Complete Step by Step Walkthrough

By Linda Shaw

Created 06-05-99

This walkthrough will guide you from the very beginning of the game all the way through to a happy ending.  Do NOT use this walkthrough unless you are prepared to go step by step through the game with guides and complete solutions to all puzzles and scenarios.


used for game movements

BU = Back Up
D = Down
F = Forward
L = Left
LF = Left Forward
LU = Left Up
R = Right
RF = Right Forward 
RU = Right Up
TA = Turn Around
U = Up


Quicklinks to areas of the walkthrough

     I.  Cabin   VII. Submarine
    II. Lighthouse VIII. Roost
           Lighthouse Puzzlebox              Bat Plane
           Lighthouse Lab     IX. Temple
 III. Roost              Getting the CD from the Clam Shell
          Getting into the Birdman's Workroom                 Rescuing Lyril from the Birdman's Attack
          Deadman's Room             Basement of the Temple
          Repairing the Remote Control Device             Teleportal Machine in the Dome
          Crane & Walkway for the Submarine    X.  Lighthouse
 IV. Submarine                Puzzlebox finale
          Ballast controls              Leaving the Lighthouse again
          Navigational controls    XI. Roost
          Engines   XII. Ironclad/Submarine
   V. Fortress XIII. Volcano
          Carpenter's Room               Opening the Gate & Starting the Train
          Building the Bridge for the Monster               Broken Switchbox
          Cannon for Blasting the Monster               Rock Smashing Room and Amanda
          Metal Room               Dark Being and using the Dynamite
          Moth Plane               Boiler Room and Lava Pit
          Item from the Base of the Statue               Minipod
 VI. Shipwreck               Finally rescuing Amanda
          Minisub               Drawbridge (Save your game!)
          Getting the HOOK off the wall in the hull               Broken Track & Repairing it
          Reaching the SAFE               Drilling through the wall
          SAFE & Getting the Item inside               Ion Cannon Assembly
              Setting the Timebomb
              Dark Being's Lab/Professor Krick



You will begin the game in your cabin.  Click on the answering machine and there will be 3 messages.  Listen to all 3 messages (in particular the 3rd message from Professor Krick).  Move the chair (click on it), open the drawer, read the journal, and then click on the red box on the desk. Take the lighter inside the box.  Turn left from the box and open the small desk drawer, move the eyeglass case and the piece of paper.  Grab your car keys.  Take the umbrella and purse (this holds all your inventory items).  Open the front door, click on your keys in your inventory and "use" them on the car outside.  The door will close, and you'll see the car drive off.  That's YOU in that car, by the way!.


Open the mailbox, and take the letter.  Move F2 click on the outside light.  Remove the key from inside the glass panel.  Turn R, F and click on the padlock.  Use the key on the lock and open the shed.  Take the crowbar, open the circuit breaker box, flip on both left circuits.  Move L, R, F to the door, then D.  Move the potted plant on the left of the porch.  Get the key, move U and use the key on the door.  Enter the Lighthouse (forward 1 time).  Click on the door to the immediate right.  Open door, enter, move F to the large bookshelf lining the wall.  Click on 6-7 books in the middle of the center shelf, revealing a safe.  Turn R, open the top right drawer of the rolltop desk, take out the letter opener.  Close the drawer.  Use the letter opener in your inventory on the letter from the mailbox which is also in your inventory.  Click the opener in the inset on the letter.  Note the COMBINATION to the safe (5-18-28).  Turn L, click on the safe, then on the dial.  Rotate the dial to the right (clockwise) several times all the way around.  Stop on the first number, 5.  Spin the dial to the left (counter-clockwise), going past 5 one time, and stop on the second number, 18.  Now just spin the dial again to the right and immediately stop on the third number, 28.  Click on the handle of the safe.  Take the journal.  Flip through the journal and stop on page 59.  Note the date midway through the diagram on that page (8-24-96).  This is the code to the labdoor down at the end of the hallway.  Turn L and take 3 items from the small shelf: (1) the yellow mockingbird on the top shelf, (2) the 2 red ruby stones on the left side of the middle shelf), (3)  shells on the right side of the middle shelf.

Turn L, then L again into the hallway.  Move to the door on the right.  Note the toy on the floor in front of Amanda's crib.  Take it.   Click on it in your inventory.  Remove the key from the back of the toy (click on the toy in your inventory, and it will spin in the inset picture.  Click on it again and it will stop spinning, revealing the key).  Click on the key.  Move F2, D and take the journal pages.  Move B, turn around, take the alarm clock on the small table.  Turn R and tickle the baby.  Leave the room, go directly across the hallway into the den/kitchen area.  Enter the den, turn R, open the refrigerator, take out the bottle, then get the journal pages on the kitchen counter and add those to your journal book.  It is a good idea to save your game at this point.

YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES at this point.  You may either re-enter Amanda's room and give her the bottle, or you can turn towards the glass bookshelf (to the left of the fireplace) and click on the 2nd shelf.  There is a compass inside the shelf that you will need much later in the game.  By taking the compass at this point, you will "activate" the Dark Being to enter Amanda's room and you will begin by hearing her cry.  This author has chosen NOT to take the compass at this point, and to enter Amanda's room.  Give her the bottle, then leave the room and return to the den.  Click on the second shelf of the glass bookcase and take the compass from inside.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you NOT open the compass as this will cause a general fault error later in the game.  Please leave the compass closed for now and just add it to your inventory.  Amanda will begin crying when you've taken the compass from the shelf.  Turn around and open her door.  Watch the Dark Being take Amanda with him through the portal that he has created.  Again, you have two choices (1)  follow the Dark Being through his portal, or (2)  hang around the Lighthouse to work on the puzzlebox and use the teleportal in the lab (the steel door at the end of the hallway).  Both methods will take you to the same place.

Go back into the study where the safe is and click on the roll top desk.  Time to work on the Puzzlebox.  The final result of this box will yield the final and most vital part of the Ion Cannon which will be used to blast the Dark Being at the end of the game.  When you open the desk, click on the journal pages on the right, and add those to the journal book.  Click on the box.


1)  Rotate the box clockwise.  Stop the box by clicking the opposite directional arrows.

2)  Click on the windup knob in the middle of the side that is facing you.

3)  Push in the light brown squares in the following order:  top, top left, top right, middle, middle left, bottom left, then the right, then the bottom right corner.

4)  Slide the middle vertical rectangle piece U

5)  Slide the middle horizontal rectangle piece to the L.

6)  Slide the horizontal rectangle piece beneath that one to the L.

7)  Slide the bottom horizontal rectangle to the R.

8)  Slide the bottom vertical rectangle D.

9)  Slide the big dark brown "L" on the left side towards the bottom (downward).

10)  Slide the big dark brown "L" towards the middle left side D and then move it towards the R.

A red button is revealed.  Push the red button which closes that side and opens the opposite side of the box.  Spin the box around to the open side and stop it.  Push in the center red button.  Push the button on the left side of the box that is in the middle of that side.  Then push the red button again.  Take the key from the bottom drawer beneath the red button.  Push the red button one more time, and this will close that side and partially open the adjacent side.  Spin the box so the open side faces you.  Push in the tiny light brown square in the lower right corner.  This will open the hawk puzzle.  There are two ways to solve this "part" of the puzzlebox.  (1)  You can work your way through the puzzle on your own (good luck!), or (2) you can back off the puzzlebox, then return to that puzzle, and repeat that process 4-5 times.  The puzzle will solve itself with this method, allowing you to progress to the next part of the Puzzlebox.

When the Hawk puzzle has been solved, a metal piece slides out, revealing 4 geometric shapes (circle, triangle, square and cross).  Click on the metal piece when you've made a note of the shapes.  This closes this side.  Turn the box until you see the windup key and click on that (There are 2 center windup keys, one on each side of the box.  Make sure you have the right side).  Wind up the box, then turn the box to one side and push in the small center metal button.  Geometric shapes and colors appear.  Click on all 4 of the blue shapes and then thhe bottom fish.  Push on the button in the middle behind that fish when it opens.  Now push in all 4 grey shapes and the top fish.  Insert the key from your inventory into that hole.  The entire side of the box falls and a grey disk is revealed.  This is as far as you can proceed with the Puzzlebox at this time.  Save your game here.  BU from the box, and let's move to the lab door.  It's time to find Amanda, the baby.  Don't you miss her laughter?  Or was it tears?  Turn R, then R again to the keypad door code panel.  Click on the keypad for a closeup.  Enter the code that was given in the journal (by the way, I have been told that the creator of this "part" of the game used his wedding anniversary for the date on this keypad!)...  Push the ENTER button when you've entered the date.


Move F, L and click on the table with tools.  Pick up the soddering gun (left side), the tube (top left side), the thin, black wire (beneath the microscope), and the journal pages for the journal book.  Move R, F to the grey machine, R to the door.  Open the door and then F for a closeup of the inside of the machine.  Remove the small thin black wire on the lower left side.  Replace it with the one from the table.  Use the soddering gun on both ends of that wire once you've put it in place.  Now remove the tube (far left side of the machine).  Replace it with the tube from the table.  BU, R to the control panel with 8 buttons and 2 sliding levers on the right side.  Turn on all 8 buttons and pull down the left lever (this raises the platform).  Move R, F and use the crowbar 2 times from the shed on the grey metal box.  Remove a bulb.  Move F (towards the door), then L, L again so you are facing the wire cage.  Move towards the red/grey machine on the left side.  Click on the small grate in front of the machine, and push the button.  TA, F, to the door, L and up the stairs.  When you reach the loft door, you'll need to use your crowbar again 3 times to break off the lock.  Open the hatch, go U and F.  Look U and click on the plug that is dangling.  It will plug itself in.  Look D, then open the door, remove the burnt lightbulb, replace it with the new one from the grey box.  TA, D, D, D, D and go outside to the shed.  Open the shed, click on the breaker box and pull D on the large lever on the right.  Enter the house, and go into the lab.  Move around the grey box and to the computer monitor.  Click on the RETRY button.  Turn to the machine with the 8 buttons and 2 levers on it, and pull D the lever on the far right side.  Turn and enter the portal you've just created. (Insert Disk 2)


TA and you can see the portal.  Don't re-enter.  Move to the R side of the portal and click F and continue to the beach and the pier.  L at the pier, click on the bottle, read the letter.  R, and follow the pier to the end (F3, R, F, R, F) and pick up the green key.  L, F, F, L, F on the beach and turn R and pick up 3 small rocks.  Turn R, F, and pick up 2 more rocks (you may return as often as you like to these two areas and pick up more rocks.  You may carry NO MORE than 5 rocks with you at any one time). Move F5, then L and F to the entrance of the Roost.  Click on the small keyhole on the lower left side.  Use the green key on the keyhole.  {Just for grins, try looking U and throwing a few rocks at those birds flying overhead.  Remember, though, you'll need to return for more rocks}.  Zoom in on the grey knob in the keyhole.  Move the knob (click and hold down the mouse button) L, D, D, L, L, L, D, R, D, R, D, L, U and the drawbridge will open.  Move F3, R, open the door, F3 times.  The Birdman will see you, and use the lever to close the gate on you, preventing you from entering his workroom.  Not to fear.  You will get inside.


SAVE YOUR GAME here, so that it is more easily accessible if you fail to get in the first, or second attempts.  Take a rock from your inventory.  Throw a rock at the Birdman's head, and then IMMEDIATELY throw another rock at the lever he uses to lock you out.  QUICKLY move your mouse cursor just over the middle of the table and in the middle of his belly button area.  You will get a F arrow.  Move into the room one time very quickly. He will fly off, but not before screaming at you!  Move F to the table and take 2 items: (1) the 4-way wrench, (2) the nuts/bolts. BU from the table, and turn L to see the table with the straps and swinging screwdriver (more on that table and its purpose later). Move towards the radio device on the small table.  Click on it, then BU (Birdman will enter the room and smash the remote device).  When he leaves, pick up the remote device, and the small metal antenna just beneath the large hammer.  BU, TA, F2, open door, R, F3.  A mechanical "guardbird" will prevent you from going up the stairs and through the gate.  You can try to pass if you'd like, but your head will suffer for it!  There are 2 ways in pass this bird.  One is the easiest and most logical method, while the second one is tedious and boring..

   EASY METHOD:  In your inventory, bring the yellow mockingbird and key from the toy soldier to the main inventory screen at the bottom of your viewing screen.  Click the  key on the mockingbird and an inset picture of the mockingbird will appear.   Now click the key on that mockingbird in the inset and the key will be in the bird.  Place the bird back in your inventory, click on it and click on the clock hanging on the wall.  The mockingbird will fly over to the clock.  Now click the pendulum on the clock and watch.

   TEDIOUS METHOD: Throw rocks at the bird, go get more rocks, throw those at the bird, go get more rocks, throw those at  the bird, get more get the idea.  Move F, click on the gate, F, click on the door.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.  This is very important.  One of two things can happen in this next scenario:

  (1)  you can safely get inside the room, fetch the throttle key for the submarine that you will need to use, and other artifacts and items you will need, OR

  (2)  you will move too slowly and the Birdman will enter, stealing the throttle key and leaving you until much, much later in the game before you will have an opportunity to get that throttle key back.


 Move F2 to the desk, open the bottom right drawer, move the 2 screws on the top portion, open the secret compartment beneath that, and get that key.  BU, turn R, click on the gate (as the Birdman is about to enter the room), use the key you just picked up on the gate and lock him out.  Turn L, move to the desk, open the middle drawer, get the throttle key, open the bottom left drawer, move the files a little and get the small gold key.  Use that gold key on the top right drawer just above the two vases.  Get the whistle/flute inside.  Now click on the top left drawer, click on the big black washer in the middle, then the chain in the top right corner of the drawer, and finally the semi-big grey washer in the center. Underneath all that junk is a spiral black wire.  Get that wire.  Move the clear vase up to the top shelf directly above where it is now, and then move the gold vase over to the other side next to the one that's already there.  Click on the divider between the lightbulb looking thing and that empty shelf.  Slide open the case and take the lightbulb (this is another part of the Ion Cannon. There are seven [7] pieces in all for the Ion Cannon).  Turn L and get the amulet from around Martin's neck.  For grins click on his head again.  You MUST have this amulet.  It will go in the Puzzlebox where the grey disk is, along with the 2 red rubies from the study shelf.


 Turn L2, U and notice the ladder.  Move D, R, open the door, F3, L and open that door.  Move F4, then L to the table.  Put the remote control device on the table.  Use the swinging screwdriver to open the back of the remote.  Use the 4-way wrench two times on the two gear wheels at the bottom of the remote.  Remove the spiral wire from between those two gears.  Replace that wire with the one you picked up in the junk drawer of the Deadman's desk. Close up the remote and screw it shut again.  Put the antenna on TOP of the remote and pick up the remote.  TA, F3, open the door, R, F4, open that door, F, R2, U.  Use the remote on the ladder.  Go up, L, LD, get the "L"shaped device off the table. BU, TA, F, click on the crank hanging on the pole/post.  TA, click on the attachment to the pole, use the "L" handle on the right side of that item.  Pull the crank handle up (this lowers the Bat Plane).  BU, TA, FR, and pick up the two wheel gears on the floor beneath the Bat Plane.  F to the crank box.  Replace the 2 gear wheels from your inventory, add the crank handle on the middle gear wheel.  Turn the handle clockwise 12-13 rotations (no more).  BU, R, F, L, F, D2, R, open the door, F2, L, open the door, F2, R, F6 down the stairs to the dock.




Click on the center of the crane and the crane control panel will appear in the inset.  By clicking to the far left on the horizontal bar, the crane will begin to rotate around.  To STOP the crane as it is rotating, click in the center of the horizontal bar.  Rotate the crane so that it is directly over the first round metal weight on the dock.  Stop the crane, lower the crane by clicking on the bottom of the vertical crane bar, then raise it up so you lift the weight up off the dock.  Swing the crane around and stop it directly over the bouy in the water.  Lower the crane weight, then raise the crane up again so the weight remains on the bouy.  Swing the arm around again and pick up the second weight using the same method.  Drop that weight ontop of the other one on the bouy.  Swing the crane arm around and stop it when it is directly over the "upside down U".  Lower the crane arm, and then lift it up, which lifts up the "upside down U" and thus the underwater gate will open.

Turn R, then F.  Turn the wheel manually to extend the walkway all the way out to the submarine, and then immediately click on the black metal bar above the wheel to lock it in place.


Move F to the submarine hatch.  Open it and enter the submarine.  F3 to the controls.  Insert the throttle key from the center drawer of the Deadman's desk into the throttle opening just to the right of the arm of the captain's chair.  Push the horizontal lever on the far right side UP so that both of those two levers are in the VERTICAL position (this opens the engine room door in the rear of the submarine).  Turn the first two "keys" on on the left side of the controls.  BU, L.


1)  Pull down the left lever, and then the right lever.  (2)  Spin the left wheel, and when the water reaches the blue lines of the two left tubes, immediately click on and turn the right wheel.  You will see a short cut scene of the submarine as it submerges.


Turn L, F, R and click on the NAVIGATIONAL DESK.  There is a map rolled up inside one of the tubes on the desk.  Find that map and open it.  Now, turn R and click on the globe.  Click on the center area that is marked on the map (not the one flashing).  Hit the ENTER key on the keypad to lock in your destination (the Fortress).


Move R, F2 to the controls.  Turn OFF the first key and turn ON the last key (the one at the top).  BU, TA, F2 to the door. Click on the wheel on the left.  Enter the engine room and pull the lever on the lower right side of your screen.  The engines will start.  TA, F4 to the controls and push the throttle key forward.  You're off to the Fortress.....


When the submarine arrives at the Fortress, BU, TA, F2, RU and U the ladder out of the submarine.  Move R, F, R to the fishing pole, and click on the reel to catch a fish.  Turn L, F to the door, enter the carpenters room.  Move F, L, F to the windmill brick base.  Click and hold down the mouse button while turning the crank to raise the windmill blades.  Click on the handle on top of the crank box.  Turn L, L, LF, LF to the long table.  Take a pipe from the box on the floor.  Turn R4, F thru the door, LU to the machine gear.  Pull the brass handle on the left.  When the metal piece breaks off, move to the right and pull the handle on top of the crank box to stop the blades from spinning.  Replace the broken pipe piece with one you picked up off the floor in the box.  Pull the lever on top of the crank box again and the blades will spin once again.  Here are those steps above in simplified form:

1) Raise the windmill blades...

2) Pull the lever on top of the cylinder by the brick tower.

3) Turn ON the lever where the pipe piece will break off.

4) Wait for the pipe piece to break off.

5) Turn OFF the power to the pipe thingy once it breaks.

6) Turn OFF the windmill power (lever to the far, far right by the cylinder shaped machine on the brick tower).

6) Pull DOWN the windmill blades.

7) replace the pipe piece that broke off with one from the other room.

8)  Turn ON the pipe machine after replacing the pipe.

9) Pull the windmill blade lever .

10) Pull the windmill blades back above the tower.

11) Try a saw!

Now you have power to the machines and saws in the carpenter's room.  TA, LF, F to the saw with the Rams head on it.  Saw 4 boards in half and they will all be added to your inventory.  TA, RF.  Start the saw and cut the long board in 2 pieces.  Those will also be added to your inventory.  Move L, F, LU, L, R, up the ladder to the tower.  Enter the door, move R to the ladder, U3, then look U at the hook.  Add the fish from your inventory to that hook.  TA, D, F2 to the door.  Open the door, and have a look!  Yikes!  TA, F, open the door, D2, L, TA, LF, LF, L, L, LF to the window, F and look down.


BU2 if the Dark Being is teasing the Monster down below.  Return and try looking again.  It may take several times, but you MUST see the Monster on the top tower walkways.  When the Monster is at the top of the tower, and he is walking around, make sure that he walks all the way off the screen to the right.  This is essential!  When he walks off the scene to the right, immediately BU2, turn L, F through the dark doorway.  Quickly toss down the 2 long boards you cut earlier, then toss down the short boards you cut in the carpenters room.  Run across the bridge you've just created.  IF you are NOT fast enough, the Monster will come and destroy your bridge and you will have to start all over cutting the boards and watching for him out the window!  SAVE YOUR GAME when you successfully cross the bridge.


1)Move F, RF, F, F up the steps to the tower.  Time to rid ourselves of that pesky Monster.

2)  Turn RF, F to the cannon.  Look U.

3)  Take a cannonball and a barrel.  Put the barrel in the cannon hole in the inset picture.  Then add a cannonball and close the lid. 4)  Take a piece of the fuse from the spool on the ground, and put that in the hole on top of the cannon.

5)  Lift the holding pin at the base of the cannon and it will move over closer to where your target is located.

6)  Click on the "spotter scope" and you will see a close up of the monster trying to get the fish from the hook.  Silly Monster!

7)   BU from the scope view, and click on your lighter in your inventory (a small inset picture of your lighter will be there), then light the lighter.

8)  Use the lighter on the fuse....and watch!  Bingo!  No more pesky Monster to bother us while we get back to business!


Go back down to the metal room.

1)  Turn L and take coal and firewood.

2)  Turn R, F into the bridge area, TA, F, L to the wooden table.  Take the cast iron mold.

3)  TA, LF and pick up the metal bars.

4)  Move F2, L to the fireplace oven.  Put the wood and then the coal into the fireplace.

5)  Use your lighter again and light the fire.

6)  Turn L and put the metal bars in the pot that is hanging from the cable.

7)  Put the metal casting mold on the center of the table.

8)  Pull the right lever (this will send the metal bars into the fire).  Leave it there for 30 seconds or you will have to start over.

9)  Pull the right lever again to remove the pot.

10) Press the button in the center of the table.

11)  Pull the OTHER LEVER to put the mold into the water bucket at the end of the table.

12)  Pull the same lever again to return the mold to the center of the table.

13)  Open the mold and take the new piece you've just made for the Moth Plane in the opposite tower.

[Using the Moth Plane is optional in this game.  I do NOT recommend using the Moth Plane, as there are alternate and more practical methods of reaching our next 3 or 4 destinations, but the instructions for using/operating the Moth Plane are here for you, too]


 Move towards the table, and pick up the  key (this key is for the base of the statue in the tower where you will find another item needed for the construction of the Ion Cannon).  Zoom in on the Moth Plane.  Use the piece you made in the metal room on the side of the plane where the broken piece is located.  The broken piece will disappear and the new piece will be there in its place.  TA, TA, R, pull the floor lever to rotate the plane.  Turn L2, to the controls.  Push the big black button.  Turn the crank until it stops.  Move R2, LF and open the hatch and climb in the driver's seat!  Push the far left wooden knob (rolls the plane down the ramp).  Pull the top right knob towards the left (extends the wings).  Pull down the lever on the right side (wings will flap).  Release the brake on the bottom right side and you're off to the Temple...  I'm going to get the Ion cannon part from the base of the statue and then taking the submarine to the shipwreck.  How about you?


Turn L, open the door, F, open the door, F, D.  Use the key from the table on the base of the statue and get that item.  Move U, F, R, D2, L, TA, LF, F, open the door, F3 to the hatch of the submarine, then D.  Move F3 to controls and turn on the ignition key.  Start the 2nd and 3rd keys.  BU, TA, F, R2 to Navigational controls.  Click on the globe.  Click on the top left antenna and on the keypad enter 20.67 (enter key).  Click on the top right antenna of the keypad and enter 118.96 (enter on the keypad) and another location/destination appears on the map globe.  Turn R3, F, turn the lever on the door, enter the engine room and pull the lever on the right.  TA, and move towards the controls.  Push the throttle key forward and you're off to the shipwreck.  There is NO NEED to blow the ballast tanks when departing the Fortress.  They may appear to be above water, but actually, the submarine is still submerged!


BU, TA, F2, D2  Now you're inside the Minisub.


Pull the top right white lever (closes the hatch)

Pull the top left white lever (releases, or unlocks the minisub from the Mothersub)

Turn R inside the Minisub and pull U on the brown ascend/descend lever (lowers the Minisub to the shipwreck location)

Pull the center ball to the R and then pull the handle on the left side

Pull the center ball to the R and then pull the handle on the left side

Pull the center ball to the R and then pull the handle on the left side

Pull the center ball to the R and then pull the handle on the left side

Pull the center ball to the R and then pull the handle on the left side

Pull the handle on the left side only.

Turn to the R inside the minisub and pull U the descend lever

Pull the center ball to the L and pull the handle on the left side

Pull the center ball to the L and pull the handle on the left side (you will now be facing the hook on the pegboard)


Push the brown round knob just below the small round white dial on the left of the screen (this lowers the robotic arm and the control panel for the robotic arm)

Leave the robotic arm in the center where it begins and raise the arm just a little bit.  Use the vertical lever on the control panel for the robotic arm to grap the hook on the pegboard.


Turn to the R inside the minisub and again use the ascend lever to come out of the hull of the shipwreck.

Pull the center ball to the R, and pull the lever on the left side.

Pull the lever on the left side

Pull the center ball to the R and pull the lever on the left side.

Pull the center ball to the R and pull the lever on the left side (you will be facing boards and lumber piles).

Pull the lever on the left side (minisub will travel forwards for a ways and stop where you will staring at a human skull).

Turn R inside the minisub and pull the ascend/descend lever again to raise UP one level.

Pull the center ball to the R and pull the lever on the left (you will be facing the safe).

Leave the controls for the robotic arm where they are and reach out with the arm and remove one of the boards blocking the safe.

Pull the center ball to the L and pull the lever on the left (you will now be facing a board with a hole in it).

Move the robotic arm just a tiny bit to the LEFT of the center ball and raise it up not quite 1/2 way.  Extend the arm and the hook at the end will grasp the remaining board on top of the safe and knock it free.

Pull the center ball to the R and pull the lever on the left (you will again be facing the safe).


Move the robotic arm almost all the way down and just past the center ball on the right side.  Reach out and open the safe door.


Lower the robotic arm all the way down and move it just a tiny, tiny bit to the left of the center ball.  Reach out and grab the item from inside the safe.  You will see an automatic sequence that follows, taking you back to the Mothersub, with the item in your inventory.


F3, turn on the ignition key under the steering wheel, and the center key on the left.  Move to the Navigational station.  Use the antennas and keypad entry panel and enter the Roost coordinates OR just use the far right mark on the map globe, then click on ENTER on the keypad.  Go back to the Control panel area and turn on the top key on the left.  Go to the Engine room and pull the lever to start the engines again.  At the control panel, pull the throttle key forward.


We have 3 pieces of 7 for the Ion Cannon.  We need to go back to the Roost and use the Bat Plane to travel to the Temple and our next location for an Ion Cannon part.  Once you arrive back at the Roost, turn the sub ignition key on again, turn on the bottom left key, and then move B, L to the ballast controls.  Turn the left wheel and the sub will re-emerge from beneath the water.  TA, R, F2, RU, U, L, F, L, F6, L, open the door, R, F4, open the door to the Deadman's room, F2, R2, U, and use the remote control device on the ladder.  U, F, R, F, open the hatch on the top and you'll be inside the Bat Plane.


1)  Notice the white/blue/red dial in front of you.  Since we had already wound the crank outside the Bat Plane 12-13 times, the needle should be on the blue area.  No need to wind it again.

2)  Click on the brown round circle on the far left side (lifts the black clamp).

3)  Pull the handle beneath the black clamp and you'll fly off to the Temple (INSERT DISK 2).


Move F, R, and pick up the sea shells on the left side of the center beach area.  TA, F, click on the symbol on the elevator doors.  Move F, and go up the elevator.  F, click on the door, F into the room.  Meet Lyril (click on her).  When she is quiet, give Lyril the blue shells from your purse.  Click on Lyril after she thanks you for the shells.  Click on her again when she is quiet.  Click on Lyril again!  When she asks you if you have seen the Temple Priests, show her the letter from the bottle on the beach at the Roost.  She will know, then, that they are dead.  Give her the nuts and bolts from the Birdman's workroom.  BU, and she speaks again.  Click on her and she will tell you about the Priests.  Click on Lyril again and she tells you aboutthe 6 Priests and collecting the pieces for the "device."  BU, R2, out the door and turn L, F, open the other door.  F2 to the Oyster/Clam shell.


1)  Click on the left and then the right chimes once each (the Clam will open its eyes)

2)  Click on the left and then the right chimes once again (the Clam will open up)

3)  Click on the two little horizontal levers in the middle and rotate each one of them around so that there is a tiny vertical "slit" going down the middle.

4)  Click on the center vertical lever (looks sorta like a lightbulb on a pole!) and pull it down towards you.

5)  Click on the left and then the right chimes one last time.

6)  Click on the spiral lever towards the back left side and pull it towards the left.  A CD will pop out of the tiny thin vertical slit you created earlier.  Take that CD with you.

BU, TA, F, RF, F, open the door, F.  Place the CD in the left pool.  Push the tiny purple button next to the CD and listen to Lyril talk about the history of the Temple and the Priests.  When you are finished listening to the history, TA, F, L, F, and move to the center room (where you first met Lyril).  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.


When you are in the center of the room, Lyril should still be there.  Turn L to the Control Panel table, and then F once.  You will see beyond the controls, a magnet attached to the wall.  On the Control Panel in front of you, you will see 2 main levers; a horizontal and a vertical control lever.  Move the horizontal lever to the LEFT (this triggers the Birdman to enter the room and begin attacking and enjoy...she sure does like to talk!) Watch carefully as he attacks her.  Use the vertical control lever again and again until you trap the Birdman on the wall magnet (you may need to restore your saved game a few times and keep trying.  There is one point in the struggle that the Birdman will leap backwards and up in the air a little.  That is the perfect time to nab him on the magnet).  Move F, L and click on Lyril.  She will tell you that she trusts you now.

BU and she speaks again.  Listen to her again (she tells you about the Dark Being and your final destination, the Volcano).  Give her the last set of shells in your inventory.  BU and again she will tellyou more about the Volcano and the Dark Being.  Click on her again, and she will talk to you more (she sure does love to talk!  lol).  Again, click on her and she tells you about the device used to contain the Dark Being, and the Priests departure in the Ironclad ship.  BU, click on the large floor lever, and pull the lever towards you.


L, L, F and collect items from each of the 3 boxes on the floor.  Click on the diagram hanging on the wall (this is a drawing of how to assemble the Ion Cannon).  Click on the left brass ram's head (coordinate: 22.01), and then click on the right brass ram's head (coordinate: 119.11).  The Volcano will appear in the center sphere.  Note the coordinates.  BU, TA, L and click on the box on the right side.  Remove the item (item # 4 for the Ion Cannon).  Turn and face the floor lever.  Click on the far right machine and remove the item inside (this item will be used to create a timebomb towards the very end of the game).  Pull the floor lever and ascend to the main floor.  Push the lever away from you and you will ascend to the dome and the Temple Teleportal Machine.


Time to head back to the Lighthouse and finish up on that Puzzlebox.  Turn L, L, LF and click on the plug on the lower left side of the gray/brown and red machine.  BU, R, F to the huge control panel for the Teleportal machine.

1)  Move LF to the 4 black monitors.

2)  Pull the large circuit breaker swith on the right.

3)  Pull down the brown handle below the red lights that flash.

4)  Turn on all 4 monitors by pushing the 4 brown buttons beneath them.

5)  Turn R2, to the right side of the control panel.

6)  Push the brown button beneath and to the right of the monitor.

7)  Using the left wheel arrow, rotate the wheel until you see the Lighthouse.

8)  Useing the right wheel, rotate that until you see the Lighthouse Study where the safe is located.

9)  Push in the black button to the right of the right wheel (this locks in the destination for your portal).

10) Move L, D.

11) Pull the large lever on the left down (the platform for the teleportal machine will extend) and then pull the large right lever (the dome will open up).

12)  Push the lower, left button (turns on the power for the bottom monitor in front of you).

13)  Carefully align the 2 yellow and 2 red lines in the center of the circle using the 4 knobs around the bottom monitor.

14)  Push down the 2 small levers at the top of the monitor and towards the left side.

15)  Now pull the small circuit breaker switch at the bottom of the monitor (it will reset itself). NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO SAVE YOUR GAME AGAIN...

16)  Now reach up and slide the lever above the bottom monitor to the right.  WATCH THE GAUGE/DIAL VERY CAREFULLY.  Move the slider lever again as soon as the gauge/dial is on the red line (this has to be exactly on the red line).....  If the dial/meter goes past the red line, the system will shut down.

17)  One last time, pull the circuit breaker switch beneath the monitor again.  The porthole will be created and you will see it on the platform that extended awhile ago.

18)  Turn around and talk to Lyril one last time...then make your way to the port hole and go through...You'll end up at the Lighthouse in the study...which is exactly where you need to be at this point..



1)  Turn to the Puzzlebox and click on it.  The grey disk will be in front of you.

2)  Insert the amulet from around the Deadman's neck into the grey disk.

3)  Add the two red rubies from the bookshelf behind you into the disk.

4)  Push the button on the top of the box (opens the grey amulet/rubies to reveal a cylinder device inside the box).

5)  There are 4 rings that circle the cylinder device.  Rotate the rings so that all 4 rings are displaying the square figure down the middle of the cylinder (you will hear a "click" sound).

6)  Rotate all 4 rings so that the circle is displayed down the middle (partially opens the top of the cylinder device).

7)  Rotate all 4 rings around the cylinder so that the triangle is displayed down the middle (opens the bottom of the cylinder device).

8)  Finally, rotate each ring with the ORDER of the geometric shapes you saw on the metal strip earlier (circle, triangle, square and cross).  The cylinder will open, and you will find the final piece to the Ion Cannon inside the cylinder.  Remove that item and add it to your inventory.


BU, TA, L, R (to the hallway), F, click on the keypad, enter the lab.  Move L to the grey box and remove another lighthbulb.  Go up the stairs to the tower.  Remove the burnt bulb and replace it with the one you just picked up from the silver box.  TA, D4, L, LF to the computer monitor.  Push the retry button.  TA, and pull down the far right lever to activate the portal.  Enter the portal (INSERT DISK 2).


TA, LF (past the portal), F, LF, F4, R to the door, open the door, F2, R, F6 down the stairs to the sub, R, F2.  Click on the submarine lid, D into the sub.


F3, L to the ballast controls.  Pull the left lever down and then the right lever.  Turn the left wheel, and as the water reaches the blue are of the two left tubes, immediately turn the right wheel.  The Ironclad will submerge.

Move to the Engine room and pull the lever on the right.  TA, F4 to the control panel.  Turn off the top key, and turn on the middle key.  BU, TA, F, R2 to the Navigational station controls.  Click on the globe.  Using the keypad , click on the top left antenna.  Enter the first coordinate for the Volcano (22.01) and hit the ENTER button on the keypad.  Click on the top right antenna and enter the second coordinate for the Volcano (119.11) and hit the ENTER button on the keypad.  A new location will appear on the globe [the Volcano]!

R, F2 to the controls.  Push the throttle forward and the submarine/Ironclad will travel to the Volcano.  BU, TA, F2, RU, U (INSERT DISK 1).


Turn left outside the Ironclad and notice the Dark Being through the window with the bars.  L2, F, L, F2 to the train.  Click on the rectangular box to the right of the train door.  In the inset picture, click on the door, and then remove the red wirecutters at the bottom of the box.  R, click on the gate lock.  Use thewire cutters to cut off the padlock, then click on the gate doors.  TA, F, R, F to the train and click on the door.  F into the train.  L inside the train and pull up on the circuit breaker switch.  TA, F to the train conrols.  Push the red button.  Now pull the large lever on the right forward and the train will move along the tracks, past the gates that you just opened and then it will automatically stop.  When the train stops, you will see a small black rectangular box in the lower left corner of your screen.  This is the "outside viewer" button.  Push the red button and you will see outside the train, without leaving.  Learn to look for this "outside viewer" button often for the rest of the game.  It is VERY important.

Click on the red button on the outside viewer screen.  From the outside view, click on the green round machine just below the jagged pole along the wall.  Pull down the handle on the green machine and the train will be lift up onto the main tracks.  Turn L from the outside and click on the brown box to the right of the green machine.  Open the box handle and turn the handle clockwise one rotation.  This will rotate the train 1/4 turn on the 4-way intersection.  Push the red outside viewer button to return to the inside of the train.


Pull the handle forward to move the train.  Stop immediately when the "outside viewer" shows up on the lower left side of your screen.  Again, click on the red button.  From the outside view, click on the side of the train and remove the wrench from the toolbox.  Click on the box in the middle of the viewing screen and take a pipe.  Now click on the train switchbox just to the side of the track.  Put the pipe in the switchbox.  Use the wrench on the pipe and repair the broken switchbox.


Return to the inside of the train, and move forward.  Watch carefully on the right side of the train.  As soon as you pass two pink poles on the right side, begin pulling/pushing the track switch lever.  You should hear a "clicking" sound as the track switches.  Continue pulling the lever by clicking on it.  This should cause the train to switch tracks.  The train will stop automatically.  Turn off the engine (push the big red button).  TA, and exit either door.  TA and notice rocks moving along the conveyor belt.  Turn L and notice the trap door that opens and closes.  You can click on your umbrella in your inventory two times (you do NOT want the umbrella in its own "inset" picture) and jam the umbrella into the hole of the door as it goes up.  Turn L again.  Bingo, you just found Amanda.  Turn the wheel on the brown and silver pipe and pull the circuit breaker switch beside it.  You should hear a gate rise in the background.  To make sure that you've raised the gate, go through the trap door you've just jammed open with your umbrella and turn to the left.  Look to the right of where Amanda is playing with the rocks and see if you notice the gate UP in the distance.  If you do NOT see the gate up, then go back out and work the circuit breaker and the wheel over the brown/grey pipe.  DO NOT touch the wheel over the silver pipe yet.  When you are certain that the gate in the distance is NOT blocking the tracks, remove your umbrella from the trap door (you cannot rescue Amanda just yet....besides, she looks like she's having so much fun with those rocks...and she's NOT crying!!  lol).  You will need your umbrella again, so take it with you.


(Dynamite time!)

From the Rock Smashing room, return to the train, back up until you go just beyond the 4-way track intersection.  Stop and move forward.  Stop on the 4-way intersection.  From the outside view, turn left until you see the brown box that rotates the train.  Turn the handle one time around clockwise, and it rotates the train 1/4 turn.  Turn the handle again, one full turn and rotate the train 1/4 turn again.  Enter the train and go forward until you reach the 4-way intersection.  Just beyond the intersection use the track switch lever and ver to the left.  You will stop automatically, and will see the Dark Being throw rocks on the track.  Use your outside viewer button and remove some dynamite from the toolbox on the side of the train.  Place the dynamite in between the rocks on the track.  Use your lighter to light the dynamite and watch the rocks blow!  Continue forward until the train stops automatically.  If you exit the train, you will come across a green door.  This door is locked.  It is a back door to the Dark Being's lab.


From the back door of the Dark Being's lab, back up the train to just beyond the intersection of the track you were just on.  Stop.  Go forward to the right (default direction; and no need to use the switch lever).  Follow the track all the way until you reach the dead end.  The train stops automatically.  Exit the train to the R and you will be in the Boiler room.  Move F and turn the 3rd wheel and the last wheel (from L-R).  Now turn R, F, R and notice the broken walkway grate hanging down.  Click on the broken walkway.  In the inset picture, use your umbrella from your inventory (See?  I told you you'd need to use it again....) on the fallen piece.  Latch the piece in place by clicking on the hook in the right corner.  Move F to the controls.  Pull the right lever.  Move F to the pod and click on the door.  Forward inside the minipod.


1)  Pull the handle on the right side downward

2)  Stop when you see the first red vertical arrow.

3)  Manuever the robotic arm so that it is directly in front of the red arrow (you will barely be able to see any of the red arrow).

4)  Turn the knob above the left control lever to turn the arrow to the horizontal position.

5)  Lower the pod a little more and again, adjust the robotic arm so it is directly in front of the 2nd red vertical arrow.  Rotate the knob so the red arrow turns to the horizontal position.

6)  Lower the pod again and leave the 3rd red arrow alone.  Do NOT turn this arrow.

7)  Stop in front of the 4th red arrow.

8)  Lower the pod a little more and turn the 4th red arrow to the horizontal position.

9)  Leave the 5th red arrow alone (on the left side) and stop in front of the 6th and final arrow.

10)  Adjust the robotic arm in the middle of the screen and outstretch the arm all the way.  Turn the knob above the arm controls to rotate the arrow to the horizonal position.

11)  There should be NO STEAM coming out of either of the two steam pipes at the top when the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th arrows have been turned to the horizontal position.

12)  Lower the pod all the way to the base of the pit.  You will see an item inside an iron ball at the base of the pit.

13)  From the very bottom of the pit, raise the pod just enough so that the outstretched robotic arm blocks your view of the item inside the iron ball.

14)  Use the knob above the robotic controls to fetch this item.

15)  Slowly raise the pod and stop in front of the last arrow you turned.  Use the arm (move the arm to the left just a little and use the knob to return the arrow to the vertical position).

16)  Rise up a little higher, leaving the left arrow alone (5th arrow), and move the arm to the right of center, in front of the 4th arrow.

17)  Use the knob above the robotic arm controls to rotate the 4th arrow back to the vertical position.

18)  Again, raise the minipod, leaving the 3rd red arrow alone (far right side).

19)  Adjust the 2nd red arrow back to the vertical position (left side of the wall).

20)  Rise up again and lock in on the 1st red arrow.

21)  Rotate the knob above the controls and return the 1st arrow to the vertical position.

22)  After all arrows have been returned to their original positions, rise up in the pod 2 times.  Exit the pod carrying the 6th of 7 items for the Ion Cannon.


Rock Smashing Room

From the Boiler Room/Lava Pit, re-enter the train and go backwards all the way until you see the 2 pink poles on the left side of the train (quite a ways, too).  Upon passing the pink poles, use the track switch lever and ver to the left.  The train will stop automatically at the Rock Smashing Room.  It's time to rescue Amanda and get a move on!

Exit the train, turn R2 to the trap door.  Using your umbrella (click twice on it in your inventory), jam the closed umbrella into the hole of the door as it rises up to let the rocks pass through.  Move to the control panel in front of Amanda.

1)  Turn the wheel on the silver pipe (it will have power now)

2)  Pull the large lever towards YOU to activate the magnet behind you.

3)  Push the red button to lower the magnet.  You must pick up a rock with the magnet.  This may take several attempts.  Turn around each time you push the red button to see if you have a rock on the magnet.

4)  When you have a rock on the magnet, turn around and face the control panel and Amanda.

5)  Push the tall lever towards Amanda.

6)  Repeat step 5.

7)  Push the red button to drop the rock, allowing it to smash the chains that hold Amanda in the cage.

8)  Go through the trap door you've propped open with your umbrella, turn left and get Amanda from the wagon.

9)  You don't need your umbrella anymore, so take it of leave it...Your choice!


From the Rock Smashing room, enter the train and move forward all the way to the 4-way intersection.  Stop the train.  Use your compass and rotate the train so you are facing EAST.  Now go in REVERSE past the 3 tracks that intersect.  Stop the train just past the 3 tracks.  Go FORWARD past the 2 switch boxes and stop after a short distance.  Now go in REVERSE again and immediately use the track switch lever, and the train will switch track and stop automatically at the Drawbridge.  At the Drawbridge....

1)  from the outside view, click on the up/down switch on the far left side of the control panel (it should go down).

2)  Now click on the knob above that up/down switch and pull the knob to the right (lowers the hook from the train).

3)  Again, click on and slide the knob back to the left (raises the hook, which drops the Drawbridge).



After lowering the Drawbridge, move F in the train to the 4-way intersection.  Turn the train around (facing EAST) and go forward until you approach the track that vers to the left.  Use the switch lever and go to the left.  Cross over the Drawbridge, and WATCH VERY CAREFULLY for the "outside viewer" button in the lower left corner.  As SOON AS you see that viewer button, STOP THE TRAIN (or you could DIE here)!!!  From the outside view, click on the train and remove the wire cutters on the top of the toolbox.  Use the wire cutters on the broken track nail (top left side of inset).  Move L from the outside view, and use the wire cutters again on the nail of a good track piece.  Put the track piece in your inventory.  Turn R and put the new track piece on the track.  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.

Return to the train after repairing the broken track.  Continue F until the train stops in front of a wall.  Push the red button in the center of the control panel on the train and the drill will lower and drill through the wall, revealing a room.  Turn off the train engine, exit the train (outside viewer button) and take the hammer from the toolbox.  Move into the hole you created.


Click on the table to the left of the "doorway" you created and just on the other side of some large rocks on the floor. Before "zooming" in on the table, put the following parts in your inventory at the bottom of the screen:  (1)  the Lightbulb looking piece you got from the Deadman's room, (2)  the 3-layered vase looking piece you picked up from the base of the statue at the Fortress, (3)  the item you got from the shipwreck safe (has two "handles" on the top of it), and (4)  the item you got from the basement of the Temple (black with yellow wires and black colored tubes sticking out).   Now you have a closeup of the table where you will be assembling the Ion Cannon..

When you first zoom in on the table, you will get a close up of the wooden boomarang looking piece.  This piece will appear at the top larger screen section of the Ion Cannon assembly when you click on it.  In the lower part of the screen, you will see in your inventory, the remaining 6 items you will need to build the cannon.  You will need to "move" the wooden piece into the bottom of your inventory for a little while so you can assemble the pieces in the correct order.  Refer to your diagram that you picked up in the basement of the Temple if you are unable to follow my instructions below.

1)  Click on the lightbulb looking piece you got from the Deadman's desk and put it in the big screen above your inventory.  It will go to one side of the huge boomarang wooden piece.

2)  Now click on the 3-layered vase (item from the statue base) and click that piece on top of the wooden boomarang.  The wooden piece will disappear from the big screen and appear at the bottom in your inventory.

3)  Turn both the 3-layered vase piece and the lightbulb tip so they are facing WEST.  Click on and hold down your mouse button on the lightbulb, and push it together into the 3-layered vase.  It will "snap" into place and the two items will become one.

4)  Now grab the piece from the shipwreck safe (the one with the "handles" on it).  Rotate this piece so that the one "open/hollow side" is facing the other two pieces that are joined and slide it just above and a little behind the other 3-layered vase piece.  It, too, will snap into place.

5)  Grab the round piece from the base of the statue at the Temple.  Attach that piece just behind and below the 3-layered vase and below the piece with the wings/flaps/handles.

6)  Now get the piece you got from the basement of the Temple (this is the black piece with yellow wires and black tubes sticking out).  "Open" the black tubes by clicking on them once.  Attach this piece behind the oval/circle-shaped piece and then close the flaps (black tubes) in place.

7)  Now you're ready for the boomerang piece.  Turn the ENTIRE cannon you've built so far so that you are looking at the very back of the cannon.  Turn the boomerange piece so that you are also looking at the very back of that piece.  Slide that piece down and almost under the cannon.  It will "snap" into place.

8)  Finally, grab the bottle you got from the Lighthouse Puzzlebox and open the wings on the top of the cannon (the shipwreck safe piece).  To open the handles, click on each of the brown handles so the lid opens.  Turn the bottle from the Puzzlebox so the tip (top of the bottle) is facing West.  Turn the rest of the cannon so it too, is facing West (lightbulb will be facing the left side).  Now drop the bottle into the top flap.  Close the caps/wings or flaps and the lid for the bottle.

9)  Push the red button on the side of the cannon and you're ready to get that Dark Being!  SAVE YOUR GAME HERE to enjoy different endings....


With the Ion Cannon in your inventory, return to the side of the train.  Open the toolbox.  Click on the dynamite.  Find the circuit board looking piece in your inventory (another item from the basement of the Temple).  Combine this item with the dynamite.  Now find the alarm clock you picked up in Amanda's room and combine it with the dynamite/circuitboard.  You've just created a timebomb and it's ticking!  No time to waste...




Enter the train, start the engine and reverse all the way back to the 4-way intersection.  Use your compass, and turn the train to face NORTH.  Go forward and stay on the right track.  You will return to the Boiler room.  Exit the train and turn the 4th wheel from the left.  This opens the Dark Being's lab door.  Re-enter the train and head back to the 4-way intersection.  Point the train EAST and then take the left track by using the track switch lever.  Exit the train when it stops and re-enter the hole you created earlier.  Move to the right down that hallway towards the green door.  Open the door and step forward ONCE.  Stop and watch the Dark Being.  He will turn some knobs, pull some levers and wind a few wheels.  When he steps back and moves towards the huge floor lever on the right, zap him with your Ion Cannon.  He will be sucked into the bottle you placed at the top of the cannon.  Enter the room and move towards the big machine.  Turn to the right and pull the huge floor lever he was about to reach for.  You've just created a portal.  Now turn and move towards the chest on the floor underneath the table.  Use the hammer on the chest, then click on it.  Take the blueprints from inside the chest.  Turn around as if to leave the lab and then turn towards the right.  You will see Professor Krick in the chair. Move towards the control panel in front of him.  Pull down the far left lever (this will lower the cap on Krick's head).  Also pull down the 2nd circuit breaker switch (gives "juice" to the machine!).  Now turn the dial so that the point of the dial is on the 2nd setting.  Now pull down the lever on the far right 3 times to zap the Professor.  No more...unless you just like torturing people!  LOL  Move around and click on Krick a couple of times to wake him up.  Give him the blueprints and Amanda.  He will step through the portal.  Follow him!!!!

Click on the Lighthouse when you return.  Now click on the Professor several times...or more, if you like annoying him and Amanda!

This walkthrough will be updated frequently.

This document may be freely distributed by any means as long as the context is not altered in any way and reference/links are provided to this site. Copyright 06/08/99 - LINDA SHAW.

Updated: 10/08/99

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