A PC Walkthrough for



developed by Wicked Studios


distributed by The Adventure Company


walkthrough by Witchen




With special thanks to MaGtRo and to GIMLI and Jochen

for their support and assistance in the production of this walkthrough.






Explore the palatial Dragonvale Academy in the persona of student pledge, Lydia, the best friend and confidante of Celeste, the academy founder's daughter.  The academy teaches deep and mysterious magical practices and is the most prestigious and renowned school of magic in the world.  The academy is presided over by Nathaniel, Celeste's powerful and controversial father.  You are chartered with discovering the secrets of this impressive school and uncovering the reason why the entire population of both students and staff, appears to have simply vanished.


The scope, beauty and complexity of the enchanted academy and the game itself is nothing less than remarkable.

Go forth.  Enjoy the game, the touching story and the game's many challenges.





1. Read the manual.  It matters.

2. Use the terrific Hint system to discover what's needed next and to help you with the many puzzles.

3. Use the map. Its critical to your success and will save you significant time.

4. The save function works differently than most games. There is no option to "load" a prior game. You use either  the "save" or "save and quit" function to leave the game. When you come back to the game, rather than using "load," you'll use the "continue" function. You will be able to store eight saves only.

5. You may consistently use both the arrow and the star cursor to successfully move about, but use the glowing white cursor to make sure you are positioned correctly in following the walkthrough instructions.



SPECIAL NOTE:  If you should feel you need to see photos of puzzles or puzzle solutions, go to GIMLI and Jochen's KEEPSAKE walkthrough at:  http://www.gameboomers.com/Walkthroughs/Kwalkthroughs.html






Chapter 1 - On Finding Zak



Nathaniel, the academy's master, leads you through the story's beginning in the opening scenes.  Then, meet Mustavio in the lane near the academy.  He explains how to operate the conversation menu, the fundamentals of game navigation, and the multiple functions of the main menu: map, hints and inventory systems.  These menu functions are easy to use and are always accessible on the lower left side of the game screen.


Lydia is left alone near Mustavio's merchant wagon, down the river trail away from the academy.  Go forward along the trail to see the awesome academy for the first time.  Lydia walks up the broad entry staircase and attempts to gain entry.  There is no response to her knocking.


Go back across the pathway to the central garden fountain where Lydia is supposed to meet Celeste.  Celeste is apparently a no show.  Go up the steps of the fountain structure and around to the back side.  Use the magnifying glass cursor and then the gear symbol to open:




Objective:  To open the doors at the academy's main entrance.  Stand up the minotaurs and have them appropriately strike each of the four descending bells.


Solution:  (Use the purple question mark hint system in your menu to give you as much instruction as you may prefer.)


Click on the top right, lower left, top left, lower right Minotaurs in that order.


Use the blue button in the middle, at the bottom, to reset the puzzle.


When you solve the puzzle, the massive dragon-embellished doors of the academy will open. There is no one there to greet you.  You may enter now, but first its advisable to explore the forest area around the academy.  Leave the fountain pavilion vis the back stairs and go right screen along the trail.  Meet Mustavio at the end of the trail, next to the fast flowing river.


Mustavio "the marvelous merchant" is cheerful and friendly, but is concerned that no one has come from the academy to buy his wares this day.  Mustavio is not allowed, as he is a "guest," inside the academy unless he is accompanied by a staff member.  And, since there are no staff members available, or even the school's Caretaker, Mustavio needs Lydia's help to find the Caretaker inside.  Mustavio needs the barrels of wine produced at Dragonvale and other items from inside the school.  He attempts to sell two figurines (for a later puzzle) to Lydia, but she has no money and no present need for the figurines.


Having concluded the conversation and having learned what you can from Mustavio, attempt to go up closer to the river to get an overhead view and a visual hint at to what comes later.  Go back past Mustavio and left along the trail to the entrance of the academy.  Go on up the staircase to enter the grand atrium lobby and note the gargantuan central dragon statue, a fountain that seems not to be operating.  Lydia can rouse no one. Nobody answers her calls.


Reminder:  Use your map, the rose-colored cross button on your menu.


Walk up to the engraved plaque beneath the dragon statue's head.  Lydia cannot read the strange writing, but the location of the plaque is notable.  Back out and click on the statue to hear Lydia's comment. Go to the right twice around the dragon statue. To the right of the right side grand staircase you'll see a terrace with a stonework railing. This is the Machine Room Walkway.  Go there and hear a loud scratching sound. Lydia is understandably curious.  Go along to the right in front of the pillars and close to the stone railing.  In the next scene you'll see a set of stairs.  Go on up along the terrace and hear the scratching again. At the end is the Storeroom.  Inside, you hear something, or someone, begging to be let out.


Go forward until you see a row of wooden storage lockers.  There will be additional yelling from inside. Click on the locker below the blue button.  Meet Zak, "the mighty dragon."  Follow all the conversation options before touching the (rune) blue button. When you click on it you find the locker is still locked tight.  Oh darn!  Touch the button again, in close up.  Whoa! Its Zak the wolf!  He's no dragon, that's for sure.  Seems the students played a cruel joke on ol' Zak.  Start back out of the Storeroom toward the terrace.  Zak will say you need keys from the closet.  Finish the conversation required with Zak to find that he is astonished to hear that the academy may be empty of staff and students.


Note: You'll be interrupted periodically throughout the game by conversation between the characters.  When they've finished talking, just proceed on your way.


Turn around and walk back through the Storeroom to check out the three levels of the adjacent Machine Room.  There's a blocked door at the top of some stairs on the middle level, but you can't get out and there's nothing more you can do here for now.  Go back to the Storeroom.


One of the lockers here in the Storeroom holds the keys Zak mentioned.  Open the door to the left of the one standing open (where you released Zak).  Take the KEY RING hanging up to the left.  Click on the close up to put the key ring in your back pack inventory. Okay, we're done here.  Off to the next phase of the adventure.



Chapter 2 - The Enchanted Crossway and Finding Out What's In the Basement



Leave the Storeroom by the terrace entry screen front.  Go back to the main lobby and go up to the top of the grand staircase on the right side, all the way up, where you see bookcases. Check your map to see that this is part of the Enchanted Crossway.  Go to the right at the top.  Go forward and then go down the stairs where you see more bookcases below (you may have to back up one screen).  At the bottom, go up the stairs you see to your left.  Keep going forward where you see sky ahead of you and a big bookcase to the right of a set of stairs.  You are in the middle of the Enchanted Crossway.  See that book on the floor there to the right in front of the bookcase?  You need that.  Pick up Mya's book


Zak gets defensive about the ripped pages and the NOTEBOOK goes to inventory, joining the PENDANT and the key ring already stored there in your back pack inventory.  Though you can't read the strange language, look at the book in close up.  Zak informs you that the language is made up of magical runes.  Cross the Enchanted Crossway footbridge to the Garden Watch, a small balcony area overlooking the garden.  Look at the game table in the left nook.  Click on the game table to find that it holds a puzzle game called the Minotaur Maze.  During conversation with Zak you find you need the game pieces (the figurines from Mustavio) before you can beat the maze.  Zak explains the rules.  You can look at the game board in close up, but you need the figurines to proceed.


Go to the right.  Go forward toward the staircase ahead.  Don't take the stairs, but go along the balcony below the stairs to screen left.  Continue down the next stairs to the flagstone path back screen.  Go around  the corner on the path to your right.  Zak runs ahead exclaiming that he smells perfume.  Lydia follows Zak to find CELESTE'S DOLL, a little jester. Lydia seemingly goes into a trance.


When Lydia recovers from this trance, she finds herself in the main lobby of the academy, standing in front of a huge gated stairway.  Lydia realizes she's had some sort of vision and Zak tells her he's sure a mage will be able to rid her of the visions. They decide they'll have to bring up the academy's main power system before they'll be able to open the huge, iron gates. The jester doll goes to your magnifying glass inventory.


Now Zak and Lydia must find the basement, in order that they might begin the task of reestablishing the school's power. Go to the right through the lobby and back up the right grand staircase.  At the top, go right, like you did earlier, where you see the bookcases.  Go forward once and then down the stairs back screen.  Go screen front along and under the stair railing as before.  In the next screen, take the stairs ahead and left.  Keep going forward across the footbridge to the Garden Watch.  Go right through the Garden Watch and down along the balcony in front of the upper stairs.  Return down the next stairs to the flagstone path again in the garden.  Go right around the corner, down the flagstone path.  When you reach the end, look right to see a door at the bottom of another set of steps.  Go to the door, click on it and Lydia will automatically use her keys from the Storeroom to open it. 


You'll find Mustavio's crates which are stored somewhere in this vast basement.  Go down the steps.  Zak is frightened of ghosts!  Go backscreen. Go down another set of steps.  Go left and into the little arched alcove back and left screen.  In the next screen, look left behind the three big stacked crates to see a small box with a green label sitting on the floor under a chair.  You've found Mustavio's crates!  Click on them in close up. That's all you can do here for now. You'll be back to check out the crates.


You'll need to find the hidden way out of the basement.  Come out of the alcove and go down the stairs.  Then go down the stairs in front of you.  Go forward and right under the first low archway.  Keep going forward.  In the next screen you can go left or right. Go right next to the brown, wooden chest you see at screen right.  Then go the lighted area, to find a breach in the basement wall, where the wind is whistling in further frightening Zak. Click on the breach in the wall a second time. Lydia will drop her pendant and break it.  After more conversation with Zak, you find yourself with a BROKEN PENDANT, in the Academy's Waterway.


Keep going forward and right, to the top of the stairs.  Look left in close up to see some colorful flowers/plants in a niche.  Continue down the stairs.  Where you see the turning water wheel, go back screen to the door.  Use the gear symbol cursor to see Lydia remove tools that are blocking the door.  Remember you found a locked door beyond the Storeroom in the Machine Room beyond?  Now you can open the door and enter the Machine Room from the back side.


Note:  Use your map and find the two small circles with a "1" in the center.  The first is at the Academy's Waterway and the connecting "1" is at the Machine Room. Useful information.


After talking with Zak about the broken pendant, turn around and go forward past the water wheel.  Go forward again and around to the right where you see two vertical alcoves in the stone wall, with what appears to be hanging chains and weights.  Go there and click on:




Objective:  To begin reestablishing power to the academy.

You will need to set both weights at the level where you see the blue buttons; the fourth position on the left and the fifth position on the right, above the base line.  Above the chains and weights you'll see a circular wooden control plate on each side. These mechansims control the lift of the attached weights.  Note that the left assembly has four positions and the right assembly has six positions.  The levers to the left and right of the wooden plates control the positioning of the weights.



a. Click on the wooden control plate on the right side of the puzzle. The weight rises to position 5.

b. Click on the lever to the left of this control plate.  The right weight positions at the 3rd line.

c. On the left side of the puzzle, click on the lever left of the wheel.  The left weight should descend to the bottom line.

d. On the right side, click on the left lever.  This will lower the right weight to the bottom line.  And, it will raise the weight on the left side to the 3rd line.

e. Back to the wooden plate on the right side. Click on it to lift the right weight up to the 6th line.

f.  Finally, and still on the right side, click the lever left of the wooden wheel. This will raise the left weight to the 4th line and lower the right weight to the 5th line.  Click on the circular emblem in the center between the two blue buttons. You will see this area light up and a video appears of the wheel now turning in the Machine Room.


Following conversation between Lydia and Zak about Lydia's background, go around the corner and on the walkway to the now unlocked Machine Room door. Enter.  Proceed down the steps and walk over to the gray pedestal screen front.





Objective:  To complete requirements to power up five machines that supply the entire academy with power.  Use the Hint system for additional help.


Look at the pedestal in close up. Note the outer circles carries three disks with Roman numerals " I, II, and III." You'll need to set each pedestal at the correct numeral in order to create a solid flow of energy from its origin which was established when you solved THE WEIGHTS PUZZLE.


Looking at the grid on the pedestal you'll need to determine how to set each of eight pedestals, first to last or vice versa. There are several solutions.  This is the last pedestal, the furthest from the power origin, as indicated by the double gear symbol to the bottom right on the pedestal grid.  You can see by the connecting line that to establish a line of power to where you are, you must activate line " III."



Set this pedestal's handle at the "III" position on the outer edge. Just click on the "III" and the handle will position itself there. Now, keeping in mind that there are three separate levels to the Machine Room (you are in the middle) walk over left past the next pedestal, beside the stairs, and go up the stairs to the pedestal on the landing in the middle of the staircase.  See that the setting here from the line where you began, should again be "III." Set that handle.


Go back down the stairs to the pedestal you just passed.  Again, establish the numeral "III" as the setting, which sets the power at the lower center node of the grid's middle level.  Go all the way up to the top of the stairs.  Go forward and right to the pedestal in the little fenced alcove.  Set the handle at "II" to establish the power line across the bottom of the grid's center rectangle.


Come out of the close up and go all the way to the far right.  See two pedestals. Go to the far pedestal.  Set the handle at "III" to push the power line up to the second line of the center grid.  Go to the other pedestal here.  Place the handle at "I" to establish the power line traveling right on the grid.


Go to the last pedestal on this level in the arched alcove to the right by the doorway. Set the handle at "I" to establish the last leg of power left to right in the center rectangle of the grid.  Go all the way down the three flights of stairs to the lowest part of the Machine Room. Click on the pedestal's numeral "II" to establish the connecting link to the origin of power already coming from the water wheel on the left. 


SUCCESS!  ".....all the machines are working now. The academy has power."



Chapter 3 - Gate to the Grand Hall and Meeting the Three Guardians



Go up two flights of stairs and left through the open doorway to the Storeroom.  Continue forward through the room and out onto the marble terrace.  Keep going forward, down the steps, and around to the left where you see the blue marble of the main academy lobby.  Continue forward and left passing in front of the grand staircase.  Go behind the dragon statue to the iron gate of the Grand Hall.  In close up, pull the standing lever on the left. See the gate rise.  Now Lydia and Zak can access the Whispering Stairway the interim entry to the upper levels of the academy.


Start up the staircase with Zak.  Lydia will endure another spell depicting Celeste's troubled relationship with her absent, seemingly uncaring father, Nathaniel.  The vision also shows Nathaniel's anguish and reveals a scene with the academy students ascending the Whispering Stairway.  Hmmm.....


Rejoined with Zak on the stairway, and after a little discussion and further clarification, go screen forward.  Click on the door in the alcove off to the left.  Zak explains that the door is magic and magic alone can open it.  Go on up the stairs, all the way to the top, where you see more huge dragon embellished doors leading to the Guardian Hall.  Lydia knocks, when you click on the door, and a deep and frightening voice challenges your intrusion.  Lydia responds to the voice's inquiry and the doors open.  Swallow hard and go right on up!


The three guardians are stone golems.  Lydia will not be allowed to access the upper level of the academy, as only students and staff are permitted. After talking with Zak, who declares himself a teacher's familiar once again, Lydia hesitates.  Click on the guardian at right.  He will relate that Lydia must become a student by "passing the trials" before she can enter.  The Guardian of Triumph explains that the trial of triumph requires overcoming obstacles.  But, he says that Lydia must overcome the Guardian of Wisdom first. 


Click on all conversation options to get a good picture of what is expected.  When Lydia asks about how to open the doors to the Trial Rooms, the guardian explains about the three "magical doorways."  These three doors require the uttering of magical words in order to open them:

- behind the first door - Allegiance

- the second door will test - Wisdom

- finally, and again opened with the help of the "student's spear, " the last door protects from the - Worst Fear

The guardians continue to explain in riddles about the "key, knocking on the floor, and "pointing at the big gem."


Come out of the conversation menu.  Now you must find the Caretaker's key which is laying somewhere along the Whispering Stairway.  Go behind the guardians and back down the stairway.  Go on down to the landing where you found the magical door. There'll be another discussion here which will frighten Zak again.  Continue on down past the red dragon banners, across in front of the Dinner Hall. (You can get a close up of the hall and have another talk with Zak.  You'll see plenty of the Dinner Hall later. )  Go on to the left and down the last flight of stairs.


About midway across the next landing find a BRASS KEY.  (Further conversation with Zak is likely here where he continues to reveal that his is likely lying in his teeth about ever having been a dragon.) Pick up the key.  Its the Caretaker's Key and the numbers 24345 are engraved on the key.


Come out of the inventory screen and continue forward on down the stairs ahead.  In the next screen with a stonework railing behind you, go forward and down the last staircase to enter the academy lobby again.  Go left and forward in the lobby and then to the grand staircase on the left side.  At the top, go right twice until you see the carved wooden door of the Caretaker's office. Go there and use the brass key to enter.  As anticipated, the office is empty.  Look at the scrolled parchment on the desk in close up.  After Lydia speaks with Zak again, the OLD PARCHMENT goes into your magnifying glass inventory.  Look at it to examine the blue cursive letters, m b f x   You will need this letter series later in the game.


Go to the tall bookcase in the right corner and click on the wooden safe compartment with the oval shaped opening.  In close up, see that the key to opening the safe is a numeric code of five digits:





Objective:  Key in the correct numeric code to open the safe.


You just found a five digit code with the Caretaker's brass, 24345.  In close up, click on the turnkey under the numbers to change them.

- the first key controls positions 1 and 4

- the second key controls positions  2 and 3

- the third key controls positions 3 and 5

- the fourth key controls positions 2 and 4

- the fifth key controls positions 1 and 5


Note: The Hint system is always available.

The blue gem is for resetting the puzzle.



Number the positions from left to right 1-5 ( All positions should show the number 1)


Click on 4 three times

Click on 2 twice

Click on 3 three times

Click on 5 three times

Click on the key at upper right.


Take the MAGICAL CIRCLET.  The circlet allows translation of the strange writings you find around the academy.  It will allow the reading of shapeshifting recipes, in order to perhaps restore Zak's original persona (whatever that might actually be).  Leave the close up of the circlet.  Take LYDIA'S STUDENT STAFF leaning against the scroll cabinet on the left.  The staff has Lydia's name on it.  She takes the staff and comments to Zak that it must be the "wooden spear" the guardians spoke of.  She needs it to open the three magical trial doors.


Come out of the close up and go forward.  Before leaving, pick up the CARETAKER'S NOTE from the desk. Read it.  Its an unfinished message outlining the Caretaker's orders to shut down the academy and to send Lydia back home when she arrives.  Leave the office to hear some strange sounds.  Go left and back down the left grand staircase to the front of the central dragon statue.  Look at the inscription on the monument at the base. Lydia can read it because she has secured the circlet.  It says:


" Inspired by the magestic dragons, the mages who built this academy created the school's ideals.  The great mage Nightingale claimed WISDOM to be the first ideal.  Winterowl declared the second ideal would be POWER.  Then they both agreed magic couldn't be used without BALANCE."




Chapter 4 - Introducing the Three Trials



Leave the lobby and go back up the Whispering Stairway, behind the dragon statue, leading to the upper section of the academy.  Here, at the entry, you may have another discussion with Zak about casting a spell to return him to his natural state.  Go on up to the top of the first flight of stairs.  Go right and click on the magical door.  Lydia turns the key three times, knocks on the floor and points at the door's large blue gem with her student staff.  The door collapses. Enter.






Go forward and click on the lion's head at right. When Zak and Lydia finish arguing about Nathaniel, click on the triple-headed statue in front of you.


 Objective:  You must respond appropriately to three inquires.




The goat's head requires you to recall the three specific values of the academy.  {You just read them down in the main lobby.)

 - Choose number 3 - WISDOM, POWER and BALANCE

When the lion's head quizzes you about what you'd be willing sacrifice,

- Choose number 2 - TIME

When the snake's head asks what happened to Nightingale,

- Choose number 4  "He learned that the absolute power without proper wisdom has no value."


If you succeed at the first trial you will see a reaction by the guardians in the blue glass globe on the pedestal.

Lydia will acknowledge that she's passed the first trial.


Zak expresses more negativism about his peculiar situation.  Leave the room, cross screen left to the stairway again, going up.  Go up two flights, then past the Dining Hall window (going to the right) and up a third flight of stairs, where you see the red dragon tapestry.


Click on the magical door behind Lydia. Click on the door to see her perform the three step process to open the magical door. Go inside. Hmmmm..that's puzzling. Nothing seems to happen here.  Click on the "?" in your menu to learn that you must pass the Wisdom Trial first. Click on the "?" in the menu again to find out that there are outstanding prerequisite activities required; first, the need to visit the Facade Footbridge.   Off we go!  The second and third trials will wait.


Go all the way down the staircase to the main academy lobby.  Go to the right and then up the grand staircase on the right, all the way to the top.  There, go to the right and then up the staircase you see back screen.  Go out the door onto the academy's Facade Footbridge.  Go left past the stained glass window.  Zak stalls and runs around a corner to hide, shivering with fright.  Turn's out he's also afraid of heights! That doesn't make much sense if his natural persona is a dragon, does it?


Lydia goes left again to cross the impressive front facade of the academy.  Zak relents and rushes past Lydia to ensconce himself in a "safe" zone.  Click on the door to see Lydia reenter the academy.  She's now on the Enchanted Crossway. (Check your map from time to time.)  Go forward and stop to pick up the RIPPED PAGES, part two ahead. These are additional loose pages relative to the creation of a shapeshifting potion.


Look at the pages in inventory explaining the Nigilis fruit as the shapeshifting potion's second ingredient and the need to first grow a Nigilis tree in the Solarium.  Go on down the footbridge steps to the magical door.  Click and Lydia opens the door.  Enter.  Click on the floor lever to see that a staircase moves.  However, this trial also has a prerequisite.  Click on the "?" in the menu to find that you have to make a deal with Mustavio in the forest before you can continue with the two last trials. Never fear, you'll get there.


Leave the room.  Cross the footbridge.  Outside, go right to the other door across the facade.  Inside, go down the staircase and forward twice.  In the next screen, where you see the down staircase back screen, go to the left.  Go forward once and then forward/right down the grand staircase.  At the bottom of the staircase, go left and forward twice in front of the central dragon statue.  Go on out the main entrance and to the right, down the trail, to find Mustavio again.  Down the trail at the river bank, find Mustavio standing nearby.  Talk to him.


Following the discussion between Zak, Lydia and Mustavio about the broken pendant,  Mustavio agrees to give Lydia the two little figurines required for the Mintoaur Maze game.  This will happen only if Lydia will find his little barrels of wine along with some crates he needs, that are inside the academy.  You just have to find them.  You already found the crates, so it should be easy to find the wine barrels.  You must also find a way for Mustavio to cross the river with his wheelbarrow.  You can discontinue the conversation at this point, if you wish.


Go look at the river.  You can see where, logically, a double foot bridge would fit quite nicely.  There appears to be some sort of mechanism on a post on the other side of the river.   Let's accept that challenge to find Mustavio's wine barrels and establish a foot bridge so he can conveniently cross the river with his wheelbarrow.


Go back along the trail to the main lobby of the academy.  Go up the right side of the grand staircase.  At the top, go right and then click on or very near the chair sitting beside the bookcase at left.  In the next screen, click to go down the stairs.  In the next scene, go up the stairs on the left.  Cross the Enchanted Crossway, and the footbridge to the Garden Watch, where the Minotaur Maze game can be seen. Go to the right and then along that now familiar walkway under the stairs.  Go down the next set of stairs and around back screen to the flagstone path.  Follow the path back around to the basement door.  Enter the basement and go straight ahead at the bottom of the inside stairs.  Continue on down two more flights of stairs. Did you check out that owl, ominously watching you on the right? Go to the back wall of this chamber, past the covered area.  See the blue gem and glistening runes on the back wall.  Another kind of magical door, it appears.




Objective:  Figure out how to open the secret door. You'll need a six letter code.  Every time you push on a block, all three letters will reset.

After the conversation ends you are facing the puzzle in close up showing the letters m s k.  Come out of the m b f x close up and look at your magnifying glass inventory, first picture.  See that two letters have been ripped out of the parchment, so  that it reads  m b ? f ? x


Solution: Push the blocks in sequence as follows:    m b t f c x


The secret door opens and Lydia may now enter the Wine Cave.  After more conversation with Zak, go forward toward the stairs and in the next scene, click on the little arched door to the left of the staircase.  Lydia will enter a tiny room which houses a lift mechanism for transporting goods to the upper floor.  Click on the lever on the floor to lower the platform.  Leave the room and come back up out of the alcove.  Climb the stairs.  Go left.  Go back and right to see the lift opening.  Turn around and go to the right past the stairs on the same level, to find another alcove.  Enter it to see a number of wine barrels clearly marked in green with Mustavio's name. Look at them in close up.  Remember that all Mustavio wanted you to do, as part of the deal, was to find the wine barrels and, next, to establish a foot bridge across the river.


Come back out of the alcove, down the stairs and leave the Wine Cave.  Outside the secret door, go forward once and then go to the right down the lower stairs.  Next, go forward.  In the next screen go forward to the right beside the brown wooden chest.  In the next screen, go toward the lighted area back screen.  You'll see, once again, the broken section of the academy wall.  Click to enter. You are in the Academy Waterway.  Go forward along the stream, continuing down the stairs to the outside.  Them, come forward beside the waterwheel (the Machine Room is directly behind you), past the weights puzzle and down to the trail on the opposite side of the river. Follow the trail.  Zak is frightened off and Lydia experiences another vision. (Note how much Celeste looks like her mother.)


In the next scene, Lydia appears with a large tree.  Try talking to the tree.  Use all available conversation. No dice, this time.  Perhaps Lydia will try again later after the pendant is repaired.  Go back along the trail to find scaredy-cat Zak again.  He's under the tree to the left of the log bridge.  Follow the trail across the log, and back to the sign post standing beside the river.  In close up, click on the coiled vine to see the creation of a set of leafy twig bridges arching across the river.  Cross the river via the new bridges.  Talk to Mustavio.  Mustavio is happy you've found the wine barrels, but what about those crates?  Uh oh....we have to go back to find the crates. (Darn, we found them once, but I guess it didn't count in the game's programming earlier.)


Go back across the bridges and left along the river bank.  Follow the path back up to the Academy Waterway.  Inside the terrace, turn right at the arch directly across from the water wheel.  Enter the waterway and proceed to the left reentering the basement through the break high up in the academy wall.  Go back and left until you come up the short stairs where the covered supplies are.  Then, go screen forward and up the steps to the next level.  Here, go back left where you see the wavy looking floor.  As soon as you pass through the arch, you will see Mustavio's crates (one) marked with his sign.  Go there.


Now Lydia exclaims that these must be the crates. Leave the area.  Go back down the steps, then down the short steps to the right.  Next screen, go forward.  Next screen go forward beside the brown chest, as before.  Next screen, follow the lighted area to exit out the broken wall.  Exit the waterway down the stairs.  Go screen front and return along the path to the bridges and over to rejoin Mustavio.  Use the conversation menu to tell Mustavio that you've found the crates.  He will reward you with the MINOTAUR MAZE FIGURINES.  Whew! Finally.


Next, you must overcome the Minotaur Maze Puzzle. (Note: I sympathize that it seems a long road back to the second and third trials, but you'll get there.)  Follow the trail on this side of the river back to the academy's lobby and up the grand staircase on the right.  At the top, go right.  Click next to the brown chair beside the left bookcase.  Go down the stairs.  Go up the next set of stairs on your left.  Go forward across the Enchanted Crossway and the footbridge to the Garden Watch and:




Objective:  The object of this puzzle is to move the little, green goblin from his start position to the descending staircase in the upper left corner, without the minotaur catching him.  The minotaur, who may move randomly, moves twice to every one time move by the little goblin.  A distinct disadvantage for the goblin.  Watch the minotaur's moves carefully.



Move the goblin:


2 blocks up

3 blocks down

5 blocks right

3 blocks up

1 block left

2 blocks up

2 blocks right

1 block up

6 blocks left to escape!



Chapter 5 - On Creating the Fabulous Nigilis Tree


When you solve the puzzle you will be granted a NIGILIS SEED.  Zak is excited at the prospect of growing a Nigilis tree and getting much needed fruit for the promised shapeshifting potion.  Even though it ordinarily takes years to grow a tree, its possible to use magic here to expedite the growth of the tree.  Time to see if Zak and Lydia can find a place to plant the tree.  The logical spot would be in the garden somewhere, right?  Let's check that out.


Go right, out of the Garden Walk, along the terrace wall in front of the stairway.  Go down the stairs at screen front and up the opposite stairs on the next screen.  Go forward and down the next set of steps screen left.  Click on  the small, gothic stone edifice at the bottom of these steps and to the right.  Pull the lever.  No reaction.  Back out and click on the circular stone bound flower bed ahead of you.  This is the spot to grow the Nigilis tree and, later,  will allow you to harvest the fruit for the necessary magic potion.  Go back up on the terrace under the gray dragon statue.  Around to the right, you find:





Objective:  You'll need to create the proper lighted magic rune symbol in the planting area. (If you need to, go back down to the planting area and click on three runes shown on the stones around the area.)  One rune symbolizes water, one mountains, and the third rune symbolizes some kind of "exotic tree." Its Dria, the nature rune, which we'll learn more about later. Guess which one we need to create up at the puzzle?  Okay, good. Go back up to the puzzle.)


Solution Part One :

- draw the first bar across at top right

- draw across the second bar under the first

- draw the second bar down on the left



You've recreated the Dria rune.


The dragon statue will emit an impressive blue light beam projected into the planting area. Go down to the area and plant the seed, by clicking on the ground in the center.  Now you need water, but first you'll need to activate the school's water pump.


Go back up to the Garden Watch where you solved the minotaur puzzle.  Go across the foot bridge to the Enchanted Crossway.  Go forward and down the steps.  Go screen forward until you see stairs going down, at left below the tapestry of two white dragons.  Go all the way down the steps and enter the Water Pump Room.  Look over to the right to see the operational console of the Water Pump. Go there and open it to reveal:






Objective:  Recreate the proper gear connections to restore the water supply.


Solution Part Two:

Number the squares shown in the gear box from left to right, 1-16


Move        To

12             14

16             10

 8               9

12              5

 8               1

16              6

16              7

 4              11

 2              15


Pull the lever at right.


You are successful if the gears begin to turn and you are bumped out of the puzzle.  If you solved this one on your own, congratulations!  It was a toughie.


Go down the stairs at left, all the way down, and pull the floor lever there.  You will see the academy come to life as water begins to flow everywhere!  You need to go back to the garden below the Garden Watch now and pull the lever in front of the planter with the Nigilis seed.  To do that, leave the Water Pump Room.  Go all the way up the stairs to the area in front of the white dragons tapestry.  Go screen left (not up the stairs) and on up the stairs at back screen where you see a bookcase.  Continue forward across the Enchanted Crossway, the foot bridge, through the Garden Walk, down the stairs to the garden. From the bottom of the stairs, go straight across to the next stairs and then back down to the lever below the gray dragon statue.  Pull that lever!  The academy gargoyle waterfall will fill the moat around the planter bed.  Lydia must recite the magical words.  She does this and the huge Nigilis tree begins rapidly to grow up, up, up.  Wow!  That is something to see! 


Uh oh!  Now there's another problem.  Lydia and Zak have to figure out how to reach the fruit of the tree from an upper balcony of the academy.  First we need to complete the locked door puzzle in the Nightingale Study.  Here we go....


Leave the garden, go up through the Garden Watch, across the footbridge, through the Enchanted Crossway and down to the bookcase area.  At the bottom of the stairs, go screen forward, then up the stairs screen left.  Go screen forward once and then up the stairs you see far back screen.  Go out the door at the top of these tall stairs. Go left across the facade, past the second wooden door.  Go around the corner to the left, past cowering Zak and through the archway to the Nightingale Study.


Inside, click on the large silver plaque where Lydia reads the tale of Winterowl and Nightingale and their obsessive study of magic.  Go left to find:




Objective:  Transfer all the green dragons to the right and all the white dragons to the left. (Be sure to try this one on your own. Its fun and fairly easy.)


Solution:  Number the dragons left to right  Green 1-3 and White 1-3


Move in this order: G3, W1, W2, G3, G2, G1, W1, W2, W3, G3, G2, G1, W2, W3, G1



When you solve the puzzle, the door opens and Winterowl gives Zak (well, all of us) another big fright!  Eek!


Go out the door and left back screen.  Keep going outside along another side of the facade to see the beautiful, blue Nigilis tree in all its glory.  Walk around to stand behind the tree on the terrace.  Click on the tree and take the NIGILIS FRUIT.


Our next job is to find the shredded pages in the Winterowl Study.  Turn around to the archway in the circle of stained glass behind you and enter the Winterowl Study. Whoa, that was easy, for a change.  Walk to the table screen left/front where you see parchment scattered on a table.  After speaking with Zak again, click on the RIPPED PAGES, part three and learn the need for a Headen Flower.  Read the silver plaque about Winterowl on the floor before you leave the room.



Chapter 6 - On Repairing the Pendant - a Necessary Side Trip



Go back out to the facade where the Nigilis tree is.  Go around the back corner and down the facade into the building.  You should see Mustavio coming along below the balcony.  Continue to the end and turn right to find yourself back in the Nightingale Study.  Pass through the study and back out onto the facade.  Go right past the first wooden door and enter the second one, just past the circular stained glass window.  Go all the way down the steps and keep going forward, until you see Mustavio below in the middle of the bookcase area.  Go down to him and talk to him.  He's found the replacement parts for the pendant.  Lydia needs to find the right tools to help him with the repair.  Perhaps the Caretaker keeps his tools in the Storeroom?  Let's try that.


Go screen forward and then go up the stairs.  At the top, go screen forward twice and then back down the grand staircase to the lobby.  Go around back and right to the terrace where you see grass.  Go up the step (you can barely see them in the next screen, but you've been here before) and follow along the terrace to the Storeroom again.  Inside, go to the right end of the top shelf on the left side of the room.  The CARETAKER'S TOOLS will be taken into your inventory when you click on them.


Return the way you came, back down the terrace, into the lobby and back up the grand staircase on the right.  Go right at the very top, then go forward. (The navigation remains tricky in this spot.)  When you see Mustavio below, rejoin him.  Click on him and give him the tools.  He repairs Lydia's cherished musical pendant.  The lullaby plays and Zak thinks he remembers it.  The PENDANT is secured in inventory.



Chapter 7 -   The Cauldron - Brewing A Magical Potion in the Kitchen



After Mustavio leaves, go screen forward and back up the stairs at left.  Go screen forward twice and back down the grand staircase only, this time, go screen forward three times to get out to the academy's entrance.  Follow the trail off to the right, as before, into the forest and back to the river.  Cross the leafy twig bridges and turn right down the trail.  Follow the trail across the log bridge and into the vale.  Approach the tree, Elvandar, and click on it.  Play the musical pendant.  When you do the tree awakens.  Elvandar is the keeper of the vale.  Lydia explains her mission to find the academy's students and her friend, Celeste.  Ask Elvandar all questions.  He obligingly creates the beautiful HEADEN FLOWER for your inventory.


Its time to visit the Dinner Hall and Kitchen area.  Perhaps its time to start putting a potion together in the kitchen?

Meet up with cowering Zak again and return across the leafy twig bridges. Go down the trail back to the academy.  In the lobby, go up the right side of the grand staircase again.  Go right at the very top. Where you see the staircase back screen, click beside the bookcase and brown chair at left.  Go down the stairs to the bookcase area where you last met Mustavio.  Go screen left.  Go up the stairs at left. Continue forward across the Enchanted Walkway and the footbridge to the Garden Watch.  Once standing in the Garden Watch, go right.  This time, go up those stairs back screen, to the wooden door.  Lydia uses the bent key to enter the Dining Hall.  Once inside, go screen forward and left where you see dragon tapestries in red and gold.  There are stairs beneath them. Go there. Go left and examine the papers laying on the table These are the last needed pages of the notebook needed for the shapeshifting recipe.  You get RIPPED PAGES, part one.  Go screen right and back into the kitchen area.  Click screen left in front of the counters.  Examine the fire on the hearth.


After more conversation with Zak about the need to create the shapeshifting potion, go screen right, all the way into the pantry.  Click on the table at left.  You'll hear about a future need to reach the top of the academy, but no need to be distracted with that now.  Click screen right and then click on the square shaped dumbwaiter apparatus on the back wall.  Click on it in close up to be lowered to the Wine Cave.  Go forward down the steps and click on the large legged cauldron with the gold bands.  Turn around and go back to the left of the stairs, to the little room with the wooden door, down a few steps in an alcove.  Inside the little room again, click the floor lever to lower the ramp or check to make sure it is in the lowered position.


Go out.  Return across the floor to the cauldron.  Wow!  You still can't move it, push it, carry it or anything toward that ramp.  Drat!  Perhaps we need to do something else first. Oh yeah, we need the Yewlock leaves first.  Go out the door left of the cauldron.  Go screen forward and down the steps underneath at right.  Go forward once and then forward again, just left of the brown chest in the right corner of the screen.  Go right where you see the lighted area.  Go out the broken wall to the Academy Waterway.  Walk down and forward toward the front windows and the turning wheel.  Look left at the top of stairs where you saw the flowers earlier.  Take the YEWLOCK LEAVES.  



It might be a good time to check your backpack inventory for:

1.  Yewlock Leaves

2.  Pendant

3.  Circlet

4.  Key ring

5.  Headen Flower

6.  Caretaker's tools

7.  Lydia's student staff

8.  Brass Key

9.  Nigilis Fruit

10. Figurines


Check your magnifying glass inventory for:

1. Old Parchment

2. Caretaker's Note

3. Celeste's doll

4. Ripped pages, part 1

5. Ripped pages, part 2

6. Ripped pages, part 3



Return back to the broken wall.  Once inside, go left, left again, forward and left up the stairs.  Go back screen and through the arch to the cauldron in the Wine Cave.


You should already have lowered the ramp and you have the Yewlock leaves, but use the dumbwaiter at top of the stairs again first, to return to the kitchen above.  Go to the flaming hearth and click on it to affirm you have "all ingredients" and to hear how you must get the cauldron up to the hearth.  (Note: This trip to the kitchen must be accomplished or the ability to drag the cauldron will not happen.)


Use the dumbwaiter in the pantry again and return to the Wine Cellar.  Go forward and down the steps to the cauldron.  Lydia will drag it to the ramp in a black screen.  Go into the little lift room and pull the lever to raise the cauldron up one level.  Go back out and up the stairs.  Click on the cauldron to put it in the dumbwaiter.  Click on the blue button at the dumbwaiter, to raise the cauldron up to the kitchen.  Unfortunately, Lydia and Zak will have to find another route to the kitchen, as there's not enough room for them this time in the dumbwaiter.


Go down the steps, across the room through the Wine Room door.  Go forward and keep going up several flights of stairs, making your way out of the cellar.  Once outside, follow the flagstone path around to the right.  Go up the stairs near the Garden Watch.  Go right along the terrace toward the Garden Watch and then turn to go up the stairs on the left and back through the wooden door to the Dining Hall.  Go screen left through the hall and back into the kitchen area.  Go screen forward toward the hearth and then right into the pantry.

You should now see the cauldron standing in the open dumbwaiter.


Go to the cauldron and click on it.  Click on it again when you see gear wheels.  Lydia drags the cauldron to the hearth.  Use the cursor on the cauldron.  Lydia boils the Yewlock leaves, adds Nigilis fruit skin, without the pulp.  And, finally, she mixes the Headen flower petals in, before speaking the formula aloud.  Lydia gives  the concoction to Zak.  Oh gad!  Zak keels over.


Lydia has another vision depicting Celeste's mother's death and Nathaniel's remorse at not being able to help her.  Celeste expresses her sadness at her father's remoteness following her mother's death.



Chapter 9 - Zak the Cat?  Really?


After the vision, Lydia is found standing in front of one of the three trial room doors.  She returns back up the stairs to encounter a surprise, a Siamese cat.  The cat informs Lydia that he is, in fact, Zak. He's been transformed erroneously into this persona.  However, and after hashing things over again, the decision is made for Zak to get to the roof of the school by going through the broken window in the kitchen.  In Zak's current feline form he ought to be able to reach the pinnacles of the academy with no problem.


Go straight ahead through the door.  Outside, go right along the facade and through the next wooden door.  Inside, go down the stairs and forward twice at the bottom.  Go down the steps to the bookcase area where you met Mustavio.  Go up the stairs on the left again.  Continue across the Enchanted Crossway, the footbridge and arrive in the Garden Watch.  Inside, go right and up the outer back screen stairs to the Dining Hall.  Once again, go through the hall and down the steps in front of the red and gold dragon tapestries to the kitchen.


Inside the kitchen door, go left and then right, back into the pantry.  Click on the work table screen left.  Click on the window sill just over Lydia's left shoulder.  Lydia implores Zak to go up on the roof.  Zak relents and goes to the roof while Lydia promises to wait for him in the Trial Room.  Sure enough, we see Zak at an upper level in the Trial Room.





Objective for the Bridge Puzzle:  Getting both Lydia and Zak across the breach and joined with one another on the same level for a second challenge.


Solution:  When Lydia and Zak end their discussion and Zak has mentioned moving the bridge, proceed as follows:


1. Click on the lever as Lydia and choose "Let's have Zak try something."


2. Zak gets the camera.  Pull the lever.  Choose "I'll try this lever." Cross the bridge.  Click on the lever.  Choose "I'll try this lever." Then pull the lever to raise the bridge.


3. As Zak, pull the lever and choose "Let's have Lydia try something."


4. As Lydia, climb the stairway, click on the lever and choose "Let's have Zak try something."


5. As Zak, click on the lever and select "I'll try this lever." Pull the lever.  The staircase rises to become level. A bridge once again.


6. As Zak, click on the lever. Choose "Let's have Lydia try something."


7.  Then have Lydia click on the lever.  Have her select "I'll try this lever."  Pull the lever to see stairs appear again.


8. Have Lydia click on the lever and choose "Let's have Zak try something."


9. As Zak, walk down the stairs and click on the lever.  Choose "I'll try this lever." Pull the lever to see the stairs once again become a bridge.


10. As Zak again, pull the same lever.  Choose "I'll try this lever." Pull the lever to see stairs appear.


11. As Zak, click on the lever once more, choosing "Let's have Lydia try something."


12. Have Lydia descend the stairway.  Click on the lever.  Choose "Let's have Zak try something."


13. As Zak, pull that lever again and choose "I'll try this lever."  Pull the lever.  The staircase becomes a bridge uniting Zak and Lydia on the same level!



What a test that was!


Have Zak and Lydia walk across the bridge to next part of the second trial, a poetry challenge.  Approach the structure ahead of you with the decorative dragon on top.






Objective for the Poetry challenge:  Connect the correct four poems with a choice of eight possible runes. (Press the lower blue button on the pedestal to reset the puzzle.)


The runes (books) are controlled by pulling the lever at right.  Click for a description of each rune's meaning.  The poems are controlled by pulling the lever at left.  Click on the blue plaque in front to read the translated poems.





Poem 1


Howling out of sight

Caress without a touch

Whispers in the night

That doesn't say much


This poem belongs with Aetern, the Celestial rune represented by a light gray book with a graphic cover displaying a planetary motif with solar winds.


Pull the left lever to find Poem 1.  Pull the right lever to position the light gray book above it.  Press the blue button under the Aetern book to place it above the matching poem.


Poem 2


Its everywhere but you can't grab it

Its in your possession but it own you

If by misfortune you lose it,

Surely it will be the end of you


Pull the left lever to find Poem 2.  Pull the right lever to position the green book with white swirls on the cover, the Slund rune.  Press the blue button under the book to place it above the appropriate poem.


Poem 3


Hard as a rock or soft as moss

I am a source of life but kill as well

And your last dance comes,

In my welcoming arms you'll dwell.


Pull the left lever to find Poem 3. Pull the right lever to position the yellow book with the green leafy rune, Dria, the Nature rune (as seen for the Nigilis seed planting) above it.  Press the blue button.


Poem 4


When around me

You're never along

But when I hide

Your friend is gone.


Pull the left lever to find Poem 4.  Pull the right lever to position the brown book with the orange flame, Kyros, the Fire rune, above it.  Press the blue button.


With your success, you'll be rewarded with another look at the guardians and word that the Trial of Wisdom is complete.  You will see the guardians confirmation again in the glass globe.


The next and last trial is up the Whispering Stairway.  The Trial of Triumph awaits.  To get there, cross the bridge and go out the door on the opposite side.  Go up the stairs, across and through the wooden door.  Out on the facade, go right and through the other wooden door.  Go down the stairs and forward twice.  When you can see the lower area where you met Mustavio, this go screen left, in front of the upper bookcases.  Go down the grand staircase. At the bottom, go around the back of the great dragon fountain and up the Whispering Stairway.


Go left at the top of the broadest staircase and then on up the stairs past the orange lit Dinner Hall.  Continue right and up the next staircase, past the red/black and green/gold dragon banners.  Go to the archway ahead on the left to enter the last trial room.





Objective:  Lydia must overcome her worst fears and rescue her own child self from a raging house fire.




This one is easy.  Its just a matter of perseverance.  In the fire scene just keep clicking on the child Lydia and the front door of the house, alternately during the conversation, until grown Lydia rushes  in to rescue tiny Lydia.


The minotaur guardians are seen accepting the results of Lydia's success with this test.  Now, go on up the stairs to the area of the three guardians.  Lydia is congratulated and we are awarded access to the restricted section of the academy.


Yippee! You're finished with the three trials!


During conversation with Lydia, Zak tries out the blue teleporter disk and, reluctantly, Lydia acquiesces and follows.




Chapter 10 - Checking Out the Student Quarters



Now, at last, you've gained access to the upper part of the academy.  Go down the stairs ahead of you.  Go up the stairs on the left ahead, and then go along to the right side where you see a brown trunk against a stone wall.  When you get there, go through the door and into Celeste's bedroom.  Go screen forward to hear that Celeste is not here and Zak relates that he knows Celeste was very ill.  Lydia argues with Zak about his lack of truthfulness and locks him in Celeste's room. Zak finally agrees to tell Lydia the truth. 


At this point, Lydia has another vision involving the strained relationship between Celeste and Nathaniel, and Celeste's discovery of a portrait of her mother.  The real Zak is revealed giving a magical orb to Nathaniel who makes Zak forget everything.  Its obvious here that Zak has not always been entirely forthcoming, but he had a legitimate struggle trying to remember much of what had happened at the academy.


After the vision, Lydia is out on a balcony with a red transporter disk at her feet.  From the red disk, turn around and go back down the narrow left corridor.  Follow around to the left and then screen forward twice, across that short bridge to enter the Laboratory.  You'll probably be surprised by Winterowl here. Enter the lab to find Zak.  Talk to him about everything.  Zak thinks a ghost may have let him out of Celeste's room.  Zak admits he's actually a human being, who's been mistreated for a long time because of his appearance.  "Dragons are beautiful," says Zak.  He had thought he'd be respected if he were a dragon.  The notebook is Zak's and he tried the shapeshifting potion on himself!  The students didn't do it.  They had, however, locked him in the Storeroom where Lydia found him.  After discussing friendship, Lydia and Zak resolve to be friends and to find out what has happened in the academy, why the students and staff have vanished.


Read the plaque on the lab wall down screen to the left of the center work table.  It reveals that Zak's bark substitute for the shapeshifting potion could not legitimately be used.  With an agreement to find more ingredients that will restore Zak to his natural human form, lets go exploring...


Go out to the balcony just to the right of the wall plaque.  Use the yellow transporter disk to move up.  At the yellow node, go forward and use the second yellow disk.  Using that next yellow disk to move up to the balcony with a red, yellow and black disk.  You are in the West Tower.


Important Note:  Click on the lower left cross shaped icon in your menu.  The map of the upper academy appears.  Use this map religiously to find your way around the upper levels.  I used several different graphic maps during this writing and found that the in-game map is the most accurate, simple and user friendly.  Even though I will continue to provide you with explicit step-by-step directions in this walkthrough, make a real effort to familiarize yourself with the layout provided by the map.  It will pay off by saving you time and frustration. :)


Use the black disk here.  You will be taken to the room which serves as a nexus for all the teleport disks in the academy.  You need to unlock all the disks for free access to the entire upper levels of the school.  The various colors control your access route.  As you can see, the three yellow disks are active.  There are also three red and three blue disks. Don't touch anything yet.






Objective:  To provide power to all three of each disk color, nine disks altogether.  Three yellows are already lighted.  There are four controllers around the periphery of the room.  Go to the upper left controller.  Its dull gray and sitting at about 10 o'clock.  Click on the floating circle to shut it off.  The yellow disks in the center go dark.  You must do this first to clear all the circuitry.




1. Click the upper left dull gray controller's floating circle again, just once

2. Click the lower left controller's floating circle 3 times

3. Click on the lower right controller's floating circle 3 times also.

4. Click on the upper right controller's floating disk two times.


Congrats! You did it.  Step into the middle of the nine transporter disks.  You'll be taken up to the upper balcony with the blue, red and yellow disks.  Click on the red disk to be whisked up to the West Tower's uppermost level and access to the Art Room.  Go forward along the little corridor and walk into that blue portal back screen. Cool!  When you and Zak appear on the other side, go immediately right, up the stairs and into the room at the top.


You can check out all active areas of this interesting room and gain an idea of what will be possible later.  Check out Zak's invisible landscape on the easel at left. Then, go across the room and click on the gray, circular rune to the right of the window on the wall.  Zak is scared to death, of course.  After the ensuing discussion, click on the rune in close up.  Leave it activated.


Leave the Art Room and follow the staircase down. Then go screen front down around the staircase winding around the Watchtower.  On the other side, enter the blue portal.  Go left and then all the way up the stairs to the top of the tower, where you see a red and yellow teleporter disk.  Use the yellow disk.


After the discussion, click the yellow disk again to be sent to the top of the East Tower, where you see a central statue with multiple human figures, apparently frozen in some sort of celebration.  On the opposite side, notice a glass globe in an elaborate wooden stand.  No action available there now. Note the blue teleporter disk off to the right.


Go back to the other side, where the yellow disk is and then go screen left across the East Tower Skyway.  At the end you'll find Nathaniel's office.  Attempt to open the desk drawer behind the desk to the right of Nathaniel's chair. No dice.  Take the notes on top of the desk.  Lydia shows them to Zak.  They discuss the magic orb Zak forcibly gave up to Nathaniel.  The MAGICAL PARCHMENT is sent to your magnifying glass inventory.  You can click on another floating ball at the corner of Nathaniel's desk but it appears it too is not yet active.


Time to continue your journey to check out the entire upper facility.  Go back across the skyway to encounter Nathaniel's "familiar," Winterowl.  Reenter the tower at the other end of the bridge, cross the statue area and click on the blue disk to access the upper Observatory classroom.  The planets and stars have an influence on the magic the mages and students practice.  Go to the rune on the wall beside the balcony at left.  Active the rune.


Go screen front and around to the right. Climb the stairs.  At the top, find the central pedestal overlooking the planetary atrium.  Click on it to see the various (8) astrological displays.   Continue up a second set of stairs.  Note the sun symbol on the tile at the top.  You'll see a huge telescope for viewing the stars.  Go around to the eye piece of the telescope.  Zak will step on an adjacent tile with a moon symbol, which immediately pitches the Observatory into darkness.  Take a good look at the Observatory puzzle at the telescope. Move it around, if you like. You'll be back.


Leave the Observatory, turning the scene back to daylight as you cross the sun tile at the top of the stairs.  Go all the way around and down to use the blue teleporter disk again.  You'll be returned to the East Tower.  Go across screen forward and use the yellow disk to return to the North Tower.  Leave the disk area screen left, go down the stairs and across the footbridge where Winterowl swoops down and steals Lydia's circlet and then mysteriously disappears through a wall. The duo automatically follows to arrive at the Sanctuary, apart from the academy itself.



Chapter 11- A Visit With The Grandmaster's Ghost



Go forward.  Zak finds the circlet where Winterowl dropped it and a ghost appears!  Wow! Zak was right. There is a ghost. This ghost needs help.  Click on him and complete all conversation choices.  The ghost is that of Grandmaster Nightingale, no less, one of the academy's founders.  Strong magic is being used at the academy because a chest with ancient artifacts has been discovered and opened.  The school could be destroyed!  Zak tells the Grandmaster of the removal of the orb from the chest at Nathaniel's command.  It was the only item taken.  Lydia and Zak must find the orb and Zak must return it to the chest. He is entitled to do this only because of his Nightingale ancestry.


The Grandmaster tells them not to come in contact with the orb; not touching it with bare hands.  They are instructed not to interfere if someone is using the orb unless lives are in danger.  After further detail about how to take the orb, Lydia asks where Nathaniel is.  Grandmaster answers that this Sanctuary may be a good place to look.  Zak must somehow overcome the protection spell which can be accomplished only after he is able to assume his human form.  Grandmaster agrees to pursue the formula for restoring human form and exhorts Lydia and Zak to look for the missing orb.


Only the academy principal can open the portal to the Sanctuary.  One exception Grandmaster does know of is that the teachers have an emergency way.  They have four items hidden in their classrooms.  They must be placed in alcoves "...up the magical stairs inside the small room."  The portal will appear for access to the Sanctuary.  We don't know where the four precious items are.  Grandmaster tells of the floating balls.  We must deactivate these magical floating locks by touching them and using the spell "Dragonus Enferenis."  This action will allow a student to use spells (and, in other words, activate puzzles so we can solve them).


Use the blue portal to leave the Sanctuary and reappear on the West Tower Skyway.  Next, we have to deactivate these floating ball protection locks so we can proceed with our important mission.



Chapter 12 - "Dragonus Enferenis"  aka: A Puzzle Bonanza



To get to the Watchtower, we need to go around the balcony and back down the footbridge to the area with the red and yellow disks.  Go to the right of the yellow disk. If necessary, wait again for completion of conversation between Lydia and Zak.  Then, go to the floating ball, screen right.  Click on it to hear Lydia deactivate the lock with the "Dragonus Enferenis" spell.


Okay, well done.  It time to solve the Watchtower puzzle in the center of this area.  Approach the center structure which bears a see-through grid.  Click on it.





Objective:  The goal is to turn on all the lights in the grid. Each row, vertical, horizontal, and diagonal may contain only one each of the four icons shown.  Its a game played by the mage watchmen while they stand guard in the tower.  There are several ways to solve the problem.  (Use the Hint system if you need to.)


One Solution: (Can also be applied backwards.)


First Row - star, planet, moon, sun

Second Row - moon. sun, star, planet

Third Row - sun, moon, planet. star

Fourth Row - planet, star, sun, moon



When completed correctly, the symbols on the grid will convert themselves to numbers.  Enough for now, but you'll need this information from the grid later.


Go to the red transporter disk and take a ride, first to an interim red node.  Then, cross to the other red disk and go down and around returning to the Main Tower.  Go inside.  Go screen forward twice to find a yellow disk.  Hop aboard!  Go to the upper level.  Go inside to check out the Dragon's Lair game in the Student Lounge. Continue your mission from the Grandmaster's ghost to deactivate all the floating ball locks.  Do you see one in the right front corner of the Daragon's Lair game?  Go ahead after the conversation and deactivate that one now.  When you click on it you will see the floating ball in the game close up at lower right.  Click on it twice to hear Lydia successfully use the "Dragonus Enferenis" spell.  You will see the game pieces appear on the Dragon's Lair game board.  You can now solve this puzzle. Come out of the close up.




Objective:  Get the dragon to his cave by exchanging game pieces. The cave is in the lower left corner.


Note and editorial comment: I didn't spend a bunch of time on this one.  There are over 60 moves to be completed in the correct sequence, to solve this puzzle, which is a silly waste of time, in my opinion. ;)


Gimli and Jochen have provided a wonderful step-by-step graphic solution, for this and other puzzles, if you want to use it. You'll find it here: http://www.gameboomers.com/Walkthroughs/Kwalkthroughs.html  Or, you can request the solution through the Hint system. Even the automatic solution requires almost four and a half minutes to complete the sequence.


Once the puzzle is solved, you'll be rewarded with a big, red bunch of ugly ALEUNDER'S ROOTS.  This ingredient will help create Zak's needed shapeshifting potion. 


Go left and then forward to exit the Student Lounge.  Use the yellow disk to travel to the Main Tower.  When you arrive, go up the stairs at screen left.  Go forward down the terrace steps and left.  Continue all the way down to where you come out into a courtyard.  Enter the Solarium Classroom, through the sunlit arch to your right.  Notice the rune to the left, just inside the arch.  Activate this rune also.


Leave the Solarium.  Cross the courtyard screen front and enter the darkened arch across the way.  Go up the right staircase to the Atrium at the top, go to the right again and climb that staircase.  At the top, use the blue disk for a short ride to The Forge.  Enter.  Zak explains the purpose of The Forge classroom.  Go screen right to find the rune to activate for this classroom.  Its on the wall where you see a rust/wine colored dragon mural.  The actual rune though, is high above the mural, displaying the symbol for Kyros, fire.


Examine in close up the puzzle above the mural after you activate the rune.  Hmmm, looks like we'll need to find a way to get up there. We'll do that later.  Leave the forge area. Use the blue disk to return to the Atrium.  Go down the stairs.  At the bottom, go back screen to the sunlit area you see between the two staircases.  This is the way to visit the Oracle.  Continue all the way down to the area of small floating islands.  Wow, this is too cool!


If you look closely to the left of the large stone, you'll see the rune for the Oracle location.  Click on the stone and then one the rune at left. "Dragonus Enferenis" unlocks the floating ball and we can access the puzzle.




Objective:  The goal is to reach the Oracle by journeying through a series of floating islands.


Read the Hint system to learn how to read the lighted display on the dragon stones and how to determine whether to click to light or turn off the dragon emblem. 


Follow the bridges as they appear. If you see that a dragon is already lit or isn't, as shown in the solution, just leave it and proceed to the next island.


Solution for each island:


1.  turn off dragon (already should be off)

2.  light dragon

3.  light dragon

4.  light dragon (you'll see new coding on this one)

5.  light dragon

6.  turn off dragon

7.  light dragon (you'll see new coding on this one)

8.  light dragon (back at start: ignore the old code shown and continuing to use the one from island 7. above)

9.  turn off dragon

10. turn off dragon

11. light dragon (you'll see new coding on this one)

12. turn off dragon

13. light dragon

14. turn off dragon


You'll eventually arrive at the wall of the dragon remains, The Oracle wall.  Zak wishes to be a dragon again and suddenly a strange ORACLE MOSS is awarded to you for your inventory.


Okay, people!  Time to pop over to the Laboratory again to see what we can brew up for ol' Zak.  Follow the island path out where it appears without using the dragon stones.  This will take you back to the starting area beneath the stairs. Return back up the staircase and along the corridor.  Go up the stairs on the left.  Use the red disk. Go along the little corridor left and around to the footbridge.


Go screen front and on into the Laboratory. Once inside, click on the round, brown cauldron about 2/3 of the way down the right side of the work table.  When you are provided with the conversation choices select the second one: "Brew a potion using Oracle moss, Headen flower and Nigilis fruit."


HOORAY!  Zak is a dragon, if a tiny one.  He doesn't seem to be all that excited though, does he?!  Now that Zak is in the form of a dragon, his ability to fly will likely be very helpful.  Meanwhile, let's continue to explore, starting with The Secret Library.


Chapter 12 - The Secret Library



Leave the Laboratory by way of the balcony on the opposite side of the work table.  Take the yellow disk to the next node.  Then, take the next yellow disk to the three disk balcony.  Take the black disk to the West Tower, the main transporter room.  Go screen forward, out to the courtyard.  Go left into the foyer of the MainTower, down the stairs toward the study area.  Go right, out to the balcony.  Use the red disk to go to the interim red node.  Go forward and use the second red disk.  You'll arrive at the North Tower.  Go forward down the steps and across the West Tower skyway.  Walk around to the back side of the balcony to find an alcove with a stairway and an elegantly carved dragon door.  Go on into the Secret Library.

You are in the main/central room, a magical room.  Go to the back of the staircase enclosure. There, find a platform atop the stair railing containing a magical





Objective:  Access secret rooms by using four magical balls to garner four critical tapestries.


Solution: Follow these instructions carefully,


1. Go to the shuttered arch you see to the left of the alcove back screen.  Open the shutters.  Click to place the magic ball in the receptacle.  A door opens.   Enter the marbled blue room.  Take the SECOND LIBRARY BALL.  Leave and take back the first ball too.  Go back to stand in front of the stairway, with your back to it.  This is your pilot position from here on in.


2. Go screen front/left to the second alcove.  Use ball 1 and ball 2 in the shuttered arches there.  Enter the pink and gray room.  Take the THIRD LIBRARY BALL from the pedestal.  Use ball 3 on the shuttered arch backscreen.  Enter the blue and gray room.  Go back behind the table and chairs.  Click on the THIRD TAPESTRY (Slund) to place it in your magnifying glass inventory.  Go back to the main staircase, your pilot position, picking up and taking all three balls with you.


3.  Now, go around to the back of the staircase (where you found the first ball) and continue screen right.  Use 2 balls to enter this alcove.  Cross the blue/gray room (behind the table) to another alcove.  Use your last (3) ball to enter the green room.  Go screen front around the table.  Click on the  FOURTH TAPESTRY  (Dria) to place it in inventory.  Return out of both the green and then the blue/gray rooms to your pilot position in front of the main staircase, taking all 3 balls along with you as you return.


4. Next, go screen right to the first room you visited.  Use 1 ball to enter.  Go screen right to the alcove and use 2 balls to enter the red room.  Go around the table to the tapestry on the back wall. Click on the SECOND TAPESTRY (Kyros) to send it to inventory.  Go back to your pilot position taking all 3 balls with you as you return.


5.  Go forward slightly screen left to the alcove you see there.  Using one ball go into the gray room.  Then, go screen right to the next alcove.  Use 2 balls to enter the next, gold, room.  Take the FOURTH LIBRARY BALL from the central pedestal.  Go back to the previous room.  Collect 2 balls from the arches.  Go forward and then screen right to the last alcove.  Use 2 balls to enter this gold and blue/gray room.  Go around the table to click on the FIRST TAPESTRY (Aeterna).  Leave the room retrieving 2 balls.  Return to the main staircase room, collecting ball 3 on your way back to your pilot position. 


Check your backpack inventory to make sure you have all four library balls.  Click on your magnifying glass inventory to make sure you have all four tapestries.  WOW!!  Was that a puzzle, or what!  Never fear though. There are more tough challenges ahead of us.


Leave the Secret Library, going back down the stairs.  Go around the balcony, across the skyway and use the yellow disk in the North Tower to arrive at the East Tower, where the human statues are, the Fountain Hall.  Go around to the floating ball in front of the yellow disk there and use "Dragonus  Enferenis" on it.  Go behind the statues to the blue disk and use it to go up to the Observatory again.  Time to get serious. (Like we haven't been? :) )



Chapter 13 - Acquiring the Four Sacred Items



Go all the way up to the telescope. (Note: You've already checked out the astrological signs on the balcony pedestal below, but you may well wish to refresh and enhance your knowledge before starting the puzzle on the upper level.)  Go on up and step on the moon tile beside the telescope to darken the room.




Objective: Don't start yet. 


You'll need to establish the coordinates of four constellations.




(Reminder: http://www.gameboomers.com/Walkthroughs/Kwalkthroughs.html ) for graphic puzzle solutions.


Look in your inventory at the First Tapestry:

1. Mermaid - Once the gift of life has been taken for granted

2. Minotaur - Even the heart of the strongest one end up wounded

3. Manticor - The mind then becomes poisoned by grief and pain

4. Griffin- Until feathery soft memories let only happiness remains


Now use your "save and quit" function IF you want to be able to restart the puzzle from this beginning point by coming back in and using the "Continue" menu option.


Back at the telescope, look at the grid on the left.  There are eight series of four numbers.  These four sets of coordinates must be entered using the numbered disks on the wheel and the gold ball.  The numbers are derived from the Watchtower Puzzle you solved earlier.

- The inner most circle moves the numbers from left  to right

- The next circle rotates numbers counter clockwise

- The third circle moves numbers from top to bottom

- The last circle rotates the numbers clockwise

- The gold ball determines which set/row of numbers (coordinates) you've selected for entry to the telescope.

- The numbers must be lined up on the wheel, but the order of the four numbers does not matter


Needed number coordinates:

Mermaid: 86, 59, 73, 68  .... 73, the belly button, is the hot spot

Minotaur: 11, 47, 32, 95  .... 47, the biceps are the hot spot

Manticor:  62, 33, 46, 25  ...  33, the thorn is the hot spot

Griffin:  87, 25, 68, 95 .... 87, the wing tip is the hot spot


Using the above instruction, and using the first and second Hints, if necessary, enter the above four coodinates.  When you entered the correct four numbers on a row, move the golden ball to that position.  Then look through the telescope to see the correct constellation.  Click on the appropriate number, the hot spot that relates to a stanza in the tapesty poem:


Mermaid 73 = belly button

Minotaur 47 = biceps

Manticor 33 = thorn

Griffin 87 = wing tip


In the eye piece, and when all four hot spot numbers in the constellation are lit simultaneously, and no others, you will be awarded with a STAR FRAGMENT (Aeterna)  in an ornate container. This is the first of the four required sacred items as told by the Grandmaster's ghost.


Leave the Observatory, going down all the stairs and using the blue disk to return to the East Tower Fountain Hall area.  Go left to return to the glass globe resting on the wooden stand.  Click on it once to see that you are able to magically change the seasons in the Solarium.  Change the globe setting, so the season displayed is SUMMER.


Go to the other side of the tower and take the sky bridge to Nathaniel's office.  Click on the floating ball above one corner of the desk.  Use "Dragonus Enferenis" to deactivate the lock here. Now for another challenge.  Click on the boat in a bottle resting on Nathaniel's desk.




Objective:  You need to find your way up through the maze to the director's office.   Follow the treasure journey route depicted on the previous map. If you need a Hint, stop at any boat pedestal inside along the route and click on it.


Click on the bottle to enter the ship.  Click on the little door astern, under the ship's bridge, to enter the puzzle.




To get to the director's office, go:


1.  up left

2.  up right

3.  down right

4.  up right

5.  up left

6.  up left

7.  up right


When you've successfully solved the puzzle, go inside the cloud replica of Nathaniel's office.  Inside, look at the drawer on the right side of the desk.  Click on the crank handle to unlock the drawer.  Use the handle to open it.  Looks like this is a rehearsal for what to do in Nathaniel's other office in the academy.


Come out of close up. Click on the boat/bottle on the desk.  Click again to return to reality.  Click on the right hand drawer.  Click on the crank handle to open the drawer.  Take CELESTE'S PORTRAIT, your reward for solving the puzzle.


Access the drawer again, if it closed, and press the blue button on the left side of the drawer.  Watch the rear bookcase move, revealing a red, blue and yellow transporter disk.  Use it. You're moved to an underground office, or "principal chamber."  Pick up the scroll on the desk, Nathaniel's HANDWRITTEN NOTE.


You'll not yet be able to unlock/activate the floating ball this time.  More is required as a prerequisite.  Check out the bookshelf, the "ghost library," at the back.  It appears you'll need a consult with the Grandmaster's ghost again before you can proceed here.


Use the transporter disk to travel back to Nathaniel's office.  Use the sky bridge to get back to the East Tower.  Use the yellow disk to go to the North Tower.  Use the next red disk to go to the interim red node.  Use the other red disk there.  You should arrive back at the Main Tower.


Go inside to see the Grandmaster's ghost hovering near the student work tables.  Approach and talk to him about everything.  He hasn't found the way to change Zak back to a human being.  the Grandmaster takes the papers describing the super "secrets of the orb."  (You'll find you still have the magical parchment showing the orb in your inventory. For now, anyway.)


It appears we need to visit the Art Room with Celeste's portrait, to complete the puzzle there.  Go screen forward up the steps, out through the lobby and down to the Courtyard. Cross the Courtyard and enter the main transporter  room.  Use the red disk.  Upstairs, with three disks, use the red disk again.  From here, the West Tower, go ahead to enter the blue portal.  Outside, go right up the stairs and back into the Art Room.


Zak discusses Nathaniel's last visit, having to do with Celeste's portrait.





Objective:  Finding the item that is hidden in the secret painting.



Let's start with the first puzzle on the easel over by the entrance.  Click on the easel.  You'll have to paint a magical painting before you can solve the second puzzle.


Use the colors from the Third Tapestry in your inventory.  The rune at the tapestry bottom matches the rune of the Art Room.  Then, from the top to bottom of the tapestry, find the four matching runes and their color:


- top red

- second yellow

- third blue

- fourth green


This is the order with which to successfully apply paint to the blank canvas.  When you've completed applying the paint, you'll have created a lovely sunset landscape.  The painting will transfer to the five arched frames back screen.


Click on the landscape in close up to take it.   Come out of close up and look at the small upper right screen showing two empty frames  Find the fire rune. Click on it to place it in the frame on the left.  Look again at the small upper frame at right.  Click on the five arched frames shown there and find the blue flying dragon.  Click on it.  Come out of close up and place the dragon at the right side in the small upper frame screen, next to the fire rune.  These two pictures will transform themselves to reflect the green Dria rune at left and a dragon flying into the sun on the right.


Now that you know how to move the paintings: Go back to the five frame screen at back, choose the landscape and place it in the left frame of the smaller image.  It will alter to display an ornate castle, on a blue background, on the left side and a knight in battle with a dragon, orange background, on the right side.


Go back to the five arched frames. Choose the black silhouette and come out to place it on the frame on the right side of the smaller screen.  You'll see a painting of Evandar's vale at left and a portrait of Celeste's mother at right.  Go to the upper right five arched frames and select Celeste's portrait.  Bring it up to the left side of the smaller frame and place it with the one of Celeste's mother. 


You win!  You are rewarded with a second sacred item, a golden container holding SOUL DUST (Slund). The cloud of dust symbolizes the souls of ancient archmages.  Good work.


It time to revisit The Forge.  Go through the blue portal outside the Art Room and use the red disk to return to the West Tower.  Use the  yellow disk on the 3 disk balcony, to descend to the yellow node.  Go forward to the second yellow disk to move to the Laboratory.  Go inside, then back screen out to the sky bridge.  Follow around to the back of the balcony.  Use the red disk there to move to the Atrium area.  Go down the left stairs and go up the right stairs.  Use the blue disk to arrive back at The Forge.  Inside, witness another discussion of Zak's condition and his desire to be a human being again.






Objective:  Using Zak's dragon breath, light or extinguish the correct series of eight lamps high on the wall.


Look up high on the right wall and click on the ornate circular plaque with lighted small oil lamps.  Have flying dragon Zak (via conversation) go on up and have a look.  Note that four lamps are already burning.  Number the lamps from top, clockwise, 1 - 8. All the lamps must be lit to successfully solve the puzzle.


Solution:  Click on lamps:  5, 2, 1, 4


You'll be rewarded for success with a magic blue light.






Objective: Use the correct series of toggled lights to fire up The Forge. 

Click on the pedestal in the center of the room.  Click again, if necessary, following conversation.


Use your four elements tapestry in inventory. You need to enter the correct rune symbol shown on the tapestry for Kyros, fire.  The simplest way to success is to light only the five runes necessary to establish FIRE.


In close up, number the rune circles left to right 1 - 9.


Solution:  Click on circle 8, 5, 6, 7, 8

Lydia will say, "Its not working," but that's only because you have one additional piece of the puzzle to complete.






Objective:  Light all twelve floor tiles around the central pedestal by using the four pedestals in front of each corner brazier.




Use the upper right corner device to clear all yellow tiles. Click three times, once for each tile in the row.  Now, use the upper left device three times to dim the three red tiles in that row, and to light up all the yellow tiles.  Use the lower right device three times to light all the red tiles.


Hooray! You've ignited The Forge and have won the third sacred item containing a cold burning ETERNAL FLAME.


Leave The Forge where Lydia will suffer another protracted vision depicting more sadness between Celeste and her father, Nathaniel. (Too many visions and too much conversation, you think?)


In the next scene, Lydia and Zak reappear in front of The Sanctuary.  Use the blue portal to arrive back at the West Tower Skyway.  From there, go left across the sky bridge to the North Tower.  Use the red disk to get to the red node.  Use the next red disk. You'll travel down to the Main Tower.  Go inside.  Talk to the Grandmaster's ghost again.  He remembers the formula to change Zak back into a human being again is in the Secret Library.  There's a password needed for access to the "ghost library," the bookcase. The magical password he believes is "Anure Noturuis."  Uh, maybe not.  The Grandmaster will reveal the real password if you press on with the conversation.  It is "Nitarius Anoretum."


Go back outside to the right.  Use the red disk to go to the red node.  Use the second red disk.  At the North Tower, use the yellow disk.  At the East Tower, use the sky bridge to Nathaniel's office.  Use the tricolor disk to appear in the Secret Library and go to the desk.  Use the "Nitarius Anoretum" spell to unlock this stubborn floating ball.  Go to the ghostly bookshelves.





Objective:  Bring the Blue Book over the White Book in order to pick it up.  The two books in question are highlighted.



Start with the :


Lavender book to the right of the Blue Book, then move the book as instructed below, either to the right or left of the Blue book.

Red to R

Green to L

Red  to L

Lavender to R

Red to L

Red to R

Green to L

Green to L

Red to R

Red to L

Lavender to R


WOW!  Big win for you!  You've scored the NIGHTINGALE'S SPELLBOOK ... the bible of the archmage!


Our next challenge is to solve the Solarium puzzle.  Use the transporter disk to return to Nathaniel's office.  From there, use the sky bridge to the East Tower.  Use the yellow disk to arrive at the North Tower.  Take the red disk to the red node and the second red disk there to the Main Tower.


Go inside, past the Grandmaster's ghost, and up the stairs on the left.  Go down the steps to the outer terrace and go left to the Atrium.  Enter the sunlit archway on the right in the courtyard.  You're in the Solarium again and, because you changed the season with the glass glove in the East Tower, it is now summer in the Solarium.


Go down to the lower level and, after Zak and Lydia 's conversation, go into the niche under the balcony at left.





Objective:  To grow three specific types of flowers in the containers provided.   Review the fourth tapestry in your inventory to see which flower colors do and do not go together.  You also have to have the correct season established in the Solarium.



You've already set the globe in the East Tower to summer.  Go ahead and establish the bright lavender colored flowers in the left planter.  Retrace your steps back to the Main Tower, where you see the Grandmaster's ghost.  Go out to the balcony to the right, and use the red disk to go up to the red node.  Take the next red disk there to the North Tower.  Then, take the yellow disk to the East Tower.  Go to the glass globe in the stand and set the season to winter.  Your lavender summer flowers will survive the season change, through magic.


Go to the yellow disk.  Use it to travel to the North Tower.  Use the red disk to the red node and the next red disk to return to the Main Tower.  Go inside, past the Grandmaster's ghost, retracing your route back along the terrace to the Solarium.  Back in the niche at the bottom of the stairs, establish white flowers in the top planter and blue flowers in the planter to the right.


Success will reward you with the fourth sacred item, a capsule containing a HUGE PEARL.


Go back to the Grandmaster's ghost.  Using the conversation choice, return his spellbook and yours (Lydia's own).  The Grandmaster finds the formula and transcribes it to Zak's spellbook.  A grateful Zak swears to return the orb to its rightful place when he is restored to his human form.  The ghost disappears and you receive once again, the NIGHTINGALE'S SPELLBOOK.


Chapter 14 - Restoring Zak and the Grand Finale


Time to return to the Laboratory.  Go screen front, through the courtyard and into the main teleport room.  Use the yellow disk to go up to the triple node.  Then, use yellow again to go to the yellow node.  Use the next yellow node to travel back to the Laboratory.


Inside, click on the same lab container you used earlier, on the right side of the work table.  Oooops, there's Winterowl again, causing a hassle.  Zak easily captures the owl and brings him back inside.  The indignant, frumpy Winterowl is plopped unceremoniously down on the work table.  Use all conversation to establish that Nathaniel and Celeste are in the sacred room at The Sanctuary.  In fact, all the students and staff are secured in the sacred room and they are levitating!  Owl warns of danger from Nathaniel in the scared room.  Lydia sends Winterowl back to Nathaniel.


Click on that lab container again to see Lydia take a DRAGON CLAW from Zak.  Click on the container again.  Then, when prompted, click on the first conversation option ("Brew a potion using Aleunder root, Nigilis fruit and Yewlock leaves.")  to collect some WOLF DROOL (Yuk!) from a transformed Zak.  Click on the container again and, when prompted, click on the second option ("Brew a potion using Yewlock leaves, Headen flower and Nigilis fruit.") to collect some CAT HAIR from a feline Zak.  Click on the container again and choose the first conversation option:  "Brew a potion using wolf dribble, cat hair, and dragon claws."


VOILA!  Zak finally is able to assume his natural human form and he swears to help Lydia.


Go out across the sky bridge and around the balcony to the red disk.  Use it to go to the Atrium.  Go down the steps and go forward across the short bridge.  Go down another flight of stairs and back screen where you see sunlight.  Go screen forward and retrace your steps back to the Main Tower area where you met the Grandmaster's ghost.  Continue right to the balcony and use the red disk to travel to the red node.  Use the second red disk there to go to the North Tower.  Go forward, down the steps and across the sky bridge to the balcony at the end.  Go around to the right.  Stop there on the back side and use your cursor to find the gear (action) cursor on the stone wall.  Remember the wall that Winterowl flew threw when he took Lydia's circlet? This is the secret portal which transports Lydia and Zak to The Sanctuary in the mountains.


Here, go on up the left staircase to find the Lydia must wait and only Zak can enter. Remember he is the only one granted entry as he is a descendent of the Nightingale family of mages.  Inside, go to the four arched alcoves on the back wall.




Objective:  Place the four scared items from your inventory: soul dust, huge pearl, eternal flame and star fragment.  You must place them in the correct order according to the riddle on the plaque above: "From the highest sky to the bottom of the sea, mankind manages to bend the elements to its will."


Solution:  Left to right alcove


Sky = star fragment

Sea = huge pearl

Mankind = soul dust

Elements = eternal flame


Now, go out to the circular portal in front of the actual Sanctuary structure, between the staircases.


Note: Its probably a good idea to save your game here as the end sequence is long and cannot be interrupted.  You might even consider taking a breather before this last sequence. :)





Objective: Light all symbols around the edge and inside the portal.


Solution: You are on your own with this one. 


Using the star symbols around the edge of the circle, and turning them, match dark to dark, light to light.  At the same time, the inner points of each star must point to the same colored star point directly across the circle from it.  When you match the stars around the edge and across the center the puzzle will be lit, as well as the inside and the puzzle is solved. 


The portal opens in a blaze of glory!  Good job!


Zak and Lydia enter the portal to find everyone from the academy levitating above the floor and in a deep trance. Nathaniel is controlling the scene with the magical orb.  Celeste, sadly, has died and all are gathered around Celeste's casket to mourn her passing.  Experience a vision with Nathaniel explaining his relationship with his daughter and events that have happened at the academy, or so it seems from his perspective....  Lydia accuses Nathaniel of lying and dares to prove it:




Objective:  Using the glass balls on the casket in front of Nathaniel and Lydia and reviewing Lydia's past visions, the truth is revealed in sequence.


Solution:  Click for a close up. From left to right click twice on balls 3, 6, 2, 1, 4, 5


Note:  You can click through the conversation, but I don't recommend it in order that you are able to fully enjoy the story's ending.


The long sequence of visions reveals Nathaniel's selfishness and his ambition to attain exceptional power at all cost.  This, while sacrificing his relationship with his daughter, Celeste.  Nathaniel blames her for drifting away from him after her mother, Elanna's, death.  In truth, Nathaniel abandoned Celeste. He continually treated her harshly when she tried over and over again to approach him, during the time she most needed him.  As the visions are revealed, Nathaniel realizes and deeply regrets the error of his ways.  With the last vision, Celeste gives Lydia the pendant and Nathaniel promises to free the academy students and staff from the spell he's cast upon them.  Nathaniel witnesses Celeste's last moments along with Lydia, as Celeste describes her enduring love for her father, which always outshone all else.  Celeste is finally at peace. 



In the ending scene, Zak and Lydia discuss Nathaniel's departure from the academy and they both witness a lovely, shooting star rocketing across the night sky.  This phenomena seemingly fulfills the legend of lost loved ones watching over friends and family after they have passed away.


"Could it be possible?" says Lydia, in wonder, "Celeste's star?"


Well, we'd certainly like to think so, wouldn't we?





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