game and is mouse driven. The Main Menu can be accessed within the game by pressing ESC. The Main Menu has the Save, Load, Options, Credits and Exit. To go back to the game from the Main Menu press ESC. The cursor changes over an active item, location or person to show information (spyglass), move (arrow), hammer and anvil (use), hand (can be taken) and dragon (to talk to). Right click of mouse opens the inventory, a second right click closes the inventory and left click on an item in inventory will place it on a frame for further usage in the game by clicking the dragon on item or person to use it with. Arrow keys will scroll to see what is inventory. To save a game, type the name at the bottom (backspace to retype a new name) and then press enter.  Double click to a place makes the character run towards it. The game is very linear and exact activities have to be done to advance in the game (enter a place or pick up inventory).

In a prosperous country in the heart of the desert, invaders led by Alkaim and his nephew Selim entered the palace of the Supreme Ruler and killed him. The Princess Lousa survived and when she grew up became the favorite wife of Alkaim. After many years, rebellion due to the people's dissatisfaction drove Alkaim and Selim in to the desert with loot treasures and Lousa. They settled in the night at a ghost city, where Lousa induced Selim to kill his uncle to have control over all the treasure. They left Alkaim alone with no food and water and traveled to a deserted temple where they hid most of the treasure. They knew that Alkaim will come after them and escaped overseas to the coastal city of Er-Elp. Lousa dressed as a man and acted as servant of Selim, who is hiding behind a merchant's disguise. They devised a plan to elude Alkaim. Selim, acting as a merchant went to the police station and told a story about being beset by robbers in the desert and the only survivor is himself, his nephew and a slave. The story continued in finding treasure in a temple in the desert, of having killed the nephew because of greed and of the fear of revenge from the ghost of the nephew, Selim. He asked the Chief of Police for protection and was told to leave the police alone. That night 2 men were decapitated and found in the country house of the merchant and his slave. The police did not continue the investigation of the foreigners' death. Lousa has killed both Selim and Alkaim and escaped to go back to her tribe in the desert as sovereign and sole owner of the treasure.

The opening scene shows Jazz (left) and Faust (right) wave at the gamer and playing a game of dice. Click on either one to choose the character for a new game. Read the background of the main characters in the manual.



Police Station:    Jazz in his cell and the guard on his desk are asleep. Selim, disguised as merchant and using the name Alkaim comes in and begs protection from the Police. Selim gives the story as described above and was summarily dismissed by the Police. Jazz kicks open the cell. Go out, look around and pick up the Whaler gin, the police have confiscated. Wake the guard up by getting the Whaler Gin from inventory and clicking it on the guard. The sergeant says that there will be a court hearing and 150 coins is needed within 3 days or else Jazz' ship Smokey will be impounded for smuggling.

Porch of Police Station:      Look around  and pick up the big axe on the left by the stocks. Look in the cell on the right and talk to the animal trainer with his rat, Lucy who bit a policeman.           Police Station Square:       Look at the hole under the steps and the an active spot on plants on the right.          Trade Square:      Exit right and talk to the oriental seller. He recommends for you to go to the tavern and talk to Hugo.

Tavern Square:      Pick up the cup from the table. Talk to sleeping Hank and he wants a cigar. Read the note tacked on the door about the magician at the first floor of the tavern (this should allow you to get in the magician room later in the game). Enter the Two Knives Tavern. Look around and say Hi to Miranda, the waitress. Try to get cigar from the red box on the bar and the barkeep will stop you. Try talking to the grouchy barkeep. Talk to Hugo sitting at the table on the right. He buys the Smokey for 50 gold coins (2 bags of gold) and he takes care of the impounding and other fees. Click on the chair and sit down. Miranda will come and ask if you want a bottle of wine. Click the arrow key in inventory and get the bag of coins, click on Miranda and buy a bottle of wine. If the bag of gold is not placed active on the screen, a hand will appear and when clicked will get Jazz to not order anything and stand from the table. Miranda talks about the 2 decapitated men last night. Go to the balcony and try to open the Magician's door. Exit the tavern and open gate on the right.

Port:      Pick up a cannon ball from bottom of the screen and a lantern from the cart at bottom right. Go left to the berth and was told go away by a guard from Jazz' former ship. Go to the lighthouse and look around. Go to the pier at the bottom right and look around.

Finding out about the murders:

Trade Square:     Talk to the oriental seller and he says that it's hot today and needs refreshment. Give him the bottle of wine. He talks about the widow who found the dead men (trigger for widow's house to appear). For further info from him, he wants more wine but wine cannot be bought right now.

Widow's house:      Look around and note the ladder by the house. There are steps to go under the bridge but Jazz will not go there. Enter the house and talk to the widow. She does not have time to talk since she's waiting for the cloth dealer. Try taking the basket. Exit and see an exit to bottom right for Widow's Country House which is not available at the moment. 

Trade Square:     Click on the bolt of red cloth on the right side of the table and the oriental seller will sell it for a discount. Buy a bolt of cloth. Use the cup on fountain and get cup of water.

Widow's house:      Give the cloth to the widow. As payment is information to satisfy Jazz' curiosity. She rented her country house to 2 foreigners and found them killed this morning. A crowd is there and the police are looking for clues. Jazz can go find out for himself and go by canal to first house out of town (trigger to country road).

Widow's Country House:      Talk to man and find out 2 headless corpses but only one head were found. He blocks entry to the house and yard. Pick up empty bottle by wall and the hat (cowboy) by the plant on lower right. See a road to the cemetery on lower right that is not accessible.

Tavern Square:      Show the hat to Hank but he wants a cigar first. Enter the tavern and see 2 sailors arm wrestling. Show the empty bottle to the barkeep and he recognizes it as Whaler gin and only Martyr drinks it (trigger for overturning mug of wine). He said Hank knows where he is. We need a cigar for Hank to talk, so start a diversion. Go to the 2 sailors arm wrestling and click on the mug of wine to tip it to start a fight. Immediately, click on red box on bar to get 2 cigars. Go out and give a cigar (out of 2) to Hank. Show him the hat again and he says that it is Martyr's who live under the bridge (trigger to bridge).

Under the bridge:      Walk under the bridge. Pick up dirty rag beside the crate of bottles. Click on the pavement close to the rope and then use the axe to get rope.  Wake Martyr up by pouring the cup of water on him. Show Martyr the hat and empty bottle. He tells his story of falling asleep by the house, woke up and heard cries from house, saw a figure in dark cloak running out of the house carrying something. Jazz believes him and correlates it with the merchant and the treasure.

Finding information about the Stork:

Tavern Square:       Ask Hank about the man with a black cloak. Give him the last cigar and Hank says the man has gone on the ship Stork. Enter the tavern and ask the 2 sailors about the Stork (trigger to buy wine). They told you to go away. Talk to Miranda about the ship and she asks if you want to buy a bottle of wine. Buy a bottle of wine and then give it to the sailors. The sailor said that he saw the captain of the Stork coming down the stairs over there. Go to the magician's room upstairs. (You should get in the magician room if you read the note tacked on the tavern door before this). The small apprentice would not let you talk to the magician unless you give him an exquisite gift, which you can get not necessarily from a live person (trigger for cemetery). Exit the tavern to nighttime.

Police Station Square:       Now that it is nighttime, the plant on the right side is hiding an old jug that cannot be taken.

Cemetery:      Talk to Martyr. He gives you a gold decoration not to tell on him. Pick up the harpoon by the fence where Martyr was before (the rope is automatically tied to the harpoon). Look at the gravestone on the left. Use the cannon ball on the headstone and get gravestone fragments in inventory.

Tavern Square:      Go the Magician's room and give the gold decoration to the small man. Talk to the Magician. He knows all about what you want to know. The captain of the Stork is long away at Black isles. He also said to be prepared to return the favor when you next need help.  Go down and Miranda tells you that Hugo wants to talk to you. Talk to Hugo. He wants Jazz to be a navigator on his former ship Smokey to bring goods to Black Isles. One of his men will keep an eye on you.

Port:      Still nighttime, go to the pier at the bottom right and pick up the empty bird cage from the bottom right of the screen by the grilled door. Note the barrel of oil by the stair railing. At the berth, try to get onboard the Smokey and the guard still will not let you on board.

Getting on board the Smokey:

Tavern Square:      Talk to one of the sailors about trying to get on the ship. He said you need to be a magician to do that. Go up and talk to the magician. He wants a gravestone and a dead man's head before he will help you (trigger for country house). You already have the gravestone and heard of only one dead man's head today - the murdered man's.

Widow's Country House:      Still nighttime, try getting to the house by the door but a guard comes out. Jazz hides. It's too bright with the lantern. Cover the lantern with dirty rug. Try to enter the door and hear them talking about the severed head in the well. Take the lantern and hang it on the well. Look at the head and use the harpoon on it. Jazz places it back until he can disguise it (trigger for ladder).

Widow's house:      It is now close to daybreak. Get the ladder and Jazz props it by the overhang. Need to distract the widow, so knock on the door and immediately click on ladder. At the balcony, get the basket. Climb down and go back to the well at the Country house.

Widow's Country House:      Spear the head again at the well and it is automatically placed in the basket to get a basket with head.

Tavern Square:      Go the Magician's room and give the head to the magician. He doesn't want gravestone fragments but a whole one. Gravestone puzzle -  When a fragment is highlighted, it can be turned around by right clicking on it to the position you think is right. The positions of the fragment are clues as to where they go, like on the corners or the cardinal points. To interchange position, one fragment should be highlighted and then left click on the fragment you want to change places with. If done correctly, all the fragments close in and form a complete gravestone.

The magician gives 2 stones, a magical potion - pour one drop on a man and it will make a man disappear and an amulet that will be needed in an unexpected way.

Port:        At the berth, click the magic potion on the guard and he disappears. Click on Smokey and talk with Hank inside the ship. He says that the ship is full of rats and that they have to be removed before sailing because of the goods. He also tells Jazz to light the lighthouse (trigger for jug and oil).

Preparing to set sail:

Police Station Square:       Finally,  pick up the empty jug.

Porch of Police Station:      Talk to the animal trainer in the cell. Ask to borrow Lucy, who is hungry after eating all the rats in jail. He might change his mind about lending Lucy if you see his widowed mother and get some food.           Widow's house:      Knock on the door and Jazz explains about her son being in jail She gives a small parcel of food.          Porch of Police Station:      Talk to the animal trainer in the cell and automatically gives the food. Give him the bird cage and Lucy will return to him when Jazz' problem is solved. Get a cage with a rat in inventory.

Port:        At the pier, use the empty jug on barrel of oil to get a jug of oil.  At the lighthouse, click the lantern on the top of the lighthouse to get  Jazz to place the lantern on the ground by the stairs to the lighthouse. Fill the lantern with oil using the jug of oil. Use the 2 stones to light the lantern and then pick up the burning lamp. Click the burning lamp on the lighthouse and Jazz climbs the lighthouse. The lighthouse is now lit.

Black Isle

Jazz and Hank sail to the Black Isles. While on the ocean, Hank and Jazz toast to luck but Hank drugs Jazz unconscious.

Prison Cell:      Jazz wakes up in a prison cell in the Black Isle. Hank enters Jazz' prison cell and gives a bowl of bread. He demands to know about the treasure since Jazz has been talking to the magician, blackmailing the tramp and saw a stranger. Jazz remains silent. Hank leaves. Click on the stone in the middle of the floor. Click on what is hidden underneath and get a scroll. It was written on a moonless night about a prisoner, a road to freedom and to read the incantation over a small creature. A rat walks in. Aha! Use bowl of bread on rat. While the rat eats the bread, Hank walks in and threatens Jazz. Jazz backs up to the wall by the skeleton. Click on skeleton and Jazz hits Hank unconscious. Click scroll on rat and Jazz becomes small. The guard walks in and sees Hank. Go out the door and Jazz locks them in the cell.

Outside Prison cell:        Note the pot with spikes underneath. Pick up the poker and keys by the table and the jug of water under the stairs. Try to pick up the torch stand and it is too hot. Use jug of water on torch stand and get torch and torch handle. Talk to the prisoner and find out that he is the Captain of the Stork, imprisoned because of a tavern brawl. Give the torch handle to the Captain and then use the poker on the bars. Click keys on prison door to go outside to the square.

Look around Prison Square. Go to the Garbage dump on the left and look around. Go to Tavern square on the left.

Tavern square:      Enter tavern and forward to he bar. Sit on barstool beside the Captain. The Captain talks about the beautiful female passenger who wants to go to Khaen but embarked in the Black isle. The Captain runs off to fight the man that caused him to be jailed. They apologize to each other after Jazz calms them down. The Stork Captain invites Jazz to sail with him to Khaen. Jazz meets Faust, Captain of the Invisible. Faust owes him a favor now for saving his life. Exit the tavern and click on the ship.


The Captain tells Jazz about the 7 Sorrows, an opium den where they can rest and talk. Exit to the Lane. If you exit to the port, channel and harem gates, nothing is active, so sightsee around, OK.

Getting in and out of the slave market:

Lane:        The Captain moves away to check the opium den. Meet the 2 sailors met at the tavern in Er-Elp. They said that Jazz stole the goods and killed Hank. They were going to take Jazz back to Hugo, the antiquarian. The Stork Captain comes back and stops the sailors but one of the sailors shot him. Jazz brings the wounded Captain to the Opium den. The guard says that Jazz is the one that caused damage to a merchant and that since there is no jail in Khaen, he will be sent to the slave market.

Slave Market:     Jazz is chained on the slave block with another prisoner. Faust comes in the slave market and buys some wine from the vendor. Talk to the other prisoner and Jazz will exchange food for his plate. Click the plate on the jug of wine Faust bought at the vendor's table. Jazz throws the plate to tip the Jug of wine. The guard beats the prisoners up for the incident. Jazz asks Faust for help. Faust picks the key off the guard and throws it to Jazz. Faust says see you at the caravansary. The guard moves away. Click the key on the other prisoner and he runs off chased by the guard. Jazz stands up and takes the chains with him. Exit to harem gates.

Finding a way to get to Caravansary:

Lane:      Note the carpet hanging and barrel of water by door. Enter the opium den. Try talking to the sleeping man holding a smoking pipe. Pick up the red hot poker at the center of the room. Talk to the standing man,merchant about the way to the caravansary. He will be going there but he wants to drive his sorrows away first. He wants a hookah (An Eastern smoking pipe designed with a long tube passing through an urn of water that cools the smoke as it is drawn through). Exit to the Lane and dip the red hot poker in barrel of water to get cool poker. Go back to 7 Sorrows and exchange the cool poker with the hookah of the sleeping man. Give the hookah to the standing man. He says he is the main eunuch of his Sultan's harem. He was to buy a young girl but lost all his money. He wants you to find a young girl for him and then he will take Jazz to the Caravansary.

Getting a young girl for the Sultan:

Harem Gates:     Talk to the guard and he shoos Jazz off . He also wants you to tell the laundress with the carpet to hurry because she is expected in the palace (trigger for carpet).            Lane:     Try to take carpet but it is too high. Enter opium den and get poker back from sitting man. Use the poker on carpet.            Money changer shop:       Talk to moneychanger for a veil but wants something in return (trigger for clock).           Lane:      Enter the opium den and pick up the clock that appeared on the table beside the sitting man.           Money changer shop:       Exchange clock for veil. He says to change at the opium den.             Lane:      Enter and exit the opium den, coming out at night and wearing the veil. This 'lady' would not run when double clicked!!!           Harem Gates:     Talk to the guard.             Harem:      Talk to the eunuch. Stay in front and then walk to the left of the eunuch. He wants you to take another carpet to be cleaned. Enter the open curtained doorway on the right. Jazz asks a houri to get in the carpet. Exit to Harem gates. The Sultan's eunuch says to hurry to get to the caravansary.

Travel through the desert.


Forge:      Enter and pick up the pincers by the fire.

Inner caravansary:   Pick up ripe apple from table. Talk to Faust. Faust fell in love with the girl in Er-Elp who wants to be taken to Khaen. Faust could not since he already has a passenger that gave him a crystal as down payment but the passenger never returned. Faust asked the Stork Captain about her and they got into an argument about it. Jazz explains about the girl being the murderer and the story behind it from what he heard in jail. A canopied carriage enters the caravansary square. The 2 men hear a cry for help because of a leopard.

Caravansary square:       Faust tries to distracts the leopard while Jazz thinks of something to do. Click the amulet on leopard when the leopard is closest to Jazz. Then click the chains on the leopard.

Inner caravansary:      The maidservant tells the 2 heroes that the lady they saved wants to talk to them. The lady is Lousa, who killed the 2 men in Er-Elp and Faust's love. Lousa explains her history, about her father the Supreme ruler of the Red Sands, the attack on the castle by Alkaim, Selim's beheading of her father, of being Alkaim's concubine, the rebellion, the escape to the City of the Dead, where they hid treasure and the happenings in Er-Elp. She has a crystal to open the gates to the City of the Dead and wants the men's help. Faust is about to declare himself when Lousa says they will talk tomorrow.

Jazz picks up the half of a crystal that Lousa left on the chest but only a fool leaves his treasure unattended. Jazz plans to get to the treasure by himself. Exit to square.

Merchant's canopy:       Click on men and hear them talking about one's adventure in the desert. They stopped and don't want to be overheard. Exit and then go back. Look at lit window above the canopy where the merchants are now. Look at the embedded pegs holding the canopy. Use pincers on hot coals to get pincers with a small piece of coal. Use the piece of coal on the pegs.

Caravansary square:       Look at camel. Use apple on camel. Jazz brings the camel under the window and climbs on it. He overheard about entering the City of the Dead by going in the well and through an underground vault. Jazz falls off the camel. Exit to the desert.

City of the Dead

Look around and go to the caves at right.

Cave entrance:      Use the 2 stones to light the brazier by the cave's mouth. Lit the torch on the fire. Enter the cave's mouth to the grotto.

Grotto:      Take the pick axe by the cave's entrance. Talk to the Yehu standing by the other cave. He captures Jazz and brings him inside to help another Yehu trapped under a fallen beam. Use the pick axe on the beam. It did not work. Go to the underground city on the left and talk to the Yehu. Jazz brings him back to the fallen beam and together they freed the other Yehu. Go to the entrance to the Temple on the right  and then go back to talk to the saved Yehu. He does not respond. Show him the red half of a crystal. He goes he, ye, he, he, hoo and gives a luminous mushroom. Go to the entrance to the temple and get raised to the top.

Meet Lousa, her maid and Faust. Jazz tries to explain his taking the crystal. Give the red crystal to a nervous Lousa. Enter the temple but Lousa asks for more light. Give her the luminous mushroom. Enter the temple again.

Temple:      An ironclad hydra takes Lousa, who drops the luminous mushroom. Jazz does not have anything in inventory. Go upstairs and realize that the Hydra is protecting its nest. Click on Faust at the ground floor of the temple. Jazz goes down and asks Faust to distract the night beast with light. They both climb up with Faust holding the luminous mushroom. Stand close to Faust and then click on the brick wall on the right side of the entrance to climb up to the beam.

Jazz can not get the rope on the right wall or the cocoon on the other side of the beam. Click on the net on the right side of the cocoon at the foreground, shaking off some items that fall on the temple floor. Get off the beam by clicking on the bricked wall again. Jazz jumps off the beam. Click on items on the temple floor and Jazz will go down and pick up gloves, saber and a bone. Click on brick wall again to make Jazz climb back up.

Use the saber to cut the rope holding the foreground cocoon. The cocoon drops on the temple floor and the hydra follows it and disappears when the light hits it. Use the saber to cut the web holding the far cocoon with the princess inside. Jazz says it's too high and the drop will kill her. Go back down and talk to Faust. Faust goes down and holds a net to catch the other cocoon with the princess. Go back up the beam and use saber again on the web holding the cocoon. But it's too slippery. Use glove on web and Jazz pulls the web releasing the cocoon.

In front of the dragon statue, talk to Lousa. She says that the crystal is the key to the treasury and the dragon guards the gate. She gives her half of the crystal. Talk to Faust and he gives you his half of the crystal. Click a crystal on dragon at center and Jazz will stand on a lit carved floor tile. Place crystal back in inventory and talk to Faust again. Jazz says the dragon moved when the floor tile lit up and asks everybody to stand on a floor tile. Throw the bone into the dragon's mouth and then watch the cut scene.

The door to the treasury opens up and when all of them are looking at the treasure, Alkaim rises up. He puts a curse on all of them to go back in time to when they do not know each other.


While relaxing at the port of Khaen, Faust is approached by a red bearded man, Alkaim. Alkaim hires the ship Invisible and its captain, Faust immediately. They go aboard and sail to Er-Elp, where the red bearded man asks Faust to wait for his return. Lousa talks to the Captain of the Stork for passage to Khaen but was told that he goes to the Black Isle only. Lousa asks Faust for passage but was reluctantly refused because he was already hired. Lousa goes back to the Captain of the Stork and they leave for the Black Isle. Faust is left wishing to find her again.


Port:       At the berth, pick up the crystal that might have been dropped by the lady (conflicting versions). Faust hears a noise. Go to the port and hears the official close the port because of the murders that happened last night - no ship can leave without special permission.

Tavern Square:       Talk to Hank, who asks for a cigar when he chats. Enter the tavern and try to talk to the 2 sailors. Talk to Hugo, who tries to sell you a weapon. Sit down on the chair and Faust will ask Miranda about news in Er-Elp. Miranda talks about the 2 decapitation murders that happened and that the murderer took one of the heads with him. Faust ponders about the involvement of his passenger. After Miranda left, a policeman asks for the Captain of the Invisible. Faust admitted that he is the one he is looking for. The policeman is tripped by one of the sailors.

On the way out, Faust says it is bad to leave a man in need even if he is a cop. Stay in the tavern and help the policeman. Go to the bar and pick up a bottle of wine. Hit one of the sailors with the bottle of wine. Get bottle fragment in inventory. The policeman tells Faust to leave police business alone. Faust is told that the Invincible is seen involved in illegal activities such as smuggling and pirating and that the ship will be impounded. Further discussion involves showing proof of his innocence in the charges by giving the policeman a bribe. He still cannot sail because of the murders. Hugo talks to Faust about knowing that one of the murder victims is his passenger. He again tries to sell Faust a pistol. Faust does not have any money. Hugo says that Faust should try proving his innocence in the murders. Faust needs money to keep Hugo silent.           

Police Square:    Look around. Faust cannot get in the police station to ask for special permission from the police Chief.

Trader's Square:      Talk to the oriental seller and give him the crystal. The oriental trader is happy for Faust to pawn it for 2 bags of gold. Talk to the boy, who wants candy for information.

Tavern Square:       Enter the tavern and give a bag of gold to Hugo. He gives a pistol, a coin and his silence to Faust in exchange for the gold.

Trader's Square:      Click on the oriental seller's table (trigger for boy's conversation). Talk to boy about distracting the seller with smooth talk. Give the boy the coin (everybody really wants to be bribed here!). The boy goes over and chats with the seller. Look at the merchandise on the table and get the crystal. Oops!! Got caught! Faust places the crystal back. Now what? Take the bottle fragment  and click it on the table as exchange for the crystal (wonder if that will fool the seller long). Time to get out of Er-Elp. (Getting the Crystal is trigger to get in the police station).

Police Station:      Enter and talk to the sleeping police chief. He is mad to be awakened. Faust asks to leave the port today and ask for special permission. The police chief asks on what grounds. Give the bag of gold to police chief as proof of grounds to leave. He gives the special permission.

Port:     At the berth, the guard will not let you leave without special permission from the Police Chief. Give the guard the special permission. Faust sails to Black Isle to find the mysterious lady.

Black Isle

Find the beautiful lady:

Tavern Square:      Talk to the old fisherman by the tavern door. Nothing is happening yet inside the tavern. Go left of tavern square.       Warehouse:       Talk to the man and he says the warehouse is still closed. Try to get the net behind him. Note the barrel of water. Try to touch the cat trapped up the beam of the hut  and the dog. Go right of tavern square.

Garbage Dump:      Talk to young boy. He will tell Faust where the Captain of the Stork is if Faust can find his cat for him (trigger for barrel).       Prison Square:      Note the shark hanging on the right side of the screen.

Warehouse:       Click on barrel of water and Faust will pull the cork off the barrel emptying it. Click on barrel again and Faust will turn the barrel over the dog. Click barrel again and Faust will climb on it and get the cat. Wait Faust, what about the dog?

Garbage Dump:      Give the cat to the boy. Matilda, the cat is now safe and the boy says that the Captain of the Stork is spending the second day drunk in the tavern (trigger for seeing captain).

Tavern Square:      Enter tavern and approach the bar. Talk to the drunken man by the bar. The Captain of the Stork gets rowdy and starts a fight. The policeman arrives and takes the captain to jail. Go outside and talk to the old fisherman about the beautiful lady. He needs a net and is worried that he cannot feed his family (trigger for entry to warehouse).

Warehouse:      Talk to the man. Ask about the net and he said that they do not sell old nets. The warehouse has new ones but be careful about fires since there is a lot of cotton in there. Enter the warehouse. See a man running around. Click on the net hanging up the ceiling. Faust climbs up the box and checks the securely tied net. On the way down, Faust accidentally tips the fire stand and the floor is on fire. Go out and the running man tells the warehouse guard about the fire. They leave to get water leaving the warehouse unguarded. Get the old net hanging behind where the guard used to be.

Find a way to have ship repaired or how to catch a beast:

Tavern Square:      Give the net to the old fisherman. He tells Faust that the lady left on a slaver ship for Khaen. Faust cannot follow because he needs to have his ship repaired and has no money (trigger to talk to barkeep). Enter the tavern. Talk to the woman behind the bar. She needs someone to remove the beast in the Bamboo woods. The beast has taken the shaman into the forest. If successful will be handsomely rewarded. Exit the tavern and pick up the rope hanging on the right corner post of the tavern.

Garbage Dump:      Pick up the axe on the chopping block. Get the bone from the dumpster under the bearskin. It's too small for the monster but maybe a small animal. Go to Warehouse and then north to the Bamboo woods.

Bamboo woods:     Look around and note the deity with 6 arms. They sacrificed dogs to this deity. Look at the trees on the right archway and Faust says it will make a trap. Use axe on trees. Boy, that's one big cage!!! Faust wants rope to shut the door to the cage when the beast gets trapped. Use the rope on cage. Faust attaches the invisible rope on the cage. He says he needs bait. Oh no! Not the dog!!           Warehouse:     Click on the barrel with the dog inside. Yup, Faust wants the dog as bait. Use the bone on the barrel.            Bamboo woods:    Now the dog sits outside the cage and Faust wants an attractive smell to entice the beast (trigger for fish).           Prison Square:      Use axe on shark and get fish head.            Bamboo wood:       Place fish head in cage. The monster comes and looks at the dog. Click on the cage to trap the monster. Click on the monster and Faust says that he is not so frightful, I'll take you with me.

Tavern Square:       Tell the woman barkeep about the beast. They repaired Faust's ship for him and she gives him an amulet from a distant land that might be useful in his travels. She asks for Faust to take the beast with him. Exit tavern and click on ship. Faust must have taken the beast somehow.


In search of Lousa:

Lane:      Faust finds 2 men beating up a man. Click on one of the men and they still continue beating the man. Use the pistol and Faust fires a shot in the air and the 2 men get scared off. Faust brings the beaten man to 7 Sorrows, an opium den. Talk to the den keeper and he gives a hookah. Give the hookah to the wounded man lying down. The wounded man wants to know who his savior is and then he gives a small bag of gold to Faust.

Talk to the den keeper Fu Chin about the red-haired lady. He recommends that you stay until morning and then see the moneychanger that has good memory. The news is that there is a new Sultan who is getting richer day by day in the desert and that is allied to the dark forces. Exit the den and lane.

Port:       Enter the moneychanger's shop. Talk to the moneychanger about the red-haired lady. He will inquire about the lady if Faust will bring the One-eyed scoundrel to him or help get the money stolen by the little thief.      Lane:      Enter the opium den and talk to the beaten man that is standing. He asks Faust to buy wine.           Port:      Talk to the moneychanger and he said one good turn deserves another. Hmm! Give the bag of gold to the moneychanger. He says the red-haired lady is seen disembarking from a slaver ship and can be found in the slave's market to be sold (trigger for slave market). 

Go to the channel and then to harem gates.      Harem gates:      See a snake charmer and the way to the Wasp Canyon that is still inaccessible. Exit at bottom right via bridge to slave market.

Slave Market:       Talk to the vendor about the red-haired lady. A foreign merchant bought her immediately and Faust says he knows who that man is. To be sure Faust needs wine and the vendor recommends to go to the moneychanger where you can buy anything in his shop.

Getting wine:

Port:       Enter the moneychanger shop. Talk to the moneychanger about the need for wine. Give him the pistol and he will give you wine if you bring your own jug or something to put it into (trigger for snake charmer).    Harem Gates:      Try to pick up the jug that has the cobra by the snake charmer. Exchange the hookah for the jug. Now how to carry it safely. Place cork on jug and then pick up jug with a snake in it. Now what to do with the cobra.           Lane:       Enter the opium den and place the jug with snake in it on the fire at center of the room. The cobra jumps out and slithers away. Pick up the empty jug.          Port:     Enter the moneychanger shop and give the jug to him. He gives Faust a jug of wine.

Joining the caravan to go to Red Sand:

Lane:     Give the wine to the beaten merchant. Faust asks him about the redheaded slave. He says that he is the Vizier of the Sultan of Red Sand. He got the girl because the Sultan likes beautiful things. Faust asks to go with him to meet the Sultan. The Vizier agrees only if Faust has something unique for the Sultan. How about a rare beast from the Black Isle? The Vizier agrees and gives bag of gold for Faust to buy camels and supplies for the trip.

Slave Market:      See Jazz and another slave on the slave block. Talk to Jazz and he asks to be free. Talk to the vendor about buying 2 camels and food. Give the vendor the bag of gold and he will deliver the camels and food wherever you like. Talk to the slave driver and Faust will exchange a young camel for the starveling (Jazz). Jazz stands up, thanks Faust and will meet him at the Caravansary.          Lane:      Talk to the Vizier and he says that now Faust will have to walk since there is only one camel. He will meet him at the next stop close to Wasp Canyon.      Harem Gates:         Exit to Wasp Canyon by the left of the screen.

Wasp Canyon:          Note the skeleton of dead warriors and wasps buzzing by the unsafe bridge. Pick up the old sword and quiver of arrows from the tent by the tree but no bows. Pick up the ragged cloak from the bush. Faust looks at the animal skull on the bush and says 'Poor thing eaten up by wasps'. Place the ragged cloak on the skull on the bush. Faust wants bait. There's no bait here.            Slave Market:       Talk to vendor about attracting wasps. He offers honey. Give him the quiver of arrows and he gives the honey.          Wasp Canyon:      Place the honey on the cloaked animal skeleton. The wasps swarm on it. Now safely cross the bridge to the desert.

Desert:      Faust finds the caravan of the vizier attacked by robbers. Faust fights the robbers but was wounded. Faust talks to Lousa who recognizes him. She is now a slave and is being brought to the Sultan. Faust wants her to run away with him. Lousa will wait for Faust at the Sultan's harem in Red Sands after he has recovered from his wounds. The Vizier leaves his servant to take care of Faust and to bring him to the caravansary.


Inner Caravansary:      Someone camped here. Pick up the bandages and soporific from the yellow chest.       Merchant's Canopy:      Talk to the merchants about the way to the cursed Red Sands. They will give Faust a map in exchange for horseshoes for the camels.           Forge:     Enter and talk to the blacksmith. There is no iron for the blacksmith to forge for horseshoes. Give him the old sword. Exit and then enter the forge again. Talk to the blacksmith again and he will give the horseshoes for free. Acquire hooked rope and lose the bandages somehow (mystery of gaming!).       Merchant's canopy:      Give the horseshoes to the merchants in exchange for the map and a warning.       Go to the Desert and to the gates of the palace at top of screen.


Palace square:      Enter  the palace gates to the square.  Talk to vizier and he will take you to the Sultan.      Inner Palace:       Sultan warmly receives Faust and gives him fruits and anything he wants. Lousa secretly gives him a message and a whistle. Faust asks the Sultan for Lousa and was ordered to leave and if seen around will lose his head.

Palace square:      Click on the message in inventory and read about Lousa being ready to run away, for Faust to go over the palace walls tonight and for Lousa to go to the balcony upon hearing the whistle. Use hooked rope on the roof of the curved window on the right side of the palace.           Inner Palace:      Blow the whistle and Lousa comes out on the balcony. Lousa cannot come with Faust now because the Sultan and Lousa will soon go to the deserted temple and they will be detected if she is gone. Exit to square. Exit left to desolate temple.

Temple:      Look at the standing stone behind Faust. Looks familiar! Place amulet at center of stone. The Sultan argues with the robbers and they hit him. Move Faust left of the torch to face the robbers. Give the robbers the fruits and they give a mirror in return.  Click on the sultan and now Faust disguises himself to look like the Sultan. Faust orders the guard to stand watch and takes Lousa with him.

Palace Square:      Lousa would not leave without her maidservant and the crystal she hid in the cage of the Black isle beast. She gives a ring so that her maidservant will know that Faust is her beloved.          Inner Palace:     Show the ring to the maidservant. Give the soporific to the beast and then click on beast to get the other half of the crystal. They join to make a crystal in inventory.           Palace Square:      Talk to Lousa and Faust will tell her about  his crystal and returns the other half of the crystal. The crystal will bring them happiness and wealth.


Merchant's Canopy:        Talk to Jazz. The story about the fight with the Stork captain, Faust falling in love with Lousa, the murdered passenger and the involvement of Lousa were discussed. Faust takes Jazz to meet Lousa.           Inner Caravansary:      Lousa explains her history, about her father the Supreme ruler of the Red Sands, the attack on the castle by Alkaim, Selim's beheading of her father, of being Alkaim's concubine, the rebellion, the escape to the City of the Dead, where they hid treasure and the happenings in Er-Elp. She has a crystal to open the gates to the City of the Dead and wants the men's help. Faust is about to declare himself when Lousa says they will talk tomorrow. The next morning Lousa is upset that Jazz took her half of the crystal.

City of the dead

Bloody Tree:       Look at the 2 corpses of the robbers under the tree and across by the luminous pool. Go to the corpse by the luminous pool while keeping away from the swing arm of the bloody tree. Click on the corpse and Faust will pick it up and place it by tree to be consumed. They then leave immediately.

Temple entrance:      They meet with Jazz and Lousa confronts Jazz. Jazz returns the half of crystal. Enter the temple.

Temple:     They find a dead hydra with several baby hydras (hydraettes?) around it. Use the mirror to reflect light on the small hydras and they disappear. Pick up the hydra claw.

In front of the dragon, talk to Lousa. She gives the other half of the crystal to make a whole crystal. Click on the dragon and Faust will move to the carved floor tile. The floor tile will light up. Talk to Jazz and they all move to a carved floor tile. All 4 floor tiles lit up and the dragon's mouth opens. Throw the hydra claw into the dragon's mouth and then Faust places the crystal inside the mouth.

The door to the treasure opens. They all look at the treasure.

 Faust and Lousa look at the sea aboard the ship Smokey steered by its Captain, Jazz. A chest of treasure is on deck by the wheel. They sail into the vast sea.

 But a fiery light comes out of the treasure in the temple, goes in the treasure on the ship and enters Jazz. Jazz' eyes glow.

The End.

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