-Here follows a Loom walkthru*****************************************************************************ISLAND  Look at leaf. Go to village and enter the Sanctuary tent.Go east all the way to the Loom. Listen to the elders and Hetchel. Get the Distaff.Spin the OPENING Draft on the egg.  Go west out of the tent and enterHetchel's tent. Lookat Dye Pot. Learn DYEING Draft; dye cloth. Look at flask and learn EMPTYING Draft. Leavetent and go to graveyard.GRAVEYARD Loom at thorns. Look at grave for clue. Go back to woods and look at tree holes.Feed owl to learn NIGHT VISION Draft (you must look into 4 owl holes to get all 4 notes forthe draft)VILLAGE Enter dark tent in front of Hetchel's  (only three of the tents can be entered) .Look at darknessand spin NIGHT VISION Draft.  Look at wheel and learn STRAW INTO GOLD Draft.TOP OF MOUNTAIN Look at sky and spin OPENING Draft. DOCKLook at clam and spin OPENING Draft. Jump into water and get on log. Go west all the way to the Waterspout.WATERSPOUT Look at the waterspout and learn TWISTING Draft.  Look at waterspout and spinUN-TWIST Draft  (reverse TWISTING Draft) .  Go all the way to the west.SHORE go to Shepards Guard, or east to Crystalgard.  Go north into woods,  where you meet 4shepards.  Learn UN-INVISIBILITY as they enter the scene.CRYSTALGARD Reach Crystalgard by following the trail. Look at workers in the Tower;  do thiswhile you are outside at the foot of the Tower.  Spin INVISIBILITY on the workers at thetop of the tower and enter the tower.  Enter Crystal elevatorand look at Crystal.   Walk tobell and look at it.  Look at sphere 3 times for clues.  Learn TERROR Draft from spherewhen it shows the shepard guard.FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS Return to the bell and look at it.  Look at scythe and learnSHARPENING Draft.  Enter dome-shaped building and look at graves to get Goodmold to talkto you and part with some clues.CRYSTAL AND CHALICE Leave dome-shaped building and enter Hall of the Chalice.  Go to theCrystal andlook for more clues from Goodmold.  You can spin UN-EMPTYING Draft on Chaliceif you wantto fill it.  Exit east and go back to shepard guards.SHEPARD'S HOUSELook at Lamb and get clues from girl.  Look at lamb again and laern HEALINGDraft.  Leave house and go east.  Look at sheep and spin DYEING Draftso they change colour.The Dragon will take you to its Lair.DRAGON'S LAIR Look at Dragon.  Look at gold.  Look at gold again and spin UN-STRAW TO GOLD,which turns gold to straw.  Look at Dragon.  Spin SLEEPING Draft.  Go north intocaves.CAVES These are just a very tiny maze.  Just walk around until you find the pool, whichcan't be reached directly from the entrance.  An effective method for reaching them is togo east and look at darknes.  Spin NIGHT VISION Draft ondarkness.  Go south and enter firstcave.  Go south some more then west until youfall off the ledge.POOL Look at the pool and learn REFLECTION Draft.  Look at the pool and spin EMPTYINGDraft.  Look at the sphere 3 times for clues.  Look at dry hole and spinUN-EMPTYING .  Gobehind rock and leave cave to the northwest.  Look at steps.  Spin UN-TWISTING on steps.Follow steps.HALLS OF FORGE Look at boy andspin UN-SLEEPING.  Listen to clues.  After he falls asleep,look at him  (rusty) and spin REFLECTION on him.  Go east to forge.THE FORGE Enter forge.  Follow path to back, then to the right, then south and finallyeast.  After you are put in the room, look at the straw.  When Hetchel puts the Distaffunder the door, get it and look at door.  Spin OPENING on door.  Exit and go down.THE SWORD Look at men talking.  Listen to conversation for clues.  Look at men again, thenlook at sword when the swordsmith quits hammering.  Spin TWISTING on the sword, which leadsyou to being captured and taken to the bishop's castle.   (no matter how long you wait, theswordsmith never finishes the sword.  The bishop gets more and more impatient.  You mustTWIST the sword in a moment of quiet) .BISHOP'S CASTLE Listen, then look at the door.  Spin OPENING.  After bishop gets staff,listen to conversation and look at sphere 3 times for more clues.  Go outside and look atbishop again.  Get Distaff and go back outside, where creature pushes you into void.VOID Look at the hole that goes back to bishop's castle.  Spin HEALING .  Go west and enterhole.   (let torturer look under your hood)BACK AT CASTLE Look at bones (rusty) .  Look at bones and spin HEALING (you can shut theholes in  the void but they must be done inside the void) .  Exit hole.  Look at hole andspin HEALING.  Go west to next hole.EnterSHEPARD'S MEADOW Look at shepards and spin HEALING on them.  Exit hole and spinHEALING on hole.  Go west to next hole.  Enter.CRYSTALGARD Look at good mold and spin HEALING on him (do this before he talks as he'lldie) Listen to story and get more clues.  Exit hole.  Look at hole and spin HEALING.  Gowest to next hole.  Listen to mother's story.  Go west to next hole.  Go east allthe way tothe loom.LOOM Look at loom.  Look at loom again and learn SILENCE.  Look at hetchel and spinUN-SILENCE.  Look at loom again and learn SHAPING.  Look at the cooked swan and spinUN-SHAPING.  Look at loom again and learn UN-MAKING.  Look at Feather. Look at Loom andspin UN-MAKING on it.  Enter hole.  Look at self and spin TRANSCENDENCE.Tha's it  Hope you finishGunter

GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions