Jekyll & Hyde
     Walkthrough By Julia Tiemann & Nancy Griffin
          (And if I am not around)

First I want to wish you all "Good Luck" playing this game. It is a challenge and I will have to say I quit on it the first time when I reached the tower. I just didn’t know what to do. I went to the cheats, but they were very vague on what to do. A week or two later I thought I would give it a try again. Just by chance I walked Dr. Jekyll off the side of the walkway near the cage and he caught himself and used his hands to get by that cage. After Jekyll fell to his death, I could not, as much as I tried to repeat that feat. Finally I decided I would try making him jump. I thought it would not work because the cage looked so faraway. But he made it. I played that scene hundreds of times before I got to the half way spot where you get an automatic safe. Then I played the last half of the tower many times before I made it to the top. Boy, was I relieved. A bit later I got stuck again. I e-mailed an old friend "Norma" from the "GAMES" board and she sent me Nancy’s e-mail address. She pushed me in the right direction and helped me get past the table on the second trip to the tower. I thought that must be the hardest part of the game. Wow, was I ever wrong. I am hoping that this walkthrough will be a help to all gamers so they can succeed in helping Jekyll reach his goal of saving his daughter. No puzzles to solve, just jumping and climbing and trying to figure which way to go and where the next health bottle will await you. As I said before it is a fun game, and a very long one. There are a lot of glitches in the game. If anyone has been to Nancy Griffin’s strategy walkthrough she mentions the problems she ran into. Some of them are side splitting, you just can’t help but laugh. And laughing is good for us all. My computer would freeze up on me quite often, and always at the wrong time, wouldn’t you know? One thing I did at the very beginning after I loaded the game (I’m famous for reading the instructions after the fact)." You have to go the configurations to set up your keyboard to move Jekyll and Hyde around. I use the keys they suggested and it seems to work fine for me. I will have to say when I played the game the second time I did much better. There are three keys that are important. The first is the "S" key for lining up your jumps so the object you are jumping to fits in the middle of the screen. You can move both Jekyll and Hyde a tiny bit if you are careful pushing the arrow keys. The "Q" and the "D" key are for camera angles. There are places in the game where you can’t use them. So don’t be alarmed when you see a red "X" on them. The cameras are a big help when you have to turn a corner in or out of a building you can see what is there, so you can be prepared. Now comes the big confession. When you get towards the end of the game an dare in the tunnels, I have yet to do that part by myself. I have been all through the tunnels but haven’t rescued "cute little, brave little Laurie." Nancy Griffin has written the walkthrough for that part of the game, and she has allowed me to include it with this walkthrough. As of this writing I am still trying to beat the "Boss" by myself even if I do use her cheats. With Nancy’s permission you will find her complete walkthrough of the tunnels attached to this walkthrough. Be sure to check Nancy’s strategy guide. Once again let me say have fun with "Jekyll and Hyde" regardless of the problems with the game it is well worth playing. Best Wishes to you all, Julia P.S. Thanks Nancy, for your support and thank you to your friends for the save games that help me to complete the game. Also thank you for allowing me to include your walkthrough of the tunnels to this walkthrough.
Thanks again Nancy.

The story starts out with a movie clip.
Dr. Jekyll is in his office/lab on the desk is a bottle of health, pick it up and place in your inventory Then go up into his lab and get the bottle of ether. When you go back to the office, Edna, will burst in saying that Spencer has kidnapped Laurie. And Jekyll tells her to go inform the authorities that he is going to find Spencer. Leave your office and turn to the left and walk around the door, use your camera at corners to look for escaped inmates. There will be an inmate as you turn the corner. Use your left control key to swing Jekyll’s arm with his cane to kill inmates. Go down the hall to the last door on the right. This is the auditorium you will see Spencer on a table, and three inmates running around. You have to get rid of the inmates so you can talk to Spencer. He will explain what has happened and give you a key. Turn to your left, and use the key to open the door and walk down the hall, you will find more inmates on the loose so use your cameras at the corners. Go to the first door on you left, this is the kitchen area watch for the inmate in the kitchen, do him in and then head for the cafeteria. In the cafeteria there is a food cart. You need to push this so you can stay protected from the inmate throwing plates at you. When you get close to him run at him and whack him with your walking stick. My new friend Nancy said she got past this goon by hugging the wall on the right side to avoid the plates. I never thought of that. There is also a female inmate farther down, watch out for her, her hits are deadly. And they say women are the weaker sex. Ha

After you do away with the two goons, you can enter the dormitory, turn to the left and go in the room, there on the floor you will find a crank. Pick up the crank and put it in your inventory for later use. Leave this room and go the opposite way turn the corner and walk down to the mattress. Use you "S" viewing key to see an inmate standing on the wall ready to throw plates at you. I used the ether to send him to Night, Night land. Once he is out of the way, you can go to the room just in back of where you are. There is a bed, and a mattress leaning on the wall. Climb up on the bed and jump to the mattress and climb up on the wall. Walk straight ahead and then make a left turn, farther down there is another plate throwing inmate, you can sneak up on her and do her in. Jump down, holding on so you don’t lose any health and pick up the health bottle there.

You can now enter the Tower. Good luck here, there is a lot to watch out for. Two inmates on the ground and some will reach out of their cells near the floor and whack you so beware. Do away with the inmates, or run by them to the opposite side. Climb the walkway to the second level beware when you get to the top do some jumping so the hand near the floor won’t hit you. Use the crank that you found earlier to lower the cages. If you turn quickly you can see them come down. You will need to jump to some of them. There are four places to use the crank. If you fail to make it to the top after using the crank in all the four places you won’t have to use it again. Good Luck this is a difficult part of the game. While climbing up in the Tower, watch for handrails over the cells and by large areas that you need to get past. Both Jekyll & Hyde can use their hands to get past these areas. When you get to the top, Burnwell will be there and he threatens to cut the rope holding Laurie but instead cuts the rope to another prisoner. He makes a demand to see Mr. Hyde. When the conversation is over you will be at the bottom of the tower. You must find your way back to Dr. Jekyll’s office/lab. When you get there go to the bookcase near his bed, and stand to the right of it and use the "enter" key to make him push the bookcase to find his secret laboratory. He will prepare a drink a mixture that will transform him into Mr.Hyde.

When you get to the auditorium you will find a table blocking the door. Walk to the right side of it and give it the good ole one-two-three and Hyde will knock it out of the way. Nancy and I and two of her friends all got stuck in this spot. Nancy said, she jump on the table and tried whacking at it. What you need to do is stand on the right side of it, and whack it a good crack and Hyde will push it out of the way. When you get in the hallway there will be smoke so watch carefully for goons.

When you get to the kitchen area there will be fires burning, don’t get to close to these as they can do damage to Hyde. Jump up on the counter and then jump down walk forward and you will see the first inmate towards the left, sitting down on the job. Let him have it before he sees you. There are three more inmates to kill, two males and one tough female. When you get to the door to the dormitory it is on fire. There is a door that is located near the kitchen that has a barrel of water in it. A word of warning, don’t get the water till you rid yourself of the dangerous inmates and also, Hyde cannot hit or run while carrying an object. You need to get the barrel of water and carry it to the exit door (be sure to use your "S" key to line Hyde up to make a direct hit with the barrel of water).

Again you will have to climb to the top of the walls in the dormitory. There are two inmates throwing plates up there, so you will have to move fast so they don’t do too much damage. One of them you can avoid, but the other you need to dispose of. Make your way the same as before. When you get near the door to the tower there will be another tough female inmate down there so drop down at one of the side rooms so you can use your cameras to watch her movements when she is walking away from you, sneak up behind her and finish her off. The best and easiest way to dispose of inmates is to attack from behind them, if you walk they can’t hear you but if you run they will.

The scene starts out with Dr. Jekyll walking down the street in the rain. Use your camera to see around the corner. There is a bad guy coming and you need to dispose of him. After you get that messy business done with, walk down the street to the building with a huge guard. Push your enter key and Jekyll will start talking with the guard. Charles DeWitt will come along and help you get into the Chinese Brothel.

You and Charles will walk into the building and he will introduce you to Mrs. Wong. When the clip is done, head for the staircase to the left of where you are standing. Go up one floor and walk until you find the prostitute. Talk to her, and she will tell you she wants her papers that are kept in a safe. If you get these for her she will help you. When the clip is done go back down the stairs and walk over to the desk by Mrs. Wong. If you stand next to the desk, and wait until the guard comes walking past her before you try to talk to her you will be able to kill them both without alarming the other guards. After you take care of them walk behind the desk and get the key on the counter. You cannot get the key unless you do away with them. After you get the key walk across the room from the desk, there is a door there that you can open, and the safe is in this room. If you are very quiet, you can open the safe with the key take the papers and leave without disturbing this guard. (If you can’t get the papers out of the safe it is because you are still holding the key) Take the papers back to the prostitute on the first floor. She will tell you about James Wang. Now go back over to the other staircase, and go to the 3rd floor. Watch out for the guards, sneak up behind him and let him have it. The door you need to go through is the first one, there will be a man and a lady in the room, Move quietly, and whack them both. Then walk over to the basin with water in it and change to Mr. Hyde. After the change you need to go back down the stairs and go up to the 3rd floor on the side where the prostitute was. Watch out again for the guard, do him in and walk to the end and you will see a partially broken railing. Give the railing a hit and it will fall apart. Walk back a few steps; turn and use the "S" key to line up your jump. Jump at the dragon and pull yourself up. Then aim for his mouth, and jump forward and pull yourself up into the dragon’s mouth. This has been a hard spot for a lot of people playing this game. Good Luck, if you are this far you are doing great. (I jumped at the dragon on the landing between the first and second floors. This is the wrong one). After you walk through the dragon’s mouth you end up in the warehouse.

After you walk through the dragon’s mouth you will enter the warehouse. You will have to jump the beams to get to the opposite end. The first two jumps are broad jumps. The next jump you will have to run and forward jump. Use your "S" key to line this jump up, it is one of the harder jumps. When you get to the back corner you will see a building that you can drop down onto the roof. Then drop down to the floor and go into the building. You will see a lever to push on the console that will move the building across the room. Before you drop down look around with your "S" key. The other cameras are disabled for this part of the game. You will notice there are two guards walking around. There is also a robot that is walking around and he goes through a big double door. The double doors are way to your left when you look out the side of the traveling car. You must make your way to this door. After you have looked around, go to the opening and drop so that you land on the crates with the red & white. These are health crates and if you need some health this is a place to get it. If you don’t need any health these boxes will be empty. Run and try to avoid the guards and also try to time it so you can get right through the doors when they are open. Or you can try to make you way back there by hiding by the crates. Once you get through the doors go through the next door right away. When you pass through this door you will change back to Jekyll.

This is the printer’s room. Jump up on the printing press right away. Don’t forget to save your game. Watch out for the steam vents, as they will rob you of your health. Walk as far as you can then stand on an angle and watch robots, when they are walking away from you made a couple of big jumps and climb back up on the press. Move on back farther and do the same thing again. When you get to the back of the first press walk across to the other press. Use your "S" key. It is very smoky, so you will have to jump down and run and then jump up. You should see a press that moves up and down. Jump up on that press and then jump on bar that is by your head. Look up and you should see an opening. Jump up into the opening and pull yourself up into the room. Use the water to change back to Hyde. Nancy said there is also some health by the water. Once you have changed back to Hyde, lower yourself down through the hole. There is a health on a corner box to Hyde’s left around the generators if you need it. Nancy found this when she was playing before she found the ceiling hole, just in case you need it. Look for the staircase. You probably noticed it when you ran the last time and jump upon the presses. Go down the stairs and you will find yourself in a room with two robots guarding the place. If you look in front of you before you get to the bottom of the stairs you will see some boxes that are helter-skelter. You have to pick one of these boxes up and go in back of the stairs. Keep going forward and you will find the elevator. The only way to open the elevator door is to throw a box at it. After you get on the elevator push the button and it will take you to the docks.

As you enter the docks climb up on the crate and you will see a guard just below you. You can do him in, or just jump to the next crate. A note of warning if you jump, keep moving fast, there is a sniper that will shoot at you. You have to get between the far two crates. Then move close to the first crate so the sniper can’t hit you. Turn towards the ship, and use your "S" key to line up your jump. Run forward and jump. Move to the far side of the ship. Jump and pull yourself up. Keep going in the same direction. You can’t get past that brick wall so you have to move down on the side away from the sniper and walk forward. You will see a crate on the side. Get on this crate and jump up to get back to the top of the cargo this will put you on the other side of the brick wall. Again use your "S" key to run and jump onto the steerage roof, which is a gold color keep on running and jump again through the window between the smoke stacks. The game will save here and you will meet Mr. Yang.

Mr. Yang is very difficult to kill. You have to run and jump to him, whack him as many times as you can, then jump on the console and move back so he can’t shoot his bubbles at you or bump you with his purple protection. The console is to the right of Wang. When he leaves his purple protection, jump down and hit him some more, then move out of his way again. Good luck, I think I did this off and on for three days. Then I e-mailed Nancy and I had to ask her how to do this part. She told me to try to find a spot where he can’t hit you with the bubbles and close enough so you can move in for the kill. Once you get the best of him treat yourself to some health. Go over to the console and push the lever. A movie will show the doors opening on top of the large aquarium. Climb up on the aquarium and drop down through the opening, walk to the window and smash it to let the water out. Keep hitting it so you don’t loose your health. When all the water drains out, walkout of the aquarium and you will change to Jekyll. Then go back in and pick up a piece of the puzzle. (Remember Hyde cannot carry anything.) Good Luck fellow gamers this is one of the hardest parts of the game. After you pick up the puzzle piece the game will go into a movie and it will show Dr. Jekyll rowing a boat. Then it will cut to the wharf and your old friends will be there to greet you.

After the movie with the old friends you find yourself on a dock with two ramps. One of the ramps is next to you. Don’t use this one, instead run jump towards the other end. There are three guards down that way to avoid or kill. Also some of the boards are green, if you walk on them you will fall through and have to start over so be wary as you move along. When you get past the last guard and to the ramp. Watch for the guard at the top of the ramp. When he is gone, turn to your left and you will find a large door to go through that will take you to the railroad station. The bonus you get with this part of the game is, if you accomplish something and have not lost too much health, you can go to the quay side and save your game and then go back to the train side and save your game again. (This was another great idea Nancy mentioned in her strategy guide to help you along).

There are two things to accomplish in the rail yard. The first is to get to the tower and climb to the top and push the switch and the second is to get to the "moving walkways". Jekyll can travel quite well by jumping from crate to crate. Once you see the tower scan the area to see where the guards are and when things look good, run for it and jump over the railing to avoid the guard at the foot of the walkway. If you keep moving to the top of the tower the sniper should not hit you with any of his bullets. When you get to the top, smash the glass with your cane and jump through the window. Move the lever and it opens some big doors that are to the north side of where you entered the rail yard. There is a movie sequence showing the doors opening. Again jump through the window and go back down. Once down near the bottom jump over the railing and run for the corner wall right in front of you so the sniper cannot shoot you. There is a box of health there if you need it. Run, or find some crates to climb on and head back to the entrance. This would be a good place to save your game. Back at the entrance there is another red marked container with health in it just behind the crate on the left. I found the best way to get to those doors is by jumping from crate to crate and then on a kind of big machine that must load train cars. There are two train loading devices that you can jump on also there is some health in the second device. After you take the health bottle turn around and look for a guard. Actually, the more guards you do away with the less you have to contend with later in the game when you revisit this area. There will be a guard to the right of you when you are looking toward the exit doors. I did away with this guard. Run to the loading dock to the far right. If you stand near the end of the bay you can see the guard walking back and forth. When he walks to the left, run and jump up and hasten through the doors. This will take you to the "moving walkway".

Use your "S" key to check for the three guards patrolling the area. When they are behind the boxes run zigzag to the end turn the corner and you will be on a stationary conveyor belt. Save your game here. Jump on the box and then to the walkway. Go forward toward the consol and jump kitty corner to get behind the sleeping guard. Give him a permanent nap and then move the levers on the consol. There are three levers, but you only need to move the green handled one in the middle. That will show the big guy going for a fall. That is your destination also. There is one more guard to do away with on the way down there. Jump back kitty corner and climb the crate. When the guard walks away from you climb down and hide behind the next crate. When he comes back it take three good whacks to put him to sleep. I replayed this part a second time and I ran past him and went through the opening with no problem.

There is a movie right after you pass through the door from the moving walkways. When the movie is finished you find yourself standing in a crate. You can see a guard patrolling the area. When he is walking away from you climb out of the crate, and run over to the crates to the west or left of the way Jekyll is standing. Wait for the guard to come back and you can take care of him. Look for the next guard he walks around several crates. All you have to do is follow him to get to the opposite side from where you are at, and then you will see a console and a bottle of health near by. Throw the switch on the console and it will show a movie of a gangway lowering by the ship. Drink or take the bottle of health and go back the way you came avoiding the guard once again.

Walk up the gangway and watch for a guard on the deck. There is a wheelhouse to your left, when the guard is out of sight head for it. When you get in the wheelhouse there is a lever in there that will open doors on the deck that will lead to the cabins. There will be a movie here showing the doors opening on the forward deck. Again watch the guard, and when it is safe head for the opening and jump in. The game will auto save here. Follow the guard down the steps and when you catch up whack him a good one. If you get to him before he turns the corner, then turn to the left and stand at the end of the hall near the right wall. If he does turn the corner then whack him turn around and go the opposite way and hug the left wall when you get near to the end. Another guard will come and you can whack him. This guard is carrying a key to the cabins. There are only two things you need from the cabins, one is another key (to the Control Room) and the other is a bottle of health. While you are looking for these items do not open any cabins at the end of end of the halls. Once you find the control key & the bottle of health, carry the control key in your hand. There is a guard in one of the end cabins you can not kill and if you carry the control key, you won’t be able to open his door. In the first cabin to your right when you come down the stairs, you will find a hand grenade. You can have some fun with it
if you want, I did I blew myself up.

Once you have found the control room you need to get the key out of your pocket a second time to unlock the second door. As you enter the room the story goes into a movie mode. When the movie is over, run, jump straight ahead and down the stairs. Turn to the right and you will see two doors, one is in front of you and the other is to the left. Use the door on the left it takes you into the vault room where you will find another piece to the key.

When you get close to the safe it will open automatically. Take the piece and quickly move up the stairs. The safe is rigged to flood the room so you have to change to Hyde in order to escape. When you get to the top of the stairs stop right there, don’t take any steps. Use your formula from that spot. I found if I took any steps Jekyll would not drink the formula, and I would end up drowning. After you change to Hyde walk over to the door and hit enter to open the door. Now you have to head for the room with the robots. There are two robots in the room but you only have to deal with one of them. After you put him our of commission go throw the switch in the middle of the console. After you throw the switch the door behind you will open and the game will go into a movie showing the gangway moving to the door. Hyde will walk down the gangway.

When you get to the bottom turn to the right and climb the crate than jump over to the one towards the wall and then up on the wall. Walk along the wall until you see a crate on the other side. Jump to this crate. Keep jumping the crates and the game will again go into a movie mode. It will show Burwell fasten to the wall. He tells Hyde that the lawyer escaped but he got caught. Hyde is kind and finishes him off. I guess he didn’t want to see him suffer, or maybe he was trying to get even because of Laurie?
After the move sequence with Burnwell, turn around and run over to the crates behind you. Move fast as there is a sniper out to get you. Climb up them to the top and jump over to the crane. You have to climb to the end of the boom and it will move by a window. Jump through the window, or if you land on the ledge break the window. After you walk through the window you will end up in the rail yard once again.

As you step out Hyde will grab the ledge. Drop him right on top of the health box below. If you miss and drop on the floor he will receive less health. The next part of the game is very difficult. There are a couple of snipers that will shoot at you. Your job is to run zigzag over to the engine of the train. Jump on the side you are running from. When you get on the engine throw the switch and the train will take off. I had a terrible time doing this, I kept hitting my "enter" key instead of my "control" key. Good Luck gamers this is a trying spot. I know you all will get it on the first try.

Meet the Maharajah, he is your next conquest. If you stand by the end of the 3rd board of the track you can turn around and pick up the crate, turn and throw it. You must hit the Maharajah when his vehicle is extended upward. Just keep picking up boxes and throwing and try hard to hit him. It seems to take several hits to finish him off. Once you do there is a box of health there, but after I killed him I didn’t find any thing in it. The game will go into a movie and you will see an old friend from the Opium House. Then you will be on top of a moving train.

Run and jump to the 2nd car watching out for the moving electricity. The 3rd car has electrical lamps that go on and off. You can broad jump to that car and then just walk under the lamps when they are turned off. The 4th car has a hole in the roof, drop down in the car and get the "key." There is a robot down there but he doesn’t bother you till you get to his end of the car. Take care of him and than go through the doorway. Use your "S" key and run/jump to the next car. Open the door and then move to the side and watch fort the guard. When he comes follow him after he makes a turn and give him a good whack or two. The next car is safe, but you will find a health bottle at the other end. The next car has a guard again take care of him as you did the first one. At the end of this car you should find a basin with water so you can change to Hyde. Go through the door and jump to the roof, and than jump to the next car. A movie will show a guard unhitching the train cars. There’s no going back now. Jump to the next car nothing there but the following car has energy lamps to avoid. The next car has two guards that are easily put out of commission. One good smack apiece and they are history. The next car has a hole in the roof and you can find a bottle of health. (You’re going to need it.) Walk through the doorway and jump to the roof. The next challenge waits you, meet the lightening throwing boss. What you need to do here is when he throws the electricity bolts, jump over it and then jump again to land by him and give him a couple of smacks. He will send you back to the other end of the car and you have to keep repeating this until you hit him enough times. Just keep hitting him and soon the game will go into a movie and you will see the train crash.

Once you care of the lighting bolt man the game will go into a movie and show the train crashing. Fortunately Hyde is one tough dude and he survives. You will find him standing on a branch on the side of a cliff. There are three or four more of these he must climb to get to the top of the cliff. Walk him to the two boxcars and jump him through to the other side. Turn him so he goes back the way he came from and have him walk along the side of the railroad tracks. There is a robot patrolling around so jump over him or bop him what ever suits you. Soon you will come to an opening filled with booby traps. Beware of these they can lean over and do you great bodily damage. The tall cross like shape bends when you get near it and will do you great damage. The small white ones have sharp blades sticking out from them and if you jump and land on one it will kill you. Hug the walls where you can, use your "S" key to look for the safest way to travel. I did a lot of angle jumping back and forth across the tracks. Some of the blades you can walk under when they go upward. You will find boulders to throw to open the gates. You will also find a bottle of health about three gates down on the left side of the track just before the next gate.

Let the jumping begin. If after several jumps you don't have a lot of health, restart this part of the game. When you get to one of the islands on the right side of the tracks, it is partially submerged. If you don't have a lot of energy, Hyde will die when you jump down. If you do make it down then go to the southern most end and turn and do a running jump to the next island. One of the jumps you make will be to a ledge on the left side of the tracks. Another jump that is difficult has a tree growing on it. You have to run and jump past the tree and land on the next island. It helps if you push the left arrow key right after you push the jump key. When you get to the long narrow ledge you will turn into Dr. Jekyll.

After you get through the doorway from Green Isles, you will be at the residence. There is a guard patrolling the yard. Walk over and hide behind the pillar. When the guard goes to the left or west, walk across the steps to the other pillar. Wait for him to pass and then walk after him and when you get close enough give him a swat or two. He is carrying a key that you need to open the door to the warehouse. The door to the warehouse is just a little farther down and to the left.

When you get into the warehouse there will be a robot walking back and forth. There will also be a box with health in it. I found if you use the health first it is harder to get through this room. So for the time being ignore the health. What you need to do is to run, jump and zigzag to the other end of the room and go through a gate. There will be two more robots down there. Run past them or jump over them and keep going until you come to a console with a barged button on it. Give the button a swat and it will turn the machine offend disable the robots. Now you can go out and smash that case and enjoy a nice cool drink of health.

There are a couple of methods for getting back there. One is to walk off center and have the big robot follow you. When you get to the last set of killer claws run and jump to the doorway and run past the other robots. Good Luck all!

Now that you are rested and refreshed from drinking the health, walk over tithe machine the claws are attached to. Climb up on the machine, walk forward and climb again. Move forward, but watch your step, as there are some jumps to make. Keep climbing until you get to the top. After you get there look up and you will see an opening in the roof. Jump up and climb out. You are now on the rooftops. I hope you had a good rest, because it is time to do some more jumping.

This segment of the game starts on the roof. Walk to the roof edge on the right where you will see an opening on the side of the roof. When you get there you will see some ledges sticking out. You have to run and jump to the first ledge. (You know the drill; use your S key.) After you make the first jump you can jump to another ledge. Every time I make this jump I breathe window. There is a guard there so don t tarry or he will shoot at you. Jump again onto the balcony, and then up on the railing on the far side and then jump to the next ledge. Be wary of the guard patrolling the hall. When you get to the end of the building you have to move upward and back the other way. Your goal is to get tithe chimney. When you get to the top you have to jump and grab the eave. Use your hands to move to the right. When you get past the fence, pull yourself unto recoup your vial of time. Jekyll will fall but catch himself and your vial is full again. Then use your hands to go farther along. When you reach the next opening you can pull up and you will be able to stay there. The guard you saw below will be on the roof. He is hard to get to and to kill. Once he is eliminate, broad jump over to the chimney and jump in. You can also try walking along the roof shingles and avoid the guard all together if you are quiet. The game will go into a movie showing you walking out of the fireplace into the library. Good Luck!

When you walk out of the fireplace you are in the library. There are two enemies in here one is a cigar smoking guard the other is a lady vampire. You can run past the guard and just deal with the vampire. I found that after you strike her the first time pause and then strike her again. Keep repeating until she dies. She is carrying a key that you need. Place the key in your inventory and go to the cabinet and get the bottle of health. Turn around and you will see steps that will allow you to get on top of the bookcase. When you are halfway up the steps, jump and pull yourself up. Turn around and jump kitty corner to the bookcase to your right. Stand close to the edge of the bookcase and get back as far as you can so you can run when you jump. There is another bookcase you must jump to, and then unto the balcony. On the balcony you will see a guard walking back and forth. Use your S key to lineup the jump. You must be really straight, if you are not you will miss landing on the bookcase. Your timing must be perfect here. I think this is the hardest part of the game. When the guard goes to the right, watch him and when he turns and starts walking to the left run and jump and pull yourself up onto the bookcase. Then run & jump to the balcony. Turn toward him and jump and start whacking him. I worked on this off and on for three days. Good luck gamers you can do it. When you subdue him go to the right end of the balcony where there is a door gate. Use the key from the vampire on it.

When you leave the library you enter the Ghouls Room. You are up on the rafters and there is a guard up here. When he passes by hurry to the other side. There is a place where you can lower yourself down, and a bottle of your favorite brew is waiting. Go hide behind the pedestal where the vampire is, or just observe the guard from the ledge you are on. Watch the guard walking the floor and you will see him tinkering with a machine. When he walks away, follow him and give him couple of whacks. Then you can jump up on the pedestal and kill the female vampire with one blow. Now jump back down and go check out the machine the guard was playing with. It should shoot a rocket right through the exit door. If it does not work on the first try, try it again. Pass through the chapel room and do in the guard or avoid him. In the next room is a man that is getting blood transfusions. There is a movie clip here. On his desk is a bottle of health. Every time you go through this room it will be replaced. When you go through the next exit door you will be in the book room. Good luck gamers, this is a tricky puzzle, and you need to have a good memory and a sure foot. You will see a chair up above you. Climb the stairs and walk over to the chair. Approach it from the side and push your enter key. Jekyll should sit-down. Your job is to maneuver the robot through the maze to get the book and to bring it to the robot s starting point before the timer runs out. Study the card in the right hand corner of your screen. The pink colored sections are the only safe places to walk. If you get off the beaten path you will fall. Another thing, do not pause moving the small robot every second counts there is just enough time to walk there get the book and come back. After you get the book, walk to the left of the exit door. DeWitt, the lawyer and another man will show up. There will be another movie sequence where good old DeWitt is telling the lawyer to kill Jekyll. The lawyer changes into a huge vampire. When Jekyll sees this, he transforms into Hyde. The vampire attacks Hyde, and then changes to a small bat and flies away only to return and strike again. The only way to beat this dude is to jump over by the exit door. Stand close enough to it so the vampire cannot get behind Hyde. When the vampire comes pound him a good one, then try to take a step forward and swing again. You must make him fall down into the maze where you got the book. When that task is completed, some members of the church come in and once again there is a movie clip. You then will find out about Howard Stoke Moran (the man in the wheel chair getting blood transfusions).

When you get to the cemetery called Bishops Gate there is a movie clip. There are four things you need to find:
1. A key.
2. Laurie s doll.
3. A Cross
4. Stevenson crypt.

The first house on your right has the key. After you enter look on the floor to the left. The key is the only thing I m going to tell you how to find on this page. I will give you some hints how to survive. Until you find the cross, run all the time. If you are running you can dodge or jump the vampires and they can t get you, and these vampires are hard to kill. Once you have the cross you can walk but remember every time you move from one cemetery to another you must get the cross out of inventory again or you will be dead meat. When you find Stephenson s crypt, the vampire there is extremely hard to kill. What I did was have the cross in my hand. Whence walks away from you follow behind and whack him. Then push the enter key so the cross will go up and ward him off. Keep alternating between these two things and eventually you will kill him. There are three cemeteries. They recalled Cemetery Start, Cemetery Next and Statue Cemetery. On the next page I will draw a map for you to use if you cannot get this part by yourself. It is really petty easy. P.S. After going through some of the gates check the coffins if you are lucky you might find some health if you need it. It will be replaced each time you leave the area. Good Luck all you gamers remember, keep running. I hope you can skip the next page but the map is there so you can find everything if you get desperate.

Map of Cemeteries
The small lines on the map represent the gates

After you enter Stevenson’s crypt walk around on the floor, eventually it will jiggle. Keep walking and you will fall through and a new adventure begins. When you land from the fall you will see a green river in front of you. On the left there is a rock holding some water. It is now time to transform into Hyde. There are 3 zigzag jumps to make and then comes a harder one. There are logs floating down the river, and you have to jump onto one of them. Do not relax too much once you succeed, you will have to jump off to the left. If you don t you will get knocked off the log. Climb the rock formation and guess what? You will have to jump back on another log then you will have to jump off this log to the right. Once you land safely turn around and enjoy the beautiful waterfall. There is a small rock formation to walk up, and then you will have about three easy jumps. You will then come to a formation with light streaks shining through. Use Hyde s mighty arms to smash your way through. Remember to save your game when you see the little clock.

Follow the path and make a jump and you will find a bottle of health. Just past the health bottle is a boulder you can pick up. You have to throw the boulder at the rock formation behind you. It usually takes two or three boulders to knock it down. If you look over the edge of the ledge, you will see a platform to your left that you can lower yourself to. You can jump from the main platform, but you will lose some health. Use your "S" key and make a running jump to the pillar you just knocked down. From the pillar you have to jump through the large hole in the side of the mountain. When Hyde gets through the opening there is another jump or two and then he will land by a rock formation. Give the rock formation the old one, two and it welcome tumbling down. Jump up on the rocks and climb to the top. There are two enemies up here. One is a guard towards the front and the other is an old tough female. You can avoid them by walking to the left side. When you get towards the front look for the guard so you know where he is. Stand so you can see the formation and also the guard. Use your "S" key to line up the formation between the walkways, when the guard is walking away from you, run and jump and land on the formation. Jump to the highest walkway on the right. Line up your next jump and go take card of the female vampire. The next jump will be an angle jump and there is a male vampire. After you make the jump the vampire will start toward you and the game will go into a movie showing 2 mean vampires torturing a man. Then they will turn and look at you. You can do two things at this point. One is jump over the vampire guard and then jump up on the rocks. You are safe here and you can take the time to look around. The other thing you can do is to run and jump past the vampires if you do this you will be in the Green Tunnel. If you jump on the rocks, and go through the hole in the mountain side, you will end up in the Purple Tunnel . Nancy s has given me permission to add her walkthrough to this walkthrough. I will confess I have been through the tunnels but have yet to rescue sweet little cute little Laurie. But I am still working on it. I will succeed. So I would suggest you jump on the rock sand enter the tunnels from there.

End Game: The Tunnels (by Nancy Griffin)

This part of the game can be confusing, and sometimes the last straw for anyone who has been struggling through this game. My hope is that this little bit of direction will help you to get to the boss fight at the end of the game with a sense of satisfaction at having completed a very difficult game. Julia has done a beautiful job of getting you to this point so let’s make her proud and finish this one. You need to start in the purple tunnel for this walk through. To get there, let’s start back where the two vampires were torturing the priest on a spit and one other vampire is running around ready to attack. As soon as you jump from the wooden walkway, the roaming vampire comes to attack. Run past him on your right and under the wooden structure. Run and jump onto the rock formation to your left. You are safe here, so take a look around. To your right, you can see the two vampires still having the bonfire. To your left is a wooden gate. You need to walk straight ahead and jump to the ledge right in front of you. When you enter this cave you are in the purple tunnel. Let the game begin.

Purple Tunnel

Save your game. The first thing that you see is a closed bamboo gate with a guard, health and a level map behind it. Walk to your left and turn right at the intersection. Take the first left and enter a room with rocks. Have Mr. Hyde pick one up (one of the middle ones), return to the barred gate and toss the rock to break it open. Enter the room, kill the guard, take the health and study the map. The map showsthree rooms surrounding a main central room where the boss fight takesplace. Each room is connected by adifferent colored tunnel and also to the central main room. The library is on the bottom right, the larder is the bottom left, the worship room is the very top and the central room is the dormitory. The purpose of this level is to destroy three main pillars, one in each of the three surrounding rooms and retrieve the Book. We are going to head down the purple tunnel to the library. Leave the map and go back towards the room with the rocks. Walk past this room and continue till you can see the tunnel split up and down. Take the "up" walkway, jump across the chasm with falling rocks and run past the vampire and straight into the library. One note here: this looks like a dead end but is not. There are dead ends but they look like the surrounding tunnel's walls.

The Library

Save you game here. Do a standing jump to the platform in front of you. Smack the green light to break it. Line Mr. Hyde up on the left side of the platform and make a running jump to the next platform with the lady vampire on it. If you stand next to the main pillar you might be able to smack her without taking any damage. If you kill her, go get the health first, if not, just run past her to the right and climb up onto the small platform in front of the green light. Whack the light to break it and you get a cut scene of the vampire platforms falling. You are now standing on a ledge. Walk two paces, turn around and jump to a higher level. Turn around and walk clockwise till you get to a painted beam in your path. Pull up onto it. Walk up to the center pillar and jump to the cross beam on your left. Walk the beam all the way to the wall. There are rocks here to pick up. If you see no rocks check the other beams. Some rocks are hard to see and blend in with the wall and some in other rooms are different colors. You need to throw 3-4 rocks at the central pillar to destroy it and the painted pillar slides out of sight and into the dormitory. Walk back to the rocks and you should be able to save the game. Jump the broken beams until you are on the opposite one from the rocks. You can climb down here. Walk this ledge until you come to the narrow part and let yourself down. If you are having trouble doing this, try running off the edge and you will land on the next ledge. From here, do a standing jump, then a standing jump, then a standing jump and then a drop down. Turn around and run off the edge to the tunnel ledge. Enter the tunnel and you are back at the purple tunnel.

Purple Tunnel Second Time

Save your game. Retrace your steps to the start of the game. In other words, go forward, jump across split and chasm till you get to the rock room. Grab another rock and go to the intersection, at the beginning of the level, and turn left to return to the gated room. Use the rock to bash the gate and get the health. It has magically reappeared. Go back to the intersection and turn left and enter the Larder room.

The Larder

Save your game. Do a standing jump to the ledge on the left. Walk to the end of it and do a standing jump to the next higher ledge. Turn around and jump straight up, then push the forward arrow key to grab the beam and pull up. This is the beam with the rocks. They are the same color as the wall and you must get very close to them on the left side to get Mr. Hyde to pick them up. Use four of them on the central pillar to destroy it and the painted beam will slide out of sight and into the dormitory. Two down, one to go. Turn around and walk back to the rocks. You can save your game. You can get down the way you came up if you run off the beam to land on the end of the closet/highest ledge. (If you can’t do it, then go across the beams to the brightly lit ledge and go down that way). Run off the next ledge or hang and drop to the green beams and enter the purple tunnel a third time.

Purple Tunnel Third Time

Save your game. Go forward past the rock room to the split up and down. This time, go down. Drop to the ledge and then to the tunnel floor. Kill the guard. Stand in front of the ledge with your back to it and take about 16 steps forward. Turn around and look up to the ceiling. Pull up and get the health. Drop back down and continue in the same direction. Drop down to the next ledge and tunnel then continue forward into the larder again.

The Larder Second Time

Mr. Hyde needs to go to the left. Walk off the end of the ledge and go that way. Walk past the burning post and pull up onto the very next ledge. Walk forward to enter the orange tunnel.

Orange Tunnel

Save your game. Walk forward past the split "up", kill the vampire and get the health from the wall. Continue down the tunnel, run and jump both chasms and stay in the middle to avoid the grabbing hands. Walk to the end and enter the dormitory.


This is a large room with a pit in the middle. There is a health on the floor but save it for later unless you absolutely must have it. Walk to your right and enter the next tunnel. This is the gray tunnel.

Gray Tunnel

Save your game. Jump onto the rock in front of you and pull up into the higher part of the tunnel. Run past the guard, jump the chasm and run to the end of the tunnel, into the worship room.

Worship Room: Going Up

Save your game. You start out in the Devil’s mouth on his tongue. You will be coming back this way again as you need to get back to the Dormitory for the boss fight and end of the game. Walk off the side of the tongue, drop down and drop down again to land in the pool of blood. Go forward to the flaming gargoyle and pull up onto his head. If you can’t do this, pull up onto the smaller ledge and jump to the gargoyle. Jump up to the ledge to the right of the gargoyle and pull up to the next ledge. Turn around and do a standing forward jump to the next highest ledge then pull up onto the gargoyle. Jump to the toothy ledge to the left of the gargoyle, then left again to the next gargoyle. Walk to the other side of the gargoyle and jump forward to the brown rock formation. Jump quickly up to the top and pull up onto the next gargoyle. Turn around and stand on the right wing of the gargoyle and pull up onto the green beam. Jump to the toothy ledge and then the small red ledge. Turn around and pull up onto the gargoyle and turn around again. Jump to the rock and pull up onto the brown beam. Walk or jump to the beam on you right (the one with rocks on it). Save your game. Destroy the central pillar with four rocks and once again save your game.

Worship Room: Going Down

Walk to the end of the beam and jump to the beam on your left. Drop down to the rock on the left side of the beam and jump to the gargoyle. Drop to the toothy ledge below or use the small red ledge to get there. Run off the ledge to land on the green beam to the right. Drop down to the gargoyle and drop to the rock below that. Walk to the other side of the rock and run off to the gargoyle. Jump to the toothy ledge and pull up to the highest ledge above the next gargoyle. Drop down to the gargoyle or use the smaller ledge to get there. Drop to the small ledge to the left of the gargoyle, then run off to the next ledge or hang and drop, till you get to the last gargoyle. Drop to the red beam by the blood pool and walk to the left of the Devil’s head. Walk to the beam beneath the head and approach the book. You turn back into Dr. Jekyll. Save your game. Walk into the red pool and pull up onto the Devil’s chin and then pull up onto the tongue. Turn and enter the gray tunnel again.

Gray Tunnel Second Time

Save your game. Run and jump over the chasm. Run past the guard and run off the end and onto the ledge. Drop down and continue the same direction and enter the dormitory for the final fight.

Dormitory End Game

Save your game. Walk to your left and climb the slanted beam. I did not touch the last health just yet. Walk all the way up to the third beam and save your game. Pull up onto the top ledge and watch a cut scene. Save your game immediately after the cut scene. You are now Hyde and need to pick up the boulders lying around the ledge and toss them at the three center beams. It takes three boulders to destroy each beam. The Boss moves in a clockwise direction and you can pretty much avoid him at first. Stay away from the shining green fourth beam. You cannot destroy it and it will do you harm. The boss moves faster as you do damage to the beams. If you are really good, you can beat the boss and walk down the last shiny green beam to get Laurie and watch the cut scene. Happy ending. I, on the other hand had to descend down the slanted beams to go get the other health at the bottom. (Be careful leaving the ledge to get on the slanted beam. It is very hard. Hang and use your left arrow key to move to the beam and Hyde will stand up.) I entered the red cave to look for more health but found none. I reentered the dormitory and the boss was gone. After I climbed back up, I just walked over to Laurie’s cage and the end cut scene started. Happy ending too. Congratulations

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