Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith - Walkthrough
A Lucas Arts Game

Level 1: New Republic Base on Altyr 5


Storm Troopers: Watch out for the usual assortment carrying Blasters, Repeaters, and Rail Guns. In some areas, Storm Troopers will "respawn" by being dropped in by shuttles.

Scout Troopers: They carry the Blas-Tech. This is a very accurate weapon, so be wary. Even at a distance you're vulnerable.

Imperial Officers: Tougher and better shots than Troopers.

Rebel Soldiers: These guys are on your side, but be careful around them, especially during a fight. It's very easy to hit them with a stray shot or an errant lightsaber swing. What's more, if you get between them and Imperial Troops, you might accidentally get a laser in the back.

AT-STs: There are a couple of them here, so save your rockets.

Level 1: Walkthrough

Walk through the door and hang a left, going upstairs to the control room. You can drop an A-Wing on some troopers and try to close the hangar doors by flipping the switches in this room, if you like.

Drop down and assist with the fighting. Clear the area and head over to a control room. A wall will explode, and in come the Troopers. Blow 'em away.

SECRET 1: There is a ledge above this control room. There are probably Troopers on it. Kill them and Force Jump up. You will notice a hole in the ceiling to the rear. Look up, and fire a shoot to get the attention of the Troopers above. As they look down, kill them quickly, then Force Jump up through the hole.

Exit the area via corridor underneath the ledge. This will lead you to another control room. Kill the troopers inside, jump up on the balcony and take an elevator to the control area overlooking the room with the rebel solders and the R2 unit. In this chamber, there is a grate in wall above the window. Slash it and go through. You will come to another grate in the floor. Slash it and drop down into the fight.

In this new area, you will come across two doors, one is locked. Go through the unlocked door.. You will enter the infirmary. Search each room for items and weapons, keeping an eye out for Imperials. The room closest to the hole where Imperials are coming through contains the Blue Key.

SECRETS 2 AND 3: When you enter the infirmary, look up at the ceiling. Notice the cross beams that span across the ceiling? Position yourself between any two of the cross beams and use the Force Jump to jump on top of any one of them. You will see a force surge on one end and a backpack on the other.

Go back to the locked door and press the green switch. The door will now open. Clear out the Imperials and follow the corridor to and elevator. This will take you to a new control room. Help out the Alliance Troops, then get up on the catwalk to the upper level via the elevator or Force Jump.

You will enter a control room on this new floor, and receive a quick briefing. Exit via the other door of this room.

Explore this new area until you come to a control room. Another Rebel Officer will ask you to switch on auxiliary power.

SECRET 4: Follow a series of "elbow" corridors. The one just before the wide-open area that leads to the generators has a slashable grate. Whack, get the goodies, and continue.

SECRET 5: Returning to the large room just before the back-up generator, there is a door you were not able to open before. Go through it. In this room is the regular base generator. Drop over the rails you see inside. You will find another slashable grate.

Once the back-up generator is on and the secret collected, return to the area with the Rebel Officers who asked you to turn on the power (there is also an R2 unit here. A door you were previously unable to open should can now be opened because the power is on. Go through it.

SECRET 6: Follow the corridor until you come into another landing bay. In one corner of this area is a slashable grate. Blow it open and go in.

Passing into an adjoining cargo area, you will be required to defeat an AT-ST. Use your rail gun to do it. If you go outside, and look to another cliff to the left, you can see another AT-ST. If you're good, you can nail it with the rail gun now (you will have to fight it later, so you might as well).

Behind the crates in the cargo area with the first AT-ST is a grate. Slash it, and follow it up.

Eventually you will drop down into an area with a fan. Go through it, keeping an eye on your health.

You will pass through another fan, then drop into an area with some Troopers with rail guns, and the AT-ST, if you didn't pick it off earlier. Blow them up, then head toward the shuttle.

Level 2: Asteroid Crust


The Usual Suspects of Storm Troopers, plus:

Sentries: Those annoying floating robots. Take them out with the Bryar or Blas-Tech, the two accurate weapons.

Probe Droid: Troublesome, but not too dangerous. You just have to keep your distance when they self-destruct.

Torture Droid: Our old buddies from Dark Forces, back again. They're not as dangerous as before, though they do more damage than the Sentries. They're fairly slow and can be dealt with easily with a Trooper Rifle.

Level 2 Walkthrough:

Exit the cavern to the left of the shuttle cockpit.

You will enter a long, mostly straight cavern. One way will give you a high view of the Imperial Fortress. Don't shoot, don't snipe, just ignore it for for now. Head down the tunnel in the opposite direction.

You will come to a small structure in the cavern. Kill the Troopers around it. Inside is an Imperial Officer. Shoot him, then shoot the panel just above the control banks to open the door. Go inside. Make sure you get the Sniper Scope, this essential to level completion.

SECRET 1: Through the pillar with a door-shaped hole. You will follow a small corridor, then drop into what seems to be a dead-end pit. If you turn around and turn on your light or Force Sight, you can see a hole. Crouch and then collect a whole pile of goodies.

Note: Although they are not secrets, there are lots of good items on the top of the pillar, and the small control shed. The top of the shed has seeking rockets for the rail gun, which are VERY useful.

Exit through the triangular passageway in the room with the control shed.

Follow the passage until you come to a large open area. You will see three Storm Troopers chatting in the distance. Good time to try out your new sniper rifle. Also a good time to try out seeking rockets for that AT-ST hidden around the corner.

Follow the rock bridge and the tunnel beyond, you will soon get a view of the Imperial Fortress. Use the Sniper Rifle to destroy everything you can possible see before going down. Use the mouse to move the cross-hairs, that's easiest.

In the far lower right of the fortress is a door. Once you have all cameras and defenses cleared away, you will find approaching the door will make it close. The only way to enter is to retreat a distance until it opens. Then use the Sniper Rifle to shoot a panel just inside the door. Once it's destroyed, you will be able to approach.

SECRET 2: Once up and on the Imperial Fortress, follow the catwalk to the other side. Force jump onto the roof of the last structure. Notice the hole in the cavern wall. Force Jump into that. Now use Force Sight or some other lighting. Follow the short tunnel to an enormous drop. There is a ledge just below you. CAREFULLY drop to it to get the secret. You will need to Force Jump back to the tunnel above.


Now return to the interior of the Fortress. Eventually you will come to a huge open area with a very fatal drop. From the ledge were you encounter a probe droid, you must run/Force Jump to the ledge on the opposite side. Might I advise you save before trying?

On this new side, find a metal staircase in the rocky cavern. At the bottom is a locked door protected by two Troopers. At the top is a passageway that leads to a TIE Fighter prep area. Kill 'em all (why not use the blaster cannon to the left of the entrance), Then go up the elevator.

In the small L-Corridor near the AT-AT, kill a Trooper, then grab the key. Note that when you exit back up to the prep area, lots of reinforcements arrive.

Head back down to the locked door. You can go through it now. Take an elevator alcove to a small niche in the cavern. Across it, an auto-cannon will fire at you. A force field protects it from you. What you need to do is to stand to the far right of the niche. The cannon will try to track you, and fire on those fuel barrels in the process. Once that blows, so does the cannon and the force field drops.

SECRET 3: The fuel barrel explosion will also set the elevator in motion. You will need to make the tricky jump to this elevator. To the lower right of the elevator's lowest stop, is a cavern with some items. This is the secret. You will need to save often in order to get through this part.

NOTE: You can blow up the fuel barrel on the elevator if you need more room.

Take the elevator to the area where the cannon used to be.

SECRET 4: The secret is more difficult than most because it involves two actions: triggering a console panel in one place (which opens a sealed floor/ceiling entrance in another part of the Fortress) and then backtracking within the Fortress to the floor level above to that previously explored area. Walk through as follows:

Off to one side from the Auto-cannon room is a series of small rooms (the front room of which has a camera console panel, the back mini-rooms having pesky Probe Droids). Between the Camera Console Room and the Probe Droid mini-rooms, is a lone pedestal in an alcove. Push on the lone pedestal in that alcove, and Kyle will say something to the effect of "Hmmm... I wonder what that did." You have now triggered the floor panel to open in another part of the Fortress (actually on the floor above where you currently are). Now you just have to backtrack to get the secret.

Now to backtrack. You need to get to the floor above in the Fortress--easiest way is back outside the Fortress and back in through the side door you first used to access the Fortress and back up that side elevator (if you left the elevator down--otherwise, some pain in the neck jumping in the main cavern to work your way back up to above floor may be in order). Once upstairs, go into the interior of the Fortress, the first main rough/rocky room (Room with two triangular "nose cone" kind of things sticking out from the walls) that has a small finished "supply room" off to the side. Don't go forward toward the opening to the main cavern, but go to the rough/rocky passage that is to the left next to the small "supply room."

Once you enter the rock passage, the newly opened floor panel yawns in front of you. Hop in and the secret is yours.

After getting Secret 4, get back to the room that had been protected by the force field. To the left of where the fuel barrels used to be is a button. Press the button to summon the air car. Kill the troops inside, then jump to it. If you crouch and hit the space bar, this will lower the car to the cavern floor.

SECRET 5: Another tricky one. Just before the car touches down, there is a ledge with lots of rockets on it. You will need to jump to it. Force Sight, IR Goggles or something must be active before you can see it.

SECRET 6: Beyond the funny-looking building is a tunnel frame (it's part of the asteroid's weapon). Follow this tunnel from below. You will drop off a ledge (have a light). To the right of this ledge as you drop is another ledge to drop to with a revive. Be careful you don't go too far or fast, or into the abyss you go.

Go through the tunnel just in front of the air car to end the level.

Level 3: Asteroid Core


What you've seen previously, plus:

Assassin Droids: Quick, accurate shots from this droid make it very dangerous. It explodes when destroyed, so you've got to take it down from a distance. We recommend the Repeater rifle for close encounters, and the scope for distances (then again, we recommend the scope for all distances).

Level 3 Walkthrough:

Drop down to the pipe below, killing all Troopers in site. Notice the area off to the side. Go into that area.. Notice a small box, actually an elevator up. Go up.

Kill all the rail-gun-toting Troopers in this new area. Go to the structure, but find that the door on the side is locked. Never mind, we'll be back later.

Drop back down the elevator shaft. Now get back on the huge pipe and run down the pipe towards the hatch. It will open, revealing an auto-cannon. Use your saber to reflect shots back into it until it is destroyed, then drop through the hole on the tube surface.

Follow the tunnel, then a metal "road" to a large platform. The platform will descend. At the bottom, you will notice a control room off to the side. Enter the control room, and blast them all. Notice the switches on on the dash before the window. The one closest to the monitor calls the elevator. The one closest to the door opens the big blast door in the corridor outside.

Go into the new, cubical control room. Blast them all. On the top level of this room, on one of the control banks, is a switch. Press it.

Notice that grate under the ramp... Cut it open and go in.

Blast a probe droid and take the elevator up. In this little alcove is a small grille. Slash it, and watch out for the auto-cannon that appears. Now go back down the elevator. Notice the switch on the wall (formerly protected by a hatch). Press it.

SECRET 1: Go back to cubical room. If you followed the instructions above, a door at the top should now be open, the level's only secret.

Now go back up the elevator and follow the long road back into the tunnel. A blast door that was previously sealed is now raised. You will notice a wall of controls. Flip the switch on the right to switch targets. Press the button on the left to fire. Not enough power.

Get the red key, and exit the chamber, then Force Jump through the hole in the ceiling in the corridor outside. Rush back into the area with crates and the little elevator. Go up. The metal structure's door can now be opened. Go inside, blast the troops, and turn a switch on the dash in front of the fancy display.

Head back to the firing room. Make sure you've got the right target, then fire.

Level 4: Asteroid Destruct/Escape


After you destroy the final cooling system unit, a countdown will begin. You will have a VERY short amount of time to get out of Dodge. Don't waste time doing anything but getting out of there--don't stop to fight or sightsee. When it comes to fighting, conserve a few seeking rockets for the quick and easy kill. You don't have time for extended battles. If you don't have any, run by and ignore your enemies.

There are two secrets on this level, both found before the countdown begins. Since you will be assuming the role of Mara Jade in the next missions, it is inconsequential whether you find them or not, unless you need some health and ammo.

Normally you would conserve Bacta tanks and ammo for use on the next level, but this is it for Kyle this time out. Don't be afraid to "burn-out" the character in getting out of the level.

Level 4 Walkthrough:

SECRET 1: Go through the control room door. Turn around and force jump to the top of the building you just exited.

Now drop down to the ledge beneath the catwalk, watching out for enemies. Jump to the weapon tunnel and follow it to what was "the source" of the weapon's energy. There's a grate there you can slash open with your lightsaber.

Shortly after this, you will enter a cavern with a metal hatch on the floor. Ignore the hatch for now. Go up the rocky staircase, through a small tunnel. You will soon end up in a room with what looks like a concrete box (and two Storm Troopers). This is the cooling unit. On the back of this box is a panel. Slash the panel with your lightsaber to destroy it. You will hear a warning, but don't panic...yet.

Return to the room with the hatch on the floor. It's now open, drop down on to a metal support. Follow the support down to a door.

You will enter a chamber flooded with water. There are troopers around here, but they can easily be picked off from underwater (they won't see you submerged). Go to the rear of the chamber and you will find an entrance to the structure in the center of the room, Watch out for the cannon!

SECRET 2: After destroying the cannon, Force Jump to the catwalk on top (you will probably need to do this from the water). On top is a Revive.

Now, go to the bottom of this new chamber. There is a hatch with four switches around it. These switches must be flipped rapidly, and in order. Let's assume switch one is the one you would face if you had the chamber entrance BEHIND you. Moving clockwise, to your right, and the right of the chamber entrance, is switch two. Behind you is switch three, and to your left, switch four. The correct order to hit the switches is 1,3, 2, 4. You may need Force Speed to assist you. After all four switches are activated, resurface for air, but keep a close eye on the hatch at the bottom.

When you see the hatch begin to descend, start counting "Mississippi"s. At 14 Mississippi, the hatch will have descended far enough to admit you into the new chamber. It will start to rise again soon after this, and you'll have to do the lever thing all over again if you don't swim fast enough..

Use Force Speed to swim down the tunnel. The first little "dome" in this new tunnel has an air pocket. Surface here, and save your game.

Now, all the remaining cooling units are here, four in all. Do not make the mistake I made and destroy the closest ones first. Travel to the furthest ones from your air pocket and slash them with the lightsaber first (the panels are on top). The one immediately in front of your pocket, save for last. After you've destroyed three of four, go back to the air pocket and save the game.

Now, swim down and slash the remaining cooling module. Alarms will go off. A hatch in the floor around the corner to the left will open. Use Force Speed to swim down it. Once you are the bottom, hug the floor as you swim to go through an opening into a new area. Just past this opening is an air pocket, you may want to resurface for some air quickly. Now swim through this new area, underneath a huge hatch--remember it, because you will be returning to it soon.

You will swim into a large, wide-open area. Surface and get attacked by three Troopers. Kill them quickly (Repeater Rifle works well). Now, there are two control rooms in here. You must flip the two switches within second of each other. Once you have, drop down into the water and swim to the large metal hatch you passed earlier. It should now be opening.

Surface through here, and run across the air car. A killer droid will be there, destroy it extra fast or ignore it. Run down to the ledge where the Storm Trooper is. Kill him even faster or ignore him. Now turn and walk under the ledge you just dropped from, sticking to the right. You will drop down a series of stone steps, where another killer droid is. Kill him quick, then run down the ledge with the beams. You will see a pit with a catwalk below. Drop down to it. It's going to hurt, but it doesn't matter at this point. Take some Bacta tanks before you drop to assure the fall won't kill you, or drop to some of the ledges on the way down, if you have the time.

Once on the catwalk below, there are four switches. Press them all in any order, but do it quickly. An air car will start to descend. Stand to the side to make sure it doesn't sandwich you. One it's down, Force Jump on to it. It will start to ascend. Enjoy the ride up to the end of the level.

If you are seriously pressed for time as the car slowly ascends, hold down the Force Jump key, and take one massive leap straight up. Sometimes this can trigger the end of the level.

Level 5: Ka'Pa the Hutt's Palace


Familiar faces, like Rodians, Gamorreans, and Grans. You'll also fight Weequays, which are generally no tougher than pirates or Storm Troopers.

The tricky thing here is that not everyone wants to kill you. You can walk by many creatures and not get a scratch. However, kill one non-hostile or even defend yourself against something that is hostile, suddenly everyone wants to kick your butt. When entering a new area, have your lightsaber ready to deflect shots. Just stand there to see who's hostile and who isn't. Be prepared to back out in a hurry. Once something starts, watch out for "friendlies" you may have passed earlier. They may have had a change of heart, and now your back's to them…

Level 5 Walkthrough:

Force Jump to the ledge to the right of the door.

Follow the cavern to the end. You will need to Force Jump on occasion to get where you want, particularly at the end of the cavern, which requires you to make a jump to a platform just outside the palace entrance.

See that weird machine? Whack it repeatedly with your lightsaber, inside and out. When those two pumps stop moving, an ugnaut will come through the door to repair it. Go through the door.

Follow the corridor until you come to the living quarters. Inside one is a shelf. You can crouch and crawl underneath the shelf to a second set of living quarters.

Drop down to the lowest area of this new set of living quarters. Follow the corridor, clear the chamber of Grave Tuskens. Just past a little stream is a set of Grave Tusken garb--this will come in handy shortly.

Return to the second set of living quarters and travel to the top level. You can raid the other rooms for supplies if you like. One of the rooms on the top level has a small sliding door that leads to a new area.

Just beyond this a door like the main entrance, only smaller. From your inventory, select the Grave Tusken clothes (use [ and ] to shuffle through inventory, and enter to use. This will give Mara Jade a new look, one the residents will find more attractive.

Once attired, get in front the box and hit the space bar. A mechanical eye will check you out, then open the door. The door will not open if Mara is not disguised.

Inside the new area, go up a ramp. Two rooms at the top will open the main door (if you want), and smaller door at the end of the corridor on the right. It is the last door you want to take.

Follow this corridor until you come to the living quarters of some Ithorians. In a small closet-like room is a sliding door that will open onto a window ledge.

SECRET 1: At the Ithorian quarters, open the sliding door and walk out to the ledge. Walk across the gap to the window ledge on the other side, but don't open the window. Save the game. The window ledge to your left, below, can be jumped to (barely). Open the sliding door to find an Ithorian in a secret room.

Return to the ledge above the secret (on that wall) and go into some new Ithorian quarters. Go through them to a balcony, and jump into the alley below. Watch out for Tuskens.

Soon you'll come to a third set of living quarters. Kill the nearby Grans.

SECRET 2: The next multi-leveled walkway area immediately after the ledges has a room where there is a Rodian or two inside. On the wall to the right of the doorway is a hole that you can crawl through to get some stuff. Be aware of another Rodian inside it.

Now go back outside and then drop to the lowest level. You'll see a flooded tunnel. Go down it. Soon, you'll swim through a crack in the floor and re-emerge into a new area. Your Tusken disguise will vanish, but don't worry about it.

Climb up the ramp in this new area. You'll see a platform with some Gamorreans (kill 'em) and some ugnauts. There's a grille on the floor here, slash it and drop through.

SECRET 3: Follow the tunnel into you reach a rock again. As you enter this cave, there is a platform to your right. Jump to it. Once on it, turn around and jump into a cavern with the collapsed well textures. The passage to the left contains some much-needed items. Drop through the hole that over-looks the water to get back on the beaten path.

Jump back to the platform with the ugnauts. Go through the door. You are now in the ugnaut quarters. At the back is a hatch leading to what's kind of like a dumbwaiter. Get into it and go up.

Soon you will come to a bridge over some stairs. Drop down and starts descending all the stairs you can find. Eventually you find yourself down in a corridor, traveling past some booths where ugnauts drink. Go through this door. You will see another door and a small alcove with a winding staircase. Go up the stairs and hit the switch at the top. The other door below is now open, go through it.

You come to a room with a red key. The red key opens the door to a room full of useful stuff. Retrace your steps to that bridge you dropped down, and continue along it.

You will come to a bar full of patrons who may turn nasty at any moment. Travel down a ramp, and through a door to the left, into a prison area. Around the corner is two buttons. The one closest to the cell opens all the cells. The other activates a staircase. Open the cells if you want, just watch out for the ungrateful Gran. There's a health pack in his cell.

Go up the stairs. There is a switch in the room to the right of the door. Below this chamber is a large rising column that you will need to hitch a ride on. Hit the switch twice to put the column into place and rush downstairs (not into the cell area!), and jump on top of the brick.

The column will take you to a level with lots of grates in the floor. Slash the upper left most, and drop through.

Fight of the Gamorreans and drop into the lower part of the level with the Grans and Rodians. Kill them, then follow the passage here down to a storage room with a heavy explosive.

Return to area you dropped down from, and then go upstairs onto the rough. You will see a jeweled dome. Use the heavy explosive on top of the dome.

Level 6: Katrassii Space Port, Part A


This level presents an interesting challenge. Your mission is to prevent Abron Mar from escaping in his ship. This level has lots of Storm Troopers and pirates. The Storm Troopers will not attack you if you don't disturb the peace. You can even defend yourself against attackers, and unless a stray shot gets too close to someone, they'll leave you alone. The biggest foes are pirates and Grans. They are most likely to attack.

There are no secrets on this level, but there are many hidden stashes of items. We noted a few of the less obvious ones. Generally speaking, if you see a ledge you can Force Jump to, do it, there's something there.

Level 6 Walkthrough:

Your first order of business: make sure Abron Mar can't leave.

Walk around the city, watching for Grans in high places with detonators. You will probably soon find the bar where Mar hangs out. DO NOT ENTER YET.

Instead, find the other bar-like room. There are three doors that lead to it. Go inside, where you will be attacked by pirates. There is a Blue Wrench in here you will need to stop Mar from leaving. Pick it up. You can Force Jump through holes in the ceiling and find an area with some supplies. Be warned, reinforcements will come through the doors of this area, and can surprise you as you jump back down.

Now that you have the Wrench, you've got to find Mar's ship. It's actually not far from where Mara parked, and it's in a similar landing bay. Enter the bay, kill pirates as you go. There's an R-41 Starchaser here--Abron Mar's ship. Beyond this is a door. Go inside and you will find a switch. If you have the Wrench, hitting the space bar will turn it, causing the hangar doors to close and completing a mission objective. On the way out of this area, beware of a squad of hostile Storm Troopers.

Time to meet Mar. Go to the bar. It's up a flight of stairs. A Grave Tusken is passed out in an alcove next to it. Civilians have a habit of congregating here, blocking your way. If so, fire a shot at the wall and back out. They should panic enough to run. Or, if you're more inclined to the Dark Side, kill 'em.

Before you visit the bar, you may want to visit the little shop next door. Behind the counter is a rifle scope, which is very, very handy.

Okay, inside the bar. There's an area in the bar where Mar is hanging out. If you just peek around the corner, you can use the scope to pick off his bodyguards. DO NOT SHOOT MAR.

After his bodyguards are dead, enter the room. An in-game cut scene will show him running away. When control is returned to you, go after him. He will escape through a hatch you cannot open. Don't worry. Turn around and go back out through the bar. Watch out for Storm Troopers in the bar. At this point, if they don't hate your guts already, they will now.

Now amble on over to the triangular wall. Behind these passageways is a door you couldn't open before. The door is open now. Again, peek around the corner and use the scope to blast his mates. Don't shoot Mar himself.

After his buds are toast, go inside the room where another in-game scene will show him escaping. No problem. See those tubes in the corner of the room? Use them (hit the spacebar) and they will go together.

Now enter the control room, and see two levers. Hit one, and then the other. The air car will crash through them, ending the level.

Again, there are no secrets, but here's one that might have been: jump through this yellow wall to find some items, if you happen to come by this room. This level doesn't have as much fighting as other levels, and if you're careful you shouldn't get roughed up too badly.

Level 7: Katrassii Space Port, Part B


The Trandoshans are back with a Concussion rifle.

Level 7 Walkthrough:

SECRET 1: To the left of the crash is a dwelling. Enter the dwelling and look under the ramp. You'll have to push past some civilians to collect the items.

SECRET 2: At the crash site, go right to the stairway. Above from a balcony, where the Gran throws the T-Detonators- Kill him and Force Jump onto the balcony (it's lit with purple & red lights).

Follow the city streets an you will come across a hostile Trandoshan. Kill him and enter a strange hanger-like area with what look like reversed ramps against the walls. Behind one is a grate. Slash 'n enter.

You will come to a partially flooded hallway. Force jump to the platforms above. Follow the ledge around the buildings until you come to another wide-open area. Drop to city floor.

Traveling along, you will come to an area with "traffic gates" (Mara will complain that they're closed).

SECRET 3: Just before Mara talks about the traffic gates being cut off, there is a long hallway you have to go through that has a big arched ceiling. You open the door, and enter the courtyard where the traffic gates are, and immediately turn left. There is a small bar. Before you walk into it, Force jump onto the space next to the wall above. There is a grate. Slash through it, and enter the secret area. Say hi to the ugnaut while you're in there.

Leap up on to the balcony to the left of the traffic gates. You will go through a private dwelling.

SECRET 4: Inside the apartment building that you go through to circumnavigate the traffic gate, be sure to "activate" the beds. Under one is yet another secret.

Look out of the window of this apartment and find enemies who will attempt to force you to eat rockets. Kill 'em and drop down.

SECRET 5: After dropping down to the street, Force Jump to the ledge directly across from the balcony. Open the door and go down into a private dwelling.

SECRET 6: When you leave the dwelling by the side door with the jagged top, look up. There is enough room to force jump up to a ledge. It contains a baddie, with a bacta tank and some energy. you may want to send a concussion blast or grenade up first.

Explore the various hangars on this street, maybe almost bump into someone you know. You will come to one with an air car. This air car can boost you to the ledge in this area, which has a grate you need to go through. You can ascend this way after hitting a nearby switch, it is also possible to Force Jump to it.

Go through the grate, and out on to the rooftops.

SECRET 7: When you come to the rooftops from the air car hangar, you will see a rounded roof. Walk to the other side for a backpack.

Look over the ledge. You will see a group of Storm Troopers. Pick them off, then drop down via the canopies.

SECRET 8: From here, follow the street to find an odd-shaped door. Go in, and kill three Grans. Just above them is a fan. Force Jump through the fan.

SECRET 9: Well, once you drop off this ledge that you are on in the above secrets picture, there's an opening that leads to the ground floor of the hotel. Inside there's a staircase leading to the second floor. Underneath the staircase is one of the secrets, giving you a health pack and bacta tank.

SECRET 10: At the end of this street, Force Jump through the arch.

SECRET 11: Then Force Jump on the ledge where the Gran was.

Run across the bridge, hanging two lefts. Watch out for a mine around the corner of this last turn. There are two doors in this area, but concentrate on the room above the street. Careful use of the scope can take care of the bad guys inside. Now, go to the two doors. Try the door on the left. Just inside is a mine. Use a thermal detonator to blow it up. Run up these stairs and grab the blue key. Now run back down and try the other door.

Blast the Trandoshan inside, and then open another door. There's Abron Mar! You've got him right where you want him! Well, not quite...

Level 8: Takara's Stronghold


You start the level unarmed. You'll get your saber back shortly, but the rest of the way you'll be scavenging for equipment. When you get a Blaster again, don't go nuts. You will need to conserve ammo.

Expect the usual assortment of cantina rejects to oppose you.

Level 8 Walkthrough:

Caught in a prison cell; how to escape? Use Force Pull on the passing Gammorrean to steal his key. Quickly use it to get out of the cell.

Naturally, you have no weapons. You can beat the two Gamorreans to death with your fists, but it's safer to avoid them. You can release prisoners who will attack the guards, but are more likely to attack you. It is possible to avoid the slow Gamorreans.

In one unoccupied cell, there is a Pry bar. Go in and get it.

In another cell, the back wall is exposed and leads to a sewage pipe. The pipe is cracked open. Above the pipe is a small alcove with a switch. Use the Prybar on it, then drop down into the pipe to continue on.

Go down the submerged tunnel. You will come to two different tunnels, go up the first one. When you surface, get ready for a fight.

An in game cut scene will introduce you to the Rancor. When you're back in control, run around the corner, up the little stream. A barred gate will clock your way. Beyond the gate, however, is your saber. Use Force Pull. Now fight the Rancor, but don't get too close, or it's snack time.

SECRET 1: Once the Rancor is defeated, go back down the water tunnel. Turn left, towards the tunnel you ignored earlier. At the end of that second tunnel is grate you can now destroy thanks to your lightsaber.

Go back to the Rancor area. Now that the monster is dead, the metal gate is raised.

Follow this new tunnel until you reach a large corridor. There is a door with a power droid in front of it. Go through this door. Kill the guard in this room, then go through another door. Walk over the conveyer belt and grab the droid arm in the corner of the room.

SECRET 2: Under the conveyer belt you will find a grille. Slash and drop down.

Back in the corridor where you saw the Power Droid, go into the other door. Looks like hangar of some kind. The upper level of this room holds a door, but it's locked. Kill the baddies and move on to the room beyond with a second door on the lower level.

Now you're in a similar area with an air car moored over water.

SECRET 3: As you enter the area, look up, at the girders at the end of the room. See that little gap? Jump into it.

Go through a door on the lower level. Follow a staircase up to a control room, and hit the switch. This will open up the door of the first hangar you passed through.

Return to the hangar, and go outside the open doors to the left. Soon you will find yourself climbing into a little canyon. There's an entrance here too, locked. Climb over the entrance and enter through a grille on the reverse side.

Inside this room is the GCT device. Grab it. Exit this room via the door that leads to the hangar. Go out into the large corridor. A blast door that was previously sealed is now open.

Use Force Jump to get across the room full of electrified water.

SECRET 4: In the corridor on the other side of the electrified water, there is a room with a catwalk above. Blow up the fuel canisters to reveal the entrance to the secret.

There's another room in this area with three switches. Hit the middle switch and the switch on the right only, then turn and go back to the water. Dive in and swim to an underground cavern.

Resurface on the other side, then run to your ride at the dock.

Level 9: New Republic Escort Ship


Pirates aren't very different from Troopers. There are a number of environmental hazards, Force Fields and booby-trapped doors, to be specific. There's also the occasional stray bolt of lightning.

Level 9 Walkthrough:

Head down to the lower level where the X-Wings are. Against one wall you will see a window and a door. There is a switch inside which can be pulled by the Force. Use Force pull and the X-Wings will take off.

A huge elevator will raise, exposing a grille underneath. Slash it and go through. You will soon find yourself in a corridor.

SECRET 1: At one end of the corridor is a turret. There's a switch around the corner--press it. Now look at the base of the turret and hit the spacebar. Have fun firing the gun.

At the other end of the corridor is a tunnel flooded with blue light, and dead soldiers floating. Gravity has failed. Use the Jump key to ascend the tunnel.

Shortly you will pass through an area that appears to be under the floor. There are holes near the ceiling supports to go through. Pass through another area like this, and take an elevator up. You should soon find yourself in the medical bay--use the medical droid if injured. There's a set of double doors here--ignore for now. Go through the breach in the wall instead.

Take an escalator/elevator up to a control room. Kill all the pirates, then shatter the glass (if not already smashed). Go inside and take the key from the dead officer. Head back to the medical bay, having first flipped the switch to order the evacuation (the panel on the wall protected by a force field).

The double doors of the medical bay are open. Go through another set of double doors, at take one of the elevators at the end of the corridor up.

You'll soon witness an escape corridor collapse. Mara comments that she must reconnect it. But let's grab the secret first.

SECRET 2: Jump on the tube and walk to the end, where the Alliance soldiers are. Once on the other side, turn around and slash a metal pole supporting the tube. Now drop down into the tube. Walk to the end of the tunnel. Be very careful in this highly hazardous area, and don't spend a second longer in here than you have to.

Now retrace your steps to the other side. Slash the remaining pole on top with the lightsaber. Go back to the area with the Alliance soldiers, but do it quickly. Stray electricity makes this area deadly.

Clear the area of pirates, then find the door with the blasted panel. Next to this is a switch that Mara can't use.

SECRET 3: Try to use the panel anyway. Now fly around the corner to a small door. An R2 unit will come out of the door. You must get in quickly before the door closes (there's a panel on the side to open the door from the inside).

Now, crouch down beside the R2 unit and hit the spacebar to use it. The R2 unit will go around the corner and open the door for you.

SECRET 4: Right after the third secret, where you go into the R2 unit's hiding place, there is a secret to the right of the door. It is a similar little compartment to the R2's one. You need to push the R2 in front of the door, then use space bar to activate the door. It may work without pushing him up to it.

Go through the door the R2 unit opened and come to two elevators. Ascending in these elevators takes you near enough to a live mine to detonate it. Be sure to run clear before it blows. Ignore the two booby-trapped doors and go into the area with the crates. Jump to the top of the crates. The pirates will start transporting them to their ships. Jump back down or you will carried into the force field.

SECRET 5: Using Force Sight or some other illumination, you can see a control booth in this area. The glass is smashable. Before you go in, throw something explosive inside to trigger the mines inside.

Now back in the area where the crates were, take an elevator up.

In there area where the Jedi Holocron used to be, you will notice several grates in the wall. We found that the easiest thing to do to get the two secrets is this:

SECRET 6: Find the grate that is partially blocked by two crates. Notice you can push the crates out of the way. There is also a single crate in here; push that against the pillar that contains the grate. Slash it open and go inside to receive credit for a secret.

SECRET 7: Now that you're inside this new tunnel, Force Jump straight up. You will find yourself in a shaft connected to all the grates that lead into the tunnel. There's a temporary invincibility power-up here.

Now follow the tunnel down until you come to a grate at the lowest part of the level. Cut it open and drop down.

Flip all the switches in the two control rooms, and the door to the core will open. Go inside. You will be on a catwalk. At the end of one of the catwalk paths is a circular grate. Cut it and go in.

Kill the pirates in the zero gravity room. You will see a control room. Underneath it is a grille. Cut it to gain access to an elevator shaft.

Descend the shaft. In this new area is an open crate. You need to get into this before it closes. Don't waste too much time fighting everyone. Get inside the crate, and get smuggled to the next level (Hey, didn't Katarn try this once, too?).

Level 10: Orbiting Ship Yards


Watch out for flying construction bots, the pirate equivalent of sentries. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Level 10 Walkthrough:

There are items on top of the large crates in the area you begin in.

Go into the next room, and hit the switch on the wall.

In the next room, you will notice a blue switch that must be turned by a blue wrench. Ignore it for now and drop down to the next area.

Before you enter the red area, there are two switch on the wall between the doorways, one on either side. Hit them both then run quickly across. On the other side, kill the loader bot and take the Blue Wrench.

SECRET 1: On the platform with the loader bot, turn to the left. There's a wall you can destroy. Shoot it out and go inside.

Before re-crossing back to the other side, hit two more switches in this area. You should now be able to float across safely.

Go back to the Blue Switch and turn it now that you have the wrench. A hatch will open. SAVE THE GAME. Now, you must ascend to another hatch inside the this tunnel and you don't have a second to waste, or Mara will die. The best thing to do is look up and hit the X (jump) key to go there quickly. Open the hatch, go through, and save again. It will probably take you a few attempt to do it.

You will follow a relatively straightforward path. Eventually, you will enter a circular room, which requires you to jump to a platform above. On this platform is another hatch opened by the Blue Wrench. Go through it. The other hatch is just across the way, and not nearly as hard to get to as the first.

SECRET 2: On the other side of the hatch, you will see an armored vest across a gap. Jump to it.

Now drop down into the room below. Kill the loader bot and take the yellow key. In the control room next to this, there are two yellow switch on the floor. Hit them and drop on the conveyer belt. Have your saber ready.

Follow the conveyor belts, noting that they all end at a force field. You must drop to lower levels to avoid them. Eventually you will wind up at the bottom of a small shaft. Walk down the corridor, watching out for electricity and Construction bots.

SECRET 3: After the tunnel full of electricity, you will enter a square but pitch-black room. I you hit your automap, you will see four smaller squares in this room. Look up. Those holes are those squares. Force Jump through. Walk around this new area to get credit for the secret.

SECRET 4: After the third secret Jump back down, STOP at hole in the floor. Disable both of the two red power vents with the lightsaber (on the walls to your right and left.) Now you can drop down the hole.

Switches on the ceiling will propel you back up, or you can Force Jump. Reach the end of this corridor, then jump. Shoot like crazy.

You will be an odd new area full of pirates an floating robots, kill them all, then find the door out of this area. This door will not open as long as the two cameras in the area are active. Destroy them both and the door will open.

In the next room, there's an stationary cannon. When you approach one of the room exits, the door will open and pirates will pour in. Run back to the cannon and waste them all (you don't have to kill them this way, but it's fun). When they're dead, go through the door next to the one you came through. You'll soon find yourself at the end of the level.

11. Kaerobani's Base


Noghri: Watch for their ability to make suddenly lunges and unexpected jumps. Another creature you best kill from a distance if possible. A rapid-fire weapon like the Repeater is ideal for close quarters. If you are in close, take advantage of their initial slowness to react with some swift lightsaber strokes.

Level 11 Walkthrough:

Go into the area with the fountain. One branch from here leads to a bar where you will be recognized. If you don't go in here, you can save yourself a little trouble. There's not much to collect in here anyway.

Go up the huge staircase. You will cross over a bridge. Note the two balconies over-looking the bridge. These aren't secrets, but there are many items in them.

Soon you will come to a road with a river pouring over a cliff, and lots of huge doors. Open one of the doors to enter the market area. Clear out the bad guys, then jump onto the roofs.

You will find an area up here that contains a pillar. Jump to it. If you just walk off the ledge, the reduced gravity should be sufficient to get you there. Now jump of the pillar on to the new path. Go around the pillar and hit a switch before continuing on.

Follow the black catwalk. You will soon drop down to a new walkway, where wind tunnel attempt to blow you right out of the building. Now would be a good time to save.

SECRET 1: This one is a pain so save first. In the hall with the black catwalk with the wind tunnels, save right before the second set of tunnels. Pull your lightsaber, hit force speed and wait until the wind blast just starts to die down. Run full speed into the left tunnel (where the air source is), run forward and slash the grate. Step in and jump into an alcove on the left before the next blast of air. Congrats, you've found the secret.

If you do get blown out, there is a grille in one corner of the pool you land in. Slash it and get sucked down. It takes you where you eventually want to go anyway.

Whatever way you go, you will soon wind up in a room full of rushing water and levers. The first lever you pull will raise a set of cement blocks. Jump to them. Now, use Force Pull to flip the next lever. As the next set of blocks rise, the ones you stand on will lower. It is a good idea to jump jest before the new blocks appear. Repeat this process until you are on the other side.

On the other side, go through a door and see a grille. Cut it open and flood the room. Swim through.

SECRET 2: Kill all the drugons. Take a deep breath. Swim down along the corner where you entered the aquarium. Once you reach the bottom, swim to the right and around a small corner. You will find another grate. Cut it open and swim through. You will find a room with a revive and a few other powerups.

Now swim to the top of the structure. On top is a grille; cut and enter.

Down this corridor you will Kaerobani's museum.  How to get to the Holocron? In one of these rooms is a small rectangular pool. At the bottom of this pool is a grille. I think you know what to do by now.

Water will suck you down. When you can control you direction again, take a tunnel down. You will emerge through a waterfall. Follow this new tunnel to a bulkhead door. Flip the switch and go through. Quickly.

You are now in the area below the Holocron! Force Jump up to the platform.

Whoa! The platform just dropped you into a pool of water. Kill the knife-wielding guys and escape down the corridor.

Fairly linear from here. Eventually you take a large elevator up, looking out for pirates with rail guns. Soon you will be back in the area with the where you entered the market, near the beginning of the level. Go back to the landing area, and go into the area with the large conveyer belt.

Follow the conveyer belt until you reach a wide-open area full of crates. A catwalk is above this room, jump to it. Follow it to an exit.

You'll find a circular chamber guarded by pirates. Kill them and take the stairs down, or simply drop down. Go to the bulkhead doors, hit the switch beside them, and make your escape.

Level 12: The Swamps of Drumond Kaas


Dianogas: You will miss the merry days of Dark Forces and Shadows of the Empire when you could use good ol' sidearms to blow Dianogas away. You can only engage them in the water using your saber here, for reasons that will become clear shortly after you begin the level. The trick to fighting Dianogas is to give yourself some room. When they get into swinging distance, swing once, then retreat. Let it come to you. If you can possibly avoiding fighting one, do it.

Swamp Wampas: Two good shots from their mighty paws and it's goodbye cruel world. Like the Dianogas, give them plenty of space, let them come to you and walk into a swing, then back up.

Maillocs: Hah. Lots of these, but they're the least of your worries. Try not to get surrounded, they tend to attack in numbers. An extended swing (the Z key swing) can take care of a bunch if you're turning while you swing your saber. Remember, they need a second to wind up their tales before they can inflict damage, giving you a chance to strike.

Dart Vines: These fire a kind of projectile. You can redirect it like a normal laser blast using your saber. It's also effective to sneak up on them using Persuasion.

Ysalamiri: These creatures negate the Force within a 10-meter radius. While they won't damage Mara, it's somewhat embarrassing to have your invisibility stripped away while you're sneaking up on some Wampas just because you passed one on the way. Just make sure that you're not near one at a critical moment. You can tell if you are by a bird-like chirping. Ysalamiri can be pushed out of the way by kneeling and walking into them.

Sinkholes: There are strong water currents in the swamp that will pull you into vertical tunnels. Using Force Sight and the map mode, you can spot them easily. If you do get caught in one, use Force Speed to swim out.

Oh yeah, one last piffling little detail. None of your weapons, except for your saber, are working.

Level 12 Walkthrough:

Use Force Persuasion to get by the statue as you begin the level.

SECRET 1: Just past the first sinkhole, you'll find a lone pillar/branch thing. To the left of this is a tunnel, leading to a shallow pool. Inside the pool is a dianoga. Kill it and collect the smuggler's pack at the bottom.

SECRET 2: Your first "clearing" will have a brownish crooked pillar (a tree?) in the center. To the right is the passage further into the level, which has a small think vine handing from the corner. To the left is a slope, which you can use Force speed or jump to climb. At the top is a plateau, and secret number two.

SECRET 3: You will come to an area with several vines and some Mailocs. Kill them all, the get on to the tree. Use it as a ramp combined with Force Speed and Jump to leap up to a ledge. There are actually two ledges, but one has a Ysalamiri on it. You can get up enough speed to clear the first ledge, but if you land on it, you will need to push the Ysalamiri to one edge of the platform in order to Force jump up to the secret.

Though it's not a secret, this area has a branch on the far right which leads to a wampa cave. Kill the wampas and there are some more items for the taking.

SECRET 4: Taking the left path from the last secret, you will enter another open valley. A large brown tree branch and a large green branch cross the valley. Force Jump to the brown one, then Force Jump/Speed to the brown one. Follow the brown one to the top for a Force surge and the secret.

Move a long the path to find Kyle's shuttle. There's some goodies on the crate, but also a live land mine.

Soon after this, you will reach an apparent dead end. You will see some statue under a rocky passage. Between the statues will be the carving of a evil-looking face. Use Force Sight, and then hit the space bar to flip this switch. A passage will open underwater. You'll be standing on it when you hit it, and the hatch will slide you back.

Swim down into the underwater cavern, avoiding a dianoga. If you're in pretty good shape, kill the dianoga, for a reason which will soon become clear.

Dark Mara

After swimming through the tunnel, you'll enter a kind of mini-temple by a Dark version of Mara Jade. She's pretty tough. She'll use Blind, Jump, and especially Lightning on you.

The best tactic for killing her is to use the water to your advantage. Fight her as you would a normal Dark Jedi, but watch out for getting cornered in the confined spaces. Whenever you are injured and near death, retreat to the water. Sometimes, Dark Mara won't follow. Your mana can recuperate so you can use Healing, if you have it. If Mara does find you here, no problem. Jump into the water (see why it's not a bad idea to kill that Dianoga now?). Dark Mara will follow. DON'T FIGHT HER IN THE WATER. Instead, jump back out and run up the stairs. She'll have problems maneuvering with the tight spacing and water to slow her down. This should give you some good attack openings. If necessary retreat back into the chamber. Don't fight Dark Mara in the tunnel between the water and the chamber. It's cramped, and she'll rip you a new one in no time flat.

There's Force surge power-up in here, use it wisely.

Once Dark Mara is defeated, drop down a passageway that opens up inside the chamber.

SECRET 5: Just after the fight with Mara, you will come another flooded cave. Watch out for two knife-wielding Noghri, who may be in the water. Dispose of them and then swim down into the cavern. Slash a passage covered with vines. Inside this new tunnel is a Dianoga. On the floor of the tunnel is a pit leading to secret 5.

SECRET 6: After you emerge from the water, you will jump over a rock face into another open area with Wampas and plenty of Mailocs. Kill them all, then turn around and face the way you came into the clearing. Above the entrance to the cave is a platform with some goodies. Force Jump towards it. You may need Speed to give you extra power for the jump.

SECRET 7: Follow the passage along until you find it split by a rock face. The left passage has a small cavern with a much needed revive.

Not long after this, you will come to another dead end. A statue is nearby, looking at the wall. Use Force Sight to look at the wall to expose the passageway.

SECRET 8: Now you will come to the last open area before the temple entrance. There's large pillar here, and near that pillar is a ledge you can Force Jump to. Do so, and find a Ysalamiri waiting on the ledge. There's another ledge above this one, which you need Force Jump to get to, but can't because of the Ysalamiri. By crouching and running into the creature, you can push it. Push it out of the way on the right of the ledge (the right assuming you're facing the wall. Move as far left as possible, then Force Jump up. It may be possible to push the Ysalamiri off the ledge entirely, but we haven't succeeded in doing this.

From here, it's a fairly routine trip to the Temple entrance and the end of the level.

Level 13: Sith Temple


Vornskr: This one gets my vote for the enemy you swear at most. Vornskr are vicious wolves that can rip you to confetti in seconds. A few tips on dealing with them: very few Force powers work on them. The only one I could find in fact, was Destruction. They can take about two hits with a lightsaber, so use the Z swing. Personally, I like charging them head on. If they come to you, you're in big trouble. Oh yeah. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ITS ABILITY TO LEAP. You think you're safe up on that ledge, but trust me, you ain't. You may have better luck with backing up and letting it leap into your lightsaber swing. Either way, standing still is fatal.

Level 13 Walkthrough:

Follow the corridor to a door. The face to the right of the door is a switch, but it cannot be activated until you look at it with Force Sight.

By and by, you will enter what looks like a great hall.

SECRET 1: Enter the structure with the triangular roof. Fight all the statues within. The room to the right of the entrance has a flooded crack. Go in and collect a revive.

Return to the main hall to find another structure with a triangular roof. This one is flooded. Save the game before entering.

Swim down the corridor, and turn left (there's an air pocket above you here if you need it). Swim into the little cavern below, then hang a right. A room with another air pocket is coming up on your left. Follow a submerged staircase to find it.

SECRET 2: If you follow this tunnel all the way to the left, you will find a ramp. Follow it and walk into the arena-like room in front of you. there you will find the most accursed of all enemies, THREE Vornskrs in three wall niches. Somehow survive the Vornskrs and in the niche on the left the wall at the back is just an illusion. Walk through it and you will find a revive. (Use Force Sight).

SECRET 3: From your air pocket, swim down to the wall with the three carvings. The middle one, a face, is a secret. Use Force Sight to see the entrance.

Swim back to your air pocket. This next part is tricky. The carving at the end (to left of the secret) is the way you want to go. This carving (actually, it looks like this stone was left blank) can be pushed (hold down the spacebar). Don't try to do it in one trip. I recommend taking it in three stages, going back to the air pocket so you don't drown. Force Speed will help you greatly here.

Push the stone far enough, and you can exit into a large flooded room. The exit is in the upper left corner.

Resurface in a room with two killer statues and a water trough. At the end of the hallway from here is a door. Use Force Sight to see the switch.

Enter a two-tiered room with a Mailoc and a few of those knife-wielding blue guys. Waste them and jump up to the second level. Follow the floor to a dead end. Jump up through a hole in the ceiling.

This new corridor will take you along for awhile, then you drop down through another hole. Drop into a pool and fight the statues. Notice that this room has a ledge you can jump to. There are items scattered around the ledge, you an also hide up here if you need to.

Leave this area to come to a corridor with four rooms attached. Kill the enemies hiding within. The last room on the left has a carving that is actually a switch. Use Force Sight to see and activate it. A door will open behind it.

SECRET 4: Now that you hit the switch, go back into the hall. There was a small pool of water on the floor. If you tried to submerge here early, you found you couldn't. But now that you've hit the switch, you can.

We strongly suggest you save the game at this point.

Now go back into the room with the face-switch, and enter the door it revealed. An elevator will take you into the water. As soon as you hit the bottom, use Force Speed to breeze down the tunnel. You will soon come to a room you can surface in. There are two Dianogas in this area, get out of the water fast. Don't stay on that tiny ledge, either. Sometimes they can get you there. Move into the corridor at the end. You may want to save again.

SECRET 5: Kill off those Dianogas (be careful!) There's a slashable grille in their little swimming pool. Cut it and go in. You'll soon be thrown into a pit of water, where some items are hidden. The exit is a hatch just below the surface of the water.

After you've gotten the secret, move on from the Dianoga pool. Go across two rooms on a collection of cris-crossing beams, into a large, purple hallway.

Open the large gray door to complete the level.

Level 14: Temple Catacombs


Sith Zombies: These undead creatures fire Force Lightning. If you have Absorb, they pose no threat whatsoever. If you don't, use their lack of speed to your advantage. Get behind them and hit them hard. When facing you up close, they can inflict a heap o' damage. Use your agility to keep ahead of them.

Level 14 Walkthrough:

Run down the corridor until you reach a room with water and two pillars. Force Jump to the top of the pillars and collect Bacta and Force boosts. Not a secret, but you can use all the help you can get.

You will reach a huge open chamber. This is the nexus of the level; you'll be in and out of here a lot.

For now, let's take the door on the right of this platform as you enter. Drop down into a valley with killer kats and Mailocs. Be on your guard.

SECRET 1: When you drop into the valley, directly across from you is a ledge on the opposite wall of the valley. Drop down onto the next ledge below you as if you were descending into the valley normally and then turn and force jump over onto this other side of the valley. Make your way up that ledge as the ceiling gets lower and lower. At the end is a hole up into a cavern. Force jump up there to get the secret and a backpack.

On the other side of this valley is a small ramp leading to a cave entrance. Go in. You'll soon jump through a hole in the ceiling into another cavern and fight off a Vornskr. You'll find yourself in another open cavern fending off Mailocs and a Vornskr. Follow a side path up the valley and into a temple corridor. There is a button here; press it. Finding these buttons is the major focus for much of this level.

Now, go through the triangular door at the end of the hallway. Fight off two statues, then jump into the pool. Descend until you emerge from a waterfall. Fight off two more statues. Next, your old teacher will appear to give you another lesson.


Kyle is a pretty good fighter. He will use Persuasion, Grip, and Lightning. He almost always blocks the first thing you send at him, so the trick is to have something else to follow your first shot quickly. The elongated swing (Z keys) is good for getting Kyle to commit to a block, and then swinging around and hitting him in the back. Fighting with Force Speed is not a bad idea. You can also try to win the endurance race--save your mana for Force Healing, if you have it. Notice there a Force boosts in the corners of the room to give you an extra charge.

Once you have inflicted enough damage on Kyle, he will disappear in a blinding flash. A ledge, previously protected by a force field, is now open.

SECRET 2: After you beat Kyle the first time, jump up to the ledge with the two statues. Drop down the Hole. Walk out, then walk back to where you landed and back quickly to make floor go up.. have force seeing on and drop down and there's your secret.

After a trip down a long corridor, you will come to a set of chambers with two Vronskr prowling about. In one of the chambers is an upward current. Stand inside. You will be taken up to a room full of Dart Vines. Kill them and then go up the stairs. At the end of the hallway, there's a button. Press it.

Having done that, retreat to the first hallway you passed when you went to press this button. Go down it and kill a Vornskr. At the end of this long corridor is a button. Press it and go out onto another platform in the central chamber with two statues on it (this is just so you get your bearings). Now go back to the button and take the other hallway, the one closest to it.

You'll end up on a platform. You can't open the doors here, but don't worry about that. Save your game and prepare for something really dangerous.

Facing the wide-open space in front of you, you want to jump to the platform on your left. Yep, jump. Specifically, you want to get a running start with Force Speed, and then Force Jump. It's pretty easy once you get used to it, though expect to take some damage when you land.

You will recognize this platform as the first one you encounter when you began the level. You went to the door on the right of the large doors when you started. Now you want to go down the hallway to the left of the door (You'll know it because you'll go down some stairs and encounter a Vornskr).

Follow this new tunnel to a small pool with Force boosts set in stone. Take one or two if you need them.

SECRET 3: Jump into the pool. You'll see a face carved on the bottom. Use Force Sight to reveal a passageway, then go down.

After you get the secret, come back up and go down a tunnel on your right.

When you emerge from this corridor, go right an press a button. Notice through a gap in the wall you can see another chamber, where Kyle stand in the middle. Follow this gap up the wall. You'll soon get some sage advice from Kyle.

Soon you will come to a chamber with water, three pillars, and a door with a face on it. Go through this door. It's another large chamber with large columns. At one side of the chamber is a carpet leading to a small grove where an elevator lands. Destroy the statues, then notice the buttons inside each pillar. Press each one, and the elevator will arrive. Take it up.

Follow the red carpet to the door and open it. You're now in the room you saw Kyle in. He's since vanished. Drop down the hole in the floor. At the bottom, take either branch down to a long, dark chamber.

At the end of the corridor is a statue. Hmm...approach it.

This next part is no trouble whatever if you have Absorb. Activate it, and then kill the undead warriors. They won't be able harm you. If you don't have Absorb, run like the wind. You will need to carefully kill them one at a time, frequently retreating to heal yourself.

However you do it, finish off the undead. The last coffin to the left of the chamber as you enter has a hole in it, flooded. Go down it.

Resurface in a corridor much like the ones you seen before. An undead warrior is here. Chop him up and then follow the corridor to a button. Press it.

Now, you have a choice of tunnels. Go down the one that leads to a flooded cavern. Down below is another tunnel. Get to that tunnel. Be warned that there is a Dianoga in the water.

SECRET 4: If you go into the water with the Dianoga, there is a crack in the floor. If you go down it you can find a revive.

Taking this new path, you will be on the platform in the central area with the two statues. Things have changed now. There's new carvings on the wall, and a new button.

If you press space bar in front of the carvings, you will change the carving. If you press a button, it will either help you open the doors, or it will fire lightning at you. If you have Absorb, now's the time to have it active in case you make a mistake.

Hit the carving on the right ONCE. Press the button. Doors should open, but a Force field prevents you from entering.

Now change the carvings again. This time the hooded guy (left) will be holding his saber in front of him, while the bald guy has his saber down and his hand raised. Press the button. The doors will open a little more.

Now change the carvings so that both guy have sabers raised over their heads. Press the button.

Defeat the two statues (why not send the flying with Force Push)? Then take the elevator in front of the throne down. There's a button on the wall. Use Force Sight to see it and push it.

A bridge will slowly stretch out to the platform in the middle of the chamber. Get on the platform and take it down.

It's almost time for the final showdown. Kyle will appear, and present you with an ultimatum. When he's finished, turn your back to him, and walk off the platform.


"There are alternatives to fighting." -Obi-Wan Kenobi

Kyle sure takes a beating, doesn't he? I fought for close to a half-hour before I realized what I was doing wrong. Kyle is not like Jerec or those other Dark Jedi creampuffs. You can't beat him in a fight. There's only one way to stop him, and no amount of ammo or lightsaber attacks will do it.

Run around the room and examine everything closely.  Notice the painting on the wall. Give you any ideas?

Turn off your lightsaber. Stand beneath the portrait. Kyle doesn't have the heart to kill you if you won't fight.

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