by Animation Arts & Deep Silver

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   October 2010


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The disk needs to be in the drive during gameplay.

After installation, a configuration frame is seen. Display options are seen.

Read the manual.  The background story of the life of Fenton Paddock is narrated in his diary. The other half of the manual has a partial walkthrough.

The start menu has play, uninstall, configuration, website, readme and exit.

The main menu is the front of a theatre.

New game is through the theatre door. Load game is the left display window.

Options is the left closest to the door display window.

Sound options has music, background, dialogue and effects volume control.

Graphics has shadows, cinematics quality and animated textures quality adjustments.

Game options has subtitle, game help and inventory selections.

The game help option when selected activates the space bar or the magnifying glass at bottom right to show all active spots and exits on the screen. Choice of scrolling through the inventory by item or by page is also seen.

Credits is right of the theatre door.

Cinema at far right has the cutscenes that has been viewed in the game.

Quit is on the lamp post at right.

Hints:    Pressing the space bar or the magnifying icon at bottom right show all the active spots and exits in the screen.

When the characters' icons are seen on top of the screen; switching characters is enabled.

Double click makes the character run and hastens going to the next screen.

Right click skips dialogue.

Minigames have 2 levels: easy and adventurer. The choice is given at start of puzzle.


Read the Diary of Fenton Paddock in the manual. Learn about his family life, being kicked out of Oxford and life at Sandhurst, a military school. Learn about his friendship with Richard Weston and their life after graduating from Sandhurst. They lived in Hong Kong where Richard's father, Lord Weston is the governor. Learn about the Harbour Massacre that caused Fenton to be honorably discharged from the army.

Lord Weston funded Fenton's air freight business. His co-pilot is Yen Wuang a former cartographer. Fenton became close to Yen and his niece Kim. Yen upon learning about the Harbour Massacre left the company.



Tibet, Khembalung Valley, 1936

Buddhist Monastery:   

A British officer and soldier help an elderly monk to safety. They are under gunfire. The elderly monk opens a secret passage to a chamber.

The soldier - Thomas was wounded and left outside the sealed door. The monastery guards a secret that the world is not ready for yet. The elderly monk gives the officer an artifact-key that should be protected from the attacker. The monk dies.

Use the space bar or the magnifying lens at bottom right to see all the active spots in the screen. Look around and examine everything.

Use the artifact on the stone stand at center of the room. The officer disappears in a flash of light.

German tent:   

See a female scientist inquire about what happened in the monastery.

Learn that they need to find the chamber at the monastery to ensure the future of the Third Reich.

Upon learning about the mapping objective of the British team's presence in the area, she orders that the cartographer that made the map given to the British team be taken.

Hong Kong, 1 week later

Hou Hai Nightclub:   

Talk to Shen the bartender. Learn that Fenton is in trouble with the Triad, led by Mun Tong.

A challenge that Fenton can get the new singer's room number within 2 minutes is taken.

Dialogue selection produces different paths:

One path:    If the first dialogue selection is chosen during the whole conversation; the singer gives Fenton a napkin with her room number.

Mun Tong and a goon enter the nightclub. Fenton hides behind the post.

The singer helps Fenton by distracting Mun Tong; thus enabling Fenton to go through the back door.

Other path:    If different dialogues are selected throughout the conversation with the singer, the singer leaves.

Mun Tong and a goon enter the nightclub. Fenton hides behind the post. The exits are covered by the thugs.

Take the bottle of absinthe from the table.

Check the wok on the serving cart. Use the absinthe on the wok. The cork is in inventory.

Take the lighter from inventory and use it on the wok.

Push the serving cart. Watch what happens.

The goons join the melee. Fenton escapes through the back door.

Fenton is apprehended by 2 other thugs watching the back door of the nightclub.


Escape the box:    Fenton is inside a nailed box. Tong drilled a hole on the cover of the box. The box is thrown in the water.

Fenton covers the hole with his left hand and his right hand has the lit lighter.

Look around and see tar that seals the box and the hinge of the box cover.

Cover the hole:    See a big lump of tar on the right side of the box.

Use the lighter from inventory on the lump of tar to soften it.

Use either the napkin given by the singer or the cork from the absinthe bottle on the softened tar.

Use the taken softened tar (cork or napkin) on the hole.

Exit the box:    In inventory, check the wallet to get coins.

Use coins on the hinge of the box. Use the hinge on the lid (front) of the box.

Watch Fenton escape.


Watch as a stranger approaches Tong and his thugs. He wants to find a cartographer that has an item his client wants.


Chapter 1: Missing Friend


Talk to Gus the mechanic. There's an officer in the office that wants to talk to Fenton.

Fenton enters the office and talks to Huxley, Lord Weston's adjutant.

Governor's Palace:

Lord Weston asks Fenton to go to Tibet. He explains the situation about the politics concerning the Chinese takeover of Tibet. The expedition that tried to map Tibet disappeared. He wants Fenton to find what happened to the expedition. Richard, Fenton's closest friend and Lord Weston's son led the expedition. He gives a dossier.

Find a map.

Airport:    Read the dossier in inventory.

Talk to Gus about needing his help. Gus reminds him about old Wuang. Gus saw Wuang at the club and he moved to a new residence.

Get Gus to get the plane ready. Take the bellows on the ground below Gus.

Office:    Go left and enter the office. Look around at everything.

Take the measuring tape hanging above the hammock and the alarm clock left of the bathroom door.

Exit the office and go left to the city.

Nightclub:    Select the nightclub in the map.

Back alley:    Fenton checks the front of the nightclub and sees Tong and his thugs.

Go back to the alley. See a swarm of flies above the rubbish bins. Click on flies and a cat jumps up from the rubbish bin. It makes a noise.

Enter the back door of the nightclub.

Bar:    Talk to Shen the barkeeper about Yen Wuang. Nianzu might help Fenton.

Talk to Nianzu sitting at right. Nianzu needs a picture to remember Wuang.

Find a photo of Wuang.

Exit the club and go over the fence. Select airport on the map.

Airport:    Enter the office at left.

Check the safe left of the hammock. The code for the safe is in his wallet. The wallet must have fallen out when he was in the water.

Catch a bat.

Harbour:    Go to the city and then harbour.

See a boy catch a wallet while fishing. Hao, the kid wants a bat in exchange for the wallet. Bats like flies.

Nightclub:    Go to the nightclub where we saw flies over the trash bin. The cat is on top of the trash bin and will make a noise that alerts the thugs.

Check the cat and flies. Fenton says to find something that cats likes to play with.

Governor's palace:    Look at the tree at left and see a ball. Try to take the ball.

The guard stops Fenton.

Distract the guard:

Go right and check the rubbish bin.

In inventory look at the alarm clock and get a key. Use the key on the alarm clock. Fenton winds the clock.

Use the set alarm clock on the rubbish bin. The guard checks the rubbish bin. Take the ball.

Go left to the city.


Catch flies:    Use the ball on the cat. It's only interested on the ball while it's moving.

Use the measuring tape with the ball. Use the ball and measuring tape on the rod left of the lamp.

Use the bellows on the swarm of flies close to the lamp to get fly-filled bellows.

Go over the fence and to the city.

Harbour:    Go to Harbour.

Use the fly filled bellows on the lamp under the umbrella and behind the boy. The flies are released and the bellows is back in inventory.

Hao gives the wallet back. Check the wallet in inventory and get the note with number-combination of the safe.

Go to Wuang's place.

Airport:    Go back to the airport. Gus has finished preparing the plane.

Enter the office. Use the note with number on the safe. The safe is opened.

Check the safe and see Fenton's private documents. See his papers and pictures and the newspaper about the event that got him honorably discharged.

Get Wuang's photo.

Nightclub:    Show Wuang's photo to Nianzu. Wuang moved to Wan-mui district on Wing Hau St.

Wuang's house:    Go to and enter Wuang's house.

Check the nameplates on the door. Wuang's door is the one on the left. Automatically knock on the door and be let in by Kim.

Talk to Kim and learn that Wuang passed away a few days ago. He waited for Fenton to come to him.

Tong arrives and knocks Fenton down. Tong wants the Wuang's Tibet notes - just like what Fenton wants. Kim disarms Tong and Fenton knocks him down.

Learn that Richard was here and got copies of the map.

Get away from the thugs.

Find a way out:

Look around the room. Take the hanger from the closet at left.

Exit to the hallway. Take the bamboo from the flower pot right of Wuang's door. See that there's a nail hook on the wall beside the door. It's dark in here.

Go back inside and go to front part of the room. Look around and exit to the balcony.

Try to take the lantern hanging on the balcony.

In inventory combine the bamboo and hanger. Use the pole with hook on the lantern.

Go back inside and exit to the hallway. Use the lantern on the hook right of Wuang's door.

See a window on the end of the hallway. Click on the window. Then go back inside and talk to Kim.

The thugs outside are getting impatient.

Truck:    Kim and Fenton are hiding at the alley. They are seen by Tong. Kim drives the truck while Fenton distracts the thugs.

Get Fenton on the truck:    Fenton misses getting on the back of the truck and is pulled while on top of the back panel of the truck.

Talk to Kim. Tell her to speed up and immediately tell her to put on the brakes. Fenton is propelled on the back of the truck.

Stop the thugs:    Look around on what is on the truck bed. There is a padlocked fireworks crate and a tarpaulin covered motor. A broken piece of glass from the thug's car is on the bed also.

Use the pole with hook to pull the glass shard closer to Fenton. Do this again after the bamboo was shortened by a bullet. Get the broken piece of glass.

Use the broken piece of glass on tarpaulin to get a piece of tarpaulin.

In inventory combine the piece of tarpaulin and the broken pole to get a pole and rag.

Click the pole and rag on Kim driving the truck.

Change character by clicking on the pictures at top of the screen. Switch to Kim.

As Kim, use the rag wrapped pole on the cigarette lighter hanging on the dashboard. Click the lit torch on the back window to give it to Fenton.

Take the key hanging on the rearview mirror. Use the key on the back window to give it to Fenton.

Change character by clicking on Fenton's picture at top of the screen.

As Fenton, use the key on the padlock of the fireworks crate. Take fireworks.

Use fireworks on the tube of the motor under the tarpaulin.

Use the lit torch to light the fireworks.

Watch what happens.

Fly to Tibet.

Airplane:    After some discussion, Kim and Fenton are off the ground and on the way to Tibet.

Fenton finally explains what happened during the "Massacre". Richard was down and was being attacked by the protesters. When Fenton tried to save Richard; things went downhill.

Kim refuses to be dropped off at Katang. A German fighter plane shoots at the plane.

Fight back:

With Kim flying the plane, Fenton goes to the cargo hold. Look around.

Take the canister with distilled water, bag of flour, pumpkin and parachute.

Use the pumpkin on the fixture that held the parachute at right wall of plane. Holes are made on the smiling pumpkin.

Use bag of flour on the holey pumpkin to get pumpkin filled with flour.

Combine pumpkin filled with flour with canister of water to get pumpkin filled with flour mash.

Open the door and go out. Use the pumpkin filled with flour mash on the German fighter plane.

Watch Fenton cover the fighter plane's windshield with flour mash.

Fenton's Trimotor loses a wing and the German fighter plane explodes. The pilot safely parachutes down.

German tent:   

The lieutenant reports to the female scientist about the map. She gives orders to collect information about Fenton and the cartographer's niece.


Chapter 2: The Secret in the Mountains

Tibet 400 miles east of Lhasa.

Find items to use to get to Kim.

Crash site:    Fenton needs to get to Kim at the crashed plane.

Look around. Take the sled and propeller blade from the snow.

Use the propeller to open the crate. Check inside the crate to get lid, pieces of broken record, gramophone horn and folding table.

Messerschmitt:    Go left down the path. See the crash of the Messerschmitt.

Go to the other side of the crevasse:

Look at the smooth rocks, furrow and snowdrift. Use the sled on the furrow.

Fix the sled:    Combine the lid with the sled to get sled with cover.

Not enough snow:    Use the gramophone horn on the snow drift. Use the snow filled horn on the smooth rocks.

Use the sled with cover on the furrow. Weeee... Fenton jumps over the crevasse.

Plane:    Check the cockpit of the plane and get pilot's jacket and binoculars.

Examine the pilot's jacket in inventory. Something is in the lining. Combine the pieces of broken record with the pilot's jacket. Get a document and lambskin.

Examine the document and learn that it is a safe passage pass on checkpoints and immunity from local authorities.

Check the seals and see that they are from the Tibetan government and Thule Society.

Wings:    Check the wing sticking from the ground.

Use the propeller blade by clicking on the hole on the upright wing. Get the wing hull.

Check the wing by the crevasse. See that the cursor changed to the wing. Use the wing cursor on the crevasse to get Fenton to push it on the crevasse.

Crash site:    Go right and back to crash site. Use the wing hull on the ledge right of the crashed Trimotor.

Click on ledge to climb up. Check Kim. Check the parachute at top right rock wall.

Find items to wake Kim up.

Altar:    Go down and climb up the path pass the crate.

See an altar and an Argali sheep that protects his territory.

Get the Argali sheep out of the way:

Combine the sled and the lambskin. It looks like an animal.

Use the sled with lambskin with the folding table to make a fake sheep.

Use the fake sheep on the Argali.

Pick up the horn and the leather strap. Examine the horn and leather strap in inventory to get them separated.

Take incense sticks and the weird lumps from the ground - Argali dung.

Messerschmitt:    Go back to the Messerschmitt left of the crash site.

Use the leather strap on the puddle of water beside the plane to get frozen leather strap.

In inventory combine the Argali dung and the gramophone horn. Use the Argali dung in horn on the fire to get burning Argali dung.

Crash site:

Wake up Kim:    Click on the ledge to climb up.

In inventory use the incense stick on the burning Argali dung.

Use the burning incense stick on Kim to wake her up.

Remove the cockpit:    Fenton and Kim try to push the cockpit off.

Use the frozen strap on the parachute on the rock wall at right.

Use the parachute on the cockpit. Use the parachute to pull out the ripcord.

After the discussion, Kim translates the notes. Learn about Uncle and Professor Hayes travels. Hear about the dead monk, monastery at Khembalung Valley, the secret and the stone resembling an eye of dragon. Learn about the map.

See a truck and later the German camp. They see a captive British officer; it is not Richard.

Get inside the German camp.

German Camp entrance:    Fenton stands by the barracks close to the gate of the camp. The Germans inside the barracks are drunk.

Look around. See holes in the snow where he is standing.

Check the truck at right. It is locked. See one of the crevasses that the German mentioned at right.

Read the warning sign by the crevasse and Fenton falls in.

As Kim:    A German soldier opens the back of the truck to get the beer keg.

Take the warning sign, rope (and log). Take the rope from the side of the truck and newspaper inside the truck bed.

Check the crate and get pot and lid, sticky tape and gas burner.

Drop the rope, newspaper, log, pot and lid, sticky tape and gas burner down the crevasse.

Go to the left and check the holes in the snow. It is made by cigar butts melting the snow.

Place the warning sign over the holes in the snow. Automatically get a smoldering cigar butt.

Drop the smoldering cigar butt down the crevasse.

Change to Fenton.

Find a way out:

As Fenton, look around. Take chunks of ice from the ground.

Check the passageways. Enter one of the passageways and Fenton says that there's a draft somewhere.

Use the cigar butt on the gas burner. Light an incense stick using the lit gas burner.

Use the burning incense stick on any passageways. Enter the left passageway.

Reach the crevasse:

Be at the rubbish dump under the German camp.

Check the crevasse at the ceiling. The crevasse is covered by a thin layer of ice.

Pick up the pocket knife from the side of the rubbish. The knives are broken but the corkscrew is still intact.

Make a projectile:

Check the pot and lid and see an open hole on the lid. In inventory, place the chunks of ice in the pot and lid.

Use sticky tape on the ice filled pot to seal it and get sealed, ice filled pot.

Use the pocket knife on the log and get a cork-wood chip.

Use the wood chip on the hole of the sealed ice filled pot to get a pressure cooker with ice.

Use the newspaper on the rubbish. Use the lit gas burner on the newspaper to light it.

Place the pressure cooker with ice on the fire. Watch as the cork pops out and breaks the thin layer of ice on the ceiling.

Take the hot pot.

Climb out:    In inventory, combine rope and broken horn to get a grappling hook.

Use grappling hook on the now open crevasse. Climb up.

Find and release the British officer:

Look around. Check the case-big crate at side of the barracks. Get a hand grenade.

Get the German soldier out of the way:

Go right and check the generator shed at right. It is locked. See a German soldier repairing a truck with a welding machine.

Check the generator shed and see a vent window.

Use the sealed water filled pot on the vent. Fenton pours the water to short circuit the generator. The guard checks inside the shed.

Use the beam holding the truck up. The truck blocks the shed.

Check the tool box at right. It is frozen shut.

Take care of the German torturer:

Go inside the tent at right. See the torturer and Thomas Finch, an officer in Richard's outfit.

Thomas is made to listen to marching music to keep him awake.

Change the record:    Take the tent peg from top of the boxes.

Go back outside and use the tent peg on the locked toolbox. Get vice, glue and saw blade in cover.

Record:    Combine pieces of broken record and glue.

Click to pick up a piece. Move the piece of record over the turn icon at top and click to turn the piece of record. Each turn is 90 degrees. Place the piece of record beside the other pieces by left click again.

It is Moulin Rouge by Josephine Baker.

The pieces are glued but the light colored glue will not stand up to scrutiny.

Open the hand grenade by combining it with the vice to get gunpowder.

Use gunpowder on the glued record to color the glue and get fixed record.

Record cover:    Check the saw blade in cover to get saw blade and empty cover.

Check the newspaper and see that the front page has German soldiers marching.

Use glue on the empty cover. Use the newspaper on the glued empty cover.

Use empty cover with the fixed record to get fixed record in cover.

Go back to the tent and use fixed record in cover on the stack of records.

Watch what happens when the torturer changes record.

Get out of the German camp.

Thomas:    Talk to Thomas completely. Learn what happened.

The dying monk told Thomas and Richard: The door is guarded by two dragons: Yiao the strong and Zhiao the wise. Zhiao, the mother is twice as old as her son Yiao.

Take the soldier's uniform hanging on the post to get uniform, key ring and tape reel.

Use the keys on Thomas and automatically have Thomas in inventory.

Go outside and click Thomas on the truck at left.

Get the truck:

Talk to the gate guard and learn that he will release the truck to go to the monastery only if they make a find of outmost priority. He also wants a filled in form from the radio room.

Go to the shed at left. Use the key ring on the door. Enter the shed.

Take blank form from the desk and the pencil from the floor.

Use the tape reel on the tape recorder. Learn that they want info about object 28.

Look close at Project Vril list on the wall. See that object 28 is the Eye of Kanjur.

In inventory combine form and pencil. See the form and list of objects. Select Eye of Kanjur and get completed form.

Exit and go to the top of the screen.

Give the completed form through the window to the man inside the building. Permission to leave is given.

Kim jumps on the back of the truck

Enter the monastery.

Lift:    Thomas proceeds to North part of India on the truck.

Look around. See a signpost below the path.

Look at the signpost. Use the tent peg on the signpost to get the signs from the post.

Check the lift and freight lift to the monastery at right.

Use the lever. See the platform rise. Talk to Kim.

Use the lever to raise Kim standing on the platform. Kim takes wooden planks and baking powder from the freight lift.

Check the oil puddle on the floor below the lift engine.

Take the path to the monastery.

Outside the monastery:    See the booby trapped side entrance to the monastery.

Eavesdrop on the changing of the guard for the night.

Look around the side entrance.

Get to side entrance:

Check the trip wires attached to grenades. The grenades are gas grenades.

See a drain at bottom of the side railing of the bridge.

Check the dragon and the dragon claw.

Use the wooden planks on the drain at bottom of the bridge.

Use another wooden plank on dragon claw.

Open the side entrance:

Check the prayer wheel right of the entrance. Try to take the prayer wheel. It's jammed but it is warm to the touch.

Prayer wheel:    Use the tent peg on the prayer wheel. It is magnetic but the tent peg is not metal. Fenton pulls the prayer wheel off.

Gap:    Check the gap on the rock wall left of the entrance. It is hollow back there.

Use the tent peg on gap and see a wooden wheel.

Use the signs on the wooden wheel. Fenton inserts a sign on a slot.

Turn the wooden wheel. Use the signs-turn the wheel until all them are used and the entrance is opened.

Enter through the side entrance.

Go down to the courtyard.

Courtyard:    Look around at the courtyard Thomas mentioned. See the guard dog by his kennel.

There's a tin and a knapsack on the wooden slab below. See a strange chest at right corner of the courtyard.

Pick up the items on the wooden slab:

Pulley:    Check the pulley beside Fenton. It's rusty and makes a noise that alerts the dog.

Go back outside. Look at the bird's nest at right to get an egg shell.

Go back to the crossroads at left. Use the egg shell on the oil puddle on the floor to get egg shell with motor oil.

Go back to the courtyard of the monastery.

Use the egg shell with motor oil on the pulley.

Pull up the pulley. Use the prayer wheel on the pulley hook.

Use the pulley again and get the tin. Use the tent peg on the tin to get disgusting dog meat.

Use disgusting dog meat on the wooden slab below. The dog tilts the wooden slab to get the meat and slides the knapsack below the pulley.

Use the pulley with the prayer wheel again to get the knapsack. Automatically take the prayer wheel.

Examine the knapsack to get a canteen, compass, torch and gas mask.

Take care of the guard dog:

See a snow drift on the roof at left.

Get dog inside the kennel:    Check the compass and the torch. The compass has a magnifying glass. The torch lens is broken.

Use glue on broken torch. Combine the compass and torch with glue to attach the magnifying lens on the torch to get torch with magnifying glass.

Use torch with magnifying glass on the ground of the courtyard. This interests the dog.

Use the torch with magnifying glass on the kennel. The dog goes inside the kennel.

Seal the kennel:    Check the canteen.

In inventory combine the baking powder with the canteen. Seal the canteen with the canteen lid.

Use the capped foaming canteen on the snow slab on the roof above the kennel.

Fenton and Kim climb down to the courtyard.

Find the secret entrance.

Get light:   

Check the strange chest at right corner.

Look close at the strange chest at right. Select the difficulty level of the puzzle.

Click on a plug and then click that plug on a socket-adapter at right.

The solution is the same for easy and challenge level. The challenge level has more wires. Now there is light.
















Find the secret entrance:

Look at the western wall. There are ornaments on the columns that separate the panels.

Use the prayer wheel on the ornaments. The ornament at far right opens.

Look close at the mosaic.

Select the difficulty level. The solution is the same for easy and challenge level. The easy level shows highlighted tiles on the correct side.

Remember the clue given by the dying monk to Thomas and Richard about the 2 dragons. Zhiao, the mother is twice as old as her son Yiao.

Turn each tile to the correct side to make the picture below. One of the dragons is longer than the other.

Secret room:

Enter the secret room. Fenton checks Richard's belt pack.

Look around and check everything in the chamber. Check the symbols.

Talk to Kim. Using Professor Hayes' information, Kim translates the symbols.

There is another exit and mentions sleeping dragon. There are 2 keys. The Eye of the Dragon reveals the keeper's map. The dragon is dangerous. Professor Hayes might have the Eye of the Dragon and the map.

Countess Hanna von Hagenhild arrives with the soldiers. Learn about Shambala.

The Countess takes Kim and orders Fenton to be executed. Fenton escapes. Watch what happens to the convoy and Kim.


Chapter 3:     Race Against Time


Find Professor Hayes:

Fenton enters Professor Hayes' shop.

Philippe LaCoste is doing inventory of the shop. Professor Hayes is in jail because of failure to pay taxes.

Go up to the bazaar. Go through the north exit at top left.

Police station:

Enter the gendarmerie. Talk to the policeman.

Learn that you need 200 francs to bail out Professor Hayes. The gendarme is proud of his car. See that there's a seal on the desk.

Exit the station. Professor Hayes calls Fenton through the cell window. Fenton updates Hayes about what happened. Learn more about Shambala.

Hayes asks for his heart medicine that is in a case in his shop.

Hayes gives his ring to help with his bail.

Check the car and the well. Take the well crank.

Get Hayes' medicine.

Alley:    Go back to the alley via the bazaar.

Enter the shop and go to the rear. Talk to LaCoste about the small case. He needs a stamped application form. A blank application form is given.

Exit the shop.

Talk to the jeweler right of the shop. Get 5 francs for Hayes' ring. The jeweler gives a coupon for a free jewelry repair or polish.

Talk to the snake charmer. Learn about his flute that entrances camels. He will lend his flute in exchange for something that will quench his thirst.

Police station:    Go back to the police station and talk to the gendarme about the form. He doesn't have the authority to stamp the form. Note that the stamp is on his desk.

Bazaar:    Look around the bazaar. Go through the archway at right and be at edge of the desert.

Desert:    Fenton reads the sign. Look around. Check the tent and sign.

See a tent and a camel at far side of the dried out salt lake. A guide is needed to cross the dried out lake.

Get hay from the trough.

Check the sparkling stones beside the rocks at foreground. Use the crank to get piece of crystal.

Go back to bazaar and to the alley.

Alley:    Give the piece of crystal to the jeweller to sell. It is an ordinary quartz.

Jamil polishes it for free after taking the coupon given earlier. Get polished quartz.

Police station:    Go back to the gendarmerie. Remember where the seal was located.

Get the gendarme out of the station:

Place the polished quartz on the crank holder of the well. See a ray of light.

Place the hay on the ray of light at ground in front of the car. The hay burns.

Fenton hides after yelling "Fire". The gendarme runs out to stamp the fire out.

Fenton talks to Hayes. Give Hayes the crank through the cell window.

Hayes gives the stamp. In inventory, combine the stamp and the form to get stamped application form.

Automatically, the stamp is returned by Hayes and the crank returned to Fenton.

Alley:    Go to the shop and give LaCoste the stamped application form.

Take the small case from the shelf at right.

Police station:    Give the small case to Hayes through the cell window. Professor Hayes takes his heart drops.

Look at the case in inventory. See a gold ornament on top of the empty small case. Check the gold detector.

Get bail money.

Bazaar:    Check the poster right of the archway to the desert. There is a Berber festival north of the town.

Desert:    A guide is needed to cross the lake. There is a camel by the tent on the other side of the dried out lake.

Get the snake charmer's flute:

Remember the snake charmer's flute.

Go back to the bazaar.

Greengrocer:    Talk to the greengrocer. Buy half a melon for 5 francs.

Give the half a melon to the snake charmer. He drinks only water before nightfall.

Dyer:    Enter the dyer's shop at the bazaar. Talk to the dyer completely.

Check the barrel of water on the floor.

In inventory combine the crank with the half a melon to get a melon rind.

Use the melon rind on the barrel of clean water to get melon filled with water.

Go back to snake charmer and give him the melon filled with water.

The snake charmer lends his flute.

Cross the dried out lake to get to Berber festival:

Go to the edge of the desert through the right archway at the bazaar.

Use the flute on the camel by the tent at other side of the dried out lake.

Watch as the camel winds itself through the dangerous dried out lake.

Try to ride the camel that is busy eating his fill of hay.

Since the camel already made tracks on the safe places of the lake, cross to the desert.

Get a blue djellaba:

Berber festival:    Learn from the Berber guard at the fairgrounds about the wrestling match against Aziz. The prize money is 100 francs. Blue djellaba is needed to join the festivities. He gives a coupon-garment ticket to rent a djellaba.

Cloth merchant:    Go back to the city.

Give the garment ticket to the cloth merchant at the bazaar. He is out of blue djellaba. Ask for a white djellaba.

Dyer:    Enter the dyer shop and talk to the dyer.

He is out of blue dye. Fenton can get his order from the caravan that is at the oasis SE of the city.

He gives flatbread so that the caravan master will recognize him.

Exit the shop and go to the desert lake. Select the oasis at bottom right of the map.

Caravan:    Talk to the nomad about the dyer's indigo dye. Give the flatbread to the nomad Chief.

The nomad chief explains why they are in the oasis. He gives the sack of indigo plants.

Check the white plant at left. It is full of thorns.

Dyer:    Go back to the dyer's shop. Give the sack of indigo plants to the dyer. Get a blue djellaba.

Win the wrestling match:

Wrestling tent:    Go back to the Berber fairground and enter the wrestling tent.

Look around and see a bucket of water beside the arena.

Talk to the promoter about match. See that Aziz drinks from the bucket before the match.

Watch what happens.

Shaman:    Go to left screen and enter the Shaman's tent.

Talk to the shaman. Agree to have your fortune told.

Learn about thorn apple seed and its uses. Fenton is very relaxed from the smoke of the thorn apple seed.

The shaman says the thorn apple plants can be found where there is moisture.

Oasis:     Exit the fairground and go to the oasis. Pick some seeds from the thorny white plant at left to get thorn apple blossoms.

Wrestling tent:    Go back to the fairground and inside the wrestling tent.

Use the thorn apple blossom on Aziz' water bucket.

Talk to the promoter about another match.

Watch what happens. Get 100 francs prize money.

Double the money:

Go back to the city and return the flute to the snake charmer.

Thimblerigger's stand:    Go back to bazaar. Check the thimblerigger's stand.

Play the game. You have to follow the cups and guess where the ball is hidden.

After the warm up game, Fenton loses 25 francs.

In inventory use the crank on the small case to get an ornamental gold ball.

Use the ornamental gold ball on the thimblerigger's stand.

The ornamental gold ball is used instead of the wooden ball.

Use the gold detector on the cups to find out which one has the gold ball. Win 100 francs.

Say yes to another match to win 200 francs. The total money is 225 francs.

Police station:    Go to gendarmerie.

Give the money to the gendarme. He releases Professor Hayes.

Fenton and Professor Hayes converse at a cafe. Learn about Eye of the Dragon, map and the rise and fall of Shambala. There are 2 monasteries where the monks trained by the inhabitants of Shambala are found. The other is called Lost Horizon north of India. They need the map of Piri Reis to find the second place.

See what happens at the shop of Professor Hayes. The Nazi thugs take the Eye of the Dragon.

In Hong Kong, Lord Weston reads the telegram from Thomas.


Chapter 4:     Into the Lion's Den

Germany, Berlin

German Museum:    Fenton is in Berlin after following the Countess.

Look around. Check the drainage on the ground and see a shiny object in there.

Check the advertising pillar and take the loose poster. It is a camera advertisement.

Enter the museum.

Talk to the man cleaning the exhibits. Learn about the reception tonight and a lower exhibit area.

He gives an info sheet about the events in the Olympic games.

Try to take stuff from the box that the man handed down. Get an old rubber glove and sandpaper.

Check the rubbish bin by the door. Take lid, dried bouquet and broken bottle.

Look close at the info sheet and learn that Glenn Parker, a friend from Sandhurst is competing at the games. He might get Fenton to the reception tonight.

Exit the museum and go to the city.

Olympia Stadium:    Fenton talks to Glenn Parker and relates how he got in the stadium.

Fenton talks to the stadium guard. Learn that he needs credentials of a press photographer: a press card that he can get from the IOC accreditation office at Pariser Platz and photographer equipment.

Look around and see helium gas bottles and an organ grinder.

Talk to the organ grinder completely and check the helium gas bottles.

Get into the stadium.

Pariser Platz:    See that the IOC office is closed.

Baltus Edison, the journalist reading a newspaper talks to Fenton. Learn that he is not satisfied with his assignment. He wants to cover juicy gossip back at the palace.

Check Edison's jacket hanging on his chair. It has his press card and glasses. Talk to Edison about borrowing the press card. Edison refuses.

Check the pram and see a baby with a lolly.

Get the lolly:

Go back to the stadium.

In inventory look close at the dried bouquet to get dried flowers and florist wire.

Use the old rubber glove on the helium glass bottles. Use the florist wire on the balloon animal to make horrendous balloon animal on string.

Go back to Parizer Platz.

Use horrendous balloon animal on string on the pram. Watch the baby throw the lolly on the ground. Take the lolly.

Get the press pass and glasses:

Go back to the museum. Use the lolly on the drainage to get a Reichsmark coin.

Go back to Parizer Platz. Take the napkin from the table at left. Check the napkin in inventory and learn that the Cafe is Cafe Erika. (If you covered it with ketchup, do the part about the photography equipment first).

Use the coin on the phone booth at right. Connect to Cafe Erika now that Edison refused to lend you his press pass.

The waiter calls Edison and Fenton automatically takes the press pass and the glasses.

Check the press pass in inventory and see that Edison's picture has glasses, goatee and a hat. We have the glasses.

Get goatee:

Go to the museum. Look at the Argali and note the beard.

Use the broken glass on the Argali whiskers to get whiskers. Use whiskers with the lolly to make sticky whiskers.

Get hat:

Go to the stadium.

Look at and take the hat on top of the barrel organ.

In inventory, combine the sandpaper and lid to get polished lid.

Talk to the organ grinder about his hat. Get the hat in exchange for the polished metal bowl.

Get photographer equipment:

Go back to Pariser Platz.

Talk completely to tourist-photographer. Learn his thoughts about photography ban.

Use the napkin on the ketchup spilled on the left table of the cafe to get ketchup covered napkin.

Go to the museum. If you haven't yet, go to the front of the museum and take the camera ad poster from the advertising pillar.

Check the double doors at right. Fenton notes the round handles to get an active doorknob.

Use the ketchup covered napkin on the door knob. (The stained napkin has the cafe name on it and the door handle is smeared with ketchup).

Use the camera poster on the door knob to get a ketchupped poster.

Go back to Pariser Platz.

Combine the lolly and the ketchupped poster. Use the sticky, ketchupped poster on the traffic sign beside the phone booth.

Talk to the Count-photographer-tourist about the sign.

Take the camera.

Now you have everything. Go back to the stadium and click on the stadium guard.

Help Glenn win the long jump.

Fenton explains to Glenn why he needs to get to the reception. Glenn Parker is not sure that he can get the gold medal. He needs 25 cm to beat Erwin Huber.

Look around. See that the equipment room is locked and the lamp above the door is sparking.

Locker room:    Enter the locker room, Look around.

Take a clean towel from top of the lockers. Take the shoelaces off the trainers-shoes under the bench.

Take the loose coat hook from the wall at right.

Check the ventilation grill on the wall. Use the coat hook on ventilation grill.

Equipment room:    Go through opened ventilation shaft. Look around the equipment room.

Look at table. Take the measuring tape and the table tennis balls. Check the competition sanctioned measuring tape.

Open the locker:

Check the locked lockers. Check the metal panel at side of wall. It is screwed to the side of the locker.

Try to use the coat hook on metal plate. The coat hook has rounded end.

Check the shelf with balls and dumbbells. See that it is screwed to the floor.

Use the coat hook on the now active foot of the shelf. Use shoestring to tie the coat hook on to the foot of the shelf.

Take a dumbbell. Use the dumbbell on the coat hook tied to foot of the shelf. Fenton hammers the end of the coat hook to get coat hook with sharp end.

Use the coat hook with sharp end on the metal plate at side of locker.

Take the judge's uniform.

Doctor the measuring tape:

Go through the ventilation shaft and be back at the locker room.

Use broken bottle on measuring tape to get cut measuring tape and 1 metre measuring tape.

Use broken bottle neck on the 1 metre measuring tape to get 75 cm measuring tape and 25 measuring tape.

Check the rubbish bin and take the bottle of cleaner. Check the cleaner and see that it is acetone and melts plastics.

Combine the tennis balls and cleaner and then place it in the rubbish bin. This produces melted tennis balls in bin.

Use the 75 cm measuring tape on the melted plastic in bin. Use the 75 cm tape with glue on the cut measuring tape to get altered measuring tape. The tape measure will read longer since 25 cm was removed.

Swap the official measuring tapes:

Exit the locker room and go outside to the stadium. Huber just jumped.

Go back inside the tunnel.

Use the dried flowers on the sparking lamp above the equipment room door to get a small torch.

Use the small torch on any of the torch holder on the wall.

Automatically, Fenton exits to the stadium. The light goes off.

Exchange the altered measuring tape with the tape on the table. Glenn wins.

Find the secret lower level.

Museum:    Look around. Check the display case and see that it is closed.

Click on the cloak room at right to try to get a scarf. Guest are roaming around.

Take the red roped barrier at right. Use the barrier on the entryway to the reception. That blocks the guests.

Now, click on cloak room to get white scarf.

Check the table at left. Take the champagne bottle and glass from table at left.

Examine the champagne glass to get cork. Examine cork to get wire.

Open the locked door:

Check the door at right. It is locked.

Check the wall cupboard. Use the wire from champagne cork on wall cupboard.

Take the hydrochloric acid and mop from the cupboard.

Use the hydrochloric acid on the locked door.

Get the Eye of the Dragon.

Enter and watch the Countess and the other scientist. Learn that the map was transferred to Castle Wewelsburg near Paderborn.

The Countess gives the bag to the battalion leader.

Watch the experiment done by the other scientist. It is the new aircraft turbine.

Turn the turbine on:

Check the red box on the wall. Get the handle that came off.

Go back up to the reception. Use the handle on the display case to get piton.

Go back down to the experiment area.

In inventory, combine the scarf and the piton to get hook on scarf.

Use hook on scarf on mop to get long hook.

Use long hook on the large console lever at right. The setting is at maximum power.

In inventory combine the cork with champagne bottle to seal it. Use corked champagne bottle on small console at left. The turbine is turned on.

Reach the other side of the room:

See the battalion leader come out of the room at left to check what is happening.

Use the metal handle on the red box.

Take the fire hose and tie it on the railing. Click the other end of the fire hose on the small room at left.

Check the briefcase to get the Eye of the Dragon.

Hong Kong:

Kleist warns Lord Weston about Paddock's interference.

Chapter 5:    Deep Behind Enemy Lines


Germany, Wewelsburg

Fenton talks to the station guard.

Get to the castle.

Look around the station.

Find a way to the castle:

Read the Info board and learn that there is a connection between the mine and the castle.

Look at the moss covered sign right of the chained gate at right. Click on sign to get Fenton to remove the moss. Read that it has the symbol for a mine.

Get the station guard out of the way:

Check the handcar and the rope attached to it. The rope is tied tight.

Take the steel cable hanging on the wall above the filled rain barrel.

Use the steel cable on the rope attached to the handcar.

Watch as the station guard runs after the handcar.

Gate and mine:

Take the axe left of the station door. Use axe on the chain of the gate. It's dark in there.

Look at the memorial cross at left. Take a candle from the memorial.

Check the lantern on the base of the old carriage at right. Use the axe to take the lantern.

Combine the lantern and the candle.

Mine maze:    Enter the mine.

Follow the rail at top of the screen (going left-right) until the end of the rail; 2-3 screens to the right.

At the end of the rail, take the fork going down and slight right to see a skeleton and a pot. Take the pot.

Go back up to the intersection.

Go right until a path with stone paving. Go up and then down until the stairs.

Enter the stairs.

Find the location of the map.


Open the curtain at left. Take the dirty mirror and the nutcracker.

Check the hook left of the door. Try to take hook. Use the nutcracker to take the hook.

Check the fireplace and see rungs at the back wall of the fireplace.

Take the hand drill right of the fireplace.

Hallway:    Go upstairs. Hear the officer talk about the inventory.

Check the mirror above the desk of the soldier doing the inventory. It reflects what he is working on.

Take the wild boar pelt from the far left wall.

Take the gauntlet from the suit of armor.

Take the tin soldiers and candle holder from the small table at right.

Check the crack on the wall above the small table. Hmm...

Use the hook on the crack on the wall.

Try to use the mirror on the hook. It's dirty; can't see a thing.

Clean the mirror:

Go down to the workshop.

In inventory combine the pot and the tin soldiers. Use the pot filled with tin soldiers on the fireplace.

Use the pot with molten tin with the candle holder. Use the hand drill on the candle holder with solidified tin to get coin shaped wafer.

Exit to the mine through secret door and Fenton automatically reaches the station.

Use the coin shaped wafer on the sweet dispenser to get lemon sweets.

Use the pot on the rain barrel to get pot of water. Use the lemon sweets on the pot of water to get pot of lemon water.

Use the wild boar pelt with the pot of lemon water. Use the pelt soaked with lemon water on the dirty mirror to get clean mirror.

Go back to the castle again.

Read the inventory:

Go to the crack on the wall upstairs. If you haven't yet, use the hook on the crack on the wall.

Use the clean mirror on hook on the wall.

Go outside to the balcony. Look around.

Try to take the telescope. Use hand drill to take the telescope.

Go back inside. Use the telescope on the hanging clean mirror.

Fenton reads where Piri Reis map is stored. It is in crypt in the north tower.

Take the clean mirror and the hook again.

Go the map:

Find out where north tower is:

Go back outside to balcony. Use the telescope on village.

Check the church. Fenton deduced that the east-west tower is the one by him.

Get to north tower:

Go back inside and down to the workshop.

Use the pelt soaked with lemon water on the fire in the fireplace.

Try to climb the ladder rungs in the chimney. It's too hot.

Use the gauntlet on the ladder rungs.

Walk to north tower.

Get to crypt:

Look around. Check the stone slab on the floor.

Use the crank wheel to lower the chandelier. See that it sits exactly on top of the symbol.

Raise the chandelier again using the crank wheel.

Use the hand drill on the stone slab with the symbol.

Use the hook on the stone slab.

Use the crank wheel to lower the chandelier and the use it again to raise the chandelier with the stone slab.

Enter through the hole-opening.

Find the map:

Read the lectern from right to left. Learn about the experiments done by the Countess' father. Understand morphogenetic fields, world soul and collective memory.

The leftmost lectern has the map. It is under lock and key and thick sheet of glass.

Use the Eye of the Dragon on the map-left lectern to see that the other monastery is in India: Kathiawar peninsula north of Bombay.


Chapter 6:    The Eye of the Tiger



Look around. Take bundle of reeds at right. Check the fire pit and large tree.

Take the bamboo pole with the white cloth.

Check the dried up blood stains on the ground. Take chicken feathers, pot shards, broken clay jug and broken basket.

Check the white fur under the hut at left. It's a goat. Try to get the goat but it hides farther under the hut.

Leave the village at left. An old man calls out. Learn that a man-eater came to the village last night.

The old man will guide Fenton to the temple if he gets rid of the tiger.

Take care of the tiger.

Swamp:    Leave the village and go to the place with a large question mark at bottom left of the map - unknown destination.

See the injured tiger. It is in pain.

See a crashed airplane on top of the tree and vine below it.

Pick up mushrooms and herbs.

Village:    Go back to the path and village.

Talk to the old man by clicking on the hut. Learn that the mushrooms when boiled is a sedative.

Prepare the sedative:

In inventory, use the post shards on the broken basket to get stones, thin wooden sticks and stitching.

Talk to the old man again about the stones. They are flint stones.

Place bundle of reeds on the fire pit. Use flint stones on the reeds to get a fire.

Combine the broken clay jug and mushrooms. Place the jug of mushrooms on the fire.

Use bamboo or cloth to pick up the jug of tranquilizer.

Combine the pot shards and the thin wooden sticks to get stick with arrowhead.

Combine stick with arrowhead with chicken feathers.

Use the small dart with the jug of tranquilizer.

Use the tranquilizer dart with the bamboo pole to get blowgun with tranquilizer dart.

Lure the tiger:

Use the herbs on the goat under the hut. Use the stitching on the little goat.

Use the leashed goat on the large tree at center of the village.

Leave the village and go to tiger swamp. Click on the tiger to call it.

Fenton hides behind the large tree. Use the blowgun with tranquilizer dart on the tiger.

Fenton sees a nail on tiger's paw. Fenton will take the nail out and return the sedated tiger to the jungle.

Enter the temple.

Lagoon:    The temple is underwater in a lagoon. Look around.

Check the plants firmly attached on a stone column.

Check the statue and note that there is triangle at its chest.

Drive the shark away:

Dive in the lagoon. See the temple and a shark circling the area.

Use the broken jug on lagoon to get jug of water.

Swamp:    Go back to the path. Go to the swamp.

Climb up to the plane and check the cockpit.

Take the cardboard box from the cockpit-glove compartment. Check the box in inventory to get a radio. Check the radio and the small crank separates.

Check the cover at side of the plane. Use the crank on the cover. Get cable.

Climb down from the tree.

Village:    Go to village.

Pour the jug of water on dried up blood stains on the ground.

Use the cloth on the wet blood stains to get blood covered cloth.

Get bundle of reeds from right side.

Lagoon:     Go back to lagoon.

In inventory, combine cable with radio. Then combine the blood covered cloth with radio and cable.

Use the radio, cable and bloody cloth on lagoon

Use the small crank on the radio and bait. The shark is zapped and swims away.

Make a mold:

Lagoon:    Dive down.

Keep an eye on the air bar at top of the screen. Go up to the surface when it reaches a dangerous level.

Click on the gate to see a triangle shaped recess at the center.

Pick up the metal rod on the floor. Use the broken clay jug on the ground to get mud.

Swim back up to lagoon. Use the metal rod on the plants attached to the stone column.

Examine the stone column to see a carving.

Swamp:    Go to the swamp.

Use the metal rod on the vine below the plane. See oily sap come out of the vine.

Use the bundle of reeds on the severed vine and get oil soaked reeds.

Lagoon:    Dive back down into the lagoon and be sure to both left and right click on the recess in the middle of the large gate. Then swim back to the surface. (Thanks Rushes!)

Use oil soaked reeds on the carving of the stone column.

Use the cardboard box on lagoon to get wet cardboard.

Use the wet cardboard on the oiled carving. Take the cardboard off the carving.

Use the jug of wet clay on the cardboard mould.

Village:    Use the cardboard mould with wet clay in the fire in the fire pit.

Use metal rod to take the clay shape out of the fire.

Lagoon:    Dive into lagoon.

Use the clay shape on the recess of the gate.


Look around. Check the 3 murals from left to right and see the story of Shambala.

Check the mural at top right and Fenton sees a British soldier uniform in the mural

Check the stone column at center of the room. See 6 recesses.

Pick up 3 round stones from the floor. Each of the bottom murals has a round stones. Take those 3 round stones from the murals to have a total of 6.

Stone column:

Use the 6 round stones on the recesses on top of the stone column.

Press the stones until all the stones are depressed.

Press stones that are in positions: NE, NW, S, SE and N.

Take the artefact-second key.

Fenton thinks about what he has learned about entering Shambala. His conscience tells him what to do.

Hong Kong:

Fenton talks to Lord Weston in Hong Kong. Fenton explains his decision about not following Richard to Shambala. Lord Weston is outraged.

Kleist takes the decision out of Fenton's hands.

Monastery, Tibet:

Under threat of harm to Kim, Fenton opens the gate to Shambala.

Richard wakes Fenton up.

Richard explains that the Countess, soldiers and Kim are in Shambala with Fenton. Richard requested the guardians that Fenton be separated from the rest. The rest are at the central cavern.

Richard is a ghost since he is in the Shambala of the past (10000 years past) while Fenton is in the Shambala of the present.

Richard explains the soul of the world exists here.

The monks of Richard's past are placing a force field to protect the center of Shambala. The force field will only allow control by the bearer of an amulet. The amulet will be divided into 3 pieces.

The Countess and her soldiers are getting ready to blast through the force field in Fenton's present time.

The plan is for Fenton to find out where the 3 pieces of amulet are hidden and use the dragon amulet to protect Shambala.


Chapter 7:    The Heart of the World

Northern cave:

As Fenton - Look around. Check the discs and pedestal at center of room.

Check the stone pedestal at top right of the room.

Examine the 3 stone heads with mouth open and gears at left wall.

Exit the room. See a strong river blocking Fenton's way.

Change to Richard.

Clear the river for Fenton.

As Richard - Look around. Check the disk at center of room.

Check the stone heads at left wall. Their mouths are closed.

Open the stone slab at bottom of center head. Take the wooden gear.

Check the pedestal at top right of the room. The dripping water is wearing away the stone.

Check the pile of shards at bottom right. Get a nut.

Take the torch right of the entryway.

Exit the room. Look around.

Check the stream and the stones blocking the stream.

Kick the stones blocking the stream.

Clear the entryway to central chamber.

As Fenton - Go right, now that the river is gone.

A stone pillar formed by stalactite and stalagmite is blocking the room at right.

As Richard - Take the right pillar holding the chain. Get chain and metal post.

Use the metal post on the stalactite and the stalagmite forming in front of the room at right.

Central Chamber:

As Richard - Enter the room at right. See the monks making a force field.

Pick up the square stone at left.

As Fenton - Enter the room at right. See the Countess and her troops.

As Kim - The countess orders the explosives placed.

Check the table in front of Kim.

Find the amulet at southeast cave.

As Fenton - At the central chamber, pick up the crystals at left to get 3 crystals.

Exit the room and take either top or bottom paths.

Go to southeastern cave.

Look around. Check the 3 recesses in the room. Examine the tub and the block of ice in the mouth of the statue at right.

Use the 3 crystals on the 3 recesses (back wall, left wall and bottom right wheel).

See light pass through the crystals and melts the block of ice in the mouth of the statue.

Take the tail piece of the amulet.

Prepare offering to deity of fire.

As Richard - Exit to outside.

Check the mound of soil left of the stream.

Use the metal post on mound of soil. Get wet dirt.

Richard exposes a coffin. Check the coffin.

Follow the path going down. Go to southwest cave.

Check the symbols on the statue at center: death is left; heat is at middle and life at right.

Check the statue and learn that people offers sacrifices to the Deity of Fire.

Life offering:

See 2 bowls and a recess at the center.

Place the nut on the life bowl at right. Add the wet dirt.

Light the torch:

In inventory combine the chain and the torch.

Use the torch on chain on the lava below to get a burning torch.

Try to use the lit torch at the recess at the center that is above the heat symbol. Nothing happens.

Coffin:    Go to North cave.

Use the burning torch on the coffin to burn some of the paint off the lock that prevents rust. Now it will rust.

Stone:    Enter the north cave room at left.

Use the square stone taken from central chamber on the stone pedestal directly under the dripping water.

Southeast cave:

Go to the path and then southeast cave - Temple of Light.

Take the icicle hanging close to the statue head.

Place icicle in tub. Use the burning torch to melt the ice.

Place the gear and then the chain in the tub of water.

Find the amulet at southwestern cave.

As Fenton - Go to the tub and pull the chain to get frozen gear wheel on chain.

Exit the room and go to northern cave.

Open the coffin that Richard prepared. See that the iron lock has now rusted off.

Take the bone that is inside.

Go left to the temple cave. Examine the stone pedestal.

Take the stone block from the stone pedestal to get hollow stone.

Go to southwest cave.

Life offering:

Check the plant that Richard planted 10000 years ago. It grew only that much and it lowered that bowl.

Death offering:   

Place the bone on the left bowl above the death symbol. The bowl is lowered and sound is heard.


Check the recess at the center and see a small rectangular hole.

Lower the frozen gear wheel in the lava to melt the ice and get wooden gear and chain.

In inventory combine the chain and the hollow stone to get hollow stone on chain.

Use hollow stone on chain on lava to get lava filled stone.

Use the lava filled stone at the recess center of statue.

The statue lights up and the mouth opens.

Take the body piece of the dragon amulet.

Find the amulet at northern cave.

As Fenton - Go to northern cave.

Take pebbles from the side of the stream.

Enter the room at left.

Place the wooden gear on the gears below the stone heads.

Stone heads:    Feed pebbles on stone heads' mouth.

See that the discs at the center turn. A stone head turns a disc.

Add pebbles until all the red lines on the disc are aligned pointing to the right.

Feed the left head until the line points to the right. Feed the right stone head until the red line points to the right.

Take the head piece of the dragon amulet from the stand.

Dragon amulet:

Central Chamber:

Go to Central chamber, the room at right in northern cave area.

In inventory combine the 3 pieces of the dragon amulet to get dragon amulet.

Look at the 4 platforms surrounding the center of Shambala. The Nazi troops have set up a perimeter.

Use the dragon amulet on the force field. Nothing happened.

Richard appears and explains what to do.

See what happens when Fenton finally use the amulet.

The Countess says that the dragon is just an illusion.

As Kim - Use the table to break the bottle on the floor.

Kick a broken piece of glass closer to Kim.

As Fenton - Use the amulet on each of the 4 platforms to annihilate the Nazi troops.

As Kim - Pick up broken piece of glass.

Use glass fragment on rope.

The Countess will detonate the force field.

Oh Countess:

Fight the countess any way you want. To see a better ending for the countess; use cautious attack, retreat, cautious and cautious.

You think your pretty cool, don't you, Fenton Paddock!


After finishing the game, the bonus feature can be accessed at the top of the marquee.

There is a prototype version of the game that can be played; a puzzle and replay of the final battle between Kim and the Countess.

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