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Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

When the game is launched for the first time a choice of resolution is presented. Choose 1280x960 (old monitors) or 1280x720 (widescreen). Note that the saved games of those resolutions are not compatible.

Before the game starts; see a game setting selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and antialiasing choices. The sound has a choice of the sound device.

The main menu: begin (starts a new game), continue, load, save, options and quit.

Options has a selection for subtitles and sound descriptions.

In game screen, move the cursor to the top to see the menu link-spider.

Bring the cursor to the bottom of screen to show the inventory. Right click of an item to hear a description of the item.

Double click the destination cursor speeds up the transition to the next screen.

There are 12 saved game slots.


Maiden Square, Saxton:    Kids are playing in the square that has store booths.

Harbour Cottage:

Inside Harbour Cottage; Nigel Danvers is having a nap or a nightmare about the crown and the Agers. He is awakened by a knock on the door.

Go to the door and Nigel picks up a Halloween flyer at The Bear on the floor.

Another knock on the door is heard. Look through the glass window. No one is there. Ah - kids calling Trick or Treat.

Take the sweet and candy canes from the shelf.

Decision time:    Open the door. The kids sing the trick or treat song.

Select trick or treat. Choose Trick (for maximum points in the game).

If you choose Treat; Nigel gives the sweets and the kids ran off.

If you choose Trick; Nigel is egged.

Get cleaned up:    Go to the bathroom (left, down the hallway and first door at right).

Use the sink and Nigel washes up.

Look through the shelf right of sink and examine the items. Prowl gives Nigel a strong scent while the deodorant gives another kind of scent.

Take the wind away pills for heartburn and indigestion.

Exit and check the empty frames on the floor. We saw those gloomy prints at Lost Crown game.

Kitchen:    Go to the next room and see the night vision camera. It recorded a rat eating Nigel's pasties.

Look around the kitchen - food, stove and noodles.

Living room:    Look around. Check the chair, book Nigel was reading and mug. Check the book shelf.

Go to the door and exit the cottage. Check the poster and Saxton Harbour.

Maiden Square, Saxton:

See the kids playing and the booths. Talk to at the lady watching the booth at right.

The Bear:

Go right and look around. Check the cheese and have a drink. Eating cheese before drinking slows the digestion of alcohol.

Talk to the stationmaster-Frankenstein. Can I join the party? No mask - no entry.

Get a mask:    Go left to the square. Talk to the mask booth lady - Pam Tindle.

Sort the mask. Take the labels at center.

Select a label and click-hold-drop it on the corresponding mask.

Click a mask to hear a description of the mask. This will help sort the labels.

There are also drawings on some of the labels. Yes, this is getting somewhere.

Nigel selects the naughty devil mask.

Nigel's cap is now in inventory. The mask and cap can be worn interchangeably by clicking the item on Nigel's head.

The Bear's lower floor:

Go to the Bear at right and talk to Frankenstein-stationmaster to gain entry.

Nigel walks to the bar. Morgan the owner is busy.

Rhys:    Go left and talk to Rhys (owner of the Celtic Corner) and Mr. Tibbs, his cat.

Mr. Tibbs is having gaseous problem. Look close at Mr. Tibbs. Give him the 'wind away' taken from the bathroom. That did the trick.

Rhys leaves. Check the packet on the couch left by Rhys. Druid Fantasy, a semi (barely) legal high drug.

Library:    Look at cheese tray and get some cheese. Read the Saxton Times newspaper beside the cheese tray. Scroll down to read about the Halloween and Autumn Festival.

Check the fireplace. There are some straw men left of the fire. No need to throw it in the fire but if you do; see runes at the back of the fireplace.

Check the books behind the couch: Hedge Craft (herbs), Witchcraft (runes), Saxton History (Auldwulf and his 2 sons) and The Mind Beyond.

Bathrooms:    Go back to the right and exit through to the next room.

See a drunk talking to the skeleton on the women's bathroom.

Get some cocktail sausages from the tray on the table left of the drunken man.

Men's Bathroom:    Enter the men's bathroom and see 2 out of towners smoking e-cigarettes. There's a fuse box at right wall. Exit.

Backroom:    See the decorated backroom and more out of towners.

Outside:    Exit at top of screen. Look through the bathroom window.

Nigel listens to the out of towners. Nigel learns that Rhys is involved with legal highs. Go back inside.

Disco:    There's a poster for Musical statues at right. Go right to be at disco.

Sitting room:    Go back to the front room pass the bathroom and bar and be near the front door. Look around.

See the pin the tail on the black cat poster. It is part of the Halloween Triathlon.

George, the German shepherd of Nanny Noah guards the door. Talk to George.

Nanny Noah:    Now that all the other rooms on this floor have been checked, Nanny Noah is alone.

Talk to Nanny Noah. She tests Nigel on psychometry.

Psychometry:    This game can be done several times.

Click matching items to the pictures. The pictures are characters from the Lost Crown game.

The candle will light if the choice is correct. Nanny Noah names the pictures.

Man with the sailor cap/Walter Spivey - old coin.

Man with sickle/William Ager - Meggezones cough drops

Woman posed photo with hair decoration/Emily Travers - brooch

Man at the beach/Professor Hardacre - compass

Woman in front of store shelf/Katherine Karswell - spoon

Woman in torn picture/Christina Molina - scissors

A vicar/Evelyn the old rector - tuning fork

Fisherman with pipe/Old Willy - pipe

Man in bowler hat/Alister Farleigh - pen

Young girl/Verity - mousetrap

The Bear's upper floor:

George and the ghost:    George disappears. Hear him bark. Climb the stairs and see George.

Look through the keyhole of room 2. Move cursor; see something cross the screen.

George goes down.

Rooms:    Look through room 1 and room 3 keyholes. Nothing.

Check the 'Guess the Ghost' poster.

Check the Mankel family tree framed document.

Go down the hallway and check the 'boss' room keyhole. See a cat.

Go down. Talk to Nanny Noah completely. She warns of a dark something coming from across the seas.


Morgan Mankel:    Go to the bar and talk to Morgan.

Have a pint of something but Nigel doesn't have money.

Morgan talks privately with Nigel at the kitchen. The Bear is haunted. Nigel agrees to check for ghosts if he gets free drinks.

Back at the bar, ask to speak to Lucy.

Lucy:    Back at the kitchen, talk to Lucy. Nigel still dreams of Blackenrock.

Look around the kitchen. Check the pot on the stove.

See the work schedule, postcard, invoice, food hygiene rating and Lucy's note at right wall.

Lucy is free from 8-10 pm. Talk to Lucy again so that they can do a ghost-hunt when she's free.

Halloween Triathlon:

Exit the kitchen and talk to Frankie the stationmaster. Learn about Halloween Triathlon.

Play to win the triathlon.

Pin the tail on the Black Cat:     Talk to the stationmaster and select the game you want to play.

Look at the poster of the black cat and note where the tail is located.

The cursor is the tail. Click the cursor on the location of the noted tail. Very good!

This game can be done several times.

Musical statues:    Talk to the stationmaster and select the game you want to play.

At the disco, the stationmaster explains the rules. Dance and when the music stops - freeze. Dance immediately when the music starts.

Click on Nigel to start and stop him from dancing.

Dance to the tempo of the music - speed up or slow down. Click the dancing form on Nigel to change the dance tempo. Well done!

Guess the ghost:    Talk to the stationmaster and select the game you want to play.

In room 2, ask the ghost 3 questions. Are you local, female, old?

The ghost will nod or shake its head in response.

Weird interlude:    The ghost is local, male and over 60 years old.

Continue asking questions and the ghost says it's older than 100 years. Then the ghost disappears. Nigel needs his ghost hunting instruments now.

Nigel sees a strange man outside the window. The stationmaster knocks and thinks Nigel is seeing things.

Nanny Noah:    Go down and talk to Nanny Noah.

Guess the ghost part 2:    Talk to the stationmaster again. Finish this contest first.

The stationmaster explains the rules. Ask 3 questions and then name the ghost.

Rhys Branwen: male, owns local business and has a cat.

Morgan Mankle: female, owns local business and has a cat.

Lucy Reubans: female, ghost hunting and is a swot.

Nanny Noah: female, local and has a dog. Well done!

Ghost hunting time:

Get the gadgets:    Go back to Harbour Cottage. Use the key to enter the cottage.

Take the nite vision camera-camcorder from the kitchen.

Go upstairs to the bedroom.

Check the ghost hunting magazine on the bed and the owl given by Nanny Noah.

Get the EMF from the bottom drawer under the bed.

Open the wardrobe-cabinet. Examine the newspaper article about Nigel and Lucy's previous case. Look at the postcards.

Get the digital camera from the backpack.

Take the dictaphone from the desk.

Tack board:    Look at everything on the tack board left of the desk. It was Nigel's last case.

Case file:    Open inventory at bottom screen.

Examine the case file folder with ghost icon.

See picture of the room 2 ghost and the apparition outside the window.

Find the ghost:

Exit the cottage and go pass The Bear to be at the Harbor wall where the ghost appeared. Look around at the houses and the sceneries.

EMF:    Go to the end of the pier. The EMF is activated.

Use the EMF on the active areas. The ghost is still here.

Dictaphone:    Use the dictaphone on the active area.

Move the dictaphone until the green light reaches max; then stop to hear and automatically record. Quality - boarding - house.

Nite vision camera:    Use the camcorder on the scene. There is a time flux.

The original scene is automatically recorded.

Click on the original scene at top right to initiate the replay.

See new things appear and disappear on the present scene.

Click on 5 items that are not present in the original picture at the inset (lobsters, rum bottles and ship's wheel).

Ghost:    The ghost appears. Talk to the ghost.  man... kel... murdur... Mankle is name of the owners of The Bear.

Click on the bottle of rum.

Check the case file in inventory. Listen to the recordings and look at the pictures.

Morgan Mankle:

Look for Morgan at The Bear's bar. She is not there. Bob is covering the bar.

Check the boss room at end of the hall upstairs. See the ghost in the hallway.

Look through the keyhole of the boss room and see the ghost inside. Man...kel...

Look through the keyhole of room 2. Morgan is here. Cheese????

Look close and study the Mankel family tree document on the wall. Place the cursor at bottom of the document to see the rest of the names.

Morgan comes out of room 2. She doesn't like Rhys and his cat.

Talk to Morgan about everything and learn about the Mankel boarding house.

Ghost at room 2:

Enter room 2. Nigel feels a dark presence in the room. A witch might know.

Go down and talk to Nanny Noah, the local witch. Ask about dark presence block the investigation.

Nanny Noah recommends to boil bay leaves and sage. The vapors will clear the air.

Get herbs:    Enter the kitchen beside the black cat poster.

Ask Lucy about herbs. Take the old spice rack. Which one is which?

Click on the pan (handles) on the shelf above the stove. Get an old rusty pan.

Use the old rusty pan on the stove.

See the spice rack at left. Nigel does not know his herbs.

Exit the kitchen and go to the bookshelf behind the couch by the fireplace (across from the bar).

Read the Hedge Craft- spices at top left shelf. Read about bay leaf and sage.

Go back to the kitchen. Click on pot on stove.

Take bay leaves from top left jar. Place in pot.

Take sage leaves from middle bottom jar. Place in pot. There. Now to boil it up.

Automatically take the pot with boiled herbs.

Clear the air:    Go back to room 2 upstairs.

Place the pot with boiled herbs with the speakers at left. The dark presence leaves.


Lucy arrives to do the sťance with Nigel.

Can you communicate with me? Yes.

I mean you no harm.

Is there someone here?

Can you tell me your name? W. G.

What year is it? 1 7 8 5

W. G.? Yes.

William? Yes.

Are you trapped here? Yes.

Did you live here? No.

Did something happen to you here? M U R D E R

Morgan calls Lucy to get back to work.


Use the EMF on the room and it indicates there is still a presence.

Use the dictaphone. Move the dictaphone until the green light is at the max. Click and Nigel says it's scratching.

Use the nite vision camera on all sides of the room. At the covered armchair, click on the active spot on the floor right of chair to see bottles of booze. The ghost was intoxicated when he died.

Rhys is in trouble:

Go downstairs and then to the bar. See a policeman talking to Morgan. Nigel says that he should find Rhys.

Look around and see that Rhys is nowhere. The only place left is the women's bathroom.

Get rid of the drunk:     Click on the drunk. Nigel says some food might soak up the man's alcohol.

Apple bobbing:    Go to the bar and do the apple bobbing game.

Click on the sign. Within a minute, click on the apples that appear.

After 6 apples, win a voucher. Try to win a food voucher.

You can win a disco voucher, hamburger voucher or hot dog voucher.

Look for food:  

Revenge:    Go to the kitchen and get eggs from the right side work area.

Go to the square. Use the eggs on the kids that "tricked" Nigel.

Get food:    Give a food voucher to the lady at left booth.

Get food (hamburger or hotdog).

Go back to the drunken man by the bathroom. Give him one sandwich. If you have more than one, you can eat it (click it on Nigel).

Exit the area and then return. The man is gone.

Get rid of the drug dealer:   

Talk to Rhys about his connection to the guy peddling Druid Fantasy in the men's bathroom. Rhys asks Nigel to get him out of the problem.

If you haven't yet, go outside and listen to the guys through the window of the men's bathroom.

Wear the mask by clicking it on Nigel's head. Enter the men's bathroom.

Click the fuse box at right wall. This is the police. The dealer runs away. The policeman sees the man.

Talk to Rhys by the bathroom. He is happy to have his problem solved.

Find out about the murder:

Get as drunk as the ghost:    Go to the bar and ask Morgan for rum - same alcohol as the ghost.

Eat cheese first (from the tray by the fireplace, collected in inventory or during the bar dialogue).

Drink 3 consecutive orders of rum or leave room and then come back. Do these to get Nigel drunk.

If enough rum is consumed, see William's apparition by the stairs.

Find out what happened:    Go to room 2.

Use the nite vision camcorder on all walls. Learn about the night of the murder.

See a bunk bed like in a ship. Click on a scroll on the floor. Move the cursor left of the chair. Click on the unfired, loaded pistol. Nigel takes a picture of the scroll and the pistol.

Turn to the right wall. Move the cursor and see barrels.

Turn right to the other wall and read the writing on the wall. The bad man came to take my life. I died alone, no money, no wife.

Turn right to the door. Move cursor. Click on the right side of the room to see the old door.

Hear William talking to someone. William doesn't know the intruder. He mentions that this is a quality boarding house. William gurgles, chokes. I am... to marry...

Free William:

Click on the hole on the wall left of the window.

Nigel calls William. He is not here.

Exit The Bear. Go to the end of the Harbour wall.

Use the nite vision camera. Talk to William.

- An intruder, a killer entered your room.

- You were strangled, you were garroted.

- A cold blooded murder, fast and brutal.

- You were to marry on the morrow.

Hidden inside what?

Find William:    Go back to room 2's hole in the wall.

Click on the hole 3 times until Nigel says to break the wall with a claw hammer.

Go to the right and take the claw hammer from the table.

Use the claw hammer on wall.

Look and click on William's face and neck.

Take the scroll to get a pencil drawing of Jennifer.

Exit the room. Talk to Morgan.

Release William:    Go to the end of Harbour Wall.

Use the pencil drawing of Jennifer on the active spot at end of pier.

Nigel talks to William. William sees Jennifer and is freed.

Halloween Triathlon:

It's midnight! The stationmaster will announce the winner of the triathlon.

Nigel runs back and learns who won.

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