Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers - Walkthrough Aragorn on the Plains of Estemnet When you start the game, you control Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in The  Plains of Estemnet. Right away you are attacked by six orcs. After they  are dead, head north. You will see a message; continue heading north,  then you will GET some ale, and after that an elf brooch. Walk around  the battlefield if you want to talk to the Riders of Rohan. North of  them is some rations. GET them. Go into the north-west passage and see  an old man. The second time he appears, tell him !SARUMAN, and he will  turn into Gandalf. Frodo on the Cliffs You will be transferred to Frodo and Sam, recently dropped off near  Mordor. GET all the stuff- make sure you give an elf cloak to each of  them as they make them partially invisible andharder to hit (you won?t  be able to see this). Go south-east. It is hard to get down the cliffs  but keep trying. Find Gollum near the tree on the third cliff. HIDE  from him. USE the rope or the elf-rope to capture him. Head south into  the marsh until you come to the north-east pond. On the east side of  this, Gollum will catch a fish. Go to the path of lights. Pippin in Fangorn Now you are using Pippin Took and Merry Brandybuck. They are weak  characters, and you need to get an ent to protect them as fast as  possible. They are also in the maze forest of Fangorn, fortunately not  too difficult to map or traverse. On the west path is Quickbeam, but he  doesn?t want to help you yet. So, head over the live tree bridge and  then go west to Treebeard. Answer Yes to accept his hospitality and GET  ent draught. Say !SARUMAN to Treebeard. Answer No to his question so  you can explore. You now have Quickbeam to watch over you. I made him  the leader as he is a strong fighter. On your way to the bridge,  Stiffbranch will ask you for an ent draught. Don?t give it to him now  because you aren?t hurt, but later this will come in handy as he heals  you plentifully. Go across the bridge and then go west as far as you  can, and then north. GET the two rations. Then go back to the north of  the bridge and go north. Go west as soon as you can for two black  acorns; believe me, you?ll need them to pacify the huorns (tough, evil  ents) especially if you didn?t RECRUIT Quickbeam. Go north again and  you will get a message saying you are wanted back at the Entmoot. Go  back to Treebeard. Gandalf in Estemnet Go deeper into Gandalf?s forest and COUNTERMAGIC the magic cache. You  will GET loads of stuff. Go back to the entrance of the forest. Travel  south-west to Estemnet. On the way there you may or may not meet up  with a magic (cage?) which will release four Barrow Wights if you  COUNTERMAGIC it, and then you get nothing. I just avoid it. You may  also meet six orcs (probably the messengers) outside the Burnt Forest-  they also give you nothing. Luckily, there is a man in Estemnet called  Bregowine who will restore your health with a meal if you answer Yes to  his question. Go east from Estemnet and meet with Heof who says that if  you clean the pool of the orc shrine, he will give you the skill RIDE.  You can skip this if you want. Go west and then ATTACK the shrine at  the north of the pool. Six barrow wights will appear, and after they?re  dead, the shrine will crumble. Go back to Heof and he will give you the  skill RIDE. Back at the pool there is a horse called Sunhood. RIDE him  and take him to the north of the pool. Now you have a pool of infinite  healing. Heof says show your RIDE skill to the Riders of Rohan. I  couldn?t figure out how, but I don?t think it?s vital to the game. Frodo in the Dead Marshes Follow the ghostly path to the Keep if you like. Inside are three  levels, you entering on the middle one. On the top floor is a bat  dropping bespattered altar and about seven bats. After fighting them I  found nothing, so my advice is to skip the top level. If you go  downstairs there is a prisoner elf (Gilglin) who keeps saying ?he  wouldn?t let me sleep.? I found no way to make him join me. If you  want, use PERCEPTION on the north-east sarcophagus. A ghost appears and  asks for the star ruby (When I gave it to him he turned into a Vampire  so I suggest you don?t bother). At the north of the big black box, a  vampire will grab you and pull you inside. After fighting him and three  bats, you get a dagger and a spirit-key. EQUIP Gollum with the dagger  and USE the spirit-key on the door in the north-east corner of the  middle level. On entering, USE the phial on the cauldron, blessing you  with the word of power !ELBERETH. USE the phial also on the altar, to  relieve some of the darkness. That?s about it for the Keep. Exit and  you will see a mud hut to the north. Inside is either a live man who  will kill or be killed, or a dead man, slain not too long ago. I found  nothing else inside. There are a few sinkholes hidden in the marsh, and  if you choose to go in them, you will find one oath-sworn elven  prisoner (Nendol), and in another a ghost you can ATTACK for the  star-ruby. The exits to these sinkholes are found on the edges of the  caves. When you leave the marsh and the dead battle-grounds you will  either: meet six, four, or two orcs; encounter a huge army which you  must SNEAK past or HIDE from; the road to Ithaldien; or just a message  that you have entered Ithaldien. (There may be others.) Quickbeam in Fangorn As you go over the bridge, Quickbeam insists that you go off and find  some fresh clean Entwater, away from where the burarum (orcs) have  been. Generally travel west until you reach the riverbank clearing  furthest west. Quickbeam will help you over the deadfall to a secluded  spot. GET the four Entwater bottles. Treebeard has told you that you  must ask Leaflock and Skinbark what they know about the orcs. Leaflock  is located in the north-west section of the forest in a medium-sized  clearing, Skinbark in the north-east in a larger clearing. If you have  trouble getting there, wander about until you find Longroot. He likes  to walk, so if you ask him about Skinbark or Leaflock, he will take you  there. TRADE Leaflock some Entwater. (To the west of Leaflock is a sort  of spiral, at the end of which is Greenroot. Asking him about ENTWASH  will cause him to give you four bottles of the Entwater.) Gandalf in Estemnet (2) Heal yourself, RECRUIT Sunhood, and go back to Estemnet. TALK to Leofyn  and she will say she wants her husband?s sword, a bag of gold, and her  son back as a wergild. Go north into the Burnt Forest until you come to  a party of orcs. SNEAK or HIDE until three or four have left. ATTACK  those remaining. After they are dead, you will get a sword. Question  the uruk about GOLD, and then SNAGA, and he will tell you where it is  hidden. Go north into the north-east forest passage. Go to the east and  help Harding and Folwyn drive off the orcs. It turns out they are the  children of Leofyn and Harca. Two down, one to go. Go into the west  part of the fork and GET the bag of gold from the dead snaga. Now  return to Estemnet and Leofyn will thank you. You get to keep the sword  and the gold but not Harding and Folwyn. EQUIP Aragorn and Legolas with  their chain-mail. Now you can go south and meet Dorlas. Dorlas will  tell you plenty of useful things like: There are horses being chased in  the south-east; his brother Walcnouth is wandering about somewhere  south of Estemnet; the messenger orcs must be stopped; and other things  about battles. Walcnouth will give you some chain mail, which I gave to  Gandalf. If you choose to free the horses, travel east and slightly  south of Dorlas and ATTACK the parties of three orcs and three uruks. I  guess it?s just a good deed. By the way, there is food and ale and  athelas just sitting around, so if you want to search for it, go ahead.  Go south to leave the plains and Sunhood will leave you. Travel west  along the river until you come face to face with Deorl and his  Rohirrim. TALK to Deorl and he will conduct you to Edoras. Travel south  to enter the city. Frodo in Ithaldien If you are not on the road, then Sam may ask Gollum to hunt for food. I  don?t think it makes much difference as he runs off when a fight starts  anyway. If you keep to the road you will in all likelihood be attacked  by three Harads. They are almost impossible to beat with two hobbits.  It is very difficult so I am assuming you bypassed them. If you do  manage, an oliphant will run off to the south, but I think it runs off  anyway. After crossing the bridge south of the Harads, keep to the  road. You will meet Faramir and his men. USE the phial to prove you  aren?t servants of the Dark Lord. Answer Yes. Heal all and teach Frodo  and Sam HERB LORE. Now when they USE athelas, they will get a lot of  health. In the east of the room is a shovel. GET it and the rations and  other stuff laid out for you. Go up the north stairs and answer No to  Anborn?s question. Go to Gollum and CHARISMA him. Leave the cliffs.  EQUIP Damrod and Mablung with swords. Put Faramir in the lead as he is  the best fighter. Around south somewhere is the Mumak, a huge oliphant.  CHARISMA him and he will join the group. Go to the crossroad and head  slightly east. GET the statue head, CLIMB the statue, and USE the  statue head. Faramir says something is missing, a polished gem. CLIMB  down, and go to the east. ATTACK the four orcs and immediately be  PERCEPTIVE and READ. I have a feeling this paragraph has something to  do with the missing gem, but I cannot be sure. Along one of the rivers,  Gollum will want to catch fish. Allow him, and if you are in the right  place, he will spit out a gem. USE this gem on the statue after  CLIMBING it. The bridge which the Mumak cannot cross is over the east  end of a strangely split river. On the north side of the east end, JUMP  in (Mumak and all!) to resurface in a damp cavern. Before taking many  steps, however, you will be plunged into darkness. USE the phial. Go  north if you feel like fighting the Mewlip (It looks and fights like  Gollum-I can?t believe a warrior was killed by it!). Then, JUMP the  chasm and USE the shovel to clear away the rubble from the tomb  entrance. Enter and GET the bracelet from the corpse in the north-west  corner. Look at the message the invisible ghost on the east side gives  now. DISCARD the bracelet when you are near a Numonerean woman?s ?cold  as death? sarcophagus. Go east for a shield. GET it and EQUIP someone  with it. Exit the tomb and USE Sting to fight your way through the  webs. Kill the Mewlip and leave the gold. Exit through the river. On  the south side of the entrance river end, there is a scorched ring and  a man answer him NO, USE athelas and if you wish RECRUIT him. Quickbeam in Fangorn(2) Go see Linandel the ghost in the north-middle part of the forest. TALK  to him a bit, and then go along the passage to the ruins. GET the ent  seed. USE the ent seed where it glows. Go back to Linandel and ask him  about RUINS. He will tell you there is a secret entrance. Back in the  ruins, the entrance is in a new-grown tree on the far north-east wall.  Enter and GET the fountain water. Use PERCEPTION around the elven  symbols to find a secret entrance. Enter and GET the magic sword and  magic bow. Exit cavern and go back to Linandel. Chat some more, and  head off to the bridge. Once in the middle, USE the fountain water and  GET the lembas. Go back to Linandel. You should now have a ghost who  will always heal you. Go to Skinbark in the north-westclearing, and  fight off the six orcs attacking him. Question Gazmog and Skinbark  thoroughly. TRADE some Entwater to Skinbark if you want. Wander around  all the dead end passages near him until four orcs attack you. Kill  them and be PERCEPTIVE to find their secret camp. You can skip this  part if you want, but I recommend doing it if you have Linandel to heal  you. Enter the nearest house and kill Flizpot. GET the chain mail, the  key, and the silver pennies. EQUIP one of the hobbits with the chain  mail. In the next house are six orcs in a circle. Kill them and GET the  leather armour and the rest of the stuff. EQUIP the remaining hobbit  with it. In the third house are four orcs. Kill them and GET the  shield, rations, and hot food. EQUIP the hobbit in leather armour with  the shield. Below the third house are four orcs burning the trees. Kill  them and go west. Twiglate the ent will join your party. North of the  northern house is a secret passage. Enter this and kill the four orcs  that attack you. GET the ent seed. CLIMB the trap on the southern wall.  Teach some people about ELVEN and HERB LORES in the library. USE  Saruman?s key on the silver doors. GET the source water. USE it in the  dead tree room. GET the vine and rations. You can explore the  underground passages to the west if you like, but I prefer to wait  until I use Aragorn?s company as less orcs attack and I have more room  to carry stuff then. I will assume you will wait. If you want to abate  the threat of the huorns forever, find the clearing below Greenroot?s  spiral and slightly to the west on the automap. TRADE the giant huorn  there a black acorn or two. He promises not to attack you. Head back to  Treebeard now. If on the way you meet Redcone the Healer ent, ask him  HEAL, and CLIMB his branches. This fully restores your health. Once you  meet the Entmoot and Treebeard, they will transport you to a crossing  near Isengard. With Treebeard in your party, head west until you reach  Isengard (a very large fortress). Enter from the south and kill the  last of Saruman?s orcs. Gandalf to Edoras Cross the bridge. You will be stoped by Riders of Rohan. Use RIDE on  them. Go east to Edoras Faramir in Ithaldien Be PERCEPTIVE on that ring. GET the sword, shield, and torch. EQUIP  Frodo with the shield and Gollum with the torch if he has no dagger. I  think if you go to that ring earlier, there is a Southerner who answers  by referring you to paragraphs. I don?t know what to do with him. If  you feel you have finished with Ithaldien, TRADE what you need from  Faramir, Mablung, Damrod, Anborn, and the Mumak as they will abandon  you the minute you enter Morgus Vale. Take the path east of the  crossroad into Morgus Vale. Frodo on the evil bridge Follow the path to the bridge. USE phial to free Frodo. Gandalf in Edoras Go south down the path towards the small castle in the middle. I will  come to the houses later. When Hama stops you at the entrance, DISCARD  all weapons including torches, but not Gandalf?s wizard staff. Enter  the throne room and USE the staff or the spell COUNTERMAGIC to free  Theoden of Grima?s spell. RECRUIT Theoden, Eomer, and Hama. Now you  must find the great treasures of the Golden Hall. But first, go outside  and get your weapons. Uh-oh, Anduril?s gone! You will be able to get it  back later. Go upstairs and into the armoury guarded by four Rohirrim.  EQUIP Aragorn with the magic sword, and the others how you see fit. Go  into Theoden?s room, south of Eowyn?s, and GET Herugrim. EQUIP Theoden  with it. Then go into Grima?s room, be PERCEPTIVE, and DETECT TRAPS.  Use DEVICES to disarm the trap. GET Helm?s horn and all iron keys. Go  upstairs and learn SWORDS, RIDE, BRAVADO, CLIMB, and PERCEPTION from  Hambold. You can also be fed a gruel by a mute healer to heal you. Go  upstairs once more. Once upstairs, do not go north. There is an  undisarmable trap there. PICK LOCK chest and read the papers. Go east  then north until you can see an attic. Be PERCEPTIVE and COUNTERMAGIC  Saruman away. GET the sceptre. Go back down to the throne room. Use  PERCEPTION on the chair, and then DETECT TRAPS. PICKLOCK the lock and  GET the Cup of Rohan. Go downstairs into the dungeons. CLIMB into the  well. GET the spiderbane. CLIMB out again. PERCEPT the spider near the  chest and ATTACK it. When it is dead, use PERCEPTION and DEVICE the  trap. PICKLOCK the lock and GET the bridle. You have gained all the  items! Leave the Golden Hall. When you enter the houses, there will be  different effects depending on whether you have King Theoden with you  or not. Also, when you ask people about him they often say nothing. I  don?t know if this is a bug, or if they are speechless with shock,  anger, grief, hatred, adoration, sympathy, reproachfulness, ignorance,  or forgetfulness. Leave Edoras and head south-west along the road. Take  the smaller south path when it is available. Enter the first house for  two mugs of ale and four rations.In the second house there are two  orcs. After fighting them GET the two rations, the two ales, and the  sword. In the third house there is a man called Ethelden who acts very  suspicious, but I couldn?t get anything out of him. In the fourth house  there is nothing. Follow the path south and take the east path into the  mountains. Frodo hiding from the Witch-King Follow the path east and HIDE from the Witch-King (And you thought you  killed him in Volume One!). Gandalf at the Gate of the Dead Go into the east mountain passage and follow the path round. Meet  Saruman and TALK to him to get rid of him. If you attempt to  COUNTERMAGIC him or ATTACK him, he will disappearand lightning will  strike you. Keep going into Saruman?s camp. Keep to the path until you  reach the Gate of the Dead. A barrow wight will appear, wielding  Anduril. Luckily you don?t have to fight him, but the forced  alternative is not much better. Eight orcs will attack, and after they  are dispatched, eight uruks will appear. When they are finally dead,  Anduril and four healing draughts will be lying on the ground. GET them  and EQUIP Aragorn with Anduril. TRADE the magic sword to Eomer and  EQUIP him with it. Follow the path out and cross the bridge. Gandalf travelling to Hornburg Follow path and answer No to lighting a campfire. ATTACK the four orcs.  GET the rope and the two rations. Follow the path north. Go west at the  junction, as King Theoden says. A wounded soldier will die at your  feet, so GET his chain mail and sword. Attempt to cross the bridge  ahead. Answer Yes to accept the help of three fine soldiers. Gandalf Hunting for the Lost Army of Erkenbrand Cross the west ford and talk to Elfhelm and his Rohirrim. Question him  about NEWS, ERKENBRAND, and MESSENGER. Stay off the path to avoid  blood-thirsty Dunlands and Dunarchs (Great names). The Dunlands wield  swords, the Dunarchs wield bows, and both are fully shielded by leather  armour. Also, they tend to come in large groups of six or seven. So, go  very slightly north and a lot west until you are travelling along the  feet of the mountains. When you hit the west mountain wall, go south  and kill the two orcarchs (bow-firing orcs) and the four uruks guarding  Erkenbrand and his tiny ?lost army.? Luckily, Erkenbrand?s army will  help you. Frodo on the Staircase Go north, but not on the path. ATTACK the crow to silence it and avert  the peril of the orcs. Now go up the staircase and CLIMB where it is  hard to climb. It doesn?t really matter whether you rest or not when  you are asked. When you can see the cave north of you, TRADE or DISCARD  all of Gollum?s stuff. Then TRADE and EQUIP Sam with the mithril and a  shield. Make sure that he has the phial as well. Enter the cave. Aragorn, the Subquests, and Saruman?s Defeat There are three completely unnecessary subquests that you can complete  now: Helm?s Deep, The Underground Passages of Isengard, and The  Mountains of Haryiarn. If you don?t feel like adventuring and would  rather just complete the game, go to the section marked Defending  Hornburg. Helm?s Deep: To enter Helm?s Deep, cross the little bridge that would otherwise lead  straight into Hornburg and go north. GET any rocks lying about.  Continue north into the valley surrounded by mountains. Go west and  then south. On the east side where the valley starts to narrow is a  secret entrance, but you don?t need that yet. Go south and enter Helm?s  Deep. Once inside, you must have Captain Hama with you to do anything  interesting. Go west into a food storage room and PERCEPT Reof.  Question her about NEWS, SECRET, TOMB, and GAUNTLET. Go south into the  secret tomb. GET the gauntlet and ATTACK the ghost. Exit the tomb and  then Helm?s Deep. You may meet six orcs on the way and after they are  dead you can GET their axe and ale. Go back to the riverbed and USE  gianthands. GET the boulders. Back in Helm?s Deep, you can go south to  interview the refugees. Question the woman about REOF, NEWS, BEAST, and  DRAGON. Hmm, sounds like a quest! Go to the room west of the pond and  GET elf-rope and two rations. Go back to the tomb and PERCEPT the  dangerous stalactites in the big room. Go north and kill the six orcs.  GET the sword and axe. The far north-west dead end reveals a secret  passage. CLIMB out. You are in the valley of the mountains. CLIMB back  in for more adventure. Find the pool and dive in by answering Yes to  the question. South-east of the new pool is some rubble. PERCEPT and  GET the gauntlet. There! You now have both gauntlets of the gods. Be  PERCEPTIVE on the picture of a dragon attacking a village to discover  their origin. Go back in the pool and then exit the tombs. Now go into  the north-east room and PERCEPT the hidden and broken elevator. Fix it  with DEVICES and descend to the deeps of Helm?s Deep. ATTACK the six  bats in the west cavern if you want. In the north-east passage, a ghost  of an ancient lord will tell you to beware victory. I am unsure of the  identity of the ghost, but I suppose it could be Helm. However, I  thought I killed Helm?s ghost when I took the gianthands! There are  many dead ends that have no secrets so eventually you will have to go  south. Go east at the crossroads and ATTACK the six fire serpents.  After they are dead, GET the magic mail, silver pennies, and the sword.  EQUIP someone with the magic mail (I EQUIPPED Aragorn). Kill the seven  bats to the south and GET the gem. Be sure you?ve got your stamina up  as you must now fight the Dragon! Go east into the big room. ATTACK the  Dragon. It is impossible to kill and will take gigantic bites out of  your health if you don?t have chain mail or better. But, once it is  immobilised, USE the gianthands or gauntlets to throw the Dragon into  the pit. Then, USE the boulder to seal the Dragon in forever. The  Dragon is vanquished, the woman?s brothers avenged! The Underground Passages of Isengard: These passages are very simple and could probably fit into the seventh  level of Moria with no difficulty. Go north to Isengard and walk over  to its east tower. PERCEPT a secret passage and descend beneath  Isengard. DISCARD something so that you will be able to pick up some  tree bark. All wooden doors can be opened by a PICKLOCK skill, all  silver doors with a supply key or Saruman?s key. In the library there  is some tree bark. GET this. Enter the armoury and EQUIP all you need.  In the bedroom there are three humans- but after fighting them, there  is nothing to gain. There are loads of things in the storerooms:  torches, flints, knives, rations, ropes, shovels, etc, but I won?t talk  you through these. Now go north-west and go through the passage there.  READ the word Nazgul. Orcs may attack you in the large bedroom so I  suggest you stick to the north or south walls. If you exit through the  dead tree room or the north-east passage, you will find yourself in  Fangorn. To get to the three north-west rooms, you must go through a  room with an invisible pit. Stick to the walls like glue and it  shouldn?t pose a problem. The room you come to has just one uruk in it,  so the chain mail, sword, and supply key are easily won. The third room  has some sort of strange brick trap which slides back into place the  instant you walk in. Pretty safe trap, I couldn?t do anything with it.  Leave the Passages by the far south exit. Now you have rejoined Merry  and PippinRECRUIT them both and go north into the centre of Isengard.  RECRUIT Quickbeam and go back out of Isengard. South-west is an ent  called Fastroot. TRADE him the tree bark for full health and two ent  draughts. The Mountains of Dunland: Behind Fastroot?s tree is a path into the Mountains of Dunland. Take  this as far as it goes. Talk to the old man if you want, especially  about ROHAN, HARYIARN, SARUMAN, and EAGLES. Along the path some more  are two Dunarchs and a Hiyalate. However, only the Hiyalate seems to  want to fight from this direction. Continue through the mountains until  you reach an area where one of your group will warn of an avalanche.  USE rocks or boulders to stop the avalanche. Go south until the music  changes. PERCEPT the evil eagle flying towards Isengard. When you come  to a house, you have reached Haryiarn. Stay away from the northern  square because a mob of humans will order you to leave town. Walk  between the houses and mountains to protect yourself. In the  north-western house is Toryin the Lorist. Question him about EAGLES and  ROHAN. The west-middle house contains nothing. The south-west-middle  house has a silent shopkeep. The south-west house has four Dunlands who  dislike your kind and will attack you if you don?t leave. The  south-east house has a silent bartender in the dining room and four  fighters in the bedroom. The south-east-middle house has three Dunlands  who will attack if you don?t leave. The east-middle house contains  nothing. The north-east house has Sargulk the Spy in it. CHARISMA him  and question him about SARUMAN, EAGLES, and ORCS. You can either let  him escape or ATTACK him. To enter the egg cache east of the village  you need Gandalf to perform a COUNTERMAGIC spell. So, come back later  with Gandalf and, for now, exit the mountains by going south. PERCEPT  the lone crow. Defending Hornburg Now go back to Hornburg, the place which you were supposed to defend. In  Hornburg there is a dwarf called Flamebeard who will give you two sets  of chain-mail. EQUIP those who need it. In the armoury they will give  you what few weapons they have left. EQUIP those who need them. There  is also a Rohirrim in the bar who will feed you some ale and rations.  If you enter the south-west room, you will see a message saying the  battle has begun. Try to exit Hornburg. Fight off the two Dunarchs and  the six orcs. Then go to the bridge and kill all six uruks. Answer Yes  to defend the gatehouse and kill the five Dunlands and three Dunarchs.  Retreat to the Keep, enter, and USE Helm?s Horn. Exit once more and  refight the two Dunarchs and six orcs. In total, you fought twelve  orcs, seven Dunarchs, six uruks, and five Dunlands. Well done! You have  successfully defended Hornburg. Gandalf will join your party and tell  you that you must now meet Saruman. On the way you can COUNTERMAGIC or  !FELAGUND the magic cache and go north round the hairpin at the  mountain junction. You will then receive the word of power !GWAIHIR  which can transport you to Isengard, Edoras, Estemnet, or Helm?s Deep  instantly. Quite useful but you don?t have much time to use it. If, on  the path to Isengard, you meet a band of Dunarchs and Dunlands who want  an item of value, TRADE all you can. I never found the item they wanted  so maybe you should just avoid them. Isengard and Saruman?s Tower: In the walls of Isengard, to be accessed only from the inside, are  lookout posts. In them, going clockwise from the south, are: nothing,  four orcs, and broken junk. In Saruman?s Tower there are four humans  who you can ATTACK and then GET Saruman?s key from. Also there are  three humans guarding an elf cloak, a magic sword, and an elf brooch in  a seemingly empty room. EQUIP Eomer with the magic sword. Upstairs you  can learn READ, BRAWL, DARK LORE, DETECT TRAPS, and WIZARD LORE in the  library. There is also a human (saying his prayers?). Go upstairs once  more. !EDRO (open in elfish) the big locked doors and ATTACK the two  corrupt eagles inside. GET the two eagle eggs and the healing draught,  and notice you have learnt the word of power !MANWE. There are two  things you can do from here: 1. Go upstairs and where it refers you to  a paragraph, either CLIMB or say !MANWE. GET the palantir. 2. See  Saruman in the north-east room and COUNTERMAGIC his spell-binding  words. GET the palantir. You have now freed Edoras and the surrounding  kingdoms of the threat of the White Hand. But a more important quest  remains... Frodo in the Last Cave Go deeper Hey! Gollum?s gone! USE Sting or star ruby to cut through the  webs. Uh-oh! The Ringbearer is gone! And now Gollum attacks you! Now  you know why Gollum should be disarmed and Sam strengthened. Beat  Gollum- not too hard, and then USE the phial on Shelob. Head towards  your friend and listen to the orcs. Phew! Frodo?s just unconscious. But  he is being taken away by the orcs!


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