Chris Van Zyl


South Africa


Kings Quest 2 - Romancing The Throne


You are now King Graham of Daventry and you begin the Game in Kolyma in search of a Girl locked in a Tower. Go [E2X] to the little house and open the mailbox, then get the basket inside and close the mailbox. Save your Game while going back and forth from the beach to the house until you see Little Red Riding Hood. (If this is taking too long, reload the Game) Talk to the girl and give her the basket, then continue [E] until you come to the front door of a church. Go left and right until you see a Fairy, then stand still so she can give you a protection spell. Go into the Church and pray at the altar, then answer King Graham to the Priest. He will give you a cross in which you must wear, then leave the Church. Go up to the bridge and cross it to the next screen, then go up to the magic door and look at it while reading the inscription. Go down and left across the bridge, then go left and up. Look at the tree and look at the hole, then get the mallet from inside. Go [W\S] to a tree house and open the door, then climb down the ladder to the bottom and go right. (If the Dwarf is here, go left and right until hes gone) Get the pot of soup from the fireplace and open the chest, then look inside and take the earrings from within. Close the chest and leave the tree house, then go [W\N] and look in the stump. Take the necklace and go left to the beach, then pick up the Trident on the ground. Go [N2X] and get the shell with the bracelet, then go [E] and get the stake near the tree. Go left and up, then swim to the Mermaid and give her the flowers. In return, she summons a Seahorse in witch you can ride. Get closer to King Neptune and give him the Trident, then get the key from the shell. Go right in witch you will automatically ride back to the surface, then swim to shore and go [E\S4X] Enter the cave and get the cloth from the bottle, then use the cloth on the bird cage and take it. Leave the cave and go right all the way across the bridge, then unlock the door and read the second inscription. Cross the bridge to the next screen and go [N4X\E] to a store, then enter it and give the bird cage to the old lady. In return, she will give you a magic lamp. Rub the lamp and fly the carpet, then go right where you will see a snake. Get closer and rub the lamp to get a sword, then rub it again to get a bridle. Throw the bridle towards the snake where it will transform into a beautiful flying horse, then talk to the horse where you will get a sugar cube in return. Go right and enter the cave, then get a key at the back and leave the cave. Fly the carpet and go up from the shop, then swim to the rock and look in the hole where you can get a brooch from inside. Go [N2X] and cross the bridge, then unlock the magic door with your second key and read the inscription on the door. Cross the bridge to the next screen and go [W3X\S] to the little house, then enter it. [If you see a wolf, leave and come back until you see Grandma in bed] Give Grandma the soup and look under the bed, then wear the cloak and ring. Leave and go [W\N3X\E2X] then get into the boat. The Ghoul will take you to the other side, then eat the sugar cube and leave the boat. Follow the path while ignoring the sting of the poisonous plants, then open the door of the Castle while ignoring the Ghosts. Go left and up the stairs to a room, then open the drawer and look inside. Get the candle and go down the stairs while lighting the candle at the torch, then go right until you reach a dining table where you can get a ham from the table. Now go right and down the stairs to the dungeon below, then go left to the next room where you will see a coffin in the back. [If the coffin is open, leave and return until its closed] Open the coffin and kill Dracula, then get the silver key from inside with a pillow and another key. Leave the dungeon while going up the stairs to the dining table, then go up while climbing another flight of stairs. Inside the room, unlock the chest and open it, then get the tiara from inside. Now leave the Castle and ride the boat across the lake, then go [S2X\E2X] across the bridge and unlock the magic door with your final key. Go up to the waterfall and take the net, then go fishing until you catch a bite. Release the fish and ride it to the island then go right and get the amulet. Look at the amulet and go down, then enter the tower and climb the stairs to the top. Give the ham to the lion and open the door, then talk to the girl and type King Graham. Type home, then watch the ending where Graham and Valanice is getting Married.




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