Grundislav Games

Walkthrough by Chrissie October 2018




Settings: Adjust music, voice & sound volumes. Choose subtitles. Change language & display. Access bloopers & concept art.

IN-GAME MENU Move cursor to top of screen to access: CASEBOOK. MAP. SETTINGS. SAVE. LOAD. QUIT.

Casebook: Refer to for a description of the current case & objectives. Click on individual headings under clues, suspects & documents for more details.

Map: Access this via the in-game menu or by exiting a location.

Saving: There are 50 save slots including one reserved for an autosave. The game autosaves each time you go to the map screen. You can delete or over-write a previous save but you will not be alerted when you have reached the save game capacity. You may inadvertently lose progress so it seems a good idea to number as well as name saves.

INTERFACE: This is a point & click game played entirely using the left mouse button. The cursor changes to a magnifying glass to look, a mouth to talk & a pointing hand to perform an action, exit an area or a close-up. Use the neutral arrow cursor to move the protagonist if needed.

There is no inventory. Items are either automatically used where needed or via a dialogue choice,


Lamplight City is a detective story set in an alternative ‘Victorian’ past where progress in each of the 5 cases (after the prologue) relies on following leads opened up mainly by talking to people. Equally these leads can be closed off by rude or undiplomatic responses (or actions) discouraging further co-operation. Responses to ‘take care with’ appear within a list displayed on the left below the active game-play screen.

If, after having investigated everything you’ve managed to close off enough leads to be left without a suspect, following your ‘sidekick’ Bill’s advice, you can declare the case unsolvable. This is not a dead end! In this event you will just move onto the next case.

Tip: Don’t be hasty to accuse a suspect, prompted by Bill or an objective in the casebook, if you think there’s more to investigate!

If you’re interested: Look out for the many references to the works of Edgar Allen Poe as well as aspects of his life.


A lot of the game within each Case, can be played in any order. This is just one way to get the best endings, but may not necessarily include everything there is to find & the many slight variations.

*Advice displayed like this indicates unwise choices that will close off leads, otherwise its ‘safe’ to choose any response.

I haven’t clarified it in the walkthrough, but it goes without saying that you should talk to characters about all subjects unless you’re absolutely sure you don’t need to. Be sure to eavesdrop on the gossip when you can!

Also, I haven’t mentioned everything there is to look at in the environments, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

Read at the end of the walkthrough examples of choices that close off leads that contribute to a case being unsolvable. I’ve also included some ending variatios but there may be more. ACHIEVEMENTS are not included as a full list can be found online.



CASE: Honor Among Thieves?

The game begins with Detective Miles Fordham & his partner William Leger travelling in a carriage. Choosing “BILL, WAKE UP, THE CARRAIGE IS ON FIRE!” can ‘reward’ you later on! Following that, either response will do.

Miles & Bill arrive outside the Hanbrook Flower Shop to investigate some burglaries.

Click on the door to enter the shop. Talk to Bill then click on the bell. Talk to the owner Cecilia Hanbrook.

You can, if you want, try repeatedly ringing the bell to get Mrs Hanbrook more & more irate....!.

CLUES: Missing Lilies / Points of Entry.

Click on the doorway to go upstairs. Look at the window to get a close-up. Look at the fire escape, latch & the gap above it.

CLUES: Window Gap / Upstairs Window

Go back down to the shop & click on one of the hanging plants to get a HOOK.

Return to the storeroom, look at the window & click on the gap. Miles pushes the hook through the gap from outside. Click & drag it to lift the latch.

CLUES: Experiment Results (Replaces Window Gap / Upstairs Window)

Talk to Bill.

Downstairs see Trevor Hastings arrive. Talk to him when you get the chance.

Click on the hanging plants to put back the basket of flowers.

Talk to Mrs Hanbrook again.


Talk to Bill again.

See Miles & Bill hiding in the storeroom.........Choose what to say and/or do.





CASE 1: A Premature Inhumation

Fordham Residence

Miles wakes up in his bedroom hearing the voice of his partner Bill. It doesn’t matter what responses you give. Leave the bedroom

Talk to Adelaide

Click on the newspaper dated Monday September 23, 1844 to read the articles.

Click on the message.

DOCUMENTS: Message from Upton

MAP: Fordham Residence / Rouen Coffee House.

Rouen Coffee House

Stand still near customers to eavesdrop on their conversations until you just hear Blah Blah.......

Talk to Constance Upton.

A woman pronounced dead apparently woke up in her coffin just prior to being interred. A man has been accused by the woman’s son of foul play. Upton believes the man is innocent.

MAP: DuPree Manor / Bow Street Gaol / 451 Compton St.

Fordham Residence

Click on the newspaper again & pay more attention to the ‘Gascogne Grand Dame Dies’ article to glean some info.

Laura DuPree married a banker Jean DuPree after being widowed twice. She has two children Andrew & Juliette by her 2nd husband Benjamin Montgomery.

Talk to Addy. Addy has several Gascogne Grand Dames as clients who thought highly of Madame DuPree.

Bow Street Gaol

Miles chats with Giles. The prisoner is due to be hanged the next morning without a trial.

Talk to Albert Martin. He’s romantically involved with Madame Dupree’s daughter Juliette Montgomery. He asks you to give his mother a message “St. Roch’s dog is barking”.

MAP: University of New Bretagne

451 Compton St

Click on the door & relay to Sabine Martin the message from Albert. She invites you into her home.

Talk to her to learn that she’s a voodoo queen but only practises the religion for the purpose of healing & life.


When she goes to make tea *DON’T leave.

Click on the curtain to glimpse her back room.

If you choose to ask Sabine about her back room *DON’T press her further!

Dupree Manor


Click on Doctor Fellowes to talk to him. Go left to enter the main house.

CLUES: Dr Fellowes Testimony.

MAP: St. Denis Cemetery.


Andrew Montgomery greets you. Try talking to him.


Talk to Dr. Fellowes again.


Click on the dresser. Go into the room on the right.

‘Music Room’

Look at the harpsichord for a close-up of the keyboard to see that it can be played.

If you click on the notes High C then to the left F, G & C, Miles hears a tune that reminds him of his mother.

Also, you can look at & click on the cylindrograph to play some music.

Look at the workstation to get a close-up. Look at & click on the Vigor pills. Click on the tweezers.

Look at the book of pharmacology & take the piece of paper. Leave the room & click on the door to enter the next room.

CLUES: Dr. Tennyson’s Vigor Pills / Tweezers.

DOCUMENTS: Letter to Andrew.

Juliette’s Room

Look at the papers on the desk to get a note with a key attached.

Click on the chest to find it locked. Leave this room & click on the end door.

DOCUMENTS: Landlady’s Note

MAP: 76 Forest Lane

Laura DuPree’s Room

Look at the bookshelf & then at the note on the wall to see a musical score for The C Scale. Read the poems on the desk if you want. Look at the drawers to search & get part of a letter.

DOCUMENTS: Torn Letter.

76 Forest Lane

Look at the experiment desk to get a close-up. Read the notes on the wall.

Click on the red button...........Look at the flies.

Notice that that there are 2 books missing from the neat bookcase.

St. Denis Cemetery

Talk to the Police Officer outside the tomb. He won’t let you in whatever you say.

Rouen Coffee House

Talk to Upton. Choose Review Case to ask about the Cemetery Officer.

Fordham Residence

Talk to Addy & ask her to distract the officer.

St. Denis Cemetery

See Addy trying to lure Officer Grant away from the tomb...........& get what he deserves!

Enter the tomb. Look at & click on the angel statue.

CLUES: Home-made Vigor Pills.

University of New Bretagne

Talk to Juliette. *DON’T tell her you found a spare key in her room!

Juliette is friendly with the servants in the family home especially the kitchen maid who has been around a long time.

Juliette’s not sure of Albert’s innocence as he hated her mother & she herself wasn’t on the best of terms with her.

Juliette tells you that she hasn’t tested her aethericity experiment on anything larger than flies.

Bow Street Gaol

Talk to Albert. He confirms his hatred of Madame DuPree & also the conflict between Juliette & her mother.

DuPree Manor



Talk to Andrew about Vigor Pills. *DON’T threaten to arrest him. Choose either of the other 2 responses.

Continue talking to Andrew.

He found his mother collapsed on the floor.

He mentions his stepfather Jean & is critical of his absence.

He believes Albert is guilty because Albert’s mother is a “voodoo witch”.

The parrot’s name is Ray & was taught some new phrases by his mother.

If you didn’t visit Albert Martin before talking to Andrew, the university location will now appear on the map.



Talk to Amelie. *DON’T tell her you’re a private investigator.

The only other servant is the new gardener Marcel whom she hasn’t seen since before Madame’s incident.

She doesn’t know Albert Martin.

Jean DuPree is scared of Madame DuPree.

She tells you about the old gardener Guy Dumas & a maid Celine.

Amelie tells you how Madame DuPree treats her servants.

Look at the spices on the shelf.

CLUES: Amelie’s Testimony.

Laura DuPree’s Room.

Look at the bookcase & click on the red book.

CLUES: Bloody Whip.


Talk to Andrew about Guy & Celine.

University of New Bretagne

Talk to Juliette. Guy came to see her last week to borrow some books. According to Juliette’s mother Celine had found work elsewhere.

MAP: Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge


Click on the cabinet to get a letter. Click on the gun rack to trigger Jean’s return to the lodge.

Talk to Jean. *DON’T tell him he’s afraid of his own shadow.

CLUES: *Madame DuPree’s Cruelty.

DOCUMENTS: Letter to Jean

University of New Bretagne

Talk to Juliette about the letter to Jean.

CLUES: Juliette’s Testimony

SUSPECTS: Juliette Montgomery.

St Denis Cemetery

Enter the tomb & click on Celine’s crypt to get a close-up. Look at the paper & click on it. Use the tweezers to click & drag out the paper. Read the note & see a partial address on the reverse.


Rouen Coffee House

Talk to Upton & choose Review Case to ask about the note.

MAP: Hotel (The name is variable)


Automatically knock on the hotel room door.

It doesn’t matter what approach you take.

Talk to Guy.

DuPree Manor


Talk to the parrot choosing the sentence “A perfect servant must behave”.

The parrot responds with “Me sofa, Ray! In the middle, see.”

Laura Dupree’s Room

Look at the note on the wall

Jot down the notes that correspond to mi(Me), so, fa & re(Ray) on The C Scale.

‘Music Room’

Look at the harpsichord. In the close-up, going right from middle C (In the middle, see) click on the notes E, G, F & D............................


Talk to Guy.

DOCUMENTS: Guy’s Confession.

CASEBOOK: 8 CLUES / 7 DOCUMENTS / 2 (*3) SUSPECTS (See info for Case 1 at the end)

Rouen Coffee House


Talk to Upton to Wrap Up the case.


If appropriate, see a scene in the hotel room of Miles talking to Guy.

..........WATCH THE ARREST..........

Fordham Residence

Chat with Bill. Use any response.

Addy hears you as she arrives home. Make any excuse!



CASE 2: The Purloined Protogeny


Fordham Residence

Addy is reading the paper. After some discussion, you get to choose (for fun) what alternative name you would give the Reddites. Go to the bedroom.

Hear knocking at the front door. Addy will deal with that so click on the nightstand to take the soporific.

Leave the bedroom when Addy calls you & read the message.

DOCUMENTS: Message from Upton

MAP: Fordham Residence / Rouen Coffee House

Rouen Coffee House

Talk to Upton. She wants you to investigate an infant kidnapping which the family want to keep low key.

MAP: Harris Residence

Harris Residence

After being announced by the butler Mr Havelock, you are greeted by Malcolm Harris.


Look at the broken window for a close-up. Look at the broken glass then look at & click on the torn fabric.........oh........oh dear...........time to call it a night!

Exit the nursery .........leave the house.............

CLUES: Torn Fabric

Fordham Residence

Wake up sitting in the chair.

Addy tells you she has a client with her. Leave the bedroom.

When Mrs Delacroix comments you can give ANY response!

Click on the newspaper dated Wednesday October 9th, 1844 to read the articles.

Click on the door to leave. Kiss Addy if you want.

Harris Residence

Bill talks to you en route to the Harris’s home. Choose any responses.


Bill makes an observation about Mr & Mrs Harris.

Look at the crib to get a close-up then look at & click on the button. Leave the nursery.

CLUES: Loose Button

Talk to Malcolm & then talk to Miriam. She tells you that the baby disappeared between 6.00 & 8.00. Miriam came home at about 8.30, Malcolm at 9.00.


Look at & click on the dresser to see a letter.

Look at & click on the clothes pile at the end of the bed to find a handwritten note.

Look at the wardrobe to get a close-up of the interior, click on the coats & jackets to get part of a betting slip. Leave the bedroom.

CLUES: Torn Betting Stubs

DOCUMENTS: Letter from Arthur Devins / Handwritten Note.

Talk to Malcolm. The letter from Devins is intended for his father. Devin’s sends one every week along with a bag of chicken bones & dust. Arthur Devins is leading a protest outside his father’s shipyard.

Malcolm prefers to discuss the betting stubs more privately & goes into the nursery.

Before you follow him talk to Miriam. The baby was taken while she & Malcolm were out. She found the nanny unconscious on her return.

Now is the only chance, while Malcolm is in the nursery, to ask Miriam about the handwritten note. It’s from Roland, a pianist who plays in various clubs. Miriam tells you about her marriage.


*DON’T leave before talking to Malcolm in the nursery.


Talk to Mr Harris about the betting stubs, He’s a gambler. He’s in financial trouble & has used a lending agency.

MAP: Harris Construction Yard / Mrs Davis’ Quarters / Lending Office.

Lending Office

Talk to Chester LeFay.

Malcolm Harris was lent over 500 crowns which he hasn’t paid back yet.

LeFay uses legal means to reclaim unpaid loans

LeFay recognises the torn fabric & shows you his jacket.

In the close-up study the front then use the arrows on the left/right of the screen to look at the back. Click CLOSE to exit the view.

LeFay saw Malcolm wearing a similar jacket.

CLUES: LeFay’s Testimony / Common Jacket

Harris Residence


Click on the wardrobe. In the close-up, click on the coats & jackets to find Malcolm’s jacket. Examine the front, & then the back to see a tear. Exit the bedroom

Talk to Mr Harris.

SUSPECTS: Malcolm Harris

Fordham Residence

Talk to Addy. She tells you about Roland.

MAP: The Crimson Cat

The Crimson Cat

Talk to the young man, Roland Devereux. Charming!

Harris Construction Yard

Talk to the protest leader,

He, Arthur Devins has only got an issue with Clyde Harris (Malcolm’s father) & didn’t know Clyde had a grandson.

Devins prefers more peaceful methods of protest than those used by the Reddites.

Mrs Davis’ Quarters

Talk to Mrs Davis.

After having a cup of in the nursery at 8.30 she passed out & was woken up by Mrs Harris at about 10.30. Different to the times given by Mrs Harris!

The button is the eye of a stuffed bear. Barney was given to her by a friend Linda for the baby Charles.

She doesn’t know where Linda lives & only ever meets her at The Spectre Society.

Look at the portrait & ask Mrs Davis about it.

It’s of her late husband Jonathan. He used to accompany her to The Spectre Society meetings.

CLUES: Mrs Davis’s Testimony

MAP: The Spectre Society

The Spectre Society

Click on the door.

Say that you’re interested in joining The Spectre Society.

*DON’T say you think she might be insane.

When you’re asked for a sponsor, ask what’s required. Often former members who have passed on are named as sponsors.

Choose Jonathan Davis as a sponsor.

Talk to Angela Maxwell.


You can choose to tell her about Bill if you want. Don’t listen to him!

Linda Walker was interested in her books on clairvoyance & metempsychosis.

Henrietta (Mrs Davis) & Linda leave notes for each other in the guestbook.

To find out more about Linda’s past tell Angela that knowing more about Linda could help find a missing child.

*DON’T accuse her of being afraid of the spirits telling on her.

Look at the guestbook. See a note from Henrietta to Linda about her visiting the manor next week.

Look at & read the books. Note the reference found in ‘Voodoo in New Bretagne’ to chicken bones & graveyard dust.

CLUES: Linda Walker’s Tragic Past

Mrs Davis’ Quarters

Mrs Davis tells you that The Harris’s have received a ransom note.

Talk to Mrs Davis. Linda visited her 2 nights ago. Linda works as a seamstress..

Harris Residence

Malcolm gives you the note. The writing matches that of Arthur Devins.

DOCUMENTS: Ransom Note

Harris Construction Yard

Talk to Arthur Devins about the ransom note, then the chicken bones & dust.

SUSPECTS: Arthur Devins

Rouen Coffee House

Stand still near customers to eavesdrop on their conversations until you just hear Blah Blah.......

Talk to Upton to Review Case. Ask her about the torn fabric & emblem.

MAP: Solomon Stitching.

Solomon Stitching

Talk to Jonah Solomon.

To get Linda’s address tell him that her son & yours were schoolmates.

MAP: Walker Residence

Walker Residence

Look at the mailbox then click on the door at the top of the steps.

Click on the lower door & talk to Douglas Emefiele.

Linda Walker’s away for a few days. He has a spare key so he can water her plants. He won’t let you have the key.

His boiler has broken & he has no hot water

Look at the boiler for a close-up. You need some help.

Fordham Residence


Talk to Addy about boiler repair.

Walker Residence

You can choose to let Addy fix the boiler.

If you want to try yourself Addy will give you instructions.

Fix the boiler

Open the fire box door on the left to see the coal, lighter & flu.

Open the engine hatch to see a small gauge & a starter valve to the left of it.

Click on the large pressure valve at the top of boiler to make sure it’s shut off by turning it completely to the left (if it isn’t already).

Click on the lighter to ignite the coal.

Click on the flu to open it.

Click on the fire box door to close it & allow steam to build up.

Click on the pressure valve at the top & open it up by turning it to the right taking care that the pointer doesn’t move into the red part of the gauge.

Balance the pressure by clicking on 1 or more of the 3 small valves to get a reading of 3 on the gauge.

Click on the starter valve.

*If the boiler explodes this lead will be closed off.

(To get a reading of 3 open the pressure valve by moving it to the right only once. Click on the top 2 smaller valves).

Click on the landlord’s door to tell him you’ve fixed the boiler.

He accompanies you to Linda Walker’s apartment.

Linda Walker’s Apartment

Look at the notes on the right wall.

Click on the trash pile on the floor. Click & drag the items aside & look at the receipt.

Look at & click on the wallpaper bulge on the far wall. Read the journal.

CLUES: Linda’s Notes about Plants / Linda Walker’s Location / Linda Walker’s Journal.

Mrs Davis’ Quarters

Talk to Mrs Davis about tea.

SUSPECTS: Linda Walker


Rouen Coffee House


Talk to Upton to Wrap Up the case.

..........WATCH THE ARREST..........

Fordham Residence

Miles & Bill chat.

The Fallen Angel

Miles & Patrick chat. Choose any response.

On the way home see a shadowy figure. If you don’t initiate conversation he will talk to you anyway. Choose any response..........

CASE 3: Burning Desires

Fordham Residence

Wake up sitting in the chair again. Leave the bedroom.

Choose any response to find out how you behaved the night before. Give any reassurance to Addy that it won’t happen again.

Click on the message to read it.

Click on the newspaper dated Friday October 11th, 1844 to read the relevant article as well as the others.

Talk to Addy. *She’s reading the concluding part of a story called The Dissembling Mechanism published in the Brentwell Magazine.

Some of Addy’s clients knew Desiree & used to gossip about her. She was apparently a ‘tippler’.

You can compliment Addy once if you want but take Bill’s advice & *DON’T compliment her again.

DOCUMENTS: Message from Upton

MAP: Fordham Residence / 840 Wright Way

840 Wright Way

You meet Officer Caine, Officer Parsons & Chief Snelling.

Insult Chief Snelling as much as you like! After he leaves, talk to Caine first & then Parsons. Neither of them will talk about Desiree Lathan but you learn that Parsons would like to be a detective.

Look at the letter on the table next to the coat rack.

MAP: Police Station / Gascogne Supper Club.

Gascogne Supper Club

Look at & click on the tankard to pick it up.

Talk to the woman to find out her name is Charlotte Robineaux. She knew Desiree but hasn’t had anything to do with her lately. She mentions Desiree’s drinking.

Compliment her about her hair to find out that she has an appointment with Adelaide that afternoon.

CLUES: Pewter Tankard

Police Station

Talk to Upton. She can’t help you with this case but tells you that Parsons would probably abandon his post to prove his investigative skills elsewhere.

Upton has 3 unassigned crimes to solve.

Ask more about each of them then choose one to be presented to Parsons. If he’s interested he will be absent from Desiree’s home when you visit otherwise go back to Upton & choose a different crime.

840 Wright Way

Looks like Parsons took the bait to investigate the reported gunshot.

Talk to Officer Caine. Choose any response. He will allow you to take a look at the crime scene.


Look at the portrait of Miss Lathan to see that it was painted this year.

Look at the waste bin & read the crumpled letters.

Look at the typewriter to see an article Miss Lathan was working on.

Look at the burned remains to get a close-up. Look at & click on the ashes to automatically collect a sample in the pewter mug.

Examine the rest of the body.

Exit the close-up & look at the ash pile under the bed to get a small piece of cloth with an oily residue on it.

Look at the nightstand to get a letter regarding Miss Lathan’s will.

CLUES: Desiree’s Ashes / Burned Cloth

DOCUMENTS: Crumpled Letter #1 / Crumpled Letter #2 / Half-Written Article / Letter From Jonas Usher.

MAP: Brentwell Magazine / Usher & Price.

Usher & Price


Talk to the secretary. You need proof of Desiree’s death. *DON’T show him Desiree’s ashes!

As you now realise the ashes really stink there’s some amusement to be had in visiting other locations, if you want, before taking them to the morgue.

Police Station

Talk to Upton about mortuary access. Click on the doorway to the left.


Talk to Dr. Edwards. He takes the ashes from you.

As he hasn’t got time you have to do the analysis of the burned cloth yourself.

Click on the workbench

After the oily residue has been placed in the Petri dish, click on the chemical reagent in the red container. The colour of the sample changes to orange.

Click on each of the test tubes in turn followed by the chemical reagent to test the coal oil, kerosene & whale oil.

Brentwell Magazine

Talk to Alan Brentwell.

Desiree had an idea for an article about spontaneous human combustion. He gave her a contact to help with the research.

MAP: The Spectre Society

The Spectre Society

Talk to Angela Maxwell. Desiree visited her last week to look at her library.

Look at the bookcase & click on ‘The Mysteries of Spontaneous Combustion’ to read it.

CLUES: Angela Maxwell’s Testimony

Gascogne Supper Club

Talk to Charlotte Robineaux about Peter Andrews.

MAP: Bank of Vespuccia

Bank of Vespuccia

Be greeted by Mr Dupree.

Talk to Peter Andrews. He’s the bank manager.

His wife Peggy (Margaret) was aware of him sending letters to Desiree.

MAP: Andrews Residence

Andrews Residence

Talk to Margaret.

She didn’t think highly of Desiree & described her as a miserable drunk. Margaret had never met her.

Margaret loves her cats & used to have a wonderful cat called Tobias. It seems worth finding out a little more about Tobias’s fate.

Bank of Vespuccia

Ask Mr Andrew about Tobias.

Police Station

Ask Upton about Mrs Andrews to discover her history.

SUSPECTS: Margaret Andrews


Talk to Dr. Edwards about the ash analysis.

DOCUMENTS: Coroner’s Report – D. Lathan

Usher & Price

Talk to the secretary. Tell him you have a document for Mr Usher.

Show the coroner’s report to the secretary.

Click on Usher’s door to enter his office.

Click on the wash basin to wash your hands & then talk to Jonas Usher.

Desiree changed the beneficiary in her will about 4 months ago.

Use any dialogue choice to get Usher to name the new beneficiary. Threaten to sneeze on him if you want!

CLUES: Lathan’s Changed Will

MAP: DeVay’s Residence

DeVay’s Residence

Talk to the ‘homeless’ man Herman Shaw.

He was bribed to join in with Devin’s protest outside the Harris’s shipyard.

DeVay lives with him but often sleeps at his place of work. Herman doesn’t know where that is.

Fordham Residence


Remembering that Addy has an appointment with her later & that her clients like to gossip, talk to her about Charlotte Robineaux *DON’T compliment her again or Addy won’t help. She also won’t help if you ‘complimented her again’ earlier.

Tell Addy what you would like to know.

Charlotte’s Home

As Addy, talk to Charlotte.

Desiree & Charlotte were very good friends. After Charlotte got married Desiree stopped speaking to her.

Desiree wanted her portrait painted & found Roger DeVay.

She gave him an extra key to her apartment.

He works at the university.

Back home Addy finishes giving you the info she has gleaned.

MAP: University of New Bretagne

University of New Bretagne

Look at & click on the supplies to take a sample of linseed oil.

Talk to Roger DeVay.

He was introduced to Desiree at a party & painted her portrait as a gift.

He didn’t know that she had changed her will.

CLUES: Linseed Oil

Police Station


Click on the workbench.

The linseed oil automatically appears in the right test tube. Click on it to place it in the Petri dish. Click on the chemical reagent. The colour is a match for the residue on the burned cloth.

Talk to Dr. Edwards about Linseed oil.

CLUES: Linseed Oil updated.


DeVay’s Residence

Talk to Herman about Roger’s art.




Police Station


Talk to Upton to Wrap Up the case.


..........WATCH THE ARREST..........

(If appropriate)


Fordham Residence

Talk to Addy & make any excuse to get out of the arrangement.

The Fallen Angel

You chat with Patrick. *Tell him about the story you were reading earlier by choosing the plot elements. This scene will only trigger if you talked to Addy earlier & found out what she was reading.

Fordham Residence

Addy is already home.......

It doesn’t matter what you say.......

Upton’s Apartment

Upton lets you in after answering your knock on the door.


Polling Station

Talk to the voting assistant. Click on the voting booth & choose your candidate. Your choice will be reflected in future conversations.

CASE 4: The Good Man

Upton’s Apartment

Click on the front door to answer the knock.

Mrs Emily Morgan introduces herself. Her brother Ronan L’Espaye was murdered a 4 nights ago & she wants you to investigate.

Click on the newspaper dated Tuesday October 22nd, 1844 to read the articles

CLUES: Photo of Ronan

MAP: Upton’s Apartment / The Silent Raven / Morgan Bakery

Morgan Bakery

You may recognise the red-headed man who leaves the shop (Mr Charez) as one of Arthur Devin’s protesters.

Talk to Emily Morgan to get more information about Ronan.

MAP: Ronan’s apartment / Gripsholm Taxidermy Shop / Police Station

Ronan’s Apartment

Look at & click on the masks to find a key.

Click on the desk for a close-up.

Look at & click on the letters in the compartments. Click on the drawer to see a dated letter from ‘Jimbo’.

Look at & click on the journal & read the July 8th entries for the previous & present years.

Look at the bookcase. In the close-up click on the books but the only one you can read is ‘Secret Customs of the Orient’.

CLUES: Small Gold Key

DOCUMENTS: Letter From Landlord 1 / Letter From Landlord 2 / Letter From Emily / Letter From Jimbo

MAP: The Crimson Cat

Gripsholm Taxidermy Shop

Talk to the clerk.

Ronan kept to himself.

The clerk noticed a strange man hanging about outside the shop a few days ago.

CLUES: Description Of Strange Man (1)

The Silent Raven

Search the area outside. Look at the drain & then the water in the close-up. There seems to be something resting at the bottom.

Look at the bolt.

Go into the bar & talk to the barmaid.

The bar was very busy on the night of the murder as it was used as a polling place. The barmaid remembers 3 of the regulars that were there. She tells you where you might find 2 of them.

MAP: Opium Den / Water Treatment Station

Water Treatment Station

Talk to the sewer worker.

Cormac saw Ronan on election night. He looked drunk. He came into the bar & voted.

He heard a gunshot. ONE shot.

Cormac does odd jobs for Nicole, the barmaid, in exchange for cheap drinks.

He saw someone fitting the description of the strange man talking to Nicole the barmaid. You need to have talked to the taxidermy shop clerk first.

Ask him about the storm drain. Tell him there may be evidence at the bottom.

CLUES: Cormac’s Testimony

The Silent Raven

After Cormac removes the drain cover, look at the drain. In the close-up, click on the water to retrieve a gun.

CLUES: Pistol

In the bar, talk to the barmaid. The strange man paid her a few crowns to keep quiet about seeing him. She gives details of a distinguishing mark.

CLUES: Description of Strange Man (2) updated

Opium Den


Click on the door. Hear a woman asking you what you want..

*DON’T tell her you’re a private investigator!

Say that you’re interested in ‘riding the dragon’. Make sure you’ve looked at the book in Ronan’s apartment.

Talk to Darius.

He doesn’t recognise Ronan.

He heard a gunshot & a man shouting ‘Priscilla’.

Singin’ Tom also visits the Opium Den.

Darius describes a strange man he saw outside the Silent Raven.

CLUES: Darius’s Testimony / Description of Strange Man (3) updated

MAP: St Denis Cathedral

Police Station


Talk to Dr Edwards.

Ronan was shot at close range. Dr. Edwards retrieved the bullet from the body. Robbery wasn’t a motive.

The gun from the storm drain is a match for the bullet. The gun is engraved with initials which could be those of either the owner or the gun manufacturer.

CLUES: Post Mortem Results

Talk to Upton. Using the info from the taxidermy shop clerk, the barmaid & Darius, give Upton a description of the strange man: Tall and Large. Red Hair. A distinctive scar.

Upton puts out a bulletin & gets an immediate response from Giles.

Talk to Upton to find out what Harvey Presser was arrested for.

MAP: Bow Street Gaol / Presser Residence

Presser Residence


When Mrs Presser opens the door *DON’T tell her you want to borrow a cup of sugar.

Talk to Mrs Presser. Harvey is a travelling salesman which takes him out of town for a few days at a time.

Bow Street Gaol

After the chat with Giles, talk to Harvey Presser.

You learn how & why Ronan L’Espaye came to be in that part of the city, drunk & wearing clothes that weren’t his. You need to visit Mrs Presser first to get this info.

The Crimson Cat

Talk to the sailor at the bar. He’s known as Jimbo. Ronan stopped speaking to him about a month ago. Jimbo’s real name is James Bogroff. The S.S. Priscilla is the name of his ship.

If you have all of the descriptions of the strange man Bill makes a comment.

SUSPECTS: James ‘Jimbo’ Bogroff

St Denis Cathedral

Look at the candles. Look at them again in the close-up & blow them all out!

Talk to Tom Puffin.

While he’s out of the way attending to the prayer candles, click on the chest to find a letter addressed to Ned.

Talk to Tom. Ned is his nephew.

DOCUMENTS: Letter to Ned

MAP: Ned’s Residence

Ned’s Residence


Talk to Ned Bunkerage Ned works as a clerk at The Bank of Vespuccia.

Priscilla Poundstone is Ned’s ladylove. It’s an arranged liaison but he hasn’t met Priscilla yet.

Ask about Tom’s address. *DON’T say you just want to look at his things!

Priscilla sends him one letter a week & his uncle acts as a courier.

Click on the shelf to read the letter. The handwriting is different to the one in Tom’s chest.

Talk to Ned again about Tom’s address & tell him you suspect something.

He gives you Tom’s address & a spare key.

DOCUMENTS: Letter From Priscilla

MAP: Puffin’s Residence

Puffin’s Residence

Look at the statue then at the scratches on the floor next to it.

Click on the statue to retrieve a letter & a box with its content missing. Look at the box again to see the name of the manufacturer.

DOCUMENTS: Ned’s Letter.

Police Station


Talk to Dr. Edwards about the effects of opium.

CLUES: Effects of Opium

SUSPECTS: Tom Puffin


Morgan’s Bakery


Talk to Emily Morgan to Wrap Up the case.

Police Station

Talk to Upton

..........WATCH THE ARREST..........



The Fallen Angel

You chat with Patrick.

*Choose to visit Adelaide or go back to Upton’s.

Fordham Residence (if you choose to visit Adelaide)

Be careful with your dialogue choices here.

*DON’T tell her that you’ve decided to forgive her!

*DON’T avoid telling her the truth

CASE 5: The Justice Killer


Upton’s Apartment

Upton enters her apartment & wakes you up.

She tells you about another murder that fits the modus operandi of the Justice Killer. This time the victim, Percival McDonaugh, is a member of parliament.

Upton presents a series of police sketches of the 4 previous murder scenes. It doesn’t matter how she got them.

Look at the sketches to see the scenes. In each one, look at the body, the writing & the flower.


Talk to Upton & tell her you believe you’ve found a connection. The flower in each scene.

Continue talking to Upton. She gives you copies of the police reports of the 4 previous victims.

Hear a knock on the door. It’s Chief Snelling.

*DON’T say that you told Upton it was wrong to take those sketches.

When Snelling gives you a chance to say something in your defence

*DON’T say this is all Upton’s fault.

Snelling concedes to allowing you to operate as an assistant in the Case. He gives you until tomorrow to come up with something.

Click on each of the police reports in the casebook to read them.

Click on the newspaper dated Thursday October 24th, 1844 to read the articles.

DOCUMENTS: Police Report Hannibal Kirkland / Police Report: Reggie Willingham / Police Report: Ennis Bowditch / Police Report: Burley Cause

MAP: Upton’s Apartment / Houses of Parliament / Police Station / Thorebum Ironworks / Bridge Construction Site / Central Lamp Depot / Coulson Cab Depot

Houses of Parliament

Look at the books to the left in the bookcase to see that they’re on cryptography.

Look at the calendar on the desk. Look at it again in the close-up. Look at the torn page.

Talk to Dr Edwards.

In response to one of your questions he tells you that if you want to get into the psychology stuff you’re better off asking someone like Snelling.

He hands over a blank piece of paper found on the body.

He lends you a pencil.

Look at the calendar again & click on it to use the pencil.

Click & drag the pencil to reveal 2 names Ruby & T. Shackley.

CLUES: Blank Paper

MAP: McDonaugh’s Residence

McDonaugh’s Residence

Talk to Mrs NcDonaugh. When you mention cryptography, she tells you about the secret notes Percival used to send her,

Click on the fireplace & heat up the blank paper. You can also heat it up on the coffee machine in the cafe or the heater in the employee area of Thorebum Ironworks.

Talk to Mrs McDonaugh again.

CLUES: Mrs McDonaugh’s Testimony (Replaces the Blank Paper)

DOCUMENTS: Percival McDonaugh’s Letter

Police Station

Talk to Chief Reginald Snelling.

He tells you about Linda Walker’s trial. (If you accused her in Case 2).

MAP: New Bretagne Courthouse

New Bretagne Courthouse

You learn something very interesting about Linda’s friend who helped her with the sleeping potion she used on Mrs Davis.

CLUES: Linda Walker’s Testimony

Thorebum Ironworks

Look at & click on the iron mill to see it ruined.

Talk to the foreman Sanford Mims. He won’t answer your questions about Hannibal Kirkland unless you find the Reddite responsible for the sabotage.

Central Lamp Depot

Watch the experiment using aethericity.

Talk to the engineer. He gives you Burley Cause’s address.

He gives you a threatening letter signed with the sender’s initials. To get the letter you need to have talked to Mims at the ironworks first.

DOCUMENTS: Letter from the Reddites

MAP: Burley Cause’s Apartment

Coulson Cab Depot

Talk to Herman. (He’ll be labelled ‘cab driver’ if you weren’t able to access DeVay’s Residence in Case 3).

He tells you about Reggie Willingham.

Bridge Construction Site

Talk to the construction worker. You learn that he’s Amelie’s brother Gerard. He tells you about Ennis Bowditch & where his other job is. (If you didn’t arrest Madame Dupree in Case 1, he’s not so friendly & only tells you where to find Bowditch’s woman).

MAP: Rouen Coffee House / Gascogne Docks

Rouen coffee House

Stand still near the customers to eavesdrop on their conversations until you just hear Blah Blah.......

Talk to the serving girl.

She tells you a little about Ennis Bowditch. She mentions her friend Ruby.

Burley Cause’s Apartment

Look at the plaques to read the apartment numbers.

Click on the door of apartment 2A. No answer.

Click on the door of apartment 2B.

Talk to Mrs Williamson. She wants you to get her husband Kurt to come home.

MAP: The Silent Raven

The Silent Raven

Stand still near the ladies to eavesdrop on their conversations until you just hear Blah Blah.......

Talk to the barmaid. You find out about the ejection policy.

Talk to Kurt. The easiest way to get Kurt to go home is to tell him that you weren’t honest with your wife.

If you use either of the other dialogue choices Kurt won’t budge so you’ll have to find another way!

Burley Cause’s Apartment

Click on the door of apartment 2B.

Ethel will tell you about a ridiculous song that Kurt will come home singing.

The Silent Raven

Talk to Kurt & ask him to sing.

While he’s singing complain to the barmaid.........that didn’t work.

Talk to Kurt to join in with him.........that DID work!

Burley Cause’s Apartment

Click on the door of apartment 2B.

Ethel will now talk to you about Burley Cause.

CLUES: Mrs Williamson’s Testimony

Police Station

Talk to Chief Snelling about the Reddites.

CLUES: List of Reddite Activity.

Upton’s Apartment

Look at the Reddite list. Click on each name to eliminate all but 3 of them.

Only one matches the initials on the threatening letter from the Reddites.

Make sure you have the letter from the lamp depot. *DON’T guess the name of the saboteur

MAP: Peyton Fergusson’s Residence / Lucian Donaldson’s Residence / Paris Wilson’s Residence

Peyton Fergusson’s Residence

See Miles checking-in Peyton Fergusson to Bow Street Gaol.

Thorebum Ironworks

Talk to Sanford Mims.

Employee area

Click on Kirklands cabinet to get a close-up of a dial. Leave the area

Talk to Mims. He gives you Kirklands reminder:

The Shipwreck

The Red & White

The Sign

Note the number in the bottom left corner of the large red & white placard.

DOCUMENTS: Kirkland’s Combination Reminder.

Employee area

Note the number on the picture of the shipwreck.

Look at the sign next to the showers to see another number indicated in the top right corner.

Click on Kirkland’s cabinet & enter the numbers on the dial, from left to right in the order stated on the reminder. (The numbers are random)

The cabinet opens.

CLUES: Gilded Lily Advertisement

MAP: The Gilded Lily.

The Gilded Lily

Talk to the Madame Serafina

Percival visited Ruby for the 1st time yesterday.

Click on the door.

Dressing room

Look at the painting. Lily 1909 – 1843.

Look at the shrine to get a close-up.

Look at & click on the locket & take the rolled up paper.

Talk to Ruby.

Serafina changed the name of the establishment in honour of Lily.

CLUES: Rolled Up Paper / Ruby’s Testament

Talk to Serafina. to find out what happened to Lily.

Lily had a sister who died 16 years ago.

Dressing room

Talk to Ruby again. Ask about Lily’s possessions.

Look at the box on the cabinet to see it in close-up. Click on the envelope.

Look at the buttons on the front of the box.

Numbering them from left to right 1, 2, 3, use the sequence on the rolled up paper to click on 3 – 1 – 3 – 2 – 2 – 1 – 3.

Find a 2 page letter.

DOCUMENTS: Letter From Detective Barnett / Bloody Letter Page 1 / Bloody Letter Page 2

Talk to Serafina

Rouen Coffee House

Talk to the serving girl (Annabelle).

CLUES: Serving Girl’s Testimony

Police Station

Talk to Chief Snelling about Lily Peterson. Request the case file on Lily’s sister.

Snelling needs some information.

The year the case was from: 1828. It’s 1844 & the sister died 16 years ago.

The detective assigned to the case: Lester Barnett. See the letter amongst Lily’s possessions..

The official cause of death: Strangulation. Serafina said she died at the hands of her husband..

Snelling hands you the reports.

You now know from the files the last name of the justice killer & from Linda Walker’s trial his first name.

DOCUMENTS: Collins Police Report Page 1 / Collins Police Report Page 2

Gascogne Docks

Talk to Trevor Hastings.

Click on the door of the shipping office. Talk to the manager about Ennis Bowditch & then Samuel Collins.

Ask for Samuel Collin’s address. Tell him you think he stole from one of his customer’s. You can safely try the other options if you want.

SUSPECTS: Samuel Collins

MAP: Samuel Collins’ Residence


Samuel Collins’ Residence

See Miles enter Samuels’s home.

Notice the portrait of Lily & the pots of Easter lilies.

Choose any responses during the 3 ‘altercations’ to learn more about Samuels’s motives & his unrelenting passion to pursue the course he believes is right.

(Aside: I wanted to ask Samuel why he didn’t leave an Easter lily at the houses of parliament. Was it because the other 4 men hurt prostitutes & Percival only hurt his wife?)








St. Denis Cemetery

Witness the touching scene of Miles saying goodbye.

*Whoever accompanies Miles & his plans for the future depend on choices made at the end of Case 4.

(N.B If you’re feeling a little teary, look closely at the headstone on the far right & read the epitaph!)

If you’re having difficulty choosing your parting words: WAKE UP, REFER TO THE PROLOGUE!



To declare a Case Unsolvable

Here are just some of the choices/decisions that contribute to eliminating all suspects in each of the Cases.


Ask Sabine Martin for tea. Leave without looking behind the curtain. *Pressing Sabine further about her backroom, if you look, will make Albert a suspect.

Anger Juliette by telling her you found her key in her room. She won’t be named as a suspect as she won’t elaborate on her aethericity experiment.

Threaten to report Andrew to the police.

Tell Amelie that you’re a private investigator.


Leave the Harris’s Residence instead of following Malcolm into the nursery.

Tell Angela Maxwell that you think she’s insane.

Insult Angela Maxwell, before looking at the books in the bookcase, by accusing her of being afraid of the spirits telling on her. You won’t discover the significance of the chicken bones & dust from her book.

Blow up the boiler outside Linda Walker’s Residence.


In Case 2 tell Angela Maxwell that you think she’s insane.

In Case 2 insult Angela Maxwell by accusing her of being afraid of the spirits telling on her.

In Case 1 accuse Juliette Montgomery of the attempted murder of her mother Laura Dupree.

Jean DuPree won’t allow you to remain in the bank to talk to Peter Andrews

Upset the secretary of Usher & Price by showing him Desiree’s Ashes.

Anger Addy by complimenting her again. You only need to do this once.


Tell the woman at the Opium Den you’re a private investigator & that you’re serious.

This closes off the lead to Singin’ Tom. The description of the strange man will be incomplete.

Some Ending Variations

At the end of Case 4 you will be left with a scene in the Riverview Asylum if you declare any 2 of Cases 1 -4 unsolvable.

During Case 5 you will be left with a scene in Bow Street Gaol if:

You blame Upton when Snelling asks about the sketches.

You get beaten up by visiting the wrong Reddite.

At the end of Case 5 The Justice Killer will confront Miles in Upton’s apartment if:

Mrs DuPree is not arrested at the end of Case 1.



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