by Brawsome

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2010


Gameplay:    The Main Menu has Set Sail (new game), Loot (awards), Options, Help and Quit. Later in gameplay, Continue and Log will be added.

Options have sound volume, music volume, voice volume and walk speed adjustments. Full screen, mute sound and subtitles selections are also found. Developer commentary is unlocked after finishing the game.

Help has information about gameplay features.

Left mouse click does actions and descriptions of objects.

The inventory panel is at bottom of screen.

Dialogues can be skipped by left mouse click.

The game is automatically saved after moving to a new screen.

The in game menu is on a drop down paper at top middle of the game screen.

Click the space bar and hold it to see all the active spots in the screen.

Collect crackers and flag pieces for bonus information seen in the log book.

See Gaius James Rover on his own ship see an approaching pirate ship.

Howell's ship

Converse with Captain Howell:

Captain Howell talks to Gaius James Rover in the brig. The brig has all the loot taken from Rover's ship especially the rum ordered by Governor DeSilver. Captain Howell does not think that Rover has the qualities of a pirate.

Select any dialogue. Pirates have to have a hat - fancy like.

Search Brig:

Press and hold the space bar. Check all the hotspots.

Get a flag piece behind the cannon at left. It is entered in the log at in game menu at top of the page.

Get a piece of eight from behind the treasure chest.

After checking all 10 hotspots (including door and lamp), Rover embraces Beatrice's painting and exits to the next room.

Fool Pirate:

The unexpected entrance of Rover knocks Davey the pirate unconscious under the kegs.

Rover picks up Davey's fancy hat and places it on his head. Melvin comes down the stairs to ask what the noise is about.

Answer "I have no idea" when asked about places.

The parrot calls Rover and he will help if released.

Free Strange Parrot:

Pick up the red stuff-scarf from floor, crackers from top of barrel and keys from wall by stairs.

Use the keys on the parrot's cage and see it is rusty.

Rusty key:    Use the keys on the brig door. Enter brig and take the lamp. Go back to cage.

Use the scarf with whale oil lamp to get oily scarf. Use oily scarf with rusty lock of the parrot cage.

Use the keys on the lock to get a parrot.

Juan Leon - Parrot:    Use the parrot on Rover throughout the game to get helpful hints. If you don't use the parrot during gameplay, you might get an award.

Use the parrot on Rover now and get a vague hint. If you want a clearer hint, give Juan Leon a cracker.

Answer Melvin:    Now that you got information from the parrot, answer Melvin.

Where? Port... Sickle...

How long in the brig? 10... days...

Let us do? Swabbin' the decks... in silk dresses...

Escape ship:

Go up to lower deck. Look around and check the hatch.

Open the hatch:    Talk to Melvin and ask for something up the deck.

He goes up the stairs and knocks a secret code on the hatch: knock, knock, 3 rapid knocks. Timing is needed.

Knock on the hatch the same way Melvin did. If you missed the knock, talk to Melvin again.

Talk to Bobby and ask to switch places. He wants Pete to relieve him.

Find Pete:    Go right to the sleeping quarters and see a sleeping Pete. Click on him and he asks for rum.

Get Rum:   

Go left and then left again to the galley.

Check the bottles in the galley and see that they are all empty. Check the cook and see that he is embracing a bottle of rum.

Look around. Get dried fish and peppercorn from the sink area. Open the left cupboard and get crackers.

Window:    Check the left window and see that the hinges are rusty. Use the oily scarf with window. Open the window.

Bird bait:    Use the dried fish with hook hanging in front of window. See a bird try to get the fish.

The "chef" wakes up and closes the window. He spills rum on the floor.

Use peppercorn with the spilled rum on the floor. Then open the window to let the bird in.

Watch what happens. Take the rum.

Get Pete hammered:

Go to and look around the sleeping quarters. Check the pirate boots to get a piece of eight.

Use bottle of rum with Pete.

Go back up to the hatch and knock on the door with the secret code.

Talk to Bobby. Tell him Pete is drunk. Rover relieves Bobby.

Groggy Island

Captain Howell gets Rover to row him to Groggy Island and talk to the Governor.

Rover informs the Governor DeSilver that the rum was stolen. Rover is to pay 5 pieces of eight each month until he can return the 50 pieces of gold that was given as deposit.

Join a crew:

Captain DeSilver mentioned to look for ship captains at the Stumble Inn.

Talk to the guard. Go left from the fort.

Stumble Inn:    Check the right barrel in front of Stumble Inn to get crackers.

Check the left barrels to get piece of eight.

Check the poster left of the inn's entrance. It is a wanted poster for Captain Silvereye.

Enter the inn and talk to Captain Howell sitting with Hector and Bobby. Learn that DeSilver is semi-retired and that Captain Silvereye is DeSilver's brother.

The new chef has to prove himself by fixing his favorite dish - Salamagundi.

Melvin:    Talk to Melvin standing by right post to learn more about Captain Silvereye.

Davey:    Talk to the pup left of Melvin about hat. Tell Davey that you will give him a new hat. Get piece of eight.

Check the bucket o crackers to get crackers. This is a good source of crackers.

Make Salamagundi:

Pug pirate:    Talk to Pugugly Toydog - Puggy, the proprietor of the inn.

Insane pirate:    Talk to the insane pirate. Get some crackers.

Kitchen:    Go to kitchen and see that the chef is napping. Look around.

Get crackers from the stove. Check the mop bucket by cauldron to get piece of eight.

Try to talk to the chef and see that he's holding a ham.

Check the bookcase to read Ron Cooper's Cooking for Pirates book. The page with the Salamagundi recipe is torn out.

Find Ron Cooper:

Exit the kitchen and talk to Puggy about Ron Cooper.

Exit the inn. Go left and look around as you go.

Turtle Beach:    Go to Turtle Beach.

Look around Turtle Beach. See a sand mound. Click to get 2 eggs from sand mound. Click on it again to get piece of flag.

Ron's shack:    Go to cliff shack. The path is at left side of screen.

Check the mango tree. Read the sign and check the skull and cannons.

Talk to Ron Cooper, the edgy pirate. He refuses to let you near him.

Thwart Ron's defenses:

Go back to the beach. Take the fishing net that is now on the beach.

Use the fishing net with the palm trees. See a coconut fall down and bounce out from the net.

Use the tad tight hammock. Rover jumps up to the shack.

Ron wants Rover to try his new book - Ron Cooper's Voodoo book for Pirates. Ron gives the book and the cheat sheet.

He wants Rover to do the scare beast spell on the birds on the roof.

Learn the Scare the Beasts Spell:

Examine the book and cheat sheet in inventory by clicking the book on Rover.

Learn that the spell needs something the animal eats or recently eaten.

Do voodoo stuff from cheat sheet.

Use the food with animal.

Find bird food:    Check the birds and Rover says they are the same birds as in the galley. Remember what that bird liked.

Exit the shack area. Check the cannon and get a flag piece.

Go to the beach and check the palm trees to get a piece of eight.  Take the hammock-fishing net.

Go back to town at right.

Scruffy:    Talk to Scruffy at the now opened fish store.

Try to buy fish but the price is too high. Scruffy lost his net. Trade the net from the beach with a fish-pickled herring.

Voodoo Ron's birds:

Go back to Ron's shack.

Review the symbols seen in the voodoo book.

Use the cheat sheet with Rover. See the cheat sheet diagram. Click on the symbols seen in the book.

While Rover is tingling red, use the pickled herring with the birds. Repeat if necessary.

Make Salamagundi:

Eyeball Recipe:    Talk to Ron about the spell. Ron gives the recipe.

Use recipe on Rover. See the ingredients needed for Salamagundi: fresh fruit or vegetable, hard boiled eggs, 2 kinds of fresh or pickle meat, wine and spices.

Spices:    Talk to Ron about spices needed. Ron gives the spices.

Get fresh fruit:    Go right and see a monkey perform a voodoo spell and gets a fresh mango.

If you missed the spell, exit the area and then comeback to see the monkey doing the spell.

Go near the mango tree. Knock-click on the tree.

Use cheat sheet on Rover. Select the symbols of the spell that the monkey performed.

Pick up the mango.

Hard boiled eggs:    If you haven't taken it yet, go to the beach and dig the sand mound to get 2 eggs.

Go right to town and enter the inn.

Go to the kitchen and use the 2 turtle eggs with the cauldron. Automatically get 2 hard boiled eggs.

Pickled meat:    The fish in inventory is a pickled herring.

Fresh meat:    See that the chef is holding ham while sleeping.

Use peppercorn with the mortar and pestle on the table to get pepper.

Use pepper with chef. Take the released ham.

Wine:    Who drinks fancy wine here at Groggy Island? Go to the fort at right side of town.

Enter fort:    Talk to Rufus the guard about seeing the governor.

You choose to bribe him and enter the fort if you like or practice voodoo. See that the palm tree behind Rufus has a coconut.

Click to knock on palm tree.

Use the cheat sheet on Rover and select the drop fruit icon at right to automatically do the spell. And that is why we don't stand under coconut trees.

Enter fort and see that the governor is not here. Look around.

Cabinet:    Check the candle left of door. Hear a click.

Check the cabinet at back wall. Get flag piece and piece of eight.

Check the map on the wall.

Wine:    Get wine from wine rack beside the cabinet.

Hide:    Hear someone coming. Hide!

Enter the cupboard left of wine rack. See Governor DeSilver talk to a witch doctor who owns his soul.

The witch doctor wants someone young. A need for a blood relative is mentioned. He wants young Jolly Rover.

Open the cabinet again after the governor leaves to get a piece of eight.

Exit the fort and go back to town.

Mix the ingredients:

Go back to the inn's kitchen and use the wine with the mixing bowl on the table. The cork is stuck.

Open the wine bottle:    Go back to the shack. Use the wine with the skull on the fence.

Go back to the inn's kitchen.

Use ham, boiled eggs, pickled herring, spices, mango and uncorked wine with the mixing bowl to get Salamagundi. Aaaaaaand we're done.

See the reaction of Captain Howell after eating the Salamagundi. They got Rover drunk.

Cannibal Island

Rover dreams of his father the famous clown.

Explore the beach:

Rover wakes up on a beach. Read the note from Captain Howell. Get crackers.

Read the sign. Check the hanging skeleton with blue hat to get piece of eight.

Check the conch and see that it still has the crab in there.

Check the mound. Get piece of eight from the box in mound.

Take the skull on the sand at right.

Explore the jungle:

Enter the jungle. See a pig run towards a mango on a barrel and springs a trap.

Take the crackers and mango on top of barrel.

Spring the ground trap:    Go right to next screen. See leaves on the ground and a pig munching on mango.

Lure the beast spell:

Use the voodoo book on Rover and study the Scare the Beast spell.

Since you want the pig to come to Rover in order to check the leaves on the ground; reverse the Scare the Beast spell.

Use the voodoo cheat sheet on Rover.

Select the symbols of the Scare the Beast spell BUT in reverse order.

While Rover is tingling red, use the mango with the pig. The pig falls in the trap.

Cross the hole:    Go back to the left and take the barrel.

Go left to the beach and take the sign.

Go back to the right until the hole on the ground.

Use the sign with the hole. Walk across the gap. Look down the hole to see what the pig is doing.

Take the rum hanging on the palm tree and the crackers on the stump.

See a half eater mango that is full of pig slobber on the ground.

Another trap:    Go right to next screen and see another pig. This time the pig is on this side of the trap.

Do the Scare the Beast spell on the pig. Pig passes safely over the trap.

Go right and try to take the crackers from the tree shelf.

After passing the trap, the trap is sprung and rings bells.

Watch as 2 women wearing masks talk about pirates are to be killed here. Antonio was safe because he got to the Captain first.

When the ladies leave, take the crackers from the tree shelf and the flag piece from the sprung murderous trap.

Make a mask:

Rover's plan is to have a mask similar to what the ladies wore.

Stockade:    Go right and see a stockade. Check the cauldron to get crackers. Get charcoal from under the cauldron.

Doing the drop fruit spell on the palm tree doesn't work.

Check the net twice to get piece of eight.

Check the bars on the window of the fort. See that it is a storeroom and get crackers.

Waterfall:    Go left to the waterfall. Look around.

Check the bird feeder on top of a wheel. Take dried corn. The feathers are too small for a mask.

Get tropical bird feathers:        See tropical birds on the cliff right of the waterfalls. Rover wants to catch one of those birds.

Check the plant at bottom left and get piece of eight.

Cauldron:    Check the plant on top left beside the water. See a cauldron with 4 depictions that make a spell.

Use the cheat sheet on Rover and select the symbols found on the cauldron. The position of the body is on top. The face expression on the left. The mouth shape of the cauldron depiction is associated with the geometric shapes on the head column of the chart.

His belt buckle heats up. He writes it down on the voodoo book.

The cauldron boils. Use the mango and rum on the hot cauldron.

Get mango jam from the cauldron.

Use mango jam on the bird feeder. Go right to the stockade.

Go back to the bird feeder at the waterfall. Take the sticky bird feathers from the bird feeder.

Make a mask:    Use the charcoal with the barrel to make barrel with a face.

Use sticky feathers with barrel with a face to make tribal mask.

Use tribal mask with Rover.

Enter Stockade:

Go right to the stockade.

See the 2 ladies do the code knock on the gate of the stockade: knock, knock, 3 rapid knocks and 2 rapid knocks. If you missed the knock, exit the screen and then go back again.

Go right again to the gate of the stockade. Do the secret knock: knock, knock, 3 rapid knocks and 2 rapid knocks.

The guard asks your name - Julie Rover. Answer the next question - Captain Butcher sent me out to make a mask.

Watch as Captain Clara Silvereye defies Captain Butcher. Julie Rover tells the ladies about a ship west of here.

Rover identifies himself to Clara and follows her.

Meanwhile - Governor DeSilver talks to an informant about Captain Silvereye sighting.


Clara enters a cave. Below the cliff is her father's ship.

Rover loses Clara. Select any exit until you come back out at the mouth of the cave.

Check the ghost sign twice and get a piece of eight. Click on Rover and he says he needs a compass or something.

Talk to Clara and find out that her father is Captain Silvereye. Clara thinks the Voices of the Dead spell sounds promising.

Read the ingredients needed for the Voices o' the Dead spell in the voodoo book: conch, rum and gunpowder.

Collect ingredients:

Rum:    We already have rum in inventory.

Gunpowder:      Go back to the stockade at right.

Pass by the stockade and get stopped by Howell imprisoned in the stockade with Captain Butcher.

Captain Howell will give Rover gunpowder in exchange for getting them out of the cell. Howell also states a plan on how to get the keys from the guard.

Lure the guard:    Howell said to make a noise.

Place the dried corn in the cauldron.

Use the cheat sheet on Rover and select the heat iron spell. This action pops the popcorn.

Rufus the guard comes out and checks the noise. Talk to Rufus.

Knock the guard:     Howell said to knock the guard out.

Use the drop fruit spell on the palm tree with coconut above Rufus.

Click on tree. Use cheat sheet on Rover. Select the drop fruit spell.

Rover automatically takes the keys and gives it to Howell.

Released Howell gives Rover the gunpowder.

Conch:    Go forward to the jungle until the beach.

If you have not taken the skull from the sand at right, do so.

Use the skull with the conch at left. Take the discarded conch.

Check the jug beside the box on the sand to get crackers.

Click on sea-horizon twice to get piece of pirate flag.

Return to Clara:    Go back to the stockade. Check the bars of the stockade and get piece of pirate flag.

Go left to the waterfalls. Take the dried corn on the bird feeder and also get crackers.

Go back to the right and up to the caverns.

Navigate the caverns:

Prepare the Voices of the Dead spell:

In inventory use the conch with the rum.

Use gunpowder with the stump at left of the clearing.

Place the conch on the stump.

Use the voodoo cheat sheet with Rover. Select the symbols of the spell.

Get a magic conch.

Caverns:    Enter the cave.

Use the magic conch on the exits. If you hear a voice, use that exit.

Keep on using the magic conch and select the exit that sings another phrase of the song.

Yo - ho ho - ho a - pirates life - for me.

The Red Herring

Crew Red Herring:

Look around and check the hatch with the rusty hinges.

Cabin:    Go left to the cabin and look around.

Check the jar on the desk by the door to get a piece of eight. Click on jar again to take the empty jar.

Check the locked chest and map. Check the locked cupboard at left.

Check the pillow on the bed and get a small key. Open the wardrobe at right to get crackers.

Use the small key on the cupboard. It opens. Rover checks the coat inside to get piece of eight and a large key.

Use the large key with the chest by the window. Get a piece of eight and a cutlass.

Use large key on the chest under the map. It fits but not turn. In inventory combine the large key and the small key to get super key.

Use super key with the chest under the map. Get a strange wooden plate - compass 1 and old book - Silvereye's journal.

Use Silvereye journal on Rover. Read the Captain's log. Learn that they captured the Santa Maria and its treasure. Splinters wants to hide it in the other cove on Shipwreck Island. He noted a holey compass. They took refuge from the maelstrom at Cannonball Island.

See that the last page about the Tree House has directions.

Raise the dead spell:    Study the voodoo book.

Learn that you need blood of living relative, rum, gun powder and fresh water.

There are rum and gunpowder in inventory already.

Fresh water:    Exit the ship. Go to lagoon and then to caverns.

Go to the stockade and left to waterfalls.

Use the empty jar on the waterfalls to get jar with ingredients.

Use jar with ingredients with rum and gunpowder.

Go back to Clara; via caverns and Red Herring.

Use the jar with ingredients on Clara to get her blood.

Use the completed jar with ingredients on the hatch.

Use the cheat sheet with Rover. Select the symbols of the Raise the Dead spell.

Captain Silvereye brings the ship home. Clara runs after her father's ghost.

Shipwreck Island

Find Clara:

Red Herring:    Check the barrels outside the ship to get crackers.

Take rope from the ground, block and crank of the crane.

Lookout Point:     Go left to the cove and right to Lookout Point.

Take piece of eight from one of the cannonballs and crackers from the crate.

Take the barrel of gunpowder for later usage inside the tree trunk.

Check the 2 fencing trees.

Forest:    Go right to the forest.

Take the block from the ground right of the craved tree.

Take crackers from the face at left and the top face.

Continue to the right and find Clara. Her father passed through the blocked entrance.

Clear blockage:

Barrel of gunpowder:    Click the barrel of gunpowder on the rocks of the blockage. Rover goes back to get the barrel.

Rover is stopped by the tree with 3 faces.

Raise the barrel of gunpowder:    Use the block with rope in inventory. Use the block and rope on the other block to make block and tackle.

Use the block and tackle on the vines wrapped on the branch at right side of the tree.

Use the barrel of gunpowder in inventory on the block and tackle. Rover rolls the barrel closer to the block and tackle.

Go left to the Lookout Point. Look around. Take flag piece inside the tree.

Go back to the tree at right. Use the cutlass on the vine hanging from the branch at left.

Use the vine on the barrel of gunpowder. Rover wraps the vine on the barrel and hooks it to the block and tackle.

Click on the block and tackle and Rover raises the barrel. Job well done.

Go to the blockage at right. Use the barrel of gunpowder on the blockage and Rover goes back to roll the barrel of gunpowder to here.

Light the gunpowder:   

Stick a metal on the gunpowder by using the cutlass on the barrel.

Use the cheat sheet on Rover and select the heat the iron spell. Boom!

Unlock the tree house:

See Clara at the cemetery. Clara tries the wheel on the tree house but forgot the combination.

She comments that father has a code to remember the combination. It uses birthdays.

Find the code:    Read the last page of Silvereye's journal.

Tree house: North, Clara starboard, Alexander port, Mary starboard, north.

Read the journal and learn that Clara's birthday is in May.

Captain Silvereye's birthday is August 24.

Talk to Clara. Learn about the combination for the wheel. The wheel is turned using the number associated with the month. Port is left and starboard is right. Ask her when is her birthday - May 25th.

Go to the graves at the cemetery at left. Read the gravestone. Mary, Clara's mother and Alexander's wife was born June 6th.

Use the wheel:    Click on the wheel. Using the clues based on the code in the journal and the birthdays; turn the wheel.

North (arrow points up)

5 clicks to the right-clockwise

8 clicks to the left-anti clockwise

6 clicks to the right-clockwise

North 3 clicks anticlockwise (arrow points up).

A boat elevator drops down from the tree top.

Find the treasure:

Tree house:    After Clara goes to sleep, search the tree house for clues.

Check the fruit bowl by the boat and see that it is made up of wood and stuck to the bowl. The bowl is nailed to the table. Compare the painting above it to the fruit bowl. Something is missing.

Take the small jug with 3 teardrops drawn on it from the hutch.

Open the top drawer of the hutch to get a piece of eight.

Open the bottom drawers of the hutch to get crackers. Open it again to get more crackers.

Take a piece of eight from the wardrobe by the bed.

Take the piece of pirate flag from under the rug.

Use the super key on the chest at the foot of the bed. Take a piece of eight and wooden banana.

Place the wooden banana on the fruit bowl. The painting swings open. Take compass #3.

Forest floor by tree house:    Go down to forest floor using the boat elevator.

Check the face of the right tree to get crackers.

Well:    Take the large jug with 5 droplets drawn on it beside the well.

Check the well. It is missing a handle. Use the crank on the well to get compass 2.

Use the crank again to get piece of eight from the bucket.

Grave:    See Captain Silvereye by his wife's grave. He asks to rest.

Use the reverse Raise the Dead spell.

Captain Silvereye gives a flag piece and states that Gaius' father is very proud.

Forest:    Go to the forest right of the boat elevator.

Compass and stumps:    This is a random puzzle.

Look close at stump(s) in the forest. See brown circles on the stumps.

The aim of the puzzle is to show all the brown circles through holes of a compass that is placed over it.

Only the holes with brown circles are to be seen and the other holes of the compass if there are any should be covered by another compass. Combination of compasses can cover the holes of the compasses under it.

The arrow will point to the next direction to go to. Gaius will say if done correctly.

He will mark the checked stump with the correct direction. Move the cursor on the stump and the cursor will change to a directional arrow. I've matched all the holes!

Forest 1:    The starting area in the forest has 2 stumps.

Look close at both stumps in first area with stumps. See circles on the stumps.

Check which stump shows the circles through any one of the compasses. 

Place a compass on the stump. Turn it to see if all the brown circles show through and match the compass.

If there are extra holes, use another compass to cover the holes with no brown circles.

Mix, match and turn compasses to get the correct solution.

Go forward to where the arrow points.

Do this to all the stumps until the totem area.

Totem:    See a totem with 4 compasses on its side and an ugly mug on top.

Place compass 1 on bottom plate; compass 2 on second from bottom plate and compass 3 from second from top plate.

The top compass is already on the top plate. Take the ugly mug from the top of the totem.

Take all 4 compasses from the plates of the totem.

Take piece of eight from the top plate now that compass 4 is removed from it.

Tree carvings:    Check the tree carvings.

Pull the arm of the tree carving on the left. The mouth opens. Take cracker from its mouth.

Click on the bag hanging on top of the contemplative tree carving on the right. The nailed bag is too high.

Use the heat iron spell. The bag slides down. It is a flag piece.

Forest again:    Go left to go back to the forest.

See that this is the start of the forest area that has 2 stumps.

Use the compass on the other stump. A new direction is pointed at and is the start of another compass-stump trek through the forest.

Use the compass(es) on the stumps until the cove is reached.


Figure out capstan:    Look around.

Check the hole below the tree craving on the right. Get crackers.

Check the capstan and see that the plank of wood through it won't budge.

There are holes on top of the capstan. Use the ugly mug on the top of the capstan. A perfect fit.

Look at the ugly mug on the capstan. It has a single droplet etched on its side.

Check the broken jug on the ground by the right tree. It has a single droplet on it.

That's what it needs - to have a single drop poured into it.

Use the small jug (3 droplets) with the waterfall. In inventory, use the filled small jug with the large jug (5 droplets).

Use the small jug with the waterfall again and use the filled small jug with the large jug in inventory again. One droplet is left in the small jug and the large jug is filled with 5 droplets.

Use the small jug with one droplet on the mug. The water stayed in the mug.

Turn the capstan and the rock at left moved to show an opening.

Check the capstan again and get piece of eight.

Enter the cave. See Silvereye's treasure and the Santa Maria.

Enter DeSilver. DeSilver explains what he has done. DeSilver gives a pirate farewell to Rover.

Gaius' father wakes him up.

Leave Island:

Rover wakes up in a small island. Check the barrel and get crackers.

Take the noose and boot on the sand. Use the boot on Rover twice to get piece of eight.

Call a ride:    Use the cheat sheet on Rover. Select the Lure a Beast spell.

While tingling red, throw the boot to the sea.

Use the noose on the turtle.

Leave island:    Rover throws the end of the rope over the barrel.

Use cheat sheet on Rover. Select the Scare Beast spell.

Click on the barrel while tingling red.

Groggy Island

Momma turtle leaves Rover where she laid her eggs.

Wedding:    Go up to the shack. Read the note tacked on the sign. Ron went to the wedding.

Go to town. Check the sign on the fish store.

Enter the inn and talk to Puggy. Learn about the wedding. Captains Howell and Butcher are getting married. Rover is supposed to be the best man.

Get crackers from the bucket o' crackers.

Fort:    Go right to the fort and see Rufus wearing a pot on his head.

You can either bribe him with 8 pieces of eight or incapacitate him.

Use the heat iron spell. The pot on Rufus' head gets hot and he throws it off.

Click on palm tree above Rufus. Use the drop fruit spell. There goes Rufus again.

Save Clara:

DeSilver:    DeSilver is not in his office.

Use the bowl of wooden fruit on the book shelf with a ship in a bottle. Get 3 wooden balls and see a lever.

Use the lever and see a secret passage.

Enter the passage and see DeSilver and witch doctor.

Clara is in a basket above the bubbling pool. Clara must agree to the exchange of souls.

Use wooden fruit with DeSilver.

Take the cutlass from the ground. Take crackers from the cauldron. Take the bags and the canvas on the ground.

Take crackers from the bookshelf. Check the altar.

Escape:    Use the crane to bring Clara back to land.

The volcano is erupting. The exit is blocked by rocks. Take a rock from the landslide at the entrance.

Talk to Clara.

Use canvas bag with the steam vent and see it float away.

Use the sail canvas on the basket. Rover ties the sail canvas on the basket.

Plug the other vent with the rock. The other vent fills the canvas sail with steam.

Take the rock plugging the other vent.

Jump in the basket that is not steaming anymore.

Use the cutlass on the basket to cut off the weights.

Clara and Rover float into the sunset.

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