KQ2~VGA: Tierra  

Full Points List & Supplementary Hints

Len Green     26 December 2002      lengreen@hotmail.com


When I first played this game, despite receiving some hints, I finished with several points less than the full score.  Some players are very competitive about getting the highest point score possible … I am not!  However I DID want to experience the small portions of the game which I had obviously missed.  But I had no way of knowing what or where these episodes were.  This was a pity since there was so much humorous and interesting material which I had no means of experiencing!

When afterwards the walkthrough by Chris Van Zyl was posted (on 14th Dec 2002), I saw a way of discovering the locations of my missing points.  So I replayed the game in EXACTLY the same order as his walkthrough and indeed achieved the full 185 points.  There is an enormous number of different paths through which this game can be played.  I would not necessarily recommend anybody to follow this particular course, or for that matter to use any walkthrough at all! 

This score sheet has been composed mainly for people who have already finished the game (without or with walkthroughs, hints, etc.) but lost some points, and would like to catch up on actions he/she missed.

Thanks To Tierra for providing such a really magnificent version of one of the classic Quest/Adventure games. 

Thanks also to Chris for viewing and permitting me to plagiarize his extensive walkthrough and even add extra descriptions and explanations … this list and extras really do supplement his excellent walkthrough!


            DISCLAIMERS :-  

{A}      This list is based entirely upon the first version 1.0 of the game.  There have been some small changes in version 1.1 and there may be other small modifications in future versions.  This may of course affect the walkthrough, and as a consequence this point count;  but I imagine that any alterations are very few and not of major consequence!

{B}      Some of the puzzles may possibly have alternative solutions, ‘codes’, directions, etc. generated by different game playings … so it’s wise to pay considerable attention and follow the hints generated inside each individual game.

{C}      Even by achieving the full score, this doesn’t mean you have done everything possible in the game.  There are very many actions, dialogs, etc., which carry no points even though some are amusing, interesting and add to the narrative.

            In addition to this, there are apparently over 50 Easter Eggs, all of which contribute no points … they are not included in this list.

{D}     A few actions can deduct a point instead of adding one.  Only actions which increment the point score are included here!  So SAVE  VERY  FREQUENTLY, both for this reason and since you can often die!  Where this list indicates “quickly”, perform the action(s) as rapidly as you can, or you probably WILL die and have to return to your previous Save!




[1]  Go to end of pier & get fishing net. (swim quickly).

[1]  On the way to Town, get mallet from hole in tree.

[1]  Go to Town, look at haystack & talk to sneezer.  Look at statue & talk to merchant.  Go to library & talk to librarian.  Exit library & go to house next door.  Look at note on door & use sword on it to get letter.

[1]  Open letter & receive library membership card.

[1]  Return to library.  Use quill pen on desk to sign library membership card (only when librarian looks away).  Show signed card to librarian & request a book.

[1]  Read library book (subject = Kolyma, etc.).

[1]  Leave library & Town.  Search around the area.  Find pumpkin & talk to it/her!  Find & talk to Possum & then find her basket of flowers.

[1]  Give basket of flowers to Possum (& receive flower).

[1]  Get clam (oyster; shell) from under log very near sea shore.

[1]  Open clam & get pearl.  Go to cottage.  Open mailbox, read card inside & knock at door.

[1]  Find log very near to cottage & get pair of earrings from inside.

[1]  Look near to tree dwelling & get 3 (fool’s) gold coins from the ground.  (Must first cut rope trap with sword).  Look at church & knock on door.

[1]  Go to Town.  Throw fool’s gold coins into fountain.  Talk to merchant.  Whilst he’s occupied, quickly grab baby pumpkin (on a bowl) & very quickly exit Town.

[2]  Give baby pumpkin to mother pumpkin (leaving bowl in inventory) & get gold brooch with blue sapphire.  Talk to mama pumpkin & receive request for bitter pure water

[1]  Find lemon tree & pick lemon.

[1]  Find fresh water natural spring & fill your bowl with pure water.

[1]  Squeeze lemon juice into bowl of water (both in inventory).

[1]  Pour lemon-juice/water onto baby pumpkin (or mother pumpkin).  Talk to mama pumpkin & receive unlit candle.

[1]  Find blue lake & catch baby bird (ugly duckling) in fishing net.

[1]  Put baby bird on pond together with swans.  After it’s turned into a swan & flown away, pick up feather.

[9]  Find & cross bridge (keep to the middle!).  Walk to wall & talk to stone door/face, getting all essential info from it/him.

[1]  Return across bridge & pick up flier (merchant’s).

[1]  Go to Town.  Talk to merchant & give him flier & pearl (& receive comb).

[1]  Enter library.  Ask librarian for another book & read it (subject = Ocean & Neptune, etc.).

Total points up to here = 33.

[1]  Go to sea shore & talk to mermaid on rock.  Give her the shell comb, receive opal necklace & experience other spectacular occurrences!

[1]  Mount seahorse, visit Mer-People & receive ‘assignment’ from Neptune.  Accompanied by Mer-Guards approach Sharkee lair … avoid being eaten by Sharkee guards.  (This is a fairly large area covering about 5 x 5 ‘squares’!). 

[1]  Find wrecked vessel, view it & take antique bottle.

[1]  Observe large piece of cloth folded inside bottle & remove it (in inventory).  Find small fish & fake wall.  Try to enter.

[1]  Find luminescent fish.  Look at sweet dark green weed-like grass, & take some. 

[1]  Put green weed-like grass into antique bottle (in inventory).

[1]  Put bottle (+ grass) onto luminescent fish which are attracted by grass into bottle forming a bright lantern.  Take it.  Return to fake wall.  Enter dark cave (essential light provided by lantern); ride along for a few screens; open ‘giant shell door’ with sword; enter chamber. 

[1]  Prod seahorse into dashing around. Quickly click on treasury door.

[1]  Quickly click on arched treasury door (upwards from the bottom right of inverted-U {anti-clockwise}, press stones 5, 7, 7, 2).

[9]  Quickly get trident & exit chamber.

[3]  Quickly Mount seahorse & exit cave.  If you choose NOT to take the (very simple) arcade sequence, you forfeit the 3 points for so doing!

[1]  VERY quickly seal up exit ‘door’ from cave using trident.

[8]  Return to Neptune & receive blue birth (water) gem & automatically return to Kolyma.

Total points up to here = 63.

[1]  Pick up picket lying on shore near white fence.

[1]  Go to Town.  Give white cloth to guy sneezing in hay … receive it back but slightly unhygienic (although usable!).  Pick up silver needle which flew out of haystack!

[1]  Enter library.  Ask librarian for another book & read it (subject = Legends, etc.).

[1]  Ask librarian for another book & read it (subject = Power, politics, & pulpits, etc.).

[1]  Enter antique shop & talk to little old lady there.  Go to Hagatha’s cave, look at 2 skulls & deadly bat-symbol over cave … & take care not to get killed!  Neutralize bat-symbol (Insert blue gem into left skull, hammer it in with mallet, & rotate both skulls obtaining 2 blue beams.  Bat-symbol disappears).  Enter cave.  Quickly walk to cloak & obtain tiny silver key & golden ring shaped device.

[1]  Quickly go to cage & cover it with cloth (soiled handkerchief) to stop nightingale from chirping.

[1]  Quickly unlock padlock to release chain, & very quickly take cage, dash to the cloak (away from Hagatha) & exit cave.

[1]  Smash left skull with mallet & re-acquire blue (birth) gem.  Remove cloth from cage; look at cage & read letter stuck to it.

[1]  Go to antique shop, give nightingale to lady & receive brass oil lamp. 

[1]  Rub (genie’s) lamp, get & read note (the lamp disappears).  Go to white knight statue inside shop & operate latch opening trapdoor.

[2]  Go down into cellar & close trapdoor.  Read letter on table. 

[1]  Take magic carpet … hear mayhem above in shop.

[1]  look where glass fell & take vial of youth potion from amongst soft pile of down.

[1]  Go to any ‘open space’ & click the carpet on Graham, & ffffllllyyyy.

[1]  Use opal necklace to hypnotize snake & enter cave (for fun, on your way, reach into hole in rock).  Read & note engraved writing on right wall.

[9]  Make green magic emerald --- Click on desk … Read book … Flower & earrings in beaker … Strike sword on flint stone to spark & light burner … Stir liquid with feather … Knock crystal out of sword using fence picket (in inventory) … Crystal in beaker … Recite incantation … Take emerald.  If enchanter catches you afterwards, dispel him with magic emerald! 

[1]  Use light through magic emerald on snake which turns into a horse. Then talk to the horse!  Use carpet (as before) to return to Kolyma.  Go to ‘six-stones’ (near to blue lake) & use light through dispel emerald on the 2nd stone from the right.  Take bridle.  Use carpet yet again to return to plateau (carpet now vanishes permanently).

[1]  Slip bridle over horse’s head.

[3]  Ride to Cloud-Spirit (face).  Answer 3 tests correctly (1 point each correct choice).  {5th reply down;  3rd reply down;  2nd reply down … in the last case if you choose #3 instead of #2 you get an amusing Sierra in-joke but no point!}.

[8]  Take green growth (air) gem.  Quickly mount horse & return to Kolyma … it is night time.  The horse flies away giving Graham a magic sugar cube.

        Total points up to here = 101.

[2]  Enter church & pray at altar.

[1]  Talk to monk & receive silver cross on silver chain. 

[1]  Read bible & then page which has dropped to the floor.  Wear cross & exit church.  Watch exchange between monk & 2 wolves.  Enter granny’s house & listen to what she says.  Find & then talk to her granddaughter, Possum.

[1]  Knock on dwarf’s door, hide, & when he exits, quickly enter his dwelling & climb down ladder. VERY quickly  grab hot soup.

[1]  Open chest & take gold coins (hide in chest if essential).

[1]  Enter granny’s.  Warm the soup & give to it her & then talk.

[1]  Take cloak & ruby encrusted ring she offered (from under bed).

[1]  Talk to granny again.  View 2 cut-scenes --- Granny’s husband, etc. … Hagatha, etc.  Exit house; wear cloak & ruby ring.  Go to swamp.  Follow exact points of compass (capital letters) given on sheet of paper from church until you see castle.  (These directions alter when playing different games ... but your specific paper is in inventory.).

[1]  Talk to ferryman, give him gold coin & cross toxic lake.

[1]  Swallow magic sugar cube (or you get killed).  Walk to castle gates.  Look at ghosts.  Enter graveyard to the left of the castle.  Look at large tombstone of Count Caldaur (with gargoyle on top).

[1]  Return to door of castle & ghosts drift away.  Use silver cross to open door & enter.

[1]  Go up stairs on left & take shovel.

[1]  Light your candle using torch.  Exit; view portraits on wall; up stairs on right; right through room & down to very far end of basement (need a lit candle here!).  Open coffin (need to take cloak off!).  Count-Caldaur/Nosferatu/vampire materializes.  Try to talk & exit.  He starts to kill you! 

[1]  Drop Granny’s ring onto floor.  He releases you & flies away (in the form of a bat). 

[1]  Move cushion in coffin & from underneath it take the red death gem.  Try to exit front door … locked (& no cross key to open it!).  Go up stairs on left, continue to very top.

[1]  Exit window.  Climb down vines on wall … dislodged by 3 bats (vampires?). 

[-1] Cut scene.  [you LOSE one point here!].  Taken to Count & wife (ex-Granny).  Talk to them as much as possible (which is a LOT!).  The Count wants a sapphire encrusted tiara.  Show golden disk to Count Caldaur. 

[1]  Take ham from table.  Go down stairs & along hall to library.

[1]  Talk to Anastasia (ex-Possum) & receive black book from her.

[1]  Open book, get small key & read poem-riddle.  Go to library shelves.  Solve fairy tale books puzzle (To avoid dying, press in order on … Cinderella; The Three Little Pigs; Little Bo Peep; Rumplestiltskin; Romeo & Juliet).  A new book materializes (3rd shelf down).

[1]  The book is Treasure Island … Take it.

[1]  Open brass lock on Treasure Island with small key (in inventory).

[1]  Read … Tiara is buried near a specific grave close to castle.  Talk to Anastasia.

[1]  On leaving library, receive diamond & sapphire bracelet from Anastasia.  Exit castle & enter graveyard to the left of the castle.  Ghosts want to kill you … quickly show them bracelet from Anastasia.

[1]  Place bracelet on grave of Lord Herbert & Lady Lillian.  Ghosts talk & then disappear.  Bracelet turns into a golden ring.

[1]  Take golden ring.

        Total points up to here = 126.

[1]  Use spade on tomb of Count Christopher Eveer & dig there.  Look at bones & old chest.  Read last will & testament of Larmon Odnarb.  Go to ferryman, back to Kolyma.  Go to church. 

[1]  Look at diary on pulpit.  Go to cemetery adjoining church

[1]  Use shovel on grave of Larmon Odnarb.  Look at tin box & open it.

[8]  Take tiara.  Leave cemetery & church.

[1]  Very quickly kill 3 wolves with sword.  Continue on through the swamp to meet the ferryman.  But he’s not there … instead a monk/wolf who intends to kill Graham.

[1]  Perform the following 4 actions quickly:- Pick reed from edge of swamp.

[1]  Dip needle into toxic swamp slime making it lethal.

[1]  Insert poisoned needle into reed making a fatal blowpipe & dart.

[1]  Kill monk/wolf with blowpipe … other wolves slink away.  Ferryman arrives.  In castle with Count & wife.

[8]  Get red death gem from Count.  Last conversations with Count & wife.  Leave castle & return with ferryman to Kolyma.  Cut-scene … Hagatha.  Now daytime.  Go to Town library.

[1]  Read book on desk (subject = General Knowledge).  Go to bridge & start to cross … it gives way & Graham is trapped.

[1]  Perform ALL the following actions quickly or the bridge (together with Graham) will collapse:-  Wrap gems in cloth & throw to the ground on far side of bridge.

[1]  Talk to dwarf & catch his knife when he throws it.

[1]  Use knife to saw through rope binding 2 planks & gripping Graham’s legs.  Scramble up the dangling half of bridge to the ground, on far side.  Exit dwarf. Pick up gems & unwrap them (in inventory).

[2]  Approach rock/door & place blue birth gem into top left indentation.

[3]  Place green growth gem into top right indentation.

[3]  Place red death gem into bottom indentation.  Rock face speaks.  Choose Tower Realm (If you choose any of the other 5 Realms, you will arrive at other amusing ‘Sierra-locations’ … but will die!).  Graham is transported to Tower Realm.

[1]  Use net to catch fish, grab it & pick it up (you may have to try more than once!).

[1]  Release fish (throw it back into sea).

[1]  Ride fish to Isle.  Look around & find a patch of sand of unique (darker orange) color.  Look at this patch, touch it, walk on it, & then look at the writing which appears.  Touch the patch again & it turns into a blue portal & teleports you to a very small nearby island.  You emerge from a similar blue portal there.  Read the writing next to Graham’s feet.  Look at & pick up small quartz rock on beach.  Look at nearby ‘odd colored’ sand patch, touch it, walk on it & observe three instructional symbols (“bowl”; “drop of liquid”; “pour liquid”).

        Total points up to here = 165

[1]  Climb to top of palm tree & pick coconut.  Return down.

[1]  Use sword to cut coconut in half (in inventory). 

[1]  Use half coconut as a bowl & fill it with seawater,

[1]  Pour seawater onto the symbols in the sand.  A new green escape portal appears (but don’t use it!).  Stand on blue portal & teleport back to the main isle.  Look for and go to the tower door.  Look at door & 2 lion statues.

[1]  Put circular device (golden with 4 symbols around it) onto door.  Put quartz stone onto door … it fits inside the ring.  Lion statues speak … one the truth, the other lies.  Talk to truthful lion on the right who tells you how to correctly press symbols … if you press the wrong order you die! 

[1]  Click on door disk for closeup.  Press on cloud/bottom; sun/top; water/left; earth/right.  Door opens … Graham enters.  Walk to top of stairs … encounter huge lion!

[4]  To pass lion safely, place magic emerald on it.  Watch lion turn into a skinny naked old man, etc., etc.  (there are at least 2 other ways of neutralizing the lion but they each award 1 point only instead of the 4!).

[1]  Pick up orange colored cat hair.  Lift heavy wooden bar to room & enter.  Try to wake Valanice … talk/kiss … no good.  Try magic emerald on her … needs sunlight through emerald.  Drag dresser with mirror towards window.  Still no good.  Rotate window through an angle, obtaining a beam of light onto Valanice. 

[4]  Put emerald onto beam & wake her.  Talk to Valanice & kiss.  Immediately, Hagatha materializes, intending to kill both Graham & Valanice, and revealing the “Father’s” plot against Graham.

[1]  Put cat hair into youth potion & hand to Hagatha who is transformed into a beautiful young girl … but bearded & hairy!!

[1]  Rotate mirror so that light beam blinds Hagatha & she falls out of window (presumably to her death?!). 

[1]  Talk to Valanice, etc.  Both are automatically transported to Hagatha’s Cave (on Kolyma).

[2]  Look at luminescent glass dome on right hand table & take it.


FINAL  TOTAL  POINTS  =  185/185



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