Walkthrough by chrissie November 2018



Access in-game by pressing ESC on the keyboard.

Alternatively either move the cursor down, or scroll the mouse wheel, to bring up either a notebook or smartphone & click on the ‘Home’ Icon.


Graphics: Choose not to have FULLSCREEN. Change RESOLUTION.

Audio: Choose MUTE or adjust the volume of sound effects, ambient, music &voice over.

Language: Select for text and/or voice over. Choose to have SUBTITLES on or off.

INTERFACE: This is a point & click game played using the mouse.

Right-click to look at a person or object.

Left-click to interact with/take/use a person or item.

Press either the mouse wheel or the SPACEBAR to show all hotspots.

The keyboard can be used for some ‘shortcut’ commands.

INVENTORY access by either pressing I on the keyboard or clicking on the ‘Cardboard Box’ Icon in the notebook or smartphone.

Inventory items can be combined.


Timber: Access by pressing T on the keyboard or click on the icon on the smartphone.

Instacrap: Access only by clicking on the icon on the smartphone.

Unter: Access by pressing U on the keyboard or clicking on the icon on the smartphone. This brings up a map screen to travel to another location.

SAVING: There are 6 save slots which can be over-written. Saves are labelled with the location, date &time.


It is based on the version of the game with Patch 1.0.4

This is just one way of playing the game and may not necessarily include all there is to find. Some details may vary slightly on doing things in a different order.

It’s not clarified, but exhaust all dialogue options. Look at everything.

At least 4 of the 31 ACHIEVEMENTS including ERIN, LEMMA, DICK & HELP LANCE may not be in quite the right place in the walkthrough but they’re all achievements automatically attained.


Confirm that you are old enough to play & then click on let’s go.

Answer 4 questions in succession correctly to get the achievement, or click on the Skip button top right of the screen.

A wrong answer will send you back to the beginning but you can have as many attempts as you want.

The questions vary each time

Press the Windows button on the keyboard to access the internet & look up the answers online if you need to.

ACHIEVEMENT: You want it too (Start a new game)

ACHIEVEMENT: Old School (Complete the quiz)

Intro: He has awakened.


Interact with the Button left of the arrow.

Look at & interact with the Roll Up Chalkboard. It seems to be some high tech laboratory.

Interact with the Fuse Box & then with the Button again........

Go into the beam of daylight........

STREET - Lefty’s

Look at & interact with the Manhole Cover

Interact with the Working Shoe to get a Shoelace.

Try to interact with the Lush Bush - there’s something in there but the bush is too thick.

Look at the Drain - there’s something sparkling down there.

Look at the Poster Wall.

Go to the bar

BAR - Lefty’s

Automatically meet & talk to the girl Becky Butter.

She wants a craft beer.

Take the Darts from the dartboard. Take the Dry Gum by the right bar stool.

Talk to Lefty about everything. He comments that you don’t look any older. Tell him the last thing you remember after he last saw you. It seems you’ve been gone for a number of years & it’s now the 21st Century.

Try going through the flames down to the VIP area. ......You die (3)

Go to the right.

TABLES - Hell’s Pawn

Talk to Becky, then Lance. Mention to Lance that you’re meeting Dick. Tell him that you’re going to meet in the Darkroom.

After Becky leaves pick up her VIP Ticket.

DANCEFLOOR - Hell’s Pawn

Use the VIP Ticket on the Ticket Scanner. Click on the platform to go down.

VIP AREA - Hell’s Pawn

Lemma talks to you & would like to meet Erin.

Go to the right & talk to Erin until you introduce her to Lemma. Don’t interrupt Erin & Lemma when they are talking i.e. use the ‘...’ option to keep quiet rather than one of the dialogue choices.

ACHIEVEMENT: Bechdel test passed (Help the game to pass the Bechdel Test)

Erin & Lemma disappear into the Darkroom.

Look at the Lube Fountain.

Try to take the Chainmail Bra. You PiPhone finds an online tutorial - “Bra Telekinesis for Dummies”.....

Take the Chainmail Bra.

Save Game

Go through the arch.

DARKROOM - Hell’s Pawn

Move the cursor around to interact with the Moist Hole, Strangely Smelling Object, Strangely Familiar Silhouette & Seething Pool. Choose Erin & Lemma or Dick.

INSTACRAP PIC 6 or 7 (Depending on whether you choose the girls or Dick - the Pic is almost identical)

ACHIEVEMENT: Going for the girls (Try to find Erin and Lemma in the darkness)

ACHIEVEMENT: I prefer Dick (Try to find Dick in the darkness)

ACHIEVEMENT: Lefty’s Dark Secret (Meet lefty outside his bar)



You talk to Anu. When you have a chance to answer to the list of charges say each time that ‘It was dark and I’d been drinking’.

ACHIEVEMENT: Busted (End up where Larry belongs)

ACHIEVEMENT: Dark and drunk! (You have to be diplomatic with lawyers)

Talk to your cellmate Tuck.

Your stuff is locked up in the evidence locker & your PiPhone is on the safe.

Ask Tuck what she did & if there’s any way out of here.

Tuck agrees to help you escape if you help with her cavity search. You need to find something loud enough to annoy the officer.

Look at & interact with the Light Beam to look out of the window. Pick up the Emergency Whistle. From the view of outside return to the Prison.

Pick up the Plunger Top, the String of Lights & Tuck’s Perfume.

Go to the right of the cell & try to interact with the Inkpad.

Use the Emergency Whistle on the door & talk to the officer.

Talk to Tuck & say you’ll search her............... you retrieve a Cucumber.

Use this with the Plunger Top to get an Improvised Plunger. Combine this with the String of Lights to make an Improvised Hook shot. Use it on Pi.

Pi calls your emergency contact Richard Ryder.

STREET - Hell’s Pawn

Dick apologises to you & agrees to send you your new profile picture.

Lance is the guy for him but there’s something wrong so Dick wants you to talk to him

Check your inventory to discover that you have acquired a Gym Customer Card.

Check your new profile picture in Timber.

Try to enter the club. Cebe stops you & gives you a Skin Voucher as a token of appreciation.

Talk to Cebe. The Lube Fountain is blocked. Enter the club.


Help Lance

DANCEFLOOR - Hell’s Pawn

Give the Skin Voucher to the Gargoyle Barkeeper to get a bottle of “Doom Perignon”.

VIP AREA - Hell’s Pawn

Use the Improvised Plunger on the Dryed Up Lube Fountain to unclog it. The Cucumber separates from the now Lubed Plunger.

Interact with the Lube Fountain to get a Lubed Wedding Ring.

Interact with the Dismembered Arm sticking out from the door of the Darkroom. Take it to get a Fisting Hand.

Pick up the Blow-Up Doll.

STREET - Hell’s Pawn

Interact with the barred window at the side of the police station to talk to Tuck. You find out how she can come & go from the jail cell.

She gives you a Hand Mirror.


STREET - Lefty’s

You have 3 new Matches on Timber: Mi-young Dong, Anu Singh & Diana Dickboyle.

BAR - Lefty’s

Lefty tells you that Erin has moved out & has left you a package.

Talk to Lefty about the secret tunnel system. He mentions something about tunnels in his backroom.


Interact with the Fleshlight Box to read a letter from Erin & find an Erin Signature Fleshlight.

Take the Hedge Trimmer & the Strawberry Penis.

BACKROOM - Lefty’s

Look at the Hand Mirror in inventory to read some clues.

“To the left the water flows.

Up the pipe the cocktail goes”

More than trees can get the axe.

To get back home, hey, just relax.”

Save Game

Interact with the Washing Machine & then with the Mysterious Tunnel.

Following Tuck’s clues go left, up, use the axe on the troll then make yourself comfortable.

If you don’t use the axe on the troll....... You die (4)

Choose to take the die and try to sneak past the troll for the achievement.

ACHIEVEMENT: I like role playing (Choose the dice at the wrong moment)


If you tell Tuck that you’ve come to save her she’ll mention that she marries couples.

Pick up the Lady Gag Poster. Go to the right & use the Erin Signature Fleshlight on the Ink Pad to get Fleshlight With Ink.

Talk to Anu. Tell her that you know BJ & Faith. You were up in the tower with them. Anu will have a date with you if you extract some information from Prune’s headquarters. She gives you a USB Stick.


Take the Prune Balloons.

GYM - NLW Strip

Use the Gym Customer Card on Steven. You get Brotein Powder.

In inventory use the Band Aid with the Blow-Up Doll to get Fixed Blow-Up Doll.

Combine The Fixed Blow-Up doll with the Prune Balloons to get a Blown-Up Doll.

Go through the barrier & talk to Lance. Automatically show him the Blown-Up Doll, Strawberry Penis & Lady Gag Poster.

Talk to Lance to ask him if he would like to meet Dick now.

Pick up the White Wash Cream.

Talk to Diana. She runs the studio & doesn’t date weaklings.

Look at & interact with the Punching Bag of Self Mutilation.

Organise a Wedding



Talk to Dick. When he & Lance split up, Lance threw his gift into the Ocean.


Look at the Flotsam & see something sparkling. Interact with the flotsam to get a Washed Up Wedding Ring.

GYM - NLW Strip

Use the Washed Up Wedding Ring on Lance & then the “Doom Perignon”

He asks you to organise a wedding. You just need to find the priest.

FUNFAIR - Pier 69

Ask Waltraud about the priest.

Talk to Smokey Bear. He gives you Aluminum Foil. Ask him about the priestess & he mentions Priestess Tuck.

BACKROOM - Lefty’s

Go through the Secret Tunnel to Jail.


Talk to Tuck. She wants you to prepare the altar & gives you her Drag Key.

FUNFAIR - Pier 69

Go to the wedding chapel.

Use the Drag Key on the Wedding Lectern to get the “Book of Love”, Candles & a Remote.

Use the “Book of Love” on the Book Holder.

Use the “Doom Perignon” on the Champagne Bucket.

Use the Flowers on the Wedding Arch.

Use the Candles on the Candle Sticks. Use the Match Box on the Candles.

GYM - NLW Strip

Talk to Lance. He wants you to try & get Dick to the pier.


Talk to Dick to get him to go to the pier with you.

FUNFAIR - Pier 69

Automatically be at the Wedding Chapel. Use the Remote on the Animatronic Bear.

Use the Washed Up Wedding Ring on Lance & the Lubed Wedding Ring on Dick. INSTACRAP PIC 15

ACHIEVEMENT: Lance (Help Lance)

You have 31 Timber points

See the scene of BJ & Faith in the Skyloft Office.

Impress Diana


Look at & take the “Fuck - O - Matic Deluxe” - Bea lets you take it for a spin.

GYM - NLW Strip

In inventory combine the “Fuck - O - Matic Deluxe” with the Fisting Hand to get a “Fist - O - Matic Deluxe”.

Use this with Punching Bag of Self-Mutilation. INSTACRAP PIC 8

Diana invites you to meet her at the Entertainment Mile on the Pier.

FUNFAIR - Pier 69

Talk to Diana.

Interact with the High Striker. INSTACRAP PIC 9

Use the Lubed Plunger on the Puck of the High Striker.

Interact with the High Striker again. INSTACRAP PIC 10

Diana is impressed.

GYM - Lefty’s

Diana wants you to ask Steven for her shake.

Ask Steven for the shake. It’s all gone as he needed it himself but he tells you how to make it.

The ingredients are fresh cucumber, kale, protein & it has to be soya based to give it that special flavour. It has to be spun in a powerful centrifuge.

DANCEFLOOR - Hell’s Pawn

Take the Flyers to get a Strip Intern Job Posting.

Use the Fleshlight With Ink on the Strip Intern Job Posting to get a Prune Strip Intern Contract.

PRUNE SHOP - Prune Inc

Talk to Finley about Nari. You need to work there too to meet her.

Use the Prune Strip Intern Contract with Finley. You now have a job & a Prunepal account. Your access card is upgraded.


Take the Watermelon, Kale & Rainbow Hair Extension.

BACKROOM - Lefty’s

Use the Pipe Piece with the Dripping Pipe. Interact with the lever on the Brewing Kettle to push it down, interact with the valve & then interact with the lever again to push it up.

BAR - Lefty’s

Tell Lefty.

He’s had to change the recipe for the Barbarian Brew & wants you to get him the ingredients.

He gives you the Barbarian Brew Recipe.

BACKROOM - Lefty’s

Interact with the Brewashing Machine to open the door.

Use the Cucumber, Kale, Brotein Powder & Expired Soy on the Brewashing Machine. Interact with the machine to close the door & start it spinning.

BAR - Lefty’s

Use the Thermal Jug on the Tap to get Jizzorade.

GYM - NLW Strip

Use the Jizzorade on Diana. Automatically adjust her watch while she’s gone.

You need a room.


See in inventory that the Frozen Slushy is now Molten Slushy.

Take a Frozen Slushy from the Slushy machine. Combine it with the Thermal Jug to get Cooled Slushy.

Meet Nari

PRUNE SHOP - Prune Inc

Use the Access Card on the Elevator to go to the Prune Office.


Talk to Nari. She likes you as you’re as nerdy as she is.

She’ll be free as soon as the new version of the PiPhone has passed all of its tests.

She gives you an assignment to get her a tall, hot, stiff vanilla latte.

Interact with the coffee Machine & take the Vanilla Latte. Use this on Nari.

She further upgrades your access card.

Look at the DNA Scanner. It only takes saliva samples.

Use the Access Card on the Elevator to go to the Prune Tech Lab.


Talk to the ProtoPi.

Look at the QA Machine & see that there are 5 tests.

Look at the Status Icon before each one to see what the test will be.

Use something appropriate to protect the ProtoPi before interacting with the lever to put it through the test.

The first one indicates fire so use the Cooled Slushy.

The 2nd test indicates a saw so use the Chainmail Bra.

The 3rd test indicates radiation so use the Aluminum Foil.

The 4th test indicates a laser so use the Hand Mirror.

For the last test choose any numbers for the configuration.

Take the Super Power Bank.


Talk to Nari. You need to be more nerdy & to prove it she wants you to bring her a “Treasure Loot Terry” Module.

STREET - Lefty’s

Use the Hedge Trimmer on the Lush Bush to reveal a Junction Box.

Use the Super Power Bank on the Junction Box.

Interact with the Manhole Cover.

BUNKER - Lefty’s

Pick up the Pencil from the shelf on the left. Take the Empty Remote Control from the body.

Take the Chainsaw Fuel & pick up the Batteries from the barrel.

Use the Batteries with the Empty Remote control to get a Charged Remote Control.

Interact with the Ghettoblaster - there’s a cassette in there but it’s finished. Look at the Ghettoblaster - it has no rewind button. Take the Cassette from the Cassette Deck. Look at it in inventory to see that it’s labelled “Code for the secret door”.

In inventory use the Pencil on the Cassette to get a Rewound Cassette. Use this on the Cassette Desk & interact with the Ghettoblaster to listen to the message.

Use the Charged Remote Control on the Computer & enter, as instructed in the message, 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5.

Take the Treasure Loot Terry Cartridge.

BAR - Lefty’s

Talk to Lefty. Repeatedly ask him what he can tell you about this new world until he’s told you everything you need to know.

ACHIEVEMENT: Stay a while and listen (Lefty can tell a lot of “interesting” things)

Look at the Barbarian Brew Recipe in inventory. For the ingredients Lefty wants something to enhance the beer taste & aroma, something that’ll turn the beer high octane & something completely natural with a vitalizing effect.

Give Lefty Tuck’s Perfume, the Chainsaw Fuel & the Maca.

You can now use the room upstairs & also the brewery.

Pick up the Moose Head.

Date Diana

GYM - NLW Strip

Talk to Diana.



ACHIEVEMENT: Diana (Date Diana)

You have 31 Timber points

Date Nari


Use the Treasure Loot Terry Cartridge on Nari. INSTACRAP PIC 12


Nari wants to wear a unicorn head & tail. And she wants disco lights.


Use the Sticky Bone on the Pencil Sharpener, by the left column, to get Sharp Bone.

Try to take the Red Ball to see Nari’s missing assistant. Try to take the ball again - the dried saliva might be able to unlock the DNA scanner. Interact with Nari’s Assistant & take the Corkscrew.


In inventory combine the White Wash Cream with the Moose Head to get a White Moose Head.

Use the Sharp Bone with the White Moose Head to get a Fake Unicorn Head.

Interact with the Last Horny - Corn to take the Unicorn Head.

Use the Fake Unicorn Head on The Headless Horny - Corn.


Combine the Rainbow Hair Extension with the Plug Like chess Piece to get a Unicorn Tail Plug.

Use the Hand Mirror on the Wrecking Chomp to create a Disco Chomp.

Interact with the light switch to turn the light off.

Use the Unicorn Head & the Unicorn Tail Plug with Nari. INSTACRAP PIC 13 & 14.

ACHIEVEMENT: Nari (Date Nari)

BAR - Lefty’s

You have 38 Timber points.

See the scene of BJ & Faith in the Skyloft Office.


GYM - NLW Strip

In inventory use the Corkscrew with the Water Melon to get a Bowling Melon. Use it on the Bowling Ball to swap them.


Use the Bowling Ball on the Slide.


Use the USB Stick on the Computer to get USB With Data.

BACKROOM - Lefty’s

Go through the Secret Tunnel to Jail.


Give Anu the USB With Data.


You get a phone call from Anu. She wants to meet you at the Salon du Lezard.


See Anu & BJ arguing.

After BJ leaves talk to Anu to learn that the information you got for her is useless. She wants to know what BJ’s hiding. BJ always carries his gold access card with him that’s needed to get into the Skyloft.


Overhear BJ telling Finley & Kyle that he lost his card.


Try to use the Hedge Trimmers on Everitt or Atticus.

Interact with various items/places e.g. the Tip Jar to find BJ’s Keycard. (Its hiding place varies)

ACHIEVEMENT: Cut contest (Try to trim some beards)


Automatically arrive. When you see the dialogue choice Ctrl + B press Ctrl & B on your keyboard. Press them again to exit the close-up.

Look at the Code Lock.

ACHIEVEMENT: NSFW (Pretend you are working)


Listen to BJ undergoing his security check.

Pay particular attention to the answer for his security sign: “Capital B four times the equal sign capital D”.


Interact with the Code Lock.

Click on: B = = = = D

A secret server rises up out of the floor..........INSTACRAP PIC 16


Faith emerges from the elevator. She’ll deal with you later.

You get a phone call. Anu now has all the info about the new PiPhone.

You have 45 Timber points

Look at & interact with the Hidden Server............See BJ’s presentation about the new PiPhone.

Pi offers to help you connect to the server. Tell her to reset your Timber score.

You have 90 Timber points

You fall through the hole in the floor & land in the midst of BJ’s presentation. Choose any responses.


Retro Larry


Pick up the Wet “Ball Street Journal” from the floor.

Interact with the Toilet Door. Take the Plunger.

Look at the sink. It’s clogged so use the Plunger on it. Pick up the Sloppy Eel to get a Stiff Eel in inventory.

Look at & interact with the Hand Dryer. It seems to be broken.

Look at & interact with the Mirror. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself to fix the hand dryer.

Use the Wet “Ball Street Journal” on the Hand Dryer to get a Dry “Ball Street Journal”.

Interact with the Door to Lefty’s Bar. It’s locked.

Look at the Key Hole to see that the key’s in the key hole on the other side.

Use the Dry “Ball Street Journal” on the Door to Lefty’s Bar.

Use the Stiff Eel on the Key Hole.

Interact with the Journal Under the Door. Pick up the Key. After a conversation with it use it on the Key Hole.

Go to the bar to find yourself in the Oral Office. Choose your responses.

ACHIEVEMENT: Grab her by the pixel (Meet the president)

Wake up to see Kyle & Finley. Find out that BJ & Faith are on a yacht to BJ’s villa in Cancum.

See the scene of BJ & Faith on the pier.


Interact with the Porthole............. INSTACRAP PIC 17


Talk to Pi. You’re bored.

Interact with the Porthole....You die (5)

Look at & interact with the Cracked Crate on the left. Take a Crowbar from the Crowbar Pile.

Look at & interact with the Upside Down Crate to try & take the loose board.

Use the Crowbar on the Upside Down Crate. Take the Screaming Rubber Chicken & the Sharp Piece of Wood.

Take the Push Up Bra from the pipe.

Use the Sharp Piece of Wood with the Vibrating Parcel.

Interact with the Vibrating Parcel to get a Vibratomizer 3000.

Use the Crowbar on the Coffin to see a Mannequin.

Use the Push up Bra on the Mannequin to make a Busty Mannequin.

Use the Screaming Rubber Chicken on the Mannequin to make a Squealing Busty Mannequin.

Use the Vibratomizer 3000 on the Squealing Busty Mannequin. Take the resulting Squealing Vibrating Busty Mannequin.

Use the Crowbar on the Toxic Barrel.

Use the Squealing Vibrating Busty Mannequin on the Glowing Ooze................

ACHIEVEMENT: Hitting the all time low (Have fun with the “Time-Killing-Machine”)


Interact with the Avocado Tree to get Avocados.

Interact with the Sand Castle to get a Syringe.

Interact with the Well Crank. Take the Bucket.

Look at & interact with the Stone Slab.

Exit to the right & talk to the bartender - Lefty?

Learn that the villa belongs to BJ. The locals built the wall.

Pick up the “Cooking For Gringos” book.

Exit to the left.

Look at the painting & talk to El Rey.

Ask him about the painting. Ask him to translate the prophecies.

Look at the Trug - the alpacas are starving.

Take the Alpaca Manure.

Interact with the Tomato Plant to get an Unripe Tomato.

Look at the Sunscreen. Look up at the Loose Patch.

Feed the Alpacas


Look at the recipe for “Original Cancum Guacamole” in the Cooking For Gringosbook in inventory.

You need an avocado, a sun-ripened Tomato, some lemon Juice, Fresh coriander & a pinch of salt.

Look at the poster for Cerveza De Los Barbaros.

Talk to Lefty & ask him for a Cerveza De Los Barbaros which comes with a Lemon Slice & Salt.

Ask Lefty how you can get over the wall. He’s heard about a secret tunnel.


Use the Unripe Tomato with the Stone Slab.

Use the Alpaca Manure on the Soil Patch.

Use the Cooking For Gringosbook on the Herb Bed to get Coriander.

Exit & then re-enter the Town

Pick up the Sun-ripened Tomato.


Interact with the Blender. Tell Lefty you just need to mix something up, you have a great guacamole recipe & you will give him the recipe.

Use the Avocado, Sun-ripened Tomato, Lemon Juice, Coriander & Salt on the Blender.

Interact with the Blender to mix everything.

Use the Bucket on the Blender With Guacamole to get a Bucket With Guacamole.


Use the Bucket With Guacamole on the Trug.

In inventory use the Syringe with the Cerveza De Los Barbaros to get a Filled Syringe.

Use the Filled Syringe with the Loose Patch in the sunscreen.

Interact with the Sun Beam.

Agree to take El Rey’s cactus when he offers it.

ACHIEVEMENT: The chosen one (Fulfil the prophecy)

You talk to El Ungulado & Al Parka. They tell you where the secret passage is & how to access it.

Over the Wall (1st Time)


Interact with the Chimney Mechanism. Go through the secret passage.


Pick up the abnormal Watering Can.

Interact with the Penis Fly Trap...... You Die (6)

Look at the Scribbled Window.

Interact with the Villa Door. It’s locked.

Go up the path to a cliff.

Pick up the Exceptionally Big Eraser.

Interact with the Eggplant bush & try to take the Giant Eggplant.

Use the abnormal ‘Watering Can’ on the Giant Eggplant.

Interact with the Giant Eggplant again to take it.


Use the Giant Eggplant with the Penis Fly Trap.

Use the Exceptionally Big Eraser on the Scribbled Window.

Enter the villa.


Try to follow Faith by interacting with each Door she goes through.

After she disappears interact with the painting.

Look for & then interact with the Hidden Switch located in a wooden panel right of the painting.

Interact with the Secret Door.

Behind it everything’s dark but go anyway............... INSTACRAP PIC 18

ACHIEVEMENT: Thanks for the cactus (Learn something about Larry’s subconscious)

Over the Wall (2nd Time)


El Rey gives you The Key.


Interact with the Chimney Mechanism. Go through the secret passage.


Take the Watering Can. Look at the Trash Can & try to interact with the Trash Can Lid.


Pick up the Exceptionally Big Eraser-Sized Brick.

Try to take the Paddle.

Use the Watering Can on the Dry Soil. Take the Paddle.


Use the Paddle on the Trash Can Lid.

Use the Exceptionally Big Eraser-Sized Brick on the Window.

Go through the Window.


Go through one of the doors (e.g. the last one on the right) to get to the ground floor.

Go to the left & interact with the Hidden Switch in the wooden panel.

Go back to the right & interact with the Secret Door to go through.

Talk to BJ. Use The Key on the Cage Lock.

Try to interact with the Security Door. Interact with the Red Button.

Go through one of the doors (e.g. the first one on the left) to get to the upper floor.

Exit through the window.


Save Game


Talk to Faith. Tell her you used the door opener......INSTACRAP PIC 19?

Choose which way Faith should go - left or right......INSTACRAP PIC 20?


Finish telling Lefty about your escapade..........


ACHIEVEMENT: Done! (Complete the game)

ACHIEVEMENT: Nice guys finish last (Watch the credits to the end)



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