Jack Keane

By ronrob


Note: The manual is a file on the CD. The game is straightforward, but here are a few keys of interest:

ESC                             Brings up the main menu

TAB                             Brings up and closes the “to do” list

X                                  Shows hot spots

SPACE                         Skips intro and cut scenes


Note: Throughout the game, you are notified when you have picked up bonus items or performed bonus tasks. When you are told that the bonus feature has been unlocked, you can go to the main menu and click “Bonus Material.” This will take you to a museum where you can see wax figures of some of the game’s characters. I will include these bonus activities in this walkthrough, but they are optional and, in my opinion, not particularly rewarding.




At a location “Somewhere on the Indian Ocean,” Miss Gristle tells Dr. T that the Queen is sending a secret agent to find out what Dr. T is up to. Dr. T has a sinister plan to deal a blow to the British Empire, and he needs a henchman. He has received only one application, and it is from a woman from the United States. He decides to invite her to an interview.


Meanwhile, in London, Jack Keane, tied to a chair, is being roughed up by two thugs. Jack had borrowed money from a Mr. Lee to pay for his ship, but he has not repaid it.


Chapter 1: In a Bind


Talk to either thug and insult them. Every time you are punched, the chair is pushed back. Keep insulting them until your knife pops out of your pocket. Insult them again, and you are close enough to take the knife.


During the ensuing fight, your knife slides out the door. You find yourself on a ledge atop Big Ben. Your fear of heights is a recurring theme throughout the game.


Go left to the platform and untie the knot of the rope right of the platform. Your success is short lived because the thugs are on the counterweight rope. You and the thugs are now in balance.


Take the broom and use it on the barrel. Now the platform is lighter than the thugs, so you rise back to the ledge, while the thugs end up on the hands of Big Ben. Take the rag from the platform.


Go right along the ledge and enter the open attic door. You accidently kick the door shut, and now you can’t get in. Continue right to the corner of the ledge.


Note: When you see a bright, whirling star, it signals a spot where you can climb up or down. Move your cursor until it becomes a ladder.


Climb down and see that your knife is in a crow’s nest. Move toward the nest, but the bird droppings make the area too slippery. Go back up to the ledge and go right. Use the rag on the bucket of water to get a wet rag.


Return to the bird droppings and clean them up with the wet rag. Climb down one more level and try to take the knife, but the bird won’t back off.


Go left and take the sandbag from the railing. Drop the sandbag on one of the thugs below. The big thug falls through the clock, Big Ben chimes, and the crow flies off. Return to the nest and retrieve your knife.


Go back up (twice) to the blue ledge and go left to the platform. Use the knife to cut the safety line that holds the platform.


Now you are at the pier where your ship is tied up, and you are talking with your crew, Lawrence and Eric. Joe Little of the Royal Secret Service offers 10,000 pounds to transport a secret agent to Tooth Island. The spy is waiting for you in South Africa.


As your ship sails off, the two thugs arrive and find a document showing that your destination is Cape Town.


Chapter II:    The Voyage


Lawrence and Eric will not continue the journey without some shore leave, and they want a bottle of rum.


Go left and ignore the people on the street for now. Enter the Adventure Shop and take a look at everything. Note, in particular, the mail drop box. Open the curtain and find an indignant woman. At that same moment, an adventurer arrives in the shop. Talk to the adventurer.


Note: Sometimes the topic to choose from these conversation lists is obvious, but not always. If you are unsure, make a mental note of the available threads and just work your way through all of them. Eventually, something good will happen.


For the adventurer, keep asking him to prove things. Accept his offer of a bottle of rum. Return to your ship and give the bottle of rum to them.


Before you leave, find the white vertical plank of the ship. It is directly in front of you and covers your secret stash. Click it to get the rotten plank and 30 shillings.


Walk to the right and look at the boat that is leaking but not sinking.


Now you need to find the secret agent and get him on board.


Walk left and talk to the man in the Mexican garb. He is Montgomery, the secret agent that you are looking for. In this long conversation, you learn about Dr. T, the problems at the tea plantations, and the reasons why you were selected for the mission. You also learn quite a bit about your own background.


Montgomery gives a secret parcel to you for mailing, but first you will have to find a stamp.


Move left to talk to Amanda. She is an American, and she is headed for to Tooth Island. She gives her invitation to you. Obviously, this is the henchman Dr. T is hiring. Look at the invitation in inventory and see that it has a stamp.


Go toward the shop and talk to Captain Cookster. He is a former ship captain, and he is asking for donations to help him obtain a new ship. The only start you can give him is the rotten plank, so give it to him. In return, he gives his pipe to you.


Just for fun, go into the shop and have a chat with the owner. Then try to drop the parcel in the mailbox. Talk to the owner about stamps, but don’t buy anything yet.


Go back outside to the front of the shop and move to the crates at the right. Climb the crates twice to get to the ledge. Walk all the way to the left and then drop down onto the crates at the side of the shop.


While you are on the top crate, look at the blue bowl in the niche. You can’t take it with all those wasps. Use the pipe on the wasps to smoke them out and then take the cereal bowl.




Climb down to the ground and take the three tea canisters. Use all three canisters with  the three other cans on the ground to form a pyramid.


Climb back up to the ledge, go to the far right, and climb back down (twice) to the ground in front of the shop. Go left, return to your ship, and continue right to the rowboat. Dip the cereal bowl into the rowboat to get a cereal bowl of water.


In inventory, combine the cereal bowl of water and Amanda's letter to get a stamp. Now combine the stamp with the parcel to get a parcel with a stamp.


Go back to the store and place the stamped parcel in the mailbox that is to the right of the counter. You have now satisfied Montgomery’s request.


Leave the store and walk to the right, where you see Lawrence and Eric, your crew members. When you talk to them, you find that they don’t want to set sail because they haven’t been paid and the ship is poorly equipped.


Go back to the store and talk to the owner. He has four items on sale for 10 shillings each, but you can buy only three of the items because you have 30 shillings. Your decision is not crucial, so buy any three items you want. (In this walkthrough, I bought the scissors, the lighter, and the lubricating oil.)


Leave the shop and head right to the two crew members. Tell them about the items you just bought at the shop. They are not highly impressed, but they agree to set sail.


Go back and tell Montgomery that you have mailed his parcel. Now he is ready to go. Use the anchor icon on your ship to cast off. Watch the ship’s progress to Tooth Island off the coast of India.


Chapter 3:    Shipwrecked


Thanks to Montgomery, the ship has run aground and is wrecked. Amanda and the crew row to the island without you.


Montgomery dissuades you from the obvious solution (taking the stairs) and ends up destroying the Temple and blocking the stairs. He turns the task of making your way around the cliff to you.


Look left to see a wooden plank in the water. It might be useful if only you could reach it.


Walk up close to Montgomery and take the starfish (1).




There are five starfish in all to pick up in order to unlock the bonus feature.


Pick up the elephant piggy bank behind Montgomery. In the course of talking to Montgomery, he gives you twine and a short fuse.


The cave entrance is between you and Montgomery. Enter the cave and look at the long‑lost contraband. Pick up the old musket. Look at and then use the old musket to get gunpowder. Take the starfish (2) down screen from the contraband.


Go left to the dense vegetation that is covering the exit. Use the knife on the dense vegetation. Go out to the rock ledge and see your destroyed ship. Take the starfish(3) right in front of you. Then come down to the left end of the ledge and take the starfish (4).


Climb up onto the stairs and then go up to the top of the stairs. At the far right of the screen is a “jump” icon, but you decide the distance is too great.


Look at the loose boulder and at the crevice behind the boulder. Combine the elephant piggy‑bank with the gunpowder from the musket. Then combine the elephant piggy‑bank with gunpowder with the short fuse. Place the elephant piggy‑bank with fuse into the crevice. Use the lighter to set off the explosive.


Note: If you bought the old compass instead of the lighter, you can use the knife on the old compass to get a lens. Then use the lens on the elephant piggy‑bank with gunpowder in the crevice. (Thanks, Marita.)


Go back up the steps and out to the end of the fallen boulder. Now you can jump across the precipice, and Montgomery joins you.


Look at the fallen column to wonder whether it might be helpful in going up higher. Come down and cross the wood walkway. Look at the ship’s rigging and use the knife on it. That appears to have made matters worse.


Go back across the precipice, down the steps, and onto the rock ledge. Go to the back of the ledge and walk across the fallen ship’s mast. Take the fancy fishing rod, your duffle bag (bonus object), and the giant woodworm from the plank.


Walk back across the mast and straight ahead into the cave. Continue through the cave back to your starting point. Go out to the end of the ledge where you saw the floating plank.


Combine the fishing rod and twine and then combine the complete fishing rod with the woodworm to get a fishing rod with worm. Use the fishing rod with worm on the wooden plank floating in the water to get the wooden plank.


Go back through the cave, up the steps, and across the precipice. Use the wooden plank with the column to create a seesaw.


Climb up the boulder behind you and jump on the seesaw after asking Montgomery to stand on the other end. Good idea, but Montgomery is too heavy to rise high enough. Talk Montgomery into doing the jumping, and you succeed in reaching the higher ledge.


Pick up the wedge from the ground in front of you. Take the prayer wheel from in front of the blue statue head. The head rolls down, but it’s not enough to elevate Montgomery.


Look at and use the old chest. It is tilted forward, and it is heavy. If you could make it fall below, it might be enough to launch Montgomery.


Go left and up the stairs. Pick up the BollyGlo Hair Wax for Men by the top of the stairs.


Move left to the big brown temple door. Take a piece of a stone head that is to the left of the door, and another piece of a stone head that is to the right of the door.


Walk left to the winch and take the hook. Take the starfish (5).




You have now collected all five starfish, which unlocks the bonus feature.


Try to use the winch, but it is too rusty. Use the lubricating oil on the winch.


Note: If you didn’t buy lubricating oil, use the scissors on the hair wax package to get wax, and use the wax on the winch. (Thanks, Marita.)


Try the winch again and climb down the rope. Take a third piece of stone head. Note the tightly-closed oysters on the ship.


Go back to the old chest above Montgomery. Talk Montgomery into taking his clothes off to make himself lighter. Then place the three pieces of stone heads into the old chest. At that moment, a young woman arrives. The falling chest works in shooting Montgomery to your ledge, and the young woman delivers one of the funniest lines of the game.


Walk over to the right and look at the green vine hanging down. Talk to Shari and learn about her wedding being ruined by the collapse of the temple. She will help you by tossing the vine over if you bring her tiara to her.


Go up the steps and move to the big brown door. Use the hook to open the door, enter, and pick up the hot Indian spice that is near the edge.


Walk left and pick up the brooch from the ground. Look at the brooch to see that the impact must have jostled the gemstones loose. You can predict that Shari will not accept the brooch without gemstones. Continue left and look at the flagpole on the cliff wall. Exit back through the temple entrance.


Go to that wooden platform left of the temple entrance and head down the rope. Spread some of the hot Indian spice on the oysters under the ship and take the pearl that pops loose. Combine the

pearl with the brooch to get a brooch with gemstones.


Go back up the rope, head to the right, and down the steps. Give the repaired brooch to Shari who then rips off the vine and throws it down to you. That is not what you had in mind, but pick up the vine. Talk to Montgomery who reminds you that his clothes are still down there.


Climb back up the steps and go through the temple entrance. Go to the far left and wrap the vine on the flagpole. The fully dressed Montgomery arrives and explains how he did it.


The scene shifts to the top of the mountain where Montgomery gets pulled into the jungle by a tiger. (Don’t worry, he will be unharmed.)


Chapter IV:    Payment and the Voyage Home


Go forward into the jungle and continue left until you reach the village. From this vantage point, you can see that the village has two levels.


Go down the path until you see a shrine on the right. Climb up the shrine and take the burnt stick of incense.


Come down of the shrine and continue down the path. Cross over the planks to the check point. Have a thorough conversation with the argumentative British guards. Among other things, you learn that Dr. T runs an airfield and that you need a British identification to pass.


Go up the steep road on the left. See the tar and enter the hotel. Look around and note, in particular, the cart with a cleaning agent on the upper shelf and turpentine on the lower shelf. Look at the brightly polished star mounted on the reception counter and see that it is glued tight. Note the fireplace to the right of the reception desk.


Use the bell on the reception counter and talk to the manager about everything. Montgomery has a room here, but the manager won’t give you access. The manager is obviously proud of his one star and keeps it clean and buffed.


Ask the manager for a glass of water. Recall that it is the fireplace that gives the Inn the one star, so dump the glass of water into the fireplace. While the manager is busy, go to the pushcart. Take the cleaning agent on the upper shelf and the turpentine on lower shelf. Now place the cleaning agent on lower shelf and the turpentine on the upper shelf.


Smear the shiny star with the burnt stick of incense. The manager hurries to clean the star, but he is inadvertently using turpentine. After it falls on the floor, take the shiny bronze star.


Talk to the manager again. He is so frantic about his star that, if you return it, he will give you the key for room #7. Climb the stairs, use the key for room #7 on the first door, and enter.




Getting into this hotel room unlocks the bonus feature.


You automatically use your personal belongings to decorate the sparse room.


Move to the table at the far right of the room and take secret parcel. Look at and use the secret parcel in inventory to see that it is the one you mailed. There is no money inside, but there are notes. Montgomery invested your reward money in real estate. The agent’s ID and deed are now in inventory. Look at the deed to see that it isn’t specific.


Look at the floor at the foot of the bed and take the red sock.


Leave the hotel and return to the guards. Show the Montgomery agent ID to either of the guards. You have to answer questions to be sure that you are British. For the first question, recall your experience atop Big Ben. The answer is “crows.”  For the second question, the “miraculous” answer will do. (In fact, you can use any answer, and you will eventually be allowed through as long as you keep talking to the guards.)


Go around the barrier and move forward past the elephant. Look at the caged plant beside the guardhouse.


Move forward up into the village and, at the intersection, take the road to the right. Go to Pop’s and meet Mr. Gopesh. He is thinly disguised mafia and Shari's father. Talk to him thoroughly.


You cannot enter the Mr. Gopesh’s store, but you can go through the arch that is decorated for the wedding. Instead, go back to the intersection and head right toward the marketplace.


Look at and take a leaflet from the stand in front of the stairs. It announces a poetry reading at the butcher’s.  Try going up the stairs, but you are stopped. By the woman at the first table.


Talk to this woman. Her name is Rupiah, a real estate agent. Recall that Montgomery invested your reward money in real estate, so show the deed to her. She gives you the key to your house in the “Green Quarter.” Talk to her again and learn that the Green Quarter is also called the Swamp.


Come down screen until you see Shari talking to a little old man. Continue down screen, past Shari, and go down the wood stairs. Near the water’s edge, go up screen to enter the Swamp. Take the candle in front of the gravestone. Try the swamp door, but it is locked.


Come back down the path and cross the planks across from the wood stairs. Try the hatch, but it is locked. Go up the steps to the dilapidated green house and use the key on the keyhole. The door falls off.


Go back up the wood stairs and up the right road back to Rupiah. Complain about the condition of the house, and Rupiah offers to buy it back for 10 pounds and 1 schilling. The 10,000 pounds of reward money has suffered quite a loss.


In a side scene, Dr T talks to his gorilla, and he is pleased about the road to his home being blocked. You learn more about Dr. T’s sinister plot.


Go up screen and back to the checkpoint. Meet Pandu, the “taxi” driver. It seems that, after a night of carousing, he rammed his elephant into the guard house and broke his back tail light. He doesn’t remember any of this, and he can’t afford to pay the 10 pounds to the guards. He will take you to the airfield, but the guards must be persuaded to let you pass the barrier.


Talk to the guards about letting the elephant go through. Give 10 pounds to either guard. You still have the matter of fixing the back light.


Go back up into the market place and talk to Louise who is standing next to a purple umbrella.  Focus on the elephant handler who Louise believes seduced her granddaughter (Shari) on Friday night and therefore could not have rammed the elephant. Encourage Louise to tell the guards. She does, but she gets little satisfaction.


Back at the stall, talk about the wedding, the party, and Shari’s favorite jam.  Ask for and get some jam.


Come down screen and talk to the little old man with Shari. He calls you “potato face” and has plenty of other insults to offer. Talk to Shari and learn that her betrothed is named Vincent, but he has lost his memory. Give the jam to her, and she gives you an empty jam jar.


Combine the candle (from the grave) and the empty jar to get a jam jar with candle. Combine that with the red sock to get an improvised rear light.


Go back to the elephant and replace the broken tail light with the improvised rear light. Talk to the guards and ask that the elephant be let out. They decide that all the problems have been resolved and that the elephant may pass through.




The bonus feature is unlocked by fixing the elephant handler’s problems.


Now you can talk to Pandu about the airfield again and off you go on an elephant ride.


A side scene shows the two thugs talking to Captain Cookster at Cape Town. They are certainly being persistent in tracking you down.


You and Pandu arrive at the spot where the gorilla set up the road block. The elephant can go no farther. Walk left as far as you can and then go up the steep green slope.


Note: Become familiar with this crossroads area, There are four ways to go. One is back down the slope the way you came. A second is back, slightly up screen to an area that looks like patio stones. A third is up the large orange root that goes off the right screen. The fourth is straight down screen to the “upper path.”


Come down screen and head up the upper path. Look at the gorilla’s road block - - the tree trunks and the rope holding them together.


Go back down to Pandu who has unloaded the elephant and is having a picnic. Continue right to the elephant and to a tool chest. Take the tools to get a spade blade, a spade shaft, and a prod.


Go back up to the crossroads area. This time go up center screen toward the area that looks like patio stones. When you try to cross the log over the water, an anaconda slithers out of its den and threatens you. Go back to the crossroads area.


This time, go up the big orange root that extends off the right screen. Climb (twice) up to the foot of the statue. Go up the steps and see a rock ledge extending out over the gorge. Walk out to the end of that ledge and look down. You can see the anaconda’s den down there. Take the nut.


Continue up the step and follow the root back to the entrance to the stone arm. Enter and emerge around the other side. Continue right and walk across the bluish stone arm to a green road. Travel back along the down side of the road until you reach the gorilla’s road block. Pick up the piece of wood from the ground.


Come back up the road and continue up until you reach the airfield surrounded by an electrified fence. Look at the signs, and take the old screwdriver that is beside a dead rat.


Return down the road to the stone arm and cross over it. Instead of entering the head, go left to the front of the head. Place the nut inside the head’s open mouth.


Continue left and find a branch with a hole. Put the piece of wood in the hole. Climb up, move left a little, and climb again, and enter the treetop. You see a hut with a monkey pedaling to create electricity - - probably for the electrified fence. If you want to get past that fence, you need to stop this monkey.


Continue up toward the hut and look around. Use the screwdriver on the grating and then take the grating. Use the prod with the bell next to the door and watch the monkey come out to check. That will be useful to know.


Retrace your steps, jumping down twice, around the head to the stone arm, and into and out of the head. Descend the stone steps and walk out to the end of the ledge where you found that big nut. Look down and drop the grating into the gorge to trap the anaconda in its den.


Continue down to the crossroads and take the path back to what looks like patio stones. Now that the anaconda is trapped, you can cross the log. What looked like patio stones are actually tiles on the ground. Walk left and see the crumbling ruins.


Use the knife to cut down the vine hanging from the tree limb on the right of the screen.


Continue left and look at the elephant shrine. Go into the shrine and look at the elephant head with a distinctive trunk. Use the trunk as a lever and watch the nut cracked open.


Walk left to find more dense vegetation with a path on the other side. Cut away the vegetation with the knife and enter the path.


Come forward and then turn up the steep path until you see a meat-eating plant. Look at the bones of monkeys. Use the vine to bind up the man-eating plant. Combine the spade shaft and the spade blade to get a spade. Use the spade to dig up the meat-eating plant.


Come back down the path and go right to enter the shrine area. Go all the way right past the ruins and cross the anaconda log to return to the crossroads. Go up the large orange root and, climbing twice, continue to and through the upper area. You have emerged at the stone arm. Walk left to the head and pick up the bottom half of the nut.


Continue left and climb twice to get on the path to the treetop. Go forward to the monkey's hut.

Combine the meat-eating plant and the bottom half of the nut to get a potted meat-eating plant.

Place the potted meat-eating plant on the veranda and release its bindings with the knife. Use prod to ring the bell. The results are predictable.


Go back down to the head, around the head, to the bluish stone arm. Cross the stone arm to the road, and then walk up the road to the fence that is no longer electrified.


Climb the fence to the airfield, and you automatically proceed to Miss Gristle at the flight reservations office. After some unsatisfying conversation, the scene shifts upward to Dr. T’s quarters. Amanda has arrived, and Dr. T hires her as his henchwoman, provided she can pass the

introductory exam.


Amanda is to find out whether you are here by accident or whether you have a mission. He refers to a “fateful legacy,” a treasure that he wants. He gives to Amanda a dated piece of paper that she is to use as bait.


Chapter V:    Put to the Test


Now you are playing as Amanda. While Jack is arguing with Miss Gristle, you this chance to check up on him.


Walk to the right and go to the lookout platform. Look at the map and the telescope. Look through the telescope to see the back of the hotel.


Take the path to the left until you reach the roadblock. Shoot the rope with the rifle to clear the roadblock. Continue down the path to the crossroads and then left to find Pandu.


Talk to Pandu with the emphasis on his picking up Jack. Once he learns that the roadblock is cleared, he gets ready to leave, but he finds that his prod is missing. He is stuck.


Walk to the right, behind the elephant, and enter the village. Look up at a clothesline that is holding useful items. Shoot the clothesline with the rifle. Then come forward and pick up the umbrella and the garter belt.


Enter the Inn and talk to the manager. You can find out that Jack is staying here, but you get nowhere in trying to see his room, trying to take the letter at the end of the counter, or in trying to go up the staircase.


Exit the Inn, come down the path, and go through the ordeal of trying to persuade the guards to let you pass. They won’t.


Come down screen, cross the plank, and go up the hill to the shrine. Take an unused stick of incense.


Go back past the guards and up the road past the Punjab Inn into the jungle. Give the umbrella to Pandu to use as a prod. In return, Pandu gives you an ankh prod bottle opener.


Go left to the crossroads and then take the path at the bottom of the screen to return to the lookout platform. Use the ankh bottle opener with the base to get a spyglass. Combine the rifle and the garter belt to get a modified rifle. Combine the modified rifle with the spyglass to get a rifle with telescopic sight. Mount the rifle on the base.


Look through the telescope and see a view of the back of the inn. The goal here is to get the manager out of the way by locking him outside. Shoot at barrels or vases until the manager comes out. Note that he wedges the door open. Quickly shoot the hanging vase that is in front of the open door. When the manager steps away from the door, shoot the wedge. Now the manager is locked out. (Use the right arrow key to leave the scene.) You automatically retrieve the rifle.


Go left along the path down to the crossroads. Then take the path at the left screen to return to the Inn. Enter and take the turpentine from the cart. Take the letter with Queen's seal from the right end of the counter. Use the unused stick of incense on the fireplace to get a smoldering stick of incense.


Go up the stairs and enter room 7. Open (right-click) the letter with Queen's seal and get a royal letter. Look at the royal letter, but it has nothing visible written on it. It smells like lemon.


Fill the lamp by the window with turpentine and then light the lamp with the smoldering incense.

Hold the royal letter over the lamp. You can now read the letter. Of course, the letter is for Montgomery, but Amanda mistakenly concludes that Jack is on a mission. Therefore, place the bait paper on the table. When you exit the room, the curtain catches fire.


Chapter VI:    Jack's Past


Now you are back to playing as Jack.


Walk right to the lookout platform. Continue left down the path to the crossroads. You hear someone calling out. Go up the big orange root, climb twice, and up the stairs to see someone hanging from a branch.


Talk to Murphy to learn that he is a porter for an adventurer. Use the knife to release him.


Go back down to the crossroads and walk toward the “patio stones” to find Murphy on the anaconda log. Talk to Murphy again. (His Irish brogue is weak, but he is Indian, after all.)


You automatically end up in front of the inn. Pick up the tar beside you. Look at it and note that it can be used for sealing ships.


Enter the inn and go up to your room. Take the partially burned piece of paper from the table. Look at the paper in inventory. Go to the other end of the room and take the three nails from the back wall.


Exit the Inn and come down to talk to the British guards. Ask what happened in November 1871.

They give you a village chronicle from 1871. Look at the chronicle to discover that the pages for November are missing. Tell the guards about this. The last ones to borrow the chronicle were Signore Gopesh, Granny Louise, and Lady Rupiah.


Go toward the marketplace, but take a right along the road to Pop’s. Go into the supermarket and

talk to Mr. Gopesh. He says that he returned the chronicle in mint condition.


Exit Pop’s and go through the archway whose wedding decorations have been replaced by black bunting. Go all the way to the top of the marketplace to find Rupiah, the real estate woman. Question her about the chronicle, but she claims to have returned it in perfect condition. (It sounds as though the “feud” Gopesh mentioned might be with Rupiah.)


Stop by and talk with you old crew members.


Now talk to Louise. Be skeptical about her story and demand the facts. She finally owns up to tearing out the pages and tells you why. She gives the missing pages to you. Look at the lost pages in inventory and learn about the fire at Botany Station 1 and the Keane family. Your parents? You are determined to find out.


Go to the cage where the plant is being held and talk to Murphy. He will guide you to Botany Station 1, but only if you have a boat.


Meanwhile, a side scene shows Dr. T scolding his chimp pilots. However, anticipating that he can get his hands on the “treasure,” he might have an even more evil scheme to overthrow the British Empire.


Return to the marketplace and head down into the Swamp behind Shari and the little man. Walk out over the planks and look at your dinghy in the water. It has sprung a leak and will need to be repaired.


Go back up to the marketplace and head left, past the butcher, and into the wedding room. Go through and enter Pop’s. Note the hammer and the paintbrush on the shelf beside the door, but Gopesh won’t just give them to you.


Tell Mr. Gopesh you need some things to repair your boat. He wants you to do a favor for the “family.” The hammer involves Luigi, and the paintbrush involves Loretta who has been kidnaped.


Select the hammer, which means you need to find something to eat for Luigi, the plant in the cage. Just make sure it isn’t rotten meat. 


Leave Pop’s, go through the wedding room, and come forward to the butcher’s stall. Tell the butcher that you need food for Luigi. All he will give you are some party sausages that are probably rotten and not usable.


Go to the checkpoint with the guards and go down the stone steps. You can see fish swimming around the pier. Use the sausages on them and get fish.


Go back to the cage and take the wooden plank left of the cage.


Now go to back to Pop’s and give the fish to Mr. Gopesh. Now you can take the hammer.


Go to the marketplace and down the stairs behind Shari to your dinghy. Use the hammer on the boat and the plant and nails are automatically used to fix the boat.


Now you can try to get the paintbrush. Return to Pop’s and try to take the paintbrush. This triggers a conversation with Mr. Gopesh in which you can say you want another job. Mr. Gopesh wants you to rescue Loretta from the money lender.


Go to Rupiah and be tough with her about Loretta. She gives you the key to the hatch by your rundown house. Go to stairs behind Shari and down to the hatch by your old house. Unlock the hatch with the key and take Loretta, a golden hen statue.


Go back to Mr. Gopesh, give Loretta to him, and take the paintbrush.


Return to the cage with Luigi and climb the ledge to the right. Go left along the ledge and up onto the roof. Climb up on the chimney and drop the tar down the chimney, which causes a lot of black, smelly smoke. The guard takes the pot with tar out of the building.


Get off the chimney and roof and walk the ledge back to the spot where you can climb down. Go to the guard house and take the pot with tar.


Return to the dinghy and use the paintbrush (or pot of tar) on the boat to fix it automatically.




If you fixed the boat with both the hammer and paintbrush, the bonus feature is unlocked.


Click the anchor to get underway, and Murphy shows up to go along with you. In a side scene, the two thugs arrive at Tooth Island, still in hot pursuit.


Talk to Murphy, and he gives salad oil to you. Use your knife on the ferns along the edge of the water to get fern fronds.


Walk up the path that seems familiar to you and go into the pumpkin patch. On your right is a green mound. Go there and take some fresh soil.  Go in farther and take the cart wheel and the car jack.




Use your knife on all seven pumpkins to unlock the bonus feature.


Leave the pumpkin patch and continue up the path toward the ruined house. Look at the sign and take the green funnel in front of the sign.


Go up the mountainous path in the background and look at the gate that is blocked by vines. Try the car jack on the gate, but it is too rusty. Pour Murphy’s salad oil on the car jack to free it up, and then try the car jack on the gate again.


Enter the greenhouse. Come forward and take fertilizer from the pile at the right edge of the screen.


Go to the back of the greenhouse and see a chest on a pedestal. The chest is covered with vines, and not even the knife will cut them.


Go left back to where you found the fertilizer. You can see a way into another area, but it is blocked by dense vines. Cut away the vines with your knife and enter the lab.


Go to the table at the back of the lab and try the power switch on the ultraviolet lamp. You are lacking power. Try the faucet on the right, but there is no water either.


Exit the building through the gate and head left. Take and read the gardening book that describes amazing research results. Take the flower box close to where the book was lying.


Come forward and see that the windmill is broken. Combine the cartwheel and the fern fronds to make an improvised wind wheel. Place the improvised wind wheel on the pole and get power.


Return to the front gate and continue around right of the greenhouse. Keep going to the back where you see rusty pipes going into the laboratory.


Walk to the right of the pipe, cross the bridge, and enter the elevator. Look around at what appears to be a shipping/receiving area. Go to the right of the door that you entered and turn the valve. This sends water through the pipes toward the greenhouse, but the rusty pipe that you saw before breaks. Take the plumbers’ tools right of the valve wheel.


Go as far left as you can to the end of the area. See the instructions board hanging above and an information board on the right. Pull the lever under the information board and see that it controls a retractable platform.


Go to the large grated area across from the door and find the ladder going down. Go down into the shaft and emerge outside.


Go back to the broken pipes and climb the boulder. Put a pipe fitting on the right pipe by using the plumbers’ tools. Now water comes out, but it isn’t lined up with the left pipe. Turn the bent pipe you just installed to change the alignment. Finally, use the funnel on the left pipe.


Now that you have power and water, go back inside the greenhouse and into the main laboratory.


There are two chests along the back wall. Open each one and take the contents: a sack of meat‑eating Tooth Island Plant seeds and a sack of purple Tooth Island Plant seeds.


Put the flower box on the table and fill it with fresh soil. Plant the two kinds of seeds in the soil.

Pour the fertilizer into the mixing machine behind the flower box and turn the faucet. Watch the mobile mutant plant eating plant grow and then take it.


Leave the main lab and head right to the end where the chest is covered with vines. Put the mobile mutant plant eating plant on the vine. You still can’t open the chest without a key. (Hint: Look at your knife and remember that this was probably your parents’ facility.)


Open the chest with your knife’s special key. You read the Keane's diary and learn about Emerald 13. It sounds as though the Keanes were murdered by Dr. T. You need to take the Emerald 13 to Dr. Umbati in Calcutta. The diary, the Emerald 13, and the  Keane family ring are all now in inventory.


Leave the laboratory and meet Murphy outside. Have a long conversation with Murphy and learn much about your parents and your childhood. Murphy was your babysitter.


Go right to the back of the greenhouse, across the bridge, and into the elevator. You are back at the airship loading dock. You see an airship arrive and land at the loading dock. As luck would have it, the container is bound for Calcutta, exactly where you want to go. Enter the cargo container, and the side slams shut, trapping you inside.


Chapter VII:    Hunting for Jack


Now you are playing as Amanda.


Dr. T says that Jack is cornered and wants you to catch him. Jack might have what Dr. T wants.


You can see that Jack has broken out of the back of the cargo container. Now he is at the elevator door, and he can’t get out.


Go look at the elevator door and realize that it can’t be used. The only other means of getting out is the ladder that leads down into the shaft. Check the ladder and see that it is blocked by the cargo container. You must somehow move the container.


Open the door at the back of the cargo container, and a crate of nitroglycerine falls forward. It is held by chains.


Go to end of the open area of the loading dock and take another look at the hanging board. It appears to say the following.

1. Unload the cargo.

2. Use a lever to switch off the lights.

3. Wave pom-poms to signal the airship to take off.


Look at the two unconscious chimps. Take the two pom-poms and the two punch cards that are held by the chimps. Take the duct tape and the box of balloons near the chimp on top of the crates.


Look at the lever on the floor and see that it is the broken lever for switching off the lights. Another way must be found to accomplish step 2.


Step 1 is to unload the cargo container. However, this is dangerous because the cargo is a crate of nitroglycerine. You need to find a way to unload it safely.


Look at the box of balloons to see that there is a balloon in there, but the box is sealed tight. If you haven’t done so already, use the lever under the instructions board at the right to release the platform. Place the crate of balloons on the hollow of the platform. Pull the lever again and the box of balloons is broken open. Take a balloon.


Go to the wall at the opposite far end of the area, behind the cargo container. Look at the rusty valve of the helium pipe. Fire the rifle at the rusty valve, and helium is released. Use the balloon on the helium leak. Now you have a soft landing for the nitro.


Return to the crate of nitroglycerine that is held by chains. Look at the two yellow blocks that connect the chains to the crate. They each have narrow slots. Insert the two punch cards into the slots, and the chains are released. The crate slides out of the container and comes to rest against the balloon. Step 1 completed.


Step 2 is to switch off the lights, but the lever for doing that is broken off. You must use brute force by firing the rifle at all five overhead lights in the area, two on the elevator side and three on the other side. Step 2 completed.


The final step is to signal the airship pilot that he can leave. Stand on the red square with an X. Combine the two pom-poms, and then use them. The airship lifts away, and now the ladder into the shaft is available.


Go down into the shaft. Jack has an idea about how to escape, but his fear of heights immobilizes him. You have captured Jack.


Chapter VIII:    Jack's Decision


Now you are playing as Jack again.


The gloating Dr. T describes his evil plan, and you can see the airships flying off to drop the meat-eating plants on the fleet of the Royal Navy.


You are in the glass enclosed top of a lighthouse. You are tied up above a kerosene container.

When the sun rays hit the glass of the windows, you will be burned to a crisp. Amanda has some second thoughts and tries to buy some time.


Use the purple Tooth Island plant seed on yourself. You become an incredible hulk and break free of the ropes.


Take the wick that is on top of the kerosene at the center. Look at the glass windows that are dirty and sooty. Start cleaning the windows with the wick. When you can see the stairs to the balcony and can go there, do so. The kerosene explodes and you are thrown out to the balcony.


Walk around to the right until you can see the little man from the village. Keep talking to him until he throws a belt.


Go back around to the left side of the balcony until you see a trap door. A flag pole extends out from there. Attach the belt to the flag pole and use the flag pole to descend a level.


Walk to the right and take a purple trophy (bonus object). Go back all the way around to the left and see a pelican on the railing. Take the silver trophy (bonus object) from the crate.


Go inside the lighthouse. Go to the burning stairs at the right and take the blue trophy (bonus object). Go back left to the three pedestals.




Placing the three trophies on the pedestals (in any order) unlocks the bonus feature.


Now take a look around the room full of fishing trophies. There is a locked trapdoor at the center of the room. Take the big match by the chair.


Go right and look at the container of fishing gear on the top shelf. Look at the Gordian knot that holds the ladder in place. You cannot untie it. (Note that you do not have your knife.)


Look at the showcase with a dip net inside. Use the Keane family ring on the display case and take the dip net.


Go outside, give the dip net to the pelican, and it spits out a can. Take the rusty old can.


Go back inside and cut the Gordian knot with the can. Using the ladder causes it to knock down the container. Take the container and use it to discover dynamite.


Place the dynamite on the trap door. Light the match on the flames by the stairs and then use it to light the dynamite. The tower appears to be a little shaky. Go down through the trap door.


Go out and talk to the little man. He appeals to your conscience and urges you to accept the challenge of fulfilling your task.


When you finally relent, the tower collapses and provides a new road. Cross over the boulders.


Chapter IX:    Jack's Training


The little man tells you about the Sacred Temple called “Mr. Daniel's.” You are to undergo training here so that you can defeat Dr. T.


Take the path to the right, through the ornate arch, and across the bridge. Look down at the shed with a roof of planks. Enter the temple.


Look around at things, especially the crate of liquor. Talk to the priest at the desk. For your first ordeal, you are to climb the pedestal and find space and time. Go to far left and climb the pedestal. The priest said there are two ways to pass the test. They are:

1. To find space, press your space bar.

2. To find time, just wait a few seconds.


Climb down and talk to the priest again. Go to the statue on your left and climb up. Take the cricket bat, the parasol, and the flute.


Climb back down and check out the mysterious door on the far left. Then head down the lighted passage. Go right and talk to the priest. It seems you are in a distillery, but an earthquake did some damage. The bent valve prevents steam from getting through. Your job is to repair it.


Go up onto the platform with the bent valve wheel and take the dented pipe from the railing on the right. Come down off the platform, walk left, and take the filthy pipe that is hanging from the pipe in the foreground. Go right, past the priest, and take the rusty pipe below the blue tank.


Go right and use the filthy pipe on the green part component with up arrows. Go back to the platform and use the rusty pipe on the worn valve left of the bent valve wheel. Finally, use the dented pipe on the worn valve right of the bent wheel valve. Now you have connected all the pipes you collected.


Now go back to the right and insert the parasol into the hole of the conveyor belt. Go left close to the door you came in and use the flute between the wheel valves.


Return to that bent wheel on the platform and hammer it into shape with the cricket bat. The distillery is now repaired, and the two priests consult on your next ordeal.


You must find the Sacred Tiger, and the tiger must show himself on the hill and roar.


Cross the bridge behind you, go right, and enter the Cave of the Sacred Tiger. Take the torch from the back wall.


Go right and look at the left spider web. Take an empty bottle at the base of the web and look at it. The spider seems to have an unusual vice.


Look at the right spider web, but the spider chases you away. Go back to the left spider web and place the empty liquor bottle on it. This lures the spider over to the left spider web.


Now you walk past the right spider web. Climb up to the ledge and look at the shopping cart.


Jump back down and continue right along the ledge until you can see an ominously hanging stalactite. When you look at it, the sound of your voice causes the stalactite to vibrate. Keep  clicking on the stalactite until it falls down. Now you can jump to the other side.


Continue to the right and take the anti-vampire set. Look at it and see that it really consists of a hammer and stake. Take the liquor barrel.


Continue to the right and see the dead Sacred Tiger. Talk to Montgomery and learn that this is the tiger that attacked Montgomery earlier. Montgomery's foot is stuck between rocks. Take the liquor barrel behind Montgomery.


Go left all the way back to the hanging shopping cart and just past it. Place a liquor barrel on the right spider web and watch the spider carry it to the shopping cart. Repeat by placing a liquor barrel on the left spider web.


The weight of the two barrels is not quite enough to break the shopping cart free. Go to the shopping cart, climb up to the ledge, and place the schilling in the shopping cart. That little bit more is all that was needed.


Jump down and then go down to the ledge below. Take the barrel bottoms. Go back up and take the shopping cart.


Go right and all the way back to the dead Sacred Tiger. Use the hammer and stake to chisel out holes in the barrel bottoms to get discs. Place the tiger into the shopping cart. Attach the disks on the shopping cart.


Having pushed the tiger up the hill, select any of the roars.


A side scene shows that the two thugs are getting close.


The priests decide that you have passed the ordeal, and they give you a key for seeing the High Priest. The High Priest will have one more ordeal for you alone.


Take the “major bug” under the bridge at the bottom of screen.


Go up screen and around to the right to enter the gate. Continue left and through that same ornate arch that you entered at the beginning. Go across the bridge into the temple. Go to the mysterious door that you saw earlier and use the key to enter.


Go left toward the throne and talk to the little man, who turns out to be the High Priest. You still have to pass the Humanity Test, which involves the botched wedding. You are to bring the two lovers back together and arrange the wedding.


The High Priest also “ordinates” you into the Kshatriya caste and gives you a certificate. (Recall that only members of this caste are permitted in the upper level of the village, so now you will have access to that area.)


Leave by the back door by going left. Walk right to see a blue sign pointing at an exit to the village. Leave by that exit.


Go left to a door that leads to the swamp. Move the yellow bar to unlock the door and enter. Come forward and up the stairs into the village.




Give the “major bug” to one of the guards to unlock the bonus feature.


Go to the marketplace and talk to Rupiah, the real estate lady. She tells you that she has been holding Mr. Gopesh’s  tea service as collateral. Show the certificate to Rupiah to gain access to the upper village. Rupiah takes you to the upper village and tells you that her son and Shari are both here.


Go across the bridge and talk to Mr. Gopesh. He goes to rough up Vincent, the groom, to straighten him out. (Take note that these stairs on the left lead up to Vincent.) That was unsuccessful and Granny Louise speaks to him. Go back and finish your conversation with him. The cup is the one bit of collateral that Rupiah didn’t get. You can try to take it.


Go left and up the stairs that Mr. Gopesh used. Vincent is Rupiah’s son, the prospective groom who has lost his memory. Talk to him and then take the bandage from the lounger.


Go right, past the staircase, and enter the veranda door. Go forward and talk to Rupiah, mostly just to know where she is.


Go back down to the plaza and talk to Louise. Push her to help with the wedding problem. She tells you about a love poem, “Kela Tara,” how she used it and why she burned it. However, she believes there is a copy.


Recall the butcher’s involvement with poetry. (Look at the leaflet in inventory as a reminder.) Go back past Mr. Gopesh, cross the bridge, and descend the winding stairs (partly obscured by the curtain.) Make a visit to the butcher.


Talk to the butcher and suggest that he is a poet. After he denies it, show the leaflet to him and threaten to expose him until he owes you a favor. Talk to him again and ask about the Kela Tara.

He gives you an authorization to get the poem from the monks.


Now you need to go see the monks again. Go back to the center of the marketplace, where Shari and the little man used to be standing. Go down the wood stairs and back to the Swamp entrance. Enter the Swamp and continue left to the back door of the temple.


Enter the throne room and talk to the High Priest. Continue across the throne room and go to the reception desk. Talk to the priest about the poem and give the authorization to him. The priest gives the poem to you and warns you that only the intended target should hear the poem. Not even the one reciting it can hear it.


Go left through the door, through the throne room, and out the back door. Go all the way right and through the village door. Continue left and enter the Swamp door. Come forward to the wooden stairs and up into the marketplace. Go right and up the stairs next to Rupiah’s stall to the bridge and upper level.


Go up screen and talk to Montgomery, the crew, and Murphy.


Climb the stairs behind Murphy. Go left to the coconut tree at the corner with a sign. Take the coconut and then the coconut halves.


Go back down to the plaza and go across the bridge by Mr. Gopesh. This time, instead of going down the winding stairs, go through the plateau door at the far right.


Talk to Shari and give the poem to her. She needs ear protection, so combine the bandage and the coconut halves to get ear protection. Give the ear protection to Shari, but part of it falls off, and Shari freaks out. Mr. Gopesh locks her in the tower and stands guard.


Now the only way you can help Vincent is to disguise yourself as Shari.  Take the cup from the table where Mr. Gopesh was sitting. Go to the left stairs and pick up the wedding dress.


Go to the stairs behind Murphy, go up, and enter the pharmacy door on the right. Miss Gristle is there for gasoline.


Talk to the pharmacist. She tells you about a love potion that can also restore memory. However, you have no money to purchase the potion. On your way out, look at the poster left of the door. She will buy rare plants. Maybe that is how you can get the potion.


Exit the pharmacy and go left through the tower door. Then go straight ahead through the door to Rupiah’s veranda.


Go right, talk to Rupiah, and give the cup to her. After she leaves, try to take the rare plant at the  left corner, but it falls off and lands on Vincent’s veranda below.


Go left to exit and keep going left to Vincent’s veranda. Take the rare plant next to the lounger.


Go to the far right and enter the plaza door. Continue right and enter the pharmacy. Give the rare plant to the pharmacist and ask for the love potion.


While you are still in the pharmacy, use the wedding dress, and the pharmacist helps you put it on. Now you are supposed to look like Shari.


Exit the pharmacy, go left, and enter the tower door. Continue left and give the love potion to Vincent. He regains his memory, and the in-laws continue bickering.


Return to the pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. Use the wedding dress again to change back.


Exit and go down the stairs on the right. Talk to Murphy and take the frying pan.


Go to the bridge and cross over it while escaping the notice of the arguing parents. Whack Shari with the frying pan. You have passed the reunion test.


You automatically return to the temple. Enter the temple and talk to the High Priest. He gives you a potion that will help you to confront your past and discover the root of your fears.


Go left and exit through the back door. Continue to the right, but this time, instead of going to the village, come down screen somewhat and enter the old lab door.


You automatically appear back at the Keane's house near Botany Station 1. Having drunk the potion, you are taken back to your childhood. You are with Murphy, your babysitter. A man has been sent by the doctor to find you. Murphy responds with words that urge you to escape. You need to get out of the room, but you can’t just go through the door.


You have a pacifier in inventory. Open the wardrobe doors at the right and take the green block.

Take the red block from the lower shelf beside the wardrobe. Take the Jack-in-the-box in front of the shelf. Take the purple block close to the stack of  blocks at the right of the room.


Go left to the stool by the window. Place the three blocks on the stool and then place the Jack-in-the-Box atop the blocks. Climb up twice to the window, but it is locked.


Go back down, go to the bed, and take two playpen rods. Take the lasso from the bottom shelf and the locked casket from the middle shelf.


Go to the right side of room and take the book of fairy tales from the floor in front of the table. Climb up on the chair and climb up again to the table. Take the toy gun.


Look at the missing coat hangers above the table. Insert the playpen rods into the holes. Place the book of fairy tales on the rods to create a platform. Climb up to the platform and then again to the top of the wardrobe. Walk over and take the pirate ship.


Combine the pacifier with the lasso. Combine the result with the toy gun. Combine that result with the pirate ship. Finally, attach the result to the candlestick of the candelabra that is hanging from the ceiling. Now give the pirate ship a shove to break the window.


Go down from top of the wardrobe to the floor. Go to the rocking horse and place the locked casket under the runner. Use the rocking horse to smash the casket and take the pocket knife.


Climb up to the window again and cut the rope with the knife. After you go through the window, you are chased by guards to a cliff. Watch where your fear of heights came from.


Chapter X:    Searching for Clues


As Amanda, you wonder whether Jack is right about your being on the wrong side. You decide to investigate the wardrobe in your room.


Look at the pedestal beside you and see a clay pigeon that is tightly affixed. Go left and take the fresh soil that is on the right end of the bench. Observe that there is a faucet behind the bench.


Go inside the mansion and see a portrait gallery in the hallway. The portraits are of Miss Gristle, you, and two monkeys.


Come forward and then right to Dr. T's locked office. Continue right and then back to the door to your room at the end of the hallway.


Enter and go to the wardrobe at the back right. Open the right wardrobe door and then try to open the left door. It is locked from the inside.


Exit the bedroom and come down to the end of the hall to the grandfather clock. The door with a sign is locked. Look at the hands of the clock face and use Jack's knife on them. The knife falls inside the clock, but you get the clock hands.


Return to your room and to the wardrobe. Pick the lock on the left door by using the clock hands.

When you open the door, a skeleton falls forward. Look at the skeleton and realize that he must have locked himself in the wardrobe.


Try to exit the room. Dr. T arrives and Miss Gristle has a fit about the gorilla’s dirty footprints. Exit your room and go to Dr. T’s office.


Now the office is unlocked, but Miss Gristle is cleaning outside the door. You need to find a way to get her to leave. Talk to Miss Gristle and keep asking for things that will move her away from the office. You succeed with your request for lemonade, even though it is lukewarm.


Try to enter Dr. T's office, but here comes Miss Gristle with the lemonade. Talk some more and learn that Dr. T and gorilla are lifelong friends.


Go down the stairs to the library and see the gorilla sleeping on a divan. Talk to the gorilla and observe how it behaves. Combine the soil with the lemonade to get mud. Smear the mud on the gorilla's feet. Talk to the gorilla again and watch him make muddy footprints. Miss Gristle runs down and starts cleaning up.


Go up the stairs and enter Dr. T's office. Dr. T is there and tells you not to touch anything of value. Explore all around the office. Look at the meat-eating plant and the records and safe behind it. Open the globe behind Dr. T, but you can’t take the ouzo inside. Look at the four headless statuettes on the desk and the gramophone down screen. Go right and take the gorilla portrait. Talk to Dr. T about everything and then exit the office.


Go to the portrait gallery and substitute the gorilla picture for Miss Gristle's picture. Go down and tell Miss Gristle. In a rage, she throws the bucket over the railing. After Miss Gristle returns, come out of the library and pick up the empty bucket.


Go to the veranda and to the faucet at the back corner. Fill the bucket at the faucet. Return to the library and dump the bucket of water into the fireplace. Take the cold charcoal.


Go back to the portrait gallery and use the charcoal to deface Miss Gristle's portrait. Return to the library and tell poor Miss Gristle. She loses her temper with the gorilla, who runs to your room.

Dr. T exits his office to check the noise, so now you can go in there.


Open the globe and take the ouzo. Go right and take the classical LP that is on the shelf right of the plant. Come down to the gramophone, place the record on it, and turn the crank. As soon as possible, grab the ouzo and double-click it on the pot holding the meat-eating plant. The plant goes into a drunken stupor.


Now the safe behind the plant is accessible, but you have to know how to open it.


Note: MaG found a second way to accomplish this task. If you want to try it both ways, save your game here.


Go downstairs to the library and take the medical kit from the shelf on the right side.

Go up to the gallery, past Miss Gristle and Dr. T, and out to the veranda. The clay pigeon on the pedestal is just asking for a shot by Amanda. Do that and then place the medical kit on the pedestal. Now shoot the medical kit and take the stethoscope from the open bag.


Return to the safe in Dr. T's office, use the stethoscope on the safe door, and open the door.


Alternate method (thanks MaG):


Go down to the foyer on the lower floor and to the shelves left of the main door. Climb up twice on the right side and take the handkerchief.


Go to your bedroom and talk to the sobbing gorilla. Give the handkerchief to him and then ask for the truth. He stands and scratches his armpit: Right  Left   Left   Right.


Return to the safe in Dr. T's office and use the signals given by Gorilla on the left and right knobs: Right   Left   Left   Right. Open the door.


Read the employees files and learn that Dr. T plans to fire you. Dr. T arrives and, from your hiding place, you hear him say that the British Fleet has arrived.


You are now convinced that you are on the wrong side of this adventure, and you decide to go look for Jack. You and the drunk and depressed Jack have a heart to heart conversation.


The next morning, Miss Gristle is demanding to enter the bedroom to clean it. The naked Jack hides outside on the ledge.


Chapter XI:    In the Lion's Den


Obviously, the first priority is to get some clothes on. Move right along the ledge until you reach the veranda, where Dr. T and Amanda are having breakfast. You feel a sense of urgency when you hear him say that he will signal the start of the bombing right after breakfast.


Observe the end of the hose end under Dr. T's chair. Use the faucet. Dr. T turns off the faucet and changes to another chair.


Look at the bench by the faucet and note the gardener's saw on the logs. From this view, you can also see a watering can by the bench near the door. You can’t take either of them right now. Exit through the gallery door.


Go to Dr. T’s office, but the door is locked. You can see Miss Gristle in the hallway to the right.


Go down to the library and pull the bell left of the fireplace. When Miss Gristle comes down, you automatically hide.


Go up the left stairs and over to the right hallway. Head back to Amanda’s room to get your clothes, but Miss Gristle comes back up. You automatically hide behind the clock. Look at the clock and see your knife.


Enter the door next to the clock. Sneak past the gorilla that is reading a newspaper. Close the Venetian blind to darken the room. The gorilla solves the problem with brute force. Exit through the window and go into Amanda's room.


Pick up your clothes off the floor next to the wardrobe, but you want some privacy. Open the left wardrobe door, but it swings closed because the wardrobe is tilted back. Open the lower drawer and then the left door again. Now you can pick up the clothes and get dressed.


Leave Amanda’s room and return to the gorilla’s room next to the clock. Go to the shelves by the door and take the gorilla statue and the headache tablets.


Leave the room, go around to the gallery on the other side, and out to the veranda. Now you can pick up that watering can next to the bench. Sneak to the faucet at the back corner and fill the watering can. Take the gardener's saw by the logs.


Hop out to the ledge and go all the way back toward Amanda's window. Take the umbrella that is hanging there. Go back to the veranda and creep over behind Dr. T. You can see keys on the chair next to Dr. T. Hook the keys with the umbrella.


Your next task is to retrieve your knife from the grandfather clock.


Note: Once again, MaG found an alternate method for doing this, so save if you want to use both methods.


Go inside and downstairs to the foyer. Climb up the left side of the book shelf and then climb to the top shelf. See the loose floor board sticking out by your right shoulder, but you can’t move it. Use the saw on the loose floorboard and pick up your knife that has dropped out of the clock.


Alternate method (thanks MaG):


Go inside and downstairs to the foyer. Take the mop thread on the floor by the left staircase. Go to the bulletin board that is one the right of the main door. Take the “to do” message and the magnet. (Read the message for a giggle.)


Combine the magnet with the thread to get a magnetic fishing rod and use it on the grandfather clock to get your knife.


Go upstairs to Dr. T’s office and open the door with the bunch of keys. Go around behind the desk and pick up the fountain pen from the floor. Combine the fountain pen with the letter of notice to replace Amanda’s name with Miss Gristle's name and to set today's date as her last day of work.


Open the desk drawers with the keys. In three of the drawers, you find a great-grandfather's head, a grandfather's head, and a father's head.


The bottom left drawer appears to have a false bottom.



Use your knife on the bottom drawer and get three letters to unlock the bonus feature. You can read the letters in inventory.

Now place the three heads you found in the drawers on the headless statues on the desk. The head for Dr. T is missing.


Go to the still woozy meat-eating plant. Combine the headache tablets and the filled watering can. Use the watering can with dissolved headache tablets on the meat‑eating pot to revive the plant. Give the gorilla statue to the plant, and you automatically get a gorilla head in inventory.


Return to the desk and place the gorilla head on the headless Dr. T statue. Now turn all four heads so that they are facing forward, i.e., facing the desk chair. This opens the bookcase.


Look at the control panels on both sides of the telephone booth. Clearly, the telephone must be disabled. Go to the phone booth and cut the power cable with your knife. You get a telephone and a telephone cable.


Miss Gristle shows up and you hunker down in the desk chair. Give the amended letter of notice to Miss Gristle, and, after a hissy fit, she leaves.


Leave the office and see Dr. T and Amanda in the foyer. Brag about taking away his telephone, but he says he can take his balloon to the crater and send the signal himself. He runs off, and the gorilla blocks the door. Be kind to the gorilla, and he lets you pass.


You and Amanda arrive at an airplane that Amanda flies in pursuit of Dr. T.  You are going too slow, so Amanda asks you to lighten the load by dropping ballasts.


Look at the two large containers attached to the top wing. You can’t’ reach them from here to cut them away, so go to either end of the lower wing and climb up to the upper wing. Cut the two ropes, unaware that you are actually jettisoning the fuel tanks.


The plane is now going faster, but the fuel is going down. One of the fuel tanks that you cut free opened the bottom hatch when it fell off. Climb back down to the lower wing and open the left hatch to get super glue, a jerry can with gasoline, and ouzo.


Note: The hatch that is open might be randomized, so try the right hatch if the left is locked.


Open the hood of the engine behind Amanda. Look at the thick green tube to the left of the hood, but it won’t be useful. You need to find another tube.


Go back up to the upper wing and take the monkey flight suit. Cut the monkey flight suit with your knife to obtain a blue hose.


Go back down to the lower wing and to the engine. Place the hose in the engine and then use the jerry can on the engine to refuel.


Now you are catching up to Dr. T, so he sends Jerry, the money, who rips your right wing. Go to the right of the engine compartment and take the broken strut. Smack Jerry with the strut, and he jumps over to Amanda to cover her eyes. Pull the rip cord on Jerry's back, and he parachutes away.


Now the plane is on fire, and Jerry must have torn the rudder. Go back and take the red screwdriver that is lodged in the rudder. Move left a little and use the screwdriver to take the landing gear rod that is underneath the plane.


Go back to the rudder of the plane and secure the (horizontal) pitch elevator with the telephone cable. Then use the landing gear rod on the pitch elevator. The plane crashes.


Chapter XII:    The Decision


You revive and see Amanda's boots under the plane wreckage. After Amanda emerges from her swim, talk about everything.


Dr. T needs electricity to send his signal to the monkeys, but you see no wind turbines in the area. You need to find Dr. T while Amanda tries to whip something up from the plane wreckage.

She gives her broken rifle to you.


Walk left to the stone road sign. Only the base is there, and the top portion seems to be missing.   Continue left across the bridge and see three plant guards. You can’t get by them. Pick up the skeleton from the back edge of the path.


Go back across the bridge to the stone road sign and then up screen, past the small arch, and on to a bridge where Vincent is standing. Talk to Vincent.


The plane wreckage has changed the flow of the river and blocked the path down below, trapping the wedding party. He asks for your help.


Continue across the bridge and along the beach until you find a monkey in a tree. You recognize him as the monkey who was peddling the power generator in the jungle hut. Talk to him, and the monkey throws a coconut at you. Pick up the coconut.


Continue right along the beach until you reach the wreckage of Dr. T’s balloon. Go back screen and look at the wobbly rocks. Take the bamboo rod holding the rocks. Down come the rocks, followed by the irrepressible Montgomery.


Talk to Montgomery and learn that he will not help you until he has had a cold beer. Get a warm beer from the crate behind Montgomery.


Walk left to the balloon wreckage, and the two thugs take some shots at you.


Continue to the left as far as you can go. See a hanging metal ramp and dense vegetation. Cut the vegetation with your knife and take the revealed sign post stone. This might be the missing part to the sign post back at the plane wreckage.


Go back to the right and see another sign post, this one intact. Enter this shortcut back to the consecrated bridge.




Place the sign post you just found on the incomplete stone road sign by the bridge to

unlock the bonus feature. (The bonus feature (Wax Works) is now complete.


Note that this road sign is a shortcut to the Sacred Path of Stones, the place where you used the other road sign.


Go up screen toward Vincent and the bridge. This time, however, stop when you reach the small arch and come down screen along the path. Look at the wreckage of the rear part of the plane and see that is blocking the water flow. Place you cursor toward the bottom of the screen and look at the gully that was once the river bed. Look at the altered river flow.


Cross the little bridge and look down the stairs to see the rest of the party.


Go back across the little bridge to the rear part of the plane and place the bamboo rod on it. Now you can use the pole as a lever to control the rudder and the river flow.


Pull the bamboo rod lever and see that the river is now flowing on the other side of the steps.


Place the skeleton on the dried‑up riverbed and then place the beer bottle in the skeleton. Pull the lever to bring the river flow back to where it was. Take the chilled beer bottle from the river.


Go back up the path on the left, across Vincent’s bridge, and all the way back to Montgomery. Give the chilled beer to him. When you lose your patience with him, he gives you a comb saw and an elastic belt.


Go back past Vincent and down the path to the river. Go across the little bridge and bring the rotten tree down with the comb saw. The river is diverted, and the wedding party is able to leave the area.


As the High Priest talks about this sacred place, wind turbines rise and the hanging metal ramp drops down. Pick up the hollow branch at the right end of the little bridge.


Go back up to the small arch near Vincent’s bridge and talk to the High Priest. There is a remedy for the meat-eating plants, but he will help you only if you show the villagers that Dr. T is responsible for the desecration of their sanctuary.


Cross the bridge and continue along the beach, past Montgomery, and left as far as you can go to the metal ramp that is now down. Go up the ramp and climb up to the boardwalk.


Follow the boardwalk until you see Dr. T behind the windows. The people of the village cannot see him. Come across the rock ledge to see two “crown chevrons.” The second has a rock in place, but the first does not. Attach the elastic belt on the first crown chevron to get a slingshot.


Return to the boardwalk and follow it around the back of the wind turbine. Place the hollow branch on the rocks.


Go back to the slingshot and place the coconut on it. You automatically fire the slingshot to break the windows of Dr. T's control center. Now the villagers can see who the villain is.


Go right along the boardwalk, jump down, and use the metal ramp. Use the stone sign as a shortcut to return to the plane wreckage. Pick up the crank that is directly behind you.


Go back up screen toward the bridge and talk to the High Priest again. He gives you the secret for calming the meat-eating plants. It is the “Shape of Bone,” a bone shaped mold. Recall that there are three meat-eating plants, so you will need to make three bones.


Go left to the rubber tree left, use the knife on it, and see rubber ooze. Use the bone mold with the rubber to three rubber bones.


Go left back toward the plane wreckage and cross the bridge to the island guarded by meat-eating plants. Give a bone to each plant. Now you can pass by them.


Go forward to a panel with a keyhole. Try the crank, but it doesn’t fit. Try the panel on the right, but you decide that you don’t have enough technical savvy.


Leave the island the way you came and go back to Amanda at the plane wreckage. Tell her that you need her expertise. While Amanda is at work, climb up the ledge at the left and enter the small hatch. The large front hatch opens, and the two of you arrive at Dr. T’s control room.


After some talk, Dr. T leaves and then throws a bomb through the doors port window. Look at the loose wires at the control panel where Dr. T was fiddling around. Come forward and pick up the teapot by the chair. Short circuit the loose wires by using the teapot on them. That closes the floor hatch and the bomb explodes harmlessly. (Note that the port window cover fell off.)


Take the hanging cane,  use it on the port window to unlock the door, and exit.


Walk left and enter the upper platform. Pick up the door handle on the ground next to you. Take a look at the hatch and open it with your knife. Take the blown fuse.


Enter the door at the right and talk to Amanda. Pick up the brake pad at the right of the platform.


Go back through the door to the upper platform and insert the brake pad into the fuse socket.


Go back through the right door to Amanda’s platform. Come down the lower ramp that Dr. T used, but he has sealed the access. Use the upper ramp to enter the barracks.


Walk right and look at Jerry, the monkey. Take the spindle with twine from the bottom bunk to the left of Jerry. Look at the lockers and take the coat hanger from the last locker on the right.


Try the hatch on the right, but it needs a code to open it. Walk all the way back to the left side of the barracks and look at the alarm console. If you startle Jerry, who surely knows the code for the hatch, he might open it for you. Press the large green button. Jerry wakes up, opens the hatch, and takes off in his balloon to join the others.


Go out through the hatch to find Amanda trying to fix the door. Look at the defective coil in the foreground. Combine the clothes hanger with the spindle with twine to get an improvised coil. Give the coil to Amanda, and now the door is open.


Amanda says you need a weapon before you chase Dr. T, so use the broken rifle. Dr. T laughs at your broken rifle, but the two thugs take a wild shot at you. Dr. T is ready to surrender, but Montgomery shows up in Dr. T’s balloon. Dr. T escapes in the balloon and kicks Montgomery out of the gondola..


Dr. T needs more altitude before he can signal the monkeys.


Chapter XIII:    The Last Stand


Go left around to the front of the gondola and enter the cabin room. Take the large horseshoe on the back wall and put it into the oven. The board to which the horseshoe was attached burns away.


Take the corkscrew by the oven and use it to open the small refrigerator. Open the refrigerator door and take the bucket of ice.


Exit the cabin and walk farther around to the left. Take the emergency paddle and the hawser.


Return to the cabin and use the paddle get the red hot horseshoe. Place the horseshoe into the bucket of ice. Finally, combine the horseshoe with the hawser to get a grappling hook.


Exit the cabin and go right back to Amanda. Fling the grappling hook onto the  ship's steering wheel in front of Dr. T. This causes the ship to turn sideways, but now Amanda is hanging from the rudder. Dr. T starts firing a flare gun.


Climb up onto the red sofa and turn the steering wheel. This turns the rudder so that Amanda can climb out of danger. Use your knife on blue box left of the steering wheel and take some signal flares. Give the signal flares to Amanda who fires them off to distract Dr. T.


From the red sofa, jump to the right ledge of the gondola. Then jump up again, and you can see Dr. T. Stand on the red door and climb up just to the right of Dr. T. He kicks you away, and the arm of the chimp figurehead breaks off. Pick up the wooden arm.


Go back down to the red door and to the left. Jump back to the ledge and then back to the upper sofa. Go left along the sofa and see a swinging door that will not stay open. Use the wooden arm on the door to prop it up.


Go right along the sofa and jump out to the platform. Jump again to below the chimp figurehead. This time, instead of climbing up, go right and climb up on the door you just propped up. Use your knife to cut the frayed rope in front of you. So much for the evil Dr. T.


As Montgomery gets all the credit for saving the P-P-Pire, you and Amanda sail off into a James Bond style ending.

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