Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir


 Walkthrough by ronrob


Games Notes:


This is an intentionally dark game. If it is too dark for your tastes, you might want to raise your gamma setting a little.


The game has numerous different environments, and finding your way around can be a challenge. The in-game map is only partly helpful. Sketching out a map as you go can be a big help. It is also wise to mark where things are that you can’t do yet so you can return to them easily.


The following conventions are used in this walkthrough:

F = Forward, B = Back, L = Move Left, R = Move Right

In special instances, the directions are spelled out.


You will often change orientations when you enter a new scene. For example, if you enter a room through a door, you might find that door now to be at the side or back of the room. This takes some getting used to.


Clicking the eye icon usually results in some comment, but in other instances it opens up an action. This walkthrough ignores the former and focuses on the latter.





The opening cut scene shows a crow making off with an eye. Eventually you will need to get your hands on that eye.


Your boat arrives at the Isle of the Dead and moors at a small pier. Look at the brown niche near center screen and take the rope.


B and L through the opening into the cave.


The Cave


F to the boarded up door and take the 5 nails.


B, L, F and examine the vase left of the arch. Take the gold coin.


Note: Collecting gold coins does nothing to advance your adventure. They matter only for your final score at the end of the game.


B and Fx4. Click the red arrow for a visit with a cave monster. Bx6 to the boat at the pier.


R and Fx4 to see a row of vases. Examine the vases and click the center one to break it and take the hook.


B and F to a dark entrance. Click the darkness to hold a brief conversation with an unwelcoming cave monster.


B, L, F to a room that is partially caved in. A previous visitor to the cave got creamed by a fallen stone. Look at the hat and take the notebook. Right click the notebook in inventory and read through it. Near the end, take the map.


The notebook contains several 3-number sequences, and the last page shows the numbering of holes in some kind of device. Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to “Stop Reading Notebook.”


Right click the map to look at it. The map doesn’t show exactly where you are, but you know you are up along the right vertical leg somewhere. Because the notebook gives information about a puzzle, that seems to be the next place to go. You can walk to that place, but the more efficient method is to click “Puzzle” on the map.


Look at the altar to see the device sketched by the dead explorer in his notebook. You also see your 5 nails at the upper left. Your task is to place the nails into the holes of the device according to the sequences given in the notebook. You don’t have to pick up the nails. Just click the holes.


11-3-8    9-1-6    14-10-4    2-5-7


Refer to the last page of the notebook to see how the holes are numbered. Each time you correctly insert 3 nails, one of the red corner buttons lights. Be sure to retrieve the 3 nails before you start the next sequence. When all four sequences are done, the middle button flickers and a stone door opens in the floor.


B and Fx2 to the floor opening. Click the red arrow to see that it is too far to jump. In inventory, combine the hook and the rope. Use the rope and hook on the opening and climb down the rope.

Exit the passage.


Enter the cemetery at the right, then F, R F to the main gate to the house. Now F and Enter House to arrive at the front door.




Enter Doorway into the foyer. (Note that you entered the foyer and then turned around. The front door is now at the back of the screen.) Go into the closet at the left edge of the screen, look at the box on the table below the hat, and take the key. B and Exit back into the foyer.


Enter Doorway on the right and Walk Down Stairs. Go to the Upstairs Hallway by way of the stairs on the left. Enter Doorway left of the ship painting. Look around and then Enter Doorway on the right into a bedroom.


Sitting in the room is a ghostly figure who engages in a conversation with you. He points out a mysterious box on the table, and he asks you for some wine. Look at the box on the table, but if you try to pick it up, the ghost threatens you. If you want that box, you will first need to deal with him.


Exit through the door on the left and then Exit back to the ship painting. Now go to the Right Hallway and Enter Doorway at the end of the hall. Look at the TV to see that a knob is missing. B and click the box on the table at the left to get a jewelry box. In inventory, right click the jewelry box, Open Box, and take the broken TV knob.


Look at the small shelf right of the window and look at the TV Guide. Two shows are highlighted in yellow, and both are on channel 7. If you can get the TV working, channel 7 appears to be the station to view.


Stop Reading and Bx3 to the ship painting. Go Down Stairs, then Back Upstairs to Entrance Hall, then B. You should be back in the foyer. 


Turn Around (right edge of the screen) and Go Up Stairs. Enter Doorway on the right to go into the bathroom.  Look in the sink below the mirror and then look at the sleeping pills. Might some of those pills fallen down the drain? B and click the panel beneath the sink. You see the drain trap, but you will need a tool to unfasten it.


B, look at the tub on the right, and take the damp towel. B and Exit through the door right of the mirror. Enter Doorway on the left into the library.


Look at the drawing on the left wall and see a hole at the bottom. There is also a piece of paper that says “Prototype #2"-something.


Bx2 and look at the book on the table. This Work Log indicates that the person living here was in search of the “Idol” and that he was doing work for a guy named Hank who is trying to keep the thieves out.


Bx2 and then look at the bookcase at the far right. Read the third book from the left to see a discussion of the “Idol” that the house’s occupant was trying to find. Read the book at the far right for information about ancient locks. It appears that a solution has been found for some lock that was encountered. Slide over to the right page and Tear Page Out of Book to get a torn page.


Take the mechanical key revealed when the page was removed. The label is “Prototype #29.”

Close Book and B to your starting point.


Return to the drawing on the left wall and look at the hole at the bottom. Use the mechanical key and see something happen. Bx2 and see that a secret door has opened at the end of the room.


Enter Doorway of the secret door to a room whose ceiling has fallen in. Look at the cabinet at the back of the room and read the brown covered book at the left. It is a history of the Tomb of Zojir, and the later theft of the red stones surrounding Zojir’s grave. Zojir’s mage, Tamerac, created the stones to protect the treasure, and only with Tamerac’s charm can the stones be touched safely. Because the charm was never found, the seven thieves who stole the stones perished. Stop Reading Book and B.


Look at the small, gray shelf at the right and open the lower drawer to take a handle. B and return to the library through the door at the back.


Enter Doorway on the right wall and F. Try F to the door at the end, but it is locked. Use the silver key to unlock the door and then F into the room. You see an apparition looking at something on the wall.


Look in the tall, brown cabinet at the left and look at the scroll. It is a schematic of a puzzle you will undoubtedly encounter. The drawing suggests that the knobs in the outer ring must be swapped with the eyes in the inner ring. Stop Reading and B.


Look at the light brown bookcase at the back right and take the metal cap.


Bx3 to the library and Bx2 to the foyer. Enter Doorway on the right and Walk Down Stairs to the garden room. R into the dining room and then Kitchen at the back.


Look at the shelf over the door on the left and take the bottle of olive oil. B and look inside the fridge with the blinking light. Take the wine from the lower shelf.


B and look at the yellowish hanging cabinets. Take the cereal box. In inventory, click near the top of the box to look inside and take the wrapped cereal toy. Turn Box Around to Back to see that a section has been cut out and it had to do with a hidden phrase. Also in inventory, look at the wrapped toy and click to unwrap the toy prize.


B and look at the sink. Use the hot water faucet to fill the sink.


B and return to the dining room through the door on the left. B and Exit into the Garden (the light blue door at the back center). Look at the red valve wheel on the back of the column left of the door. Turn it a few times (without knowing what it controls).


B and Around Side of House (near the right). R and Enter Doorway, the door to the basement. Enter Doorway at the bottom of the ramp into the basement. (The steam coming from the pipe is caused by your turning the red wheel valve in the garden.)


Try F through the gate on the right, but it won’t move. Use the damp towel on the steam leak and try the gate again. F through the gate into a shop area. Pick up the bucket in front of you.


F to the workbench and take the glue from the can on the left. Take a coin from the can on the right. Look at the blueprint for a cannister with a metal cap and a handle. Look in the shallow drawer and take the rusty pliers.


In inventory, use the glue on the broken TV knob to get a fixed TV knob. Now maybe you can get the upstairs TV to work


Bx2 and out the door on the left. Bx2 and Back Around Left Side of House. Enter Doorway into the garden room and Upstairs Hallway on the left. At the ship painting, Right Hallway and F into the TV room.


Look at the TV and place the fixed TV knob into the hole on the left. Click the knob to turn the TV on. Recall the TV Guide that had shows on Channel 7 highlighted. Click the right knob to tune to Channel 7. The picture is scrambled, so Adjust Antenna near the top. Click the antenna four times to get the clear reception of a Chem Bios Cereal commercial. Pay close attention to the web address:


You still have that zombie guy guarding the mysterious box and wanting wine. You have wine, but he looks like he could drink every drop in the world and not be affected. The sleeping pills might be the answer.


Bx2 and Go Down Stairs. Back Upstairs to Entrance Hall (foyer) and B. Turn Around and Go Up Stairs. Enter Doorway on the right, look at the sink, and click the lower panel. Try the pliers on the drain trap, but the pliers are too rusty. In inventory, use the olive oil on the pliers. Now use the piers on the trap and take the sleeping pills


You know for certain that the man guarding the mysterious box will drink the wine. In inventory, drop the sleeping pills into the wine bottle.


B from the trap, B and Exit through the door right of the mirror. B to the foyer and Enter Doorway to the right. Walk Down Stairs and Upstairs Hallway on the left. Enter Doorway left of the ship painting and Enter Doorway at the right. Give the spiked wine to the ghoul.


Now you need to kill some time, so move around the house for a while and keep checking back to see whether the man is asleep.


Hint: To save a great deal of time later, this is a good time to fill that bucket with water.

         From the garden room and facing outdoors, go R and to the kitchen beyond the

         dining room. If you haven’t already, fill the sink with water and then dip the bucket

         to get a bucket of water.


When the ghoul is asleep, look at the table and take the mysterious box.


This completes all you can do in the house, so it is time to explore the outdoor surroundings. The easiest way to do this is to use the map and click “Mansion.” This places you at the large gate to the house.


Bx2 and look at where you are. The path to the right takes you back to the house. There is also a path forward and another path to the left. Of course, you can also go back. Let’s call this area the 4-way intersection.


R and then Move East on Path (i.e., left). F and pick up the plank. Bx3 to the 4-way intersection.


R and Move West on Path (i.e., right). F and place the plank on the broken pier. F and Enter Boat. Exit and meet Hank.


Hank’s Place


Recall the Work Log that refers to Hank’s obsession with stopping thieves. At first, he thinks you might be a thief, but then he softens his outlook. You don’t look like a thief. He tries to discourage you from going up river in search of the tomb.


Exit the boat and watch Hank row away. Go to the Pier on the left, look in the trash can and take the pieces of cardboard. Look at them in inventory. Have you seen that speckled black and white pattern before? Recall that a section was removed from the back of the cereal box. Look at the back of the cereal box again and note that same pattern around the area that was cut out. Clearly these pieces of cardboard came from the cereal box.


That being the case, maybe the toy found inside the cereal box can help. In inventory, use the toy on the pieces of cardboard. This results in a display that allows you to click and drag the pieces to move them around. Your task now is to arrange the pieces.











The cereal box asks if you can see the hidden phrase. Now you can, even though Hank apparently cut out some of the letters.


Enter Doorway into Hank’s house and look around. (It seems odd that the paranoid Hank would leave his door open.) Look at the dresser on the left, Open Top Drawer, and read Hank’s diary. You learn of the death of his wife and the theft of her wedding ring by grave robbers. He is determined to find a secure burial site in a mine with rail transport. Now you have a better idea of the project spoken of in the doctor’s Work Log. Hank alludes to what he did with the cereal box.


Hank speaks of a missing disk and a valve guide for entry into the crypt, but he found another way in. Finally, Hank found the ring on the body of a dead thief. The thief also had a red stone.


Open Bottom Drawer and take the lighter.


Bx2 and look at the tall hutch on the right. Look at the photo that is surely of Hank’s wife. Yikes!


Bx2 and go to the Computer Desk. Look at the right side of the computer to see the cutouts Hank made from the cereal box. Use the cereal toy to look: MERMAID7. With these, you can now fill in the rest of the hidden words.











Note that once the seven obvious letters were placed, there was only one place left for the 7.


B and click the monitor to turn on the computer. You are prompted for a web site, and the one seen in the TV commercial seems likely: WWW.CHEMBIOSCEREAL.COM Now you are asked for the first two lines from the hidden message. These must be typed exactly as they appear in the first two lines above. The password is that taped to the side of the computer: mermaid7. Read Hank’s email.


The email from Jim gives the combination to his locker. Make a note because you will need it later.

Bx2 and Exit the back door. B and Enter Doorway to the fish house on the right. Look at the metal lockers on the right and then look closer at Hank’s locker at the left end. You can see his key that broke off, as alluded to in Jim’s email.


B and look closer at Jim’s locker, next to Hank’s. Enter the combination that Jim gave in his email: 3 - 2 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 3 - 2 - 3. Look inside and then look inside Hank’s letter. Take the key.


This might be the key to the drawer beneath Hank’s computer. Bx5 and go to the Pier. Enter Doorway into Hank’s house and go to the Computer Desk.  Try the key you just found on the desk drawer. Look in the drawer and take Hank’s poem. Read it in inventory and see that Hank’s wife’s name was Amy. There are other important clues for later. This completes your work at Hank’s place, so use the map to go to the crypt.


The Crypt


Enter Doorway to the crypt and click the puzzle altar. The scroll you found back at the house told you that the knobs in the outer ring must be swapped with the eye tiles in the inner ring. (Note: Also see page 14 of the game manual.)


The knobs and eyes can be moved only along the slots. To move a knob or eye, click it and then click the open spot where you want it to go. Some of the outer tiles have only one slot by which to enter the inner ring, so it is probably best to start with those.


Successfully completing the puzzle causes a secret door to open. Enter Doorway and then Enter Doorway x2 at the foot of the steps. Look at the base of the statue on the right, click the panel, and take the cylinder with gears.


B and Enter Doorway at the back.. You see a doorway on the right with a large hole. The cylinder you just found looks like it would fit there. However, remember the blueprints you say at the basement workshop at the house. The cylinder must be fitted with a metal cap and a handle, both of which you have. In inventory, use the metal cap on the cylinder and then the handle. Insert the cylinder into the hole and click it to slide away the door at the back.


F into the boiler room. Rotate the red wheel valve to turn on the gas inside the boiler. Use the lighter on the boiler. Enter Doorway at the right and rotate the red wheel valve near the floor. This provides power to a device you haven’t seen yet.


Bx8 and R to the 4-way intersection. Take the Path forward and Fx2. L and Fx2 into the tall, narrow structure. Here is the device that you just powered up in the boiler room. Click it to get a better look.


This is a convoluted problem, and it requires materials that came with the game. First, note that there are three pairs of symbols. The right symbol in each pair looks like those in the ring on your DVD disk. The left symbol in each pair is an ordinary letter as depicted in the ring on the paper insert that came with the game. Place the DVD disk on the paper insert and see that the letters and symbols can be made to match up.


The question is, “How should the matching of letters and symbols be done?” Play with the two red wheels and see that they control the letters to the left, not the symbols. Moreover, the pair at the top right is not affected at all. Because that pair remains stationary, you might suspect that it serves as a key to show the initial starting correspondence.


I believe this puzzle is randomized, so I will give only an example. In my case, the display at the upper right was X  h . Therefore, place the disk so that the h on the disk matches the X on the insert. Don’t let the disk move or slide.


In my case, the symbol in the upper left pair is a circle with a dot and an arrow pointing up. Finding that symbol on the disk, I see that the corresponding letter is M . Now turn the upper wheel until M is displayed as the letter.


Now look at the bottom pair. In my case, the symbol is a P with a horizontal tail at the bottom. I locate that symbol on the disk and see that it corresponds to I. I turn the lower wheel until I is displayed.


After both pairs have been set, click the rectangular button. If the settings are correct, the first green light comes on. Note, too, that a new key pair appears at the upper right. Repeat the process two more times to complete the puzzle. Something slides along the top of a rail and the gates to a crypt open up.


Now you need to go to that crypt. One method is to click “Mansion” on the map and then Bx2 to the 4-way intersection. Take the Path and F and Enter Doorway x2 to go into the crypt.


Try F to find that the gate is down. Look at the top of the column on the right to see three movable stones. For some help on what to do, look again at Hank’s poem:


Behind the gate, the secret lies

unlocked by letters, three will rise.


What three letters should be set in the column. Because Hank’s poem was about his wife, Amy, the best possibility is A - M - Y. The stones can be turned right or left, and holding the mouse button down will turn the stones more rapidly. Turn the stones to read AMY, top to bottom.


After the gate rises, go F to the urn. You can use Hank’s poem again:


A drink of water to send her down . . .


If you took the earlier hint, use the bucket of water on the urn. (If you didn’t, you will need to return to the kitchen in the house to fill the bucket.) The weight of the water turns the platform into a down elevator.


The Mine


Lx2 and F. Take the fuel can with yellow markings.


Up Stairs x2 on the right. Open Door on the left and look at the grotesque painting of Amy. There is a hole near the bottom of the painting. Use the mechanical key on it as you did before. The wall panel slides away to reveal a secret chamber.


Look in the area above the generator and see a small spout. Use the fuel can to fill the generator’s fuel tank. B and look at the instructions mounted on the post beneath the light. The power must be full and switch A must be off.


B and go to the Control Panel. Set the left red button to 2 and run the slider all the way to the right for full power. For the red square buttons, press B and C and leave A at off. See an overhead monorail car appear.


B and Exit through the dark area left of the generator. Exit through the door on the right and go Up Stairs. Enter Car and push the lever for a ride through the mine. Exit the car on the right, Exit, F, Exit to the mine entrance.


The Swamp


Go F toward the left to arrive at another 4-way intersection. You can move left, right or forward from here. The fireflies can be the landmark.


Fx2 and note that you can move right from here. Fx3 and Enter Doorway into the house.


Look at the high shelf on the right, click the pot, and take the ventia leaves.


Enter Doorway on the left to the large room. Look at the high shelf on the right, look at the Venus flytrap, and take the fly


Bx2 and look in the tall bookcase right of the bed. Open the right door and try to take the mysterious box, but you change your mind. Remember that it is here, though. Look at the book and read about an anti-venom for the blue adder. The method is bring alcohol to a boil and then add ventia leaves and a Ctenizoidea sac. Does this suggest that a blue adder awaits you?


Bx2 and Enter Doorway at the left into a hall. F through the yellowish door. Look at the chest on the floor and see that it is locked. Enter Doorway on the left to what looks like a storage room. Look at the top shelf near the door and see a box with a scorpion guarding a key that you surely want. The to-do list is growing.


B and Exit through the yellowish door. Enter Doorway on the right.


Move Right through the door and F to the basement lab. Look at the shelves on the right and read the book on the left. You learn that Ctenizoidea, an ingredient in the blue adder anti-venom, means trapdoor spider. You also learn that the trapdoor spider likes flies. You have a fly, so maybe you can use it to get the spider.


Look at the bottom shelf and take the maggot from the middle jar.


Bx4 to the hall. F through the yellow door and Enter Doorway on the left. Look at the high shelf next to the door, feed the maggot to the scorpion, and take the tiny key.


Open the tall cabinet on the left and take the key and the bottle of alcohol.


B and Exit through the yellow door. Look at the chest, use the bigger key, and take the match.


Bx2, Enter Doorway on the right, and B into the large room. Look at the high shelf on the left and use the tiny key on the lattice box. Yikes! (It was just a matter of time.) Click the box and take Hank’s fishing license


Turn Over License to trigger the arrival of a witch, presumably the occupant of this house.


She thinks Hank is probably dead by now, and she found his fishing license in the

swamp. She explains that there were 7 red stones protecting the emperor’s grave, but they

were stolen and are now scattered around. The thieves didn’t realize that touching them

was fatal. The emperor’s mage, Tamerac, created the stones from vampiric spirits, so

removing the stones has released all these vampiric creatures you are encountering.


The witch tells you that you need the bloodstone that is in a box. It will protect you from the spirits, but don’t open the box until the time is right.


Okay, but right now you have a higher priority. You were bitten by the snake and you need anti-venom. The medication requires alcohol and ventia leaves, which you have, but you also need a Ctenizoidea sac, which you now know means a trapdoor spider.


B and Exit the front door. Bx2 and R. Look at the ground just above the left tufts of grass and place the fly there. B, look there again, and take the spider.


B and Fx2 to the front door. Enter Doorway and Enter Doorway on the left. Enter Doorway on the left again, R, and F down to the basement lab.


Look at the lab apparatus and use the match to light the candle under the beaker at the right. Pour the bottle of alcohol into the beakers, then add the ventia leaves and the spider. Drink Mixture.


Bx4 to the witch’s room. Look at the cabinet behind her, open the right door, and take the bloodstone box.


Bx2 and Exit the front door. Bx4 and L for a little admonishment scene.


Now you are at the 4-way intersection. Rx2 to learn Hank’s fate. Try to enter the boat and see that it is chained to the pier. Examine Hank’s fishing license again and turn it over to see 3928. That must be the padlock combination. Click the padlock and turn the dials to 3-9-2-8.


When you hear the lock clink open, hop into the boat and leave the swamp area.


The Deserted City


You arrive in a city with no signs of life except for a pretty lady who is watching you. Exit Boat and F through the archway. Enter Doorway on the left.


Enter Doorway at the back into the main room. Look at the bookcase right of the door and take the 3 gold coins from the bowl. Read the book about the Temple of Ghostmoon.


The Ghostmoon is a brilliant gem that cannot be removed from an eye socket without knowing how to unlock it. The diagram on the last page shows where the moonlight must be focused, and it refers to the correct placement of a staff. You can’t take this book, so make some notes.


B, look at the drawer of the table at the center back of the room, and take the flashlight.


B and Go Upstairs on the left into Tara’s room. She is the dark area left of the latticework. Look there to initiate a conversation with Tara.


She wants to help you put the stones back in Zojir’s tomb and put all this evil to rest.


Tara refers to the mysterious box that you got back at the doctor’s house. A ritual needs to be performed, but she can be only partially helpful. You will need the scroll with the symbols on it.


Now Tara passes three cards across. Turn each card over to see a symbol. (This puzzle is randomized, so you need to make careful drawings of the three symbols.) These are the symbols on which the dead spiders are to be placed on the scroll.


The fourth card shows a clockwise rotation of the spiders, but Tara doesn’t know about this part. She suggests that you see the witch.


Bx2 and Back Downstairs at the right. Exit x2 back out into the alley.


F and look at the trash bin at the right. Take the batteries and, in inventory, use them on the flashlight. B, Enter Doorway on the left, and Open Door into the witch’s house.


Note the crow that has perched on the floor lamp. Look at the cabinet on the right and see that the top drawer is locked. Look at the paper on top the cabinet and click it to move it away to reveal another document underneath.


Note: This is another item that you can’t take, so you need to make detailed notes.


The crude drawing shows a small bearded head at the center top. His heart is below, and the tail is at the bottom. The hands are outstretched. On each part, there is a circle with a dot, which suggests that something goes in each of those places. The poem indicates:


Purple                      head (mind)

Red and Blue            hands

Green                       heart

Yellow                      tail


Hint from Bill: If you leave the crude drawing and return several times, the placement of the colors is revealed to you!


Bx2 and Enter Doorway at the back. The room is very dark, but you can hear the witch. When she says, “Is that a mortal I smell?” the power comes on and you can see her. Click the witch.


She says that returning the stones is a good start, but you must also destroy the eye with Tamerac’s hammer. She has sent her pet to retrieve it. (Recall that a crow made off with the eye early in the game.)

          Before you can get to the tomb, you must get through the Spider Temple. For that the “key” (mysterious box) must be set correctly. She asks you to fetch the bag of orbs in the next room. You won’t know whether you have set the box correctly until you try it at the Spider Temple.


B and look at the cabinet on the left with the green orb. Click the box left of the green orb to reveal a puzzle. This is a “Match-3" puzzle. Move the tiles around until you have a row or column of 3 like objects. When you do, those tiles turn gray.


Sometimes you need to place tiles, including gray ones, to channel or herd the tiles you are trying to move to a certain place. Continue until all triplets have been complete. Then take the key.


Bx2 into the other room. Take the eye dropped by the crow. Look again at the cabinet on the right. Use the key to open the drawer and take the bag of orbs.


B and look at the wall picture right of the floor lamp. Move forward toward the tombstone and be patient. Eventually a girl appears, and she drops her doll. Go back into the picture, F to the tombstone, and pick up the doll at the lower right. Examine the doll in inventory and take the blue orb.


Go back into the witch’s room and talk with her. She presents an enlargement of the crude drawing. Move the orbs to the circles with dots according to the information summarized above. Count the number of orbs that are vibrating. (I believe this is randomized.) This number tells you how far to rotate clockwise on the spider diagram.


Between Tara and the witch, you now have the information you need to set the symbols on the mysterious box. To do this, you need to refer to pages 8 and 9 of the game manual. (You don’t really need the spiders.) Here are the steps for setting the first symbol:


1. Look at the spider diagram and locate the first symbol that Tara gave to you.

2. Now move clockwise from there N symbols, where N is the number of orbs that vibrated. Where you land is the new symbol.

3. On the mysterious box, set the first symbol to the new symbol.


Repeat these steps for the second and third symbols.


Note: Remember that you will get no feedback even if your settings are correct. You won’t know until you go to the Spider Temple. Therefore, you might want to save here in case you need to come back to review and make changes.


B and Exit the witch’s house. Bx2 and Enter Doorway on the left. Enter Doorway at the back At the bottom edge of the screen at the foot of the stairs is a trap door in the floor. Click Floor and then click the handle to enter the sewers.


Journey to the Spider Temple


You can’t go anywhere because it is too dark. Use your flashlight on the red handle and click the power switch. B and see that the tunnel now has lights.


F once and look inside the pipe protruding from the left. You can’t take the crab, but remember that it is here. Fx3 to stand outside the sewers. From here you can forward or right.


Enter Doorway on the right to enter a cave, then F to a hanging bridge. Try to go forward and see that each plank of the bridge can be lighted red. Try Move Across Bridge at the top of the screen. You get a message that 5 planks must be selected.  


Bx2 and look at the pole on the right. The pole holds a stack of red and green disks. Red suggests danger, whereas green suggests safety. Furthermore, there are 5 green disks that ought to correspond to the 5 planks that need to be selected. (This, I believe, is another random puzzle.) Number the disks from the top down and thenmake a list of the 5 numbers associated with green disks.


B and Fx2 to the hanging bridge. Select the planks according to your list, with #1 being the first plank in front of you. Then Move Across Bridge.


Fx2 to the skull puzzle and click the skull. This is a lock that must be solved in order to gain access to the Spider Temple. The display looks very much like that on the torn page that you took long ago. Examine the torn page again and see the doctor’s solution.


Note: There is a catch - - you get a limited number of clicks. If you exceed the limit, the lock resets. Therefore, as you move from one number to the next, always take the shortest route, either clockwise or counterclockwise.


When you solve the puzzle, you get a glowing jewel.


Bx5 to the sewer entrance. This time, Fx3 to the Spider Temple. Look at the statue and, keeping your fingers crossed that you set the symbols correctly, insert the mysterious box into the mouth.


F through the door that has opened at the back. Then F toward the wolf. Why do evil wolves always have red eyes? Well, he isn’t going to allow you to pass.


B and Enter Doorway on the left. Exit (at the lower left) and Bx2 to the sewer pipe. Enter Sewer and Bx2. Look again inside the protruding pipe and take the crab. Fx8 back to the wolf. Give the crab to the wolf and then Enter Doorway.


Fx2, but floor spikes stop you. Look right near the bottom of the screen and take the two pieces of a staff. Look up and right at the disk with a hole. Use the broken staff pole on the hole to reset the spikes.


B and Fx3 to the foot of a flight of steps. Up Stairs to the courtyard.


Zojir’s Tomb


Enter Doorway on the far right and see a massive door blocking your way.


Enter Doorway at the back of the courtyard and F. Look at the tall vase on the right and take the bomb. Then F to the weights puzzle.


Note that there are no weights marked IV, so you might conclude that the three unmarked weights are IV. However, if you place one unmarked weight on one holder and empty all the weights on the holder next to it, you see that the unmarked weight depresses its holder by only a little bit. In fact, if you now place a  I  weight on the empty holder, you can see that the  I  weight is actually heavier than the unmarked weight.


Another possibility is that a careless stone engraver forgot to mark the unmarked weights as I and should have marked the I weights as II, the II weights as  III, and the III weights as IV. If that is the case, then adding up all the revised values of the weights gives you a total of 40.


Because there are 5 weight holders, it seems that each should carry 8 units of weight. Once you realize that, the solution is not hard, but you need to keep in mind that blank = I, II = III,

and III = IV.


That first massive door that blocked you way is now open to the Main Courtyard, as shown on the in-game map.


Bx2 to the courtyard and Enter Doorway at the left. F and see a skeleton on the left. Take the pole he is holding.  In inventory, put the glowing jewel into the staff top, and then combine the staff top with the pole to obtain a staff.


Before exploring this area, let’s check out the Main Courtyard. Use the map to zip to that location. R through the arch at the far right and Enter Doorway. F to the moon room and Move to Center of Floor. Recall the drawing of this arrangement. It showed that the staff had to focus the moonlight on the far left circle. For me, the staff needed to be inserted in the next-to-last hole.


Look at the area where the moonlight is focused and see bugs crawling all around. Click the eye icon again and a message appears at the top of the screen to tell you how many bugs there are. My number was 16, but I’m pretty sure this is randomized. Make a note of your number.


B, Exit, and Bx3 to the Main Courtyard. Enter Doorway, the yellow lit area at the back, and Fx2.

Note the 7 stands around the tomb for holding the stones you have heard about. Use the bomb on the candle on the floor to light the fuse. (Don’t worry, this is not a timed sequence.)


Click “Courtyard” on the map and Enter Doorway on the left. Fx4 to a door with a disk and 12 holes. (On the map, this is the moon door.) The task here is to make the numbers inside the 12 holes add up to the number of bugs you saw in the moonlight. Note that all 12 holes must be used. Each hole is initially set at 1, so you just need to adjust one or more holes.


For example, my total was 16, so I changed 4 holes to 2: 4 x 2 + 8 x 1 = 16


Back away from the disk and the moon door slides open. F into the hallway between the moon door and Tamerac’s chamber.


See the skeleton on the floor ahead and see that it has a red stone in its hand. Remember, though, that touching these red stones before you have Tamerac’s charm will be fatal. B and Move Closer to the Wall. According to the map, this is the way in to Tamerac’s chamber, but it is walled over. Place the bomb in the crack.


Squeeze through Wall into Tamerac’s chamber. The charm is in the upper left corner. Touch and watch its effect on the red stone you just saw. Now you have Tamerac’s charm, which means you can pick up the red stones.


Exit at the right, look again at the skeleton ahead, and take the red stone. B and, in inventory, open the box given to you by the swamp witch. (You can do this now because you have the charm.) Take the red stone from the box.


You have 5 more red stones to find, and there are areas not yet visited. Click “Courtyard” on the map for a fresh start, and then Enter Doorway on the left. R through the opening on the right.


Look at the eye door on the right. Look at the hole in the wall left of the arch. Something is needed here. L to the dungeon area and find that the gate is closed. R through the bluish opening on the right and F to a room with a ladder. Take a board from the top of the ladder.


In the center of the room is a small pyramid on a rock. Use the board in the hole of the pyramid to turn it and flood the room with water. Now you can Climb Up Ladder and F through the top opening. Two critters greet you. Click either one, and the witch tells them to leave you alone.


Fx2 to a ruins and find a skeleton with a red stone. Look at the skeleton and take the red stone.


L through the arch and Down Stairs x2. Take the stone with a hook and attach it to the C-hook above to serve as a counterweight. Move the lever all the way up to raise the gate. R into the next room. Not much more can be done in this area, so click “Courtyard” on the map again.


Enter Doorway at the left again and Fx2. You see a skeleton standing at the left. Look at it and try to take the ring. The skeleton collapses. Look at the fallen skeleton and take the ring.


Squeeze through Hole that was behind the skeleton and then Squeeze through Small Hole at the left. F and look at the pool. Go Up Stairs and click the ball puzzle straight ahead.


At the upper left corner of the puzzle is a plunger. The goal is to herd the orange ball up and over to push the plunger. There is some similarity here to the Match-3 puzzle in that you need to move tiles strategically to keep the target tile going in the direction you want it to. Generally speaking, you will need  | | tiles to move the ball upward, = tiles across the top, and a corner tile at the upper right corner. After you start making progress in getting the ball going in the right direction, you can fill in behind the ball to keep it from bouncing around so much. This is not a particularly hard puzzle, but it takes some patience and strategic tile movements.


When the ball hits the plunger, the pool is drained. Exit at the right and look where the pool used to be. Take the red stone from the skeleton that was at the bottom of the pool. 


Click “Courtyard” on the map for another fresh start. Enter Doorway and R. The ring gets excited, which might be a clue. Zoom in on the hole in the wall and use the eye ring on it to open the eye door.


B and Enter Doorway on the right. Here you find three skeletons in cages. Take the red stones from these skeletons. You should now have all 7 red stones.


Click “Main Courtyard” on the map and Enter Doorway through the yellow lit arch. Fx2 and place the 7 red stones on the pillars surrounding the tomb.


A door slides open on the left and a young girl beckons you. Enter Doorway and look at the pedestal at the top of the small stairs. Take Tamerac’s hammer. Recall that the witch told you to destroy the eye. Place the eye in the circle and use the hammer on it. Yuck!


B and see a rock create a hole in the floor. Go Down into Hole and Enter Doorway x2. You come across the last door puzzle of the game. You must click squares to find a red tile, remember where it is, and then quickly find another to match it before the sequence runs out. You must click both red tiles to win. And you must succeed four times! When you do, the door opens.


Enter and look at the helmet atop the pillar. Watch the zombie creatures and then B. Then F and Enter Boat. At the end of a long boat ride, Enter Chamber and Go Up Stairs. Click the handle on the big post to bring a hot air balloon down. Enter Balloon and Pull Lever.


Watch the final scenes. (ESC to quit.)

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