Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World

by Cateia Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2010


Gameplay:    The main menu has resume game, new game, load game, settings, credits and quit.

The settings option has selections and adjustments for: audio enabled, master volume, music volume, effects volumes, footstep sounds, fullscreen and text speed.

When a new game is started; game mode selection is chosen. Hardcore game mode is challenging and no hints. Casual game mode has extended hints and less monologue.

The in game menu is a TV icon at top left. It has save game, load game, settings, quick tutorial, help, quit to main menu and quit game.

Conversations can be skipped using the left mouse button or the space bar.

The inventory is a bag at bottom left of the screen. Right mouse click opens the inventory. Items obtained can be examined by using it on the magnifying lens and taken using the hand icon. Items can be combined by clicking one item over another.

The diary beside the inventory bag shows the current task. Additional clicks on the task show hints and further information.

Pressing the question mark at bottom right of screen shows the active hotspots in the room as well as the exits.

There are 12 saved game slots.

Kaptain Brawe can be downloaded from The Adventure Shop.


Watch the intro on how mankind went to space and colonized planets. Kribbs appeared soon. The counterstrike is the formation of the Space Union and the Space Police.

SPS Mazslow


While Kaptain Brawe gives his pep talk, a Mayday call is heard through the intercom. Red Eagle is down. It crashed on Jama Spacea.

Kaptain Brawe refuses to call backup. Ensign Kralek asks if you want a tutorial.

Kralek tells Brawe what to do while he computes the landing patterns and orbital synchronizations. The tracking signal sent can be traced by the locators.

Look around the room. Check the star chart left of the window and see the worlds in the area patrolled by SPS Mazslow. Terra Nuova is the homeworld. Jama Spacea is a tropical planet. Schminkell 7 is an ice world and Space Stralia is a penitentiary planet.

The pink machine is the Navig-O-Tron. It is used for flight planning by Kralek. The translator is left of the door.

Kaptain Brawe's inventory consists of his hanky and his one shot ion gun.

Fetch the locators

Go left to the galley. Go down the ladder at left to be at the cargo hold - sleeping quarters.

Cargo hold - Sleeping quarters:    Look around at the bunk beds and posters. Brawe's posters are of Luna Karabijewa and pictures of  Mamma Boromina and Papa Libertin Brawurskij. See Rowboat the robot that is currently offline.

Open the metal locker at right and take the 2 locators. One is broken - missing an antenna.

Open the closet behind Rowboat. Take the silicon block and the manual.

Climb back up to the galley.

Fix the broken locator:

Galley:    Look around. Take the potato peeler from the shelf of the cupboard.

Open the cupboard and take the copper wire from the shelf.

Take the empty bucket from the shelf above the oven.

In inventory combine the silicon block and the empty bucket.

Open oven door. Use bucket with silicon on oven. Press the power button and get melted silicon.

In inventory combine melted silicon and copper wire.

Use copper wire with silicon with broken locator to get working locator. Ta ta daaaa!

Go to the cockpit and give the intact (not repaired) locator to Kralek.

Turn on Rowboat

If you haven't taken the manual from the closet in the sleeping quarters do so.

Use the manual on the magnifying lens in inventory and see that it is in French.

Translate the manual:   

At the cockpit, examine the translator and see that it is not working.

Check the wires on the top left of the translator. The wires are colored from top to bottom: yellow, blue, green and red.

Reroute the power back to the translator:    Talk to Kralek. Brawe rerouted the power supply to get a hot shower. Ah, you're right. Kralek gives the schematics.

Study the schematics in inventory. See that the numbers that correspond to the colored wires of the translators are from top to bottom: 3, 2, 1 and 2.

Go down to the sleeping quarters. Go right to the engine room.

Approach the router.

Based on the colors of the wires and the schematics, adjust the levers:

Yellow at top to 3.

Blue at left to 2.

Green at right to 1.

Red at bottom to 2.

Press the reroute red button at center. Ta ta daaaa!

Use the translator:    Go back to the galley.

Check the teacup on the table at bottom of screen. Take the translation disk that is used as coaster. It is French to English.

Examine the disk in inventory and see that there's bunch of stains on it. If you use it on the translator, it will not be read.

Use the hanky with the translation disk to get clean translation disk.

Go to the cockpit. Place the French Rowboat manual in the service hole of the translator.

Use the clean translation disk on the disc slot at right of the translator.

Take the translated manual from service hole. The disc got chewed up by the machine.

Rowboat:    Read the translated manual in inventory.

Go down to the sleeping quarters. Click to open Rowboat. Ta ta daaaa!

Kralek talks to someone on the intercom. Kralek is ordered to find them.

Talk to Kralek about Rowboat is now online.  Everything is set up, we can go!

Jama Spacea


Talk to the local population and report to Kralek

Motel:    Look around in front of the resort hotel. Check the stone wall and see a black flint stone.

Go to motel. Talk to the clerk manning a stand. Look at everything on his stand.

Park:    Go right to the park. Look around. See bushes at left and a big tree.

Talk to the old man. Learn that the space ship crashed in the swamp. Ta ta daaaa!

Crossroads:    Go to motel and then left to crossroads.

Talk to Kralek and tell him that the ship crashed in the swamp.

Find a map

Motel:    Go back to the clerk-owner at the stand outside the motel.

Talk to the clerk again. The old man is a veteran of the space war.

The clerk has a brochure that has a map. He will give it in exchange for a 4 leaf flower that he needs for the motel. The clerk gives a picture of the 4 leaf flower. He wants a dried flower. The flower makes one happy and nice to people.

Get the 4 leaf flower:

Park:    Go back to the park at right.

Check the bushes on the left of the big tree. Take flower.

Look at the flower in inventory and see that it looks like the picture except that this it is 5 leaved.

Dry the flower:

SPS Mazslow:    Go to the crossroad and then right to the space port-landing site. Enter the space ship.

Place the 5 leaf flower inside the oven and then press the power button.

In inventory, take the baked 5 leaf flower and click it on the gloved hand. Brawn removes one leaf.

Go back to the motel and the clerk. Give the baked 4 leaf flower to the clerk.

Take the brochure in front of the clerk. Ta ta daaaa!

Get the boat

Pier:    Go left to the crossroad and then left to the pier.

Look around at the pier. See a space ship wing with orange circle in black background marking above the waste drain.

Take Rowboat from inventory and use him on the swampy swamp.

Meanwhile:  At the crash site, see Wrag get orders from the head of the Kribbs. She is also coming and will help locate "them". Danny and Brian are in orange jumpsuit.

Back at the pier, click on Rowboat. Brawe comments that there's nothing that will propel Rowboat.

Take the orange nail-screwdriver stuck on the pier plank.

Get a propeller:

Motel:    Go back to the motel and the clerk.

Take the wheel attached on the side of the fruit stand. It is screwed on. Try the screwdriver on the wheel. The screwdriver is too wide for the screws.

Go to the crossroad and the motel stone wall.

Use the screwdriver with the black flint stone. That narrowed the screwdriver's tip.

Go back to the stand and use the sharpened screwdriver on the wheel. Get a wheel.

Pier:    Go back to Rowboat at the pier.

Use the wheel with Rowboat. Ta ta daaaa!

Go back to the front of the motel and talk to Kralek.

Learn that the orange circle on the wing at the swamp is the insignia of the Kribbs.

Find the crashed ship

Dam:    Go back to the pier and click on Rowboat.

See an overhead view of the area. Go to the dam at top left.

Click on wooden dam and Brawe says that the dam prevents him from exploring the unknown.

Check the locked dam mechanism.

Clearing:    Go right to the clearing.

See Danny complain about Wrag who is a Kribb general.

She arrives and disintegrates Danny. Brawe confronts She. Danny was forced to use his one shot ion gun. She teleports.

Pick up Danny's ashes and the strange beeping device.

Check the wrecked ship and the open crate. Get battery from the open crate.

Go back and pass the bridge.

Dark cave:    Enter the cave at left. See that it is dark in here.

Check the power switch at left. It is missing a battery.

Use the battery taken from the cart on the power switch. The battery is out of power.

Cemetery:    Check the cemetery ahead. Look around at the grave and broken plaque.

Kralek:    Go back to Kralek and tell-show him the strange device. Ta ta daaaa!

Kralek pinpoints the crash site and see that it is on the other side of the dam.

Find the previous owners' grave

Motel:    Talk to the clerk at the stand. Learn more about the barricade-dam.

The previous owner has the key to unlock the mechanism. He died recently. He doesn't know the name of the previous owner.

Find the name of the previous owner:

Windmill:    Go to windmill via the path at other side of the motel.

Look around outside. See a mold maker 300 outside the windmill.

Battery:    At right is a polar ion generator. It has a small outlet. Use the battery with polar ion generator. The battery is charged now.

Enter the windmill and look around.

Check the sheet by the door. Take the revealed plaque and the diary from the box.

Diary:    Read the diary in inventory. Learn about Burnfield Canyone at Space Stralia desert and Fuseman's invention of dry-fuse that can stretch over a river. The owner's nickname must be Fuseman.

Check the locked chest on the table at left. See that May 1, 1821 is crossed off on the calendar on the wall.

Take the hammer above the chest. Take the window cleaner from the shelf at right.

Park:    Go to the park.

Talk to the old man about the battle at Burnfield Canyon. Grubby Larson is the name of Fuseman.

Cemetery:    Go to the dam site. Enter the cemetery.

Fix the plaque:    In inventory use the plaque with melted silicon.

Use plaque with silicon with the plaque on the stand right of cemetery.

Read the plaque and see that Grubby Larson's grave stone is X2. Ta ta daaaa!

Look at X2 grave at left. Brawe says that he will not be digging out his grave.

Get the dam key

Cave:    Go to the dark cave at left.

Use the charged battery with the power switch. Click on the power switch to turn it on.

See the bottom of the graves on the cemetery above. Brawe says to mark the grave somehow.

Get the cane

Park:    Talk to the old man about his walking stick and news about Larson's grave.

The old man wants some tobacco.

Make happy tobacco:    Get another 5 leaf flower from the bushes at left.

Go to the space ship at the landing site.

Enter and use the 5 leaf flower with the oven. Press the power button.

Use the dried 5 leaf flower with the hand in inventory. The crushed flower now looks like tobacco.

Go back to the park and give the crushed flower to the old man.

The relaxed old mad drops his cane. Take the cane.

Mark X2 grave:   

Cemetery:    Go back to the cemetery by the dam.

Use the cane with X2  grave(stone). Brawe comments that the cane is too dull.

In inventory use the cane with the potato peeler taken from the space ship cupboard to get sharpened cane.

Use sharpened cane with X2 grave(stone). Brawe sticks it in the ground.

Use hammer with cane. The cane is now deep in the grave.

Cave:    Go to the cave.

See the lower part of cane hammered through Larson's grave.

Use the hammer with lower part of cane.

Take the key held by Larson's skeleton. Ta ta daaaa!

Dam:    Go to the dam mechanism outside.

Use the key with dam mechanism. It doesn't fit.

Raise the dam

Windmill:    Go to the windmill. Enter the windmill.

Use Larson's key with the lock of the chest on the table.

Get a note and a handful of dynamite. Read the note in inventory - Diary Entry, May 23rd 1821.

Read the diary's entry on May 23, 1821. A poem is written and a drawing of the dry fuse that Larson invented.

The first paragraph of the diary entry is smudged but based on the riddle, it is tree.

Park:    Go to the park. Check the big tree.

The second paragraph states to rub it with alcohol and then wipe it with a rug.

Use the window cleaner with the magnifying lens in inventory and see that it has alcohol.

Use the window cleaner on the tree bark. Use the hanky with sprayed tree bark.

Open the revealed hatch and see a safe.

The third paragraph states that the code is his birthday.

Remember the calendar above the chest in the windmill. May 1st, 1821 is crossed out.

Look close at the safe. Enter 1 - 5 - 21. Press the red button on top of the taps. The safe is unlocked.

Take a whole box of dry fuses.

Dam:    In inventory, combine the dry fuse with dynamite. Use X plosives with fuses with the wooden dam.

Pier:    Automatically be at the pier.

Get a lighter:    Go right to crossroads.

Use screwdriver with flint stone on the stone wall of the motel.

Use hammer with flint stone. Pick up pieces of flint.

Go back to the pier. Use flint pieces with the dry fuse. Ta ta daaaa!

Reach the crash site.

Crash site:    Go to the crash site. Ta ta daaaa!

Check the steel container. Use the sharpened screwdriver with the steel container.

Open the steel container. Look inside and talk to green Albert and red Robert.

Get rid of She.

Wrag and She:    Watch the arrival of Wrag and then of She.

Use ashes with She. Open the steel container to get Albert and Robert.

Terra Nuova

13th Police Precinct:

Watch as Brawe gets chewed out by the Police Chief.

Agent Zero of Internal Affairs is going to watch Brawe and will be his companion on his next assignment.

Kralek is groomed to take over the command of  SPS Mazslow but will have Brawe as commander for a while yet.

SPS Mazslow

Covert mission:    After talking with Kralek, meet Agent Zero at cargo hold. Go left and down to the cargo hold - sleeping quarters.

Talk to Agent Zero. Learn about the New World scientists: Albert and Robert. Agent Zero is really Luna Karabijewa, the poster lady.

Meanwhile, see Kralek reporting to the same voice that ordered the Kribbs at the crash site.

Back with the heroes; learn that the alien scientists created a DNA Replicator, a machine that can clone from DNA samples. Someone wants the blueprint of the replicator or the scientists themselves to make a new machine.

Switch character:    Learn how to switch character by clicking on the character icon at top right of the screen. Click on the character that you want to play. Switch to Luna and make her walk.

Switch back to Brawe. Talk to Luna completely to learn more about the mission and the people behind the kidnapping.

The mission is to get to their lab in Schminkell 7 and destroy the original replicator. Then relocate the alien scientists.

Get rid of Kralek

Switch to Luna. As Luna, go upstairs to the cockpit.

Talk to Kralek and ask to see either the engine room or the router. Remember that the router is on the wall and the engine is closer to the window. Select "what the Router below does". This way Kralek will be closer to the doorway. If you selected the engine, talk to Kralek again after seeing the engine and ask to see the router.

Automatically change to Brawe. Go to the engine room at right.

Now that Kralek has his back to Brawe, use the hammer with Ensign Kralek. Ta ta daaaa!

Adjust the flight path

Go upstairs to the cockpit.

Check the instruments at bottom right that Kralek plays with.

Planet code:    Brawe needs the planet code.

Check the Star Chart on the wall. Click on Schminkell 7 at bottom left of the chart. Learn that the code is 7715-882.

Flight pattern:    Go back to the instruments and select the correct planet code. The flight pattern has been calculated.

Take the Flight Pattern Calculation print out from the instruments.

Check the pink Navig-O-Tron. Use the Flight Pattern Calculation printout on the Navig-O-Tron. Brawe enters it on the machine. The course has been set.

Click on the Navig-O-Tron again to start the ship navigation. Ta ta daaaa!

Schminkell 7

Brawe, Luna, Rowboat and the alien scientists arrive at Schminkell 7.

The scientists open the secret passage. Luna and Rowboat enter the cave.

The police chief is heard arresting Brawe and taking the scientists. Brawe is to be sent to planet Varion.

Luna and Rowboat are trapped in the cave.

Look Around:

Cavern:    Check the weird fence. It has strange shapes. Take the fence piece and get a star shaped stone.

See the DNA replicator in the background.

Check the crystal cluster behind Rowboat. Use hammer on crystal cluster to get yellow crystals.

Go right further into the cave.

DNA replicator:    Find out that the DNA replicator doesn't work.

Computer room:    Enter the room at right.

Ion generator:    See an ion generator. It is a power source. It is missing a button.

Middle teleport computer:    Check the computer and the instructions of the machine at center.

Left computer:     See that this has a slab on the floor in front of the computer.

Saucer room:    Go left to the next room.

Flying saucer:     See a flying saucer. Take the fuel canister on the side of the saucer. It is empty.

Check the exhaust pipe of the saucer and get a cork.

Luna says to get the flying saucer up and running and to open the tunnel gates.

Big Press:    Check the big press overhead. It has an attachment but the power is off.

Under the big press is a working area.

Crystal:    Use hammer on the crystal cluster right of the working area to get blue crystals.

Computer:    The computer at left is off.

There's another slab on the floor in front of this computer.

See that there are 3 shapes surrounding the monitor. They are made up of ion parts. The star shaped slot on the left is empty.

Storage room:    Go left to next room (can be accessed at the DNA replicator room also).

See a slab in front of a button.

Gravity displacer:    Check the gravity displacer.

Read the paper on the wall. It makes inanimate objects heavy.

Use hammer on the crystal cluster left of the gravity displacer to get red crystals.

Take titanium box and ion cube from the shelves at right.

Turn on the Ion generator:

Go back to the computer room.

Use the cork taken from the saucer's exhaust on the button hole at top front of the machine.

Use the hammer to press the cork deeper.

The lava flows and turns the generator on.

Replace the computer panel

Remember that the star shaped slot is empty beside the computer in the saucer room.

If you haven't taken the star shaped stone from the weird fence at the cavern, do so now.

Saucer room:    Use the star shape stone on the empty slot left of the monitor in the computer room. It's too large.

Place the star shape stone on the working area under the press.

Use the hammer with the working area. Luna breaks a spike off the star.

Try the broken star stone on the slot now. It fits.

Mold:    Go to the DNA replicator room. Take dirt mound-moist clay at foreground (close to the diary).

In inventory combine the moist clay with the titanium box from storage room to get box with clay.

Use the broken star with the box with clay to get star shaped mold.

Go to the computer room. Place an ion cube taken from the storage room in hatch at base of the ion generator.

Use the star shaped mold with heater that is above the hatch. Press the heater button. Take the baked stone mold.

Material:    Go back to saucer room.

Check the other shapes (mountain or moon) and see that they are made up of ion parts.

Get an ion cube from the storage room.

Since we want a flat end product; flatten the ion cube. Place the ion cube on the working area.

Press the button on the machine left of the big press. Get an ion pancake.

Place the ion pancake back on the working area.

Use the baked star shaped mold on the hanging big press with attachment.

Press the button to press the baked star mold on the ion pancake - like Luna says - a cookie cutter.

Get an ion star shape. Use ion star shape on the empty slot left of the monitor. Ta ta daaaa!

Fix the DNA replicator:

Try the pink lever of the computer and Luna says that there is no contact on one of the slabs.

There are 3 slabs and there are only 2 of them here to stand on them.

DNA replicator:    Go to the DNA replicator room.

Press the button of the DNA replicator and see that one of the purple crystal is defunct.

Take the defunct purple crystal.

Mold:    Take dirt mound-moist clay at foreground (close to the diary). Get a titanium box from storage room.

In inventory combine the moist clay with the titanium box from storage room to get box with clay.

Use defunct crystal with the box with clay to get crystal mold.

Go to the computer room. Use the crystal mold with heater that is above the hatch. Press the heater button. Take the baked crystal mold.

Material:    Go back to saucer room.

Place blue crystal on working area. Press the button and get blue dust.

Place red crystal on working area. Press the button and get red dust.

In inventory, use blue dust with crystal mold.

In inventory, use red dust with crystal mold. Now there's purple dust in the crystal mold.

Go to the computer room. Use the crystal mold (with purple dust) with heater that is above the hatch. Press the heater button. Take the purple crystal.

Turn all the slabs

DNA replicator:    Use the purple crystal on the DNA replicator.

Use ashes on DNA replicator.

Press the start button. Danny is cloned.

Slab in storage room:    Change character to Danny.

Go to storage room. Stand on the slab in front of the red button.

See the moon shape flicker at the saucer room.

Slab in saucer room:    Change character to Luna.

Try standing on the slab. Luna says she's too light.

Use Rowboat on slab. It turned on but Rowboat can't pull the lever.

Go to the storage room. Take a titanium box.

Place titanium box on gravity dispenser.

Press the button in front of Danny (you can move him if you want).

The box is heavy now. Try to take it and Rowboat picks it up.

Go to saucer room and use the 500 lb titanium box on the slab in front of the computer.

Slab in computer room:    Go to computer room.

Try standing on the slab. Luna says she's too light.

Use Rowboat on slab. He's also too light.

Go to the storage room. Place Rowboat on gravity dispenser.

Press the button in front of Danny (you can move him if you want).

Rowboat is heavy now.

Go back to computer room and use Rowboat on slab in front of computer. There - it turned on.

Slab in saucer room:    Go to saucer room.

Stand on the slab and see that all slabs are turned on! Ta ta daaaa!

Open the tunnel gates

Use the pink lever in front of the computer in the saucer room.

The tunnel is now opened. Ta ta daaaa!

Fix the flying saucer:

Go to computer room. Use the empty fuel canister of the flying saucer on the power outlet-plug right of the ion generator.

Place the refilled fuel canister on the side of the flying saucer in the saucer room. Ta ta daaaa!

Planet Varion, here we come.

Planet VArion

Danny will scout the place. The objective is to find the original DNA replicator and destroy it.

They have to get Brawe out of the prison wing. The sewage system runs under the facility which is accessible through the warehouse.

Infiltrate the complex

As Danny:

Enter the warehouse:    Take a fruit from the scary plant and get a deadly pepper.

Take the path to the bushes. See the warehouse with 2 guards.

Talk to the guards. To get in the warehouse, one must have a Kribb cargo bot.

Try to go in and the guard wants an authorization paper.

Enter the main building:   

Take the left path and talk to the guard in the booth.

The guard mistakes Danny for another person with a migraine. The guard explains the changes the management made to piracy because of the clones. The guard wants to see Danny's ID.

Show the Kribb ID card to the guard. The barrier is lowered.

Enter the building. Check the elevator ahead. Danny's card doesn't work on the ID slot on the left.

Take the water sprayer on the plant box right of the elevator.

Help Danny's clone

Danny's clone:    Take the right hallway. Danny meets his clone. The clone does have a headache.

Talk to the Danny clone completely. Learn that they cloned him from Danny's blood sample when he was drunk.

The clone agreed in exchange for a hangover cure; to let Danny do anything he wants and the clone will look away.

Hangover cure:    Go left and back out of the building. Return to the landing site.

Ask Luna for a hangover cure. Luna gives her grandpa's remedy: Mix soap, egg and water. Then boil the mixture.

Go back to the building at left. Enter and take the right hallway to the landing dock.

See the SPS Mazslow. Enter the ship. Take the ceramic cup from the table at foreground.

Take liquid soap from the bottom shelf of the cupboard.

Exit the ship. Take a withered branch from the withered bush right of the post at the center.

Enter the building and go to the entrance.

See a nest with eggs at foreground. Use the withered branch on the nest. Get an egg.

Use the ceramic cup with the swamp water to get water.

In inventory, combine the egg and liquid soap with the ceramic cup.

Go back to the Mazslow. Use the ceramic cup with the hangover cure with the oven. Press the power button.

Take the cup with medicine.

Go back to the Danny clone inside the building. Give the cup with medicine to the cloned pirate.

The clone gives his ID card and leaves. Danny takes his place.

Enter the warehouse:

Lab:    Enter the door that the clone was guarding.

Look around and see a computer cabinet with a purple socket at the base.

Check the strange device at the lower floor. It is a Will Inducing Rotoscope.

The elevator is inaccessible  from here. Exit to the left.

Check the computer at left. Automatically get an authorization paper.

Get a Kribb cargo bot:

Go to the left of the computer and look at the notice on the wall.

See the instruction on how the Kribb bots should look like.

Take the construction tape blocking the warehouse door at right.

Elevator:    Go left and use the clone ID on the slot left of the elevator.

See a machine that needs a pacifism report.

See the DNA replicator - cloning machine at the lower level.

Exit and continue to the left.

Look at the statue. Take the Kribbs logo at the base of the statue.

Talk to the guard at left. He is guarding the holding cells.

Exit the building.

Authorization paper:    Use the authorization paper on the guard at the booth.

He signs the paper to get signed authorization paper.

Go back to the landing site at right.

Use the construction tape and then the Kribbs logo on Rowboat.

Danny talks to Luna about entering the warehouse.

Meanwhile, She is interrogating Brawe and getting nowhere. The alien scientists are in here also. She stands on top of the manhole.

Warehouse:    Go through the bushes.

Enter the warehouse. The authorization paper and the Kribbs bot got Danny through.

Inside the warehouse, Luna takes over. Ta ta daaaa!

Rescue Captain Brawe

Change to Danny:    In inventory combine the pepper with the water spray to get pepper spray.

Give the Pepper spray to Luna.

Change to Luna:   

Go to the Sewer:    Look around.

Take the ion blowtorch from the red crate at bottom of screen. See gold on the container at left.

Check the loot terminal at top left corner beside Rowboat. It has a PPA marking. There is a switch left of Rowboat.

Go to the grate at top right. Use the ion blowtorch with the grate.

Go down to the sewer.

Sewer:    See a strange object on the ground. Luna is hesitant to pick it up.

Try to climb upstairs and see that someone is standing on the manhole cover.

Change to Danny:    Proceed ahead until the guard by the holding cell door.

Talk to the guard. Tell him about vital information. The guard calls She about the information.

Automatically change to Luna:    Luna greets the prisoners.

Brawe says he has no weapon to take care of She. Give the pepper spray to Brawe. She comes back.

Luna automatically goes back to the sewer.

Change to Brawe:    Use the pepper spray with She.

Automatically change to Luna:    Luna is in the room.

Search She to get keys. Use the keys on the cells. Ta ta daaaa!

Meanwhile, see the police chief and Wrag in front of the replicator planning the future.

Destroy the DNA replicator

Talk to the alien scientist completely. Learn about the Will Inducing Rotoscope. It can make a person violent or calm. The WIR machine is connected to the DNA Replicator. It makes the clone army more violent.

To stop the process:

First make a void in their mind.

Then fill their brains with love and nice feelings.

The PPA is Personal Psychiatric Appliance. When you use the PPA, get a personal psyche evaluation and the report of the evaluation.

The reports are then entered and the values obtained from them are implanted into the cloned specimens.

First make a void in their mind:

Change to Brawe (who else):    Go down through the manhole.

Pick up the strange object. Climb the ladder at right.

Exit the warehouse through door at left. Enter the lab.

Use the strange glowing object on the purple socket. The black hole is now inside.

Fill their brains with love and nice feelings:

Change to Danny:   

Go right to the warehouse. Use the PPA machine or loot terminal.

Select the best answers that shows pacifism.

Question 1 - answer #3.

Question 2 - answer #2.

Question 3 - answer #1.

Question 4 - answer #3.

Question 5 - answer #3.

Get a pacifist report.

Go to the elevator across the main entrance at right.

Use the clone ID on the ID pad left of elevator.

Enter and go up. Use the pacifist report with the pacifism report machine's slot.

The clones now has a different chant when they come out of the cloning machine.

Change to Luna:

Go down the manhole and then right and up to the warehouse.

Use the PPA machine or loot terminal.

Select the best answers that shows strong will.

Question 1 - answer #2.

Question 2 - answer #1.

Question 3 - answer #1.

Question 4 - answer #3.

Question 5 - answer #2.

Get a strong will report.

Go back down the sewer and up the ladder at left to the holding cells.

Exit to the left and enter the door across the guard.

Use the strong will report with the strong will machine at left.

Watch what happens to the DNA Replicator.

Brawe, Luna, Danny, the scientists and Rowboat run to the Mazslow. The planet Varion explodes.

Get rid of Kralek

Schminkell 7

Brawe loads the DNA replicator with dynamite.

On the way out, Brawe is stopped by Kralek in his evil villain costume.

Go to the storage room at left.

Place the detonator on the gravity displacer machine.

Kralek teleports to the storage room.

Automatically, Brawe presses the button and holds Kralek on the gravity displacer machine.

Go left pass the DNA replicator room to the computer room.

Use the middle computer - teleporter machine.

Click on the teleporter machine. Brawe sends Kralek to outer space.


Luna, Danny and Brawe are in the cockpit of the Mazslow.

The coordinate that Brawe sent Kralek to is the Space Stralia, the prison planet.

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