Lilly Looking Through

By Geeta Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2013


The game screen has an X at bottom left that exits the game.

The gear icon shows a page that has the load (diskette icon); music and gameplay volume (note icon), language selection (flag icon) and credits (text icon).

The squares changes from window to full screen resolution.

Lilly icon at bottom right zooms in. Double click to zoom out.

The question mark is the hints help.


Move the mouse pointer around to look for things to click on.

Click on the help button (question mark icon) at bottom right. See a glowing hint on what to do next.

Click and drag the mouse to look around.

The game autosaves when exited. Load is done at start of the chapters.

Watch a short tutorial. Click on the frog.

Follow the cloth:

A red cloth flies by Lilly. Click on the cloth and it lands on the beam of the hut. Click on the cloth and Lilly will try to pick it up.

The cloth flies and lands on a branch. A fruit lands on a segmented thing-plant and drops the lantern on a lily pad. One of the cattails catches on fire.

Try to climb on the embankment. Lilly can't get up.

Push the cart at right. The left wheel is stuck.

Get the goggles:

Row, Lilly's younger brother throws a cattail. He sees a pair of goggles hanging on the beam of the house.

Click on the goggles. Row tries to get it.

Click on the tap of the barrel of water to empty it.

Click on empty barrel. Get the goggles.

The barrel rolls off and drops a hoop.

Climb the embankment and house:

Take the hoop and place it on cart. Push the cart. Lilly climbs to the other side of the embankment.

Take the cattail that Row threw and use it on the cattail that is on fire.

Use the cattail on fire on the rope holding the ramp.


Go to the cloth. Try to get the cloth. The cloth wraps around Row and lifts him to the inside of the mountain.

He drops his helmet.

Go to the other house:

Shake the branch to drop both fruits from the branch. One fruit hits the segmented thing-plant and it extends up.

Go to the roof of the hut. Use the saddle to zipline to the roof.

Take Row's dropped helmet. Go to the bridge.

Enter the cave where Row flew in:

See Row fly in; drop the goggles and enter the barred cave. Lilly chases Row.

Lower the bridge:

See the bridge raised by a segmented plant.

Get the bent cattail from behind Lilly and use it on the lamp.

Use the cattail on fire on the segmented thing-plant that is holding the bridge up.

Use the rope overhead and Lilly jumps to the other side. The goggles falls to the ground.

Cross the pool:

Make a staircase of bubbles. If a mistake is done; use the pointed stick to burst the bubble.

Make a large bubble:    First make a small bubble and then fill it to make a large bubble.

Pull handle to turn the hose to face Lilly. Pull lever to make a bubble. Turn the hose to the left using the handle. Then pull down the lever to suck air out.

Pull handle to turn the hose to face Lilly. Pull lever to put additional air in previously made bubble.

Jump on platform behind Lilly to lower it and move the bubble.

Make a regular size bubble:    Pull handle to turn the hose to face Lilly. Pull lever to make a bubble. Jump on platform to lower it and move the bubble.

Make a small bubble:    Pull handle to turn the hose to face Lilly. Pull lever to make a bubble. Turn the hose to the left using the handle. Then pull down the lever to suck air out.

Jump on the 3 bubbles.

Goggles:    Take the goggles and Lilly wears it. See the world change. Lilly removes the goggles.

To wear the goggles, click on the icon at bottom of screen. Toggle to remove it. Lilly's icon shows if she has the goggle on or off.

Wear the goggles and enter the tunnel at right.

Go to the right side of the bridge:

Remove the goggles and see Row fly away at right.

Go to the middle tower:   

Click on the rope and Lilly swings to the right.

Wear the goggles and walk down the ramp.

Get the ladder rope:   

Remove the goggles. See water coming out of a large tube flowing down to a funnel. The bar holding it is held in place by a hooked stick.

At right is a metal post that has a movable holed pipe. The end of the rope attached to the cliff is on the metal post.

Change water flow:    Pull the long stick beside the funnel to remove the hook stick.

Move the wheel at right. The water flows to the water wheel at right and the holed pipe on the metal post moves to the top.

Move the wheel at right again and the water flows to the left wheel. The holed pipe moves to the bottom.

Release the ladder rope:    Take the bar from the fallen walkway and insert it in the holed pipe.

Turn the wheel twice to move the water to the funnel and then to the right waterwheel. This raises the holed pipe again and bumps the end of the rope.

Be sure to insert the hooked stick back into the post holding the large pipe above.

Climb the rope. (If you want to go back down, use the metal post.)

Go to the hanging rope:   

Wear the goggles. Cross the bridge.

Remove the goggles. Use the water distribution pipe. Lilly is now at other side. Climb the rope.

Go to the large ball:   

Lilly climbs up to top of the tower. The red cloth is in a tower sealed by a large ball. The red cloth flies away.

Go to middle tower:   

Use the goggles. See a squirrel take the fallen nut from the middle tower.

Go to the right side of the tower. Climb the tree. Go left to the other branch and harass :) the owl twice. The owl flies to the tower with the ball.

Go to the other side again and climb the tree. Click on the branch to drop another nut. The squirrel takes it and the owl grabs the squirrel The squirrel is dropped on another tower.

Go back to the left of the large ball. Use the branch-lever dropped by the owl on the ball. The ball is removed and the water flows to the right side.

Take the lever-branch again and use it on the space between the left and middle tower where the water now flows.

Fertile soil is made on the middle tower. Climb the branch again and click-jump on it to drop another nut on the fertile soil.

Remove the goggles. See a nice tree grow on the middle tower. Cross to the middle tower.

Go the right tower:   

Wear the goggles. Pick up the nut on the ground. Throw it to the bottom right tower.

Remove the goggles and see another beautiful tree. Go across to the tower with the ball.

Enter the blocked tower:   

Use the goggles. Step on the left stone plate on the floor. Step on the right plate twice. This blocks the water flowing in front of Lilly.

Climb the steps.  Remove the goggles. Lilly climbs to the top.

Click-jump on the ball three times to drop the ball inside the tower.

Enter the castle at right:

Get to the boat:   

See 2 large balls blocking Lilly. There is a flooded castle at right.

Push the ball closest to Lilly.

Wear the goggles. Move forward close to the edge.

Remove the goggles. Push the ball behind Lilly as far back to the cave mouth.

Take the wood rails and place them close to the other ball by the edge.

Use the goggles. Move close to the mouth of the cave.

Remove the goggles. Push the ball. The far ball destroys the boat.

Use the goggles. Move to the edge.

Remove the goggles. Go to the edge of the wood walkway. Lilly hangs down.

Use the goggles. Lilly drops down the ladder. Go to the boat.

Enter the castle walls:   

Row to the gate.

Pull the lever beside Lilly. Turn the wheel at left to raise the left wall.

Pull the wood slat on the gate. Water is drained.

A handle pops out of the wall. Turn the handle. The wheels go down.

Turn the right wheel. The gate opens and Lilly's boat enters the moat.

Enter the castle interior:   

Try to move the post at left.

Remove goggles and Lilly is floating in water in the submerged castle.

Climb the roof of the submerged building. Walk to the tip of the roofline at left.

Go to the left. While in flight - wear the goggles. Lilly jumps to the tower and tilts it to the castle wall.

Go to the door at right end of the castle wall.

Remove the goggles and enter.

Follow the bat with goggles:

As soon as Lilly enters; a bat takes the goggles from Lilly's head and flies off to the dark area at right. The bat lands at the top of the middle pagoda.

See a turnstile and 3 round platforms. When the turnstile is turned; see sun, moon and 3 stars.

Get light on towers:    

Turn the turnstile to the sun.

Stand on the left round platform and the light comes on.

Stand at right platform and the light turns on and lampshade opens.

Step on middle pedestal and the bat stops the pagoda from turning nor opening up.

Remove the bat from tower:   

Use lever of the elevator at front edge of floor. Go down.

Go to the right end of the bridge. See that the gate of the right tower is blocked by stones.

Note that the square at bottom of right pagoda is blocked by a stone. Take the stone and shoot it anywhere.

Get another stone. Use the stone on the top left rubber of the square.

Click on the bat and Lilly uses the makeshift slingshot. The bat flies to the entryway at right.

Go back to the top using the elevator.

Turn the lampshades:   

Turn the turnstile to the sun.

Stand on the middle platform to get the middle pagoda light up and open the lampshade.

Turn the turnstile to the moon.

Step on the platforms to position the lampshades so that the lampshades will be close to each other when they turn and allow Lilly to jump from left to right.

Step on the left platform and position the left lampshade to face the middle lampshade.

Turn the right lampshade to be opposite of the middle lampshade.

Turn the turnstile to 3 stars and step on middle platform to start the 3 lampshades turning.

Step on edge and jump on the rotating left lampshade; then middle and then right.

Exit to the right entryway.

The goggles, bells and water:

See Row stuck on the window of the building. The goggles and the bat are on the roof of the bridge.

Get rid of the bat:   

Go to the bells. Ring the smallest bell at right.

Get the goggles off the roof:   

Ring the left largest bell 3 times. The goggles fall into the water.

Follow the goggles:   

Ring the middle green bell and then the left blue bell.

See the water below and the hole on the ocean floor. Dive down.

Get the goggles:

See colored natural columns and 3 bells at left.

Make the columns one color:  

See 3 bells. The top separated cone is the ringer. The lower part is the bell. They can be pulled out or pushed in to be set to 2 colors.

When the bell is pulled in and rang, the bell takes in the color. When the bell is pulled out and rang; it releases that color.

Remember that blue + yellow = green; blue + red = purple and red + yellow = orange.

Add or remove those colors to get another color. For example if you remove red from orange; you get yellow.

Yellow is the end color that we need.

Go under the bell at left.

Pull in left largest to show blue. Ring using the top cone. Blue is pulled in.

Pull down the left ring to get orange. Ring using the top cone. 4 columns are now orange.

Pull in the middle bell to yellow and ring to get red on 4 columns.

Pull down the right smallest to purple and ring to get all columns purple.

Change the colors to yellow:   

Pull in the left largest bell to blue and ring take the blue. All are red now.

Pull down left bell to orange and ring to get orange.

Pull in the smallest one to red and ring to get all yellow.

See the goggles on the floor. Take the goggles.

Open another entrance:   

Wear the goggles and see a rock blocking a hole at right side. Push the rock away.

Remove the goggles and enter right to a purple cave.

Wear the goggles and see that Lilly is stuck in frozen water. There are 3 mushroom like structures in the pool.

Remove the goggles to return to the purple lit cave.

Change the color of the purple cave:   

Let's change this purple cave to yellow also.

Dive down to go back to the bell cave.

Pull in large bell to blue. Ring to get the purple cave to red.

Pull out large bell to orange. Ring to get the red cave to orange.

Pull in the small bell to red. Ring to get orange cave to yellow.

Red is pulled from the cave at right. All are now yellow.

Swim to the cave at right.

Jump the mushrooms:

Get out of the water. Go to the right side of the pool.

Wear the goggles. Jump to the rightmost mushroom.

Go left and immediately remove the goggles.

Go left and immediately wear the goggles.

Go left to the leftmost mushroom.

Go right to the mushroom you jumped from and immediately remove the goggles.

Jump to the leftmost highest mushroom.

Jump to the stalactite at left and immediately wear the goggles.

Pick up the pointy icicle dropped from the stalactite.

Remove the goggles and dive down to the main cave.

Release Row:   

Swim to exit at right hole above. See that there is a grill blocking the way.

Wear the goggles. The world is frozen.

Click to use the pointy icicle to break out of the ice.

Go to the other side and remove the goggles. There are 2 positions that Lilly can stand on to be with Row. One is outside the building and the other is inside the window.

Lilly pushes Row out of the window. Click to catch Row.

Row runs back inside the building. Follow Row.

The red curtain:

See the cloth fly in to the curtain where it came from. Lilly and Row run in. The pipe breaks and Row falls into the water.

Get Row out of the pier:   

Click on the pier and Row climbs out of the water.

Check the pipe and drums. Check also the lever by Row. Lever up releases the air up while the lever down position releases the air into the water.

Pull the lever by Row to up position.

Move Row inside the large broken pipe at the pier.

Strike the drum of the orange drum pipe and then step on the round wood on the floor. Row flies out of the pipe into the wooden wheel.

Color the silk:   

See the tree at left with butterflies flying around it. There are 3 baskets of colored silk threads.

Wear the goggles and it turns to nighttime. Grandpa throws the cloth from the curtain into the sky. Lilly, you made it!

The blue flowers of the tree is being eaten by the silkworms that produce the threads.

Strike the blue and then the green pipe drums to get green color in the pipe below. Step on the round wood on the ground. The flowers turn green.

Strike the blue and then the orange pipe drums to get blue color in the pipe. Step on the round wood on the ground. The flowers turn yellow.

Strike the orange pipe drum. Step on the round wood on the ground. The flowers turn orange.

Strike the green and then the blue pipe drums to get yellow color in the pipe. Step on the round wood on the ground. The flowers turn red.

Remove the goggles and see that the threads in the baskets are now red.

Harvest the silk:   

Turn the wheel by Lilly to change the direction of the long telescopic tube to the up position (shown by the knob on the plate in front of the building).

Get Row to run facing right. The telescopic pipe goes up.

Turn the wheel so that the knob on the plate at the front of the building points to bottom right. This now changes the direction of the telescopic tube to go side to side.

Get Row to run facing left to move the telescopic tube under the top basket.

To position the tube under a basket move 2 times away from basket and then back under it. The cup will be under the basket and automatically take the threads.

Harvest the other 2 basket.

See that the spool in the building is getting filled. When filled the tube retracts.

The thread is transferred to the smaller building beside the curtain.

Pull the lever under the thread. The thread is woven into the curtain.

Another world:

Row jumps down and goes through the red curtain.

Follow Row. Lilly is pulled in.

Row and Lilly drop down from the sky. Use the goggles.

They land and bounce from something above the clouds and mountain tops.

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