The Legend of Crystal Valley

By Cateia Games

Walkthrough by Chief  

March 2009



-Read the Help section on how to play this game.

-The ďEnterĒ key shows the hint spots on the screenplay. Use it often.

-Using the ďSpaceĒ  bar speeds up Eveís walking.

-To access the Inventory, right click the mouse.

-Talk to everybody and completely to get all the explanations about the story

 of the game.

Eve receives a mysterious letter from her father. She must explore Crystal Valley to reveal her familyís true identity.




Go to the house on the right. Take the bucket on the barrel.

Go to the water pump and click the bucket on the pump. Then click the pump to get a bucket full of water.


Enter the house. Have a look around the Hallway.

Go through the door on the left.


The Dining Room.


Approach the cupboard. Take the bottle of petroleum on the left of the statue of a knight. Take also the statue and the knife.

Back away and return to the Hallway. Go to the door on the right.


The Study.


Approach the family portrait. Click on the medallion: take the scroll behind the portrait. Itís a poem.

Step back and approach the desk. Take the Statue of the Moon beside the flower above the desk on the left.

Take the matches on the desk.

Step away and return to the hallway by going down screen.

Exit the house.


The Backyard.


Go to the left and then to the truck. Take the yellow lamp on the right.

Enter the door on the left. Itís too dark.

In Inventory, combine the bottle of petroleum with the lamp and then the lamp with the matches to get a working lamp.

Enter the door on the left.


Work Shed.


On the left, take the Statue of the Devil.  On the floor at right, pick up the flashlight.

Approach the closet at the end of the room. See a Statue of a Dragon and one of a Monster.


     Statue puzzle: in Inventory, read the poem by clicking on it twice. Place the statues according with the poem. 

 From top to bottom:

-in the middle of the top shelf: the Statue of the Moon (from Inventory)

-on the second shelf: on the left, place the Dragon; in the middle, the Statue of a Woman and on the right, the Monster.

-on the third shelf, the Knight.

-on the bottom, the Devil.


Hear a noise and see a strange hole on the left of the closet. Click on it.




The Cave.


Go forward to the cave hallway. See a small cage on the left with a skeleton inside. Forward again to a crossroad.


Right Cavern.


Go to the right and approach the cage: see a creature inside. Nothing much.

Go back to the crossroads.


Left Cavern.


See a rope holding a lever on the right and a wagon in front.

See also a switch that canít be moved. We need to get rid of that rope.

Use the knife on the rope and pull the switch: see what happens.

Go to the cave exit. 


Go to the crossroads and the Statue of the Knights.


The Statue.


Approach the lock at the bottom of the Statue: see an angel and a keyhole. A safe?  Step away.


Right Side road.


Go right and see two men.

Talk to Joza sitting on the step. He is the fishermanís friend.

Talk to the fisherman Dejan. He did not see her father.

Look at the barrel at the left corner of the gallery: take a fish.

Go and have a look at the bridge on the left: it is destroyed.


Return to the crossroads.


Skeleton Village.


Go left from the Statue and along the path.


When you get to the village, talk to Konoba the Butler. He broke a wheel of his chariot and canít get it repair.

Eve will try to help him and get a bell in return. The wheel is now in Inventory.


Talk to Karim, the man lying down on the left. Eve talks about her father.


Go to the main square.


Main Square.


Approach the statue: the monster is missing an eye. Step away.


Go to the blacksmith and take the gloves on the barrel. Talk to Kovac. To repair the wheel, it will cost a coin.


Return to the main square and go to the tavern. Talk to Bobo. He needs golden bells because he is a musical handyman. He repairs magic music boxes.

Talk to the Barmaid Hilge. She gives some explanation of the statue. The missing eye was a ruby. Eve wants to find the ruby and get the bridge repair.

Eve gets a nice hairpin from Hilge.


The Tavern.


Enter the tavern and talk to Milan. He talks about a magic sleeping powder. Try to take it on the table next to him: you canít.

He wants a beer in exchange for some coins. Get two coins in Inventory.


Go to the tap-room at bottom screen. See a key on the counter. You canít touch it.

Talk to the bartender Faris. He talks about the king Isaac. Talk to him completely. A key? Get a cut scene explaining the key.


Leave the bartender and approach the music box. See some geometric symbols. We will get back to it.

Exit the tavern.


Main square and Village.


Go to the blacksmith and talk about the wheel: he repairs it on the spot.


Go to Bobo and see a bell near him. Pick it up and give it to him.


Go back to Konoba and give him the wheel. Get the bell of Gratitude . But he will not take Eve to the City.


Go down the path that goes to the Statue of the Knights and see a third bell on the side of the path.


Back to Bobo  and give him the two bells. Listen to him carefully: he gives a code of geometric symbols to open the music box. (you can click again and again on that conversation line to get the code properly)


Enter the tavern and go to the music box.

Enter the code by pressing button 5, 3, 1, 7 and 6.  (Top row left to right 1 to 4; bottom row 5 to 8)   See that the cover opens.  Take the mechanism that needs to be repair.


Go to the blacksmith who needs a piece of copper wire to repair the music box mechanism. Give him the hair pin and a coin. The mechanism is repaired.


Back to the Tavern and put back the mechanism in the music box. Go to the bartender and hear the music. Talk to him and he gives a beer.

Talk also about the key while clicking on it: get the key.

Give the beer to Milan and get the sleeping powder.


The Knights Statue.


Go there and approach the lock at the bottom of the statue and insert the key: a small door opens: take a jewel.

Step back to go to the village


The Village.


Approach the statue in the town square and put the ruby in the big snakeís eye: a perfect fit. Step away.


Go see Hilge the Barmaid: they will repair the bridge. The curse is gone.


Go to the bridge and cross over to the other side.




Enter the magic forest. You get to be at a crossroad with paths going left and right.


Right Path.


A giant trunk is blocking the road. Back to the crossroad.


Left Path.


Meet a giant: Burek. Talk to him. He needs help to go back to sleep. He talks about portals.  If Eve needs to find someone, ask Lepinya the witch. But he wont tell where she is. The path to Lepinya is hidden to normal eyes.

He has something in his bag that could help to see thing differently.


Offer him a fish after you combine the sleeping potion and the fish in Inventory. See him go to sleep.


Look in the giantís bag and take Burekís magic potion by double clicking on it.

In Inventory, drink the potion by clicking on it twice. Go to the crossroad and see a white cloud: go through it and be in front of the witch.


Witchís House.


Have a look around and then talk to Lepinya. Eve ask of her father. The witch canít help finding him but can point in the right direction.

She needs plants and she gives a drawing for the three plants she needs.

Click twice on the drawing to see the plants.


Go left to the crossroad and go forward to a plant on the right beside a big rock. Take the plant.

Go to the right path and pick up the plant in front of the big trunk.

Go back to Lepinya and on to the right path.


See a crypt. The path is blocked by a bush full of thorns: use the glove on the bush. Approach the crypt. On the left side, at the bottom of a big rock, pick up the third plant.


Back to Lepinya. Talk to her and give the plants. She will prepare Eve for the City. She gives a medallion to give to the proper owner. At the City, Eve must go to the library to search for the Encyclopedia.


Lepinya needs a book of old sorcery. Eve will need the magic words in the crypt:  KOMI-SAKO-MAKO.


Take the right path.


The Crypt.


Enter the crypt and see a guardian. Pick up a metal finger. Use it on the skull on the wall: a door opens. Get in.

See some strange lights and a mirror. Go to the mirror and see a ceramic pot. There is ash inside.

Click on the mirror to look at it. Click again to use the hand icon.

The mirror asks for the magic words: komisakomako.

A book of sorcery appears on the table. Take the book.


Go to the left and see another skull and door. The skull is jammed.


Back to Lepinya.


Witchís House.


Talk to her. Give her the book. You get a magic spell of shrinking.

Look in Inventory under Magic to see it.


To go to the City, go back to the crypt and find a portal.


Look in the pot and see a pattern of bubbles. That pattern will be of help. Remember it.



The Crypt.


Go to the mirror hall and left to the jammed door. Click on the shrinking spell and pass under the door.


Sarcophagus Hall.


Use the spell again to go back to your usual self and click to get a close up of the sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus puzzle: Save your game.  This is a random puzzle as the placement of the balls in the circles will be different from game to game. 

Remember the pattern Eve just saw in the pot. Each circle can be turned left or right. Notice that some circle will make two balls turn at the same time. Place the balls according to the pattern. The lower bubble in the pot is the center circle in this puzzle. When done, see a cut scene.




Talk to Melvis the Duke. He is sitting down on the left. He is looking for his medallion. The crystal of the gramophone is broken.

Eve needs papers or a specific medallion to go through the portal.


Ask him about the medallion you have in Inventory. He says thank you for the medallion but Eve wants a trade: get the City Medallion.

Back of from Melvis.


Go to the painter. Take a screw on the floor left of the Lizzard and at the bottom of the column. Talk to the Lizzard. It explains what the portals are.


Go to the Giant.  See another screw on the left of the portal. Then approach the Giant Kyfla.  Talk to him.  He fixes portals. He needs two bolts: give him the two you have and get a power crystal in return.

Isaac is the Eternal ruler of the Crystal Valley.


Go back to Melvis and talk to him. Give him the crystal.


Back to the Giant and forward to the portal guardian. See the portal to the City.  Talk to Unit 52. It ask for paper or medallion. The medallion is acceptable.


See a cut scene.




The Fountain.


Go to the fountain and see a wheel.

Talk to Willy, Harry and Petar and ask about the Encyclopedia. You wont get it.  They took the wheel from the librarianís chair because she took their ball.


The Library.


Go there and enter. Go to the table and talk to Ferofka.  She will work when she gets her wheel.  Get the ball.  Exit the library.


Go to the fountain to give them their ball and get the wheel.


Back to Ferofka. She gets her wheel. Ask for the Encyclopedia: this book is forbidden. Eve canít see it.


Ferofka needs help: Eve must take a book to Tratincica at the Flower shop. Get a gold coin in return and the Encyclopedia.

Take the book  on the left of the table.


The Streets.


Go to the street on the right of the library. Talk to Omero and Betty.


Go to the street behind the fountain and talk to the Butcher.  Does not have ice for his meat.


Go down the street more and talk to Frula the Musician.


Go to the left and enter the flower shop.


Flower Shop.


See a magic flower.  Talk to Tratincica.  He gives a rose

A flower, veronika veronika, was stolen from him by a worker at the Lighthouse.  Eve will help to get it back.


Give him the book to get leaves that are permanent ice cubes.




Back to  Ferofka.  Talk to her and get a gold piece.


Be careful with the Encyclopedia: see the book on the screen. Read it.

Eve sees her father in the picture. Where can she find Isaac?  He is in the Ziggurat.  Where is the castle?


The Streets.


Return to the street behind the fountain and continue along the street and then along the path. See a broken Cadillac. Take the carburetor

See a lighthouse in the distance.

And continue right along the path to a villa. You canít go in because of the dog.


Go back to the Butcher and give him the ice plant. Get a bone in return.


The Villa.


Give the bone to the dog and enter the courtyard. Approach the entrance and see boxes. Take the bottle of rum.

Talk to Betty the Maid.

Itís the Mayorís Villa.  He is not there. She needs Eve to talk to Omero and give him the rose.  She will let the back window open so Eve can get in the Villa.

Go back to the path.


The Streets.


Go back to Omero at the street on the right of the library and talk to him.  Give him the rose. He gives a letter in return for Betty.


The Villa.


Give Betty the Maid the letter. The window is now open. Go up screen passing beside the boxes to see the backyard and the window that is open. But how can Eve get to that window?


Go to the fountain and talk to Petar: ask him to go to the lighthouse.


The Lighthouse.


Go to the dock. Talk to Sailor Jim. In return for the bottle of rum, Eve wants a ride. But a piece is missing on the control panel.

Put the carburetor on the control panel.  Talk to Jim again.

Click on the wagon and be at the lighthouse.


Talk with Mikkail.  You can go up to the lighthouse but touch nothing.


Go towards the lighthouse and enter.


See a crystal and three switches. The color of the crystal can be change.

Click on the bottom switch and the one on the left to see the crystal not glowing anymore. Go down and talk to Mikkail. We have a problem.

He leaves to go up the lighthouse.

Take the Veronika flower.

Ride the wagon back and go to the chariot and Petar. Back to the City.


The Streets.


Proceed to the street at the back of the fountain and enter the flower shop.

Give the Florist his flower and get seeds of a magical growing bean.


The Villa.


Go to the window on the side of the Villa and put the seeds in the pile of soil on the left of the path under the window.

See the cut scene.  Click the magic beanstalk and be in a room.

The Study: on the left, see a blue vase. Take the vase.  It has water in it.

Look at the drawing on the corner of the desk.

Go to the chair in the corner. Approach the safe. See a filler.

Click the vase on the filler and see the water in the tubes.


Safe puzzle: under the tubes, see four bars to push to move the water from tube to tube.

According to the drawing, the first (on the left) and fourth tubes must be empty and the second and  third full of water.

The solution: press bar 2 to empty tube 4

press bar 4 to empty tube 1

press bar 3 until tube 3 is full

press bar 2 until tube 2 is full.


The safe opens: take a letter and a horn.  Step away from the safe.   Read the letter  in Inventory by clicking twice on it: itís a letter from Isaac to the mayor of Valleyís Capitol.

Exit the Villa and go back to the fountain and ask Petar to go to the Count.


The Tower.


Enter through the gates and approach the tower. Read the text at bottom of the screen as Eve moves near the tower.

Use the horn from Inventory by clicking two times on it to open the door.

Get in and go to the elevators.


Enter elevator #1 on the left and be in the library. Go to the displayed books: read the book and step away. Approach the bookshelf and on the middle shelf, see a scroll.  Take it.  You now have a telekinesis power. Go down.


Enter elevator #2 (second from the left): see a massive wooden door and Unit 42: talk to it: you may not pass. Back down.


Enter elevator #4: see a close door to the dungeon. Back down.


See a raised elevator: use the telekinesis power on it. See it come down.


Enter elevator #3: Eve is in a hallway. Walk along and see a dragon, Vatram.

Talk to it.  Eve is the daughter of Isaac.  The Count is expecting Eve.

It gives the Blizzard spell.   It needs Eve help: bring the egg to Vatram (they all have the same name).  It will teach the magic if you take the egg.

Approach the bars on the right of the big white egg: place bar #1 (on the left) up, bar #2 up, bar #3 down and bar #4 up. See the cage go up.


The egg is to big to be taken. Shrink it with the shrinking spell: take the egg.

Talk to Vatram: the Blizzard spell: you can freeze anything with it. The Blizzard spell is now in Inventory.  Go down.


Go to elevator #2 and freeze Unit 42. See a cut scene.  Go through the door.


Meet the Count. It is important that you talk to him completely to understand the story of the game.

He wanted to talk to Isaacís daughter. He will tell what Eve needs to know but she canít leave the tower. Isaac and the Count are brothers. The dragons are a hobby of his.  Ziggurat is the source of power of Isaac in the Valley.

He wants Eve to kill her father and restore the balance to the Valley.


Eve wants to go but she finds herself behind bars. She can see the key in a box on the right: use the telekinesis power and get the key to open the cellís door.

From the cell, go to the left of the screen and see a frozen man. On the left, see a handle. Take it. Itís a piece of wood.

Return to the cell and go right. Pick up an axe  near the doors of the dungeon.

In Inventory, combine the piece of wood and the axe.  Back to the frozen man and use the axe.

See a cut scene.

Talk to Rales Ty. She can take Eve to her world.

Eve follows her.




Eve is now on a bridge and surrounded by huts.

Go to the right and enter the glowing hut: on the table, take a controller.

Eve can approach the strange device. Nothing for now. Exit the hut.


Right Hut.


Go to the other bridge down screen and enter the right hut. On the table, take the crystal.  Talk to Rales Ka.  He does not acknowledge the presence of a traitor.

Exit the hut.


Left Hut.


Go to the left hut and enter. Take a crystal  on the table.

Talk to Rales Va. He talks about Avatar.


Exit the hut and go right to down screen to the bridge.


Glowing Hut.


Save game.

Go to the glowing hut and approach the device.

In Inventory, combine the two crystals with the controller.

Take the complete controller and place it on the device.

Device puzzle: see 10 knobs.

Number them from left to right 1 to 5 on the top row and 6 to 10 on the bottom row.

Press 2-5-1-3-6-7-9

The bright light is gone after pressing the knobs..

Right Hut.


Go to the right hut and talk to Rales Ka.  He talks about Eveís father.

Ka is the last leader of the Creators. They build portals and preserve this reality.

Eve has to follow her destiny.


Eve must use the medallion. Click twice on it.




Go forward to the crossroad.


Go to the right. On the ground at left, pick up a shield.

Talk to Misho and Mate. Eve is in the ancient caverns and they are waiting for Eve. Her destinies lies in the defeat of the dragon.

Go deeper into the cave and see a wall of fire.

Back to the crossroad.


Go left and forward.  Go to the right chamber: approach the safe. See a padlock. Use the Blizzard power on it. Click the padlock and take the helmet.


Exit and go to the left chamber: approach the machine: click on the valves with steam coming out until no more steam: the pump will empty the hole of water. See an armor in the water. Use the telekinesis power on the armor.


In Inventory, combine the shield, the armor and the helmet to get a full set of



Go to the wall of fire.  Click twice on the full set of armor. Go forward.


Meet She-Vatram.  Take off the armor by double clicking it in Inventory.

Talk to it.  Itís the last of mother dragons.  Eve gives the egg. She-Vatram loves Vatram.  It knows of Isaac. He is in the Ziggurat.

To go to the Ziggurat, Eve must go to the Swamp.

Go and past the dragon.




Enter the swamp. See some huge mushrooms. Continue along the path.




Go to the straw hut. On the left, pick up a little branch.

At the left corner of the gallery, take a fish.

Talk to Martin. Eve asks if he can get her to Ziggurat.  That could be a problem because of the creature at the bottom of the lake.

The boat needs repairs: fix the hole.

Isaac told him about Eve. He was Isaacís advisor. His name was Rales Ma.


Leave the hut and go behind it. Take a large acorn on the ground in front of the tree.

Back to the hut and approach the dock. Go to the boat and pick up  the rope in front of the boat. Look at the boat.


Return to the huge mushrooms by going down screen from the hut.

Use the large empty cap (acorn) on the huge mushroom on the left to get some kind of glue.


In Inventory, combine the cap with glue with the little branch to get an homemade glue by yourself equipment.

Go to the boat and use the homemade glue on it.


Go back to Martin. He says to grab the hook that goes automatically in Inventory.


Eve and Martin are now near the boat. Talk to Martin again and in the boat they are.


The Lake.


Proceed deeper into the lake with the boat.

See the monster and a odd looking branch.

In Inventory, combine the hook and the rope and then with the fish to get a hook with fish.

Throw the hook from Inventory on the branch and see the monster heat the fish.


Eve is now on the other side of the lake.


Proceed along the dock and see an elevator. Eve needs a counter weight to make it work.

Use the telekinesis spell on the barrel and up it goes. Put that barrel on the platform on the left of the elevator at midway up.

Do the same with the second barrel.

Before doing the third barrel, enter the elevator and then place the third barrel.

And up Eve goes.




See a castle in the distance. Walk the path and get closer.

Read Eveís comments at the bottom of the screen.


Brozz the Giant.


Talk to Brozz the Giant. He is hurting. Eve wants to help. Some bones are stuck in his mouth.

Use the shrinking spell on Eve: the plan is to get inside the Giantís mouth.


You are now in the mouth of the Giant. Go deeper in the mouth and see the bone stuck on the left. Take the bone.  Leave the Giantís mouth and use the shrinking spell on Eve by double clicking.


Talk to Brozz again. Now he needs some water. Eve has some in Inventory.

Brozz is the last of the Ziggurat giants.

The Ziggurat is the palace of Isaac. He should be inside if he did not use a portal to nobody knows where or to any time.

To enter the Ziggurat, Brozz can lift Eve to the emergency passage. He lowers a bridge.

Go over the bridge.


In the Castle.


Eve is now on a bridge that parts of it is collapsed. Use the shrinking spell and see Eve cross the broken part on a metal rod.  Use the spell again.


Eve is on a platform with four pillars.  Go to the upper left pillar and rotate the triangle to have the green light on top of the triangle. See some beams of lights connecting three pillars.

Go to the bottom right pillar and turn the triangle to also have the green light on top.

All four pillars are now connected with the beams of lights.

Step on the platform in the middle and down she goes.


The Crossroads.


Go down along the path and walk to a crossroads

Meet Alfred the Butler. He will guide Eve around.  They have been waiting for her. Talk to Alfred. Her father is here but he is off limits. He canít take Eve to her father: it is a test.  Isaac was preparing Eve to take this place.

Eve must find the path to her father.


The Autopsy Center.


Take the right corridor and Eve is in a robotís repair room.

On the table, pick up the robotís arm and leg.

On the floor beside Alfred, pick up a torn part of the plan.

Talk to Alfred. The arm and leg needs to be repaired.

Return to the crossroads.


The Library.


Go forward at top screen.

On the desk, take another torn part of the plan.

In Inventory, combine the two parts of the plan: still missing the upper part. Talk to Alfred.

Go through the passage at upper screen and see a big door that wont open.

Back to the crossroads.


The Great Engine.


Go to the left screen. See a big machine. At the bottom of that machine, pick the third torn plan.  Combine in Inventory this part with the others to get a completed scheme.   Time to repair the robot.

Talk to Alfred: the machine is the great engine that powers Ziggurat. Eve can repair the robot with it.

The crystal contains energy for mechanical devices around the Valley, hence the name: Crystal Valley.


Put the scheme on the rectangle of the machine right of the reparing slot so the machine can know what to do. You can now see the picture of a robot.


Insert the leg in the repairing slot, push the green light and then the purple center one: the leg is now repaired. Take back the leg.


Insert the arm, press the yellow and purple lights. Take back the repaired arm.


The Autopsy Center.


Return to the autopsy center. Put back the arm and leg on the robot.

Talk to Android-234 mark 3. It knows Eve. He is her father, his memories.

Eve gets some explanation about her father and mother.

Eve needs a key: the robot gives the key.


The Private Quarters.


Back to the library and go to the passage to the big door. Use the key and enter to see a hologram of the planets.


Talk to Alfred: this is the entrance to the private quarters.


Approach the door on the other side of the hologram: Eve needs something for those slots.


Go to the right passage: the sleeping quarters. Approach and on the desk, pick up a ring.

Return to the hologram and go to the left passage. Go to the statue and approach it.  See the statue of Eveís mother. Take the golden rose.

Back to the hologram.


Go to the doors and put the ring in the small slot at bottom, the medallion in the middle and the rose in the big slot on top.  Hear a noise.


Go through the massive doors.


Approach the organ. See a replica of her mother playing the organ.


Go to the platform behind the organ and up Eve goes.


Approach the large control panel.

Control panel puzzle: the object of the puzzle is to fill up the center

Triangle. This is a random puzzle.

See the lights around the triangle. To fill up the center triangle, you must press the light or lights that flashes and reproduce the pattern given by the lights.  If you miss doing the correct pattern given by the lights, just start over again. When the center triangle is full, see a platform come up.


Step on that platform and then on the large platform.


See the end cut scene.


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