Chris Van Zyl


South Africa


Kings Quest 1 - Quest For The Crown - VGA from AGDI


To get started, go [W2X\N\E] to the garden. Take a carrot, then go up to the pond. [If Elf not here, go down and up again] Talk to him, then he will give you a magic ring. Now go [S\W\S] to the rock, then push it away. Doing so, reveals a dark hole. Look in the hole, then take the dagger. Go left, then get some pebbles near the pond. Go [W\N3X] until you reach a gingerbread house, then knock at the door. [If you hear someone, go down and up again. Now do the knocking and the leaving until no one’s there] Open the door, then go to the bedroom. Take the note lying on the table, then look at it. Wait here until the Witch appears. She won’t see you, because you’re in the other room. When she’s cooking, go to her and then push her in the pot. When she’s dead, open the cabinet and then take the cheese. Leave the house and go [W3X] then try to cross the bridge where an ugly Troll will block your way. Talk to him 3X, then go down. Take a clover, then go down. A Fairy will appear. [If Fairy not here, go up and down until she appears] She will give you a short protective spell, then go [E3X] to the well. Cut the rope with your dagger, then you will get the bucket. Now lower the rope into the well, then climb down. When you get to the end of you’re rope, jump into the water and dive. Go down to the left and up, then leave the water. Go left, then you will see a Dragon guarding the Magic Mirror. Approach him, then he will blow a fire ball towards you. Luckily, the spell is protecting you. Go right, then fill your bucket with water. Go left, then throw the water at him. He will blow smoke everywhere. Infact, he’s so embarrassed, that he moves a boulder blocking the exit and sulks away. Take the Magic Mirror and go left, then leave the cave. Outside, go down then you will see a goat pen. Open the gate, then enter the pen. Give the Goat the carrot, then he will follow you wherever you go. Exit the pen, then go [W2X\N2X] to the wooden bridge. As you start to cross the bridge, the ugly Troll will block your way. The Goat will charge the Troll and bump him off the bridge, then the Goat will go on his merry way. Cross the bridge, then you will see a little Gnome. Talk to him, then he will give you three changes to guess his name. Guess it right, then he will give you three magic beans. Go right to another bridge, then cross it carefully. Plant the beans in the flower patch, then a huge beanstalk will grow into the clouds. Climb the beanstalk. When you enter the clouds, go [E2X\S\E2X] until you come to a tree with a hole its base. Look in the hole, then take the slingshot. Go left, then use the ring on yourself. Go up, then stay here until the Giant goes to sleep. See the Chest he’s carrying, that is King Edward’s Magic Chest. Take it, then go right into the cave. Make sure you walk in the right places, or you will fall to your death. When you’re outside the cave, go [W2X\S2X\W] Look in the stump, then you will see a little pouch. Take it, then look at it. Wow, it’s full of diamonds. Go [E3X\N] to a big tree, then climb it. Try not to fall, then go to the nest. Look at it, then take the golden egg. Fall off the tree, then go [N2X] to another tree. Lying on the ground, are walnuts. Take one, then open it to discover a solid gold nut. Go right, then pick up the bowl on the ground. Go [W\N2X\W2X] to a woodcutter’s house. Go through the door, then you will see two sad couples. Look at your bowl, then you will see a word written on its bottom. Use the bowl on yourself, then it will fill with delicious hot stew. Give the bowl to the man, then he will give you his fiddle. Take it, then leave the house. Go [W\S3X] to the cave, then save your game. Go to the small pebbles on the ground, then grab the Condor when it flies by. The bird will fly high up in the sky, then it will drop you on a small place that lies very far from the Castle. Look at the hole in the ground. Be careful not to fall in, then go left. Look at the Castle and the mushroom, then take it. Return to the hole and drop in, then go [S\W] until you see a Rat. Go near him, then talk to it. Give the cheese to him, then he will disappear. Open the door and go through, then you will see Leprechauns guarding the hallway. Play the fiddle, then they will disappear after a short dance. Go left, then all of the Leprechauns will dance and disappear. The King will forget to take his Scepter. Take it and the Magic Shield, then go left. Go to the little hole in the wall, then eat the mushroom. Go through, then you will regain you’re former size. Go [N2X\E3X] to the Castle, then open the gate. Thus ends your first King’s Quest.


Congratulation King Graham


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