By SkyGoblin

Walkthrough by MaGtRo  


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

The main menu has continue, new game, load game, settings and exit.

The settings have selections and adjustments for fullscreen, sound volume, music volume and subtitles.

Behind the Scenes is added when the game is finished.

The in-game menu is accessed by ESC key or placing the cursor at top of the page. The drop down menu has load game folder, save game disk, settings gear and exit cross.

The inventory is at bottom of the screen. To use an item; click-hold the selected item out of the inventory bar. And then move to the labeled active item or person you want it to work on and release the cursor.

There are 3 saved game slots and an autosave.

In Win7, the saved game folder is located at C:\Users\computer name\AppData\Roaming\SkyGoblin\TheJourneyDown(1 or 2) folder.

Chapter One

May 2012

Central St. Armando:

Two goons enter the Agibo University. Outside a closed office, they call out to a professor. Forcing their way in; they realize that the office is empty. They see a paper lead on the table about Gas and Charter.

They inform the boss who demands they find his book and Bozi. He orders the goons to kill them.

Gas and Charter:

Power goes out at a gas station. Bwana talks to Kito and learns that their electricity has been cut off because of nonpayment of 4000 dollars to Armando Power Co. They have no power to pump their gas. They decide to open the power box and meddle with the insides.

Power box:   Click on the power box to get Bwana to open it.

Click on the 4 brackets; the thingies holding the hatch in place that has a warning sign on it.

Click on box to remove the hatch.

See a switch connected to all sort of dangerous things.

Pull the switch and see what happens. The whole city of St. Armando's power goes out.

Bwana immediately fixes things and the gas station has power.


Office:    Lina from the University asks about a book. Bwana says there are a lot of old books at the attic left by Kaonandodo.

At the Charter office, Bwana remembers that they used the rungs of the ladder as firewood. He needs time to think of how to get the attic.

Look around.

Check the green folders on the table full of candles.

Check the cash register and Bwana is reminded that Johnsson Electric was bought by Armando Power Co.

Fix the ladder:    Check the pilot certificate on the wall given by Kaonandodo before he disappeared.

Go to the cupboard under the window and open it. Bwana gets breadsticks and after tasting it realizes they are stale.

Move the cursor to bottom of screen. Use the breadsticks on the ladder. Click-hold the breadsticks and release them on the ladder. The breadsticks work well as rungs. Climb up.

Look for the book:    At the attic, Bwana reminisces that Kaonandodo, their father left them when they were kids.

Lina asks Bwana to help her look for a book with swirly signs on the cover.

Check the bookshelf right of the fireplace. It has plants books.

Check the dresser below and Bwana gets a good blue shirt out of other moth eaten clothes.

Take the paintbrush from the fireplace. Check the candles at foreground.

Check the picture on the side table. It's a picture of a young Bwana being taught how to fly a plane by his father Kaonandodo.

Check the bed. Bwana finds the book - Journal of Journey Down. Lina explains that it is a book on how to reach Underland. Any book relating to the Underland is illegal. Lina has been searching for books mentioning Underland. She thinks that something is fishy about Armando Electric Co. and she thinks it has a connection to the Underland.


At the Charter office below, Lina wants to inform the university about her find but realizes the phone is not working.

Bwana says he needs to reset the number after the power went down but he forgot the number.

Check the green folders on the table full of candles. Learn the phone number of the office: 99 - 450.

Open the phone box again and try to change the numbers. They won't move.

- Turn the dials below to the matching color of the wires they are attached to - left red, middle orange and right green. The power light lits up.

- Turn the numbers to enter 450. Ahh that's it.

Lina calls the professor and learns about the office search. Lina says she knows where to hide.

Lina asks Bwana if the plane flies. Sure!

Airplane and surrounding area:

Lina, Bwana and brother Kito are inside the airplane. After assuring Lina and convincing Kito about getting rid of the debt; he informs Lina that they need to do some touch ups on the plane.

Learn that the plane needs a couple of engines, propeller and something to steer with.

Lina and Underland:    Enter the plane and talk to Lina. Learn about enemies, Prof. Steeplehead Moorehead, blank records and Armando Electric.

Hatch:    Look around.

Check the hatch left of Lina. Take the wrench.

Check the hole where the steering wheel is supposed to go.

Outside:    Go right and look around.

Check the winch for the anchor above Bwana.

Check the pictures and blueprints on the left wall. Learn that Kito is a good mechanic.

Take the net where Kito sleeps. Exit the plane.

Pier:    Go left and down under the Gas sign left of the plane.

See a mouse, oil faucet and a float in the water.

See Mama Makena's diner. She cooks the best muddyuggler stew in Armando. Go back up.


Office:    Enter the Charter office.

Check the overhead fan. Bwana wants to bring it down to use as a propeller.

Check the fridge at left. Get cheese.

Check the picture on the wall and the portrait behind the office counter. Learn Capt Kaonandodo adopted Bwana and Kito from the streets. Click on picture again. We miss you. Where did you go?

Mama Makena's Diner:

Exit the office and go down at right of screen.

Paint can:    See a white paint can on the steps.

Use the paint brush on the paint can to get brush with white paint.

Go right to Mama Makena's Diner.

Sophisticated Sailors:    Talk to the sailors. They are from MS Corollo.

The stew is spicy. The sailor gives the chili. They are going to Port Artue.

Rufus:    Check the dog. He would not let Bwana enter the door to the diner.

Mama Makena:    Talk to Mama Makena.

Get the propeller down:

Matoke:    Talk to Matoke who is fishing. Learn about his fear of rats and his fishing pole. He won't let Bwana borrow his pole.

Get the fishing pole:    Go back to the pier left of the airplane. See the rat that might scare Matoke.

Use the cheese on Matoke's float that is on the water. See the rat jump on the float.

Go back to Matoke at the diner. Talk to Matoke. He reels in the rat.

Bwana unratifies the pole by getting the fishing rod. The rat runs off with the hook.

Get a hook:    Go left of the diner and up the steps to the street. Read the charter sign at left.

Check the garbage bin at bottom left to get hook.

In inventory click-hold the fishing rod and release it over the hook to get fishing rod with hook.

S. Kingsport station:    Check the elevator and the card terminal at right.

Learn that an ARA or maintenance card is needed to use the elevator to the train stop above.

Read the graffiti left of the elevator. People open your eyes.

M.S. Corollo:    There is a road at center that goes to the ship.

See the sailors' ship. Someone is welding above. The dockmaster is by the ship.

Go right and see a box of salt, forklift and a pelican on a nest.

Get the propeller:    Go back to the Charter office.

Use the fishing rod on the overhead fan. Bwana brings it down but one blade breaks off.

Fix the propeller:

M.S. Corollo:    Exit the office. Go to the street at right screen and then to the M. S. Corollo left of the elevator at the station.

Talk to the dockmaster. The new deckhand should know the password.

Learn the password:    Go back to the sophisticated sailors at Mama Makena's.

Talk to the sailors about the password. They don't believe Bwana is the new sailor because he doesn't have the proper clothes.

Go left. In inventory combine the paint brush with white paint and the blue moth eaten shirt to get shirt with stripes.

Go back to the sailors and use the shirt with stripes on them. Get the password: Fear the hungries.

Enter the ship:    Go back to the dockmaster at the ship. Talk to him again about the password.

Bwana shows his shirt. He is given a mop.

Talk to dockmaster again to learn about misty Port Artue and Underland.

Enter the ship.  See a yacht left of the ship that might have engines that Bwana can borrow.

Welder:    Go right and talk to the welder. It's a Miss and she's busy. See that she is welding the nut of the canisters.

Fix the propeller:    Go left and use the gas canister. This increases the gas. Hear the welder scream.

Go right; see that the welder is temporarily blinded.

Immediately use the wrench on the nut of a canister.

Use the propeller on the nut of the canister so that it is next in line to be welded.

If the welder recovers before you have placed the broken propeller; do the gas canister again. Bwana enjoys doing it.

The welder gives the propeller back to Bwana.

Airplane:    Exit the ship and go back to the plane. Give the propeller to Kito.

Steering wheel:

Get rid of Rufus from diner door:    Remember that Rufus the dog would not let Bwana enter the diner.

Go to the M.S. Corollo. Left of the ship see a buoy on the water.

Use the fishing rod on the buoy. Bwana reels in a crab trap.

Use the net taken by the plane on the cage to get a crab.

Go to Rufus at Mama's diner. Use the crab on Rufus. Rufus runs away.

Get a steering wheel:    Enter the diner. Talk to Mama.

Click on the ship's wheel on the wall beside Mama. Get a steering wheel.

Get a rod to hold the wheel:    Go back to the plane.

Use the steering wheel on the hole of the dashboard of the plane. See that the wheel needs something to hold it.

Go to the ship. Go right of the ship to see the pelican sitting on its nest.

The bird would not let Bwana check the lever of the forklift.

Go to the pier left of the plane. Use the fishing rod on water to get muddyuggler.

Go back to the pelican. Give it the muddyuggler - ugh! It just gobbled it.

Fish for another muddyuggler at the pier left of the plane.

In inventory combine the chili taken from the sailors with the muddyuggler.

Give it to the pelican. Uh Oh!

Check the nest. There's something shiny up there.

Use the lever to lower the forklift. It is rusty.

Use the wrench on the lever of the forklift. Take the metal rod from the nest.

Install the steering wheel:    Go back to the plane. Enter the cockpit.

Use metal rod on hole. Use the steering wheel from Mama Makena on the metal rod.



Enter the yacht:    Go back and enter the ship. See the yacht at left.

Use the switch right of the ladder to adjust the crane above.

Start clicking the switches and Bwana says that it doesn't make any sense. I HATE PUZZLES!

Bwana solves the puzzle his way. Hahahahahah.

Climb the ladder. Learn that Bwana has fear of heights.

Bwana drops down on the yacht and the crane's hook follows.

Help the chef:    Bwana enters the yacht. Talk to the concierge.

Enter the door at right and see Sabo the chef crying. Try to talk to him. Yikes!

Go back to the kitchen. Talk to Sabo. Learn that he is making a muddyuggler stew and he can't do it right.

Exit the yacht.  Go to Mama Makena and ask her about her stew. Her secret is her magic spice that is added at the end of cooking.

Collect Mama Makena's secret recipe ingredients:

Mama Makena runs out of her secret recipe and asks Bwana to collect the ingredients.

She gives the recipe and the spice container. To review the ingredients, right click the recipe: salt, lemon, chilies, extra virgin oil, ginger and chervil.

Chilies:    Combine the chilies taken from the sailors with the spice container.

Extra virgin oil:    Go back to the pier left of the plane. Use the spice container on the oil tap.

Lemon:    Enter the Charter office. Check the blue cup on the counter to get lemon added in with the mix.

Chervil:    Go up the ladder and check the books on the bookshelf. Bwana finds chervil and adds it to the mix.

Salt:    Go to the ship. Go right of the ship where the pelican and the forklift is located.

Get salt from the box left of the forklift. Bwana adds it to the mix.

Ginger:  Enter the ship and climb the ladder to go to the yacht.

Enter the kitchen. Go through the freezer at far right exit.

The door freezes at top to lock Bwana inside the walk-in freezer.

Check the 4 cabinets of the wall freezer. See frozen bread, exotic food and ginger.

Bwana gets ginger. Combine ginger with spice container. The spice mix is finished.

Exit the freezer:    Examine the panel left of the freezers. Play with the switches.

The left red button is the power switch. The middle and right switches directs the flow of the radiator by the door.

The knob on top adjusts the temperature. Use the knob and Bwana sets it to hot.

The power button doesn't stay down.

Pick up the gum from the floor. Use the gum on the left power button to hold it down.

See that the middle button blows hot air from the bottom radiator. Turn the middle button off.

Press the right button to get the top radiator to blow the ice off the top of the door.

Exit the freezer. Use the spice container on the stew pot. Tingling sensation. It's delicious.


Get toast for canapés:     Sabo checks his toast for canapés and sees them burnt.

Enter the freezer again. Open the top left freezer to get frozen bread.

Use the frozen bread on the bottom radiator by the door.

Go to the control panel at left. Turn off the right switch and turn on the middle switch.

Take the toast.

The top is frozen again. At the panel, turn off the middle button and turn on the right button.

Exit the freezer and give the toast to Sabo.

VIP Lounge:

Enter the VIP lounge:    Exit the kitchen and talk to the concierge. He would not let Bwana enter the VIP lounge.

Go back to the kitchen and take the canapés made by Sabo from the counter.

Go back to the concierge and show him the canapés.

A guest comes out and wants the canapés. He gets Bwana inside the lounge.  Nobody likes me.

VIP Guest- hungry man:    The VIP guest's favorite is the black canapés; he definitely doesn't like the white ones served the last time.

The guest eats all the canapés. Look around.

Get more canapés from the kitchen. In inventory use the brush with white paint on the black canapés. Do it in the freezer.

Go back to the lounge. The hungry man stops Bwana and declines the white canapés.

Engine room:

Enter the engine room:    Go right to be outside. The man asks for canapés.

Enter the door at bottom of the stairs. Bwana says to the man that stops him that it's captain's orders.

That was the captain! Bwana uses the mop to bar the door.

Find another way out:    Check the engines.

Press the button right of the door. It controls the hatch in the ceiling.

Activate the button:    Check the switchboard right of the button.

See the power switch puzzle. Arrange the wires on the plates so that outside wires are all connected.

Click a plate to rotate it. Hah! Too easy.

Deliver the engine:    Press the button right of door to open the ceiling hatch.

Remember the crane that dropped down with Bwana earlier - that is convenient to get the engines.

Bwana delivers the engine to Kito. They're beautiful!

Meanwhile: See the boss orders the shutdown of a whole district that has hospitals. The 2 goons report about the gas station owned by Kaonandodo at Kingsport Bay. The boss orders them to get me that book and leave no witnesses.



Raise the anchor:

Winch handle:    Go inside the plane and then to the right.

Pull the winch left of the entrance. The winch is all crooked and can't raise the anchor.

Bwana takes the crooked winch handle.

Go above and Bwana tells Kito about the winch.

Get a maintenance card:

There's no place to straighten the winch around here. Let's check above ground.

Station:    Go to the train station elevator outside on the street.

Check the elevator and the card terminal. We need a maintenance card.

Maintenance card:    Go inside the ship. Check the welder at right.

See her access card on the railing. She is tired. Check the mug she is holding. She is out of coffee.

Get coffee:    Go to Mama Makena's diner. Enter through the door to be inside the diner.

Check the coffee maker. It's empty. She will make more if the customer asks for it.

Exit and talk to the coffee drinker sitting at the counter. The customer likes strong coffee; nothing worse than diluted coffee.

Note where he places his cup and check the pipe dripping water.

Move the pipe to the right. Ah - the drip is pointing another way from the cup.

Use the wrench on the pipe to turn it over the cup of strong coffee. That diluted his coffee.

The customer wants more coffee. Mama Makena makes more of her volcanic rock coffee.

Enter the diner door and click on coffee. Bwana takes the whole pot of coffee.

Go back to the welder at the ship. Use the coffee on her mug.

Click on the access card on the railing and the welder lets him borrow the card.

Find a way to straighten the winch handle:   

Card terminal:    Go to the station's elevator at the street.

Use the access card on the card terminal. It wants a passcode.

I think I'm in for a puzzle. Check - right click the access card in inventory.

See the diagram at top right of the card. There is a line that passes through 4 dots.

The dots are reminiscent of the number pad of the card terminal.

Use the card on the terminal again. Press buttons: 3 2 5 7. Access granted.

Vendor:     Enter the elevator. Press the up button.

Talk to the vendor at the newsstand. The train doesn't stop here anymore. Learn about how Kaonandodo adopted Bwana and Kito. Learn that Armando Co. owns the railway also.

Read the tabloid and learn about the discovery of renewable energy source from the Underland mined by Armando Mining Co. Hmmm...

Train railways:    See a train pass by. Check the track.

Use the crooked winch handle on the track. Bwana says that might work but he will not stand on the track.

Go under the rail track:    Since Bwana doesn't want to be on the rail track - let's go under the rail track.

Enter the elevator. Press the down button.

As soon as you see a panel through the elevator glass wall - press the red X stop button.

Adjust the 4 bolts on each corner to match the slots-lines. If access to some bolts is not possible; press the up-down button and then stop to gain access to the screws.

Once all 4 screws are aligned with the slots, take the plate off by clicking on it.

Go through the sabotaged window now. See Bwana under the rail track.

Use the winch handle on the rail track. It's straight as an arrow man!

Go down. Go down the elevator and back to the plane.

Raise anchor:

Enter the plane and to the right to be outside.

Use the winch handle on the winch. Use the winch. Good job Bwana.

We are going over the edge. Let's get outta here! They're chasing us. We're taking off. You can stop screaming now. Bwana Air. Gas? Right, Kito?

We might have a problem here.


Be sure to check the Behind the Scenes.

Chapter Two

August 2014

An eel trawler is amidst the mist. They are stranded and without food. They caught something in the net. It is an airplane. They reel the airplane in. Bwana, Kito and Lina meet the sailors.

Learn from Joe that the lighthouse is out of order and that they rely on it to get their bearing in navigation.


Figure out what direction the ship is going:

Joe:    Talk to Joe. Joe is on watch to look for Port Artue. Learn that they are moored to the buoy.

They are on M.S. Biko an eel trawler. There are only mist, Bwana does not hear water. One morning, the lighthouse was just gone from view.

Lina:    Talk to Lina. Bwana's father's book helps a lot in learning about Underland. They have to reach Underland.

Airplane:    Go down on the right side of the trawler. Walk the net to the upside down airplane.

Kito is seasick. Talk to Kito to hear a synopsis of Chapter 1.

Borrow the screwdriver from the toolbox. Take the duct tape from the safety belt of pilot's chair.

Use the screwdriver to take the compass from the instrument panel.

Joe:    Give (click-hold-move item in inventory) the compass to Joe. They are at NNE.

Now they need map to know where they are. The captain is no help.

Search the cabin:

Look around:    Check (right click) the buoy in the mist.

Check the sign of the name of the ship.

Check the wires on the wall right of the steps. Bwana gets zapped and see that the wires are loose.

Cabin:    Enter the cabin. Press the button on wall. It is not working.

Fix the wires:    Go back outside and fix the wires. Use the duct tape from the plane on the loose wires.

Cabin:    Enter the cabin. Press the button on the wall.

Gimbo:    Gimbo is happy to have lights. Talk to Gimbo and learn that the captain spliced the wires to conserve energy. He is afraid of pirates and large eels.

Sisulus are bloodthirsty pirates. The hungries are giant eel that can swallow ships. The hungries do not come close when there are lights.

Port Artue is the only city in St. Armando and is usually fog covered.

Take the loose spring on the ceiling of the bottom bunk.

See the sink at left. It is the only source for anything to drink. Learn about eel rinse that the captain drinks.

Search the bridge:

Bridge:    Climb the steps and Bwana looks through the porthole.

See the Captain passed out drunk holding a bottle of eel rinse. There is a key hanging above a drawer.

Open the door:    The porthole is held by 2 screws and the door is locked.

Use the screwdriver on the porthole.

Use the spring on the key hanging above the drawer.

Use key on door. Enter the bridge,

Look around:    Check the captain. Check the drawer.

Navigation Book:    Get a book title Lost? A Mister's Guide to Navigation. Read the book. (Use the book as reference throughout this chapter).

Learn about the founding of Port Artue, the lighthouse and the catch.

Learn that eel's silth is the main ingredient of eel rinse. The McFerrin Distillery is the processing plant.

Learn the uses of mistlobster, barnacles and mistweed.

See the size of the mistrawlers. They have huge hull. Upbound vessels need ballast tanks for bouyancy control to navigate mist and water.

Small eels are caught using nets while large eels require multiple harpoons.

To navigate without the use of the lighthouse, a barometer (depth), compass (bearing) and chart (location) are needed.

See a chart of marker descriptions, a map of the mist and how to do celestial navigation.

The Path Star is the only celestial reference in the mist. Using the star's location compared to the Celestial Navotorium, the longitude and latitude can be used using the Age index.

Learn about the dangers of the mist: the hungries, cliffs and piracy. The Outer Cross has cliffs which makes navigation impossible. It is also the place where pirates hide and do raids.

Go back to Port Artue:

Give the navigation book to Joe. He now knows they are at Northern Rubble. He steers them home.

See the introduction to the game.


While standing at downtown, Chief Barlow of the Police confiscates Kaonandodo's book from Lina. He arrests the 2 men and places them in the cell while he interrogates Lina.


Talk to Kito. Bwana hits his bunk.

Check the window, ball and chain, chain on the bunk, grate, skeleton and door. Kito and Bwana are chained to the bed.

Remove Bwana's chains:   

Talk to Kito a total of 3 times to break his bunk bed. Kito hangs upside down on his chains.

Bwana's chains break.

Find a way out:   

Take the ball and chain by door.

Check the grate to know that it connects this cell to the sewer below.

Check the window and Bwana can see outside.

Use the ball and chain on window. Bwana hangs the ball and chain on window.

Use the ball and chain and Bwana hits the wall. Do this 3 times until a hole on the wall is made.

Look around:    Exit and look around.

Check the plaque at right. It says workplace security system requires 2 operators at all times.

Check the lever and see that the buckets move. Bwana needs to prop this lever.

See that there are 3 buttons on the platform and one on the wall by ramp.

Check the empty cart at end of the ramp.

Check the cart on the beam at left. It has a pickaxe.

There's another mining cart at top left. The guard tower must not be manned.

Check the locked door at top of the ramp.

Get the axe:

Go back inside the cell. Right click the skeleton to get its hand.

Use the skeleton hand on the lever below the plaque. This activates the buttons.

The buttons move the 3 mining carts around.

The button on the wall by ramp turns the center gear that determines the direction the carts go.

The 3 buttons on the platform move the carts through the chains.

- Push the button on the wall to turn the middle gear to get the cart with axe to go up.

- Push left button on platform to move cart with axe to the top.

- Push button on wall twice to position the gear to go to the bottom rail.

- Push right button to move cart by ramp to bottom left.

- Push button on wall twice to turn the middle gear from top to right.

- Push middle button on platform to move the cart with axe to the ramp.

Take the axe from cart.

Get out of jail:

Release Kito:    Go back inside the cell and use the axe on Kito's chains.

Get out of jail:    Use the axe on grate. Enter grate.

Bwana climbs the tree on prison wall and Kito stands on ledge.

Kito will check the airplane while Bwana looks for Lina.


Get new clothes:

Arnie's alley:    Check the dumpster and get a can of lobster.

Check the poster on left wall. It says - Down with Moroboro.

Check Arnie's bar, the stick on the archway and the pigeon.

Woman by window:    Exit the alley. A woman opens the window across the road and drops her matches.

Bwana picks up the matches and lights her cigarette. The woman learns either Bwana has an airplane or he's from St. Armando.

Newspaper rack:    Check the newspaper rack by window. Read the headline about lighthouse sabotage.

Use the axe on rack and then get newspapers.

Look around:    Check the phone booth beside Lonnie's Used Mattress place and see a telephone directory.

Go left and see Cinema Rex across the street and a fancy place with a maître d at right.

Continue to the end of the road. See the M.S. Biko, the trawler they came in on.

Dark Alley:    Enter the dark alley at the corner.

See and talk to Moe and Vince. They are freezing waiting for goods to come to port.

They have good leather clothes and they want to sell a crate of them.

Take nachos from the crate by Moe.

Talk to Moe and Vince again. No shipment comes in after the lighthouse stopped.

They really need heat.

Learn about union membership hats and the political structure of Port Artue.

Make heat:    Place newspapers from rack on the empty drum between the 2 dockworkers.

Use the matches to get fire.

Talk to them again about clothes. They give Bwana permission to get leather clothes from the small crate.

Bwana comes out looking sharp.

Check the lighthouse:   

Exit the alley. Go left down the road to the lighthouse at far end.

Enter and talk to Morten. Learn that the Sisulus, the pirates on an airship arrived and smashed the lantern and destroyed things down here.

Morten needs the blueprint to fix the gears.

Learn about the use of the lighthouse. The misting depends on the lighthouse. The Pango Kubwa is where the locks are located and goes up and down to Saint Armando. The ships are the only way out right now. The trains are off limits to public.

Take the boltcutter below the doohickey.

Check the doohickey, the teapot with eelbladder brew on the fireplace and the anchor above the fireplace.

Learn about and take the model ship above the fireplace. It is the model of the Mistraker, the ghost ship.

Lantern:    Climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse.

Check the smashed lantern.

Radio:    Check the radio. See that it is broadcasting at frequency - 969. You can change the music by pressing the lit button to remove the record that is playing.

Press any of the lit button to place a new record. The arrows at right changes the frequencies.

Reel:    Check the rusty reel and the pulley that is used to bring things up to the top of the lighthouse.

Morten:    Go down and talk to Morten again.

Learn about the clock tower that is out of commission. The bells have not tolled for years.

Learn about the mayor.

Get a lantern for the lighthouse:

Club Temba:     Go back to downtown. Check the facade in between the steps leading to a maître d. It is a giant stone elephant head.

Climb the steps to the maître d guarding Club Temba.

Talk to the man. Learn about the telephone and lights.

Wire box:    Check the wire box right of the steps.

Use the axe to open the wire box. There are thick power cables in there.

Use the boltcutter on the wires in the box. The flood lights go off.

Talk to the maître d again about the lights. He hasn't heard anything about any repair.

Phone booth:   Check the matchbox thrown by the lady across the street from the alley. The phone number for Club Temba is 634 000.

Go right and enter the phone booth. Dial 634 000.

Say "this is management speaking".

Lamp:    Go back to Club Temba and the man.

Bwana takes the lamp.

Arnie's Bar:   

Crew of Biko:    Go back to the alley by the phone booth. Enter Arnie's bar.

Talk to the crew of Biko completely. Learn that Lina has been seen clinging to Chief Barlow.

Learn about Club Temba, Arnie's and misters. Gimbo doesn't want to go back to misting.

Learn about the Pango Kubwa locks again.

Navigation book:    Try to take the Navigation book (that has the lighthouse blueprint) from the table.

Gimbo doesn't want to give it because it has a picture of a lobster in it. He's still hungry.

Almanac:    Check the almanac on the wall. It has beautiful pictures of St. Armando. The bartender gives it to Bwana.

Bar stool and drain:    Check the bar stool and the drain on the floor. The drain is used for eel rinse waste.

Bartender and radio:    See that the radio is tuned to the record that you played at the lighthouse transmitter-radio.

Talk to the bartender. Learn that he pours the drinks for Club Temba's VIP lounge and sends it up with the food shaft behind the bar.

Learn about Barlow and mistfumes. Learn about the public band on the radio.

Exit the bar. If you haven't yet taken the can of lobster from the dumpster - do so now.

Fix the lighthouse:

Lantern:    Go back to the lighthouse. Go to the top of the lighthouse.

Replace the broken lantern with the lamp from Club Temba. The light is back on.

Go back down. Morten still needs the blueprint to get the lantern spinning.

Make lobster soup:    Use the can of lobster from dumpster on the teapot with eel brew.

Automatically get lobster soup in the can.

Get the navigation book:    Go back to Arnie's bar.

Give the lobster soup to Gimbo. Take the navigation book.

Go back to the lighthouse and give the navigation book to Morten.

He fixes the gears. Old faithful is spinning again.

Get to Lina:

VIP lounge:    Go back to Arnie's bar. Hear the crew of Biko decide to go back out to the mist. They finally convinced Gimbo to go with them.

Remember what you learned from the bartender earlier about the elevator shaft.

Climb the food shaft behind the empty bar.

See Barlow talk about Kaonandodo's book. He discourages Lina to learn more about Underland.

Barlow is stopped from killing Bwana when Lina tells Barlow that he is Kaonandodo's son.

Bwana is taken by the maître d-bouncer. Bwana recalls Kaonandodo's words about Underland - learn the truth.

Bwana exits from the dumpster. Check the backdoor of Club Temba up the steps.

Get info about Kaonandodo:

Ask around town about Kaonandodo:    Talk to the sailor outside the bar.

Enter the bar and talk to the bartender, Check the 2 sleepy sailors.

Take the empty bottle of eel rinse from floor.

Talk to the bartender again to learn about the pirates Sisulus and Outer Cross.

Andiswa-Andi :    Exit the alley and meet the lady on the window again.

Enter the building and learn that this is the Mayor's Office. Andiswa is the mayor's secretary. She dreams to leaving here and going to the St. Armando.

Map:    Check the map on the wall. Click on an icon and Andi comments about that location.

The train works only going up. See the McErrin Distillery. All that is distilled is sent to St. Armando.

See the cemetery and hospital. Learn about the Industrial Zone and the Enola.

Enola butterfly therapy is like getting the effects within 2 minutes from the booze misters drink without passing out.

See a box of cigar below the map, a fire extinguisher on the left of door and the smoke detector right of the window.

Check the stairs going up to the mayor's office.

Exit and check the fancy car.

Morten:    Go back to the lighthouse and talk to Morten about Kaonandodo.

Learn that Kaonandodo worked for Barlow and they were involved in shady business. They led an expedition to the Underland and one of the few that returned.

The last time Morten saw Kaonandodo is when he flew off in the mist.

The expedition left on Kaonandodo's pontoon plane. When it returned from the Underland it showed the hard times it went through and barely made it back.

The next day, Barlow was made Chief of Police and the expedition report was classified.

Get the Expedition Police report:

Mayor's Office:    Go to Andi at the Mayor's office again. Talk to Andi again. She's obsessed with St. Armando.

Give the Almanac from Arnie's bar to Andi.

Use the terminal and get Andi's permission.

Type in using your keyboard - Expedition.

See that the report is written by Leroy McIgbo, the former Chief of Police. It states corruption is involved in the expedition. The report is classified.

Andi says that classified reports are moved from here to the archive.

Ask around about McIgbo:    Talk to Morten at the lighthouse about McIgbo.

Go to the alley and then bar. Ask the bartender about expedition and McIgbo. Learn that he is a decent cop and loved by the little people.

Phone booth:    Enter the phone booth at entrance to the alley.

Look through the phone directory and check the number of Mrs. McIgbo under M.

Mrs. McIgbo:    Dial 510 842.

Learn that McIgbo disappeared 10 years ago. The police and Armando power company cleared his papers from his office. The power company has an office at Charnel Road here at Port Artue.

Get to Charnel Road:

Fancy car:    Check the fancy car in front of Lonnie's Used Mattress building.

Taxi:     Go left to the Cinema Rex across Club Temba.

Ride Reynolds the taxicab driver complains about Mack that sold him a tire that went flat. Talk to Reynolds.

Check the ticket booth of Cinema Rex.

Harbor:    Go forward to the end of the road until the harbor. See that Biko the trawler is gone.

See another boat with a rubber boat. There's a crane across the street from the boat and adjacent to the train station.

Check the rubber boat. Bwana deflates the rubber boat. Take the rubber boat.

Train station:    Check the locked door across the boat.

It is the entrance to the train station that connects Port Artue to St. Armando. Unauthorized entry is forbidden.

Get a tire:    Go back to the fancy car parked by the phone booth.

Use the rubber boat on the fancy car. Bwana places it under the car.

Enter the mayor's office at right.

Try to take the fire extinguisher left of door. It is locked in place. Andi says it can be taken only in case of emergencies.

Use the match on the smoke alarm right of the window. The smoke alarm is triggered and the clamps of the fire extinguisher opens.

Take the fire extinguisher. Exit the building.

Use the fire extinguisher on the rubber boat under the fancy car.

Click on the fancy car to get a tire-wheel.

Go back to Reynolds at Cinema Rex. Give him the wheel.


Enter the Power Company building:

Reynolds gives Bwana a free ride. They leave downtown and a big truck follows them. Bwana is dropped off in front of factories at the Industrial Park. The big truck parks in between the factories.

Armando Power Company office:    Check the locked door of the building at right.

Check the window above the door. Bwana wants to reach that window.

Check the window across the alley on the other building.

Tow truck:    Check the tow truck parked at left. It towed a police car.

Check the tow truck and see a control panel that needs a key.

Make a steel girder:

Steel mill:    Check the gate with a padlock.

Use the boltcutters on the gate. Enter the compound.

Get power to the building:    The building is dark. The control panel by Bwana is turned off.

Check the power box on the platform.

See a close-up the power panel. Turn the 4 dials until the meter is at extreme right.

Turn all the dials to the position that gives maximum movement (before going back to the left) of the meter needle.

Turn top left dial to 6 o'clock position.

Turn top right dial to 9 o'clock position.

Turn bottom left to 3 o'clock position.

Turn bottom right dial to 10 o'clock position.

Press the button under the meter.

Control panel:    Go down to the control panel and see what happens when Bwana presses the button.The process is to melt stuff.

Check the smelter and turn the handwheel at its side. There is not enough iron to make a girder. Bwana wants to make his own girder.

Key box:    Check the key box left of entrance and take the keys.

Get more iron:    Go back to tow truck. Use the keys on the tow truck. The rusty police car is released.

Go back to the steel mill. Activate the control panel and see the crane pick up the police car and places it on the smelter.

The police car is melted. Use the handwheel of the smelter. A steel girder is born.

Girder:    Activate the control panel again. Go out and see it pick up the newly made steel girder but it gets stuck between the 2 buildings.

Go back to the steel mill and climb the steps at right of the control panel.

Meanwhile at the Train station:     See the arrival of the boss of the Armando Power Company and his troops at the train station.

Chief Barlow wants them out of his town. The bigwig reprimands Barlow for losing the girl and the prisoners. He threatens Barlow that he might meet the same fate as McIgbo. He wants the book.

Search for the the missing police report:

Bwana enters the office window and confronts Lina. Lina explains the reason why she is with Barlow.

The book is in the safe at Club Temba. They start to search for the missing police report.

Check the bookshelf by window. Check each of the drawers at right.

Learn that the power company was once a mining company and they want to mine at Underland.

Barlow and Kaonandodo are the first ones to return from Underland. They are not believed because they showed no proof. There is supposed to be an old book with sketches and drawings - the Journal of the Journey down. Supposedly there is a strange new power source at Underland. Barlow gave interviews but Kaonandodo refused to talk.

See the report of the setting up of the power company expedition. The company hired Barlow as guide. They couldn't buy Kaonandodo, so they jailed him. He disappeared afterwards. Bwana says that Kaonandodo adopted him and Kito at St. Armando. It is after that time that Bwana wants to know.

Open the safe:    Lina find something in the computer. The drawers move and a safe on the wall is exposed.

Bwana uses the axe on the safe and removes the keypad cover.

Keypad:    See 9 buttons. The buttons corresponds to numbers 1-9 starting at top left to bottom right.

There are 4 bulbs at top that lights up when 4 buttons are pushed.

Red color means wrong number; orange color means correct number but wrong place and green color means correct number at correct place.

To deduce the 4 correct numbers: press one button 4 times and see if one of the lights turns green. Do this to all buttons.

You will then get 4 numbers that gives green light.

Play with the sequencing of those 4 numbers to open the safe.

Press 4 5 7 1. The police report is in the safe.

Police report:    Bwana and Lina are in the taxi coming back from the power company office.

Lina reads the police report that states that Barlow took over the police chief position after the power company killed McIgbo for writing about the corruption.

Madame Sisulu:    The large truck forced the taxi off the bridge. The taxi is caught in a clamp by a large plane and brought into a large airship.

Madame Sisulu the pirate chief wants the book. Lina tells her that it is in the safe at Club Temba. Madame Sisulu's people will break in the club to get the book.


Bwana and Lina are released by the pirates in the large truck in front of Lonnie's Used Mattress. They were freed because Madame Sisulu still need their help.

The two see that Club Temba is fenced in and guarded.

Bwana shows Lina the back door to the club. Lina will try to open the back door while Bwana looks for Kito and the airplane.

Find movie tickets:

Arnie's bar:    Enter the bar. Talk to bartender. 

Talk to the sad sailor. He has a crush on Andiswa. He hasn't really talk to her. Bwana recommends to take Andi to the cinema.

The video that the sad sailor has is about a romantic action movie.

Suspicious man and the pirate's truck:    Go to the street and talk to the suspicious man and the man in the truck parked outside Lonnie's Used Mattress store.

Andi at Mayor's office:    Go and talk to Andi.

Cinema Rex:    Go to the cinema. Talk to the couple outside the cinema.

Talk to the ticketman.

Check the popcorn machine. There's no popcorn because the shipments were taken by the pirates.

Get cigars:

Dockworkers:    Go to the alley beside the harbor. Talk to Vince and Moe.

They will give corn to Bwana in exchange for booze and cigars.

Get cigars:    Go to Andi at the mayor's office.

Click on the cigar box. Andi gives permission to get Senor Muerte cigars.

Get booze:   

Pigeon:    Go to the alley by Arnie's bar.

Click the nachos (gives 50% health to fat efficiency) taken from the dockworkers on the pigeon.

The bird gobbles it up and flies back to the stick. It gain so much weight that the stick didn't hold its new body.

Take the plunger.

Arnie's bar:    Go to Arnie's bar. Look at the drain on the floor. The bartender dumps eel rinse down the drain as hazardous waste.

Use the plunger on drain. Use the empty bottle taken from the bar earlier on the drain (while the plunger is on the drain).

Take the plunger back.

Check the bottle in inventory. The bottle is only half filled.

Lighthouse:    Check the teapot in the fireplace.

Use the bottle half filled with with eel rinse on the teapot to get eel rinse. The bottle is now filled to the brim.

Get corn:

Corn:    Go back to the dockworkers at the alley off the harbor.

Give Vince the cigars and the eel rinse to Moe.

Click on the crate in front of the barrel with fire. Get dried corn.

Get movie tickets:    Go to Cinema Rex.

Give the corn to the cashier. Use the corn on the popcorn machine.

Take the 2 movie tickets.

Sad sailor:    Go back to Arnie's bar and give the 2 movie tickets to the sad sailor.

The sailor gives his "action-romantic" movie - video cassette - The Stud in the Mud.

Get the troops out of the train station:

Train station:    Go to the train station by harbor.

See the Power Company troops stationed in there. Hear them take orders on the radio at a certain frequency.

Find the frequency:    Go to Arnie's bar. Remember that the bartender said that there is a public band that he listens to police calls.

Check the radio. Move the dial until you find the public band - 99.4. Aha!

Radio at lighthouse:    Go to the lighthouse. Climb to the top. Study the radio.

Remove the playing record. Change the frequency using the arrows to 99.4.

Change record and play the third from left record. It is Lonnie's Used Mattress commercial recording. Remember that Merton says that he makes some money running the commercials. I got them. They are here on Main St. at Loco Lonnie's Used Mattress. Go over here now. Gather them while they are still here. What are you waiting for. Go get them now... It's a bargain.

See the troop leader at train station take his order from the mattress commercial. The squadron moves out.

Find Kito:   

Go to the train station and enter.

Check the crate from Rosa's flower shop in St. Armando. LOL.

Go to the back wall. See the elevator and the platform.

Check the junk pile and get an oil can.

Look down from the platform.

Kito:    Talk to Kito who is fixing the airplane. He wants the airplane to be hoisted out of here.

Crane:    Use the elevator and be at top of the tower with the crane.

It is pitch dark. Bwana needs to get some light up here.

Get light focused on the crane:

Go to the lighthouse. Try to open the doohickey by Merton.

Merton stops Bwana. Find a way to distract Merton.

Talk to Merton. Merton wants excitement while he check the window for distressed vessels.

Learn about the power company.

Distract Merton:    Go up to the lantern.

Check the rusty reel and the pulley beside it.

Use the oil can from train station on the rusty reel.

Attach the Mistraker model ship, Morten's favorite ship on the pulley.

Use the reel to lower the pulley. Hear Merton yell - Golly Gunwhales.

Go down and see Merton look at the model ship hanging outside the window. LOL.

Adjust the lantern:    Open the doohickey.

Pull the lever to stop the turn of the lantern.

Play with it until it focuses on the crane at the train station. Go to the crane via elevator until Bwana comments about the light.

The doohickey should point third spot below E.

Airplane:    Bwana automatically pulls the airplane out of the train station and places it on the water at harbor.

Kito will fill it with gasoline and they are okay. Bwana will go to Lina and get the book from the safe.

Get to the VIP Lounge:

Lonnie's Used Mattress:    Check the truck which is now surrounded with police tape.

Read the headline of the newspaper in the newspaper rack.

Lina:    Go to Lina at back door of Club Temba by Arnie's bar.

Enter the open back door. Talk to Lina. Lina opens the elevator.

Take care of the camera:

Read the plaque on the wall.

Keypad of security door:    Look close at the keypad on the door. See 3 numbers with smudges.

Use the numbers that has the dirtiest to lightest smudge. Press 8 5 1. Got it!

Take care of the camera:     See a guard watching the monitors. In front of the guard with headphone is a tremendously large red button to sound the alert.

Check the monitors. Read the note on the wall by door.

Check the video storage on the wall by door.

Use the por... action romance video cassette on video storage.

Bwana automatically selects a footage for the hallway camera, record and then press play.

Get the Journal to Journey down:

Exit the security room.

Check the door and learn that there are guards by the door.

Open window:    Bwana can't get the window open.

Use the plunger on window. Go through the window.

See Bwana walk the ledge, pass the boss and by the wall of the facade - elephant.

Get to safe:    See a triangle on the brick wall.

Click on the brick wall until there is a big hole.

Enter and take the book on the pressure plate. An alarm is set off.

Bwana jumps out and runs to the harbor.


At the harbor, Lina is held by a soldier. He wants the book.

A contrite Barlow arrives, runs over the soldier and helps them escape. He is shot by the troops.

Kito, Lina and Bwana crashlanded at a beach.

Madame Sisulu orders her pirates to come back to base.  They will go to Underland.


Bwana wakes up at the beach. Talk to Lina who is trying to open the big gate.

Learn that the giant eels - hungries lives here at Hatari Reef.

Check the colorful birds on the tree.

Book:    Check Kaonandodo's book on the table. See and study Kaonandodo's doodlings.

Check the clock-watch and see that it is 10 AM.

Figure on gate:    Check the figure on the gate. It looks a bit like the drawing in the book.

Tent:    Check the tent and get a machete.

Kito:    Talk to Kito. The plane is destroyed. The pontoons are the only ones he can salvage. He is making a raft of it.

Kito saved the cacti Kaonandodo gave to Bwana. Bwana says he will look for perfect place to plant them.

Check the plane wreck.

Explore the jungle:

Check the runes on pillar at jungle behind Kito.

Kito and Bwana think they will find Kaonandodo here. Talk to Kito again. Kito and Bwana feel like this place is home.

Use the machete on the plants of the jungle. See steps-path.

Open the pillar:    Climb the steps and check a stone head.

See the entrance of the pillar is closed. The pattern on the entrance is familiar.

Remember Kaonandodo's doodles. Turn the 4 planks to the pattern seen on the book.

Runes and observatory:

See symbols on the pillars planking the entrance.

A stone with a button that can be pushed is at left.

Observatory:    There is an observatory on a podium overlooking the water. It is surrounded by stones with runes. At the observatory base are symbols similar to the symbols on the pillars planking the entrance. The observatory turns around when the button on stone at left is pushed.

Spinning runes:    At the foreground is a spinning rune structure. At the center are 3 runes: swirl, moon and star. There are matching runes on the 3 outer wheel surrounding the central runes.

Surrounding the center are stationary symbols similar to the symbols seen under the rotating observatory and the pillars by the entrance.

Activate the runes:

Observatory:     Go to the observatory podium, press the button on the left stone to turn the observatory.

The observatory will point to a symbol at the base.

Look-click the observatory and see what is seen.

Turn the observatory until you see the moon in the sky. Click on moon.

Note the symbol at the base pointed at by the observatory when the moon is seen in the sky. In this case - looks like lightning.

Spinning runes:    Go to the spinning runes at foreground.

Press the moon rune at center until the moon rune of outer wheel lands above the symbol that the observatory pointed at when it focused on the moon - looks like lightning.

Press the button at left stone and see what happens - nothing happened.

Lost - Navigation book:    (Thanks, Theo.) Read the navigation book in inventory.

Go to Celestial Navigation and Locating the Path Star. Note that the path star rune is the one in the center of the spinning runes.

Remember that the watch-clock beside the book by the gate shows that it is 10 AM (when Bwana woke up.)

The chart below the Path Star states 9 am - 1 pm - Path of the Wave.

Spinning runes:    Go to the spinning runes at foreground.

Press the star rune at center until the star rune of outer wheel lands on the symbol that looks like waves (with bars).

Activate the symbols:    Press the button at left stone and see what happens. A symbol on the pillars planking the entrance is depressed.

Look at the spinning runes. The depressed symbol is the same symbol adjacent to where the swirl rune is parked.

Press the central swirl rune to move the outer swirl rune to the next symbol. Press the button on left stone. Another symbol on the pillar is depressed.

Do this until all 6 symbols on the pillar are depressed.

Idol:    A pedestal rises from the center of the spinning runes. Take the ancient ceramic idol at center. It looks familiar.

Open the giant gate:

Go down to the giant gate. Try to talk to Lina. She is busy.

See the figure on the gate similar to that shown in the book is the same as the idol.

Use the idol on the figure on the gate.

The gate opens. Water flows in from the ocean.

Uh oh! The gate starts to close. Kito starts the raft and the three ride through the gate before it closes.

The Underland is real!

Watch the Behind the Scenes. We are saddened by the passing of Simon D'souza.

Watch the concept arts of the final chapter of Journey Down - Chapter Three.

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