Solution by Phil Darke

Pick up an empty flask from the shelf at the back left and a flask of water from under the carpet and some blueberries.

Go west and click on the swamp monster and pick up more blueberries. Go north to the dock and pick up the mushroom. Go west and pick up the spell book from the hollow tree stump. Go north and pick up a piece of gnarlybark and an onion. Go north and talk to the ferry man, he wants some gold before he will take you anywhere. Go west and take the feather from the birds nest. Go west and push the tree to cross the quicksand. Go west and pick up the skeleton key as you go. Tickle the crocodile with the feather and put the crocodile tears in the empty flask. Take the cauldron from the hollow tree. Go north to the springs and take the sulphur rock. Look at the spell book and read the recipe for swamp snake potion. Put the knarleybark, onion, crocodile tears and sulphur into the cauldron fill the empty flask with hot water from the spring and add this to the cauldron. Return to the dark swamp and go north. Pour the flask of water onto the fire berries and take them. Enter Herbs shack and take the stool, plant food and empty flask. Put the stool into the cauldron and fill the 3 empty flasks with the potion. Return to the ferry and then east and then east again to the cave entrance. Go south to the firefly tree use the blueberries on the tree and note the order in which the flies light up (turquoise, orange, green, blue, yellow purple and red). Go back to the cave entrance, Enter the cave and and use the swamp potion on the rat to scare him away. At the skull touch the teeth to determine their colour and then touch each tooth in the same order as the fireflies. Open the chest with the skeleton key and take the cheese and magnet. Go back to the bridge with the men fishing give them the cheese for bait. Go to the weed patch where Marko has been trapped by the plant use the plant food on the plant to release Marko. Go to the dock and pick up the lead anchor. Use the magnet to turn the anchor to gold. Go back to the ferry. The ferry has burned down but the ferryman will fly you if you can find his 4 missing letters. Go back to all the locations you have visited until you find them Look in the haystack and pick up a flask. Pick up some wheat form the field. Go south to outside the farmhouse. Give the letter to the farmer and pick up the vinegar and water bowl. Go west to the water wheel and remove the wood from the wheel. Look at the spell book and read the recipe for the sandwich spell. Place the wheat in the grinder and collect it in the bowl. Open the valve and go west and west again to the garden. Pick up the elephants trunk and water the garden. Pick a lettuce and a radish and the magnet. Return to the water wheel and put the ground wheat into the cauldron. Put the radish in the grinder and collect it in the bowl, add the vinegar, to make mustard and add this to the cauldron. Also put the lettuce into the cauldron. Now return to the haystack and go east to outside the city gate. Talk to the guards, who refuse to let you in. Go back to the haystack and speak to the genie and use the empty flask on him. Return to the garden and use the flask on the scarecrow. Go back to outside the farmhouse. When the farmer chases the scarecrow enter the cellar pick up the horseshoes and the shears. Try to operate the cheese maker, it won't work so go to the haystack and use the flask on the sheep. Go back to the cellar and put the milk into the cheesemaker. Take the cheese and add it to the cauldron. Go to the haystack and use the shears on the sheep and pick up the wool. Return to the water wheel and use the upside down horseshoe on the water wheel, to make a magnet. Return to the farm and give the water bowl to the dragon, then pick it up again and collect the dragon tears in an empty flask. Go east to the city gates and click fill a flask with the potion and click the flask on Zanthia. Give the sandwich to the guards and when they open the gates go east. Take the stick from the fountain and go north to the alley. Press the buttons on the panel left of the door in the same order as the colours on the firefly tree. Go north into the Drunk Dragon inn. Talk to everyone and pick up the mug from the table and fill it from the barrel. Take the taffy from the barrel in the bottom left corner. If you try to leave you will be told it is pirate poetry night and no one leaves without reciting a poem. Wait until the man has finished his recitation then stand behind the lectern. When you have recited a poem leave and south and east to the street. Walk to the bottom causeway and use the magnet on the sea to pick up a key. Also pick up the orange peel, wrapper, empty flask and page from the spell book and put it back into the book. Now go east on the top causeway to the gorge. Pick up some mud and use it on the rabbits paw to make a foot print. Go east to the gorge and use the stick on the rope. Go east and at the altar look at the spell book and read the skeptic spell. Mix the taffy and the vinegar in the water bowl to make sweet and sour sauce. Flush the cauldron and add the sweet and sour sauce. Put the horseshoe, footprint and dragon tears in the cauldron. Fill two flasks with the mixture and use them on the altar. Go to the jail and use the skeptic potion on the sheriff. Enter the jail and talk to Marko. Use the key to unlock the cell door, when you do so the sheriff comes and locks you up as well. He hangs the key by the window, so use the magnet on it. When you try to open the cell door the sheriff comes in and throws the key into the sea. Pick up the rope from the corner of the cell and get a fish hook from Marko. Use the fishing line to catch a fish which has a key. Release yourself and Marko. Go to the Inn and watch the pirates fighting. When one of them drops a gold tooth use the alchemists magnet on it to change it to lead. Pick up the lead tooth and leave. Use the alchemists magnet to change the tooth back to gold and go to the water wheel, Use the gold tooth on the wheel to make a gold coin. Go back to the Inn and repeat the procedure until you have 3 gold coins. Go back to the altar and make another flask of skeptic potion. Go to the store and use the skeptic potion on the store keeper. Buy a ticket with the 3 gold coins and go to the wharf. Use the skeptic potion on the ship captain and board the ship. Hide the magnet in the coil of rope near the compass.

When you get washed up on the shore of volcania go west, picking up 2 star fish on the way until you meet the slick salesman. Buy the red leather brochure. Go east until you meet the old woman. Talk to her and take the quill pen she gives you and the empty flask. Look at the spell book and read the spell for magic shoes. Fill the flask from one of the spouts. Put the leather brochure, quill and hot air into the cauldron. You now have flying shoes. Wear the shoes and you can walk across the lava. Explore the rest of the island and pick up the stick and two rocks. Go to the air vent east of the old woman. Remove the shoes and jump into the vent. When you have landed and picked yourself up, pick up all the rocks that you find. Now go east and pick up the stick. Go west and northeast and pick some fuzz from the palm tree and another rock. Go north. Pick up the heart shaped lump of lead. Play fetch twice with the dinosaur. Change the lead to gold with the alchemists magnet. Go and stand on the air vent and get some black pebbles. Look at the spell book and read the teddy bear spell. Put the gold heart, fuzz and pebbles into the cauldron. Return to where you landed, go west and pick up the empty flask. Use the flask in the cauldron to make a teddy bear. Go back to northeast of where you landed and walk out onto the rock spur above the prehistoric creature. Climb on and ride it, using the teddy bear to steer. After you get thrown off and the monster rips up the teddy bear pick up the red rag and go west Stand in front of the door and use the red rag on the other monster. Enter the anchor chamber and talk to Marko. Pick up the parchment. Go back through all the caves and put a stone on top of every vent. Return to the room with the door and stand on the platform in the middle of the bubbling lava pool. You will be blasted out of volcania.

When you land in the petrified forest take the flask from the hole in the ground. Talk to the trees. Pick up the pine cone. Go west to the bridge. Pick up the walnut some moss, snow and a rolling stone and some twigs. Go back to the trees and use the twigs with the rolling stone on the flint to make charcoal. Look at the spell book and make snowman potion. Fill the flask and use it on the knight at the bridge. Go west and polish the statue with the alchemists magnet. Take the acorn, toy drum and jack and return to the trees. Put the drum on the tree stump this loosens the trees up. Go west to the tram station. Talk to the squirrel and give him the acorn, walnut and pine cone. Put the rolling stone in the wheel and board the tram. Outside the hunters lodge take the feather duster and brush. Go into the lodge and take a cannon ball, empty flask and musk from the moose head. Go out convert the cannon ball to gold and give it to the mother. Take the lollipop from the baby. Look at the spell book and read the recipe for abominable snowman potion. Make the potion and use it on Zanthia. Go back into the hunters lodge. In the abominable snowman's home, take the chocolates, cologne, empty flask and feathers from the cushion on the sofa. Go outside and collect 3 icicles. Use one of the icicles to try and climb the cliff. The abominable snowman brings you back. Go back out and the hunters arrive. Make more abominable snowman potion and use it on the hunters. Climb the ice wall using the two icicles. Go east to outside the shack. Enter the shack, here you will find the rainbow tree. Which has 7 globes hanging on it. Some shelves contain all of the items that you have seen through the game. Three switches rotate the shelves and when you take an item from the shelf it is replenished when you rotate the shelves. Using these items you must re create 6 potions from the spell book and put them into the correct globes. You can easily tell if you have the right potion in the right globe by clicking an empty flask on each globe after you have filled it. If it is the wrong potion you will be able to empty the contents of the globe into the flask, if it is the right potion you can not. When you have filled the first 6 globes correctly. Make a potion from amethyst and blueberries and put this in the final globe. The tree will now light up and a rainbow will grow through the roof of the shack. Go outside and pick an icicle from the roof of the shack and use this to climb onto the roof of the shack. Now go east along the rainbow. Until you arrive outside the wheels of fate. A strong shaft of light prevents you from entering the door. This is beamed down from a reflector on the roof. Use the alchemists magnet on the reflector to convert it to lead and cut off the light. Enter the door and go up to the gear room. One of the spindles has no gear on it. Go back down and east to the inverse towers of anoi. This consists of 3 tubes side by side each sitting on top of a face. Inside the tubes are 5 disks of different sizes and colours, the smallest is yellow then light blue, blue, grey and brown (for convenience I numbered them 1 to 5). The object of the exercise is to place all the disks in order into first the left hand tube and then the middle. To move the disks first click on the one you want to move, the eyes of the face beneath it will open. Then click on the tube you want to move it to. It is not easy as it sounds and there is probably a logical sequence to do it. I found the best strategy was to shuffle the tubes around until only #1 was visible in the 3rd tube and the first tube was empty. From there it is only a matter of shuffling the plates around until #2 is visible and move it to tube 1. When you have done this you will have your stick and the missing gear wheel. Return to the gear room and put the gear onto the empty spindle and fix it in place with the stick. The hand now appears. Attack the hand then dodge it by jumping on top of the gears at the middle left, and then onto the furthest away. Attack the hand again. Marko now comes to your aid. That's all folks now sit back and watch the credits.

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