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Joining Tulio and Miguel in their quest, we need to collect 7 items.

To see the items, look for the glimmer of gold.

No saves possible during the game.

No interaction with the inventory during the game: just items to pick up.



Click on PLAY to meet our two heroes.

Click on one of the barrel on the right to get the map of El Dorado.

Do the same thing on one of the barrel on the left to get a sword.

As indicated by the yellow arrow, lets go left and meet a very big bull.

May as well escape and be kick towards a ship.

Set sail.

Cortez, the evil Spanish captain will not tolerate non invited passengers on his ship.

Click on the candle (hard to see) on the table on the right. Off to Cuba.

Escape to see “Altivo”, the Spanish war horse.

Click on it’s head and then the rowboat. Ho boy, in a boat with a horse and sharks around.

Click the arrow on the left and find yourself on the beach and then the other arrow on the left and be in the forest.


Here is the explanation and/or direction for all the ARROWS encounter in the forest


You can go anywhere and have fun discovering the multiple arrows and where they go.

Here is a suggested itinerary:

When you get to the forest (1), go to the middle right arrow that will bring you in the forest with a rock (4) seen at bottom left of the screen. Click on it and then on the object on the water and see a red panel: click on the panel to see a mask go in inventory. You will also see a glimmering on top of the vegetation on the right: click and meet Bibo.

Click on the arrow in the middle of the screen and be back in the forest(1).

Now, go left and see our two friends and the horse near a pond (2). At bottom left, drag your curser on the vegetation and see an artefact of some sort: click it and a see a red and orange headdress coming out of the water. Click it and in inventory it goes.

Time to move to the left and our friends are on a big branch with the horse (3).

From there, go with the arrow at bottom left: mountain cliff (5). Click on Bibo that is under the horse and see some stairs. Go up the stairs by clicking on the upper left arrow: a temple (9). Get in with the arrow. Two items to click on: a small statue and a vase. Click the left arrow to go out and again to be at the mountain cliff (5).

Lets move on by clicking on the bottom right arrow to be back on the big branch (3). Click on the horse and the bottom right arrow and be on another big branch with a creeper (6) on the left. See the glimmering and click it: watch the two guys have fun. Time to leave the jungle.

What a nice blue lake (8). Pass your curser and click on the middle of the screen on the waterfall when you see Chel, your new partner.

Press the upper arrow and meet some people at the village. You will be at a party if you click on them.

After the festivities, time to go to the big high temple and meet Tzekel-Kan, the high priest.  He has something around his neck: click on the necklace and then the mask and see a cut scene.


There had to be a Chief in this story: meet Chief Tannabok who is very happy that you found his magic “headress” and will reward our two heroes greatly: press the two bottom right arrows in different scene  to see the end of this game.



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