Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey


One dark rainy night I was bored shitless, so I decided to help all those out there by writing this document for the best game ever created.... In my view anyway. A Twinsen's Odyssey walkthrough with info on all places and the main characters.

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Twinsen has been the hero of the planet Twinsun since he vanquished the evil dictator Dr. FunFrock in Relentless. Trouble begins with the arrival of unidentified space ships piloted by strange beings called Esmers. Twinsen, now a graduate magician, is kidnapped by the Esmers and taken to the planet Zeelich. He learns of their plot to kidnap the children of Twinsun, but is too late to stop it. The Esmers, under the spell of their mysterious god, the Dark Monk, have also built powerful jet engines to ram the Emerald Moon into Twinsun and destroy it. Twinsen must battle the aliens and their mysterious god, the Dark Monk, and save his planet and family.



These Guys live on the planet of Twinsun and are renowned to have dorky ponytail haircuts. They are as tall as the Sups and have superior intelligence, but little idea technology. They can adapt to any climate and are masters at any weapon. Their hero Twinsen, defeated Funfrock in Relentless and they are rebels against Dark Monk on this sequel.

A combination of a bee and a mosquito, these flyers have long trumpet noses and carry rapid firing gun-type weapons. The Mosquibees lives in the under-gas of the planet Zeelich and are the "freedom fighters" who battle the evil of the Dark Monk. Their village is a magnificent cocoon anchored on the rocky hills of Zeelich.

A cross between a mouse and a rabbit, these high strung characters have a wide range of skills that make them great magicians and wizards in addition to store owners and thieves. They live on the planet Twinsun.

Furry Mice Men, they have a disgusting, but healthy diet of Firefly tart, they are good workers and have adapted to the Lava environment. They are probably the least intellectual of the alien races, but extremely hard to beat in combat.

Where else would a race of "sausage" people live than in structures that look like inverted hotdog buns. They are blue-collar walking hotdogs that refine the gems extracted in the lava mines, and convert them into the fuel gazogem. (Gazogem powers all the vehicles of Zeelich). In addition to working in the mines, Knartas are also employed as guards, policemen and other power wielding positions.

The prototypical alien with a triangular shaped head. The Sups live in the upper city of Otringal on Zeelich and are the planet's intellectual elite. When on Twinsun, Sup jobs range from bodyguards and secret service ("Men in Black" look) to ambassadors. As ambassadors they are polite and friendly, but sometimes too friendly, as they have ulterior motives.



Citadel Island:
-The tavern. -A special entrance to the sewers.
-The Baggage Claim. -Where you get the jetpack.
-The Sewers. -A clover box and Sendells Ball.
-Your house. -You get 3 Darts, Magic Ball, and Holomap.
-The Chemist. -The umbrella quest.
-The Lighthouse. -The rainy weather quest.
-The Weather Wizards Tent. -The weather Wizard.
-The Cliffs. -The Tralu Quest.
-Your neighbors place. -Map to the sewers.
-The Museum. -Blue Tunic and Sendell's Medalion.

Desert Island:
-The Healers House. -Gallic Acid.
-Baldino's House. -You get the car part and the Radio.
-The Temple Park. -Underground base of the Aliens.
-The Oasis. -Clover Box.
-The Hacienda. -The ladies sauna... hehe.
-The Bazaar. -All sorts of stuff.
-The Ferry Terminal. -Ferry ticket.
-School of Magic. -Blowgun.
-The Small Cave. -The Incandescent Pearl.

Hacienda Island:
-The Cave. -You get the Protection Spell.

The Emerald Moon:
-The Moon Base. -Clover Box and Space Ship.
-The SpacePort. -Space Ships.

Island of Dome and Slate:
-The Dome. -Ummm.
-The maze. -Clover Box, and the Magic Slate.

Island of Otringal:
-Emperors Palace. -You get the last Fragment.
-Mikes Bar. -You meet Mike.
-The Casino. -Access to the upper part of the island.
-The Dock. -Boats.
-The Hotel. -You get the dissidents ring.
-The Souvenir Shop. -Get the Lasergun.

Francos Island:
-The Empire Docks. -Access to the Francos Elevator.
-The Town. -Where the fragment is found.
-The Refinery. -You get the Gasogem here + Clover Box.
-The Burgermasters. -Hey.. the burgermaster lives here.

The Francos Elevator:
-The Elevator. -You gain access to the underworld.

Island of Celebration:
-The Volcano. -You find the crystal and the CX Survivor.
-The Temple. -Use the 4 Fragment key here.

Island of the Wannies:
-The Mine. -Gems and a Fragment + clover box.
-The Ferryman's Tower. -The Ferryman.
-The Elevator. -Access to the Upper World.
-The Cave on the Hill. -A Fire Glove.
-The Construction Co. -The Mosquibee Queen.
Volcano Island:
-The Cave. -Mosquibee Escapee's.
-The Ferriman Terminal. -The Ferriman.

Island of the Mosquibees:
-The Palace. -The Queen and the Mosquibee's live here.
-The Plateau. -A Fragment and a Boss Walrusk.
-The Arena. -The Test of Truth.
-The CX Passage. -A HARD boss.

Island CX:
-The Port. -Space Ships and HUGE turrets.
-The CX Passage. -Not much here on the way out...
-The Underground Base. -The Emperor and his Sword.



First about the clover boxes, I am positive there are 10 in the game even though I have only found nine. The locations of the nine I have found are….

  1. You start off with this one.
  2. You also start off with this one.
  3. In the sewers on Citadel Island.
  4. In the maze on the Island of Dome and Slate.
  5. On a rock in the water near the Oasis in Desert Island.
  6. In the base on the Emerald Moon.
  7. On Hacienda Island (After you get the Protection Spell).
  8. In the Cave on Volcano Island.
  9. The Gem Mine on at Wannies.
  10. I need the location of this clover box.

Now for the Inventory (there may be a few blanks), and I cant find find places for the, Car Part, Gallic Acid, Pyramid Key, or the Burgermasters Key.

MagicBall Three Darts Blowtron Horn of Healing Wannies Glove Laser Pistol Emperor's Sword
Tunic + Medalion Sendell's Ball Lightning Spell Protection Spell Magic Slate Wizard's Diploma First Fragment
Holomap Jetpack Portable Radio Translator Meca Penguin Zilitos or Kashes Second Fragment
Ferryman's Song X Key to Island CX Gems Pearl Pickaxe Third Fragment
X Dissident Ring X Memory Reviewer Ferry Ticket Clue Sheet Forth Fragment




This is how I finished the game but it is possible to switch the order of some of the puzzles and these are only what you must do to complete the game, there are MANY other cool things you can do as well.

You start in your house on Citadel Island and ZoŽ has just told you that your Dinofly is hurt. Search the cupboard in the room to find a key. Go into the locked door and pick up the Magic Ball, Holomap, and 3 darts (hit the bulls-eye and your receive 10 Life points). Go outside and go to your neighbors house, you will see a dirty map that you cant read, he tells you to get a bottle of Gallic Acid from Desert Island for him. Leave his house and find ZoŽ and Dinofly, She will tell you to find a cure for Dinofly at the Chemist. Try to use you car to find out that you must get a part for your car from Baldino on Desert Island.

Now find the Pharmacy, damn she doesn’t have a cure, but the little lady can help you. But first you must get her umbrella back for her. Creep up behind the thief in DESCREET mode and he will give you the umbrella, give it to the lady to find out that the healer on Desert Island can help you out.

Now, a hero cant go about without his Tunic... Go to the museum and pay to enter. Go in and you will see your Tunic and Medalion in a force field. Go upstairs and you will see the controls to the force field but the door is locked. Now you should notice something.. The window in this room is open. Run outside and Run up to the roof tops and enter the window. Now... there are 2 buttons, use both and RUN downstairs and get your Tunic and Medalion, you must run because the field is timed.

Go outside and talk to everyone until you find out that there is a weather wizard. Hmmm lets go find him... At his tent he tells us that he cannot fix the weather because the lighthouse is locked. Go to the lighthouse to find out that Raph the keeper has gone missing when taking walks along the cliffs.

Travel to the north of the island and look for a snake outside a cave, go in and follow the cave to the cliffs. Jump over the gaps and go into another cave. Inside will be a gate you cannot pass, you must throw your magic ball at the lever behind the barrels. Now you can pass into the next room. Go in and run along the lower part of the dungeon jumping over the gaps until you find a ledge with a lever. In DESCREET mode, throw your ball at the lever to open another door (A LOT of people have mailed me about this part: To get up the ladder you must be in SPORTY mode and jump up the centre of the ladder then just continue to hold the FORWARD button on the keyboard and you should climb up the ladder..) Talk to Joe and head on to the next room. Kill both the little furry critters to get 2 keys, use the keys on the locked doors and enter the next room. Here will be a BIG furry monster called "Tralu". This guy is relatively easy to kill, but my advice is to run around him taking shelter behind the rocks and throw your ball at him. Once the Tralu is dead get his key and free Raph. Keep going east until you meet ZoŽ. Walk out of the dungeon with her. Walk to the lighthouse and watch as the wizard does his thing.

Now the weather is fine, aliens have landed on the planet, they seem fine, look OK, and they talk cool. But I don’t trust them... Now at least you can visit Desert Island. Go to the harbor and buy a ferry ticket to Desert Island.

When you land, follow the docks into the town. Once there go to the healers house (it should be on your holomap). Damn... he ain’t home, but don’t forget to pick up the black striped bottle of Gallic Acid on the back cupboard. Next head to Baldino's house, it shouldn’t be that hard to find. Talk to him and he will give you the car part. From gossiping with the locals you might have heard of a school of magic, but no one knows where it is.

Go to the Hacienda (the hotel) and talk to the owner, note the ladder behind him. I did this next part completely by accident.... Go into the women’s sauna (hehehe) and then go back out, the owner will tell you off. Go back to the ladder he was in front of and climb up it. Talk to the snake charmer on the roof, he will tell you that the school of magic is in the cemetery. Look through the telescope at the cave and then leave.

Now you need at least 120 Kashes to progress, but it helps to have 300 Kashes so you don’t need to go searching for cash later in the game. 300 Kashes is a lot, but I know how to get that much quickly and easily. Head for the Temple Park (was the temple of Bu) and pay to enter. Once inside play the dart game (its piss easy) and win the balloons. Hmmm, now your down the well get all the mushrooms you can. Each has 30 Kashes for you. Repeat this until you get 120 Kashes, or 300 Kashes if you don’t want to trouble yourself later in the game.

Now your loaded, head for the Cemetery. You will notice that the door wont open... Look for a secret entrance between 2 trees (Go west from the main entrance and follow the hill until you see the trees). Once inside the door of the big face, head north through a door. In here is a locked door and some blue ghosts. You can dodge the ghosts either 2 ways.

1) Watch the pattern in their movement and carefully maneuver your way through.
2) Climb up the stairs and jump on the tables, jump from table to table until you pass the ghosts (this doesn’t work when coming back through).

OK, now you will see a chest, but DO NOT run up to it, creep up to it in DESCREET mode and get the key. Maneuver your way all the way back through and open the locked door. Continue through and talk to the headmaster wizard. He will let you join his school if you pay him 120 Kashes. Pay up and he will assign you 3 tests:

1) The Blowgun Test.
2) The Balsam Flower Test.
3) The Island of Dome and Slate.

Now for the first test... Go into the room behind the Headmaster and prepare yourself. In this room are moving targets, you must hit them all within a time limit, this test is quite tricky and takes a few turns to win. After you succeed see the Headmaster, he will give you a cool blowgun for completing the test.

Now is the time to head back to Citadel Island and return the car part to ZoŽ. Get a ferry ticket and head back home. Once on citadel Island, give ZoŽ the part, she tells you that Baldino forgot to give you a portable radio and that she will call you when the car is ready. Buy another ferry ticket to Desert Island and go to Baldino's place, he will give you a radio. You should now get a call telling you that ZoŽ is waiting at the docks for you with your car. Get the car and if you like, practice using it at the racetrack...

Now onto the second test, you must find a flower in the desert... This test took me a while to complete... Now how do you find the flower. OK, go to the trees at the secret entrance to the School, keep following the hill up until you find a place you can drive up. Once up, keep driving until you come to a jump, your car will make the jump and keep going until you get the flower. Go back to the School and speak to the headmaster, you will receive a Horn of Healing for your efforts.
With this horn you can help you dino buddy, get your last ferry ticket back to citadel island and go to your Dinofly, blow the horn at him 5 times and he will get up.

Now get your Dino buddy to take you to the Island of Dome and Slate for the third test.

Once at the Island of Dome and Slate, read the wooden card at the entrance and copy it ALL, its boring takes ages, so I am nice enough to sent you a screen shot if you email me. In the maze you can only see the square you are standing on and you must choose left, right, up, down, etc. It is difficult so prepare to die a few times. Once you complete the maze, the Headmaster will give you a Slate, which the game will automatically record, maps and mazes onto. The Headmaster will also ask you to return to the school.

Ride your Dinofly to Desert Island and take your car to the Cemetery, enter the school and the Headmaster will give you your diploma and the second level of magic - GREEN BALL. He will also tell you to find the flying wizard and get a wizard costume from him, he also tells you of missing wizards and that you should try to find them. First find the flying wizard, show him your diploma, and buy the costume from him for 50 Kashes.

Go to the Hacienda and go into the room with the fountain, The alien will talk to you thinking you are a wizard, he will offer to take you to the wizards, though I don’t trust them, I followed him into the men’s sauna. SHIT!! big mistake, a whole alien base under the sauna, it seems that they are taking you to their home planet Zeelich in a space ship. Pick up the translator (the funny dome thing). And talk to the people in the space ship. Look at the tourist booth. When you have landed, follow the guards like the alien says.

Joe will see you and say hi... the stupid elf got you put in prison. When you wake up, Joe will come to your cell and tell you about the wizards, and a plot to kidnap Twinsun's children. A guard will come and open the cell door. Bash him and run west until you see two levers, only pull the bottom one. Don’t exit the prison yet though, Look for a cell with a Mosquibee, run upstairs and pull the second lever you see, he is now free. Go back to the first entrance you opened, and talk to the Mosquibee. Go outside and kill the robot with your ball. Once you are out of the enclosure, go around the back of the prison, behind the dog kennels, jump over the fence and run to the building opposite. In here, you MUST take the left passage, two guards will attack you , so kill them, and go down the lift. Go outside and you are at the spaceport, run past or kill the two guards, and go in the space ship. The ship wont take off, because it doesn’t have the orange cog like thing in the second terminal.

Run outside and enter the tall building (a control tower), once inside, kill both guards and run up the stairs. Up the top you will have to kill another guard and a scientist (the white sausage guys), grab the cog thing and head back down. Once outside, head for the space ship again, and use the cog at the second terminal. Now were off back home.
It looks like your flying skills need a little work, but hey, that’s the least of your worries. You should now get a call from ZoŽ. Its a bit late, the children have been kidnapped, and the aliens have taken over the Planet. Head to your house (travel by the rooftops not by ground level), and talk to ZoŽ, she tells you that Baldino wants you to meet him on the Emerald Moon and that he has left you a package at the baggage claim.

Head to the Baggage Claim and go inside. The grobo will let you in and open the door for you. In the next room is a suction thing and your parcel. Maneuver the suction machine over the parcel and then move the parcel into the lift. A door will open allowing you into the next room. You either have 2 choices, pay the man in here 102 Kashes to move the parcel or figure out the puzzle yourself. I managed after hours of playing to work this puzzle out, but I recommend paying the guy instead. Once you have worked this teaser out, go upstairs and get the protopack.

Now you should go to the Weather Wizards Tent and read a piece of paper on the desk. Mmmm he needs a pearl, lets go to Desert Island, once their, drive to the docks. Instead of going into town, go the opposite direction, keep running up until you arrive at a small jetty. Ring the bell and a turtle will offer you a lift. Accept and he will dump you in a cave. Inside is a HUGE clam shell, you cant jump over the spikes but you can fly. Get the Incandescent Pearl and go back to the jetty.

If you have been gossiping around lately, you might have heard about a Protection Spell. Do you remember seeing a small cave on an island, when you looked in the telescope on top of the Hacienda. Get Dinofly to take you there. Once you have landed, run down the path and fly into the cave. This part gets tricky, you must dodge the bats and the fireballs. Find a place to land and jump over the spikes and kill to two skeletons. Here is another puzzle (groan). See the passage above the right hand lift, that’s where we're headed. The point of this is to stack the 2 crates on top of each other and get in the gap. A way to do this is to put the first box on the right hand elevator, jump the pit of spikes to the left-hand elevator, go up and push the second box on top of the first box. jump down and use the lever for the right elevator. Jump the pit of spikes again, use the left elevator, go across and jump on top the two boxes. Simple really...

Now continue along the passage, killing two more skeletons. Prepare yourself as you will be taking on a big demon. I found the easiest way to kill him was to charge him in AGRESSIVE mode when his back is turned and clobber him. Get the protection spell (this spell kicks arse because you cant drown if you get hit when using the protopack). Since you cant get back the way you came, you must take the water way, turn on your protection spell and protopack your way back past the bats and the spikes and fireballs until you come out of the cave. Grab the Clover Box before continuing.

Now head for Citadel Island and go to the weather wizard’s tent. Use the pearl in the caldron, you now have a Lightening Spell. You must now go to your neighbors and use the Gallic Acid on his map. Cool, you now have a map of the sewers, and he gave you a special key. Talk to the locals and it will reveal info about "Sendell's Ball" being in the sewers. Head for the Tavern, and kill all the enemies in there. Walk behind the Bar and look in a barrel for a key. Use the key and enter the Cellar. Follow the path down until you fall in a hole in the centre of the cellar (make sure you have full mana before you enter the sewers). You are now in the centre of the sewers. Use the Pyramid key on the pad, and it will open a door. Inside will be a big ice ball. Only the lightening spell can open it and lightening needs full mana. Once you get the ball you will have the third level of magic (Red Ball).

Now it is time to find Baldino on the Emerald Moon, your wife mentioned that the aliens are using the Temple Park as their Base. So that’s where I headed. Go the Desert Island and make your way to the Temple Park. Say good bye to Twinsun because you wont see it again from now on. Enter the park, you cant use the well as an entrance now, but you can use the mineshaft. Go in and prepare yourself for ANOTHER puzzle (more groans). If I explained how to do this it would take another 20 or so pages, so work this one out for yourself. Some hints for this puzzle are... 1) Shoot the arrows to change the carts direction. 2) You must head down 2 levels until you see a box protected by two fire ball shooting statues, use the Protection Spell,(inside the box is a key). 3) look for a ladder and a double door on the second middle level, (open the door with the key).

Now we are in the alien base. Turn left and kill the two sleeping guards, search their stuff to find a key. Turn back and open the locked door. In the next room, kill the guards and get a key from one of them. Open another locked door and you should see a Space Ship, Darn... It doesn’t have the *ucking cog thing. Go north up the elevator killing guards as you go, Now fly over the electric bridge (leave it on after you are over it). Kill the guard in the next room and get the cog thing. More guards are at the other side of the bridge, so turn it off and when they are on it, turn it on again. Now they are fried, turn the bridge off and run back across it to the Space Ship. Enter it use the key (the cog thing), and blast off.

When you land, grab the blue space suit and answer the passcode as "Operation Green Moon, I think (I know it was the bottom passcode)" (I think?). Go outside and talk to the guards, they don’t recognize you and will tell you to go to the Registration Booth. Go inside the building with the green light on the door (you cant enter buildings with a red light). Inside you will have to take the spacesuit off, with the space suit off the guards recognize you. Continue into the next room and kill the guards, set all the switches to green so you can enter the base from where ever you like, and copy look at the map on the wall (it will automatically copy itself onto your slate). The map will tell you where Baldino is being held. My advice is to explore the entire map, (there is a clover box sitting around somewhere), and then find Baldino, once you free him, his alien friend will get shot. He says go to Island CX, Since there is nothing you can do to help, follow Baldino out to the back exit, put on your space suit and escape outa here.

Well we seem to be stuck on the alien planet, we must now get some gas for Baldino and find Island CX. Jump to the shore and talk to the old sailor, ask him about Island CX.

He charges you 100 Zilitos to take you there. 100 ZILITOS!!!!!!!, now that is a lot. Head to the Casino, we might make some money there. Pay the entry fee and play on the "match the three things" game (dunno its proper name). Play this machine until you have 75 Zilitos (no more than eighty), and you should get the key to the golden door. Go in and spin the wheel, but prepare to kill the gameshow host and his mate, (I used protection spell). DO NOT go into the upper passage that opened up you do that later. You should now have 175-180 Zilitos. Go out and visit the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop, buy his Memory Reviewer (allows you to see all the cutscenes you have viewed).

Now we can pay that sailor his money. Rip Off!!!!, he took me to damn Celebration Island, well lets at least talk to the CX survivor while we are here. He tells us to find Mike's Gang and ask them to take me there. But before we speak to Mike lets go to the Island of Francos and get a couple of things that might be useful (including the Gazogem).

Once on Francos Island, every body is looking for some kinda Fragment. Lets find this fragment, go to the Bazaar and buy a pickaxe. Now go to the day care, and talk to the oldest kid there, he tells us that he lost the key to the cupboard where clues to the Fragment are, (the fragment was taken by an owl). Go to the Burgermasters and look in the burrow to the right of his house. You should now have a key, use it on the cupboard in the Burgermasters house and you will get a clue sheet. If you cant understand the clue sheet, all you have to do is find the tree (green colored), face the bazaar (where you bought the pickaxe), be in SPORTY mode, run forward about 6 steps, turn around and dig with the pickaxe (you should be facing the green tree, and standing on a patch of grass next to the sea).

Now, onto getting the Gasogem, run to the fence, it seems there is no way over, but there is. Go to the place with the 2 pipes, jump on the lower pipe, and then onto a dent in the fence. You are now in the enclosure. Go into the closest building, you are now in the gas refinery. Inside here you must pull or shoot levers that turn off the gas sprayers completely, or for a limited time. Again I could tell you how exactly to do it, but it would take pages to explain. It ain't that hard to work out, but it does take a while, my advice is to just put on your protection spell and run through. There is also a stage where there is no key to a door with dogs in it, you must shoot a scientist over the gap, and pick up the key with your ball. Once you have the gas, exit and jump off the verandah, onto a tap thing, and then onto the fence and then you are back in the Knarta's hometown.

Now, lets get a crystal that we will need very soon… Go to Celebration Island and climb to the top. Now if you look to the northeast you will see a ladder. Fly across to it using protection and climb down the ladder. Use the pickaxe on the crystals and you now have the green crystal, fly back across the lava and head back to Otringal to find Mike.

Now you should give the Gazogem to Baldino, you will receive the super fast JETpack. While we are here we should also be thinking about seeing Mike at his bar, go into the building with a dragon on the wall. Now you are inside you have 2 options, kill al the sailor guys and get a key to Mikes room, or going past the freak that looks like Marilon Manson and going into a door behind the curtains. If you choose the second one you will have to pull 3 winches to open a window and push some pillars into a position where you can reach the window. Once you meet Mike, he will tell you to see Jonny Rocket in his hotel on the upper part of this island.

To get to the Upperground you must have the JETpack (which I hope you have). Go to the top of the slope above the port. At the top will be a wooden platform and a door you can’t reach by jumping, use the jetpack to hover over the water to the other bank, not the door. (The door is a back entrance to the Casino. Once on the next bank continue westward past the Machine Gunners to the top of the hill. Avoid the alien swordsmen and the Mansion they are guarding, run into the other building you see. You are now in the Hotel, the Bellboy wont let you in so kill him, find Johnny Rocket, he is reading next to the pool, talk to him and follow him into his room. He cant take you to Island CX either, but he gives you a Dissidents Ring that identifies you as a rebel, and tells you to go to the Twinsunian Souvenir Shop.

Go all the way back the way you came, you can get back across the waterfall by adjacently running and jumping to the wooden ledge. Go to the Souvenir Shop and use your ring near the owner. He will open a secret passage to the other rebels. Once downstairs talk to the other rebels, the will send you to the Francos Elevator and give you a laserpistol, you need a crystal to make it work… But hey, you already have it don’t you.

Head for the docks and get the Taxi driver to take you to Francos Island. On the island head for the fence again, jump over and head for the building you haven’t entered yet. Kill the guards inside and you will see a lever puzzle, with your Lasergun shoot the levers until they are in this order from left to right, Up-Down-Up-Down, run through the now open doors to the harbor. Run to the Catamaran and you will sail to the Francos Elevator.

Now you are at the Elevator, get your Lasergun and protection spell ready. Prepare to kill a huge 4-armed talking Gorilla, this guy is not really that hard. I even managed to kill him without protection and not lose a clover. Once he is dead… say your prayers as you go down the elevator.

You are now in the Undergas at an island called Wannies. Kill the scientist and hit the switch with your ball to get out. Now run past the guards and across the land bridge. Run past the “Building Co” building and kill all the guards around the corner. This next part takes ages, head into the mine on your right. In here are 7 gems, a Clover Box, and a Fragment. You must at least pick up EVERY gem and the Fragment. Once you have all 7 gems and the Fragment, exit the mine and continue along the path northward. Keep going past the ferryman’s dock and enter another cave in the big round hill.

In the cave keep going straight ahead until you see a man asking for a slice of tart. Go west here and then turn south (don’t exit the cave), in here is a family of Wannies, they will make you some tart, after you have recovered from your delirium pick up the kids glove and then give the tart to the man that asked for it. He will give you a key to the Dark Monks Chapel. Go inside the chapel and talk to the old Wannie. He will tell you that you can get to CX by going to the Mosquibee’s island. He will also send you to his maid. Go out of the chapel and head back to the tart eating Wannie, go South and then East from his position and you should be at the Maids place. She will teach you the Song of the Ferryman. Exit the cave and head for the Ferryman platform. On the platform sing the Ferryman’s song and pay him 4 of your precious gems to take you to the Island of the Mosquibee’s.

Once on the island pick up ALL the gems you can find (2-3 I think). Now talk to the flying Mosquibee and he will take you to the Queen. Show her your ring of Dissidents. She will give you a test to pass. Inside the Arena are little brown balls. You must find a key in one of them, the key is in one of the balls coming from the top hole on the right wall. With the key open the right hand door and you should get the weapon. The BlowTRON.

Mmm, we seem to be under attack, and the Queen is gone. Damn we still cant get to Island CX. Make your way through this maze of platforms. In the second scene there are two exits, one with a rope, and one is a hole in the wall. Go through the hole in the wall can continue along the path over the bridge. Climb up the ladder and ready that Glove you borrowed. The flying walrus will only die if you bounce his fireballs back at him, it takes 5 hits before he dies. Now you can get the Mosquibee’s Fragment. Head all the way back to the Ferryman’s Platform and sing the song. Pay him 4 more gems to take you to Volcano Island.

On Volcano Island, pick up every gem you can find, and head up the island, you will have to jump onto tiny platforms on the lava at a certain point, it is difficult and takes many save games. Continue up the island until you find a cave. Inside is a clover box and some Mosquibee escapee’s, talk to them to find out that the Queen is being held captive in the Building Co. at Wannies. Go all the way back to the Ferryman Platform and call him again. Get him to take you to Wannies.
When you arrive you must head for the Building Co. Inside kill the guards and make your way through the complex until you come to a door that you cannot pass. When you enter, the next door shuts. I found a cheat for this part, go in the doorway so the second door closes, then face the open doorway and use a Nitro Meca-Penguin. Mr. Meca just walks straight through opening the other closed door allowing you to continue. Kill the guards in the next room and pull the lever opening the Queen’s Cell. Run in and talk to her. She will give you the key to her secret passage to Island CX, talking to her a second time reveals where the passage is hidden. Hmmm, the keyhole is on her Throne. Exit the building and head for the Ferryman and pay him to take you to the Mosquibee’s Island.

Now you MUST pick up every gem on this Island, you only need 4 more in the game. When you have four gems. Head for the Queens Throne, it was empty but now it is protected by a kick ass boss. Use protection and charge the Goblin and its guards. Once they are dead use the key the Queen gave you. Walk through this suprisingly small passage to Island CX.

WE ARE FINALLY HERE!!! You are in a small enclosure, kill all the guards and walk through the locked door into another similar enclosure. Again kill the guards and enter the door. Now we are inside, there is a lake which you must jetpack across, use protection or avoid the walrus and the sea serpent. Go into the next room and pull the lever on the north wall while avoiding the swordsmen. Go through the west room and use the elevator. You will finally meet the Emperor, and ummm kill him. But he triggered the reactors on the Emerald Moon to run into Twinsun. Sendell will now contact you via Sendell’s Ball and tell you to collect all four Fragments, kill Dark Monk, and head back to Polar Island to prevent the Emerald Moon from colliding with Twinsun. Before you leave, grab the Emperors Sword - a KICKASS weapon. Leave the island the way you came and head for the passage.

First lets find the Fragments, you should have 3 of the 4 already. We have the Wannies Fragment, the Mosquibee’s Fragment, and the Knartas Fragment, which leaves only the Sups Fragment. The Sups live at Otringal, so we have to go all the way back through the Undergas to the Elevator. We will start by going all the way back through the passage and the Mosquibee’s Palace. Go down the rope exit (making sure you have 4 gems). Call the Ferryman for the last time and get him to take you to Wannies.

At Wannies, head for the elevator, killing or avoiding guards as you go. Enter the elevator using the right entrance, kill the guard and scientist and flick the switch. At the top of the Francos Elevator take the catamaran to Francos Island. Go all the way back to the Knarta’s hometown and catch the Taxi to Otringal.

At Otringal, you must go to the Upper part of the island again. This time killing the Swordsmen outside the Emperors Palace. One of them has a key to the locked door, go through the door and continue up the hill through anther door. You are now inside the palace. The palace is a maze of square rooms, and you must somehow make your way to where the fragment is. In each room is a chest or an enemy holding a key to the next room. The path through is quite simple, go upwards through the rooms as far as possible and then go left until you come to a room with large northward facing double doors. Go in this door and fight your way up to a statue. The statue will explode revealing another Boss, he is piss easy to kill, so you shouldn’t need any advice. Get the last Fragment and make your way outa the palace following the path you took to get here, though the enemies in the rooms are random, I have always found the Stanley guy from Time Commando in the last room on your way back out.

We now have the forth level of magic – FIREBALL, and the full key. Head for Celebration Island, Dark Monk supposably resurrected himself there. Climb up the mountain and enter the Temple. Use the full key in the centre of the room, and walk outside. Now you will see a lengthy scene revealing who the Dark Monk really is (I cant tell you, find out for yourself), After Dark Monk has finished his jabbering, climb up the podiums that have now risen, and jump onto the big book and jump up the arm.

You are now inside the statues head. Put your protection Spell on immediately and run through the room to the screens that are locking the Wizards up, the correct combination from left to right is: 2, 1, 4, 3. Now you must run to the button near the trapped Wizards and press it. Cool now the Wizards are free and will blow a hole in the cage to allow you to continue. Now you will be 2 levels down in the Statue and you will meet Dark Monk again. After he has finished threatening you, don’t move, just jump on the elevator again. Now you are 3 levels down.

This part is hard, make sure you have full mana now. Run south down the passage and down the stairs, There will be an elephant with a triple missile launcher, use lightening to kill him. Grab his key and run back to the elevator, go into the cage and kill both elephants, now you can use the final elevator down to level four. Down here you must again kill another missile launching elephant and get its key.

Run through the cage and go HALFWAY down the stairs. SAVE here and continue down the stairs, Here you will meet Dark Monk for the last time. Have a lightening spell ready and creep forward until both the guards and Dark Monk are on the screen. Use lightening and it will kill the guards and severely weaken Dark Monk, now charge him and kill him, it isnt that hard any more, he will also have a clone of himself to kill, just use protection.

Damn, the children were cut loose, but don’t worry, you cant save them anyway, walk to the left towards the lava and watch the BRILLIANT end game cutscene.

Thank you (again) Adeline, for the most wonderful experience I have ever had with my PC… Hey, even the credits are cool. And DO NOT think the LBA idea has worn thin, it really rules and I am looking forward to another sequel.


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