by Wicked Studios Ltd.


Walkthrough by Gimli (text) and Jochen (pictures and graph)


January 2006






You will see and hear memories from the director of the school, and then you will find yourself in the woods and Mustavio, a trader, explains the rules of the game. Very interesting and important! Listen and follow him up the hill to the wagon. Ask him (for example) how to use the magnifying glass and test it on the small box on the front side of the wagon. Open the small box, take the bottle of wine and click on the arrow on the left down side of the screen. Unfortunately the bottle disappears inside the small box again, but that was the trigger to send Mustavio down the hill. Follow him and you will reach (automatically) the heavy door of the school. Look for someone to help. Go to the right side (screen view) and follow the path into the woods until you reach the river and Mustavio the trader. Talk to him and ask him everything. He can’t help with the door but he mentions pieces of a game that he would like to sell to you. No money (you will get them from him later on anyway!), so go back to the school and opposite the door to the pavilion. Click on the ring and you are standing in front of your first puzzle.


Door bell puzzle





Solution: click the blue button

then click on the Minotaurs as follows:



 top right


 down left


 top left


 down right




You enter the school and realise that funnily enough nobody’s around. Go to the right and right of the stairs in a passageway, at the rear to the right (garden side) and all the way to the right, up a few steps and into a room with cupboards on the left wall and shelves on the right. A wolf calls for help from out of the cupboards. Talk to him and then open the door by clicking on the blue shining symbol above it. Meet Zak. Open also the left door of the cupboard where Zak was in and take a bunch of keys.


Next task: find the enchanted “Way of the cross”


Go back to the entrance of the school (with the dragon fountain in it) and up the right staircase to the top. There turn to the right and immediately after the bookcase on your left turn round the corner and go down the stairs you’ll see in front of you. At the bottom of the stairs turn left and go up the stairs you’ll see in the background. In this room you will find a burned book on the floor at right. Hear what Zak has to say. Now cross the bridge in front of you and have a first look at the game “The Labyrinth of the Minotaur” straight ahead. You can’t play it now, so turn to the right and at the end of the room (“ah fresh air!”) go down left and then left again down the stairs. At the bottom turn right and follow Zak. At the end of the garden you will find Celeste’s doll and you will have your first vision. Afterwards you will find yourself as if by magic in the entrance hall in front of a closed gate. You need electric power to open the gate.


Next tasks: find the cellar, Mustavio’s crates in it and the hidden way out


Go all the way back to where you’ve found the doll in the garden (up the right staircase…. rest see above). In the garden, at the end of the paved path, go right down the stairs and into the cellar. Alas, another accumulation of rooms. Go down the stairs and “discover” the different rooms. (Best make a plan of the cellar. You will need it later because you will return to this place again and again).

Go down the stairs, turn right and right again at the arched stairs. After finding Mustavio’s crates (his name is printed on the crates. You can take nothing with you, it’s only a trigger) go and find the hidden way to the outside. It’s a gap in the wall (hint: do you hear the wind howling? Then you’re near it. It’s on the bottom most part of the cellar). From the Mustavio's crate, exit back to the second landing of the basement-cellar and go left of the stairs going up. Go forward to right screen until you see gap on wall. Go through the gap and, “oh no!” you’ll drop the amulet that Celeste gave you, back in the childhood. Maybe Mustavio can fix it later? For now go on to the right (river on your right side, waterwheel in front) and out of the room. Then down the stairs and you will see the next puzzle that awaits you.


The weight puzzle


Here the solution: there are a left and a right wooden wheel, a lever each on the left and right side of the two wooden wheels and weights left and right




• Click on the right wooden wheel (lifts the

   right weight to the top)

• Click on lever left of the right wooden wheel

   (drops the right weight three positions, lifts

   the left weight to the top)

• Click on lever left of the left wooden wheel

   (drops the left weight to the bottom)

• Click on lever left of the right wooden wheel

   (drops the right weight to the bottom, lifts

   left weight two positions)

• Click on the right wooden wheel (lifts the

   right weight to the top)

• Click on lever left of the right wooden wheel

   (drops right weight one position, lifts left

   weight to the top)

Now both weights should be on the same level with shining lamps on either side (as in the picture of the Walkthrough)

Click on the rune between the weights to lighten it. Both weights are moving to the starting point (automatically) and the drains are functioning now.


Well done, but that was not all to bring power to the school. Go back the way two steps (waterwheel on your left) and straight ahead into the machine room.




according to the plan the handle must stand here on “II” 


Bravo! Now you brought back power to the school.


Next task: open the gate in the entrance hall (where you landed after your last vision!)


Go back to the school entrance and, behind the dragon fountain, to the still closed gate. Pull the lever on the left side of the gate and now you can enter. Go up the stairs and “oh no, another one of this weird visions”. After the vision you will find yourself in front of stairs. You are now in the “whispering staircase”, going up to the hall of the watchers (guards).


Next task: open the door to the hall of the watchers and talk with every one of the three Minotaur guards.


Go all the way up to the blue door and knock. Dear me, how frightening! After the door is open go up again and talk to the Minotaurs, the watchers of the hall.



Next task: find caretaker’s key



                   Lydia finds a key here




Go all the way down, past the dining room window

to your right (have a look inside!), and then another

flight of stairs and you will find and take from the

floor the key that belongs to the caretaker. Note the

numbers on it:                2 4 3 4 5.

Now, you must find the office of the caretaker.


Go down to the entrance hall and this time take the staircase left of the dragon fountain. Go up the stairs, on top turn right, go forward two times and turn left to the wood door. Open it and examine the room. Here you will find on the desk a partially burnt parchment.

You can read only the letters m b f x, means there are missing a few letters. A code maybe? Take also the note (they tried to send you back home!!). Look at the big map at the wall (unreadable because it’s written in rune writing) and find left of it, ajar to a closet, a beautifully made wooden stick with your name written on it. Take it and you will have the wooden stick to open the portals of the examination rooms the watchers talked about. Remember? On the right side of the wall map, on the lower side of the bookcase, you see a safe with a diadem in it. Crack the safe!


Safe puzzle





Solution: Number the digits left to right from 1-5,

begin with the 4th code number

and put it to 4 (you should have 12141 now).

Now turn the 2nd key to 4 (you should have 14541 now).

Next turn the 3rd key to 3 (you should have 14342 now).

Next turn the 5th key to 5 (you should have the right

sequence now: 24345). Turn the big key on the right

and you can take the diadem.



With the diadem you are able to read the map on the wall and of course the pages you already found (in inventory-read them all). It seems that the pages are a formula for a transformation potion.


Next task: read the writing on the plate of the dragon fountain


Go down to the entrance hall and look close at the plate, written in rune writing, that’s fixed on the front side of the dragon fountain. Click also on the fountain/dragon itself and hear what Zak has to say. You need that knowledge for the first examination. And it’s high time to pass the examination.

Go (behind the dragon fountain) through the gate and up the stairs until you reach the first landing. Turn right and you see the stone door of the first examination room. You don’t know how to open it? Run all the way up the stairs (and note on the way the other stone door to your left – that’s the room for examination no. 3) until you reach the top and the room of the three watchers again. Ask them how to open the examination room doors. Aha!, with your magical wooden stick: “turn the stick three times, knock the end of the stick on the floor and point with it at the gem”. It’s obvious!

Go back down to the first landing where you found the first stone door a little while ago. Open the door and pass the-


First examination: faithfulness


Click on the lion head and have a chat with Zak. Then click again on the lion and the three beasts are placing three questions:

1.  Question: which are the real value representing the highest ideals of the academy?

      Answer: wisdom, strength, balance (No. 3 top down)


2.  Question: What would you sacrifice to be a great magician?

     Answer: time (No. 2 top down)


3.  Question: What happened to the magician Nightingale after he learnt to conjure magic?

      Answer: He  learnt  that  the  absolute  power  means  nothing   without

      wisdom (No. 4 top down)


Great, you’ve done it! In the blue crystal ball you can see that one of the Minotaurs is standing back from the others.

Now go out of the room and look for the door to the second examination. That’s a bit complicate. First, go down the stairs, out of the gate to the entrance hall and right of the dragon fountain up the staircase to the top (you see bookcases in front of you). On top of the stairs turn right and go through that room to the next staircase on the left backside of the screen (right of the pillar you should see a green carpet on the wall). Go up the stairs to the top and out the wooden door. You are on a balustrade of the outer wall now. Go left (oh, poor Zak is frightened. He has the altitude sickness!), round the corner and enter the next wooden door. Cross the bridge (you are inside the academy again) and take the pages from the floor (notes how to plant a Nigilis Tree and how to use the fruits of that tree for the transformation potion). Go down the stairs and shatter the door to the-


Second examination room




Next task: find the secret study room


For now leave the room, go out the door into the open and there to your left in direction of poor Zak. You will find another study room (bookcases and chairs). Read the plaque on the floor about Nightingale and Winterowl. Find a door with a game that you first have to play before the door opens.


Dragon puzzle



You see on the left side 3 green dragons (number them from left to right G1-G3) and on the right side 3 white dragons (number them from left to right W1-W3)



Solution: Start with:

G3 - W1 - W2 - G3 - G2 – G1 - W1 - W2 –

W3 - G3 - G2 - G1 - W2 - W3 - G1



An owl is passing over your head. You enter the room, traverse a corridor and find yourself on another balustrade in the open.

Wow! What a view over the garden! Make a mental note of your position and the garden, especially the round garden bed left of the small stone bridge. You will need to find your way back here again after the tree is high enough to….. well…. that will come in the near future. For now go straight ahead and enter another room. That’s a so called study balcony (well, I call it that) on an upper floor of the entrance hall. See the staircases, the dragon fountain and the entrance door below you? Find another few pages on one of the tables. (Description of a flower (heather or headen) that one needs for the transformation potion, and a few notes about a tree which can talk and walk). Read the plaque on the floor.


Next task: find the trader Mustavio in the woods


For now, leave the room again, go back to the outer balustrade (garden view) through the room with the dragon-puzzle-door and out again (poor Zak) and all to the right until you reach the rightmost wooden door. Enter and go all down the stairs to the entrance hall and out of the academy into the woods (right of the academy doors - screen view).

Talk to Mustavio about everything, especially about the wine barrels, casks that belongs to Mustavio and whether he can fix your broken amulet. He asks you to find the caretaker. Tell him you couldn’t find him so Mustavio will make a deal with you: you find the casks, the wine barrels and a way for Mustavio to cross the river with the barrow and he will fix your amulet.


You have found the casks already earlier, remember? Tell him that.


Next task:  find the wine barrels in the cellar and a way for Mustavio to cross the river with the wheelbarrow


Go back to the academy entrance hall, up the right staircase to the top, turn right and immediately after the bookcase on the left turn the corner and go down the stairs, go left, cross the room and afterwards the bridge, cross the study room (in the open) to the right and this time, out of curiosity, you don’t go down (at least for the time being) but up the stairs on the right wall. Enter the dining room and to the right the kitchen area. Examine the rooms! Take from a table the last pages of the notebook. Read it and learn about the tree leaves that are necessary for the transformation potion. In the kitchen itself note the floating fireball (you can brew the potion here if you have everything that’s needed!), and in the pantry the elevator. Get in and you will find yourself in the wine cellar were you’ll find, on the same floor a bit to the right, the wine barrels of Mustavio. Go down the stairs and to the left again and down another few stairs and open the door to the elevator machine room. Pull the lever on the left and look how a lift is coming down. Go out of the room and note the cauldron in the left corner. Would be perfect to brew the potion to transform Zak into a dragon, but it is too heavy for you to lift. Left of the cauldron is an archway, but it’s walled up. Why that? Could that be a secret door? Nothing further to do here so let’s control that walled up door. That must lead to the cellar behind.


Go up the stairs and back with the elevator to the kitchen and up the next stairs to the dining room. Cross the room and leave through the door you came in. Go down the stairs and immediately left and left again to the garden. At the bottom of the stairs go right and along the paved path to the cellar rooms.  Go down three flights of stairs and then go forward until you find in the wall a blue crystal and written on the wall three letters. That’s a magical lock. Open it!


Cellar Lock puzzle






m  b  t  f  c  x   

(the missing letters are t and c)


Go inside now and you are standing again

in the wine cellar.

So, you have found Mustavio’s casks and

Mustavio’s wine barrels up to now.

Now to the river.



Next task: build a bridge over the river to were Mustavio is waiting


Go back out again into the cellar and one other flight of stairs down to the bottom most part of the cellar and look again for the gap in the wall (you already have been here remember? Going to the weight puzzle!). Go through the gap and all the way along the river on your right until you reach the stairs. Don’t go down for now! Turn to your left and pick the plant that is growing there. It is needed for the transformation potion. You will find the plant in three different colours. Take what you like best-colour doesn’t matter. Now go down and out (for your guidance: weight puzzle on the left behind you). Go down the stairs into the garden and straight ahead, river always to your right. After a time you can see something like a signpost a few paces ahead to your right, at the same time another vision comes over you (a speaking tree! Didn’t we read in one of the many notes about that tree, called Ent?!). After the vision you’ll find yourself on a clearing and Zak has vanished. Go find him (go left – screen view) and there he is! Go strait ahead, cross the wooden bridge and stay on the path and you will eventually reach the signpost again, this time from the north. Click on the fern tendril below the signpost and look in astonishment how a bridge is being built. (Have patience!). Cross the bridge and talk to a happy Mustavio. Tell him that you’ve found the wine barrels and he will give you two pieces of a game (Minotaur and Goblin) as a “Thank-you”.


Next task: play the game “Labyrinth of the Minotaur” and you win another ingredient for the transformation potion


Go back to the entrance of the school (with the dragon fountain in it) and up the right staircase to the top. There turn to the right and immediately after the bookcase on your left turn round the corner and go down the stairs you’ll see in front of you. At the bottom of the stairs turn left and go up the stairs you’ll see in the background. Now cross the bridge in front of you and you reach the game “The Labyrinth of the Minotaur” strait ahead (study room in the open).


“Labyrinth of Minotaur”


Goal:   move the Goblin out of the game (upper left corner) without being caught by the Minotaur






Solution (move step by step!):

2 fields up / 3 fields down / 5 fields to the right / 3 fields up /

1  field to the left (Minotaur is blocked a 2nd time) / 2 fields up /

2 fields to the right (Minotaur is blocked a 3rd time) /

1 field up and then left until Goblin is reaching the stairs.


You won a magical seed for planting a tree (Nigilis)



Next task: plant the seed in the garden bed


Go to the right and down the stairs into the garden (you already have been here several times), this time turn to the left at the bottom of the stairs (right would be direction of the cellar) and round the corner and over the small stone bridge to the garden bed. Plant the seed by clicking on the garden bed and look close at the three signs that surround the garden bed, especially the one with the “Rune of the light”. One of the runes represents the seed, the other represents the light and the 3rd represents water. All three are needed to let grow the tree. You have already planted the seed and it needs now magical light, so go up the stairs in the background to the octagonal turret with a giant stone dragon statue on it. At one side of the turret you will find the -



“Rune of the Light” – Puzzle


Goal: the dragon above the turret should send a ray of magical light to the garden bed.





on the left side: push second from top controller to the right

and on the right side: push top controller and second from

top controller to the right (see picture)

Now to the last needed element (symbolised through the

3rd rune): water.

By looking down you see that there’s no water in the basin

round the garden bed



Next task: search the water pump room and fill the basin with water


Go all the way back where you came from: past the “Labyrinth of the Minotaur” game, cross the blue tiled bridge, cross the room after the bridge and go down the stairs, then cross the next room and you’ll stand in front of a blue tapestry with two dragons on it, hanging on a wall. Left of that wall you can see stairs going down. Follow the stairs until you reach a door. Let Zak help to find the right key. Inside the room you see on your right the control desk of the water pump. Open the lid and you stand in front of the -

Waterworks’ Puzzle


Seems that the gearwheels are a bit in disarray and that you only have to put the right gearwheels into the right places or in other words: join the related gearwheels together.

before and after this

Solution: Number the fields from top left to bottom right from 1-16 (see picture). Click on the fields to shift them:


move field 12 to field 14; move field 16 to field 10; move field 8 to field 9;

move field 12 to field 5; move field 8 to field 1; move field 16 to field 6;

move field 16 to field 7; move field 4 to field 11; move field 2 to field 15


Pull the lever on the right of the gearwheel field (lid should close automatically after a short time of waiting)


The gearwheels are functioning, but the pump doesn’t work yet. Go down the stairs along the wall to the bottom most part of the room (you must see two huge brown wheels on your left) and pull the lever there. You just activated the pump. Look how the water is flowing to every fountain and basin of the school – except maybe to the basin round the garden bed, where you planted the seed! Go right there now and have a look! Left of the small stone bridge you notice a stone slab with a hole in it and the rune sign of water on it and in front of it a lever. Pull it and the water will flow now in a waterfall. Anything else? Oh yes!, you have to recite the correct charm and now look how rapidly the tree is growing! But alas, the fruits, as always, are too high to catch.


Next task: go up onto the outer balcony/balustrade of the academy and pick one of the fruits 


Once more go all the way back until you reach the blue wall tapestry with the dragons on it, and the stairs going down to the waterworks, but this time you go up the stairs to your right and on top of the stairs turn right again and up the stairs in the background. In the open now turn left (screen view) and go past the 2nd wooden door into the study room. Cross the room and go left through the now open door (remember the Dragon puzzle?) and right onto a wooden platform (inside the academy again). Go straight ahead until you reach the open again and the balcony where you can pick a big silver fruit from the magical tree Nigilis.


On your way back, standing on the inner balustrade with the wooden floor, you see below you Mustavio walk the bridge on a lower floor of the academy.


Next task: talk with Mustavio about your broken amulet


Go all the way back, through the study room and the outer balcony, past one of the wooden doors (leading to the 2nd examination) into the next one and down the stairs and right again down the other stairs that leads to the garden. At the bottom of the stairs (stairs you just came down on your left, stairs to the garden in the background) turn right and talk to the waiting Mustavio. English version: Or Mustavio is at the middle alcove of bookshelves before the stairs to go to the minotaur maze. He found spare parts with which he can fix your amulet. But he needs several tools to do it and you have to find them for him.


Next task: go find the tools and bring them back to Mustavio


Remember where you’ve found Zak at the beginning of the game? In this room you will find the missing tools. So go all the way to the entrance hall of the school, go right of the right staircase in a passageway, at the rear to the right (another garden) and all the way to the right, up a few steps and into the room with cupboards on the left wall and shelves with tools on it on the right. With the tools in inventory go back to where you just met Mustavio in the school and he fixes your amulet. That reminds you of the speaking tree, the Ent Elvandar.


Next task: go looking for the speaking tree in the woods near the river


Go via the entrance hall out of the school and to the right of the school all along the path until you reach the bridge you made over the river out of a fern tendril (and

where you spoke several times with Mustavio). Cross the bridge and follow the path to your right. You will eventually come to a small wooden bridge. Cross it and near this bridge you will find the speaking tree Elvandar.




He speaks with you only after you played the amulet song

to him. (Be patient, Elvandar is a bit slow moving.)


In the end, he will let grow (only after asking him where to

find such a plant!) a much needed heather (headen) plant for

the transformation potion. Take it!


Next task: try to brew the transformation potion in the kitchen of the school


There are different ways to reach the kitchen from here. One of them: go back again into the entrance hall and up the right staircase. On top turn right and go all the way in direction of the garden and cellar. After passing the “Labyrinth of the Minotaur”-game in the open study hall go to the right and up the stairs along the wall into the dining room and, after passing the unlit fireplace with the rune sign of “Fire” painted on it, to the right down all the way to the kitchen. Now you have all the ingredients for the transformation potion and a lit fireplace in the corner but no cauldron. (Click on the floating fireball: it’s a trigger for the cauldron sequence).


Next task: go fetch the cauldron you’ve found in the wine cellar earlier and move it to the kitchen


Go to the right into the pantry and go down with the elevator into the wine cellar. Walk down a few stairs into the elevator machine room and call the lift for the goods (if not already done earlier!) down to the ramp. Outside again click on the cauldron in the corner of the wine cellar and you automatically pull-push it to the ramp. Go back into the elevator machine room and send the lift up one level. Go up to where the cauldron now is and pull-push it to the elevator going up to the pantry (click on the blue crystal right of the elevator to send it up). Zak and you are following on the way round the house (because the elevator is already taken by the cauldron). The way to the kitchen: go up all the cellar stairs until you reach the open. Go along the paved path to the stairs leading up into the school and take the stairs along the left wall again (as done before) to the dining room and, inside, to the right to the kitchen again. In the pantry you can see the cauldron in the elevator. Pull-push it to the fireplace by clicking on it. Once on the fireplace click again on the cauldron and you will brew automatically the transformation potion (Yummy!). Zak is drinking it, is keeling over and you want to fetch water for him when another vision blurs your mind.


After the vision you’ll find yourself in front of the arch leading to the next examination. Zak is missing and you turn to go and find him. Oh!, what a cute little cat. After the cat spoke you realise that the transformation potion wasn’t the one for dragons but, alas, for cats and Zak is exactly this cat now. But a cat is more helpful then a wolf with the problem of moving the stairs in the examination room from two sides! As cat, Zak can clime through the broken window high above the examination room (do you remember? Look at the “notes” under the title “Second examination room”) and can place himself opposite your balcony so you two can move the stairs from both sides.

Next task: persuade Zak to climb the rooftops and walk into the examination room through the broken window


You both go back to the kitchen and to the pantry (out of this room onto the outer balcony, to

the right and through the next wooden door, down the stairs, on bottom keep left, go down the

stairs and all the way in direction of the garden, pass the “Labyrinth of Minotaur”-game and go up the stairs along the right wall). In the pantry you will find a worktop on the left side with a window behind it. Click on the window and very courageous Zak is climbing the rooftops whereas you are running (automatically) back to the examination room.

 Next task: move, together with Zak, the bridge


Goal: you must get to the other side; the exam of wisdom is waiting


Bridge puzzle


Note:   Lydia and Zak have to look at the respective lever (click on magnifying glass over the lever). Only then can you choose from three different sentences to decide what to do as Lydia or as Zak





Second examination: wisdom





·         At the beginning of the examination the order of the eight books is – SLUND, undar, AETERN, DRIA, gradion, KYROS, nexan, orlos

·         The order of the four riddles is – AETERN, KYROS, DRIA, SLUND.


After passing the 2nd exam (congratulations!) you can see again in the crystal ball that another of the Minotaurs is standing back.


Next task: pass the 3rd exam


Go all the way down to the entrance hall and, behind the dragon fountain, up the stairs (on the 1st floor to the right is the exam room for the first exam. Remember?), past the dining room windows and up another flight of stairs until you reach, to your left, the door to the -


Third examination: triumph


You open the door as usual, enter and the examination begins. You see a burning house with horrified little Lydia in the top middle window, waving desperately.


Goal: you must overcome your greatest fear in life and try to rescue yourself as little Lydia


Note and solution:


Yeah! The 3rd Minotaur is standing back, that means that you passed all three examinations. Well done!


Next task: go to the upper part of the school


You exit the room and walk up the stairs until you reach the room of the Minotaur wardens/guards. They congratulate you and you are allowed now to enter the so far forbidden upper part of the school.

For coming and going fast to the different locations of this upper part, there are Teleporters and Transmitter gates. Try the Teleporter in the middle of the room and you are landing in the study hall (10 a). The Teleporter you just arrived is out of order (broken) from now on!


For better orientation a “Plan of the Teleporter” and of the “Transmitter gates” follows here (For a bigger format click HERE).

(Note the colours of the different Teleporters! I’ve put numbers 1-17 beneath the place names (translated from the German) on the plan because I don’t know whether the producers will use the same place names as in the German version. List of abbreviations: Teleporter = TP, Transmitter gate = TG)



Have a good look around. Go for example from the broken Teleporter to the right, out of the room, cross a courtyard and enter the room to the right (the Teleporter Basis). Ahhhhhhhhh, a ghost! But that’s exactly the room you have to go next. So look for another way. Go back to the broken Teleporter and this time go to the left, down a few steps and up the stairs in the left background. Now, don’t go down the next stairs but instead use the small walkway along the right wall and you discover Celeste’s room (12)! Enter and have a look around. Hear what Zak has to say about Celeste, he himself and the school. You are angry with Zak and you lock him up. He will confess now everything but you’ll have another of these dreadful visions (so Nathaniel made Zak, the heir of Nightingale, gives him a very important crystal ball that only a Nightingale can touch).


After the vision ends you will find yourself on a balcony outside the laboratory (17). Go halfway round the tower and cross the bridge to the right (note the owl!) and enter the laboratory. Speak with Zak. Ask him everything. Then go round the room and read the plate on the left wall (very important message about transformation potions!)


Next task: teleport yourself to the Teleport control room (Basis) and activate all available Teleporters


On the right side of the plate you’ll find a passageway to the yellow TP. Stand on it and you will fly (?) to a balcony with two yellow TP’s on it. Use now the other one opposite the one you just landed and you’ll end up on a balcony with three TP’s on it. This time use the black TP and you’ll land in the Teleporter control room (Basis) where you have to do the


Teleporter activate puzzle


Goal: all nine circles in the middle of the room must shine, three in yellow, three in red and three in blue





Solution: number the obelisks as seen in the picture here:

  • click the ring of obelisk 3 (colours now: 3x yellow, 2x blue, 1x red)
  • click the ring of obelisk 2 (colours now: 2x yellow, 2x blue, 3x red)
  • click again the ring of obelisk 2 (colours now: 1x yellow, 1x red,

      2x blue but unfortunately they are locked now for the time being)

  • click a 3rd time the ring of obelisk 2 (colours now: 2x yellow,

      2x red, 3x blue)

  • click the ring of obelisk 1 (colours now: 0x yellow, 3x red, 3x blue)
  • click the ring of obelisk 4 (colours now: 3x yellow, 3x red, 3x blue)


All Teleporters are activated now – let’s try them!


Next task: activate the rune in the Art Room (2) and make a note of it


Stand on the platform where you just lighted all the colours and you’re landing on the balcony with the 3 TP’s upstairs. Use the red one and, after landing on a balcony 1x upstairs with a single red TP go into the room behind you and through the whirling blue door (that’s a Transmitter gate, TG). Now you have the choice of two stairs: one leading down and one to the right. The Art room is to the right. Go there, even if the world is a bit upside down around here. Look around the Art room (you can’t do the puzzles now) and activate the rune in the wall right of the window by clicking on it (even if Zak says you shouldn’t). There are such rune signs in every classroom – you have to activate them all.

 Next task: go to the North tower (3)


Go out of the Art room and take the stairs going down (whirling door behind you). Walk all the way round the Tower outside (1) and enter the next whirling TG. Go up the stairs and you are in the North tower now (3). There’s a puzzle in the middle of the room (not accessible for now) and a floating blue ball (protective cover) to the right of the yellow TP. You want to go into Nathaniel’s office? OK, use the yellow TP to the Statue-Tower (4) (note the floating blue ball to the right of the TP, another protective cover) and go left over the bridge to Nathaniel’s empty office. Note the “ship in the bottle” and the floating blue ball to the right of it (another protective cover). Note the locked up drawer behind the desk. From the desk take the unreadable parchment with the design of the white ball of your last vision.


Next task: activate the rune in the Observatory (5) and make a note of it


Go back over the bridge to the Statue-Tower, (note the glass ball to the left of the room. Later on it changes the seasons in the Herb garden!) and use the blue TP to reach the Observatory. Hear what Zak has to say, and then activate the rune in the wall right of the window in front of you. Have a look around the room and go also up the stairs to the very top. Play with and make a mental note of everything, although you can’t do the puzzles here for the time being.


Next task: go to the bridge between the north tower and the library.


The owl will steal your diadem and whoooosh, flies directly into the wall (make a mental note of the exact spot where she vanished!). Follow her and meet the ghost of Nightingale, one of the founders of the Dragonvale Academy, in front of the holy hall (9). Ask every question.

So, you must look for four strange objects which Zak must place into the niches in the holy hall. To find them, you must deactivate the magical protective covers which looks like blue floating balls, surrounded with two circles, and solve a lot of puzzles.


Next task: go to the North tower (3)

North tower puzzle




After solving the puzzle, the symbols changes into numbers. Don’t make a note of the numbers, they are the same at every game and are shown to you again later.


Next task: use different Teleporters to the study room (11)


Go to the game table, deactivate the protective cover (in the downright corner) and solve the

Study room puzzle


Goal: bring the dragon into his nest in the down left corner
























































































































































































 … only two steps into the nest


You won an important root (much needed for the transformation of Zak)


Next task: go to the Atrium (10 b) and from there to the Herb garden (14)

·       Activate the rune, to be found in the wall at the left side (screen view) of the archway


Next task: go to the smithy (16)

·       Activate the rune, to be found in the wall on the right side (screen view) below the bookshelf

·       Look at the puzzle high above your head, the one with the flame sign in the middle. Too bad, it’s too high both for you and for Zak as cat. (But not for Zak as dragon….) For the time being…….

….your next task is: go to the place where the oracle is (15)


Oracle Puzzle


Goal: find your way to the Oracle (mortal remains of a dragon)






marks on stone mean ...



dragon on stone 1 – 3: out, on, on









dragon on stone 4 – 6: on, on, out









dragon on stone 7 – 10: on, on, out, out












dragon on stone 11 – 14: on, out, on, out











You will get Oracle moss here (needed for the transformation of Zak). For the way back, ignore the marks on the stones. Go 2x the path that appears and you are landing at the starting point!


Next task: go to the laboratory (17) to brew a potion (transformation Zak as cat into Zak as a dragon).




Make the potion with the Oracle moss in it and – WOW, what a frightening dragon!


Next task: go to the library (8) (even if Lydia says that Zak as dragon can fly up now to the Smithy puzzle, do the Library puzzle first)


Library puzzle


Goal: collect 4 white glass balls and four tapestries



·      The library has hidden rooms surrounding the main room( with the staircase in it)

·      There are closed doors and niches beside them

·      Open doors, collect glass balls, look out for tapestries

·      Take the glass balls and set them in the different niches to get the door to open

·      Every time you leave a room again, don’t forget to take the glass balls back out of the niches!

·      Click on the tapestries (otherwise they aren’t in your inventory at the end of the puzzle!)

·      Possible solution see below: rooms are numbered 1-9, you are standing on the topmost stair, stairs behind you





Look in inventory: you should have 4 glass balls and 4 tapestries!


Next task: go to the Statue Tower (4) and deactivate the protective cover in the downright corner near the yellow Teleporter


Next task: play a bit with the glass ball where you can change the season in the herb garden (to be found in the Statue Tower too).


Next task: go to the Observatory (5) and solve the puzzle there

Observatory Puzzle


Take blue Teleporter to Observatory. In the uppermost room, solve the Telescope puzzle.


Goal: find the coordinate of the hidden constellation and let it shine on the ring of the eyepiece




selecting for constellation manticor


 Manticor                   Griffin                  Sea Virgin                   Minotaur

  62, 33, 46, 25          87,25, 68, 95         86, 59, 73, 68            11, 47, 32, 95

   33  =>  thorn            87  =>  wing          73  =>  navel             47  =>  biceps

numbers from tapestry and constellation  and a strange object with a meteorite

Next task: go to Nathaniel's office (6) and solve the puzzle there


Use the Teleporter to the Statue tower and walk over the bridge to Nathaniel’s office. Click on the blue floating ball to deactivate the protective cover and solve the puzzle: “ship in the bottle”.

“Ship in the bottle” Puzzle


Click on the bottle on the desk and….Oooops now you’re inside the bottle, on the magic ship. Look close at the treasure map beside the bottle. It’s essential to find your way inside the Labyrinth.


Goal: find the magical office of the director inside the bottle, unlock the drawer there, go back to the real office and take a painting of Celeste. Don’t forget to push the blue button on the left side of the open drawer!


On the treasure map look close in which direction/cardinal point exactly the painted line exits the square. Now, go through the door and you’re inside a Labyrinth full of stairs. Walk the stairs as follows:

Up left (northwest)

Up right (northeast)

Down right (southeast)

Up right (northeast)

Up left (northwest)

Up left (northwest)

Up right (northeast)


You will come to Nathaniel’s Office INSIDE THE BOTTLE. Go to the desk, unlock the drawer (you can take nothing with you! It’s only a preparation for the real office), jump into the bottle on the desk and now the drawer in Nathaniel’s real office is accessible. Open it and you will find the portrait of Celeste AND push the blue button left of the book with the lion on it. A hidden Teleporter is now accessible. Use it and in the hidden room take the note from the desk and try to deactivate the floating ball/protective cover. Hmm, no chance. Look close at the so called ghost-books in the shelf, and then go down again and via Teleporter and transmitter door to the art-room.


Art room puzzle


Goal: solve two puzzles and get strange object with cloud of dust




Do the puzzle on the easel near the door first: 



  • red, yellow, blue, green        
  • Look close at the tapestry in inventory with

            the coloured bullets, search for the rune which

            you already found in the art room, use the

            colours of the rune found on the tapestry from

            top to bottom to paint a painting on the easel

            (red/ yellow/ blue/ green) Oh, nice picture!

  • Afterwards do the puzzle at the easel with the

            two frames

  • You can combine a few of the pictures on the

            wall – you will then get new pictures

  • You can change the view (easel and picture wall)

       in the top right corner of the screen



these two used pictures

produce two new pictures

rune replace by landscape…


   produce two new pictures

        dragon-slayer replace by

silhouette produce two new



forest replace by Celeste produce….

… a strange object with soul dust



Next task: go to the smithy


Smithy (no puzzle here for the time being)


Zak confesses that he’d rather be a human being again. Problem is, neither he nor Lydia knows the receipt. They have to ask the ghost of the wizard Nightingale. To meet him, go via teleporter to the study hall. Talk with him and afterwards go to Nathaniel’s office and in the hidden room and try again to deactivate the floating ball with the new password. Hurray! Solve the….


Nathaniel’s office/hidden room

Ghost library puzzle


There is a blue book at the bottom of the shelf. Try to take it and it changes to the topmost shelf.


Goal: move the blue book above the white book.

  1.      violet

  2.      red

  3.      green

  4.      red

  5.      green

  6.      red

  7.      violet

  8.      red

  9.      green

10.      red

11.      red (right)

12.      violet

book above the white one blue book


Only then can you take the blue book



Go back to Nightingale’s ghost in the study hall, give him the blue book and he will write the needed magic formula in Zak’s magic book.


Next task: go to the herb garden to solve the puzzle in the greenhouse

Herb garden puzzle


Goal: you need to grow three different plants that corresponds together










white, blue

green, violet


red, green

blue, violet



white, blue, red


violet, white

Blue, red



white, green, violet

The specification is on the tapestry for combinations of the flowers; one yellow, orange and pink cannot deduce with other colours. After the table remains "white, blue, violet" as the only solution.



violet (summer), white and blue (winter) flowers


You will get another strange object, this time with a floating pearl in it.


Next task: go to the smithy (after another vision) and solve the puzzles there

Smithy puzzle


Goal: you must solve three different puzzles here




·         look close at the respective tapestry in the inventory with the runes for FIRE /AIR / EARTH and WATER

·         you need to know the rune sign for FIRE

·         first solve the puzzle right on the wall, high above your head, then solve the puzzle at the four furnaces and last solve the puzzle on the pedestal in the middle of the room

select the fields 1, 2, 3, 4 in the left picture and you will get a blue flame


select 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 4, 4, 2, 4


select the four fields with “X” (runes for fire) and get …




… the 4th strange object,

this time with a “cold” flame inside.


(Notice the illustration of the four

symbols of the rune of fire under the table)




Next task: go to the laboratory and transform Zak as dragon into a human being again



After talking to the owl,

·         take a bit from the claws of Zak as dragon

·         transform Zak into a wolf, take saliva

·         transform Zak into a cat, take hairs

·         now transform Zak into a human being again


Next task: go to the holly place and solve, as Zak, the puzzle


Holy Place puzzle

 secret entrance to the sacred place


Holy Place

  • read the epigram above the four niches
  • look in inventory at the four strange objects,

      especially what they contain

  • combine in your mind the objects with the

      elementary words of the epigram

  • allocate the four objects in the four adequate





according to the epigram from left to right: meteorite, pearl, soul dust and flame





The ring on the portal is now lit,

but you have to solve another puzzle

until the portal opens:


the symbols inside the ring must be lit too



Inside the Holy Place talk to Nathaniel and show him through your visions (glass balls) your knowledge.


           Celeste's memories inside six balls

his faults are demonstrated to Nathaniel with the

     balls 3, 6, 2, 1, 4 and 5 from left to right


Very sad ending of a beautifully made game

(“Oh look, a shooting star, Celeste has found her place in the sky”)




This solution was provided to GameBoomers and may be neither changed nor published also in clippings or used in another way without permission!

Copyright © 01/2006 GIMLI

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